when she makes you laugh

The Best Medicine (Ginny/Mike)

Look, I just love jealous!mike, especially now that he recognizes his feelings. Tiny cameo by Omar because he is a precious bean. Dedicating to @tacos and @gosselaars because stupid anons don’t get to bring us down.

The sharp sound of Ginny’s laughter across the room catches Mike’s attention, no subtlety to the way his head snaps up in her direction.

She’s over on one of the clubhouse couches, watching something on the tablet in her hands, eyes bright and brimming with tears. Her laughter continues and the sound alone would normally be enough to put him in a good mood.

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Daily McBride #3

I love her smile and her laugh. It’s just so cute to see her smiling because it makes your insides go all fuzzy. Then when she laughs you just want to hug her and protect her because she just looks and sounds adorable.

Honestly, if you’re having a crappy day, all you need to do is look up ‘The Happy’s outtakes’ with Melissa on youtube, and her giggles will just make your entire week better!

Anyone else love her adorable laugh?!

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Dating Violet Harmon would include

-Being a neighbor from across the street

-Offering to show her around school

-Instead she convinces you to ditch and smoke a joint with her

-You’re both just sitting their laughing at stupid things

-You kiss her before you head back to school

-You tell her about the history of the house she lives in

-Whenever she gets stressed or scared she spends the night at your house

-You both try to pull an all nighter

-Listening to music, watching movies and continuos talking and joking to keep you up

-You play with each other’s hair

-Hugging her and telling her all the reasons you love her when she is feeling depressed

-If you ever feel upset she tries to make you laugh and blush

-When she is having family problems you invite her over for dinner and sleepover to help her forget about it

-Most of your dates are just taking long walks and trying to make each other laugh

-Or at your house making out

-She tells you when she realizes that their are ghosts in her house

-You want to believe her so you go to hers to check it out

-You could not believe the amount of dead people you had recognized from pictures

-Grabbing her hand and deciding both of you need to get the hell out of there

-You can’t go over to her house because you know how Tate feels about Violet and he hates you

-She ends up moving in with you instead of dying in the murder house

-“I promise no one is going to hurt you here”

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Will you?

Will you take the time to memorize the curves and valleys of her body and worship at her temple?

Will you make her forget every man that came before you and ensure she never needs to look any further?

Will you hold her hand, just because she needs the reassurance of your touch?

Will you place your hand on her thigh as you drive and let her play with the hairs on the back of your neck to share an intimate connection?

Will you love her through her darkness and be her safe place to land?

Will you make her laugh when she starts to take herself to seriously?

Will you cherish her laugh lines because you helped create the happiness that put them there?

Will you sit in the silence of night with her wrapped safely in your arms and thank whoever you believe in for bringing her to you?

Will you slow dance with her in the kitchen and wonder why it took so long to find her?

Will you watch her sleep and be amazed at her natural beauty?

Will you tell her every day how beautiful she is, especially when she doesn’t believe you?

Will you be her biggest fan, champion, and greatest support?

Will you help beat back the demons she constantly fights within her head?

Will you cherish her to ensure she knows passion and the fire it creates?

Will you tell her everyday how much you love her and show her as well?

Will you?

And suddenly, there’s this one girl. The person you look up to, admire, the girl who you love. You can’t live without her, you feel like your heart stops, when she looks at you. She makes butterflies fly in your stomach and lets you heart race faster than you thought it can. This girl is poison, but the good type of poison. Her arms feel like home, in  her eyes you can see your future. She makes you smile, laugh and is there, when you need her. She’s the person you would give your last cigarette to. She’s like the smell of pancakes on your birthday morning, like the most beautiful sunset you’ve ever seen. She’s your personal drug. You don’t need words to understand each other. Because of her, you don’t want to sleep, because reality is so much better than any dream. You just feel safe beside her. 
And the most important thing: She truly loves you back.
—  S.
Little stories?


Whoever you are , I may have used to have you very close to my heart and your feelings affected mine and your half was me, I used to be that happy, joyful girl almost everybody knew she was a laugh all the time, even at the lowest points of her life.
I’m guessing she would make you laugh when you didn’t even want to force a smile, but then again, she’s destroyed, emotionally, mentally and dying inside.
She’s drowning amongst the hate and threats, she wears her masks with pride but underneath with tears rolling down her flustered cheeks, she says “What’s the point?” But then remembers , in the depths of herself, it’s all for everybody else as a role model. To show everyone that she can fight through the darkest night and fog, with just her bare hands to defend herself, but this battle, this last battle was lost and is now suffering in her own pool of blood, soon or later she’ll die from suffocation. But still, not one person will help her, to save her from eternal prison behind metal bars being tormented and tested upon. Not one.

“The world is as cruel as one dies”

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I. If she asks to photograph you, it’s because she loves you. She doesn’t want to forget this moment, and she most definitely doesn’t want to forget you.

II. When she makes you laugh, she might just snap a photo. If she does, your laugh is probably her favorite.

III. There will be moments when you look your worst, and she photographs you because to her you still look your best.

IV. She will find beauty in the way that you tuck your hair behind your ear and how the light hits your eyes just right; she will tell you that you remind her of the sun, all consuming and lighting up her world.

V. She keeps her journal with her at all times because she knows she will think about you. When she does, she wants to capture each moment so when it’s gone she will have a memory of the way you made her heart flutter into her eardrums.

VI. If she writes you love letters, she truly loves you. For, writing how she feels rather than saying it is like opening her up and viewing her core.

VII. Her journal is her mind just written out in complexities onto a sheet of paper, so if she lets you read it, she trusts you, she loves you, and she needs you to understand her.

VIII. Late at night she will play her heart out in thought of you, and though you may not know it, you are her muse.

IX. Her fingers will callus with frustration because the song she’s writing for you isn’t enough, not for you.

X. Some mornings she will wake you up with the sound of music, most likely something soft, angelic, and laced in your name.

XI. Photographs, music sheets, and journal pages say more about who she is than she ever will; so listen, look, and feel it all.

XII. And lastly, She will love you with her mind, her eyes, and her body. When she loves you, she will love you with every part of herself.

—  Understanding a musician, writer, or photographer.

I just watched 5.20 of Haven and literally Audrey gave Nathan an FBI badge she made that named him Agent Butterworth and I’m dying, I’m in love, there’s no going back, Audrey is my favorite person ever.


“No matter the time or place or person you happen to be, dearest Mabel, you’ll always be doomed to play the hopeless romantic. Never seeming to fall in love in the right way or the right time, and it’s always going to hurt.”

That feeling when you have a crush even though you’re evil, and your crush only wears 90′s clothes she finds at the thrift store, which is cute but you dont know why because they’re honestly kind of awful. And damn it if that loose grin doesn’t make your heart flutter, and when she laughs you’re suddenly short of breath too. She makes you feel nostalgic for another time or place you cant seem to put your finger on, where things felt more ‘right’, where the stars aligned differently and you got to be the person you were supposed to be.

What is love? Love is when she tackles you to the floor and tickles you from head to toe just so she can hear you laugh. Love is when she makes you be the big spoon because she craves your warmth and the embrace of your arms. Love is when she asks for a t-shirt because your sent makes it easier to fall asleep at night. Love is when she puts her hand on your thigh while she is driving because she knows it makes you smile every time. Love is when she supports you in everything you do because watching you succeed makes her proud. Love is when she lays on your chest just to hear your heart beat and to feel your chest rise with every inhale. Love is when she calls you after a long day of work because your voice is as close to home as she can get when you’re apart. Love is when she kisses you in mid sentence. Love is when she shows up at your door unexpectedly with a bundle of wild flowers. Love is when she blasts your favorite song for you to sing along to even though you’re tone deaf. Love is when holds you so tight when you don’t feel like holding on any longer. Love is when she drys your tears and kisses your eyes after crying so hard. Love is when she hugs you after a harsh argument and tells you that you’ll get through it. Love is when she puts up with your weird quirks and annoying habits. Love is when she tells you she wouldn’t have you any other way. Love is when she is willing to sacrifice everything just to give you an ounce of happiness. She is love, and she’s all mine.

She has no idea what she does to me. Her smile sends warmth right to my heart, you should see the way she giggles when I make her laugh or how shy she gets when I give her compliments. She is so modest she will deny her beauty every single time but I have never looked at something more precious. Her eyes drive me wild! Trust me they’re the most perfect hazel brown and they look right into my soul.. It’s like ours connect when we look at each other. She’s seen me go through every emotion and she’s so patient she would never give up on me even if I was the most irritable person on the planet. I’ve loved before.. But nothing like this. This is something that makes me motivated to do well not only for me but for her and for our future. I can’t get enough of her love! She’s so intelligent it drives me wild, her witty jokes are so funny to me because our senses of humor have molded into one were together so much. I could go for days but my heart is just so full and I’m absolutely content. She is the girl anyone would be lucky to have and there will never be a day that I let her wonderful soul go.


When I first moved here, I was pretty homesick. And then I met Molly… and she was from a different country, too. And she missed her family just as much. But that wasn’t gonna stop her from having fun. And she wanted me to have fun, too. She took me to her favorite clubs, on walks in this beautiful park. She introduced me to London takeout. And she told me that only an “eejit” calls it “takeout” over here. It’s “takeaway”. And whenever I was down, um… she always knew how to make me laugh. Mainly because almost anything could make her laugh. And when she got going, you really couldn’t stop her. It was seriously a problem. But that’s the thing about Molly… is nothing really stopped her. Ever. I don’t know how I’m supposed to keep going now that she’s stopped.

i’m sick over it. when i see a woman touch you… when she hugs you, looks you in the eyes, when she makes you laugh, when she gets to spend her days with you, she wakes up with you next to her, when she cooks for you, cares for you, listens to you, loves and holds you, my insides are breaking down now, my eyes are heavy and i want to disappear, my mouth turns into a frown, because i will never have what they have, i will never get to love you, do you know how much it hurts? do you know the weight that sits upon my chest?

Now Imagine

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Imagine Cassandra. Imagine that tiny smile she gives you when you try to make her laugh. Imagine a faith so strong. Gloved hands clasped in prayer. Imagine her letting loose for once, and her laugh after a few too many ales. Imagine her surprised gasp one Satinalia morning, a new chapter of Swords and Shields from Varric. 


Bad Romance//N.M

“Right in front of me, really?“ I say storming into the house. “She was a fan and she is over 18 so I told her she could come with us.” he shrugs. “What if I didn’t want her to come with us?” I ask. “So?” he shrugs. “Whatever, you have been texting her non stop and you just met her yesterday. You laugh when she texts you every time. I don’t even make you laugh.” I say. “So?” he smirks. “Let me see your phone.” I say putting out my hand. “Let me see yours.” he says, putting his hand out. For most girls that is an easy task but for me, not so much. I’m not dumb I know he’s cheating on me so I have to pretend like I’m upset. If I’m upset at him I can’t go to him when I’m horny so I go to Nate. I know he cheats on me with 10 other girls but I pretend that I don’t know. "Umm, it’s not really a big deal.” I say putting my arms down to my side. “Yeah I know.” he says. “Umm, Nate said he needs help with picking out an outfit for tonight so I’m going to help him.” I say. “I’m going to go take a walk.” he says. We both run in the opposite direction. “Hey boo bear.” I say, walking into Nate’s room. “Don’t call me that.” he says and rolls his eyes. “Where is your boyfriend?” He asks. “He went to cheat on me with some girl.” I say, crawling into Nate’s lap. “You’re okay with that?” he asks while laughing. “Yes, I’m cheating too so we’re both benefiting.” I smile. “So are you going to help me with my outfit?” he smiles. “We could always do something else” I say running my fingers through his hair. "But I really need an outfit.” he says. “Come on boo bear, I know you want to.” I say, kissing him down his neck. “Baby stop with the name.” he says while rubbing my butt. His phone starts ringing. “It’s Swazz.” He says. “Awww sorry, your hubby is calling you.” I tease him. “Hey dude.” he says while tickling me. He puts him on speaker. “Aye dude, I’m not coming home tonight.” he says. “Why not?” Nate asks, continuing to tickle me. “Gracie said she just got off her period so I’m about to go hit that.” he says. “Okay, well I’ll be here.” he says and pinches my butt. “Oww Nate, that hurt.” I say then quickly cover my mouth. “Uhh Nate, is that Y/N?” he ask. “Yes, it’s me Swazz.” I say. “What the fuck are you doing in Nate’s room?” he asks. “I told you that I was helping him pick out an outfit.” I wink at Nate. “Yeah whatever, I don’t think screaming is helping his outfit.” he says. “Dude, you literally just got done saying you were about to cheat on me so fuck you.” I yell. “Whatever.” he says. “Dude just hang up.” Nate says. “Nah, I’m going to stay on here.” Swazz says. Nate and I nod at each other then I start to moan. Nate grunts a little and then the phone hangs up.“Let’s cuddle, I’m kind of worn out. "I say.” “So you’re just going to leave me with hickies and then stop?” he smirks. “Kind of, sorry baby.” I wink at him.“You’re lucky I love you.” he says, kissing my head. I start to fall asleep. The only thing I can think about is that he loves me.