when she makes you laugh


Adrien Agreste is desperate. He’s tried asking Nino, but his friend sort of tripped his way into his relationship with Alya by mistake, and he’s not too proud to admit it. Plagg is no help. He’s asked Natalie, only to get a blank look. Plagg is NO help. Adrien’s even asked Gorilla. The man stared at him through the rearview mirror for a full minute before he burst out laughing and didn’t stop even after he dropped Adrien off at school. It was hard not to pout all day.

So now, Adrien is doing what he should have done in the first place - it’s SO obvious, after all. I mean, obviously HE’D be an expert.

‘Come in.’

Adrien walks into his father’s study with shoulders pushed back in his dad’s preferred posture.

‘What did you need?’ his father asked without looking up from his designs, seven different sketched clothes articles being shuffled around to create various combinations.

‘Yeah,’ Adrien said, trying to channel as much of Chat Noir as he could, ‘so dad, you and mum, huh?’

Gabriel’s hand paused delicately where it was poised over a pair of tan women’s trousers.

'I mean, you two…. Got together and everything, you know?’

Adrien watched in fascination as his father’s eyebrows rose very slowly. He wasn’t sure if it was a good sign so he went on.

'And mum was pretty. I mean, REAL pretty. Well of course she was pretty she was a model. But she was. Nice, I mean. And you TALKED to her. And it WORKED. Of course it worked, she married you and you had ME.’

Gabriel Agreste looked like he was almost afraid to talk, but he put the sketches down, steepled his fingers and finally looked up at his son.

'What are you asking exactly, Adrien? I thought Natalie had adequately covered the topic of human sexual reproduction even before you joined College?’

'Not that, dad!’ Adrien replied, throwing his hands up in the air in exasperation. 'I know all about that. Natalie tested me and everything and I got top marks. I’m asking about all the rest! That’s more important!’

Gabriel Agreste’s eyebrows joined his hairline. He managed to look vaguely nauseous, which was the face he made when he was in any way flustered or uncomfortable.

'All… The rest.’

'Yes!’ Adrien replied, the word exploding out of him when he couldn’t contain it anymore. A river of more words followed it once it had split the dam. 'The flowers and the complements, and the manners and kissing her hand, and being a gentleman! All of that! But I’ve tried it all and it hasn’t worked, so I MUST be doing something wrong! But you landed MUM, so you must have done something really right, so please dad, please teach me?’

Gabriel Agreste may as well be speechless for the first time in his life. He managed, 'What?’

'How to ask out a pretty girl!’ Adrien said in moan. 'The right way! So she says yes!’

Gabriel took off his spectacles to give himself time to think, polishing them off a silk hanky he always carried in his pocket, to give himself time to think. He didn’t think he’d be thinking about this already. But that was the problem with thinking. Once he put them back on, he’d formulated a reasonable response.

'I would like to know who the young lady in question is, before we go any further.’

Adrien’s brain went into panic mode. Darn, darn darn darn, he hadn’t thought of this! What was he going to say? He couldn’t say Ladybug obviously, his dad would never buy it. Quick, think of girls he knew! Girls he knew, girls he knew- ah! Girls from his class! Let’s see; Chloe- ah ah, hard nope, no way. Alya- nope, no way again, bro code. Mylene, yeah, super taken. Alix….. Just no. Darn it all, all he could think of were black hair and blue eyes and - hang on!

'Marinette Dupain-Cheng,’ Adrien squeaked. He hoped his cheeks feeling hot meant he would convince his father. Gabriel stared at him for a moment before he buzzed Natalie from the intercom on his desk.

'Natalie, send me the file of Dupain-Cheng Marinette from the College research folder.’

'Yes sir,’ Natalie chirped back. A few moments of heavy sweating later - for Adrien - his father’s phone pinged, and Gabriel picked it up, thumbing through whatever Natalie had sent. One eyebrow rose higher than the other in the expression his father often made when he was pleasantly surprised. Somehow, Adrien was irrationally pleased his father approved of Marinette, even though he realised he was now totally screwed.

'Designed an album for Jagged Stone,’ his father said, sounding reluctantly impressed. 'You will invite her to dinner next week.’

Gabriel put his phone down, seemingly done with the decision. Adrien tried desperately one more time.

'But, the advice!’

Gabriel looked him straight in the eyes.

'What I’m about to tell you does not leave this room,’ he said solemnly.

'Yes father!’ Adrien replied eagerly.

'The secret,’ Gabriel went on solemnly, 'is puns.’

'I knew it!’ Adrien hissed under his breath.

'Ah, but not just any puns,’ Gabriel admonished. 'That is why you have been unsuccessful. You need to find her interests, formulate humourous sentence arrangements. Drop them with the correct TIMING. Timing is crucial, especially in one particular way.’

Adrien fairly vibrated in his seat as he leaned forward, waiting for his dad to finally tell him the secret.

'You must take her hand, gently. Look her in the eyes, and tell her, without fanfare, how you feel about her. And how that makes you feel: in that order, son. Then, and only then, must you drop a very smart pun, about something she loves, and beg her to consider giving you a chance. Then walk away, let her think about it, and maybe drop another pun on your way out. Make her laugh, so that when she remembers you, she will smile. She’ll call you back within the week.’

Gabriel was smiling for the first time in a whole year, that Adrien remembered. He looked misty eyed and far away before he snapped out of it.

'Natalie,’ he said into the buzzer again, 'contact mlle Dupain-Cheng, invite her to dinner Friday week.’

'Yes sir. I will inform cook and the household.’

'Good.’ Gabriel looked at his son with a determined look on his face. 'I will allow you to see how it is done during this first dinner. I will then expect you to try and learn, with practice, during following invitations. Do not let me down.’

'No sir!’ Adrien replied excitedly. He raced to his room, almost bouncing giddily with joy at how helpful his dad had been. Real advice! With practice!

Then he froze when he realised he was going to be practicing on his sweet, shy classmate, who was likely going to get the entirely wrong idea, and who he had absolutely not the courage to come clean with; not on this.

'Darn’, he hissed into his room. Plagg ignored him and continued to eat his cheese noisily.


marvin at the psychiatrist, a three-part mini opera

don’t despise what you feel,
love the friend, not the heel.

The Arrangement (Epilogue 2)

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Summary: Not telling, don’t wanna spoil anything, just keep reeeaading

Pairing: AU!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,600

Warnings: teeth-rotting fluff, implied smut

A/N: Here we are, kiddos. Ask and you shall receive… the demand was so high and I love this series so much that I just can’t let it go. Not that I think any of you will be upset by this news… ENJOY

Find the rest of the series HERE and my mobile masterlist HERE

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Okay, so i was thinking about this headcanon where after moving to the 24th Ward, they have to organize things, cleaning some space because everything is a mess and they’re trying to make that place a comfortable one for everyone so they can all feel a little more like home. The point is that one of the places that needs to be organized is in charge of Hina and Ayato; so one day when Hinami is cleaning stuff in there, she finds out that there’s a part of the wall that is written down with tons of names, a huge list of ghouls that died, ghouls that were friends or family from the ones that lived in there. She stares at the list feeling super sad, and Ayato is near her and realizes that she’s distracted with that so he’s like “what’s wrong?” and Hinami keeps looking at the list on the wall, responding “they wrote down names on the wall…” and somehow Ayato feels a little cold about it? and he’s like “yeah whatever, that’s stupid, they’re dead anyway,” and Hinami frowns, looking at him very seriously. 

“It’s not. Do you really think it’s stupid? It means that they care, don’t you think that’s beautiful?” and those little words kinda shake him off, he stares at her like ……. you know, those times when she says smart things that shake Ayato’s entire being and change his morals. He sighs, shrugging and trying not to get emotional about it, but then realizes that she’s grabbing a knife and heading towards the list to write down something on the wall. Names. Ayato is like “wtf, what are you doing…” and she doesn’t respond.

After she finishes, she gets up from the floor and says “you should write something too” and then leaves. He looks at the list, reading the names, and realizes that Hinami wrote her parent’s names at the end. He still thinks it’s stupid, but the next morning when Hinami goes back to work at that place and gives the list a quick look, she realizes that there are two names added on the list.


and Hinami’s heart cries a little.

for a good while i think i was under the impression that i’d find the love of my life in some grand display of emotion and have a great epiphany that this was the person i wanted to spend the rest of my life with but what i’ve realized as i’ve gotten older is love isn’t loud? at all?

being in love is quiet, being in love is everyday text conversations, “good morning” and “good night” and “i know i can’t help your current situation at all but please talk to me, talk to me and we’ll work it through together” kinds of messages.

it’s moments by yourself when you realize how lucky you are to have a tiny piece of your soul by your side wherever you go. when she makes you laugh, really laugh, for the first time and you wonder how you ever lived without her. it’s the person you talk to on your darkest days and on the brightest, most beautiful days of your life (and everything in between).

love is patience and forgiveness and strength and the most transcendent form of kindness i’ve ever known. it is pure magic – she is the sun

Fresh Start - Part 2

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Featuring: none

Words: 1451

Warnings: none

Tags: none

Request: none

Notes: second part! If you want to be tagged just let me know and I’ll tag you in the next part!

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PART 1  /  PART 3  /  PART 4  /  PART 5  /  PART 6  /  PART 7  /  PART 8  /  PART 9

Oliver spent the rest of the day texting you, trying to make you stay but it just didn’t work. You had made up your mind and you weren’t going to change it. You needed this. Thea, on the other hand, was the one who helped you with the packing so it would be done faster and you could really leave Star City in the morning, on the first train to Central City.

“Is she still trying to make you stay?” She asked when you checked the phone and laughed.

“Yes” you sighed shaking your head. “I know it’s hard for him to let me go, but I need to do this”

“I know so don’t worry. I’ll take care of him” she smiled at you.

“And who will take care of you?” You said raising an eyebrow.

“Well… I think I can handle myself” she winked.

You smiled a little and kept on packing. You were going to miss them but you weren’t going far. Central City was just a couple of hours away so you could come and go if they needed you or otherwise.

“Look… I want to give you something” Thea said before she left.

You had been packing the whole afternoon and it was late so she had to leave if she wanted to get some work done before going to bed.

“What is it?” You asked curious.

“First of all…take care of it or I swear I will go to Central City and kick your ass, understood?” She asked handing something over to you.

“What are you talking…?” You looked at your hand and gasped. “Your car?” You asked in shock.

“You will need it. In Central City you won’t have anyone to drive you around so I bet you will give it a better use than I do” you smiled.

“Thea you’re the best!” You exclaimed hugging her tight. You had a car!

“I know, I know, just…be safe alright? And don’t tell Oliver. He would kill me and go to Central City to take it back from you” she laughed pulling away.

“Don’t worry, I won’t” you smiled happily. “Thank you so much” you thanked her.

“It’s nothing” she shrugged before heading to the door. “Tell us when you get there ok?” She said.

“I will” you smiled before she walked out.

You hadn’t sleep much that night. You were nervous about the new life you were about to start. You wanted everything to be perfect, not like it had been in Star City. Luckily, you had some money saved from the time you spent working at the Verdant and at a restaurant afterwards so you would be ok but you knew that eventually you would have to find a job to sustain yourself.

The drive to Central City was calmed. There wasn’t too much traffic so you got there even sooner than what you expected. Finding the apartment you had rented was a bit more complicated since you didn’t know the city. You had been there a couple of times but not enough to know your way around. Hopefully, you would get used to it soon.

The apartment you had chosen was even better than what it looked in the pictures. It was more like a studio but it was perfect for you. You didn’t need much. The moment you walked in you fell in love with the studio and its views. You still couldn’t believe how lucky you had been to find this place. Immediately, you texted both Oliver and Thea to let them know you had arrived safely to your new city. They didn’t reply right away but you just supposed they were busy so you didn’t even thought about it.

You opened the windows and started unpacking even when you knew it was going to take you a while to put everything in place. After a while, you got bored of it so you decided to go out and take a walk around the place to get to know it better. The place you had found was almost in the city center so it was kind of crowded but not too much. There were a couple of supermarkets, shops, the police department and even a coffee shop nearby. It was great and handy.

After having a coffee at Jitters, the coffee shop you had found, you decided to go back home and relax. The next day you had your first day of university and you wanted to be fresh for it. So you took all your things and walked out of the establishment as you took out the keys from your bag so you wouldn’t have to spend hours looking for them later. Suddenly, you saw a guy running towards you so you stepped aside immediately, but he grabbed your bag and with a strong pull, he broke the strap and kept on running with your bag.

“HEY!” You screamed. “You bastard, that’s mine!” You screamed before you started running behind him.

He turned a corner so you ran faster in order not to lose him but when you turned that same corner, he was nowhere to be seen. This had to be a joke. This couldn’t happen to you on your first day in town. Not during your first hours. You ran a hand over your hair and looked around. There was nothing you could do except canceling your credit cards. Just fantastic. The only good thing was that you had your phone and keys with you.

The first thing that came to your head was calling Oliver but soon you discarded that option. He would freak out and he would even show up there to make you come back. You had to deal with it all by yourself and what was the first thing people used to do when they were robbed? Go to the police.

You knew you had seen the police department when you had walked out of your apartment so you made your way back home, looking around, trying to spot the building again. After a while you admitted to yourself that you were a bit lost so you asked the first you where it was and just then, it was easily found.

Once in there you were told to go straight upstairs to the front desk where you could report what had happened to you. When you went out of the elevator, you looked around. It was a huge place, bigger than the one in Star City.

“Wow…” you mumbled to yourself when you saw the sign on the wall that said ‘Central City Police Department’. “I have to tell Ollie to get one of these for Star City” you mumbled. Then you heard a cough and turned around. There was a police officer looking straight at you. “Oh sorry!” Quickly, you approached the desk. “I’ve just been robbed and I’m here to report it” you informed.

The man nodded and started typing something in the computer before he got up and printed something for you. When you looked at it you raised an eyebrow, it looked like something you had to fill in with your data and what happened.

“Thank you?” You said unsure.

“You’re supposed to complete the sheet with your data” a voice said behind you. “Then someone will take your statement”

You turned around to face a young guy behind you. He had a nice smile on his face that reached up to his green eyes. He was tall and thin. He looked around your age, maybe a bit older but probably not too much. What was more important: he was nicer than the man behind the desk.

“Oh, thank you” you smiled at him. “Eh…do you have a pen?” You asked. He smiled and gave you the pen he was holding. “Thank you” you said with a smile.

“What happened?” He asked when you put the sheet down on the desk to start writing.

“I was robbed” you sighed.

“That sucks” he frowned. You chucked a little and nodded.

“Yeah, that would be the word for it” you replied.

“Allen! What are you doing? Go back to work, I want those reports before lunch time!” A man yelled from inside. You imagined he was yelling at the guy next to you since he looked up immediately.

“Sorry, Captain, you’ll have them sir” he said quickly. “I gotta go back to work now. Eh…nice to meet you. I’m Barry” he said offering his hand which you took.

“(Y/N), nice to meet you too and thank you” you told him.

“No problem” he smiled. “You can keep the pen” he added with a wink before going upstairs in a hurry.

sitting next to you (means stealing your food)

read on ao3

pairing: Betty/Jughead

summary: They’d think Archie was the one that glued them all together, but Betty and Jughead were connected through food and misfortune.Or the one where Betty and Jughead share food.

“Hey Juggie,” the cheerful voice calls out to him. A six-year-old Betty Cooper is standing behind a small table on her front lawn, with a jar of pink lemonade and plastic cups. “Wanna buy my lemonade?”

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Tyler Seguin - It broke.

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Tyler seguin fwb accidental pregnancy 😘

“So, like I was saying Jim came home late last night. Again.” Your friend Margo or Go to you was talking about her husband again at your normal Friday lunch.

You were trying to listen but the feeling in your belly was not having it. You took a sip of your ginger tea as she get on talking but as soon as the tea in your mouth you were flying out of your seat and towards the bathroom. Lucky, for you the workers just got done cleaning the bathroom.

“Y/N. You okay hon?”” Go asked from the doorway.

“Yea-” You started before vomiting again.

Once, you were sure you were done you wiped your mouth, flushed and gto tout to wash your hands. You could tell Go had something to say and to be honest you knew what it was. You were thinking it as well.

“When’s the last time you saw him?” She asked as you turned the water off.

“A week ago. Before he left for his trip.” You said.

She said nothing, and neither did you. You both stood in your spots. You finally turned around and faced her, your hands on the sink still.

“It broke.” You said looking down at your feet.

“His penis!?” Go asked making you laugh.

“No. The condom.” You said. “I could feel it, plus I saw it as he was pulling out. I don’t think he noticed.”

“What about the pill?”

“You know I’m not great with pills, Go. Turns out I missed two that week.”


“Yeah, shit.”

You felt the need to cry. You could be carrying your friends baby. You and Tyler agreed a long time ago to be friends with benefits. Neither, of you had the time for a boyfriend or girlfriend, but you two sure had time for sex. You’ve known Tyler most his life, which made the whole having his baby an issues.  Go, wrapped you in a tight hug.

“Why don’t we go to the store.” She said kissing your head.
“Okay, so how long do we wait?” Go asked as you placed the test on the top of the toilet.

“Five minutes.” You said as you washed your hands.

Go, took you out to your bed as you two waited for the results.

“What happens if it’s positive?” Go asked the weighing question.

“I don’t know. I have to tell him. After, that I have no clue. Do I keep it, do I give it away, or do I just take care of it.” You said not looking up.

“You don’t have to tell him.”

“Go, you know I hate when girls do that.”

“I know. You have always been Mrs. Right all your life.” She laughed, making you smile. “When, does he get back?”

“He should be home anytime now. His plane was landing at 2 and it’s 3 now.” You said.

*Beep. Beep.*

“It’s time.” Go said standing up.

All the color left your face. Just in five minutes your life could be changing. Five whole minutes. Kind of funny. You let out a deep breath, before walking into the bathroom. Go, waiting in your room for you. You made your way slowly towards the test. You turned your head to the side as you picked it up. You were scared, but you knew you couldn’t hide from it.

“Positive.” You said to yourself. “Shit.” You wiped your tears as you made your way out towards the room.

“Go, I’m pregnant.” You said softly, staring down at the test.

It wasn’t until you looked up that you felt the need to puke again.

“Tyler.” You said uneasy.

“Did you just say you’re pregnant.” He said looking dumbfounded.

You looked over at Go, before the feeling in your belly hit again. You placed a hand to your mouth as you ran back into the bathroom, where you throw up for the sixth time that day. You could hear Tyler and Go talking in the other room, but all you could do was vomit and cry. You felt a hand on your back and the other move that small amount of hair from your face.

“Thank you.” You said once you were done.

“You’re welcome.” Tyler said. “I told Go to head home. I think we have some talking to do.” He smile weakly.

“Tyler.” You started.

“I think it’s great.” He said sitting in front of you.

“You do?”

“Yeah, Well it’s not something we need but it’s not really a bad thing. That come out wrong.”

“No, I got it.” You said.

You two sat there without a word for a couple minutes, before you spoke up.

“So, what now?”

“Well we have to choices, we can keep him or her and try to be a family, or we don’t.” He said looking in your eyes.

“What do you want?” You asked.

“Not my body, babe. But, if you do keep her or him, I’m in.” He smiled. “We’ve been friends for our whole lives. It’s not like we don’t like each other.”

“But, it’s not like we are together. Tyler. I know you sleep around and that’s fine, because you’re not mine, but if this happens you’re going to have to stop that.” You said looking up.

His face turned into a frow. He knew you were right, but he wasn’t sure if he could do that. He wasn’t a big “stick to one gal” kind of guy. Yet, the thought of having a kid made him happy. He wanted to be that father that, his dad wasn’t. Yeah, he got along with his dad, but once his dad divorced his mom, it was never the same for them. He felt like that’s why he never settled down. He loved you, but what you were asking was big for him. When he said nothing you knew the answers.

“I think you should leave, Tyler.” You said turning your face.

“Y/N..” He said softly.

“I need to call the doctor, see how far along I am and what I can do about this all.” You said still not looking at him.

“I’ll call you tomorrow.” He said before he left.
That’s when you lost it. You were having a baby with a man who was ready for a baby, but not ready for his sluttly days to be over with? You cried yourself to sleep on the bathroom floor that night.  


NCT 127 Reacting To You Getting Clingy When You’re Jealous

~Not requested~


 He doesn’t even have the guts to speak to other girls , you had just seen someone stare at him a little too long and that’s where your jealousy kicked in, making you quickly take his hand in yours and give him a quick peck on the cheek, looking at the girl the whole time. He would get flustered due to the sudden clingyness (that’s not a word but lets just go with it) and would kinda just stare at you all wide eyed like tf you doing???

‘E-erm Y/N what’s gotten into you?’

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A fan would’ve approached and keep complimenting him, your relationship was public anyway so you wouldn’t be able to help yourself but latch onto his side. He’d look over at you with a raised eyebrow but wouldn’t actually say anything till the fan had gone, when she had you still refused to let go of him making him laugh. He thought it was really cute that you got clingy when you were jealous and would love it so much.

‘You do realise she’s gone right?’

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He invited you back stage to see him and you see the make up stylist doing his makeup (that is her job duh) but also being slightly flirty, complimenting his face structure, his skin and eyes. You would walk behind him when the stylist was done and wrapped your arms around the back of him, placing kisses all over his face. He would love your sudden burst of clingyness but at the same time would laugh really awkwardly as he’s lowkey embarrassed because of all the people the room, including his members.

‘Hehe it’s nice to see you too jagi but… there’s people here.’ *nervous laughter*

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You’d be sitting together in a cafe, probably sitting opposite because it was easier for you two to talk. However when you turned around only to see a group of girls staring at Yuta and giggling together you couldn’t help yourself but get out of your booth and sit next to him, snuggling into his chest. He had obviously noticed the girls so would know why you had gotten up, he would just smirk and kiss your forehead so the other girls know that he’s taken, also reassuring you that he wasn’t going to try anything. Expect light teasing though~

’Wow you’re really that jealous huh?’

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You were both on a date when a small group of fans approached you both with albums and a fudge ton of Doyoung posters, you got lowkey jealous of how many of them there was and how they all were Doyoung stans. You linked your arm through his and he kinda looked at you all shook like what??? When they left he started nagging slightly but at the same time reassuring you so you didn’t feel so awful about it. Wouldn’t hesitate in showing his distaste and saying all the bad situations your actions could’ve caused though.

‘You need to be more careful Y/N, what if we weren’t public or they start a rumor about us?’

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Jaehyun insisted you come to see his dance practice so of course you decided to go, but what you didn’t expect to see was another female trainee. She was constantly going to Jaehyun and complimenting his dance and how good he looked when he concentrated. When they were mid conversation you walked over and flung your arms around him, nearly knocking you both to the ground. If anything he’d just smile down at you and say how cute you are, whilst this is happening the trainee left making you smirk at your victory.

‘Ahh Jagi you’re so cute when you’re clingy~’

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Poor bean would be so unaware of the situation, he didn’t even notice the group of girls staring at him or even realise they were whistling at him. You noticed though, all too well. You would link your arm with his, leaning your head on his shoulder as you walked, which yes was quite uncomfortable but you were trying to make a point. Winwin would become so flustered though and kinda just stare down at you and asking you what you were doing, stuttering the whole time though. 

‘J-jagi…e-erm what a-are you doing?’

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Mark most likely was already flustered when a fan approached you both and started throwing all sorts of compliments at him, mildly flirting with him to top that. You would pull Mark into your arms and snuggle into his chest, this makes him so much more flustered you don’t even know. He’d have his arms out and eyes wide open because he doesn’t know how to handle the situation and looks from you to the fan and back to you again. He stutter out a thank you to the fan and she eventually leaves, making you get off of Mark like nothing happened. Confused beam right here~

’W-what just happened jagiya?’

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He invited you backstage so you could congratulate him or just boost his ego, not to get jealous of the maknae hair stylist. You couldn’t help yourself though as when you walked in she was doing everything but styling his hair so you made your way over and leaned down to give him a peck on the cheek. You’d also be a lil bit petty and start playing with his hair right in front of the stylist and just cling onto him. He’d be caught off guard at first but once his composure is regained he’s just smirking and teasing you throughout the whole time.

‘Hmm I wonder why you’re so clingy today…Oh wait I know why it’s because I did amazing today just like everyday~’

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Okay this was supposed to be out yesterday but I didn’t get time to finish it as something came up, sorry guys but it’s here now~

We are literally 8 followers away from 500!!! I made the ask prompt yesterday so hopefully it’ll be uploaded later today, I can’t wait!

We have so much love for you guys and I can’t believe how far this blog has come, thank you all for the support and loving us~ Stay safe all of you and remember to take care of yourselves!

~Admin Stroni~

Vernon: To Love And Love Again

Summary: you hear his voice on the radio and suddenly your whole world is falling apart (aka I took soulmate aus to a kind of dark but predictable place lol enjoy) (so many words… so much slow burn…. reader/vernon stuff doesn’t even start until like 4k words in and this fic is only like 4.2k words so…….)

-Admin Princess

It was a Friday evening when the sky came crashing down around you. It was a quite figurative crashing down of things, but to you it felt like the whole world had suddenly just fallen. Like gravity didn’t exist anymore, or maybe the force of it had been increased by a hundred. You couldn’t tell. You could only hear the echoing of his voice through your head, as haunting and terrifying as “You’re listening to the Friday Wind Down. I’m your DJ, Vernon” can sound.

The mug in your hand slips from your fingers, the sound of shattering porcelain being nothing but a minor noise that is taken over by a ringing in your ears. Dahyun looks up from her seat on your couch. She’s wearing one of your sweatshirts and the leggings that you love on her, and her hair is tied up in a loose knot on the top of her head. On most days, you would find this look quite adorable, but today it’s a nuisance.

“Baby? What’s wrong?” She asks.

You ignore her question. “You turned the radio on?” You say, stepping around the mess of coffee and glass to slam your hand down on the power button.

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hmm, how about when the RFA+Saeran had been stuck in an elevator before the going to Rika's apartment went on and bla bla bla.. how would they spend their time in the elevator with MC?

I hope that you meant that you and the RFA members haven’t met you before, because that’s how I wrote this. I’m scared of elevators, but this is written as if you aren’t scared of them.
My bad if any of this is inaccurate. I don’t know about elevators lol.

-When the elevator suddenly stopped, he froze.
-He was panicking a bit, frantically pushing the emergency button.
-”Uhm, I think pushing it too many times will have the opposite effect…” he heard from behind him.
-Oh yeah, someone else was in here.
-Yoosung turned around, embarrassed. “Ah, I guess so.”
-The embarrassment only grew when he stopped to think about the situation:
-Trapped in an elevator, all alone with a stranger who is… pretty cute…
-Noooooooo he can’t let himself get the wrong idea!
-The polite thing would be to ask if you were okay, right? So he did.
-”I’m fine. I was just heading home anyway.”
-Come on, Yoosung, keep a conversation going!
-The small talk continued for a while before you said “I’m ___, by the way.”
-You didn’t even introduce yourself, Yoosung!
-”Oh, I’m Yoosung!”
-You chuckled, making Yoosung embarrassed. “It’s nice to meet you, Yoosung.”
-There was a bit of silence (besides Yoosung screaming internally because he can’t think of how to carry on the conversation).
-You noticed a LOLOL pin on his shirt.
-”Oh, do you play LOLOL?”
-Yoosung lit up at the mention of it.
-So that’s what you ended up talking about.
-If you also play, you discuss a lot about the game, and if you don’t play the game, he explains the game to you and recommends you play it.
-Either way, he invites you into his guilde.
-Which is a sly way of saying he wants to hang out and get to know you more.
-Eventually, while Yoosung was talking about team composition when the elevator began working again. You were both honestly sad about it. You wanted to talk longer.
-”I’ll see you around, then?” Yoosung managed to say when you got off the elevator together.
-You stopped him. “Wait, let me give you my number.”
-Yoosung is surprised.
-Before he can really comprehend what’s happening, you give him your number.
-”Thanks for talking with me. I’ll see you.”
-He could only mumble out a “goodbye” as he watched you walk away.
-Once you’re gone, he fist-pumps and celebrates like a dork.
-He got a cute person’s phone number- and they were even into LOLOL!!

-The elevator stopped, and he was a little annoyed.
-He pushed the emergency button, and got even more annoyed.
-He had a long day and just wanted to get home already.
-As he was pulling out his phone to contact somebody, he noticed you standing in the elevator.  Zen felt bad for forgetting that someone else was there.
-”Oh, ah, are you alright? The elevator doesn’t seem to be working…”
-”I’m okay. What do you think is wrong?”
-”I wouldn’t know. Do you know the number for the support here?”
-”Oh, yeah, I do.”
-He handed you his phone and you typed in the number.
-Zen watched you, and realized how pretty you are.
-No no no I can’t think such inappropriate things, this isn’t the time!!
-Plus, this is a complete stranger!!
-”Uhm…” you mumbled as you were holding his phone out to him.
-Zen took his phone when he shook himself back into reality. “Thank you.”
-He talked to the support and told them about the elevator, and they told him that they were working on it.
-But it “might take a while”.
-Zen relayed the information to you and you sat down in the corner with your phone, assumedly texting somebody. Zen sat in the opposite corner with a sigh.
-”So, what’s your name?” you asked.
-”Sorry, I should’ve introduced myself. My name is Zen. I’m 24 and a musical actor.”
-He stopped himself from adding “I’m currently single ;)”
-You introduced yourself too, and he told you your name was beautiful.
-Such a flirt during your time in the elevator, unless he can tell you’re getting uncomfortable, in which case he would stop.
-”You said you were a musical actor? What kind of musicals have you done?”
-Now you’ve done it.
-That’s all he talks about.
-But, really, you’re not complaining. It was interesting hearing about the different experiences he’s had.
-”Oh, but I’ve been talking too much. What about you? What do you do?” He asked.
-The only problem was that the elevator started working again right after he asked.
-But, being the smooth little shit he is, he says “I didn’t get a chance to let you talk, but I can give you my number and we can pick up where we left off?”
-You smile. “Yeah, I’d like that.”

-Jaehee was slightly panicking when the elevator stopped.
-She was pushing the emergency button over and over again mumbling “no”.
-You decided to comfort her, even though you didn’t know her. She seemed really stressed out over it. “Hey, it’s okay. Someone will come and fix the elevator.”
-She looked at you like she had forgotten you were there before sighing and slumping her shoulders.
-”Excuse me. I have a busy day is all and this is going to make things more difficult.”
-”…Well, now you have an excuse to take a break, don’t you?”
-Jaehee stopped. “I… guess?”
-You both ended up sitting on the ground, with Jaehee venting and ranting about her boss after you convinced her to talk to you.
-You had introduced yourselves prior to her ranting and you were listening intently.
-After she was done and thanked you for listening, you started asking about her personal life since the elevator still wasn’t fixed.
-You were in the middle of talking about musicals when her phone rang. The dread was obvious on her face as she excused herself and answered the phone with “Yes, Mr. Han?”
-You didn’t really have a good impression of him because you heard about how much he overworked poor little Jaehee.
-You were making annoyed faces, and Jaehee was struggling not to giggle, since Jumin sounded stern on the other end of the call.
-Jaehee talked to him for a while and when she worked it out and hung up, she laughed. “You were making that difficult.”
-”He should treat you better. You work so hard. You were even considering doing your work in here while we waited!”
-”It’s my job, it’s alright.”
-no it’s not
-Soon after that, the elevator began working again.
-”___, thank you for listening and keeping me company.”
-”It’s no problem,” you said, but you really wanted to get to know her. “Would you mind if I give you my number?”
-Jaehee was flustered but stuttered a “I wouldn’t mind”.
-the beginning of a great friendship lolololol

-Jumin was immediately annoyed when the elevator stopped.
-His entire schedule was thrown off because of this.
-During his many, many not-so-pleasant phone calls, he didn’t even notice another person standing in the elevator.
-Jumin was accompanied by a couple bodyguards, so things were a bit crowded.
-You were intimidated from the start when an obviously important person joined you in the elevator with a couple scary-looking guards.
-You were more or less shoved in the corner.
-After noticing you and ending his phone call, Jumin said “The elevator will be back in working order soon. I ordered for the problem to be attended to as soon as possible.”
-”Okay, thank you.”
-The elevator became silent again. It was becoming awkward, and, despite any nervousness you might have, you tried to start a conversation.
-”Where were you trying to go?”
-Well, I guess it’s better than asking ‘come here often?’
-Jumin told you about his duties he was now running late on, and he mentioned his important company.
-So you asked him more. Because his voice is nice
-He was kind of thrown off as to why a stranger was trying to make conversation, but he decided to be nice anyway.
-Jumin answered all your questions, and you avoided asking too many or too personal of questions.
-He wasn’t a very open person, but something about him interested you. You wanted to get to know him, as a friend.
-The elevator was fixed quickly and you didn’t get a chance to get anywhere with the conversation.
-You visit that building often trying to run into him again.

-The elevator stopped and he just
-It was kind of comical.
-He pushed the emergency button and sighed.
-”If I had my computer, I could fix this.”
-You giggled. “Can you fix an elevator with a computer?”
-”I can do anything! I’m a super genius, 707!”
-”707? Is that your name?”
-He nodded. “Well, I’m ___.”
-”Well, ___, what do we do while we wait for the elevator?”
-You shrugged, and he sighed.
-Seven was deep down nervous about being trapped in an elevator, but he hid it so that he could keep this stranger who was in the same situation as him calm.
-The whole time, he was making jokes.
-You both talked about whatever would come up. Seven was actually enjoying himself, which he didn’t feel like he deserved.
-But, if being happy and funny will make this nice person he just met happy, then he’ll go along with it.
-That’s what he’s there for, to make unpleasant situations light-hearted.
-You were laughing the whole time, and he was liking it. Your laugh was great.
-But, the elevator was back in working order soon enough, and you both had to go.
-As he was turning to leave, mentally dreading the scolding he was going to get from his boss for being late and slacking off, you stopped him.
-”Do you want to exchange phone numbers?”
-…Normally, he would’ve said no.
-But he wanted to make you happy, since you seemed like a good person. One which he didn’t deserve to be friends with, but he didn’t want to seem rude and decline your offer either.
-He gave in and gave you his phone number.
-Seven regretted it until he saw the smile on your face at you waved goodbye.
-He really didn’t deserve to have met someone that nice.
-At least, that’s how he feels.

-This was before he began losing his vision.
-V was confused when the elevator stopped.
-This hadn’t happened before and he wasn’t really sure what to do.
-Thankfully, there was one other person in the elevator with him. You.
-You pushed the emergency button and waited for help.
-”I don’t know how long we’ll be here. Are you okay?” you asked.
-”Me? Yes, I’m fine.”
-Poor thing isn’t used to being the one others are worried for, he’s usually the one worrying.
-”Are you okay?” he asked too, hoping it wasn’t too lame of a question.
-”Yeah, someone should be able to fix this soon. I hope you weren’t heading anywhere important?”
-”No, just on my way home.”
-You pointed to the bag he had. “Are you a photographer?”
-Apparently you could see the camera inside. “Yeah, I am.”
-So that’s what you ended up talking about.
-You asked about any work he had that you could see, or somewhere you could buy it.
-He was so flattered.
-”My fiance runs a fundraising organization, you could buy some there, if you’d like.”
-He told you more about the parties and gave you his contact information so he could give you the details. You seemed like a good person, someone he could trust to invite to the party.
-Thankfully, the elevator was working soon, and you were able to get off.
-”I’ll contact you,” smiled. “Oh! I’m ___, by the way!”
-It was funny that you both forgot to introduce yourselves.
-”I’m V.”
-”I know, you gave me your information,” you chuckled.
-”I guess you’re right,” he chuckled too. “It was nice meeting you ___.”
-He wouldn’t have guessed you’d later end up in Rika’s apartment, joining the RFA…

-When the elevator suddenly stopped, so did his heart.
-You, not knowing Saeran, were oblivious to his fragile mental state.
-You were worried about the elevator, but the young man having a panic attack in the corner was worse.
-You’d spend most of the time calming him down and assuring him that help is on the way.
-You didn’t touch him because 1) he’s a stranger and 2) he’s having a panic attack for fuck’s sake.
-Saeran didn’t like being treated so fragilely, especially by a stranger. He continued to scoot away from you and you got the hint. You sat yourself in the opposite corner of the elevator.
-“They’ll get us out before you know it” you say just above a whisper.
-Hesitantly, a few moments later, you hear a muffled “Okay.”
-After several minutes, help still hasn’t arrived, but Saeran’s breathing became normal as he calmed down.
-“I’m _____, by the way,” you introduced yourself from your corner.
-He looked at you with an almost blank expression and said “Saeran.”
-“Nice to meet you,” you smiled.
-He didn’t smile back and looked at the ground.
-You weren’t necessarily put off by how distant he seemed. He obviously had a lot going on in his life, and you didn’t want to push it.
-”Do you… need anything?”
-He shook his head.
-If he wanted silence, you’d allow it. The last thing you wanted on your conscious was upsetting a stranger who is obviously in a vulnerable state, which he is obviously uncomfortable with.
-The elevator was, fortunately, fixed rather quickly.
-”Take care,” you said as you were both leaving the elevator.
-Saeran didn’t respond, which kind of disappointed you.
-Secretly, he was glad someone else was in the elevator with him. It would’ve made it so much worse if he was alone.
-Maybe he’ll see that kind stranger around. Their name was ___ if he remembered correctly.


On the horizon waited Westeros, glory, and home. Rhaenys believed that if she could squint, she might see it, might make out Dorne’s sandy shores amongst the vast blue of the sky and sea. It was only a belief, and a silly one at that, but her faith had yet to fail her.

She did not want to remove herself from the deck of the ship. She wanted to stand there forever, relish the moment she had waited 16 years for, for the moment where she would flee for the final time before she rooted herself to a single place, her rightful place, for the rest of her life. It was an odd desire, she knew. Most people craved adventure and a change of scenery. Not Rhaenys– not anymore, at least. All she wanted now was to sit on the balcony of her mother’s room and look out over the gardens as she did a lifetime ago. Only now, she’d sit on a throne, and not her mother’s lap.

Her eyes swept over the men on deck. Men in armor, men in silks, men in tattered linens. An army of a hundred different colors, several languages, many creeds, but one goal. Her goal. Aegon’s goal. Their goal.

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30 day OTP Challenge Day Four: On a date

Originally posted by jaynaemariemiller

Note: Fluff! 

Words: 1580

Loki looked over to you as you laughed with Wanda and Natasha when he gritted his teeth gently. He hadn’t had a moment alone with you in a while considering you were with the team, or out on missions. He decided to change that when he stood up striding over to your seat with the two women before he placed his hands onto your shoulders. You looked up to him before smiling happily to see your beloved towering over you in the seat. “Hello Love.” You said when he leaned down to your ear gently. “I have a question for you.” He whispered softly.

You looked to him in confusion for a moment as the two women watched with smirks on their faces. “What?” You asked when he cleared his throat. “Will you go on a date with me?” He asked as his face slightly flustered at the sudden request making your eyes widened before you giggled. “I would love to my King.” You whispered leaning up kissing his cheek as he grins in delight. “Wear that dark green dress.” He purred softly before slipping away from you as he walked away like nothing happened. “What was that about?” Natasha asked grinning.

“I have a date with a king.” You laugh as they joined you before you stood up. “I’ll see you girls later.” You said standing up with a wink as Natasha whistles. “Go get him Tiger.” She calls making you laugh harder when you went down to your apartment. You opened your closet finding the backless green dress that fell to the floor with a slit that went to your knee. You smirked before walking into the bathroom to take a shower biting your lip in excitement. You knew that Loki wouldn’t let you down, he was going to make you feel like a queen.

You did a little pampering to your hair, nothing too fancy. Next, came your make up that you did lightly to make it look more natural. You bit your lip gently deciding to go with a gloss of lipstick instead of a dark red. You stepped out of the bedroom before your gaze fell on Loki who stood dressed in a suit when you smirked to yourself. You had a feeling that his suit belonged to Tony, because Loki wanted to go out in his armor, but the Billionaire would refuse that thought. Loki heard the door open when he looked up smiling before it faltered as his eyes gazed at you.

“You look like a Goddess my darling.” He said when your face lit up before you look down to the green flats that complemented the dress. “Thank you.” You mumbled when he offer out of his for you as you walked over to him before looping your arm in his. “Shall we go?” He asked as you nod before he leads you onto the elevator. You smiled softly looking at him when his gaze fell onto you as he quirked an eyebrow at you. “Is there something you wish to speak of?” He asked. “Why did you want to go on a date?” You asked softly when he chuckled.

“Well we do not always have the time to be together. You and I are always so busy with things that deal with the so called Avengers. It angered me that the only time I saw you was a few moments before we collapsed onto the bed from exhaustion. Besides, we haven’t had a date in a very long time.” He explained when you smiled softly kissing his cheek. “Thank you, but you sound a little jealous don’t you?” You asked as he looks at you with an unreadable expression. “Care what you say next my darling, you are treading on shallow waters.” He said softly.

You decided to let go of the subject before he led you out of the tower and into a car. “Did you steal this from Tony?” You looked at the black dodge viper in front of you. “I’d say more of a borrowed type of deal. I shall bring it back.” Loki shrugged closing your door before he came around as you let out a laugh shaking your head. “Oh he has more cars than he knows what to do with. He won’t miss it.” Loki said rolling his eyes before he pulled out from the tower. “So where are you taking me?” You asked looking out the window to the night sky.

“That my darling is for me to know, and you to find out.” He said with a smirk dancing across his lips. You loved the glitter in his eyes as he drove down the road before he pulled to a nice restaurant when your eyes lit up. “This place looks… expensive.” You said looking back to him. “Tony allowed me to borrow his card in order to have this night.” Loki smirked holding up his card. “Did you threaten him?” You asked raising an eyebrow as Loki held a scowl. “Why do you immediately assume I used violence? I merely asked him calmly.” He said with a small huff.

“You’re the God of Mischief.” You said as he smirked darkly. “And a damn fine God of Mischief I am.” He said making you roll your eyes before he got out of the car when he came around to your side. “Thank you.” You said taking the hand he offered out to you when he helped you from the car. He locked the car before leading you inside as you gasped softly looking at the beautiful dance hall. People swayed with each other while others sat at the table and ate their dinner as they chatted with their dates. “This is breathtaking.” You whispered softly to him.

“Indeed, but nothing compared to such a delicate flower like yourself.” He whispered back making you grip his arm tighter when a waiter came leading you back towards your table. You ordered your food as you look around the room when he smiled softly watching you. “Thank you so much for this.” You said when he chuckles softly. “My Queen deserves only the best.” He said and before too awful long your food had arrived. You began to talk about your day and the missions you had been on as he sat there listening to you.

“Loki, can I ask you something?” You asked looking at him as he nods. “Of course.” He said taking a drink of his champagne. “Why did you choose me of all people? I mean, you could have had anyone…  yet you chose me.” You said when he stood up offering out his hand. “Dance with me and I shall give you the answer you seek.” He said when you took his head allowing him to lead you to the dancefloor. He placed his hands onto your waist while you wrapped yours around his neck before looking at him waiting.

“My reasons for choosing you are simple. You weren’t afraid of me. You called my bluff and never backed down whenever I spat fire at you. You merely returned it. I’ve had women flaunt themselves at me, yet you didn’t have to do anything for me to find you intriguing.” He said as you bit your lip thinking about the women when he lifted your head to meet his gaze. “I have never looked at another woman, nor thought of touching them until I met you. I want to have you at my side. I want no other but you my darling.” He said smiling as you laid your head down.

He held you closer as he swayed you before he smiled softly. “Why did you choose the likes of me? You knew what I had done, yet you kissed me back the first time I kissed you. You agreed to become mine when I asked.” He said when you swallowed. “I chose you because… I was told how much of a cruel man you were, but whenever I met you.. I could see the pain.. The fear that plagued behind your facade.” You said as he froze for a moment watching you with the same pain you saw that day you first met him.

“You hid behind yourself because you were tired of feeling broken, forgotten. Just like me, and you when you spat at me I saw the plea that echoed behind it. I heard it, that’s why I loved you, because you allowed me to take your walls down. You allowed me entrance into your heart, body, and mind without a second thought. You, my king, allowed me to be your Queen.” You smiled as he swallowed thickly trying not to show weakness, because he wasn’t ready to break. Suddenly he leaned in towards your ear as he breathlessly chuckles making you shiver softly.

“I know that actions speak louder than words, but it seems that words hold more value on this planet. I finally understand what my heart desires.” He smiled as he placed his hand onto your cheek. “(Y/N), I love you.” He whispered as your heart stopped. It was as if time froze when tears flooded your eyes and trailed down your cheek only to be swiped away by his thumb. His expression was soft, and full of worry that he made the wrong choice in telling you. “I love you too.” You choked on a sob before immediately pulling him into a passionate kiss…

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