when she hugs him tighter

A Total Mess

Who: Tom Holland
Tom receives a slurred text that doesn’t make sense, so he goes to investigate and finds you drunk off your ass. 

A/N : This so rough, I just threw it together. Hopefully, it’s okay. 

Bloody Hell, [Y/N].” 

Tom stood at [Y/N]’s doorway, shocked to see her sprawled out on the floor with two empty wine bottles lying next to her. She looked an absolute mess. Her hair was disheveled, makeup smeared around her eyes, and her flannel buttoned wrong. Quickly shoving the spare key he had to her apartment into his pocket, he shut the door and waltzed over to her. Picking her up from the ground, “What the fuck are you doing?”

“Tom!” [Y/N] slurred happily, she clawed after him when he propped her against the couch. “Where you going?” She frowned as he walked away from her. Swaying, she put her hands on either side of her to keep her from toppling over, “I’m so glad you’re here, Tom. I missed you!”

Shaking his head, he grabbed both bottles and showed them to her, “Did you drink both of these by yourself?” His voice was stern, he had never seen [Y/N] like this before. She was always so well composed. He could only ever recall one or two times when [Y/N] was drunk and even then she was completely coherent to answer questions. 

Shrugging, [Y/N] hiccuped. “Give or take a few glasses.” She waved one hand towards the wall that Tom now noticed had stains of red with broken glass on the floor. “I may or may not have, not have, thrown a few glasses.” [Y/N] giggled but it wasn’t anywhere near the kind of giggle, Tom was used to hearing. “I’m so fucking stupid.” 

Sighing, Tom decided that he’d deal with one thing at a time. Setting the wine bottles far from her reach, he sat down in front of her. Crossing his legs under him, he held her shoulders, forcing her to stare into his eyes. “What happened?” 

She inhaled, “Well,” [Y/N] started, hiccuping again. “[Ex’s Name] broke up with me after three years of being together and get this,” she hiccuped once more, “you ready for this? Over text. Over text, Tom. Who the fuck does that?” Running both hands over her face, she groaned. “You were right.” She stated, “I never should have dated him.” 

Tom frowned, “I’m sorry, [Y/N].” 

Shrugging, she laughed but not in a happy way. “I’m an idiot.” Pointing downward at herself, she shook her head at her flannel. “I’m a fucking mess. Always a fucking mess.” She tore at the buttons, getting frustrated, she yanked on them causing it to fly open and expose her bra and mid-section. “You know what he told me, Tom?” Running both hands through her hair, she laughed again. “That I’m, I’m clingy. And I expect too much from him.” Throwing her hand in the air, she leaned forward, “Well no shit! I only just spent three years wasting my fucking time on him. Of course, I’d be, be clingy and expect things from him. That’s what you do in relationships.” 

Tom tried really hard to ignore the fact that his really good friend was sitting looking pitiful as ever with her upper body on display. Running his own hand through his hair, he cleared his throat. “I think you’ve had enough to drink and it’s time that you go to bed, yeah?” 

“Pfft.” Waving Tom off, she turned around against the couch and dug in between the cushions and pulled out a fifth of Jack. 

“Did you? Did you hide alcohol in your couch?” Tom asked in disbelief. 

“Uh duh.” [Y/N] snapped. “I’m treated like shit, might as well act like it too. And I’m going to start by finishing this whole entire thing.” 

Tom lunged forward, yanking it from her hands. “No, [Y/N].” He snapped. 

“Give. Me. Back. My. Booze. Holland.” 

He couldn’t believe this. Out of all his friends, [Y/N] was nothing like this. She would occasionally have a glass of wine or perhaps a beer if someone could convince her. She was so proper and sophisticated. It blew his mind to see her a complete and total wreck. “You are not doing this to yourself. I refuse to take you to the bloody ER to get your stomach pumped. You’re fucking insane, [Y/N].” 

Tears started to fall down her cheeks, “You don’t understand, Tom.” She squeaked. “It hurts. I want it to stop. I’ve never felt this broken before.”

Tom felt like an asshole for snapping at her. Of course she was hurting, she had been madly in love with the bloke. Tom hated [Ex’s Name]. He was moody, incredibly cocky, and always talked down to [Y/N] as if she was a piece of gum on the bottom of his shoe. She deserved much better and he thought he had gotten through to her a few months ago but even he knew deep down inside he couldn’t fight the feelings that had already settled in her bones. 

“Come on,” Tom quietly spoke, ushering her to take his hands. 

Frowning, she shook her head. “Just give me the bottle and let me drink myself into-”

“-death?” Tom snapped. 

Squinting her eyes, she looked away from him. “I was going to say oblivion but that could work too.” 

“Oh for fucks sake!” Tom half way yelled. He stepped forward, yanking her up gently but firm enough for her to be unable to fight back. He looked her dead in the eyes, “I understand you’re hurting, I can see it written all over your face but he’s not worth it, [Y/N]. No one is worth this,” he started to speak softer. “I can’t stand to see you like this, you’re an absolute wreck, it’s breaking my-it’s upsetting.” 

“What else am I supposed to do?” She cried. 

Letting go of her wrists, his hand quickly buttoned her shirt. Pulling her into a hug, he held her tight. He half smiled when she hugged him back tighter. He pressed his cheek to her head as she cried into his chest. Tom had never thought of [Y/N] anything more than just a friend until she started to date [Ex’s Name]. It opened his eyes that the reason he didn’t see her as anything more was because he had just gotten into the habit of always being with her and enjoying her presence. It was a weird battle he had with himself on whether or not he should express how he felt for [Y/N]. But, he wanted her to be happy and if happy meant being with that arrogant asshole, then so be it. He would just be there when it came tumbling down. And now that it was happening, it made him feel like an asshole because looking at her now with tear streaked cheeks and puffy eyes, he could have avoided all of this. 

She wouldn’t be feeling like it was necessary to drink herself into the grave or feel so broken. Tom would never make her feel that way if he would have just sucked it up and told her how he felt. Even he could read behind her joke of always saying that the two of them should just get married and live their lives happy whenever she’d get into a fight with [Ex’s Name]. It could have worked out between him and her. But, again, Tom couldn’t bring himself to admit his feelings when she’d seem so happy. Because he could never admit his feelings when she was crying on his shoulder, it was never the right moment and Tom was all about the right moment. 

“Let’s get you in bed, watch a movie, and get you to sleep.” Tom guided her to her bedroom. He watched as she climbed into her bed, “I promise it’ll get better.” 

[Y/N] felt so empty, it was a feeling she couldn’t explain. “Will you stay, Tom? I’m afraid once you leave, I’ll go back out there looking for something to numb me.” 

Tom nodded, “Of course, [Y/N]. You know I’ll always stay.” He kicked off his shoes and climbed in after her. 

Why I Ship Rapunzel and Eugene

SO, by watching the movie and the TV show….Rapunzel and Eugene is the best Disney couple, in my opinion. THERE IS SPOILERS!!!!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!


First, the movie…

When they first meet, they both meet at different times but they meet each other at the same place, the tower. Rapunzel first sees Eugene for the first time after she knocks him out with her frying pan. If you have watched the movie, you can see her staring at him in awe. Same thing with him, everyone could see he was attracted to Rapunzel from the start.

In the movie, you can tell Eugene protected Rapunzel during the entire movie. For example, the time they walked into Snuggly Duckling, the thugs were going to take Eugene away. Eugene wanted to make sure they didn’t harm Rapunzel. So, he put his arms around her. 

After Snuggly Duckling, the scene in the tunnel and the campfire. They both told each other things they are both not comfortable talking about but they were comfortable saying these things to each other. 

When Rapunzel told Mother Gothel “I think he (Eugene) likes me”…you can tell Rapunzel was happy saying it. 

During the kingdom scene, Eugene was happy that Rapunzel was happy. He bought Rapunzel the Corona flag (note that Eugene lived an Orphan, has no job, was homeless at that time. Basically, he barely had money). Rapunzel wanted Eugene to dance and he did, you can tell that they were both happy at the end.

Eugene did what Rapunzel asked him to do, take her to see the floating lanterns. BUT, he went ABOVE AND BEYOND what HE could do. He got a boat and bought two lanterns. He gave her, in my opinion, the best view of these lanterns. 

 In the end of the movie, Eugene was going to die for Rapunzel….FOR RAPUNZEL (not himself, he put HER over HIMSELF) . He almost died because he thought if he didn’t, Rapunzel would be trapped in that tower for the rest of her life. Eugene never wanted Rapunzel to be trapped ever again. He wanted her to be free. 

When Eugene thought he was going to die, the last thing he told her wasn’t “I love you” (The common thing couples would say each other). Instead, he says “you were my new dream”. To me, that’s much more powerful then “I love you”. It’s something they have been talking about since they first meet each other, was dreams. 

Obviously the hug and the kiss was the most romantic thing ever at the end. When Rapunzel first hugged Eugene, he hugged her tighter when she was crying. Then, when she kissed him straight on, Eugene titled his head and made it much sexier. And the great thing about the kiss was we don’t know how long that kiss actually was because we never saw it end. 

Now the TV show, 

First of all, the TV show is NOT over. So, I can only talk about the first 12 episodes 

In Tangled Before Ever After, many things happened. First of all, Eugene proposed. You can tell Rapunzel loves him very much and wants to spend the rest of her life with him. But, she wants to explore the world. She doesn’t want to be trapped again. This was what was running through her head when he proposed, so she said no. 

Eugene wasn’t embarrassed that Rapunzel said no in front of her parents and all these other royal people. Instead, he was sad that Rapunzel wasn’t ready yet. He won’t propose again until he knows that Rapunzel is ready. 

So now I will talk about random episodes in the series, these won’t be in any order, this will be in general, 

Rapunzel and Eugene are together…..a lot….they pretty much go everywhere together….most of the time though, they are not alone, but it’s still cute.

There were times when Rapunzel was upset, and Eugene did anything to make Rapunzel happy again. 

Rapunzel promised to Eugene that she would hide no more secrets from him. 

Eugene tells Rapunzel that he loves her and she responds “I love you, too. More than you will ever know.”

One time, Eugene tells Rapunzel she’s on his mind. (In my opinion, it’s all the time) 

If you watch the episode closely at the moments where Eugene and Rapunzel are together. You can see that Eugene is ALWAYS looking at her. To me, it’s so romantic how much he looks at her. 

There was a moment Eugene and Cassandra almost died. Rapunzel was so worried and she jumped into his arms when they came out. 

Rapunzel has this journal and there are two pages of Eugene that say “Eugene and I have grown very close…he is so kind and he always makes me laugh” and “Eugene is such a wonderful person!” (There are other pages she does write about him) 

There is a scene where Eugene says to himself that he loves Rapunzel (3 times to be exact). 

Eugene tried to stay awake until 4 AM because he wanted to help Rapunzel. (It was specifically about a crime scene) 

So, this is all why I ship Rapunzel and Eugene. Hopefully, now you understand why I do. 

Alright, I’m done. This is the longest Tumblr post I ever wrote. Hope you all enjoyed it! 

Chris Jealousy LaSalle

(gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns)

Title: Chris Jealousy LaSalle

Characters: LaSalle x Reader, Tony, McGee, Abby, Gibbs

Word count: 1,087

Warnings: Fluffish?

A/N: This was requested by @native-snowflake! I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3

It was no secret that you used to work with Gibbs in Washington D.C..  LaSalle knew that you used to rely on your old teammates here.  When Pride sent you and LaSalle up to D.C. to help Gibbs, he was more than happy to oblige, especially since he was going with you.  Pride knew that he could count on you and LaSalle.  The two of you were a power couple; almost nothing could stop the two of you.

“Are ya excited to see your team again [Y/N],” LaSalle asked as he drove down the road, getting closer to D.C.’s NCIS headquarters.  “Ah know it’s been a few years since ya’ve seen ‘em.”

“I’m sure everyone will be as glad to see me as much as I’ll be glad to see them,” you smiled.  “I can’t wait to introduce you to Abby.  She’s going to go crazy when I tell her you’re my boyfriend.”

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Hey, so like I said here I am with part 2 of this prompt I received yesterday by the lovely @thickskinandelasticheart

This is based in these two prompts:

“Idk if you are still taking request but can i have sana yelling at yousef like …… i need her to get really angry at him so they can finally talk ???” by anon


Maybe this fic is too dramatic but I think it was about time for Sana to explode after everything she’s been dealing with

Here it is:


She left her phone at home. She couldn’t bring herself to look at it. Every time she saw it she remembered what she had done, the mistake she had made. How could she be so stupid? How could she be so careless? She had spent weeks trying to get over him, trying to make everyone believe that she was over him, trying to avoid him and because of one video, just one video she had sent him a text in a moment of rage. Yes, she didn’t mean to send it, it had been a mistake, but she shouldn’t have written it in the first place.

And what he had answered…”because I was stupid, because I was a mess, because I don’t deserve you”. What was that supposed to mean? Was he trying to make her feel bad? Was he feeling bad? If he felt that way why had he acted the way he did in the first place? Why? Why? Why? That was all she could think about. One word, three letters, a message she shouldn’t have sent.

She had had a difficult morning. She met the girls at school, knowing that she couldn’t wait any longer to tell them the truth. They had been mad at first, especially Vilde, but when she explained to them everything, from the very beginning, they ended up supporting and forgiving her. Then, Sana explained them how she had been feeling lately while being with them. They apologized for their behavior immediately, saying that they didn’t mean to make her feel isolated and that they were going to try to be better. In the end everything got fixed so when she arrived home she had a smiled on her face.

“Sana? Can you come to the living room please?” Elias said as soon as he heard his sister entering the house

“Coming” she said taking her shoes off and making her way to the living room

She entered the room and froze.

“What are you doing here?” she asked Yousef, who was standing right in front of her

“Elias called me, he said you wanted to talk” Yousef said confused and nervous about seeing her

“Well, he lied” she said turning around to leave

“Wait, wait, wait” Elias said stopping her

“Elias this is none of your business” Sana told her brother

“Yes, in fact it is, you’re my sister and you’re my best friend” he said

“So what?” she said crossing her arms

“So, now you’re in the same room. Come on” Elias said moving his hands a sign to indicate that they could start talking

But they didn’t talk, neither of them said a single word. Instead they just stared at each other, Yousef clearly upset and Sana clearly annoyed.

“Can you please just talk??!!” Elias yelled “This is ridiculous”

He walked to the door and stopped right at it to look at them

“You two annoying kids are going to stay here until you talk.”

“What?” Yousef said

“Elias you can’t do that!” Sana spat

“Yes, I can and I’m going to do it”

And with that he turned around and left the room closing the door behind him and locking it.

“Elias!!! Elias you can’t do this!!” Sana said banging the door “Open the door Elias!!”

“No, no until you two talk. I’m going to my bedroom and I’ll be back in an hour, if you haven’t talked you’ll stay there” Elias said from the other side of the door.

“Elias!!!”Sana yelled again but there was no answer

“Sana, maybe we should talk” Yousef said hesitantly

“I have nothing to talk with you” Sana said facing him

“But the message you sent me yesterday…” he started

“I didn’t mean to send it, it was a mistake” Sana interrupted him

“I’m glad you did” he said

“Well, I’m not. You were not supposed to see that” she crossed her arms on her chest leaning against the door

“Sana, please”

“No! Sana, please, no.” she said taking a few steps towards him “I’m tired of this, I’m tired of always being the one who listens, I’m tired of always putting others first. I’ve spent weeks crying for you and yesterday you know what I did? I felt bad for you because you seemed sad on a video when you don’t even care about me. How is that fair Yousef?”

“You watched the video?”

“That’s what you got from everything I said? Really?” she said laughing sarcastically.

“No, of course not. I hate myself for making you cry, I hate myself for making you feel bad, for making you believe that I don’t care about you when that’s not the truth” he said pleadingly.

Don’t lie to me” she spat

“I’m not lying to you Sana”

“Then why, Yousef? Why? Why did you flirt with me during weeks? Was it all in my head? Why did you kiss her? Why are you dating her? Why do you look sad all the time? You’re not supposed to be sad. You got the perfect Norwegian girl, you’re supposed to be happy about it. I’m the one that has to be sad, not you. Why? Why are you being like this?”

Sana felt like she was losing control of the situation, she had been bottling up her feelings for so long and only now she was letting herself say all it was in her mind.

“I’m not dating her Sana!! I promise you I’m not dating her. I don’t like her. I don’t even know why I kissed her. I was a mess, I thought you didn’t like me, I thought I didn’t have a chance with you. It was stupid and I wish it had never happened. But I promise you, I’m not dating her, I only met with her to tell her that nothing was going to happen between us. Please, Sana you have to believe me, please. I’ve been a mess these weeks knowing that I let you down, knowing what I’ve done. I just…” he couldn’t finish his speech, tears were rolling down his face.

“No, no, no. You don’t get to cry, you don’t get to be sad. No!” she approached him until only a step separated them “I hate you”

She pushed him making him take a step backwards

“I hate you” she pushed him again, now she was crying too “I hate you, I hate you, I hate you”

She kept pushing and pushing him every time she talked.

“Sana, Sana, Sana stop!” Yousef said trying to calm her but she had completely lost control “Sana stop!”

He took her hands and stopped her. She looked at him confused, it was as if only now she was realizing what was happening, only now she was processing his words, only now she fully allowed herself to feel. She was already crying but right in that moment she was sobbing. Yousef let go of her hands and looked at her worried, not knowing what to do. Before he could react she just closed the gap between them and leaned against his chest, grabbing his shirt with her hands and crying. It took Yousef a moment to react but then he wrapped his arms around her, hesitantly at first, he wanted to make sure she was okay with it, when she didn’t push him away he hugged her tighter.

“I’m so sorry, Sana. I’m so sorry” he whispered

He felt her nodding against his chest. He pulled away slightly to look at her

“Please forgive me, give me a chance to show you that I can be better, that I only want you” he said “If you want me too…”

She sniffled and nodded.

“Yeah?” he asked

Yeah” she said still nodding “Yes, yes, yes”

He smiled widely at her and hugged her again

“I won’t let you down again” he promised

“Finally!” they heard someone saying as the door opened

“Seriously Elias?” Sana said pulling away from the hug and facing her brother “You’ve been eavesdropping all the time?”

“I thought you said you were going to your room” Yousef added

“I had to make sure you talked to each other and I couldn’t tell you I was there because then you wouldn’t talk”

Sana shook her head in disbelief while Yousef chuckled at his friend.

“Is everything okay now?” Elias asked

Yousef looked at Sana hesitantly, waiting for her to answer. She nodded and smiled at him.

“Everything will be okay” she affirmed.


So this is it!

Hope you’ve liked it :D 

I’m sorry if it’s too dramatic!

Thank you all for reading♥♥

Why we were fighting

Originally posted by stars-come-0ut

To say that Waller made a huge mistake was misunderstanding. Everyone who at least once looked at the Squad knew that (y/n) (y/l/n) and Chato Santana together were no good, to say the last. From the very begin of work of the (h/c) metahuman with the squad, they hated each other. They were always fighting, not ever once giving up on the opportunity to hurt each other, physically or emotionally.

And yet, Amanda Waller send them on the mission, together, without of anyone to accompany them. The effect of that was that, that not even three hours of the official start of their mission, they were fighting with each other, which ended with them being captured by the guys they were supposed to take down. Some kind of gang or something like that, (y/n) weren’t sure, taking that she weren’t listening after she was told, that she is parred on this mission with Chato.

Now, they were, tied to each others back, sitting on the cold floor of the cellar of some sort. She with big cut on her brow and blood slowly running down her face, and him, still unconscious.

“I swear to god, if you won’t wake up in like two seconds, I will personally rip your heart out!” She growled at him, showing her head back and hitting him on his own. Finally he groaned and opened his eyes, looking around.

“What’s going on?”
“Oh, finally our beloved princess had woke up. As you can see, you stupid fuck, we got captured by those assholes and now, we are probably going to die, just because, you were too stupid to shut your stupid mouth as I told you!” She showed her head back, once more hitting him.

“Ow! Stop it!”

“Ha! What more? You got us in this situation, then I’m going to punish you!” Before she was able to hit him again, he burned slightly her arm, that was pressed tightly to his. She growled at him. “You son of a…”

“You try to hit me again, I burn you. Easy enough for you?” She scoffed at his words. “And we wouldn’t be in this situation if it weren’t for you and…”

“Shut up.” She furrowed her brow.
“What? Can’t face the truth…”

“I said shut up. They are coming, but I can’t count them, because of your talking.”
“Or, because you can’t count.” She ignored him and closed her eyes. When she finished, she pushed herself slightly to his back. “… How many?”

“Four unarmed and two with guns.” Mexican cursed under his breath and moved his head, to lean it on her shoulder.

“What are we gonna do?” She did the same with her head. She moved a little opening her mouth, but doors of the room they sat at opened, showing six men, two of them holding guns.

“Our lovebirds are awake? Good. Now, tell us who send you.” One of them crouched in front of them with smirk on his lips. They both scoffed at his words, not saying a word. He sighed and got up. “And I though that you would be clever. Take the girl.” He moved out of his men way and watched as they untied them, just to take (y/n) and tie Chato once more. To Diablos shock, when they dragged her away, she looked at him with fear in her eyes and mouth opened slightly in quiet scream. It was probably first time when he saw her so scared. He tried to move, but it was for nothing. “You two, have an eye on him, shot if needed. And you, little one, we are going to have a little talk.” He took her by her (h/c) hair and dragged her out.

Chato sat still, waiting for (y/n) to be her usual self and use her powers to got out from them, just to show up and help him, probably not letting him live this up for another year or so, but his hopes shattered in moment when he heard her terrified scream. He looked up and swallowed hard. It’s true that they hated each other, but still, they were teammates. He knew her, and knew that even burned, she never screamed.

Chato felt rage building in his chest when (y/n)’s screams were still heard. He looked at the two men near the doors, who were only smiling at the girls scream. His breath became shallow and quick. He felt as his skin became warmer and warmer with every passing moment. And before he though about pros and cons of situation they both were in, the fire exploded from his body, burning the rope he was tied with and killing men who was watching him. Getting up, he destroyed doors and went out of the room to the long hallway, where we burned to death anyone who tried to get in his way, while he went in direction from where (y/n) screams were coming from.

When he got to the room he stood still, looking in terror at what was in front of him. Two men were at the girl’s sides, now looking at him with terror, while she was sitting on the chair, tied to it, looking down, not moving, with many curs and bruises on her body. Her breaths was so shallow, he weren’t sure if they was there at all. He burned the guys alive and moved to (y/n), quickly cooling down and crouching in front of her, trying to make her look at him, but she was looking at the ground with empty eyes. He furrowed his brows and toke knife from ground and cut ropes from around her wrists and legs and toke her in his arms and walked out of the room, and from the building they were in, burning it on his way out.

He laid her on the bed in the hotel room they got from Waller on the beginning of their mission and walked to his bag to get first aid kit.

When he finished with girl, she still wasn’t moving, but at least her breath got normal. He sighed and laid on bed next to her, because of course, Waller being herself got them the room with only one bed… It was the reason of their argument before they got captured. Chato sighed closing his eyes and drifting off to sleep.

He woke up in middle of night feeling arms sneaking around his waist and whole (y/n)s body pressing against his back. He blinked and furrowed his brow hearing her sobbing. He moved slightly, hoping that she would move away, which she didn’t. He sighed and turned carefully, looking her in eyes. That’s probably the closest they ever were to each other, their bodies pressed together, her face buried in his neck, with hot tears rolling out of her eyes and onto his collarbone. He moved and awkwardly patted her head. (y/n) moved a little, looking him in eyes. He furrowed his brow, not sure how to ask her about what happened to her back there, when they tortured her. And fortunately he didn’t have to, because she hugged him, really hugged and started talking.

“When I was a little girl and I started… mutating… my mother called to someone and they took me to this lab… they done many different tests to me, and some other stuff. They tortured me, only to see how my body worked, and it was years before I got out… like really many years, because, when I did get out, killing everyone on my way out, the government and Waller got to me and they showed me to Task Force X, or as you want to call it…”

“Our squad… How old were you?” She hugged him a little harder.

“Seven…” He sighed and patted her head. “Today… When they toke me, it was as if I was seven again. Everything got back to me and… and…”

“Shh.” He putted his forehead to hers and looked her in the eyes. “Do you know what I did?” She shook her head, so he told her, not even once looking away from her eyes. When he finished, she hugged him tighter, hiding her face in his neck.

“We are both fucked up.”

“That’s probably why we were fighting with each other.”

“No, we were fighting with each other, because you are a shit brain who can’t concentrate on simple task.” He backed a little and looked at her with hard expression on his face, right before he bowed his head and pecked her on the lips. She looked at his speechless.

“Go to sleep. And if you say something, I’m going to burn you alive, you got it?” (y/n) only grinned and kissed him, sneaking her arms around his neck and showing him back, to saddle his hips. He only smiled into the kiss and hugged her closer to his body, warming his fingertips and slightly warming her while he touched her.

“You think Waller knew what she was doing while she send us here?” She sat up, looking at his face, which showed his annoyance at her stopping her movements.

“Really? Right now? While we are in middle of something?”

“This something is called sex. And yes, right now, because i’m fucking curious. She even got us one room with only one bed. Do you think that she is shipping us?” Chato only groaned and pushed her, so he was above her.

“The last thing I want to think about right now is Waller. So shut up, and maybe we will talk about it in the morning.” She sighed.


“Why are you looking at me as if it your sad responsibility now?”

“No I don’t.” He groaned and laid back, looking at the ceiling.

“So, what do you want to talk about?” She smiled and laid on her side.


A. Ryder Log #31

They’re settled in, announcements been made, and as Aria hits her fourth month Vetra has a request.

Suddenly, their families gotten a lot bigger.

Jaal x Ryder, Post-Game, Pregnancy. Incoming kiddo fluff. Enjoy ♥

“Hey, Aria, you got a minute? Need to talk to you about something.”

“Sure, Vetra, come on over. We’re just browsing renos.”

“See you soon.”

Aria doesn’t think much of it, going back to scrolling through the potential layouts for the nursery and sipping her coffee - decaf, as per Lexi’s orders.

It’s been about a month since she found out she was expecting, since she’d made the announcement to her crew, and at just over four months, she’s definitely begun to show.

Vetra was likely just curious about their trip to the Nexus scheduled for the end of the week - one last visit to the Council to officially declare herself as being on Maternity Leave and to track down as much baby stuff as possible.

(And, okay, maybe she wanted to see Kesh’s Clutch again, to, so what?)

So when Jaal returns from his trip over to Gil’s with an almost fidgety Vetra in tow, she’s immediately concerned.

“Vetra, what happened?”

“Nothing happened.” the Turian quips, but Aria’s had practice at recognizing the sub-vocals of the species, catches the nervous quiver to it.

“Okay, seriously. What’s going on?”

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ohana means family (and family means dysfunctional kids & subpar indoor plumbing)

pairing: none
warnings: none
rating: gen
length: 1,777 words

ao3 link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/11267253

summary: “I’ve been nothing but an asshole to you all summer. I’ve tried to escape eighteen times, injured you fourteen times, got you to cry at least thirty times, and you still mean it when you say you’ll miss me. What the fuck’s up with that?" 

(Or, Max finds out the real reason David loves Camp Camp so much.)

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Can you give us a special Mother's Day fluffy one shot about Roland and Regina ? Please...

She smiled when he turned to look at her, gathering her hair to one side and allowing the gentle breeze to keep it in place as she moved to cross her legs and opened her arms to him without the need for words.

He fit so wonderfully - just as Henry had in her embrace at this age - against her, leaning back against her chest and taking one of her hands in his as she dropped a kiss into his curls. It was a way of taking comfort from her, playing with her hands, and so she found herself frowning as she took her eyes from the three in the water - Henry held one of Scarlett’s hands whilst Robin held the other, keeping her balanced as the waves lapped at her little ankles - and asked, “Everything okay, sweetheart?”

He’d done nothing but smile all day long - they all had - as he’d built sandcastles with Henry and kicked at the ocean spray, roaring with laughter whenever he’d manage to wet his father. She wasn’t quite sure where the change had come from.

“Do you miss your mama, Regina?”

The question caught her off-guard. They’d spoken of Cora - briefly, of course - once before when Roland had asked about her. He’d found a picture stowed away and almost forgotten in a drawer when he’d been searching for crayons and had brought it to Regina. It was a picture crafted from a memory - just the same as the only photograph she’d once had of Robin and herself when he’d left for New York - a time before Daniel and her mother’s scheming. Before she’d come of age - or as of age as her impatient mother wanted to wait for her to be - when image was not quite an issue. It had been the only time she’d ever remembered being embraced by her mother for reasons other than manipulation. A bittersweet memory.

Her throat thickened as his small hands bent and straightened her fingers slowly. “Why do you ask, my darling?”

His head tilted against her chest as he sighed softly. “Because I miss my mama sometimes but then you and papa make me feel better and I still miss her but it doesn’t hurt as bad…” he began in his wonderfully innocent way, “so I thought that maybe you miss your mama too, ‘specially on mama’s day.”

The term had her smiling despite the anguish flooding her body because that was what his card had read this morning. Written in his own hand with a picture of her - a heart-achingly sweet stick figure with long dark hair and an apple in its hand - on the front. She’d cried happy tears reading it and had squeezed him a little too tight but he hadn’t complained, had merely held her back and told her, “I love you, mama.” as he did so often these days.

“You know what, my darling boy?” she hugged him tighter, glad when he followed the path of her hand and merely covered the back of hers with his own when she wrapped it around his waist, “I do miss her terribly sometimes but you know what helps?” He turned his head enough to look at her, shaking his head so sweetly that she couldn’t help but press a kiss to his cheek before pulling back to look at him once more. “You and your papa and Scarlett and Henry.”

“Just like me?” he gasped with a smile, always as wonderfully ecstatic as she when they discovered one more thing in common with one another.

She nodded her head with a smile that came much easier even as her eyes teared, “Just like you, sweetheart.”

He grinned before it was he who was stretching himself up enough to press a sweet kiss to her cheek and dropping back down into her lap again, content to stay with her watching the others play. “I love you, mama.”

She breathed a soft laugh through her nose, laying her head upon the top of his head as she kept her eyes on her other loves and replied, “I love you too, my little knight.”

The Ice Queen

The Ice Queen

They say the Ice Queen’s beauty is only rivalled by the Targaryen Queen. Her hair is long, red as flame. Her skin is fair as the snow she was raised in. Her eyes blue as the ocean. They say she is tall, graceful, and when she moves it’s like all fades away. They say that her beauty is that etched of the Northern cold, but her fury is as sharp as the Dragonglass that was used to kill the Others. Sharp, and cold, in the North.

She had one sister, the first female Northern War general in the North. They say that she’s as sharp as a Valyrian blade and vicious as a wolf. It’s said that a pack of wolves follow her into battle, howling for the North to rise again.

And her younger, Wildling brother, would never be King. He was far too wild, far too vicious, and far too broken. But they say he fights like a Wildling, and that he rides his Direwolf into battle, like the Young Wolf had.

The Northern Queen, the War General, and the Wildling Brother. Those are the stories they whisper of the Starks.

Jon doesn’t know how they could be true. But then again, it had been so long since he’d seen his siblings (no, cousins now) that he doesn’t know if his memories are real.

But he remembers the sweetness of Sansa, constantly tumbling between wanting to be his sister and making her mother happy. (And he remembers, quite bitterly, how that ended.) And he remembers little Rickon, wild and fun, sweet and wanting so badly to be like Bran and Jon.

And he remembers Arya, too. He remembers her wildness and her daring personality. He remembers how it felt to hold her, how happy she had been to just be accepted. He remembers her grey eyes and dark hair, fair complexion and her hard edges with softness underneath. Insecure, softness beneath.

He wonders how the world managed to turn them all into stories. But then again, here he was. A crow who loved a Wildling and fathered a red haired son with one. The crow who fought against his honor. A crow who couldn’t decide who to fight for. He tried to warn them, and they killed him for it. A crow who was killed and rose again, but not as a Other.

A crow who was waiting for his sister, (no-his Queens) word to give the Free Folk passage through to the Gift.

He wouldn’t hold his breath. But he had little Ed by his side, so he prayed to the Gods he wasn’t sure he believed in anyways.

Arya rode to him. And when he laid his eyes on her he nearly fell from his horse.

She was beautiful, with long hair, a long face, pretty eyes and full lips. But so much more than that: she looked and acted every inch a warrior. Soot marked her face, bringing stark attention to her eyes. She dressed comfortably, but smart. And her cloak was pieced together with Stark colors and a single symbol: the Wolf of the Northern Army.

Tormund, beside him whistled, but a wolf stepped forward, a Direwolf. Nymeria.

“Fucking hell, that’s your sister?”

“Cousin,” Arya says sharply, slipping from her horse. “How many women, children, and old do you have?” She looks around, assessing hard and he feels disappointment set into him.

“Five thousand,” he says, and Ed appears, in awe of her. He steps towards her and she levels a look at him. “And two and a half thousand men and women able to fight.” She nods, but the boy keeps moving around her, until he finally moves through what he assumes is awe.

“You’re a Queen?” He asks, and around him, the Free Folk laugh. He feels the tension set into him. She smirks, though.

“No.” She says leaning down to look into his eyes. She turns back to Jon, and she pierces him with a sharp stare, before turning back at him. “A general. My sister is the Queen. She’s far more beautiful than I.”

Ed is four, with long, curly fire red hair and a round face. But he looks like Jon, his red hair is all Ygritte, but only that. Arya reaches for him and lifts him. She fits him on her hip, carefully and turns to Jon.

“The Queen has fought and bought your favor through the Wall. The Free Folk will be given the Last Hearth, under stipulation.”

The Free Folk bristle and shift in confusion.

“What stipulation?” Tormund asks.

She tilts her head. “You do not steal women. You do not murder. The Last Hearth is stocked well with everything you will need. Food, clothes, armor, weapons. We ask only, until we can sit down and discuss an official treaty, that you do not murder or steal women.” Ed picks at her cloak, and she mostly ignores him, but lets him play in awe of her.

“That’s our culture,” Tormund argues. She raises a dark, daring brow.

“And ours is to keep you North of the wall. We’re all making adjustments.” There’s a fury in the people, but they’re tired. Very, very tired.

“Why the Last Hearth? That belongs to the Umbers.”

Arya raises her brow. “You’ve not heard, then?” He frowns. “They turned against the Starks. Gave the Boltons Rickon. So when Sansa killed Ramsay Snow, Shaggydog tore apart the last of the Umbers. The Last Hearth has been abandoned since Sansa seized the Crown.”

The men and women around him are unsure of Westeros Politics, but Jon steps forward.

“Sansa killed?” Arya smiles a cruel smile.

“Oh Jon Snow, you’ve missed so much.”

When they’re alone, she hugs him, tighter than she used too. She clutches onto him like she’ll lose him. But when she pulls away, she punches him.

“You’re still my brother, you brooding twat!” She snaps. “I don’t care you have a Dragon for a Father, you and I will always be brother and sister.” She’s angry, furious, and full of an ice storm.

“Then why cousin?” He asks, a bit stupidly as he rubs his face. She had a good swing, too.

“Because,” Arya says, sighing. “Sansa says it’s best we treat you as cousin. The Northern Lords are wary of your arrival. Especially with the Free Folk. But fortunately, with word from both you and the Wall of the Others, it’s given them the push to accept this arrangement. But they can’t fuck this up, Jon.”

He nods, sighing “I know. Tormund is speaking to the Elders and they’re trying to push for control. It’s different for the Free Folk, they’ve always been Free.”

“Yeah, well this is South of the Wall Jon. We face war with the Lannisters while the Dragon Queen rages war with them. And we have a war to the North. We can’t have a civil war, Jon. We won’t survive it.” She tells him urgently, and he smiles.

“You’ve changed, Arya.” She pulls away and nods.

“We all have.” She tells him, and then moves over to look at Ed as he sleeps.

“What was she like?” She asks him quietly.

Jon hesitates, remembering her face. Remembering her bitterness as she’d died. Things between them had always been complicated, but his time as a Wildling had tainted him. He was too Wild to bow now, but still too loyal not too. “She was Wildling to the bone. A spearwife. And she died.” Arya turns to see his solemness, and nods.

“He’ll be taken care of. No matter what. Sansa’s already made sure of that.” She promises him. He watches his son as he shifts in bed, still unaware of all the darkness he could face.

After all, he’s a Targaryen and a Stark bastard, just like him.

Sometimes he still dreams of Bran. He knows it’s Bran, the three-eyed raven watches him in these dreams. Sometimes he appears as a boy nearing a man. He’d been the one to tell him.

And it had all fallen into place, in understanding.

“Tell them I love them.” Bran asks him. Jon nods.

“I will.”

Sansa is beautiful, more beautiful than any woman he’s ever laid eyes on. Tormund beside him, even looks a bit shocked. She’s tall, his height. Her hair is deeper than Eds, but long and falls in beautiful waves. Her eyes remind him of her mother’s, but there’s a warmth there that does not. She does look like her mother: but she’s so much more beautiful.

She sits in the Throne of the Last Hearth. The town was nearly dead, with very few inhabitants. She looks very much the Queen she was, as she sits there with warm furs wrapped around her. Two wolves at her side, one black one speckled with white and the other white speckled with grey.

She stands, and so do the wolves.

“Please,” she says smoothly. “There is a stew ready to be served and ale. The Journey through the storm must not have been easy. Warm yourselves here. I am Sansa Stark.” She doesn’t say she’s a Queen, and he’s glad. Though she wears an Iron crown, she does not force herself onto the Free Folk any other way.

They are weary of her, though, and Sansa watches Jon with apprehension and a guard he’s not sure he likes. Sansa, when he was younger, had two expressions. Anger and happiness: but this mask was delicately created and used.

Arya shoved Jon forward, hand in Eds.

And Jon moved forward, and he bows in respect.

“Your Grace.” Ed, sweet little Ed, copies his father.

“Your Grace,” Sansa lets out a small laugh.

“Please, both of you stand.” They did, awkwardly, for Jon, as Sansa steps forward and presses a kiss to his cheek. She kneeled down and pressed a kiss to Eds forehead.

This isn’t the Ice Queen they talk of in the North.

Rickon is more Wildling than anything. But he’s smart, in his own way. In a survivor’s way. When he sees Jon, he runs at him, throws his arms around his neck.

“You look like father.”

It hurts Jon, but not in a bad way. “And you look like Robb.”

Rickon and Ed get along well, but Ed follows Sansa and Arya around. Arya finds it amusing, but Sansa takes him under her wing in a way that makes him feel strange.

She brushes his hair, bathes him, reads to him.

Tormund always looks at him knowing, but Jon doesn’t.

Sansa is kind to all, but rigid when it comes to protecting the North. Sometimes, in the Council he’s been invited too, he sees glimpses of the Ice Queen.

“Your Grace, children should not be punished for their father’s actions.”

“Then they’ll be raised as bastards. The name Frey is dead.” Her voice echoes across the room and Lord Manderly nods, because he lost a son too.

“Yes, your Grace.” And the meeting concludes sharply, and Jon sees a burning white storm growing in her.

She spends the rest of her day sewing.

He finds Sansa with Ed on the throne of Winterfell. He’s resting against her chest as she sings to him. A sad song, of the Night King. But the boy sings the pieces he knows, and she brushes her hand against his hair gently as she does so.

That’s when Jon knows.

It’s a dance, he realizes after nearly a month. Arya smirks and Rickon pushes, leading him down a path he isn’t sure of.

“Just steal her,” Tormund says, rolling his eyes.

“I love her,” Ed tells him honestly.

And Sansa’s eyes become more expectant, they linger on him longer and Jon’s not quite sure he can push it off any longer.

When he appears in her room, she sets down the needle and cloth she’d been working on and raises an expectant brow at him.

He hesitates before he comes to sit next to her.

“I don’t see you as a sister, anymore, Sansa.”

She turns to him, with a careful look. She’s always guarded with men, he knows. And he’s learned enough about Ramsay to know it’s warranted. Jon wishes that he had given the chance to beat the life out of him, cave his face in with his fists, but he hadn’t.

Sansa had done a well enough job, he things. Cut off his cock, and then stabbed him in the throat.

But not without scars.

Ed had seen them. He’d run crying, about how someone had hurt his Sansa. Jon had seen red, and Arya had glared at him for it.

“Leave her alone, she doesn’t want to talk about it.” She hadn’t moved out of his way either, in fact, she’d punched him.

He didn’t blame her either. He was too reckless then.

“Nor I,” she says smoothly. Sure, and practiced.

Jon nods, taking a deep breath.

“I’m not ready for marriage yet, Jon. Or to share a bed with another man. I still…” Her voice fades and Jon shakes his head vehemently.

“We can go slow.”

“There’s a war coming, Jon.” She chastises him.

“I’ve died once, risen again,” he says honestly. “I’ll do it again, if it means making you happy.”

Her mask breaks, and she gives him a smile that’s both heart breaking and real.

“Thank you.”

She’s not the Ice Queen they say she is. And she is. Arya’s not the General they say she is, but she is. And Rickon, well, Rickon is the Wildling brother they say he is.

Jon will be remembered as the man who died and rose. A child of the North and South. A crow that betrayed his vows and fathered a child. A crow that was killed by his men when he came back to save them. A crow who rose. A crow who brought the Wildlings past the wall.

They remember them as the Kingdom who’d brought peace with the Targaryens and Greyjoys, who had fought the Others and drove them back. Who brought peace between the Free Folk and Northerners.

They remember the longest peace in History that fell after that. Ninety years without a war.

They remember Ed Stark, who married and gave up his name for the Southern Queen, daughter of the breaker of chains. They remember Bran the Rebuilder, the first son of Sansa Stark and her crow husband. They remember Robb Stark as a picture of his namesake.

They remember Torrhen Stark, the best smith in all of the North.

And they remember the Wildling twins, Pycelle and Cat, who led the exploration of beyond the Wall after the Great War.

They call the tale the Ice Queen and her crow.

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Sansa would definitely clue in when Arya sees Gendry and tries to act cool but hugs him a little tighter than when she hugged Sansa. Then Sansa makes it basically her mission to make fun of Arya for her crush

ho my god Sansa becomes half wingwoman, half obnoxious older sister around Gendrya one second she’s teasing Arya about her crush (usually to the tune of “shut up sansa”) and the next second Gendry enters the vicinity and Arya finds herself getting pushed next to him and Sansa is announcing that she has to do Very Important lady of winterfell actions and leaves them alone. 

Twinkle: The Six Times It Was A Secret & The One Time It Wasn’t

For @queerstanuris & @ghost-grantaire, two lovely people 😘

1. Nine: Sunny For You And I

They are small and they are reckless and she is laying in the grass at school, on her back, watching the leaves sway above her. He is alone, he looks troubled, but he lies down next to her because it’s right and it’s good and she’s kind and he knows it.

They don’t speak, but they both smile, and it’s worth something to say that in this moment, something is born between Jennifer Hayes and Will Byers.

2. Ten: Lungs With Roses

She can’t breathe. Her lungs are crackling like sandpaper and her eyes are wide and she claws at her pale throat with desperate fingers, as though tearing it open will fix the problem. Red lines are drawn from the middle of her neck to her collarbone.

She sags against the wall. The hall is empty. No one can help her. She’s going to die here and she just knows it.

But then, like a knight in shining armour, a little boy emerges from the bathroom. His eyes widen when he sees her. He looks so small in his brother’s jean jacket. He is Will Byers and she knows right then that he has come to save her in more ways than one.

“Jennifer? Are you okay?”

Rasping, she chokes out a ‘No’, followed by a ‘Help’.

He kneels beside her, uncertain. “Get a teacher?”

She nods, and he runs off. When Mr. Clarke bursts out of the science classroom, worry written all over his face, he is not alone. Will has followed him, and she knows, she knows, that he is good.

“Ms. Hayes? Can you stand?”

He helps her, Mr. Clarke, who comes to her house regularly on Sunday nights, and eats the tofu her mother makes with a false smile (before sneaking Jen a few sweets—she loves the man, dear God she loves him). He helps her stand and helps her breathe and takes her to the nurse’s office, and all the while Will stands nearby like a shrunken shadow, but he holds her hand while she waits for her parents and promises her that it’ll be okay, you’ll get better, they’ll find out what’s wrong.

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I know I can’t apologize enough for how long it took me to write this. I know it’s been months and I’m the worst person ever but it’s finally here. If you haven’t read the other chapters or forgot what happened because it’s been ages since you read it they can be found on my masterlist. I apologize for any sloppy parts or any mistakes. Please forgive me for being so unreliable.xxx

Chapter four

When Harry heard the doorbell ring at 8 o'clock in the morning he couldn’t help but groan and turn around with a annoyed frown on his face. When it rung again he opened his eyes and released a defeated sigh. He knew Gemma wasn’t home, not until tonight because she was visiting a good friend up in Newcastle. Seemed like he had to get up.
He put on a old grey shirt that had tiny holes and ripped spots but it was comfy and he just couldn’t throw it away. He jogged down the stairs, shouting “Coming!” when the person behind the door pressed down on the doorbell again.
He opened the door and his eyes almost fell out of his head when he saw who it was.
“Oh, Harry. Goodness, did I wake you?”
Her voice was panicked, as were her eyes, scanning his half naked body.
“Good morning to you too, love.” he chuckled nervously.
“Good morning.” she breathed with a smile.
“S'okay by the way. It’s actually good that you woke me up, would have slept until noon otherwise.”
“Alright. Uh, well… I’ve got a date with Gemma.”
She was nervous. He noticed it the moment she lied her eyes on him. Her voice was quivering and her eyes were darting around, never finding a place to look at longer than a second.
“Well, Gemma is not here. She is visiting a friend in Newcastle and will be back tonight.“
“Oh. Wait… Today is Sunday, right?”
“Saturday, love.” he smiled softly at her.
“Oh. Oh, goodness I’m so stupid. Sorry, I-I’ll go now. Sorry for waking you. I’m sorry.”
She turned around quicker than Harry could react, walking to her car that was parked in the driveway.
“Wait!” he called before she could open her car door.
She turned around slowly and looked at him with a questioning look.
“Did you already have breakfast?”
She shook her head no. Harry sent her a smile, opened the door and motioned for her to come in.
“Harry, you really don’t have to. I mean-”
“I want to. C'mon now.”
She hesitated a bit before she nodded and stepped into the apartment.
“I’m quickly going to change, yeah? I’ll be right back.”
She was going crazy. And she didn’t know why. But ever since that moment a few days ago something was different.
She was thinking about him. Often. In the most random situations.
She was making coffee and for some reason she thought about him.
She was removing her makeup and then he crossed her mind.
She blamed it on that one moment they had. She found him cute before that but now she found him… appealing?
They connected, she felt it. The fact that he knew how she felt was strange because whenever she told somebody about it they looked at her confused but Harry… he understood.
Ever since that moment she thought about the other things that happened too, like the moment he caught her when she almost fell down. Or the moment when she aimed to kiss his cheek but landed on the corner of his mouth.
She wondered how it would feel to have his lips pressed against-
“Alright, m'ready.”
She looked at him dumbfounded for a moment, her thoughts clearly distracting her. Her eyes wandered from his mesmerizing eyes to his raspberry lips which looked so damn soft and so kissable and-
“You okay, love?” he asked concerned.
“W-What? Oh, yeah. Sorry.” she stammered.
He nodded and made his way through the hallway over to the kitchen, turning around when he didn’t hear her walking behind him.
“You coming?”
“Uhh, yeah.”
She shook her head as if she was trying to shake those thoughts out of her head. It didn’t work.
“Okay, so I thought I’d make some pancakes? With yogurt and fruit on it? How’s that sound for you?”
“Sounds amazing.”


He finished breakfast within twenty minutes, serving her the most delicious food someone could imagine. She was amazed how good it all tasted, the pancakes were the best she ever had and the scrambled eggs were absolutely perfect as well.
Their conversation was great too. They were talking about their families, their jobs and they were… getting to know each other.
During all this time both of their hearts were beating faster than normal. It felt like a date. A real, proper date. A amazing date.
“Harry, that was absolutely amazing.” she sighed contently when they both finished eating.
“Yeah? I’m glad you liked it. Gemma always says my scrambled eggs are too salty.”
“No it was absolutely perfect.” she reassured him.
They smiled at each other for a moment before Harry got up and collected the dishes, Y/N quickly getting up and helping him.
“You don’t have to help, love. S'okay.”
“Nope. No way am I going to let you do the dishes alone after you already prepared the most delicious breakfast in my whole life for me.”
Harry chuckled and let her, telling her to put them in the dishwasher.
It felt to be like that with her. It felt like this was a everyday action that they always did together. Like they were together.
In a way they connected even more during the time they spent. There was something between them that they both couldn’t quite pinpoint or describe. They were like two magnets. There was a pull between them.
When they finished putting away the dishes they stood in the middle of Gemmas kitchen, both not really knowing what to say and both not wanting Y/N to leave.
“Well, I guess I’m going to leave now. Disturbed you enough, haven’t I?” she chuckled nervously.
“You haven’t disturbed me at all, love. Was nice to have breakfast with you.” he sent her a gentle smile.
She looked at him for another few seconds before she took a step forward and engulfed him in a tight hug. Harry released a surprised ‘oh’ when her body crashed against his but wrapped his arms around her immediately. When she felt him hugging her back she pulled him even tighter to her, her face nuzzling into his neck and her nose inhaling his scent that was making her feel dizzy. His hands stroked over her back in slow circles, squeezing her tighter towards his chest every few seconds. His face was nuzzled into her neck as well, the scent of her hair mixed with her cologne was almost overwhelming.
After a two way too short minutes she pulled back, very slowly and Harry almost thought she wanted to kiss him when she stopped with her face right before his face and her eyes wandered to his lips. She didn’t though.
She pulled back completely and when she realized what just happened her eyes widened with shock and her cheeks turned pink.
“Oh god, I’m sorry. Shit, I’m so sorry. I-I didn’t mean to-. I’ll just leave now. Thank you for the breakfast.”
She left and slammed the door shut before Harry could react. He stood there in the middle of his sisters kitchen completely dumbfounded. He heard her shouting ‘fuck’ from outside, which finally snapped him out of his trance.
Fuck, indeed.
She hugged him.
But it wasn’t a normal ‘thank you for the breakfast, I’ll leave now hug’.
It was a proper squeezing each other and being as close as possible hug.
He still felt the ghost of her arms around him and her lips on his shoulder and how they were pressed to his skin there, not in a kiss but simply squeezed against his skin because she was so close.
Harry knew in that moment he fell for her. He was completely in love with her.
It couldn’t be anything else but love.
He’s never been in love before but he was sure this was what it felt like.
He never felt this way before. Never did he meet a girl that took away his breath the first time he saw her. Never before did he feel butterflies erupting in his stomach when a girl kissed his cheek. Never before did he enjoy talking to a girl as much as he did with Y/N. Never before did he open up to a girl so quickly. And never before did he connect with a girl before.
But with Y/N everything felt different. She was like a breath of fresh air. Like sunshine after years of darkness.
She was the girl he subconsciously wrote every song about. She was the girl he never thought he’d find.
And when she hugged him he felt something change between them. Like something snapped in place.
He knew she felt it too. He saw how she looked at his lips. He felt how tightly she held on to him. And for a moment he allowed himself to think she felt the same when she saw him.


The next morning he hoped to wake up to Y/N ringing the doorbell again but it didn’t happen. He stood up with a sigh, getting ready in the bathroom and putting his running clothes on. He needed a good run to clear his mind.
He went downstairs, making his way to the kitchen but stopping dead in his tracks when he saw her shoes and her jacket at the front door.
She had a date with Gemma today.
He gulped before he took a deep breath and walked towards the kitchen where he knew she would be.
“Good morning.“ he said when he entered the kitchen.
“Good morning.” they both replied.
He sent Y/N a soft smile, her cheeks turning lightly pink.
He walked over to where his sister was preparing some tee, kissing her cheek when she handed him a mug.Y/N almost melted at the loving gesture.
“You’re going for a frown again?” Gemma asked him with a frown.
“Um, yeah.” he nodded and took a sip from his tea.
“Everything okay?”
He nodded again, not looking at her because he knew that she looked right through him.
Harry usually never went for runs.
Only when he needs distraction.
Most of the time distraction from a girl.
“That girl?”
Y/N almost chocked on the food she had in her mouth. Girl? He had a girl?
Harry glared at her sister before he sighed. There was no point in lying. Gemma would ask him until he would spill everything.
“Yeah.” he admitted.
“Did you meet her again?”
He dared a quick side glance at Y/N but she didn’t seem to care about their conversation at all. But she did.
“Yeah.” he repeated.
“And?” Gemma pressed.
“Gemma.” he breathed annoyed.
“C'mon, tell me. Something must have happened or else you wouldn’t do that thing again and go for a run. I know why you do that, you know. So, tell me.”
“Yes, I met her and yes, something happened. But I don’t want to talk about it.”
She looked at him for a few moments before she nodded.
“You’ve got a moment though, right? Y/N uploaded a new article.”
“Gemma, he really doesn’t have to read it, I mean-”
“It’s fine, love. I want to read it.”
She gave him a nervous smile and nodded. Gemma gave him her phone where Y/N’s article was opened.

Die Liebe geht durch den Magen.
As a german turn of speech says food can make you fall in love with somebody. The exact translation would be ‘love goes through the stomach.’ And it’s true. A man who can cook is incredibly attractive and sexy. I don’t think any girl out there could deny the fact that a cooking man is the sexiest thing ever.

He looked at Y/N and saw her blushing and biting her bottom lip. The article was about him.
He quickly overflew the next few lines until he came across what he was looking for.

A man who can cook can quickly make a girl loose her mind. It can quickly make her feel something she hasn’t felt before. It can quickly make her fall in love with a man. There’s something special about a man cooking for a woman. It’s flattering and amazing and you know that if a man cooks for you, you’re special to him. But a woman should do something for her man too, right? Of course a nice thank you is enough but a bit a physical thank you is great too, right?

He stopped reading after that, looking at Y/N again.
“Yeah, right? I asked her the whole time who that ‘sexy’ and ‘amazing’ man is who cooked for her but she won’t tell me.”
Harry looked from his sister to Y/N and cleared his throat before he placed Gemma’s phone down on the kitchen table.
“I’m going to go now.”
He turned to leave the kitchen but Y/N’s voice stopped him.
“Harry?” she asked and stood up.
“Yes, love?”
“C-Could we maybe talk for a minute?”
“Um, yeah. Of course.”
They left the kitchen to get some privacy and sat down in the living room across from each other.
“I’m very sorry for what happened yesterday. I didn’t mean to be so… affectionate I guess.”
“Everything’s okay, love. There’s nothing to apologize for, yeah? It was actually one of the greatest hugs I ever shared with someone.” he grinned at her.
She chuckled and shook her head.
“Um… I hope your girlfriend isn’t mad.”
“What girlfriend?”
“You said to Gemma there was a girl?”
“Oh. Um… well, that girl isn’t interested.”
“No? How could any girl in her right mind bot be interested in you?”
“Well, I’m not as great as people make me out to be.” he smirked sadly.
Y/N looked at him for a few moments before she reached out and took one of his hands in hers, her thumb gently stroking over his knuckles.
“I think you’re great.”

Do you think Zak or his family ever gets really worried or freaked out because, oh my gosh, Zak actually died

not necessarily in big ways but not necessarily not in big ways

maybe after a while they can sort of joke about it- ‘Mom, I’m going just going out at night, what’s the worst that could happen’ ‘I seem to recall you dying on me once’ or ‘Mini man, I swear I’m gonna kill you if you don’t knock it off’ ‘been there, done that’

maybe it affects them in little ways- Fisk wincing when Doyle says Zak ‘slept like the dead’, Doc hesitating just a little longer when Zak’s going on a risky mission, Drew hugging him just a little tighter when she thinks about it, Zak feeling unsettled at cemeteries and burial sites, the look Drew and Doc give each other when Zak says ‘What’s the worst that could happen?’

maybe there are big ways it affects them- Zak wakes up with nightmares and thinks about death a lot, Fisk gets more scared than ever about something happening to Zak again. Zak getting closed off from Fisk because he thinks about it all the time and Fisk knows why he can’t sleep at night but Zak doesn’t want to talk about it. Drew can’t stop watching Zak when he’s sleeping until she’s sure he’s breathing, then Doc tells her she needs to sleep but he stays behind to make sure himself. Doyle spending as much time with his nephews as he can since he almost lost his favorite person and all he could think about when Zak was gone was that he didn’t have enough time with him, but being scared of the idea of having his own kids because he knows he can’t go through what Doc and Drew almost did. Doc considering getting a different lifestyle altogether when the cryptid war is over because of everything that happened. Zak fighting with his parents about what he can and can’t do until Drew yells that she can’t lose him again. 


Sometimes I’m too bold for my own good
I go out swinging hard and fast
This world is beating me broken
I need a home to rest

Olive You Part 1

MC x Max 

So this was based on some OTP question I answered about who says I love you first. Idk how many parts there’s going to be or how often I’ll update. But I am Max trash and I think about this fic a lot 

Also there’s references to previous Max fics I’ve wrote. You don’t have to read them to read this though.

Warnings: Language. 

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any headcannons on Percy being shipped off for another tour of duty and Annabeth telling him to stay safe and not be a hero?

  • Percy wasn’t the one who found out he was going to be shipped off for another tour, Annabeth was. She was going to have a nice warm bath while Percy went on his afternoon run when she got the call from one of Percy’s officers.
  • Annabeth could see in his eyes that it pained him to leave so soon again. He wanted to stay with her but he knew he had to go. 
  • She cooked up a storm that night and the next, trying to make him some comfort food before he left. He didn’t even leave her side besides doing his daily exercises.
  • On his last night at home, he just laid in bed with her as they watched a movie. His hand going over her stomach where her baby bump was finally beginning to show. 
  • He was disappointed that he had to leave her, especially when she needed him the most. 
  • Annabeth didn’t want to show her disappointment. She wanted to be strong for him. She had no doubts that she could get through part of her pregnancy without him. 
  • On the morning that he was leaving, she stood there with him at the docks, looking into his sea green eyes. She could see the pain that he was going through, just to leave her.
  • “Be safe.” She whispered to him when he hugged her. 
  • “I’ll try.”
  • “Don’t be a hero.” She hugged him tighter, her voice cracking. “We’re going to need you.”
  • “I know. I’ll be back soon. I promise.” He told her. 
  • He pulled away just enough to see the tears in her gray eyes ready to fall before giving her one last kiss. He breathed in her scent. Tried to memorize the way her lips left on his. Felt the bump that was his child, making a mental promise to his child that he’ll come home just in time for his or her birth.
  • Annabeth pulled away once they heard one of the commanding officers call for everyone to be on board.
  • “Skype, anytime you get a chance.” Annabeth told him.
  • “I will.” Percy replied, wiping one of her tears. “I love you.”
  • “I love you too.”
  • Percy gave her one last kiss before heading towards the ship, praying that he’ll make it home safe.
Stydia Prom

Fic request: Can you do a one shot with Stiles and Lydia awkwardly slow dancing at like Prom because the people they came with disappeared and they confess there feelings for each other. That would make my life.

Author’s note: When they start dancing, if you can, listen to Thousand Years by Christina Perri, while reading. :)

“Bro!” Scott greeted his best friend at the door of Beacon Hills High School.

“Oh my God you’re such a pretty girl Scotty! Can I marry you?” Boys laughed and joked waiting for their ladies to arrive to Prom.

When they finally did, Scott and Stiles took those goofy smiles off of their faces and met their dates for the night.

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asdfhgkfjd *drools over keyboard* That’s what I have about these two pictures that gave me inspiration to write this.

“Now,” Sherlock snarled looking at the men that lay bleeding to death on the floor without feeling a hint of compassion for them “Tell me where my wife is hidden and I promise to make this quick.”

One of the men, lifed one shaking bloody arm and signaled to the door at the end of the warehouse. Sherlock smirked cruelly, and pointed the gun he was holding to his head, shooting at him and killing him instantly, and getting some of his blood splatter his clothes.

“I’m a man of my word.” He said while the other man looked at him in fear. Good, that had been his intention.

He calmly shot the other man in his head and went for the door, without sparing one last glance to the corpses that were left behind. With his free hand he texted a message for Mycroft.


WHAT HAVE YOU DONE -MH. Was his brother’s reply.


He decided to ignore the messages alert, centering only in rescuing whom a week ago had been officialy declared the ‘love of his life’.

He tryed to open the door, but it wouldn’t bulge, probably because of its decrepit and rusty state. But he wasn’t going to give up, he hadn’t been torturing suspected criminals and then killing them during an etire week for nothing.

With a few hard tackles he was finally able to move the door. The room was dark and barely illuminated, a faint sobbing could be heard from one of the darkened corners of the room.

“Molly?” Sherlock asked hesitantly. The second her name escaped from his lips the trembling figure of Molly came to light.

In two long strides, he crossed the distance that separated them and crushed her small body against his in a powerful embrace.

Soon, Molly broke down and her slim arms circled his waist, hugging him even tighter. When she lifted her head from his chest, she gasped when she saw the blood that covered his clothes and part of his face.

“It’s not mine.” He reassured her quickly. “It’s from… Nevermind.” He said clutching her tightly towards him.

“They told me you were dead, they showed me the video of the explosion. For days I thought that I had lost you.” She mumbled against his chest.

“Never, my love. You must know that I’ll always come for you.” Molly couldn’t see how his eyes darkened since she was pressed against his chest. “No matter what happens.”

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Mabel: "HUG ME, BROTHA!"

HUG ME TWIN! I’m so sorry for this

Hug Me


“HUG ME, BROTHA!” Eight-years-old and that was all the warning Dipper Pines got before he was tackled by his twin into a hug that sent them falling down the stairs. They had both ended up with broken arms and stuck on bed rest for weeks. Dipper knew then that this would be his life. He found he wasn’t as upset as he thought he would be.

“HUG ME, BROTHA!” Twelve-years-old and chatting with their Grunkle Stan and Dipper caught the girl that was flying at him, twirling her in a hug and then setting her back down where she ran off giggling. Stan only raised an eyebrow, Dipper shrugging. He had learned not to question Mabel’s quirks, besides, it made life more fun.

“Hug me, brother?” Thirteen-years-old and Mabel was crying, Dipper in a hospital bed and near dead. By all means he deserved his rest but not even he could resist Mabel, no one could. So he had opened his arms, quietly hugging her as she sobbed. Even if it did cause him pain it was worth it. Besides, he had come his closest yet to getting killed in Gravity Falls. He deserved a little love.

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