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Dude. I was so irrationally angry about the necklace, like. First of all, it's always been connected to Kara + family, so it had no business in that storyline to begin with. (Especially not after the show ignored Kara's relationships with her bio family for like 12 straight episodes. We didn't even get corny Clark texts!) And second, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO LET ALEX BORROW NOW WHEN SHE GETS MARRIED, KARA? YOUR CAPE? YOUR EARRINGS THAT HAVE NEVER BEEN EXPLAINED? WHAT?? - thatsjustsupergirl :D


So I finally got around to my thoughts about The Necklace™ here: 


While this way of thinking made me feel better about understanding Kara as a character separate from this romantic relationship, the writing still didn’t do this for us, and your criticism of the lack of connection to Kara’s family still stands. 

It’s like The Criticism of the season tbh.

But um…. Winn can 3d print a copy of Kara’s necklace with the help of Alura’s hologram…..???? I DON’T KNOW?! Barry can travel back in time and get it for her???

But now I highkey want to think of some kind of Significance for Kara’s earrings.

But all I can think of is “something blue” and Kara trying to convince Alex to wear the top part of her supersuit underneath. 

“Kara, I’m not wearing it, you would be able to see it poking out! And it’s bulky!”

“But you need to wear it, Alex! Because you’re my hero.”

“That… that doesn’t make any sense!!!”


I wouldn’t have it any other way

Most people are saying the Sanvers engagement is rushed and I kinda agree but it’s totally in line with them. Maggie didn’t admit her feelings until she almost died. They didn’t say i love you until Alex almost died. It’s not that surprising that when the world might end that they’ll decide to get married


Akari icons from Boku ga Namae wo Yobu Hi

SO THIS MEANS dex and nursey have at least one (1) class together. do they sit with each other. do they save each other seats when one of them is late. do they walk together every day. do they ever stop for coffee on their way to class. do they help each other study. do they have inside jokes about the class. do they snapchat pics of each other during the lecture. does nursey ever fall asleep and dex takes pics of him with his head resting against his arm. did they schedule this class together on purpose. when are they getting married


WW2 Veteran Comes out as Transgender aged 90

A WW2 veteran has come out as transgender at the age of 90 and is happy to finally be receiving female hormone treatment.

Patricia Davies says she knew since the age of three that she was a woman but lived in fear of how people would react for decades until doctors changed her medical records to “female” last year.

Even though she had opened up to her late wife about her feelings in 1987, who bought her jewelry and dresses to wear in secret, she remained living as Peter after receiving abuse from people in the street and fearing “electric shock treatment”.

The retired industrial photographer, who served in the army between April 1945-1948, has a distant aunt who once lived to 104 years old so hopes she has “similar genes” to keep her going so she can now enjoy life as a woman.

Patricia, from a village in Leicestershire, said: “It feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I was living a lie.”

“I have been keeping quiet. I have slowly started to tell some of my neighbors. Everybody said ‘don’t worry, as long as you’re happy.”

“I’ve known I was transgender since I was three-years-old.”

“I have always been attracted to women but not in a sexual way. I’m not gay. My attraction to women was that I wanted to be like them. I would have liked to be like the pin-ups.”

“I was never totally unhappy. I always made the most of things and looked on the bright side of things. I’ve always had a wicked sense of humor.”

“Because of the general hostility of people I kept quiet. It wasn’t until recently that I felt safe to come out and I felt an overwhelming desire that I wanted to break free. So I came out and I’ve not regretted it.”

Patricia served in the army from April 1945 until April 1948, leaving when she was 21 and getting married only a few months later.

During her time in the armed forces, she served in the Far East, India, East Africa and Palestine.

Patricia said: “You took your life in your hands in the army. I lost a couple of mates and had a close shave myself.”

“I had to keep my mouth shut about being transgender, you couldn’t flaunt that as that would have been a disaster.”

“Transgender wasn’t really known in those days. I would have been classed as homosexual, which would have caused problems in the army. I would have ended up in prison. But I got through it.”

“But it was alright overall and I feel quite proud having served during the war and having done military service, in particular during the trouble in Palestine.”

“Perhaps Hitler got news I had joined in April 1945 and gave up. That’s what I like to think.”

“I feel quite relieved, quite happy. [The best thing about coming out] is being accepted as a woman. That has been something I’ve wanted all of my life.”

“If people don’t like what they see then I don’t care but no one seems to be causing me any trouble. Nobody questions it though. Nobody seems to bat an eyelid, they accept me as I am.”

“I’ve been made most welcome in the societies. I think people will benefit from being educated on this a bit more.”

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My favorite thing about that terrible quote about "rural white people have no culture" is it literally says white Americans don't have special wedding dresses when like... we have a style and color of wedding dress that is so culturally mandatory that they all look roughly the same and virtually every women has to wear it when she gets married and it's treated as so sacred that mothers sometimes pass it down to their daughters and you can never ever wear that dress except on your wedding day.

yeahh like the fact that the author of that quote is a white man who says he was born in a rural ohio town makes it really transparent that he was speaking from a “fish dont know water” angle

so I’ve just noticed that everytime Steroline take the next step in their relationship Caroline is wearing red.

when they became best friends (or it was mentioned for the first time)

when they officially became something more

when they said I love you for the first time

when they saw each other again after 3 years

when they moved in together

and now when they got engaged

if this isn’t a sign I don’t know what is

(oh and I’ve also noticed that stefan is wearing grey all of these times too)

oh baby | newt scamander

prompt: Could you write an imagine where Newt is still at Hogwarts and his only friend is a Ravenclaw whom he’s loved ever since they met but he’s his shy little self about it all

theme: hella fluff

warnings: nothing

author note: boi, am I dead on the inside.

Originally posted by morgan-leigh

Newt meets her when he’s twelve years old. She’s all smiles and chubby soft cheeks and knowledge. Wearing a delicate pink dress with a matching ribbon in her hair. He’s immediately smitten, though he knows they won’t be in the same house because she’s obsessed with knowing more and she’s witty and she’s so open minded. She is very confused about a lot of things but she wants to know more. He’s already in love, he just doesn’t know it yet.

Newt is thirteen when he realizes he’s in love. Between her hand grabbing at his own and the thump of his heart against his chest. She’s pulling him to the lake because she saw the mermaids and he’s got to see them too. He has–he doesn’t tell her that though because the feeling in his chest is warm and lovely and he doesn’t want it to stop.

Newt is fourteen when he wants to kiss her. She’s got a bowtruckle in her hands and she’s smiling down at it and he really wants to kiss her. It climbs up her and latches onto her blue and black tie. She’s smiling and giggling and he’s leaning in but he stops himself because they’re friends and he can’t ruin that.

Newt is fifteen and she’s got a boyfriend and he treats her right but he could treat her better. He kisses her and her face gets red and Newt smiles because he can’t say anything. That’s when he befriends Leta. She isn’t good for him but no one can talk him out of it

Newt is sixteen when he’s kicked out of Hogwarts. She follows him out of the school and grabs his hand like she always does and she’s crying. She begged for him not to be expelled because his creatures wouldn’t hurt anyone! He tells her to go back inside because she doesn’t need him but she doesn’t. He can feel a blush forming and love forming in his lungs and chest and she kisses him–hard. Her hands come up to her face and she says oh baby, I can wait on you forever.

Newt is seventeen and at home with his mum when she comes by. Knocking on the door and waiting for he boyfriend to answer. He does and he’s smiling at her and she kisses him and smiles. It’s summer and she’s staying with him and his family because she really does miss him.

Newt is eighteen when she brings him to meet her family. They’re muggles who try their best to learn about magic so they know her better. They make cake and pudding and her parents start calling him son because he really is a sweet good boy. And they don’t know much about magical creatures, only what she’s told them and they love them when he pulls out a niffler and a demiguise.

Newt is nineteen when he asks her to marry him. It’s the most excited he’s ever seen her when she smiles and jumps up and kisses him. He doesn’t have a lot of money but he still gets a ring for her and it really isn’t a lot but she loves it.

Newt is twenty when they get married and he loves the way her name sounds with his last name and all he wants is to kiss her for all the times he hasn’t at Hogwarts. Both of their families are there and it’s a riot because the muggles and the wizards and witches are all drunk and doing ridiculous things.

Newt is twenty one when he takes the job to write the book. She’s coming with him, obviously. And life is good.

mary wollstonecraft is a very important lady and you should know some things about her:

  • she’s considered to be one of the founding feminist philosophers of the 18th century and wrote a vindication for the rights of woman which said that women, then thought to be naturally inferior, only seemed this way because of a lack of education
  • in her other works, she also attacks aristocracy, the patriarchy, slavery, and the church of england
  • while most feminists of the time agreed with a lot of what she wrote, they found her personal life too wild and liberal and “passionate”
  • she once tried to woo a married man/convince him to run away with her and he was all “but i’m married” so wollstonecraft asked his wife if she wanted to come along too and be in a polyamorous relationship (the wife said no)
  • she was passionately anti-marriage, but when she did get married it was to famous feminist anarchist william godwin (who was also anti-marriage), and they only married because she was pregnant and they wanted their child to have a better life/have the rights of a legitimate child
  • that child was mary shelley, author of frankenstein and inventor of science fiction

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Hello, Rose! I really like your Art, and feel free to ignoring but, Who was your first SWTOR OC?

hey, thank you anon! <3 that’d be this nerd:

… the king of Dubrillion, ladies and gentlemen :’D

Latina!Annabeth Headcanons

I’ve been working on these since I sent the ask to @demidorks (i hope u like!!) and I’m finally done!!! 

  •  Annabeth is from Costa Rica, and calls everyone ‘mae’ and clicks her tongue when they say something stupid. 
  • Ticos curse like sailors, so she would slip into a string of profanities for something small like stubbing her toe or something hitting her. 
  • When Percy came back from Ogygia, she almost beat him up with her shoe and called him “un maldito hijueputa” over and over to the point that CHB still teases Percy about it. 
  • Annabeth, despite being Latina, is still white as hell, so her family calls her “papa sin sal” as a joke. 
  • Annabeth LOVES Juanes, but when Leo and Reyna find out, they ridicule her so much for it. 
  • Annabeth is Catholic like most Latinas, but doesn’t go to church regularly, and when she and Percy get married, she’s almost reluctant to go back to her childhood iglesia, but Percy insists that it would be perfect. 
  • Annabeth’s father marries a gringa, and she doesn’t approve of her and her dad’s constant cursing, so they only curse when they’re not around her. 
  • Leo and Reyna have trouble understanding Annabeth when she speaks Spanish because tico spanish has so much slang. 
  • Just Annabeth being Latina and Tica (but white af) like me!!!!!!

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But what if like exchanging different foods is how you get married on ALL desert planets in the Star Wars universe? Who does Anakin accidentally marry? Who does Shmi accidentally marry? Who does Luke accidentally marry?

Anakin and Padmé have literally been married since they were nine and fourteen; he’s VERY confused when she insists they have to get married AGAIN, but maybe that’s a Naboo thing?  


“I’m sorry, I thought–you’re not already married, are you?” Cliegg asks worriedly, and Shmi gets a brief, wistful look on her face, thinking of a long-ago dinner table and the long, long-gone man who’d eaten her food and taken her Ani to a better life, who’d left her an empty house and half a box of rations from some far-off planet she will never see. 

“No, he … he’s passed on, now,” she replies quietly. “And anyway, it wasn’t his people’s way.” 


“Um,” Luke says, turning bright red. Lando gives him a puzzled look in return, wagging the mug of space hot chocolate he’s holding out to him. 

“Yes or no, kid?” he asks, raising a pointed eyebrow. 

“Yes!” Luke blurts, then looks horrified at himself, grabs the hot chocolate, and leaves. He comes back twenty minutes later with a triumphant, glowing expression and a bottle of Lando’s favorite space wine, which–odd, kind of, but Lando is NOT complaining. 

I’m team I don’t care about anything aside from the fact that the character I’ve loved for 6 years and the couple I’ve been invested in for 5 years when I was told it was never going to happen. That it was a crackship and that her and Bagel were endgame, is now getting married.

I literally could care less how Emma looks(she looks beautiful in a princess dress), what the location is( I love the location, now I wonder what rooftop?), that it’s the musical episode(excellent, getting to here JMO and Colin hopefully sing together is everything), nothing at all.

All I care about is that their getting married after 5 years of waiting, this is all worth it.

One thing I noticed was Henry with the book. As we all know Killian and Emma are in the SB, so…if Henry reads off a bit of the CS movie I will be a wreck.

This is going to be an amazing, beautiful episode and to many that have been here since even before Hook was even introduced and we fell in love with Emma Swan. Well this is the victory.

 Who would have thought the lost girl Emma Swan in 6 years when she was wishing herself a happy birthday alone would now be getting married to her true love, being escorted down the aisle by her parents, and have her loving son watching on(hopefully he’s the best man).



Booth and Brennan, a great love story, THE great love story. I never knew where I stood on love. It seemed a foreign concept, and whilst it still does seem that way to me, I’ve found renewed faith in the idea of love as a whole. I owe that to Booth and Brennan and the love they have demonstrated over the past 12 years/seasons. I have never known, nor witnessed, a love so pure and magical. They experience the struggles of real life couples, they have realistic conflict, and they’ve been through more than any couple could ever imagine. But they’ve come out stronger on the other side. They ALWAYS come out stronger and that is owed to their individual traits but also to the love they share and the faith they have in each other.

Booth loves Brennan more than anything. His love for her far outweighs the negative feelings he has for anything else. It was because of Brennan that he decided to start recovering from gambling. It was because of Brennan that he picked himself up time and time again because he wanted to be a better person for her. The best thing about this is that Brennan never asked him to be a better person. She loved him just the way he was as well, and rather than making him feel small, she encouraged him to do better by reminding him of who he is. Booth does the same in return even before they were together romantically. And that’s because he knew right from the beginning and would do anything in his power to make sure she is safe and happy.

They have the fundaments of a healthy, loving relationship. They support, encourage, love, care, comfort, and help each other be better and do better. They are the definition of love. Their relationship was built on trust and faith in each other (absolutely not, ludicrous) and they developed a healthy friendship before they entered into a romantic relationship. They knew each other inside out. They could soothe each other with a simple touch. Ignite fireworks inside each other with a touch of a hand on an arm or leg.

Brennan never believed that love existed. She dreamed of getting married when she was a child and she even had a wedding dress picked out. But she didn’t believe that love would ever conquer her. As soon as Seeley Booth walked into that lecture hall, her life changed forever. Suddenly there was someone who cared about where she was and if she was safe, who wanted her to smile and laugh, who wanted to give her every good experience, who cared for her, who hugged her when she was sad, who came over with takeout at 12am when she couldn’t sleep. He wanted everything for her and he was determined to give it to her.

Of course, not all love stories can start off perfectly. They didn’t talk to each for a year and they butt heads more often than not but they had a spark that was undeniable. A spark that deserved to be explored. So explore they did. And what they found was something more than they ever knew was possible. They found a love that only some get to experience. They created a family on top of the family they’d already built with their squints.

Two lonely souls found each other and if Brennan believed in soulmates that’s what she’d call them. Two hearts. Two brains. Four arms. Four legs. One love.


iasip meme : 1/5 : recurring characters
   >   The Waitress

How do you still not know what my name is!