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my mom just lectured me about never settling with just any guy when i wanna get married and then she was like “you can’t just marry anyone just because. even if they’re attractive. you have to get to know them.” and then a few minutes later as a test she asked me “if daveed asked you to marry him what would you say?” and i said yes obviously and now she’s lecturing me again bc apparently i said the wrong answer. but honestly, WHAT DID SHE EXPECT ME TO SAY?

mary wollstonecraft is a very important lady and you should know some things about her:

  • she’s considered to be one of the founding feminist philosophers of the 18th century and wrote a vindication for the rights of woman which said that women, then thought to be naturally inferior, only seemed this way because of a lack of education
  • in her other works, she also attacks aristocracy, the patriarchy, slavery, and the church of england
  • while most feminists of the time agreed with a lot of what she wrote, they found her personal life too wild and liberal and “passionate”
  • she once tried to woo a married man/convince him to run away with her and he was all “but i’m married” so wollstonecraft asked his wife if she wanted to come along too and be in a polyamorous relationship (the wife said no)
  • she was passionately anti-marriage, but when she did get married it was to famous feminist anarchist william godwin (who was also anti-marriage), and they only married because she was pregnant and they wanted their child to have a better life/have the rights of a legitimate child
  • that child was mary shelley, author of frankenstein and inventor of science fiction

What’s wrong? What happened? Why are you all doing that? John? Did I do it wrong?
No, you didn’t.  C o m e  h e r e .

on the importance of Rowan Whitethorn GALATHYNIUS

Rowan taking Aelin’s last name in hugely important:

1) It demonstrates that Aelin trusts Rowan enough to take care of terrasen for her (the same can be said of her plan with Lysandra). Aelin is pretty sure she will die at the end of EoS and when they get married, so him taking her last name signifies that she has someone to rule in her stead as a *true* galathynius. And its someone she has approved of! Aelin is a pretty huge control freak who likes to have all her plans laid out ahead of time. Rowan taking her last name is a calculated part of her plan to save Terrasen in case she doesnt live. 

2) Maas making this choice is such a slap in the face to the patriarchy. Historically, in patriarchal societies, most of the time female heirs are married off to another kingdom and give up their right to rule or claim to the throne. This happens regardless of if she is the first born or only viable heir. A distant male cousin or separate branch of the house carries the name forward and gets to be king. (google the war of the roses). One of the only european female monarchs to evade this is Elizabeth the first, and she only accomplishes it by refusing to marry or even have sex.

3) Its a big fuck you to the lords of Terrasen who don’t accept her as queen. By marrying, Aelin legitimizes her claim to the throne even more because it means she is likelier to have children who will carry on the line. And these children will definitely carry the Galathynius name, because it’s Rowan’s name as well. I think Rowan would let their kids be galathyniuses regardless of is he took the name, but given how big of jerks a lot of the Terrasen lords are, I doubt they would accept Aelin’s children if they weren’t fathered by a Galathynius man. Rowan is now a galathynius man capable of fathering legitimate heirs to the throne. Aelin and rowan clearly dont have a patriarchal view of the line of succession, but the Terrasen lords might! Rowan being a galathynius means all of the arguments they have against a female ruler can be shut down. Which leads me to number 4…

4) A huge fear among rulers is that if they don’t have a male heir, then the line dies.A female heir cant carry the last name forward, as she will have to take her husbands name when she marries. This is bullshit, obviously, but it’s bullshit that is perpetuated even in today’s society. Aelin isn’t taking Rowan’s last name, so she is carrying the Galathynius line forward. 

5) In patriarchal western societies, when women married and took their husband’s last name, they became an official member of the husband’s family and his property. I’m not saying that Rowan has now become Aelin’s property, but he has become a member of her family. Aelin has NO Galathynius family left. She has cousins like Aedion, but no one else has the Galathynius name. She isn’t alone anymore. 

Rowan taking Aelin’s last name demonstrates that the House Galathynius is not patrilineal and THAT IS SO IMPORTANT!!!!! It means their children will indisputably have the last name Galathynius!! It means that the line doesn’t die with Aelin which must be pretty fucking important to a girl whose entire family was murdered!!! 


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My favorite thing about that terrible quote about "rural white people have no culture" is it literally says white Americans don't have special wedding dresses when like... we have a style and color of wedding dress that is so culturally mandatory that they all look roughly the same and virtually every women has to wear it when she gets married and it's treated as so sacred that mothers sometimes pass it down to their daughters and you can never ever wear that dress except on your wedding day.

yeahh like the fact that the author of that quote is a white man who says he was born in a rural ohio town makes it really transparent that he was speaking from a “fish dont know water” angle

Living with John and Sherlock would involve...

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  • You and John frequently being locked out the flat while Sherlock’s in his mind palace
  • He once locked you both out in the rain for three hours (you ended up climbing in the window)
  • Mrs Hudson adoring you, and enjoying having some female company for once (*cough* testosterone *cough*)
  • Being 221% done with Sherlock’s experiments, but not even questioning them anymore
  • “You’ll have to wait for that cup of tea, there’s a woman’s eyeball in the kettle.” *sigh* “Of course there is, Sherlock.”
  • Staying up watch crappy TV with John
  • “So when are you two going to kiss?” “I’M NOT GAY!” “That’s what they all say.”
  • Making bets with Mrs Hudson on when the boys will get married (she thinks two years, you think two months)
  • Stealing John’s jumpers because they’re so comfy and they’re too small for him now that he’s putting on weight, which he’s still in denial about
  • Sherlock giving you his scarf when you’re going out to the shops in the cold because someone still hasn’t bought the fucking milk
  • You, Mary and Mrs Hudson being best friends, and the boys being slightly scared of the power of you three (they should be)
  • John being really nice and understanding when it’s your time of the month, Sherlock hiding in his room for a week because “she tried to kill me, John!”

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Listen if you broke up with a girl and you spent years without talking to her ,but then you wanna hit her up when you heard she’s getting married, you’re a piece of shit for that, dont even call her up to say congratulations just fade into the abyss

Latina!Annabeth Headcanons

I’ve been working on these since I sent the ask to @demidorks (i hope u like!!) and I’m finally done!!! 

  •  Annabeth is from Costa Rica, and calls everyone ‘mae’ and clicks her tongue when they say something stupid. 
  • Ticos curse like sailors, so she would slip into a string of profanities for something small like stubbing her toe or something hitting her. 
  • When Percy came back from Ogygia, she almost beat him up with her shoe and called him “un maldito hijueputa” over and over to the point that CHB still teases Percy about it. 
  • Annabeth, despite being Latina, is still white as hell, so her family calls her “papa sin sal” as a joke. 
  • Annabeth LOVES Juanes, but when Leo and Reyna find out, they ridicule her so much for it. 
  • Annabeth is Catholic like most Latinas, but doesn’t go to church regularly, and when she and Percy get married, she’s almost reluctant to go back to her childhood iglesia, but Percy insists that it would be perfect. 
  • Annabeth’s father marries a gringa, and she doesn’t approve of her and her dad’s constant cursing, so they only curse when they’re not around her. 
  • Leo and Reyna have trouble understanding Annabeth when she speaks Spanish because tico spanish has so much slang. 
  • Just Annabeth being Latina and Tica (but white af) like me!!!!!!

blue night radio ♡ 170207
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■ listener
: have you ever thought about what it would be like to become an uncle?
■ jonghyun: i have an older sister but, what’s funny, is i have imagined what it would be like to be a dad, be someone’s dad or be the head of a household but i have never thought about what it would be like to be an uncle to someone. this is how much humans only think about themselves. (laughs) i really love my family though. i have imagined what it would be like if my older sister got married. i have thought about what i could help (with) or do when she gets married, but i have not thought about becoming an uncle yet. i will think about it when i get off work tonight. (laughs) i should try asking my sister. she will probably hit my back saying it’s gross that she’ll get married and i’ll become an uncle. (laughs) but there’s a possibly that it will happen one day. (laughs)

Wedding Bells l Shawn Mendes Imagine

a/n: this idea really came out of the blue, so i hope you like it <3.

based on the song “Wedding Bells” by the Jonas Brothers.

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He wanted to die when she first told him she was getting married.

They had broken up a long time ago, three years to be exact, and they had been together for the exact amount of time until everything felt so repetitive; he didn’t feel the need to take three flights just to see her, and she didn’t see the point on staying up for hours just to hear his voice and see his face through the laptop screen.

They both convinced themselves that it was for the best. He reassured himself that she deserved better, while she convinced herself that she wasn’t enough for someone like Shawn.

She got her college degree, and he buried himself in work. He didn’t hear from her in almost two years, when she reached out to him to tell him that she wanted to talk to him. 

A small part of him wanted to hear that she couldn’t live without him, that she just couldn’t get over him because he was the love of her life, and Shawn prepared himself to tell her that he felt the same way, that he was done trying to get over her because it was impossible.

Damn, was he wrong…

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  • Raven: Hello Brother. *Raven greeted Qrow as she removed her mask and sat next to him, waving the bartender over.*
  • Qrow: Hey Raven. *He replied finishing his glass just in time for for the bartender to refill his drink as they finished pouring his sister's.*
  • Raven: *The two sat for a moment in silence, taking sips of their drinks before Rave broke the silence.* So. What is it you wanted to talk about? *She asked only for Qrow to slide her an envelops.* What're theses?
  • Qrow: An invitation.
  • Raven: An Invitation? *she raised an eyebrow.* To what?
  • Qrow: Your daughter's wedding. *He told her while sipping his drink and glancing at her from the corner of his eye to find an actual look of surprise on her face.*
  • Raven: Her wedding? Yang is... getting married? *She said with disbelief.* Since when?
  • Qrow: Since she proposed to her girlfriend a few mouths back. I can honestly say I haven't seen her this happy since Summer as around. Not that you care.
  • Raven: Yang is getting married... To her girlfriend? *Raven mumble, ignoring her brother last words then opened the envelop, pulling the card showing her daughter's arms wrapped around the waist of a raven haired woman with cat ears. Both of women smiling, the kind of smile of pure happiest, a smile Raven hasn't since on her daughter's face since she was born.* ... Is this a joke?
  • Qrow: What? Have something against Yang marrying a woman? *Qrow glared at his sister.*
  • Raven: What? No. I actually know Blake and her parents. Good woman, can take a punch. *Raven said as she handed her brother the card.* This in the card.
  • Qrow: *Qrow took the card and read it aloud.* "Come join the bumbleby partner, the future Yang Belladonna and Blake Xiao-Long, for out purrfect day before we hive our sweet honeymoon and our happily ever after furever." ... Sigh, Goddamnit Yang. *Qrow smiled shaking his head.*
  • Raven: I blame Tai... *Raven said finishing her drink and staring at the empty glass.* Why is she inviting me?... I haven't talked to Yang since dealing with Adam Taurus.
  • Qrow: Funny you such mention that. Yang wasn't the one who asked me to give you that.
  • Raven: Really? Then w-*She question until the someone entering the bar interrupted her.*
  • Tai: That was me. *Taiyang saying as both Qrow and Raven turned towards him, Qrow giving a wave as Raven stares with a surprised look.* Hey Raven... Qrow can give us a minute.
  • Qrow: Sure Tai. *Qrow nodded as he drank the last of his drink and quickly snatch Raven's sword from her.* Take as much time as you need.
  • Raven: Qrow! *Raven growled, watching him walk out of the bar leaving her and Tai alone as she pinches the bridge of her nose.* ... Sigh. So, you wanted to talk. Let's talk.
  • Tai: Yes. About our daughter. And how YOU are going to be there for her wedding.
  • Raven: And If I refuse?
  • Tai: Remember our first date?
  • Raven: *Raven couldn't help but smirked.* Hmm, How could I forget.
  • Tai: Well it will be like that. *Tai smirked back as her walked up to Raven blocking her against the bar with his arms as his smirk disappears.* Except it won't end the same way.
  • Raven: *At this Raven's smirk only grew at her ex's words as she waves at the bartender.* Take the rest of the night Leo and put the damages on Qrow's tab... And bring us a bottle of the good stuff.
  • ~~~
  • Ruby: Yang, why did you make me try on those stupid heels if we aren't going to be wearing for you big day? *Ruby whined as she and Yang returned home from their search for dresses.*
  • Yang: *Yang only laughed as she began to fish for her keys.* Hehehe, I did it only because you looked sooo cute. *She then found her keys, unlocked the door, and opening it as they enter.* Anyway, I want to spend time with my... baby... sis... *Yang began with a smile before trailing off dropping everything.*
  • Ruby: Yang? What is i-Oh my god. *Ruby gasp at the site before them.*
  • Tai: Hey girls. How was the dress hunting? *Tai smiled, holding an ice pack against his head with a bloody tissue up his nose.* Oh we also have a guest with us.
  • Raven: Wassup. *Raven said, sipping some coffee with a black eye and a band-aid on her forehead.*

That’s strange. This book said that when a woman winks at a man the man will have a crazy nosebleed!