when she gave me her unsolicited opinion that it was bad


okay so what i’m about to say is probably going to piss everyone off and i’m totally prepared to receive any hate messages people feel like sending. i’ll probably deserve them. this is building upside inside and i have to let it out before i explode and i came back to this account because i have no other real outlet.

so full disclaimer i’ve been a huge Ben Affleck fan for years and I think because of that, well actually no I’m quite certain that because of that, I’m not looking at this scenario with full objectivity, but I just feel people on social media have been acting completely ridiculously about this scenario (but before you lose it, NOT in regards to the Hilarie Burton thing, which the reactions are legit and which I’ll address later)

Okay so for starters: I hate twitter culture. Whenever anything happens people are always like “WHY hasn’t so-and-so tweeted anything about this yet?” and I find that SO stupid. Like why do you expect every celebrity to be at their computer or their phone 24/7 and why do you demand they post their opinion/praise/condemnation immediately? Like to me that just reeks of entitlement and narcissism. You are not entitled to a celebrity’s time or words.

so on that note, the Weinstein thing comes up and immediately people are demanding Ben (and many others) make statements which I already think is gross and then when he finally does release a full condemnation everybody rails against him anyway. Like, I hate all this “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” stuff. You can’t just leave people with no winning options.

and the claims are like “well he knew the whole time.”  but like I don’t see any receipts for this. he knew the man, his bff is matt damon and he dated gwyneth paltrow but like none of that truly PROVES that he knew anything. Once again we have this “trial by twitter” thing going which I just find so repulsive. It’s Nancy Grace-ish.

now if there really are receipts for this i still think it was unfair how all of a sudden people were acting like weinstein’s crimes were entirely ben’s fault. If he knew could he have stopped him? Maybe. Maybe not. Like, it was not ben affleck’s or matt damon’s or gwyneth paltrow’s or hillary clinton’s responsibility to take out harvey weinstein. it was not their fault he did these things and it’s so unfair they should share the blame. And like somehow ALL the attention got focused onto ben instead of the actual mass rapist that started the discussion, which I think was just atrocious.

and weinstein was the guy who made him famous by getting good will hunting on to the screen, so I don’t know, I think it’d be pretty scary to publicly turn around and bite the hand that fed you even after all these years later. Cowardly? Maybe. Human? For sure. 

And then people bring up casey, and like, i don’t think it’s fair to blame him for that either. it’s different when it’s family. he could very well believe casey is innocent, as families typically do when a loved one is accused. like my brother once got in trouble for something very inappropriate he said online and it was terrible of him to do and he deserved the consequences he got but like i still felt bad for him, cuz he’s my brother. it’s not just super easy to turn around and throw a beloved sibling under the bus. I dunno, maybe that’s just me being a shitty person again.

But then we get to the Hilarie Burton event and I can not and will not and do not want to defend that. Some ben fans go as far as to claim the video doesn’t show anything but I think between her reaction, his reaction and the way her shirt kinda flicks shows that AT BEST, he poked her boob, which is still unsolicited and unwanted touching of a sexual nature. That is awful and he should never have done that and he should be ashamed.

that said people bring this up to him repeatedly, and so he gives out an apology which subsequently gets people railing on him AGAIN when that was exactly what they were demanding he do. like what exactly do you people want from him??? a longer apology? why, you would be hurling criticisms at him regardless of what he said anyway. you wanted him to @ her? I dunno I don’t feel like she would want to be scrolling through twitter and then suddenly @-ed by the man who groped her. plus I don’t think she would accept any apology he gave anyway, which of course i would never blame her for. 

(also for what it’s worth the reporter in that other video people are spreading around where she’s sitting on his lap has come out to say that it was completely consensual and he was not inappropriate with her at all, which I think needs to be signal boosted. with THAT said he also says many admittedly problematic things throughout that video)

like I just find it so revolting how people on social media, twitter in particular, act like savage accusatory bloodthirsty hounds towards others on social media and refuse to be satisfied by ANY action this person takes to try and make amends. You can’t just leave people in no win scenarios. It’s all just. so. ugly.

And these videos and accusation are quite old - which is not not not an excuse and he should be held accountable for sure - but I can’t help feel bad because I just don’t think 2017 Ben Affleck is like this at all. He hasn’t been jocular and cocky and boorish like that for years, I don’t think. Plus he’s struggling with alcoholism. And he does good things in this world, like his work in the Eastern Congo. So i find it kinda sad that his career is definitely going to be ruined now (I highly doubt he’ll ever be allowed to be Batman again for starters) when I thought he was working his way up to becoming a real good person. That’s probably just me being a stupid fanboy, I guess.

I hope nothing i’ve said has hurt anybody out there who is a victim of assault. If I have you can explain it to me if you feel comfortable, or you can angrily call me a terrible person, I feel like I deserve that too.

If anybody wants to have a civil conversation about this, even if just to explain how I’m totally wrong, I am completely open to that. Or if you want to hit me with the full outrage I am ready and willing to accept that too, no complaints. I expect a lot of ‘yikes’ reactions. Sometimes I feel like I’m “woke” but other times I feel like just a clueless idiot. so yeah. fire away.

One of those days

Welp, I did a coffee shop AU. Inspired by this song and this post.

Aching, caught in a hurricane
It’s taking every muscle to move again
Sleepless nights, lazy Sundays
Heavy eyes, it’s a case of the Mondays

There’s no denying that Clarke Griffin is having a horrible day. It’s Monday, no one’s favourite day in the first place, but this one has been so much worse than even the worst kind of Monday. It’s not enough that she had another lecture from her Mom yesterday about choosing a “more challenging” field to specialize in after her surgical inernship ends, and that Finn came by again last night to convince her to forgive him and kept her up late even though her shift today started early. No, on top of already being annoyed and tired when she came in this morning, she lost a patient. Having someone die on the table is not a rare occurrence in trauma surgery, and while she usually has her means of dealing with it, today’s patient was a young girl, no older than fourteen, who came in with severe internal injuries from a car crash. Clarke and her team operated on her for hours, but in the end, the girl didn’t make it.

And now that she’s finally done with her shift and longing to just fall into bed and sleep through the rest of this pathetic day, she missed the bus from the hospital to the train station and has to make the fifteen-minute-trip on foot. In the rain, because of course it is raining, no, pouring, on a day like this, and of course she forgot her umbrella in the locker room. She’s not even halfway to the station  and she’s already drenched to the bone. And there is not one opportunity for shelter in sight – the area is predominantly residential, and the few cafés and small shops have already closed for the day.

A light from the coffee shop across the street gives her momentary hope, but when she’s finally made it there, dodging cars on their way home and getting even more soaked when they splash through the puddles, she finds that the place is closed too, chairs put up on the tables and the counter and coffeemaker gleaming freshly cleaned. She still rattles the door handle, desperate for shelter – maybe there’s someone still in there who will take pity on her and let her stand in a warm, dry place for at least a few minutes. But the doors are firmly locked, and at that moment, the light inside is turned off too.

Frustrated, Clarke blindly kicks out at the metal trashcan standing by the door. The resulting dull clanging sound is oddly satisfying, as is the shock the impact sends up her leg, so she repeats the motion as all the stress and anger and annoyance of the last twenty-four hours finally bubble over: Her Mom’s worried expression, like she’s throwing away her life by choosing to stay a lowly trauma surgeon instead of going into cardiothoracic surgery or something equally prestigious. Finn’s endlessly repeated emtpy apologies and even emptier promises. And again and again the face of the girl who died under her hands today.

She absolutely does not want to think about any of this anymore, so she keeps on attacking the poor innocent trashcan, too tired and upset to care how deranged she must look. But just as she has figured out how to best hit the can so as to maximize the satisfying clanging noise without really hurting her foot, the door to the coffee shop bangs open and a tall, dark-haired man storms out with an expression on his face that screams bloody murder.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing? Stop kicking my trashcan!”

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bri617aroundtheworld  asked:

How about: Olicity meet at a speed dating event that neither wants to be at but where forced to go to by friends/family. Either S5 or alternate first meeting? :-)


Alternate first meeting, obviously.

First, sorry about the delay.  I had @ohmyemilybett (the patron saint of betas) read it, and we’re in vastly different time zones.  Which means when I got the response at 3AM, I was already asleep.  My bad.

If Pokemon!Olicity was fluff, this is like cotton candy sprinkled with sugar that you eat while lounging on a huge, fluffy pillow.  It’s also super long.  Read at your own risk.

The opportunity arose to do something I’ve wanted to write for ages.  @ohmyemilybett​ gave me the idea first, but her variant is nine million times better than this.  At the moment, all you have is me.  In case this isn’t your jam, though, this is the one universe you’ll ever find it in.

Also, I have literally no clue about speed dating.  I live in the middle of Banjo Music, USA and occasionally I’ll see something on a TV show and be like, “Oh, yeah, that’s a thing.”  So if I’m off the mark, whoops.

When I moved this into Drive, it was nine pages long.  So the cut is going to come pretty early because who wants to scroll through nine pages of fic on their dash.

Tagging the Masque Fic Squad at the end.  If you want in or out, let me know.

“Hi, I’m Oliver.”

“I know who you are.  Your face has been on tabloids for ages–I haven’t been living under a rock.  No offense, but this isn’t your scene, is it?”

“I had no choice in the matter.”

“Hey, me, too.  Oh, yeah–I’m Felicity.”

“Nice to meet you, Felicity.”

“Oh, a handshake.  That’s… different.”

“Apparently I’m out of practice.”

“No, I like it.  It establishes us as equals.  It’s definitely the nicest greeting I’ve gotten tonight.  One guy tried to hug me.  I mean, I’m a hugger, but I like to actually know someone for more than thirty seconds first.”

“…Have a seat.”

“Wow, pulling the chair out for me?  That’s a nice touch.  They say chivalry is dead.”

“Despite common belief, my mother did raise me to have proper etiquette.”


“Everyone has five minutes!  …Begin!”

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The Accidental Hacker | Chapter Two | PG

Previous Chapters: Chapter One |

Synopsis: When Harri is asked to remotely install webcam software on her mother’s computer, she accidentally logs onto the wrong computer and ends up chatting with the stranger. She doesn’t know it yet, but the computer belongs to none other than Tom Hiddleston.

When will she figure out that he isn’t just a random stranger but one of her celebrity crushes, and the star of a few her racier day dreams.

Written in the first person.

Tagged: (Having problems tagging. If your make is here but you ’ notified, let me know. Not sure I can rectify it next time, but I’ll try). helllllooooothereeeee, damageditem,

AN: Thanks to everyone for your words of support :)

Chapter Two

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