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BUFFYVERSE + Aesthetic: Dawn Summers (requested by evereffulgent)

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In regards to the Leoghaire situation, do you think Jamie’s little line about “coming to a woman’s bed like a brute in need” is a reference to how his marriage to L. played out? I felt it was a little bit of foreshadowing of what that relationship looked like and why he had to leave. I feel that he was preparing himself to tell Claire about it, but the moment came and went. I don’t know why but I’m so nervous about it...

Yeah, the only person that line can be referencing is Laoghaire… Mary came to him and offered him comfort, and Geneva blackmailed him. So Laoghaire’s all that’s left. And yeah, Jamie was probably going to tell Claire, but she stopped him and said they don’t need to rush things.

I read that line as how Jamie sees himself in his marriage to Laoghaire. Like he doesn’t love her, but he does sleep with her. And I’m guessing when he did, he felt like a brute because he knew was using her to fill a need for human contact rather than love. And because, unlike Mary, Laoghaire was expecting him to be her husband rather than just a generic source of comfort, I can see how Jamie would consider that to be brutish behavior.

I have no idea how they’re going to play that relationship, though, given the changes the show has made to both Laoghaire as a character and to what Jamie knows about her going into it.

As is mentioned by folks in this thread, show!Laoghaire owns her sexuality more than book!Laoghaire. So maybe they’ll play it like she finally has Jamie and gets to sleep with him but it’s abundantly clear that he’s not sleeping with her because he wants to sleep with *her* and that he still hasn’t fully forgiven her for what she did to Claire? So like she has to face the reality that she got what she wanted but it’s not what she wanted at all, and it makes her like resent him (and the memory of Claire even more than she already does) so they split up?

And when Claire shows back up she can like unleash all of that festering resentment and spark their fight? (And basically do the same when Bree shows up next season?)

In the book it says she was afraid of Jamie and that she had been in an abusive marriage before she married him. And I’m all for changing her from a victim of abuse who seems to have some PTSD from her previous relationship to someone getting a rather fitting end to the bullshit games she’s played.

Suck it, Laoghaire. You lose.

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Every Possible Past like killed me, thanks, why did u have to hurt us so

(Every Possible Past)

hey wanna know a fun fact that makes it worse

“every possible” past. that means, after the decision to save sadie, lars would’ve faced countless other possible decisions that would have split his path into a bunch of possible directions. (even just, telling sadie that joke or not)

so what does Pad do when she reaches a split in her vision? she just chooses a direction. arbitrarily. she cant know what lars would have done in that situation.

she’s created a “would have” life that she thinks would make lars the happiest.

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hc's for the paladins meeting their s/o's family and finding out they have 10 older siblings

A/N: I am the oldest of four. Four is chaotic enough. If my mother had any more, I think I would go insane, so I cannot imagine how it would feel to have TEN SIBLINGS, AND ALL OF THEM OLDER. 

On another note, this is probably the longest head canon I’ve ever wrote. 


  • he is able to recognize the signs of a large family, so he kinda had a feeling about it
  • but TEN SIBLINGS?!
  • WHAT?!
  • he didn’t expect his s/o to have that many
  • he found out when he went to pick his s/o up for a date from their dorm room at the garrison
  • he saw a picture of a group of people handing above their desk
  • when he asked about the picture and who the people in the picture were, his s/o answered cheerily, “Oh! Those are my brothers and/or sisters!”
  • he was low-key terrified 
    • “Your brothers are… muscly…” 
  • when he looks closer, he sees that everybody is basically a carbon copy
    • “Yes, Lance, we all have the same face.” 


  •  he finds out when his s/o invites him over to dinner to meet their family
    • “You can meet my siblings! They’ve been dying to meet you since we started dating!”
    • “How many do you have?”
    • “I have 10.” 
    • Time stops
    • he almost passes out
  • s/o has to reassure him that they’ll all love him
  • s/o tells siblings to back off of him and give him space because he’s not used to being around so many people and he might be overwhelmed 
  • when he meets them, he is surprisingly calm


  •  he’ll be waiting for s/o to finish getting ready for a date when he looks over and sees a picture of 11 people who all look exactly alike
  • starts to freak out a little
    • he hopes that they’re just cousins
  • “Hey, [s/o’s name]? Who are the people in that picture?”
  • “Oh, those are my older siblings!”
  • his s/o will start telling him about growing up with that many people and he starts to get excited
    • there were a lot of adventures
    • and these people like to party
  • but he knows they won’t hesitate to kill him if he hurts his s/o in any way
    • not like he was planning on it
  • always wants to visit s/o’s family on holidays
  • “Are you mormon?”


  •  Pidge likes people, but she hates large groups of people in a small space
  • she gets stressed out by crowds
  • her s/o knows this so lets their family know to keep some distance and approach her one or two at a time
  • “Come on, Pidge, it’s not that bad! They’ll love you!”
  • When she finds out, she does consider, for a split second, breaking up with her s/o
  • but then those doubts start to melt away when her s/o starts telling her about all the adventures they had as a kid


  •  he probably found out on their first date
  • standard get-to-know-you questions were asked
  • he was taking a drink when he first found out
    • “How many siblings do you have?” he asked and took a sip of his drink
    • “I have 10 older siblings.” 
    • Shiro starts choking
  • tries to play it cool, like it’s no big deal
  • but deep down he knows that he needs to be absolutely sure he likes this person before the relationship continues
  • “That must have been a lot of fun,” he said as he tried to clear his throat. 
  • “It was!” 
  • After a few more dates, he starts to get used to the idea 


  •  having a lot of children was uncommon on Altea
  • anymore than two was very uncommon
  • when she found out, she was fascinated
    • “How is it possible? Doesn’t it put a lot of strain on the mother?
    • “Yeah, but my mom finds childbirth rewarding. She’s weird.” 
  • She begins to ask Coran if Alteans can have that many kids
  • she hopes she can meet her s/o’s family someday

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HI! I checked Cheriam account today and find article about Cheryls music plans. So she will be working on her new album in US. Well, I hope we are at the beginning of the end. I need this all end already. So tired to see Liam unhappy.

Hey Nonnie!

You are correct; yesterday all three mouthpieces reported that Chernobyl’s pap walk at the US Embassy was indicative of her intentions to move to the US and record her next album. I’m hesitant to put any real stock in these rumors (she was working on music last spring judging by her IG so she’s not just starting now, and she’s unknown in the US so there’s no point in travelling there when she could easily record in studios in the UK), but I think it is a good thing that her career is starting back up again. When she can speak for herself and make her own headlines, she won’t need Liam any more.

I also don’t ever advise that people give the mouthpieces traffic, but if you do check out all three articles, none of them mention her travelling to be with Liam in LA, or even travelling with him at all. The closest they get is mentioning that they may see each other more often (like bumping into each other I guess?) because Liam is often in the US. It really sounds like their schedules were not made with consideration to each other like you’d expect in a healthy, loving relationship. They are painting her as an individual that is completely seperate from her relationship, which I find very interesting considering the fact that Liam’s whole career revolves around their relationship. I’m assuming that her career starting back up will lead them to realize that their relationship only works if one of them is out of commission. They could claim that Liam was fine to keep Chernobyl company when she was immobile and bored, but now that she’s back on her feet and in contact with her famous pals, she realizes that he’s immature and they are too different to make things work.

If things continue like they have been, I really don’t see this lasting for much longer. The novelty of their relationship and the baby is long gone, and she won’t get anything out of him continuing to sing her praises. People are bored of them, and posting about each other on social media won’t make people look her up or buy her album. If she wants attention, she’s gonna have to go out and get it herself, and she doesn’t need Liam for that. In fact, she’ll get far more attention if she dumps him out of the blue and pretends to be better than him. As we’ve seen by her selective appearances and support, she’s only here to get promo by association. I don’t see her sharing the spotlight when she does choose to fully reveal herself, so I expect them to split before she makes her real comeback. Of course, things can change at a moment’s notice, but right now I think things are wrapping up. I’m hoping that happy relaxed Liam will make a reappearance very soon and exhausted Liam will be old news🤞

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for the prompt , Emma is a constructor worker who regina passes by everyday on her way home , emma has a huge crush on her but wouldn't ask her out , regina will be the one to take the first step . thx

Thanks for the prompt!

The sound of jackhammering rattles Regina’s skull as she picks her way down the street. She’s growing nearer to her favorite part of her daily walk home from work, the construction site. While normally it would fill her with dread and trepidation to pass a site full of potential catcallers and harassers, this was different. She was there.

The woman had captured Regina’s attention weeks ago. She’d been passing by the newly opened construction site, picking up the pace a little bit when some of the men turned to look at her, and that was when she saw her. Golden hair peeking out from under her hard hat, strong muscles bunching and flexing under her pale skin, and pink downturned lips all drew Regina’s eye. But what really sucked her in was the way the young woman had looked up at her and smiled so brightly and purely. It had been a long time since anyone had smiled at Regina so genuinely, so free of ulterior motive. And from that moment a routine was born. Regina would walk by, slowing down to ensure she gave the woman plenty of time to look up, and when the blonde finally saw her she would smile beatifically, and give an awkward little wave. Regina would give her own coy smile, and wiggle her fingers in return.

But today was going to be different. Regina had made up her mind, and now there was no going back. So as she approaches the work site she firms her resolve and goes forward with her plan. It isn’t long before the young woman is looking up in her direction, and when she does her daily smile splits her face and her shy little wave is sent on its way to Regina. But this time instead of continuing on her way home, Regina stops on the sidewalk. She looks at the other woman with her own grin, and rather then returning the wave she makes a beckoning motion.

The woman’s eyes spread wide and she seems frozen for a moment. Regina can practically see her gulp from across the site. The blonde sets down the shovel in her hands, says something quick to the man beside her, and starts making her way across the dirty patch of concrete and churned up cement. She approaches the barrier where Regina is waiting and comes to a clumsy stop just in front of it, almost tripping and falling forward.

“Hi,” the blonde breathes out, and Regina can’t take her eyes off the little smudge of dirt on the woman’s nose or her captivating green eyes.

“Hello,” Regina responds.

“Did you um, did you want something?” The woman asks, locking gazes with Regina and squeaking a little in her awkward speech.

“Yes. First of all, I would like your name.” Regina replies, getting straight to business.

“My name? Uh, it’s Emma. Why do you want to know my name?” Emma stutters a little, unable to remove her own eyes from the coffee brown ones before her that are lit up with Regina’s smile.

“Well, Emma, because I make it a point to know a woman’s name before I take her on a date.” Regina smirks, waiting for the reaction when her words settle over the blonde.

“A date?” Emma sounds so confused Regina almost laughs.

“Yes, dear. I would love to take you out.” Regina fishes a small piece of folded up paper from her pocket, lifts Emma’s hand and presses it into her palm. “Call me when you get off work.”

Emma stares at the paper in her hand for a moment, then looks up to see that Regina has started walking away. She swallows thickly when she sees the sway to the woman’s hips. After a moment of ogling, something clicks in her brain.

“Hey wait!” She calls out. The woman turns around and looks at Emma expectantly.

“What about your name?” Emma asks.

“Call me and find out.” Regina smirks devilishly and adds a wink for good measure, then turns on her heel and walks away once more, feeling Emma’s eyes burning into her all the way.

Enchanted Chapter 3

Hey guys! I know you all probably are looking at me sideways for making you wait this long but I hope this update changes your mind. Here’s the long-awaited chapter and just so you all are aware, I Never intended to make you guys wait that long! Hope you like it! Again, likes, comments, and reblogs are always welcome and appreciated! 

The sun kissed Ahsha’s mocha brown skin as she lay awake in her California king. After last night’s events, the only thing she had a desire for was sleep. Between the wedding planning, German’s unexpected appearance at the engagement party last night and all the media attention her and Derek were receiving, she felt physically and emotionally drained. She needed an escape. Not noticing Derek’s absence in their bed, she reached over the nightstand for her cellular device. She dialed the familiar digits waiting for a response.



“Who’s this?”

“You play too much you know who this is” Ahsha argues.

“Ummmm, I’m sorry I don’t” The blonde says.

“Kyle you can stop now”

“Stop what? I really don’t know who this is”

“Your best-friend Ahsha!” She screams annoyingly.

“Oh! Carebear! I’m so sorry, I still have your old number plugged in my phone. This must be your new one, I’ll save it” Kyle apologizes.

“New one, wait what are you talking about Ky?” Ahsha quizzes.

“New number, I mean it makes sense considering the travesty that happened last night with that loser of an ex-boyfriend you have”

“New number? Kyle I didn’t…” She pauses, putting it all together. He didn’t. I know he didn’t.

“You didn’t know what Ahsha?” Kyle asks.

“Kyle I have to call you back” Ahsha tells her friend, not giving her a chance to respond, hanging up the phone. She hops off the bed, pulling on her robe, heading downstairs. Before she can get there, she’s caught off guard opening her bed-room door to find a tall, muscle-built black man bombarding her exit.

“Oh! Mrs. Roman, I…I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to bump into you”

“Actually you can just call me Ahsha. Who are you again?” Trying to cover herself back up.

“Devin, your new bodyguard” Ahsha looks up at him, head to toe. The man had a body built like a model, the ones you see on TV and magazines. His skin complexion was perfect like a piece of milk chocolate and he stood as tall as the statue of liberty. Beautiful dark brown eyes, subtle, but sensitive. He may have not been Derek Roman but he was pretty close to it. She bit her bottom lip nervously. She couldn’t help but stare, the man was fine. She can look but she knows to never touch.

“Ahsha? You alright?” He speaks pulling her out of her fantasy.

“Huh? Oh yeah Devin, I’m fine sorry. I was just… don’t worry it’s not important. Devin you said your my new bodyguard?”

“Yes I am, but just for you”

“Oh really now? Tell me who hired you?”

She asks him.

“Derek Roman, that’s your fiancé isn’t it?” She folds her arms, rolling her eyes, giving him a fake smile.

“Yes, my fiancé” He’s dead. Wait until I talk to him.

“Well he’s a lucky man” Devin smiles sincerely.

“Thank you. Where is he anyway?”

“Downstairs making a few calls, would you like me to get him for you?” Ahsha stops him mid-sentence, placing a hand on his arm.

“No, no, that’s okay. I’ll go find him myself. Thank you for your service, Devin and welcome into our home. We’re happy to have you”

“It was my pleasure Mrs. Ro- I mean Ahsha”

He chuckles nervously, still amazed by her beauty as she walks past him down the stairs to confront her man. As she nears the end, she looks around at the circus inside of her home. About eight men or more were in the living room in suits, surrounding Derek while he spoke. Still in a state of confusion, she started walking around, and noticed there were security cameras installed in every corner. She opened the front door slightly and was blocked by the two men in black suits watching the door. She quickly closed it shut, balling up her fists, glaring at Derek. Derek looks up from the men recognizing her look and turns away, continuing to talk to the men.

“I want you watching this house as if your life depends on it. Every nick and cranny, every corner, the backyard, everything. Your job is to never, ever take your eyes off this house. If there’s anything out of order, I better know the second you think it is, got it?”

All the men nod in agreement and Ahsha walks over breaking up the huddle.

“Excuse me gentlemen, but I need to have a word with Derek” The men look to Derek for an answer, he nods and dismisses them from the room.

“You guys can go now, I will touch bases with everyone later” Derek speaks, placing an arm around Ahsha’s waist. She waits for them to leave before she speaks again.

“Have you lost your damn mind?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Hiring a man to be my own bodyguard? All these security cameras everywhere? Bouncers all over the place? What’s up with that?” She speaks in quotations.

“I don’t know why you’re so upset, I’m doing this to protect you”

“Protect me? Protect me from what Derek? I’m fine, were fine, there’s no threat here” He furrows his brows

“After what happened last night, I’d disagree with that. There is a threat and now I’m taking care of it”

“Threat? German? You can’t be serious. That was just a mishap and it was nothing” Ahsha rolls her eyes.

“Mishap? He ruined our engagement party, disrespected our family and friends and then calls himself professing his undying love for you” Derek voices sarcastically. Ahsha puts her hands over her nose, rubbing it trying to contain her anger.

“Look Derek, I understand that you’re still upset about last night and you have every right to be but that’s no reason for you to react like this. Making all these changes in our home without consulting me? You knew I wasn’t going to be okay with any of this and yet you still did it. That’s not okay”

“Look Ahsha, I’m sorry that I didn’t talk to you first but this is the only way I know I can protect you”

“So this is your way of protecting me? By going off and doing things behind my back? You didn’t even talk to me about this and you think…” She pauses.

“You know what? I’m over arguing with you about this. Get rid of it. I want it all gone. The cameras, the bodyguards and my old phone number changed back. Yeah, I know you changed it. I hate it when you keep things from me and you already know that so just save us both the headache and get rid of it all”

“No Ahsha! I’m not doing that. That clown can come back again and I want to be prepared this time if he tries me again so this is necessary”

“Necessary? Derek you’re seriously overreacting right now” She scoffs in disgust.

“I’m not and I’m not changing or getting rid of anything. End of discussion”

“Derek…I just…” She starts.

“END OF DISCUSSION!” He hollered in response.

Ahsha fumes, snatching his arm from around her waist.

“End of discussion? Alright bet!” She acknowledges running up the stairs, leaving him behind. Derek rubs his temples in frustration. Their inability to listen to each other was at the fore-front and neither one was letting up. Ten minutes passed before Ahsha stormed out the house, fully dressed with her purse and gym bag in hand. Derek glimpsed back trying to stop her but all you hear is the door being slammed as she works out. These changes definitely didn’t make her happy at all and Derek knew the damage was done.


Ahsha pulls up to the arena, jumping out with her gym bag, power-walking inside. She was furious and dancing was her only release. She entered the studio, cueing the music. She dropped her jacket to the floor getting in position. Chandelier boomed through the space and she began swaying her hips to the beat. Left to the right, her hips went and the music became her serenity of peace. How could he make decisions like this without me? Do I have a say at all? She thought to herself, rolling her hips to the music. She twirls around the room over and over, letting the beat be her guide. How does he expect me to trust him when he keeps things from me She piques, does a split, dropping to the floor twerking up twice. She pops her booty snapping her fingers as her hair swings left to right on her face. She does her infamous high-kick as the song quiets down. She makes her final twirl around the room and the song ends. He must have known how it would make me feel. I have to talk to him and that’s exactly what she chose to do. She gathered her things together and headed back to her car, back home to nip this situation in the butt before it escalates.

She turns her key in the door, walking in, not a black suit in sight but a Derek Roman patiently waiting for her return. He squints up from his glass of scotch noticing her presence in the room. She doesn’t say a word and just peers at him and walks toward the kitchen.

“How was your workout?”

“Fine. Where’s all your men? They on break?” Ahsha questions taking out a water bottle from the fridge, taking large gulps, letting the cold substance cool her off.

“I got rid of em’. I think we can handle ourselves alone for one night” He fixes his eyes on her with an apologetic face. She looks fixedly back, sharing the same glance. The room stays silent. He raises up from the sofa moving toward the kitchen.

“Baby I am so sorry” Crashing into her arms. She stands in place before wrapping her arms around him, hugging his body. They hug each other for what seemed like an eternity before breaking away.

“I am so sorry Ahsha, you were right. I overreacted”

“No, we both did. But, I know you were just looking out for me and I should’ve recognized that” Piercing a hole into his soul, she grabs his hand.

“Yeah but I went about it the wrong way. I should’ve talked to you first. I didn’t mean to make you feel like your feelings didn’t matter. I’m sorry” Kissing her hand.

“I’m sorry too” Wrapping her arms around his waist. She kisses his lips quickly then pulls away.

“It’s just that, I was scared he was going to do something crazy or insane and I didn’t want you caught up in the crossfire, so my only option was to make sure you were protected”

“You’re wrong about that, that wasn’t your only option. You could’ve talked me about the way you felt. I was scared too, and freaked out about it all and just…seeing all these men inside our home, it didn’t make me feel safe and secure. I felt like they were invading my space. I felt small and sheltered so that’s why I freaked out the way I did” She reveals.

He caresses her cheek, boring into her pretty brown eyes. She closes her eyes letting his light touch calm her down on the inside.

“I didn’t realize it would make you feel that way. Now that I know, I won’t do something like that again, without talking to you first”

“You promise?”

“I promise” He assures her.

“Did you really fire all of them?”

“I haven’t fired them yet, do you want me to do that?”

“Yes, well no. All bodyguards have to go but Devin can stay along with the cameras outside.”

“Deal, whatever you want my lady” He croons, rubbing up and down her shoulders. She laces her fingers with his.

“Okay” She leans in to kiss his lips. The kiss started off simple and sweet but turned nasty and full of lust within seconds. She kisses him aggressively, her tongue fighting for dominance. Their lips connect once more and she nibbles on his bottom lip. He parts his mouth, moving his head to the side to deepen the kiss. She grabs the back of his neck, digging her tongue deeper down his throat. He holds her face in place, lips still connected as their tongues continue their wild dance in sync. They part pecking each other’s lips and Derek wedges his tongue back in her mouth. Ahsha massages her tongue with his. She moans in between kisses, missing this feeling she hasn’t had in a long time. The warmth of his tongue against hers drove her almost insane.

“Ooh Derek” She bites her lip in anticipation. His lips travel down to her cheek, brushing her throat lightly before getting to her neck. He began sucking mercilessly on her skin, holding a firm grip on her waist as she leans her head more into his face. She wraps an arm around his neck as he continued to work his tongue on her. Her head falls back giving him a better angle. His tongue lingered on her neck before moving down to his favorite spot.

He rips open her bra, grabbing one of her breasts bringing it to his lips. He flicks, licks and sucks on her nipple. He bites it before swirling his tongue all around and sucking it back in his mouth. Ahsha whimpers placing her hand on his head. She pushes his head a little further on her nipple as he sucks it harder. He continues to work on her breasts as he lifts her up with one leg on the kitchen counter. He moves his tongue to the middle of her breasts, kissing her soft and with tenderness. With one swift, he uses his free hand, stroking his fingers in her panties. This movement causes her body to squirm.

“Aargh! Shiiiiiit!” She whines. Ignoring her, he stroked his fingers up, down and around. She wails again.

“Shut the fuck up” He whispers seductively in her ear.

Dirty talk had always been their thing but it had been a long time since she got it and this fact made her more aroused. He continued plunging his fingers in and out of her pussy.

“UGHH!” She moans loud. He gets back up, fingers still fields deep in her pussy walls, pressing his body into hers. She lets her hair free from her messy bun as her hands gripped the counter. Still finger-fucking her, he grabs a fistful of her hair and attacks her mouth. The tingles she was getting from his kisses and his finger-work was ending her. Fingers working magic deep inside, he could feel her juices erupting.

“You stay wet and ready for me baby” He says to her stroking his fingers faster, knowing she was at the end of her course.

“F-fuuuuckk meeee!” She cried. He strokes faster and rapidly until he felt her fluid spill out all over his fingers. She releases it all on his fingers as she pants heavy and hard. He takes his fingers out, licking and sucking them dry.

“Sweet as sugar, damn” Her man’s filthy mouth was turning her on even more and she was ready to claim her gift.

“I need to feel you Daddy” She begs.

“Oh you need me huh?” He tantalizes her, removing her yoga pants and putting her panties to the side, removing his boxers, jumping in between her personal area. He positions himself in between her legs as she remained speechless until he twisted her nipple.


“What was that?” Taunting her.

“I neeeeeed it baby” She gripes again. Derek kisses her lips, moving down to her chin, her chest, her navel until he reached his second favorite spot.

“How bad you need it?” Before she could react fast enough, his tongue was buried in her walls. He inched his the tip in and out, licking, sucking and French-kissing it. He whirled his tongue all around, flicking the tip at her clit. Her legs started to tremble as he worked his tongue, sinking into her pussy lips. He sucked, licked and dragged on her clit like a cat until her legs were shaking, creating a vibration. He removed his tongue, not wanting her to reach her peak and inched himself inside her vagina walls, invading them completely.

“UGHHHHHH! FUCK!” She shouts from the rooftops, He pumps in her, making a slow grind at first then picking up the pace as her screams and moans got louder and intense.


This didn’t stop him and he strokes in and out of her slowly then fast continuously. He grabs ahold of her neck with one hand and the other pulling her hair, bringing her face closer to his, ramming on his dick up and down. Their foreheads touched as he effortlessly dived in and out of her.

“He ever fuck you like this?” Pumping in.

“NO!” Pumping out.

“This pussy belongs to me! Remember that!” Pushing in and out of her. She wraps her arms around his neck as they move back and forth on the counter, her ass sliding up and down the hardwood. He pulls out and lifts her off the countertop, flipping her around.

“Bend that ass over!” He coerces slapping her cheeks hard.

“Aaaanw!” Now bended over.

“I said shut the fuck up Ahsha!” He demands.

“Okie daddy”

“Good girl” He replies before thrusting himself inside her pussy from the back. He holds her tiny waist in place, inching himself deeper. He pulls her hair back, kissing her neck, driving her mad.

“Throw that pretty thang back for me” She pushes her ass to his back, fucking him back. He turns his face to close in on hers, kissing her lips again, still fucking her. Her whole body tenses up, her legs wobbling signaling her being at the end of her peak.

“I’m cuuuming! I’m cumming” She sang in his ear.

“Give it to me baby” Few last strokes and they released together in her womanly abyss. Pants and hard breathing filled the room as the two lovers tried to come down from their high. Derek moves her glistening hair to the side, kissing her shoulder.

“You have no idea how much I missed that”

She turns to face him, wrapping her arms around his neck, smirking.

“Trust me I do” Giving him an wink. She leans forward kissing his soft lips. She just couldn’t get enough of her man. The player and dancer kissed each other tenderly and stood there holding each other, butt-ass naked letting the time pass by. So much for an apology.


The two lovers laid in bed, wide awake with a million thoughts floating through their minds. So much to say and not enough time to do so it seemed. It was clear some things needed to be discussed but the question of who would break the ice first was still a mystery.

“So are we ever going to talk about what happened at the party?” Ahsha turns, facing her significant other.

“Honestly, I don’t even know where to begin. I so was not expecting him of all people to show up and do something like that. I was…shocked, scared, angry but mostly scared” She started.

“What scared you the most?”

“The thought of losing you” She discloses. He moves closer to her, grabbing her hand.

“That’s never going to happen Ahsha”

“You don’t know that Derek”

“I do actually”

“Yeah? Name your source” Ahsha asks him unconvinced. Derek grabs her hand placing it on his heart.

“Okay Mr. Romantic, point taken”

“Besides, its’ not like he’s going to come back”

“He might” She argues.

“But he won’t”

“But what if he does?” She challenges him, worry and fear written on her facial expression. He kisses the back of her hand.

“Then I’ll protect you, like I said I would do and always, always continue to look out for you”

“Promise me you will do that”

“I promise, I put that on our unborn daughter and son” He vows. She didn’t have to question it, she knew he was serious. She locks her fingers with his.

“Okay, I trust you” She smiles at him.

“As I trust you” He replies back.

“I want us to make a pact”

“I’m listening”

“Don’t make decisions without me. I want us to be able to confide in each other about anything. Whatever we decide to do, I want us to do it together. Also, we need to communicate with each other better than we have been. Good, bad, or ugly, I want us to always be honest and upfront with each other. No secrets. Deal?”

“Deal” He answers, leaning towards her face, caressing her hair. She grins, beaming at him.

“Love you”

“Love you too”

“Always?” She giggles.

“Always and forever, until the end of time”

Always and forever was a mile away little did they know.

The next morning, Derek had several meetings to attend at the Arena, a new teammate was being signed to the team and as the captain, and Derek’s job was to show him the ropes once he arrived. The devil was eager at first to have a new protégé to train, but once he realized what all of that entailed, he became less than eager about it. Duty calls and he answers but before that happens, he had some other business to attend to, at his fiancée’s request.

“Yeah man, I’m outside of his place now”

Devin says to an unknown caller on the other side of his cellular device.

“What does he want?”

“IDK, something about discussing the terms of my job here I guess”

“He’s gonna fire your ass”

Devin sighs.

“If the nigga wanted me fired, he would’ve done it by now. Look you need to relax, I got this all under control aight, damn”

“I sure hope so!” The anonymous caller challenges before the line goes dead. Devin sighs harder in frustration placing his phone back in his pocket before he notices the front door of the mansion open. There in front of him was the King of L.A. and object of Ahsha’s affection, Derek Roman. Normally he never answers the door shirtless but given the busy day he had ahead of him, the last thing he was thinking about was putting a t-shirt on.

“Devin right?”

“Yeah that’s me. You called and said you needed to talk?”

“Yeah come on in” Derek requests moving to the side so Devin can walk in. Derek shuts the door behind him locking the knob. Devin looks around in awe of the place. Derek definitely lived up to his name. It was clear as day that he had the world at his feet and was living life with no worries.

“Let me go grab a shirt and I’ll be back down. Feel free to get yourself some water or something and have a seat at the dining table. I’ll be back”

“Yeah, no doubt man” Devin replies as he continues to walk around the spacious living room. He makes steps past the couch, landing on a picture of the happy couple in a frame on the coffee table. He lifts the picture with his fingers. The picture displayed an perfect still of Ahsha’s laughter while in Derek’s arms as he looked down upon her with the eyes of love, pure admiration, and love. He glided his fingers across the frame forming a smile. Picture perfect couple huh? He thought to himself as laughs from up the staircase disturbed him.

“Heeeheeee, aaargh! Quit that!”

“Make me”

“You play too much” Ahsha giggles under her man’s crafty, large hands.

“I thought you like it when Daddy plays with you?” Derek teases pressing his body on hers biting her earlobe, reaching down to her center, playing with the thin material. She smiles happily, pleased by his touch, grabbing a pillow from the side hitting him with it playfully.

“Ooh I love it when you play with me but we have company downstairs so we can’t continue this until later” She pouts. The player forms a devious smirk on his visage, flipping them over so that she was sitting on top of him.

“The company can wait” Diving his head in her neck, planting love bites all over her mocha skin, soft as silk. She wraps her arms around his head as a soft moan escapes from her mouth. He lifts his head up dropping a peck on her lips before sticking his tongue out placing it in her mouthpiece. She kisses him back colliding her tongue with his. Wrapping her arms around his neck, not breaking the kiss, she presses her mouth more into his deepening the kiss. His hands explore her labia as he dips his fingers in her lace panties, fucking her with his fingers. She moans in his mouth as her hips move with the motion of his hand. Sweet and slow, they kissed and Derek’s palm gripped her ass, crushing it hard.

“Oww damn D!” Ahsha responded. That didn’t stop him. With both palms, he grabbed ahold of her cheeks as she grinded her hips against his manhood. She made a move to release his belt buckle until she heard

“Everything alright up there Derek?” Sound coming from the company a few feet away.

“Did you really have to meet him here?”

“Hey you’re the one who told me to keep him around”

“Well now I don’t want you too” She exclaimed.

“Uh-uh baby girl, doesn’t work that way. You asked, I delivered, now we got to keep him. He’s part of the household now”

“We don’t have to keep him”

“To ensure your safety while I’m gone yes we do have to keep him” Mocking her.

“Ugh! Get off me Roman” Lifting her body off him not before he lifts her up in his arms throwing her back on the bed. He kisses the tip of her nose nuzzling her neck.

“Daddy will make it up to you later, I promise. Just let me handle this business first”

“After business, I get you all to myself” Imprisoning his neck with her small, dainty fingers as he laid beneath her.

“All. To. Your. Self” Pecking her lips softly between every word.

“Okay, you just remember you told me that”

Pulling him down to her lips.

“You never let me forget” He whispered between her lips, before getting off the bed quickly. Dashing down the stairs. He stopped and jetted back up remembering why he went up there in the first place. The door flew open showing his lady in just her bra and panties with his shirt in tow.

“Looking for this?” She smirks at him dangling the shirt in his face. He snatches it from her hand, pulling her by the waist, kissing her lips.

“Good looking out sexy”

“Anytime handsome” Giving him a wink before shutting the door.

He ran back downstairs pulling his shirt over his head.

“Sorry about that Devin, had a situation to attend to with my lady”

“No need to explain man, I get it” Devin joked.

“Ah word? You got one waiting for you at home too?” Derek asks the youngster.

“Nah, nah, these women ain’t nothing but trouble man I’m good!”

“Heey that’s why we love them though, they never make it easy for us,”

“Yeah I bet you’re the expert on that ha!” Devin clowned.

“Never that, my baby’s like puddy in my hands” The two men laugh together getting ready to take their seats.

“Anyway though, have a seat. This won’t take long” Devin obeys sitting in the chair across from Derek. He folds his hands on the table waiting for the baller to speak.

“So, Devin. I know you’ve only been around for a short period of time, but my fiancée and I both agree that you would be a great asset to our team. How would you feel about being our bodyguard, full time?”

“Full time? For you and Ahsha?”

“I don’t need protecting, I need this for Ahsha” Devin pursed his lips.

“So, Ahsha’s personal bodyguard then”

“Yes” Derek says nonchalantly. When it came to his girl’s safety, he played no games.

“So I’d be on call 24/7?”

“Not exactly. You would come here in the mornings, follow Ahsha to work, make sure nothing goes wrong and that she makes it home safe, then report back to me before you go home. Of course in certain circumstances you would say overnight, for example if I’m gone for away games or business meetings out of town, but that won’t happen as often than not” He explained.

“Right. I get that”

“So, what you think? Do you accept?”

Devin ponders for a second before giving him an answer.

“Yes, I’m down. I’ll do it” He accepted enthusiastically.

“Great. Welcome to the family” Derek announces, getting out of his seat reaching his hand out to shake his. Devin followed his movement clasping his hand, in agreement over his new commitment.

“Thank you, happy to be at your service Roman Emperor”

“I get that enough at work. Just call me Derek” He pleaded.

“Yes sir” Devin obliged and his phone sounded.

“Sorry I got to take this”

“It’s cool, I’ll see you Monday”

“Sounds good” Devin agrees turning his feet to the door. He waits until he’s out the door before responding to his phone call.


“So what happened?”

“Well he didn’t fire me I can tell you that much”

“You got in?” The unknown caller questioned.

“Yeah, I’m in” As a devilish grin grimaces across his face. The plan had been set in motion and Derek and Ahsha had no idea what was coming their way. Danger came knocking and had been officially welcomed in their home.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed, until the next chapter!


A Cornucopia of Conundrums

Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Part 6. Part 7. Part 8. Part 9. Part 10. Part 11. Part 12. Part 13.

Summary: “So what you’re saying is; you had a one-night stand with some yakuza lordling and now you’re preggo with his baby?” SasuSaku. AU.


She rarely collapses, but when she does, it’s in the quiet form of the sky splitting in two.


For two days – exactly two days, twenty-two hours – she sat, subservient, compliant and duteous. She woke with the sun, refused to let her mind wander – make breakfast, serve, eat, drink, and swallow – and tried to let her mind wrap around this charade of a life.

It was all so surreal; the picturesque rendering of each and every leaf, in each and every yuan, the winding pathways, the slippery cobblestones, the antique wood, the rice paper on the shouji, the perfectly symmetrical features of each member of this clan; as if they’d been artificially designed to emulate perfection. She found herself noticing the deep, sagging crevices of Uchiha Madara’s wrinkles, the curve of Uchiha Mikoto’s smile, the slight abjection in Uchiha Sasuke’s attitude; each detail, in such clarity, as if she were examining a glass slide under a microscope. It was both awful and hypnagogic – as if her soul was out of her body, and the only way her mind could comprehend the entire situation was by magnifying every tiny little detail.

On the twenty-third hour, at exactly 1:44 AM, while lying in bed, staring unblinkingly at the translucent shadows around the room, listening to Sarada breathe, she decided that she would never again be this approbatory sycophant – that she would rather be the woman that rammed that knife into a criminal’s abdomen. It made her sick, even thinking about that, but it made her even sicker, celebrating this commendatory.

Tomorrow, she decided, I’m going to take charge.


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