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nine in the afternoon // panic! at the disco


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word count: 16.4k

tags: smut, angst, serial killer Jungkook!AU

WARNING!!!! I understand that this fic may be very triggering as it contains mentions of murder, extreme violence and rape, so if you are sensitive to those topics I recommend you DO NOT read this. Thank you in advance.

Moving to a new town is hard, especially after the company you worked for went bankrupt and you’re left jobless and alone in the hot, summer weather. Thankfully, a close relative informed you about a new apartment near them that was insanely affordable. You didn’t even think twice about the possible living conditions before driving out to the secluded town. In all honestly, anything would’ve sufficed as long as you got out of your old apartment which was now too expensive for you to rent out (not to mention the air conditioning cut off a while back).

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do you know if otabek is 18 or 19? in eps 10 and 11 it was said he was 18, then in ep 12 he was 19 and the wiki says 19? im confused. Ep 10 and 11 were after oct 31

I was very confused, too. The anime itself has done these kind of mash-ups before and no clarification was ever made. The wiki isn’t reliable or managed by some official source or anything, it’s fanbased, now looking like this: 

18 (Episode 1)

19 (Episode 12)

Now, I took the time to actually look through all those episodes. And, look, in Episode 1, his age isn’t mentioned, so no indication of what his age was during the previous season.

In episodes 10 and 11, there is Victor’s monologue about the skaters, in which he says Otabek is 18, but there’s also the official TV introductions of the skaters within the competition (beginning of 11), which is constructed like as it would show to the YOIverse audience at home, where he’s also 18. 

Then there seems to be a mix-up in Episode 12, making Otabek 19, both per someone else’s mention (Celestino) and also the introductory ‘TV clip’. The only truthful possibility is the creators fucked up and possibly mixed up Otabek and JJ (who’s all around 19) in the animation, just a technical mistake like the ‘Victor Niliforv’ in Episode 1.

I know we all like to believe there’s always a meaning behind everything artists do and like to treat these universes created by them like real worlds where everything has an explanation but sometimes it’s just artists going ‘well, shit happens’.

My favorite example:

My opinion is they just ‘forgot’ while advancing to the last episode lmao, and I stand by the fact that Otabek is 18 (going on 19) as it seems to be the initial age they had decided on.

Run Boy Run- Steve x Reader(f)

Authors Notes: Okay, I’m sorry. I can’t take complete credit for how terrible this is though. @oneshot-shit answered my ask for angst and they inspired me to write this. So, It’s not just me. I wasn’t able link to the post bc it was an ask :/ but I sent in a song headcanon ask for Run Boy Run by Woodkid.

Notes/Warnings: Death, Angst, Fluff, mentions of blood. (Reader dies so please do not read this if it makes you uncomfortable!!)

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“Come on, Pal.” Bucky lifted Steve’s head and gave him a frown. “You’re bleeding on my new shirt.”

 Steve inhaled slowly and tried his best to hold his head up on his own. He gripped Bucky’s shirt near the shoulder and grunted as his friend helped him up off the ground. Bucky slapped him on the chest a couple of times and grinned to the people passing by.

 “He’s fine.” He smiled to a woman walking her poodle. “Have a lovely day, Ma'am.”

 “Thanks for pitching in, Buck.” Steve mumbled as he prodded at his busted lip.

 “Nah, I didn’t do much.” Bucky lied. “They deserved it.”

 “All your boxing lessons are payin’ off huh?”

 Bucky chuckled. “Yeah, that’s it, the boxing. Come on, let’s get you home.”

 Steve stopped and forced Bucky to back step from his arm being around Steve’s small frame. “I can’t go home, not like this. Mom’ll kill me.”

 Bucky sighed and surveyed his surroundings. “(Y/N)’s house it is then. Good thing you picked a fight a few blocks away.” Bucky smirked.

 “I didn’t pick a fight.”

 “Oh, that’s right, the fights always pick you.” Bucky laughed and helped his friend across the street.

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I think I love you.

Authors Note: Master List found HERE

You’re cooped up in between the snugness of your freshly washed sheets and the heavy comforter that smells of crisp cotton with a touch of Shawn’s scent pressed to it. 

He was sprawled out on top of the bedspread, with a goofy grin on his face, and russet eyes that derived great pleasure from staring at you while you did your best to draw at the comforter for greater warmth. His brow furrowed as his mouth turned grim when he heard an uncomfortable groan from you, anchoring his attention directly to your discomfort. 

“What’s the matter?” He dared to ask as he warily pushed himself off the bed, 

“I was being dramatic as I remembered you had work in the morning.” Your lips curved into a pout, your eyes softening while they struggled to pry themselves away from your boyfriend as he grasped a jacket from the wardrobe. 

He turned to you, his eyes blinking with feigned innocence, his hand reaching for his set of keys he placed at the end of the bed.
“Mhm,” he hums with a nod, “I have a radio interview, so I have to schedule our morning cuddles for afternoon cuddles.” He gave you an adoring smile, and in return, you gave him a nod. “I’m going to the store quickly, I promised my sister her favourite ice cream when she comes over tomorrow night.” He enlightened you, at the last minute remembering the promise— that was more of a bribe— he made with his sister earlier this morning while half asleep and not entirely thinking. 

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green with envy

*requested —> Anonymous said: Can you write a jaehyun fic where he’s your best friend but you bring him over one day to your house and your younger sister gets the BIGGEST crush on him and keeps asking when he’ll be over again and you get stupidly jelly and someone ends up telling you that you like him like there’s no other explanation why you’d be so jealous and it dawns on you that you DO like jaehyun. (Continued in next ask.)

And it ends with you bringing him over again and your sister being all clingy on him but you get possessive and drag him away and he is just total hearteyes over you being like that (even though it’s lame because you can’t believe you’re jealous of your little sister) and you shut Jeff up with a kiss. ;)

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author’s note: 828 words =_= I don’t like Jung Jeff he’s gross af. 

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also i can’t watch it as soon as it comes out bc I’m waiting for @alexandra-samaa to get here f;kalfakfjb;akdflkad

me now

I Am An Alpha Ch 5: She Comes With Directions

Sehun’s POV

I stare down at my mate, my mate, as she wraps herself around that mutt I captured. Anger and jealousy boil in my chest, why is she holding him? We are her mates! She should be running into my arms so I can finally breath in that delicious scent I know is from her. There is traces of it in the air but it’s coming from the mutt and that makes me even more angry. She marked him, how could she mark another with that sweet vanilla scent of hers? That is meant for us and our pups. I can’t hold in the growl rumbling in my chest and neither can any of my hyungs.

She looks up at us with her fangs bared and I stop. My heart clenches before my wolf rears it’s stubborn head and I return the action. How dare she growl at us because of that mutt. I want to rip that disgusting mutt to pieces, I should have killed him in the forest and went after her than and there. I’m still mad at myself for grabbing him instead of her, we could have avoided this whole thing. My blood boils at the sight of him grabbing her face and forcing her to look at him and only him. He is whispering stuff to her and I see her body slowly relaxing into his embrace. That should be me.

Her pack comes running out of the forest toward her and soon my hyungs and I are racing to them ready to tear them a part but one of her pack members beat us there. It’s the one she is always hiding behind, he blocks us from our mate, teeth bared, claws out, ready to attack.

“Out of the way!” Kris commands but the man doesn’t budge.

“You cannot separate them right now,” He advises us.

“Why the hell not?” Baekhyun snaps this time.

“She will not go to anyone until she wakes up. This always happens after a panic attack, she will only go to me or Jungkook.”

Kris scoffs, “Move, I will get my mate and you will leave before I stop being nice and slaughter you all.” He pushes the tall man out of the way to reach her. I watch as my hyung places a hand on her back only to receive a fierce growl from our sleeping mate. He pauses for a moment before trying again, this time quicker, he slides his hands on to her stomach and pulls at her gently and gets the same response this time with a few little whimpers when he pulled harder.

“Get your hands off her,” One of her members barks pushing Kris away. “If you want her to be okay, you will leave her alone until she wakes up.”

“You can not tell me how to take care of my mate!” Tao snarls.

“Everyone please calm down,” Their leader says calmly but sternly mostly to his own men. “We can’t just expect them to understand how big of a deal this is for her, they don’t know anything about her.”

“She is our mate,” Kai reminds them harshly.

“And what do you know about her beyond that? Do you even know what happened to her just now? Or anything that has happened in her life?” Hoseok questions.

“We haven’t even had the chance to have a conversation with her yet, we shouldn’t be expected to know everything about her right away,” Lay reasons in a soft but strong tone.

Their leader nods in understanding, “There are some things you should know before you try to just dive into this with her, is there anyway we can explain some things to you?”

Kai shakes his head, “We can take care of her ourselves.”

“We will take what ever advise you can give us,” Lay answers flashing Kai a terrifying glare that has me backing down.

“Hyung, are you really going to listen to these guys when they are just trying to run off with her?” Baekhyun scoffs.

“Baekhyun hyung is right, they may trick us,” Tao agrees.

The leader shakes his head, “This is no trick, Insoo has had an interesting life and so she has to be handled with a certain amount of care. She isn’t like any normal omega incase you can’t tell.”

Kris nods, “She with stood the force of all of our dominance for a long time, many can barely handle one of us for more than a few seconds.” We watch him struggle with a internal debate before running his hand threw his hair and letting out a sigh, “You can come in, but only to explain.”

“Of course, we just want to make sure we are leaving her some place safe.”

None of us say anything as they help their pup stand up with our sleeping mate his arms. It was a bit satisfying though when one of them touched her and she has the same reaction that she had to Kris. We lead the way past the glass double doors into one of our sitting rooms. There is a massive couch that was made to fit all of us but it is not big enough for me to be far enough away from those mutts, which leaves me standing against the wall along with Kai and Tao. Lay is sitting on the far edge of the couch away from where the strangers sit with Baekhyun next to him. Kris is standing in the middle of the room looming over the strangers as the pup settles deep into the couch while the others are sitting on the edge. We are going to have to clean the whole thing to get their scent out of here.

“Now please explain what happened to our mate,” Lay says politely.

“She had a panic attack,” The leader, Namjoon responds. “She has them every once a while but this is her second one in two days and that has never happened before.”

“Why does she have them?” Baek wonders.

The second in command answers this one, “Usually it’s because of something that reminds her of something brutal that happened in our past. But these ones are most likely from the stress of meeting you guys.”

“I’m very curious what kind of past she has,” Kris sighs as he begins to pace, never taking his eyes off our mate. “What were you doing in that village that night? The blood red army was there, were you residence of that village who happened to escape?”

The group shares a look before letting the second continue to answer, “We were actually scouts for the blood red army.”

“What?” We all basically yell.

“They were the most brutal army in history, they have slaughtered thousands of innocent people and those they didn’t were forced to be sex slaves or soldiers,” Kris tells us.

Namjoon nods, “That was us.”

“What about our mate?” I choke out. It is a hard question to get out when I’m horrified of the answer. We are all on edge as we wait for one of them to say something.

“She was with us, that is why we call her hyung, she has spent her whole life as a boy,” One of the younger ones say.

I let out a breath I didn’t even know I was holding, “For how long?”

“About seventy years with the army before you guys wiped them out but she was so used to it that she didn’t want to go back to being a normal girl. That is one of the things I really want you explain to you,” The second glances at our mate with a soft gaze. “She is not a normal omega you are going to have to realize that you can not treat her like one.”

“What do you mean? You want us to act as if she is an alpha?” Kai scoffs.

“Yes I do. Because in her mind she is an alpha and if you want her not to run away within the first two days you can’t treat her like a fragile omega. She has been through wars and dealt with some horrible things, she is a warrior. If you are affectionate with her you should know that she will not respond properly right away. She hasn’t received kindness from anyone but us so having it come from someone else is going to be different.”

“How many of there are you?” Another asks.

“Twelve,” Kris answers.

The man’s eyes go wide, “And all of you are her mates?”

We nod but Kris responds, “We are assuming so. The little whiffs we are getting from the pup confirm that the six of us are.”

“If I can suggest something,” The second interjects.

“Might as well, I’m not really sure how to handle something like this,” Kris admits. He’s right, none of us are built to deal with stuff like this. We had always assumed our mate would appear and be a sweet, normal little omega that would be the perfect little mate but now I’m not so sure what fate has in store for us anymore. The more we learn about her the more frightened I become, what if I can’t take care of her? She has been through so much for an omega, and from what I’ve noticed she needs a lot of care.

“When are the others coming back?”


“When they come back, introduce her to them one by one, all of them at once will be way too much for her and without us here I don’t know how she will react. For tonight, after we leave have her spend time with just one of you so she can have a solid connection with at least one of you.”

Kris cocks a brow at him, “Why just one of us?”

“It gives her someone to lean on, someone solid for her to go to if she feels overwhelmed. When she feels that way or scared she likes to hide her face in your neck so she can get better access to your scent. That is what usually calms her down.”

Baekhyun snickers, “Who should it be?”

“Obviously me, as head alpha I can protect her the best,” Kris snaps.

The second quickly shakes his head, “Anyone but you.”


“Because she associates your scent right now with the day you tackled her and bit me and she gets really scared when the memory pops us, if I had to pick someone it would probably be this new one,” He points to Lay.

“Why him?” Baekhyun, Tao, Kai and I all demand together.

He rolls his eyes at us, “Because when she thinks of the first time she caught your scent she will think of you threatening to slaughter us and kidnapping her favorite pup. This guy so far has no bad connection to his scent. He is probably our safest bet.”

Kris sighs and runs his hand threw his hair once again, “Any thing else you need to tell us or any other suggestions?”

“Actually yes,” Namjoon buts in, “I would like to suggest visitation, cutting off all connection with her will be stressful for her and my pack.”

Kai is quick to shut that idea down, “You’ve got to be kidding me, absolutely not.”

“Kai,” Kris warns.

“You can’t seriously be considering this, they are just going to take her away. What in the world would make you think this is a good idea?”

“The fact that our mate basically needs directions to take care of her. She is not a stable person, she will need all the stability she can get to get used to living with us. I do not want her hating us for cutting off her pack. As head alpha I’m okaying this. You will have one hour with her every day until I know she is used to all of us. There is a cabin you guys can stay at in the southern corner of our property until then, after that you are gone, got it?”

“Got it.”

Dylan Strome Imagine - The Set Up

I know that its short but how about a possible part two??

part 2

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“you have to come” my best friend whined into the phone.

 "i dont know, i have to study" i sighed in the phone, but really i just didnt want to go. "y/n your final is in two weeks okay you can take one night off" she laughed into the phone, i went to say something when she cut me off.

 "perfect its settled!! your coming to my party tomorrow night" i could practically hear her smile through the phone. “connor is bringing some of his friends to” she laughed.

 y/f/n has been dating connor mcdavid for a year and some time, shes been trying to set me up with some of his friends. “please save me the time, not again” i groaned into the phone.

 i could head connor laughing in the background. “oh please i know your gonna like this one” and with that she hung up, my phone buzzed with a message from y/f/n.

 ’ come for 7:30!! ’ - y/f/n❤️ 

‘ i hate you, but ill be there ’ - y/n 

 ’ i know you want to find yourself a man ’ - y/f/n❤️ 

‘ im not talking to you ’ - y/n

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Dirty Mistresses

She couldn’t even acknowledge that he existed. As if he was the tiniest wine stain on a red dress she owned, forgotten and not given a second thought. Cast aside like the heels that pained her feet.

Lance had plenty of one-night-stands before. Some were bad, others were good and on some occasions they were amazing.

That was one of those times.

The woman stood across the table grabbing hors d'oeuvres with her small and nimble fingers. The party was for her— or rather her father’s accomplishment— but she carried herself as if she was under constant watch of people who expected her to live up to certain expectations. Like a princess.

Lance held the wine glass up to his lips unmoving. His royal blue eyes tried sending telepathic messages to the woman. ‘See me.’ ‘Look at me.’ 'Do something so I know you know I exist.’ 'Ask me for another go.’ He tried but she continued to ignore him.

That was fine, he wasn’t here for her anyway. This was only the second night of four. He could seduce dozens of other women in that time.

A four day party. Lance had never heard of such a thing aside from festivals or holiday traditions. This was a formal, classic suit-and-tie type of party celebrating a new program called Voltron. He was only invited because Katie got a plus-one and Hunk was already going with his girlfriend.

So Lance was stuck eyeing the pretty lady across the table who was now in the arms of a large gentleman with white streaks in his full black hair and a scar across his nose that demanded a story.

Lance got flashbacks from the hot amazing sex the two had had in one of the building’s bathrooms the night before.

She hadn’t wanted him to leave as soon as they were done, she wanted him to stay and hold her— which kind of weirded Lance out but he wasn’t going to say no after an encounter like that.

The woman and the man kissed passionately and it made Lance look down so he wouldn’t seem like he was staring and then he noticed a wedding band on her finger he hadn’t seen before.

'Perfect.’ He groaned to himself and walked away to go mingle and discuss the program.

An hour or so later, Lance was too tired to continue standing and doing absolutely nothing but saying hello to strangers he still had not run into. It wasn’t until he bumped into a gentleman with long-ish black hair and he almost spilled his newly filled wine glass. “Ah hell, man!”

“Sorry. Watch out.” The man replied and looked past Lance. The look on his face that appeared after was terrifying. He went pale and his pupils dilated and Lance could physically see his lips go dry.

“Hey are you good? You bumped into me but I don’t want to kill anyone-”

“I’m Keith.” The man said hurriedly.

“Okay?” Lance responded confused. He lifted his glass to his lips but Keith put a hand over the top to keep Lance from drinking. “Hey!”

“Shut up and kiss me.”

“Excuse me?”

Keith was getting nervous. Whatever was behind Lance was freaking Keith out to the core. Lance turned his head to look but Keith smashed his lips into Lance’s and gripped the bottom of his suit jacket.

It was a hard kiss and a little sloppy. Wasn’t great but that was probably because whatever spooked Keith kept him from focusing.

Lance did his best to slow it down and make it better. If he was going to kiss a stranger for no reason, it was going to be decent.

A finger tapped Lance’s shoulder. A third of Lance didn’t want the kiss to end because if he was being honest, this man was hot. A third of him expected him to break the kiss and get sucker punched in the jaw. Another third of him expected a drink in the face.

So not great outcomes.

He broke the kiss slowly and prepared for the worst when he turned around. Behind him stood the man he saw kissing Lance’s one-night-stand from earlier.

“Hello?” Lance said unsure of how to go about this.

“Hi.” The man smiled with a voice that almost knocked the wind out of Lance. “I’m Takashi Shirogane.”

Now that Lance got a better look at him too, he was broader and taller than he thought. Also handsomer. But Lance noticed his mouth smiled politely but his eyes burned a hole through Lance’s soul.

“That’s cool.” Lance replied feeling Keith’s breath on the back of his neck.

“And that’s Keith.” Shiro nodded behind Lance.


“So who are you?” Shiro’s pursed his lips and flicked his eyes towards Keith.

“I’m just a guy enjoying a four-day party and the local lips of certain people. Is there a problem?” Lance drank his liquid courage quite graciously to keep himself calm infront of this guy.

“No… no there isn’t. Have a good night.” Shiro frowned and walked away clenching and unclenching his fists.

“Okay… so what the fuck was that about?” Lance turned back around to Keith who regained color back in his face.

“Oh uh… I sleep with him.” Keith mumbled.


“He’s married.”

Lance shrugged. “So why did you ask me to kiss you? He abuse you or something?”

“No!” Keith said a loud enough for people to turn heads. He gulped and loosened his crimson red tie to keep himself from suffocating on humiliation. “No.” He said quieter.

“He’s married and his wife doesn’t know, but he thinks we’re exclusive. I just don’t like sneaking around at his house or in public.” Keith explained in a hush voice. Lance was fascinated.

“That beautiful woman over there is his wife isn’t she?” Lance tipped his glass towards the woman before.

“Allura? Yeah that’s her. She’s really nice.” Keith begins to swallow down large mouthfuls of his glass of liquor.

“Ha.” Lance laughed.


“I slept with her. Last night in one of the upstairs bathrooms. She asked me to stay a little while after which was weird. Now she won’t even give me a sideways glance.” Lance shrugged as if he totally did care anymore.

He kind of did.

“Really? You got Allura to have sex with you… in a bathroom?” Keith looked astonished.

“Yeah man. I’m having a pretty good time honestly. You need to figure out how to kiss better, by the way.” Lance found himself excessively staring at Allura again and he forced himself to peel his eyes away from her physique.

“Shiro and I don’t kiss often. Maybe you can help me practice.” Keith’s tone was less hushed and more low and sexy.

“As tempting as that sounds, I’d rather not be the home-wrecker’s home-wrecker.” Lance started walking towards a newly opened table for them to stand at.

Keith followed closely like a duck. “Hey, I’m not a home-wrecker.”

“If the shoe fits…” Lance picked up the pace.

“You slept with Allura. You’re a home-wrecker too.”

“Doesn’t count because I didn’t know she was married. She didn’t have her ring. She didn’t say anything either. It’s different.” He finally reached the table before another couple got the chance to. He stood there and set his drink down.

“So? You still had sex with her.” Keith rolled his eyes. “You’re a dirty mistress, just like me.”

“You’re right.” Lance agreed not even looking in Keith’s direction. His eyes were glued to what he wanted this entire night.

Allura and Lance had locked eyes from across the entire room. Someone was talking to her but she wouldn’t let go of her hold on Lance. She smirked at him and lifted her chin before turning away from him and asking the man she was talking to for a pen and pad.

“Wait I am? I mean- yeah I am. Why?” Keith asked.

“Because I’m about to do her again. Looks like we’re dirty mistresses, Keith. Are you coming back tomorrow?” When he looked back at Allura she was gone.

“I kinda have a marriage to wreck so yeah. If he wants me I have to be here.” Then his phone went off in his pocket. He reached in and looked at the screen. His features were illuminated by the screen light when he smirked down at it. “Which is now.”

“Tonight is just a great night for me.” Lance grinned at the ceiling.

Keith lightly hit Lance’s arm and pointed to Allura closing in on their table. Lance glanced and waited for her.

Allura reached the table with a similar smug look that Keith sported. “Hello again. Keith, who’s your friend?” She asked only taking a second to look at Keith to direct her question at him before returning to Lance’s gaze.

“This is Lance. You know him?” Keith played dumb. Very well.

Allura slid Lance a new glass with a note under the base even though the one he had previously was half full. “We met last night. He makes shitty jokes but he is pretty smart.” Allura smiled and walked away.

“Seems about right.” Keith chuckled.

“Hey, I’ve never told you a joke. Plus my jokes are amazing.” Keith picked up the new glass and found the note before he got to sip the wine.

“What’s it say?” Keith craned his neck to see what was written on the small piece of paper. Lance snatched the paper from his sight and smirked.

“I have a date in the bathroom.” He finished off the new glass and winked at Keith before leaving him at the table alone.

It turns out Keith would not be alone for long as Shiro went to Keith and leaned in to whisper something in his ear. Keith and Lance caught each other’s eyes one last time before Lance disappeared into the crowd, his mind willing him to the back doors that lead to the rest of the building.

In an upstairs bathroom, Lance locked the door behind him abscess grinned at Allura who sat on the sink counter. “We’re missing the party.”

“Shut up.” She laughed.

Not So Secret - Miniminter

Simon X Reader


Simon and I were sat at the island counter/table in the kitchen eating dinner while Vik and Josh were editing in their rooms. Simon had his laptop on in front of him and he seemed to be reading something while I was on my phone trying to organise my plans for tomorrow. I was just about to make a call when the screen went black, FFS, I pressed all the buttons to try and turn it back on but no. Great.

“Simon?” JJ said

“Yeh” he said, not removing his eyes from the screen.

“Can I borrow your phone real quick?”

“What for?”

“I just need to call Tobi and my phone just ran out of charge”

“Okay, here, you know the password,” Simon said passing his phone to me.

I pushed in the numbers to unlock the phone which revealed a text conversation from this morning between Si and Y/N, a friend of both of ours. I tried to refrain from reading it, honestly, I did it was just too tempting.

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Mentorship - Rafael Barba

Rafael Barba x Reader
Summary: Persuading Rafael to be her mentor.

She was a young attorney working out of Boston, a graduate of Harvard Law. For the first few years, she had done some pro-bono work. She helped people in need, that couldn’t afford a hotshot lawyer. Doing pro-bono work felt good, but she had larger plans. Her ambition brought her to New York City. She wanted to make a difference and New York City was a challenge she was ready to take on.

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Sherlock Valentine’s Day Challenge Day #14

I kinda put a lot on this… so, with all my heart for all Adlock fans.
Thanks to @fireloom for her help in this ^_^

Prompt day #14: “Happy Valentine’s Day, Sherlock Holmes.

“Wake up!” Nero says in a playful tone. “Get up.” The boy tries to open his father’s eyes. Sherlock rolls on the bed to avoid the intrusion of his son. This action only causes to Nero burst into laughter. “Get up! I want breakfast! Can we make pancakes? We make pancakes when mom is here,” Nero asks with excitement. Sherlock slowly rolls back to face the boy.

“We made pancakes only once, when your mother left. But, I think we can manage and make for breakfast today anyway,” Answers Sherlock with a sleepy voice, barely opening his eyes.

“When in mommy coming back?” The boy asks, eagerness in his small voice.

“Tomorrow,” Sherlock states bluntly.

“Will we have pancakes then?” Sherlock laughs at the question.

“Yes, Nero. We can also have pancakes tomorrow.” The boy cheers and jumps on the bed. Sherlock gets up lazily. “Come on, breakfast first and then…”

“To tend to the bees!” Yells Nero happily.

“Sherlock! Help me! There’s a bee trapped in my jumper!” Nero cries, running to his father. With gently hands, Sherlock untangles the bee from Nero’s jumper and lets it fly away. Nero thanks his father and runs away to keep playing with his dog Titus.

His son is still too young to have any real interest in caring for the bees. Sherlock understands. At the age of six Nero only wants to puzzle and play with Titus, a gift from his aunt Eurus.

A faint noise of a car parking in the front of the house startles Sherlock. Leaving his current activities, he goes to the front yard, followed closely by Nero. A black car just parked. Mycroft step out of the passenger side door and walks towards Sherlock. He inspects his brother’s attitude and knows something is out of place. Sherlock invites him in.

“Go play outside with Titus, Nero.” The boy complains, but does as he is told at Sherlock’s insistence.


“I’ll go straight to the point,” Mycroft interrupts. “I don’t like to be the bearer of bad news, but I prefer you hear it from me than from anybody else.” He avoids eye contact on purpose. Sherlock’s heart begins to race with the thought of the imminent bad news coming, yet, he maintains a calm stance. Sherlock hints Mycroft to continue.

“It’s about Adler. The Woman.”

“To the point, Mycroft.” Sherlock is getting eager.

“She is missing.” Mycroft pauses to study his brother’s features, unreadable. “The mission didn’t go as well as planned. There was a shooting. When my agents made it to the location, everyone had already disappeared. No signs of spies, shooters or Irene Adler.”

Sherlock shut his eyes and turns around, not wanting to face his brother. The Woman is smart, her tells himself, she’ll be fine. Despite his thoughts, he can’t help his accelerating heart rate.  Mycroft speech, on the other hand, has a failure that Sherlock can see through.

“When did this happened?” Sherlock asks with an incredulous tone. Mycroft hesitates.

“Eighteen hours ago. My agents haven’t been able to locate her.” This time, Sherlock’s breath catches in his throat. He is disconcert and can’t help to show it. “But rest assure, brother dear, my agents will-”

“The same agents that didn’t make it to the shooting on time?” Interrupts Sherlock, visibly upset now. Mycroft goes silent and Sherlock begins to pace in the room.

“Don’t you, by any means, brother, think of going after her,” Mycroft warns.

“Of course not, Mycroft!” Shouts Sherlock. “I can’t leave Nero alone. It is the incompetence of your so called spies that troubles me.” Sherlock sighs and wanders pointlessly around the room until he find Mycroft’s eyes. “You better find her, Mycroft.”

Mycroft nods and with solemn attitude, hands him a packet of cigarettes. “Stay focused, Sherlock. For your son.” With a final nod, Mycroft leaves.

Once the door shuts, Sherlock drops on the couch and hides his face in his hands. He is trembling, panting and sweating. He takes a deep breath and tries to calm down. The cigarettes held tightly in his hand.After so many years of playing their game, they finally had a family, a place to call home. Sherlock does not want to lose that. Home lose its meaning without her. The room spins around him, he can’t remember the last time he felt so much despair. Nero’s voice takes him out of his thoughts.

“What happened?” Asks the boy shyly.

“Hey buddy, come here,” Sherlock calls gently, inviting Nero to sit next to him.

“Is it about mommy?” The boy continues as he sits beside his father.

“Yes, it is,” Sherlock keeps a peaceful tone. “Something arose and… she is not coming home tomorrow.”

“When then?”

“Soon,” Reassures Sherlock. “Not tomorrow, but soon.” Nero nods.

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Look at what Ally posted on snapchat today!

The Princess’s Cake

So this is my birthday gift to my lovely Grandma Emma @lalalafool ! Happy birthday my beautiful old friend!!

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Genre: Fluff, VillageBoy!Au, Princess!Au

Word Count: 1.6k

Summary: Jimin admires the Princess, so he decides to make her a birthday cake for her, but he is definitely not a good chef.

Jimin’s pov:

“Finally” I said, looking at the huge mess I made in the kitchen. My parents were going to kill me, so without even wasting a second I started cleaning, careful not to ruin the cake.

“Jimin! We are home!” My mother shouted opening the door.

“Please don’t get into the kitchen guys, I’ll be out in a minute” I shouted back, trying not to panic, hoping she won’t get in, but obviously, she did.

“Jimin, why did you do such a mess? What happened?” She asked entering the kitchen, and now looking at the mess on the counter.

“I’m trying to make a birthday cake for our princess who just turned 18, and as you did a cake for me on my birthday, then I decided I should too. I don’t think the queen or the king have a lot of time to make cakes for her…” I honestly said.

I knew she would probably have tons of cakes if she just asked, but I wanted to do one that was made with love.

“Oh, honey. I am proud of you. I’ll help you clean up this mess, okay? Then we’ll put the cake on a nice tray, so you can give it to her tomorrow when she comes for her birthday” my mum started to put everything away as she took a rag to clean the counter-top.

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Women are like a different species, apparently.

I meet all sorts working in the gym - from the ultra-buff, to the semi-fit, to the people who have no real intention of making any real life changes to get healthy.

The woman I’m about to tell you about falls into that last category.

At my gym anybody signing up has the option to meet with a trainer for free. You get one free session which is basically a big sales pitch and we show you a few exercises and let you decide whether to give us money or not.

I’m waiting on my client to come in after my morning shift (that I foolishly scheduled for an hour after I finished said shift…) when in walks a woman who looks like Tumblr’s butt blew a bubble. To give you the whole picture:

  • Orange and blue hair. Orange. And. Blue.
  • No visible neck, just a fat roll underneath what I surmise used to be a chin
  • A white “impeach Trump” T-shirt, about 4 sizes too small (mentioned to give you the picture, not because I agree/disagree with it) and a belly drooping out in front
  • A pair of pants that were so many sizes too small that her ass didn’t fit all the way into them
  • Sandals. At the fucking gym

Now that you picture what she looks like, please bear in mind that I didn’t give a shit about her appearance until AFTER she’d opened her gaping maw. 

Unbeknownst to me, my manager was in the kid’s play area and listened to every word. If you ask yourself why she didn’t intervene/interfere/step in, it’s because she lets me handle things as I see fit and in exchange I do my absolute best for her. (I have an attitude here that arouses most retail managers - I consider it MY gym, and I take responsibility accordingly.) Besides, there was a baby in the other room she wanted to interact with.

**For those of you who haven’t been reading my blog very long (you lucky reader) understand that sentences in italics are ones that I didn’t say out loud.**

Her: I want to talk to a trainer.

Me: You’re in luck! I am a trainer.

Her: No, a female trainer. You wouldn’t understand how a woman’s body works.

I wonder if I should tell my other clients [ALL FEMALE] that I couldn’t possibly understand how their body works and despite the results they’re getting they have to find a new trainer?

Me: OK then. Here’s the signup sheet for [female trainer] she’ll get back to you in a week or two when she gets back from her cruise.

Her: I was promised a free session with a trainer!

Me: And you’ll get it. When she gets back from her vacation.

Her: Well let me see your other female trainer then.

Me: There is no other female trainer. There’s just me and her.

Her: Well what do we do then?

Me: Well we wait for [the female trainer] to come back from vacation. Just put your name down on the sheet and she’ll call you when she gets back.

Her: *sigh* I guess I could do the session with you. You can set me up with a workout routine until she gets back and can help me do it right.

You bitch. You can fuck right off. 

**Note** I understand having a gender preference with a trainer. And I encourage it because I’d rather somebody be comfortable. But to be nasty about it? Unacceptable.

Me: Ooooooooh noooooooo! I couldn’t possibly! 

Her: But I was promised a free session!

Me: And you’ll get it. When she gets back from vacation. And not before.


She really did yell. And for those of you who perhaps don’t work with the general public and are instead just a member of said general public let me give you the best tip of all to get what you want: Just be a decent human. 

But since this walking asteroid wanted to yell and pitch a fit and just generally be a nasty hag, I wasn’t going to bend a bit.

Me: Nope! I couldn’t possibly even begin to fathom how a woman’s body works. No understanding here! Can’t help you! But if you put your name down on the signup -

At this point I believe I awoke the beast. She slammed her hands down on the counter, then grabbed a stack of business cards and chucked them at me - or so she tried but she missed horribly because she managed to catch her arm on something and they fluttered past me.

I’ve had enough, and Jokin’ John has gone away.

Me: Out. Leave.

Her: You can’t kick me out. 

I absolutely can.

I picked up the phone, dialed the police non-emergency number while she stood there glaring at me. I’m not going to fight with her, I’ll just have her removed if she won’t go on her own.

Me, to the police: Hello, I’ve got a young lady here by the name of [Hammus Obeastialis] that I’ve asked to leave after she decided to throw things at me. Would you send somebody over to help her go? Thanks.

She didn’t believe that I’d called. 

So she stood there glaring at me until an officer (who is also a member) arrived. The officer informed her that yes, I could ask her to leave and that yes, she did have to go. I was kind enough to say she could come back tomorrow when she’d calmed down.

It’s about the only kindness she’ll get from me. I don’t have to accept anybody as a client, even for the free session. This is the first retail job where I don’t have to eat shit every time somebody gets uppity.

And that makes me want to do even better for the place.

Picking up Lords of Magic on Steam for $4.99 was not a bad choice. Not a bad game, just kind of a steep learning curve. -J

Sun and Storm

I thought I’d write a fic from Alis’ point of view. Let me know what you think!

Sun. Sun and sand and summer.

That was what Alis remembered of Adriata.

Adriata was supposed to be a beautiful place of beaches and seashells and long days. It was the famous Golden City of the Summer Court. A Court with a palace made of gold would be wealthy and prosperous, especially if they could afford to send blood rubies.

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Crutchie Birthday Headcanon

- Crutchie can tell almost straight away that Jack’s planning something - he’s trying to disguise his excitement from Crutchie but is super hyper and pretty obviously changes the subject whenever his boyfriend teases him about it. The morning of Crutchie’s birthday, he gets a call from Medda to say that her lighting director bailed on her last night and she couldn’t find anyone else on such short notice - if he doesn’t mind doing her the favour, she needs him pronto because the show opens tomorrow. When he comes home, the smell of paint hits him as soon as he opens the door. Jack’s standing in their bedroom waiting for him, smiling nervously as Crutchie’s jaw drops. One wall has been completely taken over by Jack’s mural - Crutchie recognises the bridge in Central Park where they had their first kiss.