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Supercorp could be a real cliché tatoo florist au where Lena is a passive agressive florist à la Luce in imagine me and you, and always happy Kara who does loads of really sweet sentimental tattoos whose really good with first timers but also super popular with bikers bc she can do hella good intricate sleeves and stuff.

It’s not just her job. It’s her craft. Her art.

So when she gets a request to tattoo a certain type of flower, she buys them, she takes them home. She studies them, she interacts with them. She gets a feel for their nuances and their character, and, when she’s ready, she’ll ink them into someone’s skin.

Sometimes, that someone is a newbie who’s nervous and shivering, who watches Kara’s colleague Vasquez ink someone else with a shudder in their spine and quaking in their voice. Kara will sit them down, will brew them tea. She’ll give them cookies. She’ll ask them what inspired them to put something so important, so beautiful, so unique, into their skin.

She’ll let them pick from a whole set of stuffed animals to hold while she works, and she sings softly, almost more to herself than anything else, while she does it.

Sometimes, the newbies are confused when they come back to thank Kara for the amazing job she did, only to see her laughing it up with bikers with intricate sleeves poking out of their cut-off jackets. They make her blush and she makes them laugh, but her art speaks for itself, and they speak to others, so they all keep coming back, because Kara Danvers gives one helluva badass tattoo.

But when her usual florist closes up shop to experiment with business in a city with less alien attacks, Kara finds herself wondering into a small boutique on the other side of town, on a mission to find the perfect lily as the muse for the appointment she has early next week.

“Excuse me,” she calls, adjusting her glasses and looking around the small shop.

She nearly trips over herself when the most beautiful woman she’s ever seen pokes her head out of the back room, a book in her hand and glasses perched just so on her face. The woman takes the glasses off right away and closes the book, careful to mark her page with her index finger.

“What can I do you for?” she asks with a tentative almost-smile, her Irish accent and the intensity behind her eyes making Kara gulp and adjust her glasses and try not to trip over her words.

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Epic Movie (Re)Watch #186 - The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement

Spoilers Below

Have I seen it before: Yes

Did I like it then: I think so.

Do I remember it: Better than I did the 1st one, which isn’t saying much.

Did I see it in theaters: No

Format: Blu-ray

I nominated the recap for the first Princess Diaries to @princessofsunnydale because she nominated it for my (Re)Watch so I thought I’d do the same for this post. Thanks!

1) I think it was a wildly smart decision to move the setting of this film from San Francisco to Mia’s often spoke of but rarely seen dominion of Genovia. It’s an organic next step to her story. We saw her learn how to be a princess in San Fran, now we see how she actually adapts to her home country (which is a lively character in its own right). The decision to jump ahead five years ahead instead of three (the number of years between releases) I think also is nice. Mia is more comfortable in the agency she gained in the first film, the relationship with her beau Michael is not hanging over her head, it just allows the film to not be dogged down by some plot points from the first film.

2) Sir Fat Louie? Did they knight him? Can you knight a cat?

3) I didn’t remember this line before I put in the movie but I do now.

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4) Shonda Rhimes co-authored the story AND wrote the screenplay? Huh.

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(I don’t actually watch any Shonda Rhimes shows, now that I think about it.)

5) Chris Pine as Nicholas.

Originally posted by scarlettjo

There is a strong initial chemistry Pine has with lead actress Hathaway, allowing the audience to grow invested in their relationship quickly. Even/especially when they’re not getting long, you can just fell the sexual chemistry in the air between them. It’s fun, making the film stronger because of it.

Chris Pine on his own is as charismatic and interesting as ever. In lesser hands the character of Nicholas could be an even bigger jerk and while there are antagonistic qualities to him the audience UNDERSTANDS his motivations. He is trying to honor what he believes his dead father wanted, he believes he’s trying to do what’s best for Genovia. And when he sees he was mistaken, he tries to step aside. There’s a nice honesty to Pine’s performance. He doesn’t play Nicholas as an over the top mustache twirling villain. All in all, Pine does a fine job in this film and helps support it.

6) Except for one black guy, Genovia’s parliament is made up of all white guys saying they don’t want a woman to rule unless she has a man by her side.

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I think Queen Clarisse has the perfect response to that.

Originally posted by classyncguy

The law is severely sexist and antiquated. One of the members of parliament claims it should be respected because it is 300 years old. Saying a law is that old is not an effective argument for it as much as it is AGAINST it. 300 years ago in 2004 that’s 1704. That’s slavery, that’s a fundamental lack of women’s rights across most countries. Don’t use the fact a law is old to argue for it. Laws should evolve as the world does.

7) John Rhys Davies is a wonderful character actor who plays Nicholas’ uncle as a holier than thou elitist arrogant jerk. I love to hate him in this, but I might need to watch Lord of the Rings or Raiders of the Lost Ark next to balance out my feelings.

8) Hey guys. Remember that time Catwoman stomped on Captain Kirk’s foot in front of Gimli and Mary Poppins?

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I’m sure someone has made this joke before, but still.

9) The last film was largely about Clarisse putting her duty as queen aside to be Mia’s grandmother, a relationship which is as strong in this film as ever.

Clarisse [after Mia stomped on Nicholas’ foot]: “As a grandma I say right on.”

10) Like the first film, this movie’s biggest flaw is definitely pacing. Many scenes serve no purpose for the larger plot and instead distract from the main conflict. But - like with the first film - these scenes are also some of the most memorable. So…I’m not sure what to say then. I’m just going to move on.

11) I dig this.

Matarazzo is a continued treat in this film as she was in the first, stealing a number of scenes and infusing some quality humor into the plot. The way she mixes with Genovian life and culture can lead to some nice fish out of water observations, and Matarazzo plays the role with as much commitment and heart as she did in the first film. God bless Lily.

12) The bachelor selection scene is - by far - one of my favorite moments in the film. It is directly related to the plot and has an incredible amount of humor to it. Also, it’s not nearly as long as I remember.

For those of you who didn’t watch the clip above (or even if you did), here is my favorite moment from the scene.

(GIFs originally posted by @ezrajamessharkington​)

I mean it’s small, but I appreciate that both this film and its predecessor acknowledge the LGBTQIA+ community more than other Disney films did at the time.

13) Callum Blue as Andrew Jacoby.

Much like Michael from the first film, Andrew is able to be a good guy while avoiding the trope of Nice Guy™. There is a respect he has for Mia, an understanding and a fondness. They clearly have a connection and appreciate each other’s company, but it is clear that neither of them love each other. And Andrew does not force this on Mia. He’s pretty much at her service, ready to respect her wishes without being a total pushover. He’s a good guy, someone who could have easily been a jerk or a bully but the fact Mia could plausibly end up with him just ups the stakes.

14) The fan scene is a nice moment of chemistry between Hathaway and Andrews, which (much like in the preceding film) is one of the strongest elements of this movie.

Originally posted by paintedprintedpaper

this film one of those moments is when she is reduced to tears because John Rhys Davies spooked her horse and revealed that - SHOCKER - women actually prefer to not ride side saddle. I suppose it’s better that she’s too hard on herself than not hard enough though, as she will be queen.

16) Damn, Joe is a badass.

Mabrey: “Sir, you will find that the word ‘fear’ is not in my vocabulary.”

Joe: “Perhaps. But it’s in your eyes.”

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17) Hey look! The foot pop!

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18) Okay, Nicholas is being creepy with Mia at the fountain. Yes, they kiss. But then she says no to him. Multiple times, too. Yet he keeps groping at her and chasing her around the fountain until they both fall in. And MIA’S in trouble?

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19) The parade.

By far the strongest moment in the film. It shows off not only the agency Mia gained in the first film (she has the confidence to stop a parade), but also her incredible heart. She shows off such kindness and care for the people of Genovia, accepts her role as a leader, and is able to create a positive change through the sheer depth of her heart. Also, little Abigail Breslin is very cute.

20) Holy crap, Paul Williams is in this movie.

What is this movie?

21) The bridal slumber party is another scene which doesn’t really add to the plot and it goes a little long. BUT - again - it is wildly memorable. Especially seeing Julie Andrews surf on a mattress after giving a wink to her most iconic character.

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22) Julie Andrews’ song.

Julie Andrews underwent surgery in 1997 to treat what she referred to as a muscular striation on her vocal cords. She emerged from the surgery with permanent damage that hurt her singing voice and gave a rasp to her speaking voice (for which she sued the hospital for malpractice two years later). Julie Andrews basically lost her singing voice. Her song “Your Crowning Glory” was the first time she sang on screen since the surgery. Although it was set in a limited range to accommodate her voice, she was reported to have nailed it on the first take and brought tears to the eyes of crew members on set. Raven Symoné - who duets with Andrews on the song - was so moved when she told she’d be singing with the legend that she too was reportedly brought to tears. If for no other reason, I am grateful this movie exists for all of that.

23) Nicholas is very ready to step aside and let Mia rule.

Nicholas [after his uncle notes all their work would be for nothing]: “It wouldn’t be nothing. Genovia would in good hands.”

I love that. I love that he’s true to his beliefs about doing what’s right for Genovia, NOT himself.

24) So there’s a slight bit of foreshadowing here.

Nicholas [at Mia’s window]: “Rapunzel, Rapunzel…”

Originally posted by missdeev

Chris Pine would later go on to play Cinderella’s Prince in the 2014 film adaptation of Into the Woods, which also featured the characters of Rapunzel and her prince.

25) I’m surprised Paolo’s back. I mean, Larry Miller is great. But didn’t he totally betray the trust of the royal family in the first film? And also, why is he suddenly kinda bad at styling Mia?

Originally posted by siizzy

26) Bless whoever made this

(I just found this on google. If this is your’s and you want credit let me know and I’ll be happy to give it.)

27) Um, guys…

What the heck is Stan Lee doing in The Princess Diaries 2? Is Mia going to join The Avengers? Is Genovia a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? What is happening!?

All humor aside, as I understand it Stan Lee will cameo in any movie asked as long as he gets his standard fee. I think he wants to have the record for most cameos ever.

28) I dig it, Andrew.

Andrew [after Mia calls off the wedding]: “Uh…thank you. Thank you for saving me from doing the proper thing for once in my life.”

29) Much like the first film, it is Mia who must take her own fate in her hands. She’s the one who argues against the marriage law, she’s the one who convinces the people and parliament to strike it down (although the Prime Minister is again incredibly supportive and I love that). It’s her taking charge of her life, which I think is absolutely great.

Originally posted by baku-babe

30) I 100% forgot that part of this film ended with Clarisse and Joe getting married. I am very okay with that.


Originally posted by ultraselfdeprecatingnarcissist

Like the first film, The Princess Diaries 2 held up surprisingly better than I was expecting. Obviously it’s aimed at a younger audience than me but it was pretty enjoyable. Anne Hathaway is strong as ever, as is Julie Andrews, while Chris Pine is a welcome and fitting addition to the cast. The themes are nicely feminist as is the ending. Overall I just find it an enjoyable film worth the watch.

10 YA Books That Are So Worth Your Tears

YA books are the life of me. I don’t think I will ever be too old or too cool for YAs because I always need something I can relate to or even some place I can escape to when life is sucking and I need distractions for a bit.

I also love YA books because it makes me feel. My favorite thing about life are feelings. I’m a very emotional person and I want my deepest emotions to always be triggered. I get that from reading YAs. A lot of trivial things can make me cry, things I see or read on the TV, movies, and books. Sometimes I weep for two days straight after reading a really hard-hitting YA book because I’m a freaking marshmallow, and I like subjecting myself to anything that will make me feel human.

Anyhow, here are the ten Young Adult books that made huge, and I mean HUGE, impact to my principles, beliefs and behavior. These books may be sad but they all promise hope. Just when you think the world is just a big blob of desolation, you’ll find comfort in reading these make-believes and relating to fictional heroines.

1. All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

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How it all Ended~Part 2 (James Potter)

A/N: I’ve had a bad day and am currently pissed at the world, so here’s what might be the ending to a story that started off sad.

Summary: After Hogwarts you join the order to fight and try to forget about James.

Pairing: James x reader, James x Lily

Word Count: 1707

Warnings: Swearing, sadness, death (or do they die???I don’t even know, we’ll see)

Other Parts: How it all Started-Our Story’s not Over


Dear James,

I love you. That’s the easiest and most truthful way to put it. I’ve loved you since the first week we started fake dating to make Lily and Sirius jealous. I look back at that and wish I had just told you, because now you’re with Lily and I’m falling apart. I don’t know if these feelings will go away, but for now, they’re here and I can’t do anything about them.

I want you to know how much you mean to me. I know that you will never read this, but it needs to be in words. I wish the world would stop turning for a minute because I have so many thoughts and it’s making my head spin. I want to be with you. I want to go back to the way it was when we were pretending to date because I had never been happier. I want to be happy with you. That’s the problem right there. Happy. I want you to be happy too and what would make you happy right now is to be with Lily. So as long as you’re smiling and I don’t get pushed away, these pathetic confessions of love will never leave this letter. My thoughts about you will remain exactly that. Thoughts.

Love Y/N

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If you still feel kind of bitter about the fact that Rumple and Belle got a HEA without a TLK that broke Rumple's curse, just remember that Crapstain Swan never got one, despite the fact that Kitsowitz shoved them down our throats by shitting on Rumbelle for over three fucking seasons to try and prove to us that they were the better ship!

Besides, I never wanted Rumple to lose his magic, I actually think that it’s an integral part of who he is as person, and without it he’s half-alive, or essentially missing a limb, though I do wish that Belle could have given him a TLK that transformed his curse into light magic since that’s a far healthier source of magic than an evil curse that holds a corruptive influence over his soul. Plus, they wrote a whole backstory about how he was born a Savior, who was meant to wield great light magic before his mother cut that away from his fate in infancy, so it seemed like a greatly missed opportunity to not have used in his present day storyline, and it disappoints me a bit. However, I’ll take this ending, too!

I just wanted Belle to accept all of Rumple, light and dark, and she’s finally done that. I just wanted to see Rumple become self-confident enough to believe that he could resist his darker impulses, and believe in Belle’s love for him enough to consistently put love before power without having any major fallbacks due to long-lingering insecurities and deep self-loathing. He seems to have finally learned to overcome that for good now that he’s learned that he wasn’t born to be a “coward” or a “villain,” but a Savior, who was destined for great things at birth, and that he’s the master of his own fate now.

And just remember that as much as Kitsowitz shit on Rumbelle to make CS look better with a bunch of OOC character assassinating bs arcs and plot twists, they have proven to be true love when push comes to shove every time, and they don’t need a kiss for Belle to change Rumple because true love is acceptance. Belle finally accepts all of Rumple, light and dark, and while she knows that he will always continue to work on being a better man for the both of them and their son, she realizes that it was also a fool’s errand to ever try to change the very core of who he was by making him choose between having her or magic. As long as he continues to try to be a better man, stays honest and open with her, and consistently puts her and their child before power, which he has done, many times on this show before, as a matter of fact, but now he actually seems self-confident enough to not fall back on his addiction to magic or go off the deep end again, then there is no reason why he should have to give up power for Belle’s love. True love is acceptance, and Belle has finally learned to do that with Rumple, so isn’t that greater evidence of true love than any kiss?

Hook could never accept the confident, badass, and independent Emma Swan. He never learned to do so, and all he did was turn her into a weak, meek, and codependent shadow of her former self to cling onto him like a leaf. He couldn’t love her when she was a Dark One, either. Belle has finally learned to love and accept both the man and the beast in Rumple, and acceptance is the greatest kind of true love there is.

And if that’s all not enough evidence that Rumple and Belle aren’t true love, while Hook and Emma are, just remember that Rumbelle have actually gotten more than one TLK on this show, while CS never got a single one.

FMA - Medieval - Dragon Shapeshifters! AU

Here is the new AU i’ve been working this week along with flyingbra, it’s her fault this happened, why the hell did you make me have this idea??

Anyways, yes, this AU has dragons because dragons are the shit badass and apparently, according to this post, I must include dragons in every single story I come up with xDDD

Anyways I reeeaaally hope you guys enjoy this new AU~! *nervous whreck*

More bellow the cut:

Word coundt: 1974

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#TVD: Bonnie’s Journey From Sacrificial Lamb to ...?

            Let me start this by saying that I have always rooted for Bonnie Bennett to be given the chance to stay physically and emotionally strong throughout this series. She deserves that after all the hell the writers have put her through.

             I swear - it must be in every season outline to make sure she suffers horribly whenever she’s on screen.

            Yes: Bonnie fans want her to be strong - not just emotionally, but physically as well.

            The trouble is that the writers and producers often make sure she has to pay for any type of strength she exerts.

            As soon as she fights back, there’s a consequence. As soon as she obtains enough power, it either kills her or kills someone she loves.

           She practices magic – it makes her nose bleed, she passes out, or she has visions that torment her.

           Bonnie tries to open the tomb: her grandmother dies.

           Bonnie tries to fight back against the Original Family to save herself and her friends: Elena is taken hostage and Bonnie’s mother is turned into a vampire, eventually abandoning her a second time.

           Bonnie resurrects Jeremy after Liz Forbes shoots him: he begins seeing visions of his ex-girlfriends, eventually cheating on her with one.

           Bonnie uses Expression to bring Jeremy back after Silas kills him: she dies and spends most of Season 5 as a ghost.

           Bonnie fights against Silas, refusing to bring him back: He torments her, and her friends, then eventually slits her father’s throat in front of the entire town and she’s helpless because…she’s a ghost.

           Bonnie brings herself back by becoming the Anchor to The Other Side: she loses her magic and feels the excruciating death of EVERY supernatural being that dies on the planet. She’s again defenseless and in pain.

           Bonnie is used as a doorway to The Other Side as the Travelers use their deaths to overwhelm her, allowing Marcos to pass through. She later uses this power to help bring back all of her friends from The Other Side (all except her own family), enduring every excruciating moment as they pass through her: But she still “dies” along with Damon.

           Bonnie gets her magic back while saving Damon from Kai in the prison world: She gets shot with an arrow and only has enough power to send Damon back to the present instead.

           Bonnie sends her magic away from the prison world in order to prevent Kai from returning: she’s drugged, dragged across the country, stabbed in the stomach and abandoned – alone - in 1994 for several months.

           Bonnie gets the message from Kai and Jeremy about the blood stone, gets her powers back and escapes from The Prison World: Suffers from constant PTSD, which her friends push aside so they can save Humanity Free Caroline for killing random extras.

           Bonnie takes Damon’s advice to stab and trap Kai in 1903: Kail kills Jo and the babies, Elena goes into Sleeping Spell and Bonnie’s life is tied to Elena’s so she will never see her again and must die in order for her friend to wake up. This leads her “friends” to resent her in Season 7.

           Bonnie uses the Phoenix Stone to resurrect “Jo”: She’s tormented by visions that cause her pain and render her unconscious.

           Bonnie tries to get Damon out of the Phoenix Stone: She and her friends get brutally attacked by a confused Damon. (She’s not even the first person he saves.)

           Bonnie tries to help her friends by getting information out of Nora: She is siphoned into unconsciousness, left on the floor of her dorm room by Nora – The only person to EVER call her “Beautiful” and “Smart” on the show.

           Bonnie tries to actually be friends with Nora: It’s revealed that Bonnie’s only being used to make Mary Louise jealous.

           Bonnie tries to use magic to protect Damon at the Armory: Enzo takes away her magic and hits her in the head with a pistol.

           Bonnie tries to save Damon from werewolf Tyler: She gets bashed into the glass window, knocked unconscious, and bleeding from the head (again.)

           Bonnie tries to keep the sword from Rayna: She gets shot with a crossbow. (Now, Rayna is a Vampire Huntress. She could have threatened Bonnie by shooting the arrow into Damon and saying that the next one would go into his heart unless Bonnie gave up the sword. No, the writers again made Bonnie the victim.)

           Bonnie needs to hide from the armory: Enzo gives her pills to that take away her magic and eventually place her life in danger. She’s suffering physically and emotionally – again at death’s door at the hands of those who claim to love her.

           Bonnie comes up with the idea of trading Rayna’s last life to save her own: She gets turned into the Huntress and hunts her own friends.

           (Let’s just consider the fact that Rayna, who had no attachment to these people and did not chase them like this, but now Bonnie has to be the enemy and chase after Caroline, Stefan, Damon, etc.)

           Again, Bonnie has no control over her fate and when she attempts to take control, she has to pay the price.

           I know I’ve missed a few instances, but this was just what I came up with off the top of my head.

You see the pattern.

           This all brings us to now…

           Throughout the series, Bonnie’s life has meant even less to herself than it has to the writers and producers of The Vampire Diaries. She has always been written to be a plot device: always called up by her friends when they need her for something. It’s like they want her to wield her magic for their purposes but never reward her for it with respect or love. Instead, her payment is just more pain and suffering.

           There is no reason for Bonnie Bennett to suffer so much unless it is purposeful treatment by the writers and producers.

What woman who was raised by a loving grandmother and father would grow up valuing her life so little that she’d willingly give it up so often and so easily?
Why would she choose to suffer so often unless she was written as having that as her purpose in life?

It makes no sense. At some point, any woman would say enough is enough…and it would be a lot sooner than Season 7 of a series.

Now, her standing up for herself is too little, too late. It makes the fans annoyed at her being this way rather than them feeling that her resentment is validated by the treatment she’s received over the years. They don’t care anymore and, honestly, I don’t think the fans were ever supposed to care about Bonnie…just feel sorry for her enough to eventually want her gone for good so they could focus on other characters.

The writers and producers would only do something like this if they intended her to be a disposable character. Sure, fans might get attached to her, mainly because of what she meant to other people – they needed her for one reason or another…her power, her loyalty, her sacrifice, her blood.

Fans might want her to be happy, possibly fall in love and root for her, but season after season, they would start feeling sorry for her then eventually not care if she lives or dies, then transition to wanting her dead because her character serves no purpose.

The past few Seasons of The Vampire Diaries have been written to make Bonnie’s death (or her life) be the one thing that keeps other, more valued characters, from being happy. That way, the remaining members of the TVD fandom would just continue to want her character written off the show.

Julie Plec said that Bonnie’s death at the end of Season 5 should have been permanent; that she thought Bonnie’s story had been told and that her goodbye was so beautiful and final.

Plec didn’t’ write blogs saying goodbye to this character and praising the actress that had been with the series for five years. She didn’t talk about mourning Bonnie. (Hell, even Bonnie’s funeral in Season 5 wasn’t about Bonnie).

Plec didn’t see a reason to have Bonnie in Season 6, but it turned out Bonnie was the light of that season…then again, they made sure the character was tormented and abused for it. They made sure she was left alone for more than 200 days in a prison world with no magic. They made sure she was stabbed and betrayed. They made sure she had to save herself. They made sure that the one rescue attempt when Damon and Elena did go back to get her failed and focused more on their relationship than saving their Bonnie. They made sure that Bonnie’s life was tied to the relationship they’ve catered to since Season 2, so that fans would want Bonnie dead just to bring back that “ship,” even they knew it wouldn’t happen because the actress chose to leave – making #Delena fans hate Bonnie even more in hopes she’d die and Elena could come back.

The producers made sure that the one guy that did have an interest in her in Season 6, eventually turned against her (after his brief redemption and apology) as well as made sure that she got the blame for his casualties of his wrath.

Season 7 has only seen Bonnie suffer head injury, after head injury, after emotional torment, after supernatural torment, after illness, after death, after betrayal, etc.

Now, again on the brink of death, her life is spared only to become the Huntress…attempting to assassinate her “best friends” (and valued show characters). She again has no choice in the matter, but is certainly going to be blamed for it…if not by the characters, by the fans themselves.

Had she chosen the become a hunter a couple of seasons ago because she was tired of being a victim, I could have accepted it because it would have a) been her choice; b) would have empowered her to be able to protect herself; c) allowed her to be a badass; d) given her a strong story arc of possibly having witch powers and vampire strength.

Yet Bonnie’s story can’t play out this way because that would mean that she was justified in feeling slighted by the circumstances of her life. It would validate that she had a right to feel angry about losing her entire family and her own life at the hands of vampires.

This can’t be allowed to happen when the producers want her to be happy about being the sacrificial lamb for her white friends, who inherently have more power than she is ever allowed to possess.

So she is tricked into becoming a huntress. Compelled to kill vampires, having no choice in what she becomes, possibly losing her witch powers, turning her friends into enemies, oh…and being tormented by visions of vampires killing innocent people.

The producers are brilliant at making sure Bonnie and Kat Graham pay the price as long as she is on the show.

             There are already several tweets out there saying that Bonnie should have died last night rather than Cami’s character on The Originals.

             I don’t see Julie Plec coming out and defending Bonnie’s life or Kat Graham, but she went to bat for Cami and Leah Pipes the when she died in the mid-season finale as well as when she died last night. Plec chastised viewers who tweeted death threats in reference to Cami, but not those who have tweeted those same sentiments about Bonnie.

             I guess if a blonde haired, blue-eyed female character dies, the producers feel fans need to mourn and feel saddened, yet when a black female character survives, gets stronger, and fights back, then it’s acceptable for fans to want her dead.

              Is that the message that the producers want to send?

              If so, message received…loud and clear.


Title: Souji or Hijikata ~what route makes more sense for canon~

(NOTE: This a biased opinion of a Souji fan).

This post will be more biased and opinion oriented so it’s not really an appropriate analysis, but this topic has been swirling around in my head recently.

Without a doubt, Hijikata’s route is good, and at the same time it’s downright depressing. The romantic relationship he has with Chizuru is present and notable, but is it strong? Sure, they seal the deal with a kiss in season 2, but to me it almost seemed like a one-sided love from Chizuru’s perspective until the last 3-4 episodes.

Now I know that statement is arguable, but the romantic scenes from Hijikata’s route seem more like methods to prove just how good of a warrior and leader Hijikata is. Plus, it’s hard to see Hijikata caring more for Chizuru in the beginning since he’s only concerned about her family relationship with Kodo, and he’s worried about making sure that the fury secret doesn’t leak out. Nevertheless, the romance is still there.

But from the way the anime depicted the Hakuouki story, it’s notable that Souji has a very present and strong relationship with Chizuru.

All of the other characters have their moments with Chizuru, but Souji’s moments with her are constant, present throughout almost the entire series, and very in depth in terms of romance.

Starting early in season 1, we see Chizuru make several decisions that in the game would’ve increased romance with Souji (she talks to Souji and Saito in the compound while proving her defensive skills, she goes out on patrol, and she decides to help Souji over Heisuke at Ikedaya). Sure, she doesn’t throw a bowl at Kazama, but she still steps in and shows her obvious concern for Souji. In return, we see a crippled Souji stand in between her and Kazama, despite him threatening to kill her if she got in the way. We know that duty wasn’t his motive to protect her, otherwise he would’ve answered her question immediately. So from early on, without Souji himself realizing it, he is genuinely concerned for Chizuru’s sake.

And throughout the anime, we see Souji and Chizuru constantly interacting with each other; they even have scenes together that can’t be found in the game. For example, we see Souji “defend” Chizuru from Itou the creep. Obviously in a sly way Souji warns Itou to gtfo/get away from Chizuru. Once again, Souji shows his concern and need to protect Chizuru.

Another scene in the anime that’s also included in the zuisouroku game is when Chizuru dries Souji’s hair. Let me note that zuisouroku focuses more on the romantic aspects of Hakuouki, so the fact that this scene is included in the anime gives a very clear indication that Souji starts to develop strong feelings for Chizuru. And though Chizuru may not fall in love with him in the anime (since she’s obsessed with Hijikata), it’s apparent that he’s dear to her, considering that she cares and worries a lot for him.

Then we get into a very important moment that’s in Souji’s route: Chizuru decides to catch up with him and Matsumoto and discovers that he is diagnosed with tuberculosis. That choice increases romance because it allows Chizuru to see Souji’s vulnerability and fear -a side of him that no one ever really sees. He’s good at hiding it, but he’s afraid of not being useful to Kondou, which shows part of his desperation to keep his illness a secret. So it means A LOT to him when Chizuru promises him that she wouldn’t tell anyone about it. And so from then on, Chizuru is constantly taking care of him when he’s forcibly confined at headquarters. After that moment, Souji trusts Chizuru wholeheartedly. Even when Kaoru sneaks into his room and tells him that Chizuru leaked his secret, he doesn’t believe Kaoru for a second.

Point is, Souji trusts Chizuru so much that he begins to open up to her about secrets he would never tell to anyone else (even something as simple as his dislike for green onions). He even shares his thought process about “killing” being the only thing he’s capable of. And though it’s not exactly portrayed the same way in the anime, I believe that Chizuru still manages to change his view of himself simply by being there for him and supporting him.

Also, in season 2 we get part of a scene that’s critical to Souji’s route, and that’s when he unknowingly confesses his love to her. Sadly (for me at least), we don’t see them hug or hear Souji’s confession, but Souji still recounts his past to Chizuru, something that happens past the middle threshold of him falling in love with Chizuru in the game. But one the thing that breaks my poor little heart is that Souji is basically left with nothing. With Kondou dead, Souji no longer has a purpose (in the game his purpose would be to stay with Chizuru, but that can’t happen…dammit). He’s left to just wander the streets -all while his tuberculosis is getting progressively worse- without knowing what to do with himself. But he somewhat accepts his path without Chizuru because he understands that she’s in love with Hijikata -the man he can’t forgive for Kondou’s death. Instead of killing Hijikata or hurting him more, Souji decides to entrust him to Chizuru -letting her get what she wants, but at the same time suffering alone without a purpose. 

Even after Souji lets Chizuru go (more like walks away from her instead of claiming his woman, but that’s just a small fantasy of mine), he still can’t get her out of his head. He even envisions her when a young girl asks him what he’s doing with himself. Then that same night the answer comes to him in a dream he has about the conversation he had with Chizuru before he left. He’s not going to abandon his friends and sever his ties because it’s what Kondou and Chizuru would’ve wanted for him (plus he can’t really throw away his bro-teasing relationship with Hijikata). So in a sense, Chizuru is the one who gives meaning to Souji’s life.

So instead of succumbing to his illness without a purpose, Souji chooses to fight until he turns to ash to protect Hijikata and Chizuru (I’m trying very hard not to cry while I’m picturing the scene in my head). Notice how when Chizuru finds out he’s dead, she cries for him. There’s no denying that they’re chemistry is strong and very emotional (it’s definitely more complex than just a simple friendship).

And besides the romance in Souji’s route, Kaoru -in my opinion- makes for a better villain/rival than Kazama. With Kazama and Hijikata, their battles just seem more like contests to see if demon pride or warrior pride is better than the other. And though Kazama is after Chizuru, he admits in his own route that he was never interested in her, so he used her as an excuse to fight the Shinsengumi. (Going into a little rant here. I don’t like how Hijikata turned into a fury. There was no purpose or even a goal to achieve. He was simply throwing a fit and taking out his anger on Kazama. Hijikata is usually composed and badass, so for him to turn into a fury just because he’s mad sounds like a childish move and not leader-like, and it’s definitely a situation that could’ve been avoided and maybe Yamazaki could have lived. And it’s because of that irrational decision that Kazama and Hijikata became permanent rivals). Kaoru, on the other hand, legit hates Chizuru and his evil plan of world domination and murder is certainly a much bigger deal than earning the title “Hakuouki” (once again, my opinion).

Kaoru, Chizuru, and Souji are also connected by their similar pasts. All of them experience hatred in some sort of way, and they’re constantly struggling against the world (this is more notable with Kaoru and Souji, but Chizuru does remember her hatred for humans when she dreams about her home). Souji and Kaoru have the perfect relationship in terms of hero vs villain. They’re two sides of the same coin. Both have suffered as subjects for pity and uselessness, and they strive to get stronger to escape that title and to get revenge on anyone who did them wrong. Of course, Souji escapes that fate when he values protecting the people he loves who love him back over cursing the world. But Souji and Kaoru are perfect opponents for that reason: Kaoru is the representation of letting hate consume him and Souji is the representation of growing up and learning to appreciate the people he cares for.

All in all, Souji’s story just makes more sense to me. Everything is connected perfectly, and the romance is more compelling and believable to me than what we see in Hijikata’s route. I’m not trying to discredit Hijikata, but I’m just saying that it’d be a really good idea to animate Souji’s route because it’s a balanced, emotional, and dramatic story that ties in nicely to Chizuru.

(Sorry that this ended up being really long)

Ooooh Crystal...

update: lol im not trying to offend anyone by this <3 this is a simple encouraging to ppl not to be so angry about the episode, just a positive view on episode 12 nothing much <3 Sailor Moon fandom has way too much hate already so this is by no means a form of spreading more ^u ^

Okay guys so much anger right now xD

I’m a HARDCORE shitennouxsenshi fan INSANE Venus fan and VenusxKunzite shipper, and im honestly NOT ANGRY with what Crystal did. Sure is dissapointing I was hoping the four would stay alive but I was expecting this already. 

Now WHY i think you guys shouldnt be too angry…not to let your anger over this episode make you trash crystal as a whole since we’ve been defending it vigorously so far….

1ST -> Remember Crystal is one of the MANY reacts of the story if you arent familiar with the sera myus and live action and games I reccomend you look into it.

This is not the first, nor the second time Venus doesnt get to kill Beryl, but for some reason it was always accepted. Is not fair to trash only crystal about it, if you’re gonna trash, better trash each of the versions she is not Beryl’s killer. Personally I still think this Minako is far superior to the old anime, like what I feel about the live action Mina, they are badasses who carry a weight heavier than any of the senshi but still manage to be as happy as Usagi. So yeah, Crystal!Venus is still friggin awesome.

2ND-> No matter HOW MUCH i adore the shitennou and what they represent (heck you guys saw how long i took to make that picture of the four) I admit that keeping them alive would turn the show INTO A MESS. Specially in the following arcs in which the senshi are faced with lonely struggles for life, Minako more than the others, remember next season black moon clan will kidnap them all and Mina will be left alone to meet King Endymion along with Chibiusa, Sailor Moon and Mamoru. Mamoru himself must suffer a good deal alone. The presence of the four with their memories of love, therefore still connected to the senshi, would implicate IN SERIOUS consequences to the characters development which honestly only starts to happen after season two, and plot line. It pains me to admit, that they must “die” physically. 

3RD- > Beryl’s Passive death. People please know your fandom…Beryl’s death is EACH FRIGGIN TIME different. In the old anime she becomes a weird mix with Metaria only to get blasted with the crescent wand not even sword, In La Reconquista Kunzite, Nephrite and Jadeite Kill her AFTER KILLING Zoisite thinking he was a traitor when he tried to rescue Ami, these to name a few cause im not feeling like gathering all Beryl’s deaths atm xD 
The way Beryl dies in Crystal is NOT uncommon either. Remember how Queen Neheleina dies?? If we consider that both are taken by Chaos, their bodies cannot endure without him. So her desintegration was awesome and logic in my opinion reminding me of Neheleina’s death as well.

4TH-> Usagi getting all zee powahs leaving none to the guuurrls, specially Mina. 
Yeah I dont think so… lets go by parts, Venus couldnt have the sword with her by the time when she and the others faced the shitennou FAR from Usagi’s location, and Usagi NEEDED the sword to kill Mamoru and herself, they had to give it away before the group was split.

If you think that her summoning the sword wasnt awesome than we can think about how RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME she already was in the previous episodes, her face off with Kunzite was really exciting and showed how serious she was about her mission, she has commanded the three inner senshi with  power and TRUE MOON PRIDE which is still part of the badass Minako we love in the manga. You guys were so angry about Usagi wielding the sword that you didnt even notice how Ami was all dymanic and powerful!  


lol now here are some other points about the future that will …or so i hope…make you guys less angry.

Much can still happen with the shitennou. what we are certain is that they are NOT dead. Kunzite is to guide Mamoru into delivering the final blow to Metalia. This might change but I dont think it will.

the stones fate can be quite uncertain, we know that Crystal will prolly go all the way till the end now, so we may see Crystal Tokyo and PERHAPS we might see them there, restored. Because their bodies were destroyed but their spirits are still strong, unlike the manga in which they are drained out from the exposure to all the power of Metaria and the Silver Crystal. Their situation is now more than ever like the Amazoness Quartet.

So we will see more of them as spirits I am certain!  

They also showed to be capable not only to talk to Mamoru in their stone/spirit form, but ALSO the SENSHI! I would like to think that Kunzite will be there for Minako when she needs him. <3

If you guys are sad cause the SenshixShitennou ship didnt sail as you expected, I would like to provide a little headcanon.

In this episode once the Shitennou are healed, each of the senshi repeats their names and says:

“that’s the true meaning…of your names” and when Jadeite still cannot recall, Rei says:
“Yes you have…Because you told us”.

Now its common in many fantasy settings the power of true names. One who knows a true name of something has power over the thing. 

If they gave their names to the senshi as Rei herself says, if they gave their…TRUE names, we can visualize how their romance went. They loved the girls deeply as to reveal their true names, their power source and who they really were. 

I felt the love.Specially when Kunzite looks over to Minako and calls to her with the most heartbreaking eyes I couldnt imagine him ever making.

So yeah, our ship is canon and even tho they might not be there anymore, they remain connected to each of their beloved.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED how they consoled the girls. Asking them not to cry, to CARRY ON (oh yeah the song better be playing in your head right now). 

Honestly each of their last messages shows us a bit of how they interacted with the girls.
Nephrite: Dont cry…dont cry sailor soldiers…
Zoisite: you still have a mission..
Jadeite: a mission to complete…
Kunzite: Stand up! Your princess is waiting for you!

Nephrite is the sweetest, not wanting to see those he love cry…a knight of comfort INDEED.

Zoisite’s voice is sweet and encouraging. a healer 

Jadeite repeats part of zoisite’s call, not as strong, somehwat frail. He knows he must let go and it hurts him, but he must be PATIENT no matter what cruel fate is in store for him.

And Kunzite … in his command he is encouraging. In a harsh way. Dont stand there! are you a scout or are you not! i can imagine him saying this, bringing Minako to her limits, pushing her further when she was weak, and raising her up when she falls. 

I hope i was able to make you guys see what was good in this episode, we already have so many bashers on Crystal, those who remain need to focus on all the good things it has brought us! The first animation with senshixshitennou! I will love Crystal for all the heartbreaking moments it has! 

Im not going to keep big hopes up, but WHO KNOWS mebe the next chapter might bring them back perhaps as regular humans so they dont interfere with the plot…is unlikely BUT I WILL NOT ABANDON HOPE!

Have a nice weekend guys!

Why you should love ALL of the NuWho companions

Rose Tyler

A lot of the criticisms I see of Rose Tyler are her naivete, her jealousy of other women, and of her hero-worship of the Doctor.  Of course there are moments that do stand out and are problematic.  I tend to think of those as writing flaws rather than character flaws.  And yes, there is a difference. I definitely think that Rose and the Doctor made each other better people. 

The Doctor taught Rose to believe in herself and Rose taught the Doctor that people need second chances, including the Doctor himself.  The best lesson that Rose Tyler exemplified is that someone who is normal, of average intelligence, and who has that youthful ignorance that can be really insulting or even dangerous has the capacity to change both themselves and the world around them for the better as long as their heart is in the right place.

 Another criticism is the fact that Rose Tyler and the Doctor do fall in love.  There really is no denying that, even if those words were not actually said.  Even a Dalek could recognize it.  But since when is it not okay for the Doctor to fall in love?  The Doctor had a wife at some time before he started travelling.  Even the first Doctor got engaged on accident in “The Aztecs.”  Love is not a bad thing.  So what if he fell in love with someone with flaws and who is so much younger?  Love isn’t exactly something that’s logical all the time.  And yes, we can still have this scientific know-it-all part of his personality alongside the part that is in love with Rose Tyler.

Jack Harkness                                                      

I actually don’t see a lot of hate on Captain Jack, but when I do, I get upset.   The main criticism is that all he thinks about is getting into people’s pants.  But look around you, tumblr.  Innuendos everywhere. And I do not recall anywhere in canon where Jack forces anyone to do anything nonconsensual, so it’s a non-issue.   And sure, Jack makes a hell of a lot of mistakes (that don’t involve sex at all) that we learn about in Torchwood, but I guess immortality and having infinite lives gives him a chance to become a better person every time.  And meeting the Doctor changed him from a con man to someone who continually saves the planet.  I’d say that’s character development, wouldn’t you?

Martha Jones

If you hate Martha Jones, you might as well unfollow me now.  No, seriously.  She is intelligent, independent, and ready to take on the world as it comes.  From the moment we meet her in “Smith and Jones”, she keeps her calm in all kinds of situations from hearing the Doctor’s second heart beating from performing CPR on an alien she just met while she herself is starved for oxygen.  She is not afraid of questioning the Doctor when he makes hasty judgments.  When faced with racism, especially in “Human Nature” and “The Family of Blood,” she manages to keep her spirit and not back down even when John Smith as well as others speak daggers at her.   Also when the Doctor lies to her, like in “Gridlock,” she doesn’t take it and deal with it.  She makes him tell the truth.  And that helps them both in the end to trust each other.

 People’s main criticism of Martha is her falling in love with the Doctor, but honestly, haven’t we ALL fallen in love with the Doctor at some point?  So what if she gets a little upset when all he thinks about is how ‘Rose would know how to get us out of this mess’?  Don’t you get upset when you’re talking to someone and all they are focused on is a person who isn’t there and is making you feel like second best?  If you said no, then you’re lying and a hypocrite.

Martha literally walked the Earth, not just for a man she loved and who did not love her back, but because she knew the fate of the universe rested in her hands.  She took up that responsibility knowing how much it would weigh on her.  And she stopped travelling with the Doctor because her family needed her and because she didn’t want to keep chasing after a romantic relationship that wouldn’t happen.  It was a very HEALTHY thing for Martha to do for herself after saving the entire universe.  But she also told the Doctor that he was not allowed to disappear forever.  And they were able to continue their friendship well after Martha had stopped travelling with the Doctor—something that rarely happens with the Doctor’s companions .

Donna Noble

A lot of the criticism I see about Donna is that she is bossy and rude.  I am telling you to reevaluate that statement.  Donna does shout a lot, but as we see in Journey’s End, there is a good explanation for that.  As someone with the same insecurities that Donna has about not ever being listened to, I can vouch for those very REAL feelings causing similar actions, though I am less inclined to raise my voice quite as high because that’s just who I am. Despite what many people see as a rough exterior, Donna has one of the kindest hearts you could imagine.  From her very first encounter with the Doctor in “The Runaway Bride,” she knows that, in her own words, that “someone needs to stop” the Doctor from losing his humanity, as she did with the Racnoss.  She knocks down the Doctor’s ego constantly, which he needs in order to look at things not from the point of view of a Time Lord, but as a regular citizen of the universe. 

Amy Pond

Amy Pond has so much hate thrown at her for no good reason at all.  There is also the complaint that she centered her life around the Doctor too much.  But honestly, meeting a man like the Doctor at the age of seven would cast a LOT of impressions on anyone.  And like any child with a particularly vivid imagination, she was essentially told she was crazy for wanting those improbable adventures with the Doctor to happen.   I think we can all identify with Amelia the child on some level because we all had certain dreams when we were younger that were constantly shot down by adults.

Another complaint is Amy’s flirting with the Doctor, especially on *gasp* the night before her wedding.  Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m so over slut-shaming.  For heaven’s sake, Rory was going to have a stripper jump out of his cake at the stag party and that is somehow perfectly acceptable.  The kiss happened, and yeah, the whole pushing the Doctor into it was not a good thing, but again, I see this as a writer’s flaw (because let’s face it, men have problems writing female characters). 

Amy chose Rory over the Doctor, and that’s a good thing.  She didn’t set herself up for heartbreak like other characters have.  She continued to have a strong friendship with the Doctor.  She was a brilliant mother (even in the case where she didn’t know she was being a mother) and raised two children with Rory.  She had doubts about herself and her marriage after losing Melody but she and Rory worked through them like people in a marriage should.

Rory Williams

I think the main reason people have problems with Rory is that he doesn’t follow the typical dominant-man role.  Come on guys, it’s the 21st century.  It’s okay for Rory to be awkward and less inclined to order women around.  He is still a badass when it comes to protecting people, even ones that he doesn’t really know.  He’s a nurse and lives up to the title.  He gives care and support to people.  Rory’s also not afraid to call the Doctor out on his behavior reminding the Doctor that ‘sometimes it’s not always about saving the universe’ but overcoming difficult things that may seem trivial in the Doctor’s eyes at the time.

River Song

River is the ultimate superhero.  Despite her very difficult childhood and ‘brainwashing’ by the Silence, she was able to break through and find love.  For a person who was engineered to kill, it is an amazing accomplishment, especially since she fell in love with the man who she was supposed to kill in the first place.  So what if she breaks rules?  The Doctor breaks rules all the time.  She should have been bitter about the Doctor…about her own existence even.  There was no way that she was going to have a normal life, and she accepts that even though it hurts.  She gives up her regenerations to save the Doctor, even though she had only just met him.  She supports the Doctor, becoming the ultimate symbol of the universe’s love for the Doctor in “The Wedding of River Song” when she tells him just how much she loves him and that the universe loves him too.  And when the Doctor lost the Ponds, she remained steady and kept looking at the weeping angel because the Doctor couldn’t.  She knew the Doctor completely and was everything he needed, except for that tragic fact of their timelines being reversed.

Honestly, I feel like the only flaws in River’s timeline I can actually admit exist are solely writing flaws, not flaws of River’s character herself.

Clara Oswald

I see so many people complaining about Clara being this ‘Impossible Girl’ and that being the only element of her character.  That’s wrong.  She started out as ordinary as anyone, just like Rose.  I know that comparison makes some of you cringe, but I can’t help drawing it.  The only reason she turned out being the ‘Impossible Girl’ is because she made the decision to do so

Clara is so much more than a plot device.  She’s also very human.  She has a normal job (first being a nanny, then being a teacher), she has a family, and she has an endless supply of curiousity.  She is like us, wanting more out of life than just the ordinary.

Importance - Levi x Petra Fanfic

Disclaimer: I do not own Shingeki no Kyojin.

A/N: Inspired by the third chapter of A Choice with No Regrets, an alternative reality in which Petra is in the same trainee squad as Levi. Please enjoy. :)




It is Isabel who meets her first.

In vast comparison to the other dorms, the women’s sector is arranged neatly without a distinguishable trace of dust or grime. She thinks that Aniki would like the pleasant scent of lemon that seems to linger around the room; maybe she can sneak him in here, just in case of an emergency. The place is not quite so large, but each of the bunk beds look practically identical. Her initial, sputtering anger of being separated from her family cools. At least she has a bed, Farlan points out, taking refuge within his own, utterly oblivious to Levi’s violently throbbing temple as the pristine white sheets are wrinkled in the process. He is right; they have certainly slept in worse places although Isabel cannot say she was necessarily upset about it. Running from the Military Police made every crowded broom cupboard and laundry chute feel like home.

Here, there is no one for her to turn to.

She fakes it, walks with loud, echoing steps, head held high. Her emerald colored eyes glance assertively to the left, to the right, searching for a vacant bed and its conjoining partner. The few soldiers that seem to notice her make no indication of giving Isabel guidance, these women did not jeer or shout insults like she expected, though it is written plainly in their expressions, the way they cruelly put their backs to her and the prominent vibe of ‘unwelcome’ seeps like acid down her throat. What would Aniki and Farlan do…? Isabel looks around but of course they are not there, she feels herself becoming smaller, lost in a giant nest of ants that bite and tear at the frayed strands of her confidence.

Fortunately this trance is shattered.

“Hello? Do you need some help?”

Isabel starts, realizing that in her haze she has nearly collided into another cadet. The young woman before her stands with a perfect posture, looking down upon the newcomer, though not in a manner that would be condescending. Curiously, she does not find a hint of the suspicion and mistrust that has quickly become familiar since their arrival. Rather, Isabel sees only light puzzlement in an otherwise clear expression.

It reminds her a bit of Levi.

“Who are you?” she asks uncertainly.

The strange cadet nods. “I am Petra Ral, a dorm prefect. I can help you settle in.” Isabel cannot tell if she says this out of a sense of kindness or obligation, however many of the bystanders are throwing bewildered looks at Petra, whispering amongst themselves. She is inclined to believe it is the former. Regardless, at least someone is willing to give her direction.

“Thanks, I guess,” Isabel surveys the room again. “So… where do you stash the gnash around here?”

She cannot help it. At that, Petra breaks into a broad smile. “That would be the mess hall, and lunch will be served soon. Let’s hurry and get you ready. It’s five laps for every minute that you’re late.”

Isabel blinks in disbelief. “But… the food is free. Why would anyone want to drag their ass…?” She follows the older woman to a bunk nestled in a far corner ideally - she notices - with a window that overlooks the training field. There might be a way to communicate with the boys and her heart lifts a little. Petra follows her gaze out the window, notices her sigh wistfully. She instinctively reaches out and playfully ruffles the newbie’s shaggy head of hair. “Hey, there’s no time for daydreaming!”


Dear Farlan is left clumsy and tongue-tied every time Petra passes him the bread.

“What the fuck is your problem?” Levi snaps harshly at his friend, fighting the urge to smear that awestruck look off of Farlan’s face with the unsightly mash of gruel in his bowl. He is not entirely certain of which he finds more disgusting. So far they have endured three weeks of their military training. Very few of the other cadets cause them any trouble now about their past, though the tension still lingers. The trio of criminals eat in isolation, keeping quiet conversation amongst themselves. If anyone cared enough to glance their way this evening they would be able to see the two men, one with starry eyes, the other glowering, and the petite redhead is content to watch the spectacle between them with cheeks full of food.

“She’s a goddess, that Petra.” Farlan gnaws on the stale piece of crust with ravenous vigor. In his mind its taste is spectacular. “What I would give to just speak to her.”

“I believe you’re losing perspective here,” Levi says blatantly, shoving the remains of his unfinished dinner across the table for an eager Isabel. He sees the gratitude shining in her large eyes before she accepts it. “We’re not shopping for brides.”

The other man grins sheepishly at him with a nod of agreement. “You’re completely right. It’s not like I think she would ever consider me or something crazy.”

“That’s not the point, you idiot.”

“Actually…!” Isabel chimes in a sing-song voice. “Petra-neesan talks about the both of you quite frequently. There’s a rumor catching wind that we’re the reason she’s joining the Survey Corps.”

They reply simultaneously with very different reactions: “You mean she really does notice me?!” and “What the hell did you just call her?!” respectively.

This is getting ridiculous. Undoubtedly that damn copper-haired woman is proving to be more of an obstacle in their plan than he originally bargained. Levi can see it in their eyes. His friends are completely smitten with her, and this attachment to another cadet is going to make things more complicated. If he had the power, Levi would direct them away, but as fate would have it, Petra is a member of their trainee squad. There would be no chance of avoiding her completely. In fact, annoyingly enough, he is paired with her during their drills way too often. Apparently proof beyond doubt that he can get on fine as a solo slayer is not taken into account during training, and he finds it irritating, being forced to engage in all sorts of scenarios with that girl. The most vivid memory of her comes to his mind, from just earlier that week:

They are told that an injured comrade must be attended to immediately, though while engaging the titans anyone who is not in the air is pretty much considered dead. Returning for them is out of the question unless otherwise ordered. So whilst it is this logic that has been forcefully ingrained into their minds since the first day, it came as a surprise to Levi – who was sitting on the ground because it was his turn to play ‘dead’ – when Petra suddenly broke formation with the rest of the squad and nimbly maneuvered through the branches at top speed, until she finally made her way back to him, a little breathless but triumphant.

“If this were real,” he hissed lowly, keeping himself limp as she struggled to arrange her gear to hold both their weights. “You’d have killed us both. At least I would have the chance of surviving if the titans overlooked me.”

“If this were real,” she whispered in his ear, the warmth of her breath causing him to flinch. “I’d never let you die alone.” Her hold around his waist tightened. 

Fucking wench. After training they were told to run fifty laps without dinner just for ignoring orders.

Levi pulls his thoughts back to the present.

“What does she say?” Farlan presses, peeking hopefully over the sea of heads to where he knows Cadet Ral is sitting. She has her own company, a couple of boys from her village inside Wall Rose. They openly despise and admire the criminals for their incredible talent.

Isabel uses the crust of her bread to swab the bottom of the now empty bowl. She is in no rush to finish her meal. “Well, she admires you a lot. You’re brave, loyal, and trustworthy; yeah… all that good stuff that makes a soldier. I told her, ‘Of course he is! Farlan’s one of the most badass men in the world!’ ” He beams at her appreciatively. 

The young girl glances at Levi then, her lips curl into a smirk. He responds with an arched eyebrow. Not that any of this really matters, so he drops his gaze to the table, indifferent. Isabel does not contribute to the conversation after that.

He never does find out what Petra says about him.


But there are issues of more pressing importance and no time to worry about silly gossip. Like how to get to that blond-haired bastard, for instance. The next excursion beyond the walls is not a long way in coming and their window of opportunity for a counter-attack is gradually narrowing. They must act swiftly.

“I’m going to spy on him tonight,” Levi says at breakfast one morning. It is essential to learn Erwin’s every habitual engagement of every night, or when he is least guarded and what he eats and who makes it. There is no room for error. To Levi’s great disappointment he does not receive the words of wholehearted agreement that he expected. In fact, Farlan and Isabel seem almost completely uncertain, a little hesitant. Military life… is changing them.

With or without their encouragement, when dusk settles the rest of the cadets have already settled into their dorms, Levi murmurs something about using the outhouse, does not even wait to be granted permission from the prefect. He intends for this to be quick work, to search for a simple candle burning in the one window of the large complex he had seen before. He is long since accustomed to the dark embrace of the shadows, and it is comforting, wearing his old cloak with the hood pulled up to conceal his face. A knife is hidden within his long sleeves, though he will try to avoid using it. This mission is solely for the purpose of obtaining useful information. Leaving a trail of blood in his wake would not be advisable. He is prepared to lie. To run. To hide. To fight.

What he is not prepared for is… Petra.

Of course, he notices her following him almost right away. There is an irritating sensation that he gets from the intense set of her hazel eyes on his back. Every step he takes forward or backward she immediately copies. When he shoots swift glances over his shoulder she flails backward about a tenth of a second too slow. Her attempt at stealth is nothing short of pitiful. In any other case, he would just ignore her, but her interference and poor excuse of discretion might draw attention to both of them.

This woman is going to be the death of me, quite literally.

“What are you doing?” Levi sighs, rising from his crouched position behind the crates of dented gas tanks, hands on his hips. He waits patiently for her to give up.

Petra huffs, popping out from her hiding place like a child’s puppet. Her mother should have named her Grace. Levi thinks with bleak humor that she would be a living, breathing oxymoron. “I could ask you the same.” She approaches his hooded figure without a trace of fear from what he can make out in the darkness. Well, that only meant that she is a fool, too. “I saw you sneak away from the others. My bed is right by the window.” She gestures in the general direction of the building. “And… Isabel told me that it was you.”

That little turd. “Oh.”

“So what are you doing?” Her smile is brilliant even partially concealed by the night. It’s a bit eerie, the way Petra responds to the menacing vibes that radiate from Levi, which suggest anything but friendliness. Obviously he is up to no good and hell if he told her anything at all. What kind of answer is she expecting?

Levi looks down mutely at her for a long moment, mentally considering how much noise Petra would make if he decides to attack her. He does not intend to kill, just leave a nice large bump on her head to wake up to in the morning. However… there is the whole dilemma of getting her back to the dorm without either of them being caught which is feasibly impossible. This mission, before it even began, has failed. “Why don’t we just forget about all this? Go back to bed and -”

He does not remember what he meant to say after that. When Petra kisses him without forewarning, seizing him forcefully by the collar of his cloak to lessen the distance between them… his mind goes numbingly, blissfully blank. He does not try to pull away. On the contrary, though he would be teased about it years later, his response is very enthusiastic. His hands on their own accord greedily yank her hips forward to meet with his, a content growl rumbling through his chest as he licks the corner of her mouth, subconsciously searching for more of this glorious taste of sweetened sunshine. Then she pulls back a little, copper-colored hair disheveled.

“Squad Leader Smith!” Petra exclaims breathlessly, arms still maintaining their hold around Levi’s neck.

Erwin is wordlessly watching the spectacle unfolding before him with a perturbing air of assertive calmness. Through the pleasant haze of his mind Levi is vaguely aware of the irony that the subject of the spy was spying on the spy this entire time. Perhaps if Petra had not distracted him he would have noticed his presence. Or maybe not. The fact remains, he has sorely underestimated Erwin. It will not happen again.

Touché, Monsieur Blondie.

Strangely enough, Erwin merely nods in what seems like empathy. Levi is not really listening as he gently chastises them for breaking curfew, submitting to what he calls ‘primitive desires’, says something about the mess hall needing to be cleaned (for anyone else that might actually seem like a punishment). Levi salutes only when he sees Petra doing it, realizing that they are dismissed. He finally raises his grey gaze but only succeeds in shooting a dagger-like glare into Erwin’s back.

“Just so we’re clear, I only kissed you to save our asses.” Petra arches an eyebrow at him. Her lips are still wet and puffy.

“Tch.” If Levi were the type to roll his eyes he would have done so then. “Do I look like an idiot? I’d never kiss you back if I believed otherwise.” Suddenly his throat feels parched. Each breath he takes is painful.


Petra does not even look back at him when she leaves. Levi stares after her vanishing figure, feeling hopelessly confused as to why she sounds so angry.


A/N: And… that’s a wrap! I don’t have anything planned after this scene. I’ll probably wait for more chapters of A Choice with No Regrets to be released and translated before I even consider writing in this AU again, and if enough people enjoy it (please let me know!). Thank you for taking the time to read all of this. ^^

I've been Smoaked

Felicity Smoak. Remember that name. You comic book fans may want to keep an eye out as she very well may become the Oracle (as suggested by The Flash). But that’s besides the point. This is to just give those of you who haven’t yet heard of this amazing person a glimpse as to how Felicity has stolen the hearts of thousands everywhere. I have completely fallen in love with this character. She has (at least for me) taken over Arrow. I consider her the secret hero of the show. Like Sam is to Frodo, Hermione to Harry (and no doubt countless others)- if it hadn’t been for Felicity, who knows if the Arrow would even be alive (or at the very least- in the state of mind he’s at today). So sit back, relax, grab a drink and enjoy this small introduction of everyone’s favorite IT girl

So for starters? The one thing you should know about Felicity is that this girl speaks her mind (& let’s be honest…she usually says exactly what we’re all thinking).

External image

External image

If you ask me- her unfiltered mouth is truly one of her best qualities- even if she doesn’t agree

She’s charmingly quirky

She’s absolutely adorable in any situation- even after purposely running over a human being with a van

(just FYI- they deserved it)

She’s sassy to no end



She’s a terrible liar

She is a badass hacker (obviously) 

External image

She can find your hidden skeletons

Call her what you like- she can still destroy your life with the click of a mouse

She doesn’t judge- even when others might

She won’t accept less then what she deserves

& stands by her standards

She sees right through Oliver’s facade 

Shes fearless

She doesn’t want to be locked away in a tower like some damsel in distress- wherever her team is that is where she wants to be (& where she should be)

She has pulled Oliver out from his darkness more times than anyone can count

She encourages, inspires, and pushes our hero when everyone else has seemingly given up

External image

She isn’t intimated by him. She’ll call him out on his shit- especially when Dig doesn’t

External image

She sees the good in people when others do not

She understands the toll this life takes and doesn’t want anyone else to be destined for the same fate

She’s a part of a team and understands what that means- even when some members (*cough* Oliver *cough*) want to handle their problems alone

She is also completely in love with that stubborn martyr 

External image

Despite this, she respects herself enough to not be dragged along-

She won’t put her life on hold for someone who may never be ready (although Olicitiers everywhere have their fingers & toes crossed that they will eventually be endgame)((cause let’s be honest- she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to him & there is nothing hotter then the pairing of a grim tortured avenger with a sunny IT girl))

She will not settle for the life others have accepted for themselves 

She is the heart of this team

She loves her boys

& they love her

So there you go- a reasonably short list of our Felicity (though I can guarantee her list of wonderfulness continues).

She is without a doubt a crucial member of this team and no one can say otherwise.

As her partner John Diggle once put it…

We couldn’t agree more. 


p.s. I almost forgot- she also knows how to rock a dress

External image

(yeah…that last one blew our minds too)

(I mean can she be any more gorgeous?)

So brace yourselves folks- tonight’s Arrow episode is going to be ALL about her- we’re going to learn the origin of Felicity Smoak

So I don’t know about the rest of you but…

I’m f**king EXCITED!

Love Felicity? Please feel free to add on to this list with traits that you adore about her!

yes.yes you are.

Episode 9 Goblin Review: I’d like it if I could use that as an excuse to continue on living on... together, with you.

Beautiful… simply beautiful… please tell me you cried as much as me. This is the episode that we’ve all been waiting for. From missing each other, to the confession, and then finally the first touch between GR and Sunny was all well directed, written, and acted. Again, I’ll be writing a separate review for Sunny and GR, as well as, the development of Deok-hwa’s (and grandpa’s) character (I’m just amazed at how his character has developed and he deserves a review of his own). 

So Eun-tak finally discovers the truth of what will happen to Shin when she removes the sword and GR is the one who ends up telling her. It’s actually not surprising that he was the one who told her the truth (I never expected Shin to tell her himself because he was going to hide it from her for the rest of her life). I personally believe that at first, GR really wanted Shin to die but now he truly wants Shin to live as much as Eun-tak does. GR’s character development has been simply amazing, from someone who did his work perfectly to someone who’s willing to break the rules for the sake of others. Some people are saying Eun-tak overreacted by “running away,” however, just imagine finding out the truth that maybe the only reason you were kept around was for the sole purpose of removing the sword - as a tool. Learning this fact crushed Eun-tak’s reality, the comfort of finally be accepted, and having a home to call her own. What’s iconic and really sad about this scene when she’s walking in the rain was when GR narrated that it was a while since she had walked through “a certain someone’s tears for a long time.” This is important to note because ever since Eun-tak entered Shin’s life and moved into his house, Shin has been happy until he found out the truth of their fate and when she left. 

Shin panics as he can’t find Eun-tak anywhere despite looking at all the places that are significant to her and their relationship. He becomes desperate by reviving people, causing unnatural weather patterns, and even making the appearance of the super red moon. Symbolically, the super red moon represents the “end of the world” in Christian biblical terms. With Shin making the super red moon appear, this may symbolically represent how it’s the end of the world for Shin if Eun-tak is not by his side. Eun-tak’s impact on Shin’s life is so great that he even expresses how her being the person that he is trying to see would be even better than God himself. This is significant to Shin’s character development because originally he reveres God and wants to personally talk with God to understand the punishment he was given. Probably one of the most interesting aspects of this episode was that Deok-hwa was the one who found Eun-tak (I’ll discuss my theory on this in another review). 

In the end, Eun-tak was hiding at a ski resort. Why would she go to a ski resort? Snow usually represents two things: death/hardship or transformation/a new beginning (it may also represent beauty in some cases). Personally, I think Eun-tak escaping to the ski resort represents her search for a new beginning, as well as, the pain and mixed emotions within her about being the bride, what her role really exists to be, and her feelings for Shin. The idea of “deep snow” represents one’s hardship and a white blanket of snow represents trying to cover that hardship to start over… hence Eun-tak’s line, “There’s just too much snow here.” She’s really going through a tough time trying to forget Shin and move on with her life; however, despite all that “snow,” it still wasn’t enough to cover over her memories of him even though she was hurting a lot inside. And our goblin finally finds his missing bride!! What’s important to note in this scene was that Shin walked towards her and then said, “Let’s go home.” This is significant because this time it’s Shin who is taking the initiative in their relationship and telling her that she has a place to return to. It was even more heart touching when Shin said he lost the chance to tell her the truth but it made him happy - this literally means that he was enjoying his life because of her to not want to die! What’s even more important in this conversation is how Shin has acknowledged that his punishment… his fate… he can’t choose his death and that only Eun-tak has the power to do so. Eun-tak’s line of “I’ll really kill you then and there,” was just a way to drive Shin away… but it obviously didn’t work, lol. 

Shin continues to follow her everywhere she goes and when she finally stops to look behind her, she doesn’t see him. Instead, he’s waiting in front of her! Again, this is significant because previously when Eun-tak looked behind her, Shin was still there waiting; however, this time he’s in front of her which means he’s not looking at her back anymore, but he is in front of her vision where she can see him and he will always be there for her. In the end, Eun-tak really couldn’t “kill” him upon seeing him again because she doesn’t want to! What she’s still most concerned about is whether if Shin loved her or not despite being his bride. Shin’s answer couldn’t be more perfect, “I’m scared.” Loving Eun-tak is both his happiness and fear - as she can disappear any moment whether she chooses to leave him or by death’s hands. He’s so afraid that he’ll lose her or be rejected by her, that he’d rather have confirmation from her that he is still needed by her, that she wants him to love her, and that she wants him to stay with her. T.T It’s a pure selfless love as it’s all about her and he’ll do anything she says as long as it makes her happy. 

Ugh… GR is truly the bro of the year! I love the part where he tells Shin to man up, lol. This is truly interesting as this is said by the grim reaper who used to follow the rules by the book and hated diverting from fate which is determined by god. I believe this served as a wake up call for Shin (who has been talking about “fate” non-stop lol); especially when Eun-tak’s life was on the line again! In Eun-tak’s almost final moments of her “death,” the one and only person that she was thinking of was none other than Shin. I believe that this was the moment Eun-tak realized that she was in love with Shin all along, therefore, admitting that she needs him and loves him. This is important as Eun-tak has never admitted to needing anyone in her life because no one wanted her… until she met Shin and started to desire his attention, comfort, and love.

AHHHHHHHHH!!! I was fangirling over this moment so much that I rewinded this scene like 10+ times! OMG! Shin was so badass when he saved her and carried her like a princess!! T.T The music… the light-out… the flames… the princess carry… ugh everything was perfect. 

Eun-tak never fails to surprise me how she is so selfless… the moment she wakes up from the hospital, she immediately thinks about Shin and requests for matches. It’s been a while since Eun-tak has summoned Shin… and when she did summon him, she was truly saddened when she didn’t see him right away. However, the reason why he didn’t appear was because he was already there waiting for her… willingly! This is totally different compared to the cake scene because Shin wasn’t expecting it… but this time around he probably was expecting it and he was willingly waiting for her because he wanted to. Again, this is reflecting how Shin wants to always be in front of Eun-tak’s vision… hence he says “I wanted to get here ahead of you…” He doesn’t want her to be summoning him only, but instead be there for her all the time! And finally… that back hug just killed me! SHIN TELLS HER THAT HE LOVES HER TOO!! OMG MY OTP FINALLY CONFESSED TO EACH OTHER!!! YUSSSS!!! The beautiful part of this confession was when Eun-tak said she “can’t see anything in him anymore.” This shows that Eun-tak no longer sees him as “the goblin with a sword in his chest” but as “the person she likes who is tall, has expensive-looking clothes, and has cool-looking eyes.” You can see how this touches Shin’s heart because there is finally someone who loves him for who he is… regardless of his status. And finally… we see him patting Eun-tak’s head with them standing on a “melty snowy” hill and the sun behind them. Melting snow represents “a new beginning.” With the sun shining behind Shin and Eun-tak with a “melty snowy” scenery may symbolize how their relationship has taken a step forward towards a new beginning from the hardships they encountered (Shin fighting against his fate and Eun-tak looking beyond what she’s fated to do). 

Afterwards, we just get MORE cute scenes of our OFFICIAL COUPLE!!! YESSS!! Shin wants her to return home asap and even calls Chairman Yoon (grandpa) to fire Eun-tak quickly before he melts all the snow at the resort (again another reference of “melting snow” as “a new beginning”). I JUST LOVE HOW EUN-TAK SAYS “I’M HOME” and SHIN GREETS GR LIKE THEY ACCOMPLISHED SOMETHING TOGETHER! I also love Gong Yoo in shades (hence my profile picture lol). But wait!!!! It gets even better when Eun-tak calls Shin, “my ahjusshi,” when GR tells Shin to come with him. I FUCKIN DIED when Shin was low-key blushing and GR was cringing haha. It’s also important to note that Shin found about about Eun-tak’s acceptance before her (hence he paid her tuition already). 

What’s even more adorable was how Shin sprayed some of the perfume in his room!! OMG this dork spraying the scent of his girl in his room, lmfao. xD If you didn’t realize, Shin is planning to stick around until Eun-tak is in old age (that’s why he says she must pay him back in 80 years but not too fast because he essentially is saying she is stuck with him forever). AND IT GETS EVEN BETTER when Eun-tak says in the most adorable voice, “We’re going on a date,” and Shin winks back!! OMO!! How I have been blessed to see my OTP so damn cute together! Probably the best scene thus far was when Eun-tak asked her same question when she received the purse the first time if there was love within the gift and Shin says “he did put it in there somewhere.” Firstly, again, love is still the most important factor for Eun-tak in regards to the gift and this time Shin is not hesitant to express his feelings. Guys, idk what you may think about this couple, but this is one of the most amazing and well-written relationship development I’ve ever seen in a drama! (Their relationship is FAR FROM melodramatic; how can you even say their relationship is melodramatic when it has taken friggin 9 EPISODES OUT OF 16 for them to finally confess their feelings for each other?!?) 

Lastly, I’m going to discuss the topic of sincerity. This word has been brought up way too many times that it’s not a coincidence. Firstly, we all know by now that in order for Eun-tak to touch Shin’s sword, she must sincerely want to pull the sword out. This time, a human was able to enter the teahouse because of his sincerity of needing to use the bathroom, lol. And lastly, Shin has decided to sincerely try to stay by Eun-tak’s side even if it means he must confront God and mess up God’s plan. Also, maybe Shin’s act of opening doors to teleport to places literally represents him opening doors to change his fate, or his new beginning with Eun-tak. Perhaps, what encompasses love and understanding is by having a basis of sincerity? In order to start a new beginning, want change in your life, or to simply be in a relationship with someone, sincerity is the foundation of all of our interactions with each other. For example, just look at Shin and Eun-tak’s relationship, before they were hiding secrets from each other and they weren’t completely honest with each other… and this didn’t end up well as Eun-tak ran away and Shin was just putting all the burden on himself. However, after confronting each other and being honest with each other… they both were able to move forwards together, confess their love for each other, and fight against the tragic fate that they were given (and this was accomplished because they were sincere with their feelings). Maybe Sunny and GR’s relationship will plummet (as foreseen by Shin) because they are not yet sincere with each other (GR is still hiding the fact he’s a grim reaper and technically Sunny has no recollection of telling him her name). 

This scene was too hilarious, lmao. Ahh… I love how their relationship has grown from enemies to friends ^^ 

So in conclusion, this episode is probably one of my most favorites! Everything was on point: the story-telling, acting, and cinematography!!! I don’t have much else to say other than the fact that I’m looking forward to more details about Sunny and GR’s relationship since Sunny grabbed GR’s hand (I honestly wasn’t expecting this lol). Also, my OTP is finally together!! I want to see more interactions between Shin and Eun-tak (as well as a “leveled” up kiss - SHIN YOU NEED TO REDEEM YOURSELF LMAO… well only if you can since you’re also an amateur at love haha). I also expect to see some more interaction between Shin and Sunny now that Shin knows Sunny’s real name. Lastly, I would love to see some character development from Sunny since GR, Shin, Eun-tak, and even Deok-hwa have shown amazing growth. AHHH I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS NEW EPISODE TODAY!!!

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Important Anon Question regarding Pedophilia

2014's TV Heroine & Noteworthy Actress

“You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem and smarter than you think." 

Heroes don’t always wear capes and prowl the streets in an attempt to bring justice into the world, sometimes, the most heroic thing one can do is strive towards becoming the best version of themselves all while remaining a selfless, good person who owns up to their flaws and learns from their mistakes.

Emma Swan (Once Upon A Time)

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There's an extra degree of irony in the whole "White male gamer terrorism" debacle

It’s who they’re choosing to target.

Wyrd Miniatures is arguably the most progressive gaming company that’s never felt like it’s pandered to anyone. they are a key example of actual, natural diversity that exists properly in setting.

Setting wise, things rarely if ever feel forced, while still managing diversity most companies would have to break out the shoehorn to include. this is on top of the fact that the setting is based on a heavy spaghetti western aesthetic, which includes a time in american history that most supposed progressives would want erased, and replaced with a one word entry reading BADONG (thank you kung pow)

To give a short history, magic used to be a thing on earth, but started to drain after a while. then, this thing called the breach opened up, letting humans into an alternate dimension called Malifaux, with a curiously huge abandoned city. this place had a mineral called Soulstone, which could capture and power magic. after a good long while, it closed up. this sparked an event called the powder wars (Imagine if the US civil war got blindsided by WW1 and 2 at the same time and both sides got forced together to not get utterly destroyed) which caused a consortium of war profiteers called The Guild to rise to power, and a good portion of east asia to shut it’s doors and turtle up for defense in a conglomerate “nation” called the Three Kingdoms. 100 years after the closing, the breach flew open again, with absolutely no sign of anyone who was there when it shut. the guild took power over the plane and after ~20 years (IIRC) of shenanigans later, the setting is at it’s current point, where everyone’s stopped caring about what’s happening on earth because great googly moogly everything’s going to shit. 

outside of a puppet and an eight year old, there’s an even split for male and female Masters, the biggest and baddest names in the setting, along with plenty of diversity. This is including but not limited to:

Three of the guild’s biggest, most independent enforcers being women. these three are the “good guys” of the guild.

-Lady Justice is quite literally Lady Justice. she’s blind and is still one of the best melee combatants in the setting. she had an entire observatory dropped on top of her and was still alive when she got dragged out of it, and to this day leads an sizable cabal of zombie hunters.

-Sonia Criid pursues illegal magic, which while that sounds kind of shitty when the guild has such restrictive laws on the stuff, She hasn’t given a fuck about who she’s arrested since she basically nailed a fire god to her soul to gain more power. she’s canonically arrested several officials that rank higher than her, all of whom thought they were safe due to that fact.

-Perdita Ortega is the leader of the Ortega family, a group of Mexican ranchers who are apparently badass enough to raise cattle in hell. she also hunts Neverborn, the Natives of malifaux, especially the Nephelim, who are pretty much Vampire demons.

The rest of the guild is under the thumb of Lucius Mattheson, a shapeshifter, and essentially the second highest ranking person in all of the Guild, and by extension, all of malifaux

outside of the Guild, we have

-Molly Squidpidge, one of malifaux’s best journalists in life, and one of the first fully sentient undead (after getting killed by malifaux’s equivalent of jack the ripper), she’s arguably one of the most powerful necromancers in the whole setting

-Tara, yet another sentient undead, only she has an entire sword made of soulstone and wields the power of entropic C'thulhu. 

-Rasputina, batshit powerful cannibalistic Ice witch who single-handedly reformed the Cult of December into a matriarchal structure, and yet is still accepting if you’re the correct kind of insane cannibalistic screwball to roll with her cult

-Marcus, biology professor turned king of beasts. his race has never been brought up to my knowledge, despite having the kind of complexion that comes naturally with not having seen the inside of a building in several years.

-Toni Ironsides, Troubleshooter for the Miners & Steamfitters Union. She’s the Daughter of escaped slaves, born without a single fuck to give. she’s a card shark, extremely literate, and actually has character traits beyond the fact that she’s diverse. Gameplay wise, she’s also one of the hardest models in the game to kill.

-Lilith, Queen of the Nephilim, and a combat monster capable of locking swords with Lady J

-Pandora, living manifestation of sorrow and insanity, and a master who’s mere presence on the board basically warps how you need to think about the game

-Zorida: Fate. she is the millenia old living agent of fate, and one of two of the most powerful masters in lore. capable of bending those of lesser will to her own, and de-facto leader of the bayous, and the gremlins that live there. with the two above her, she’s also a reference to Hecate, AKA the triune Goddess

-The Viks, A woman who teamed up with her doppelganger (after overpowering her, something established as nearly impossible to do in lore) to become some of the most feared mercenaries in Malifaux.

-Misaki Katanaka, Daughter of the Oyabun, who is the current de-facto ruler of the three kingdoms (and lord of the Ten Thunders, a crime syndicate that began exerting power through fear in the Three Kingdoms), and the woman who’s basically single-handedly responsible for all their operations in Malifaux. arguably an extreme lesbian for Mei Feng.

-Mei Feng, a character so awesome i almost want to make people read about her. an extreme populist who performs a three ball juggling act between the Ten Thunders and their desire to execute their plans in malifaux, The Miners and Steamfitters Union, who she performs tasks for in order to secure both loyalty and funds, and those who are loyal to her, who she wants to secure a free existence for in Malifaux. 

This barely even scratches the surface for all the diversity in setting. seriously, I left out even a few masters, not even including Henchmen, the other named characters in setting (which includes basically human twilight sparkle in a giant robot suit, and Alex Louis Armstrong with his classical element inverted)

unfortunately, I also think while this is a major oversight in their targeting of Wyrd specifically, there’s also a reason for that targeting.

Wyrd is a smaller company, but it’s also plagued by problems. while it’s been experiencing growth in the last few years, it’s also been plagued by problems (including it’s proverbial curse, seriously, the production hiccups at the company have reached near supernatural levels) and a lot of people have viewed the company’s structure as weak. combine that with the fact that the game has a more diverse cast than the setting would usually allow, and I think Latining and her crew want to try and strong-arm Wyrd into making “diversity” positions, because she’d believe they might be open to the idea after some mafia style “persuasion”. if they pull it off with a smaller company, they might try for Fantasy Flight or Sodapop next.

these people want a gaming trust and safety council so they can shut down anything they don’t understand, especially in the game that’s the absolute epitome of “Portrayal does not mean endorsement.”

to tell the truth, this is absolutely anathema to anything my friends and I have ever seen from the gaming community. I have found nothing but acceptance, and I’ve never heard any XYZphobic statement. (well, okay, I’ve heard plenty of racism, but when the Elf and Kender rights councils come into existence, they can take it up with us)

The head of the company released a pretty form-standard “We do not endorse harassment” message on the forum. I’m praying that’s the end of this chapter of stupid.