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reasons why my middle school english teacher is one of the most #iconic people i’ve ever met

  • added me on facebook when i was a junior in high school with the message, “i was wondering if it was okay to add you, and then i was like, eehhhhhh screw it, she’s not my student anymore”
  • when i made a status saying “i used to be a straight a student… now i’m not even straight…” she commented “same”
  • once got an entire class period off-track because she wound up explaining the difference between being trans and being a drag queen to a group of 12 year olds (this was when i decided i liked her)
  • commented “YAS” when i shared the carmilla season 3 trailer
  • had a reputation for being a hardass but let me eat lunch in her classroom when i didn’t have any friends
  • also she wasn’t even really a hardass she just expected people to do the work???
  • an actual conversation we had: “Can I use this book for my book report?” “You’re supposed to use an ‘age-appropriate’ book out of the school library, this is for adults. “*tiny susie groaning*” “I know. It’s a stupid rule. You should be able to read what you want, you know?”
  • one time my friend and i were at a local arts festival, which just meant it was a gathering place for stoners, gays, and broke college students, and we got shanghaied into volunteering to pick up trash, which naturally meant the second we were alone, we started fucking around and NOT picking up trash, and when we were swordfighting with the trash-pick-uppers, someone yelled “HEY! GET BACK TO WORK!!” and we both jumped and turned around and my middle school english teacher was there, with her girlfriend and a huge-ass bong, laughing her ass off and going “i’m kidding, i’m kidding! what’s up, susie?”

truly an icon, tbh

Just something I doodled to get back into the swing of things. Also, something to upload while I work on part 2 of my other comic.

I didn’t know maid Ritsu was canon. I just thought people were drawing him in a maid outfit cause why not? lol 

Distant fields-Tales of berseria AMV
Song: Distant fields Singer: Sarishinohara Enjoy!

A new amv by me!!! Enjoy! :D 

There are berseria spoilers- proceed at your own risk! 

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Hey, I've noticed you've been relatively quiet lately when it comes to sharing your thoughts on here. Just wanted to check in a make sure everything is ok, but I assume it's because you're busy living your meaningful and complex Katie Life

you are observant, my friend. i don’t totally know how to answer this to its fullest extent, but you’re right in assuming that i’m busy with life. 

i miss this little corner of the internet, though. i miss the people, the connections made that turn into real-life friendships, the vulnerability, the encouragement, the beauty of it all. i’m trying to set aside some time this weekend to answer the messages i receive from all of you on here every day, so if you’ve got any more to add to it, don’t be afraid to stop on by.


Seeing all these trans activists who violently harrass & stalk & assault Jordan B Peterson telling him “um, actually psychology supports trans ideology uwu! educate urself!” cracks me up but it also scares me. Like, the man is literally a PSYCHOLOGY PROFESSOR. You know your ideology is fucked up when you share a community with a bunch of high school dropouts and art students who are telling a clinical psychologist with a Ph.D who teached at Harvard that he needs to educate himself on his own field. That alone should tell you enough. Are you people out of your goddamn minds?

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You seem to be really good at advice, and I was wondering whether you have any advice on dealing with nosy people/people who pressure you in to doing things that you're not comfortable talking about? I find it difficult to change the topic/answering the question without answering it. Is there anything you do it avoid these awkward situations? I feel like I should ask why they feel obligated to know, but I'm sure they'd keep pestering me about stuff like that in the future. I try and avoid (1/2)

them as much as possible, but it’s difficult when you share the same class’ or change seats etc (2/2)

Hii! :)

Ugh, I feel you, nosy people are my least favorite kind of people, tbh. Especially the ones that you don’t even know that well, yet they feel like it’s totally okay to interrogate you.

Now I gotta say that I’m a pretty blunt person in real life actually, lol! I have plenty of patience with friends/family, but otherwise, I’m a rather private person and if you’re sticking your nose where it shouldn’t be, you’ll know when it’s time to stop talking to me. :p 

But I totally get that not everyone’s like that, and you might find it difficult to flat out tell someone (or even just let them know with short, dismissive answers, like I usually do) “this doesn’t concern you, and I don’t feel comfortable talking about this”, but nonetheless, you have every right to do so. 

If you tell a friend or family member this, surely they’ll understand, and if you tell anyone else that you aren’t really close to at all, it means that it wasn’t their business in the first place. 

Never feel guilty or bad or awkward for not wanting to share your entire life story with anyone who happens to be curious, or to politely let them know. 

Another great tip: The thing about people is, no matter how nosy they are, for most human beings it’s in their nature that they can’t resist talking about themselves when given the chance. As much as they want to know stuff about you, a lot of folks are big fans of talking about their own weekly drama even more.

So whenever someone fires one of those questions at you, what works all the time (for me at least), is the wonderful line “idk, what about you?”, or “meh, what about you?” and the chances are that when given the opportunity, they’ll take the bait, and you’ll easily turn the conversation around for it to focus on them. 

But hey, I’m afraid there’s no way to avoid these kind of situations altogether, sadly. I hope this helped a little though! 

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hi Alice I am to be 18 soon and I am starting to feel the pressure to be in a relationship quite a bit... (never even kissed anyone). Noone is consistently bringing it up but I fear it a lot, I don't know how I should react if someone brings it up again... gah, so annoying... and when my friends share their experiences I just feel like there is something wrong with me and it won't go away. how do you deal with friends/family?

this is something that can take you a long time to come to terms with. understanding the reasons why you haven’t experienced these things is an important part of that - do you not want it? are you unable to feel those sorts of feelings? or have you simply not had the opportunity yet? it doesn’t matter what the reason is, but understand why this is who you are can really help you start to accept it.

plus obviously you should know that not having been in relationships or had romantic/sexual experiences doesn’t make you a lesser person, inferior, less mature, etc. there is absolutely nothing wrong with you at all. you are just you. not everyone is the same or feels the same about romantic/sexual relationships.

find good friends who accept you. my friends don’t look down at me at all for being like this, though there have been people in the past who would sneer at me for it. i don’t know what to suggest with family, though. i counter their pressure by making jokes about it lmao.

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I feel like one time when Tendou (if he shares a room with Ushi) tried to wake up Ushijima to talk to him 'bout anime or smth and Ushijima got a fright and punched him by accident.


LIKE “Psst… Wakatoshi-kun…. Naruto- OW!” “SHIT SORRY TENDOU, INSTINCT” “WHY IS YOUR RIGHT HOOK SO GOOD YOU’RE A LEFTY” “I DON’T KNOW” And they end up waking up Semi and Yamagata(whose room is right next to theirs), who are pissed the next day at practice. 

Send in some headcanons!! 

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It's 1am here & english is only my second language so this won't be as eloquent as I would like. But that anon was so rude! Never feel bad for charging people for your art. Yes,I love & appreciate when peole share their art for free but I also understand that it is a privilege. People have bills to pay and if your art/talent can help with that I say go for it.I hope that anon didn't get you down and that you're having a nice day/night :-) P.s Fandom artists don't owe anyone shit, be grateful <3

Thank you for being so kind. I don’t get upset anymore honestly so you don’t have to worry about that. ^^ I do however feel bad for not posting as often.

Thank you for this message. xx


June: Life is Better When You Share the Ride | Directed by John Kahrs

And for a behind the scenes look:

one thing i like about alex danvers’ coming out journey as an adult was that like….she was surprised, but…not…surprised. and then the more she thought about it the more she remembered all these things that she knew, but that she didn’t KNOW, you know?

They did a good job capturing the ways in which not figuring it out is some combination of not knowing and all the ways the world convinces us to not look and not see.