when seeing live bands was affordable!

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Pairing: Reader x Peter Parker
Word Count: 1.2K
Warnings: Fluff

A/N: Sorry I didn’t get to include any angst!

Your fingers impatiently tap against your school desk, the screen on your laptop hadn’t changed in 30 minutes, and you were starting to panic. You can feel Peter’s eyes on you, but you don’t want to look away from your screen - not even for a second - in fear that it would load and you’d lose your chance.

“How’s it looking, babe?” Peter whispers in your ear, making you jump a little,

“I don’t know,” you sigh out, making sure to keep your voice low so that your teacher at the front of the classroom can’t hear, “I’ve been stuck in this stupid green room loading screen for forever,”

“You’ll get through,” Peter tries to reassure you, “Ticket’s don’t go on sale for another 5 minutes anyway,”

You nod, but you don’t really believe him. You’d tried this before, a week ago, and you failed to get tickets then too. This was shaping up to be the same.

When you’d found out that your favourite band was touring, you exploded with excitement. You’d been waiting years for them to finally announce a tour, and the New York date happened to be the day before your birthday. You’d told yourself it was fate; but now it wasn’t looking that way.

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I just saw Weezer live. Anyone who knows me long enough knows how much the band, and specifically their first two albums, means to me.

When I failed to get tickets in 2014, I actually cried in front of my friends. Three years later I was able to see them for free, for an event I did not plan/could afford to go to if it was not for the free passes.

The child in me, the teenager in me and the adult in me are all so happy, so pleased, so over joyed to have finally experience a dream of mine since I was 12 years old.

So so so happy

anonymous asked:

I need reasons to stay alive

Your life is precious. Here you have 50 reasons to stay alive.

  1. Snowdays
  2. Finding a talent you never knew you had
  3. Getting to hear every new album your favorite band releases
  4. Seeing Finding Dory and Monsters University when they come out
  5. Watermelon in the summer
  6. Kittens and puppies
  7. Seeing your best friend get married
  8. “Children there’s a mistake in the test and it will now be considered bonus”
  9. Traveling to new places and discovering new things
  10. Knowing that technology is getting amazing and SOON there WILL be affordable 3d printers that can print out pizza and other foods (seriously!)
  11. The sound of rain when you’re falling asleep at night.
  12. One day you will feel better than you do now
  13. Ice cream is delicious
  14. The feeling you get when you don’t have to set an alarm for the next day
  15. Being able to, one day, hang GIFs on your wall (just imagine how great that will be!)
  16. those “this never leaves this room” moments
  17. Seeing an old friend after such a long time
  18. When teachers use your work as a good example and you’re just like “fuck yeah”
  19. Capri Suns!
  20. Seeing your favorite band/artist live
  21. Getting to see new videos from your favorite YouTubers
  22. Seeing new movies Leonardo DiCaprio is in and won’t win awards for being in
  23. Because people DO care about you, including me.
  24. One of Dr. Seuss’ best quotes: “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” Appreciate and love that.
  25. Going to the pool on a hot summer day
  26. Amusement parks
  27. the butterfly project
  28. Laughing until your stomach hurts
  29. Finding music that you can really relate to
  30. Winning a stuffed animal from the claw machine (i’m addicted to them)
  31. Your best friend
  32. When a baby holds on to one of your fingers with their entire hand
  33. Being able to spend Christmas at Disneyland
  34. Learning the lyrics to an eminem song and being to rap it like a boss
  35. Birthday cake
  36. The cold side of the pillow
  37. Getting to correct the teacher
  38. Telling a really funny joke and just sitting there while everyone laughs, knowing you are the reason why
  39. Getting back from vacation and being able to use your own bathroom
  40. Getting back from vacation and being able to sleep in your own bed
  41. Random unexpected texts
  42. When you meow at a cat and it meows back
  43. The warm feeling of putting on jeans straight out of the dryer
  44. When you finish eating a sandwich and remember you still have another half to eat (hell yes!)
  45. Chocolate cake
  46. Having eye sex with your crush
  47. Knowing all the lyrics to a song
  48. Learning how to play an instrument
  49. When you start smiling and can’t contol it
  50. Laughing when you thought you were uncapable of doing so

There are so many reasons to stay alive. I hope you can see that. if you need help just message us again. anon or not.

come on and ask/tell Lucas anything. sexual or not. the weirdest/sexual the better

Donate buttons and wishlists should really only be on people’s pages for the following reasons:

  • It’s for a charity or cause that doesn’t benefit the user personally. For example, raising money for cancer research or collecting toys for homeless children.
  • They need but can’t afford a surgery, medication, product, or service that is either life-saving or dramatically life-improving (and by that I mean something like an expensive wheelchair or funds for a couple trying to adopt a child, not concert tickets or a car). I’m also including sex change surgery in this category because for some people it can be life-saving.
  • They’ve hit rock bottom financially and are at risk of being homeless or starving (or they already are). This can be because they lost their job, they lost everything in a fire or other disaster, they’re trying to leave an abusive household, or some other legitimate reason.
  • They’re trying to help out a friend or family member who is in one of the above situations.

There’s probably some other situations too, but the point is people should only ask for money or gifts online if it’s something they NEED and that they can’t pay for themselves. Asking for money from strangers on the Internet should be used as a last resort, nothing more. Here’s what I’m tired of seeing (note: the quotes in here aren’t actual quotes, they’re just based on what I’ve been seeing):

  • Wishlists with things the person doesn’t need in hopes some stranger on the Internet will decide to be nice and buy it for them.
  • PayPal links with either zero explanation or just a short caption that says something vague like “Click here to fund me!”
  • Sob stories that give no explanation as to where the money is actually going. Example: “My dog ran away, my boyfriend and I are fighting, I might have to move across the country and I’ve just been really sad lately. I added a donate button on the sidebar if you want to help me out, any amount is appreciated!” Like, I’m sorry you’re having a hard time but how will sending you money help with those things?
  • People who make things they don’t need sound like necessities. Example: “I recently moved out of my parents’ house and now I’m coming up short on rent. My only options are being homeless or moving back home. My parents aren’t abusive or anything, I just need my own space and I need to prove to everyone that I can be independent. Please help!” (Umm, if you’re asking for money online you’re clearly not yet capable of being independent.) Or: “My favorite band is coming to my town soon and I really want to go to their show, the only problem is that I can’t afford it! It’s my dream to see them live and they only tour once every few years, so this is the only chance I’ll have for a while. Please donate soon before tickets sell out!”
  • Stories that are clearly made up. I don’t think this one requires an explanation.

I guess I’m just annoyed because when people abuse the system like that it makes it harder for the people to get money when they actually need it. I’m really distrusting of people who ask for money on here because I always wonder if it’s someone who’s lying or exaggerating to get what they want. That’s not fair to the people who actually do need the money. I don’t get how people can be so dishonest and greedy.