when ryan found out


Jordan didnt like Theo. especially when he found out that Theo was evil. after that Jordan always seemed to be around you. he was a constant companion, strong and assuring.

you were in the station when Theo walked in. Jordan immediately stood up straighter, his hand going to the small of your back. Theo grinned, “not here to hurt your girl.”

“then why are you here?” you asked.

Theo took a step towards  you and Jordan’s eyes flashed orange, “dont come any closer.”

random fahc headcanons

• Gavin loves to put in makeup before heists. His favorite thing to wear is his gold eyeliner.
• Geoff onced used all of his money from a heist to help pay Jack’s top and bottom surgery so she can transition fully
• Ray is the best at winged eyeliner, and the other lads are extreamly jealous. (Ray says its his steady hand from being a sniper) (also from being high all the time)
• Ryan burned Jack’s records at the police office when he found out that they still had her under “male”.
•Jack knew that the lads stole her makeup before they actually admitted that they loved it, but she didnt mind. She just gave them tips on how to apply it before buying them their own.
• Sometimes, Ryan lets Ray apply his face paint. But ever since Ray gave the Vagabond winged eyeliner and red lipstick for a bank robbery, he’s been restricted from that job.
• Geoff refuses to admit that he loves dresses, but they all know.
• Ray still lives at the pent house even though he’s not with the crew anymore.
• When Jeremy joined, he was so excited to be “part of the team” that he didn’t sleep for the first week of living with them. (It may or may not have also been partly Ryan’s fault. What can he say, that dudes fucking scary.)
• Ray has a pair of Doge thigh highs.
• Ryan loves them.

When I found out [Cory had passed away], Ryan was one of the first people I called. When Cory was alive, Ryan was very helpful in trying to get him well and healthy but, when that day did come, Ryan did take charge, and he helped me more than I can ever explain. He completely cared for me. He made sure I was okay every single day, whether it was coming over to his house and having dinner prepared for me, or making sure I was okay at work. He sat me down and said, ‘What do you want to do? Do you want to continue the show? Do you want it to end?’ I just said, ‘I just want to go back to work.’ His heart is bigger than I think he knows what to do with sometimes.

So the other day I was walking around searching for vintage stores and I found a cool bookshop and I bought a couple books one about a hippie commune in the 70s and another one of fables and tales written in the 60s. Why is that important?

Well, it turns out the place was called llibreria de la lluna, which basically stands for bookshop of the moon. When I found out I was like wow this is pretty ryan ross - esque, but there is more. In the tales compilation one I found a bookmark from another book company based in Seattle. Of all places Seattle!

Coincidence? I think not.

Why Brendon doesn't play songs from Pretty.Odd

I’ve been complaining about the lack of Pretty.Odd songs (and Fever) in Panic’s setlist for years and tonight, while I was having a glass of wine and eating a mango, I had an epiphany (it was definitely the mango that inspired me).

When Panic split and Jon and Ryan found out Spencer and Brendon were keeping the name and hence playing the old songs, they were upset. And they made public comments about it. Including Jon shading them in an interview saying they obviously “preferred playing songs they hadn’t written” (Bren and Spence).

Now, Brendon is a proud man. Nothing bad about that. He just is. So for him to be able to go to number 1 with the songs HE wrote had to mean a lot. Like proving something to himself. So of course he wouldn’t feel comfortable playing songs from the pre-split albums so he isn’t accused of living off the success of songs he didn’t write (he did write a few btw).

He left Time to dance because it’s special to him, he wrote the riff and a good chunk of the melody. Nine because he came up with the beat and the intro on the piano, he’s responsible for the musical feeling of the song. And Sins because he feels he has to.

I’m not a huge Brendon fan (although I admire him a lot as a vocalist and instrumentalist). I love Ryan and pre split Panic is more my thing. But this makes sense.

I’ve said it before that although I complain, hearing Brendon singing Pretty.Odd songs by “himself” in 2016 would probably make me cringe so hard.


I miss 2005-2009.