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p>so this weekend I went to Cambridge and it was beautiful + I now have over 1k! !! I’m so happy I honestly couldn’t feel better about myself and this blog, I had no idea when I started out I would gain this much attention, so in comemoration I’m going to give my ig @ moncheriali, I follow back :) thank you thank you thank you ily all💓💓💓

Looking for mainly FF14 blogs!

Proxi here, I’m an artist and raider on Tonberry, though my previous main is on Balmung! I’m typically active in the “morning”, as I live in Asia. I never kicked off my RP life because I’m p nervous, but I’m open to asks and headcanons :,)

My previous account was cluttered all sorts of problems, that I noticed only when I started using it more actively. It was pretty much over 5 years old, and managing it became difficult.

I’d love to follow new blogs for content. Also let me know if you don’t mind me tagging you for character memes (I like being tagged too) :,)  Just throw a follow or reblog my way and I’ll follow back!

HEYO STAR WARS FAM! it’s me, calling from the other side. Lmao, I am so funny, rip. ANYWAY, there has been a LOT of negativity in the fandom lately and meanwhile, I am more than HAPPY that I do not have any part in it, I do see some of it on my dash. It makes me SAD &&. makes me think about how we used to be ( wow, cheesy ) when I joined, the fandom wasn’t like THIS but well, time never stops ( *fight the urge to athlete student meme this —* ). So, I know, I know - this post won’t change ANYTHING but I just wanted to do something to maybe cheer us all up a little. Negativity should not take over a fandom and should not be the reason people neglect their blogs. Have your Clique, have your faves as long as YOU feel comfortable because THAT is all that matters. And now, something bright &&. nice so yes, under the cut are some Positive Callouts!! happy reading and spread the positive vibes! 

xoxo Antonia

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anonymous asked:

Sorry about asking when the ask box was closed but hopefully your okay with doing it now! Headcannons about Sidon taking care of his warrior s/o by dressing her not so serious wounds? (Female, if that's alright)

No worries! It was my fault, I had no idea how to edit that. However, blade-of-nyamora (a delight of a human being who runs a lovely rp blog for Galra Keith and Galra Lance who I heavily suggest following) showed me how to, so hopefully in the future I’ll be able to edit that and avoid confusion.

As for gender, no worries. I usually do gender neutral only when people don’t specify, so no worries if you want a specific gender. 

-Mod Pinks

Dressing female warrior s/o’s wounds (Sidon)

  • Mom lectures. Mom lectures for days
  • Don’t get me wrong, he’s overjoyed that they came back to him, safe and in (relatively) one piece.
  • And he’s very proud of his s/o for following her calling of warrior, few people have the personal will power to do so. 
  • But dang it, don’t they know how much they worry him when they greet him as if nothing happened and they’re covered head to toe in blood?
    • It’s not mine, I swear?”
    • “Why would that make me feel better???”
  • Once he finishes his mothering of her and dressing her wounds, he needs cuddles
    • He needs to feel her in his arms, close to him while she still can be, just to make sure she’s still alive.
  • Very protective over the course of the next few days

Personal: @skeletonhomie

Taking in my best friend’s ( @once-upon-a-reylo) suggestion to go on a hiatus. Not a semi-hiatus. I’m taking 3 full weeks off my roleplay blogs and spend the time in my personal one. Focus on the art trades, sketches and commissions I need to get done. Reblog and post of the other fandoms I’m into. No need to worry about “I gotta do replies after work!” Just….focus more on myself.

Emotionally I’m not doing well. Yes.  But I can’t go having those who really care for me suffering the mistakes that someone else did.

I ask you follow me there, we can talk about our characters, sure. Plan some stuff to rp when I am back, but do not pressure me to return if I am not ready by May 31st to be back roleplaying , please, please, please, please, just don’t pressure me. When I am ready then I will be active again.

It wont be till the 15th I will be full time over at my personal. I want to close my inbox and Instant Messaging in all my blogs cause I don’t want to receive anything during my hiatus. For the next 5 days I will be  editing my rules, add a few replies , starters  and artwork into my queue.

I think this long break is needed. So again I will be over at my personal. You’re welcome to follow and talk to me there if anything. My discord I will not be giving it out. But maybe just with a few I will accept rping in discord or plot there instead in tumblr.

Thank you again for your support.

I promise to take care of myself the rest of the month!

smut fic and underage readers 

i don’t know if anyone is going to get what i’m saying here but it’s been on my mind for the last couple of days and i wanna know if other writers feel the same way. please, please feel free to reply or add on, but also to message me or send me an ask

this is open to all fandoms, i’d love for people to reblog and talk about it. i’m just rambling, really, but i’d love for people to read it and give me their thoughts if they can. 

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Looking for RPers

Since I’m coming back to this blog pretty soon, I want to update who I’m following and follow more people. It’s hard to be a RP blog when only a couple people you RP with are active. So do me a favour, and like or reblog this if you’re an active RP blog from any of the following fandoms.

  • Supernatural
  • True Blood
  • iZombie
  • Lucifer (Fox)
  • Castle
  • The Librarians (US)
  • Bones
  • Arrow
  • The Flash
  • Supergirl
  • Legends of Tomorrow
  • Once Upon A Time
  • Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts
  • LOTR/The Hobbit
  • Star Trek (any incarnation)
  • Doctor Who
  • Teen Wolf
  • Sherlock
  • Elementary
  • Marvel (movies and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)
  • X-Files
  • How to Get Away With Murder
  • Vampire Diaries/The Originals
  • Scream Queens

Please read my rules page, as I don’t RP with some characters. Please only reblog this if you’re a RP blog. I should be back around May 1st, if not before, and I’ll be starting to RP again then.

So like
In case anyone doesn’t know
We don’t have to be mutuals you don’t need to wait for me to follow you if you wanna rp just say something I’ll be happy

How do I even begin wording this? I guess I’ll start out with a tremendous THANK YOU to everyone who’s followed this blog. When I first decided to write Annie I was so freaking nervous. I’d never been in the Mass Effect fandom before, I knew there’d be a million beautiful Ryders, and it had been a while since I’d stepped back from tumblr RP. But hot damn here we are. I might do an aesthetic give away (since that’s the only thing I’m good at) BUT FOR NOW I really just want to recognize some awesome people who have made my time here badass. Whether or not we interact, I love seeing you all around. Also I am so incredibly sorry if I miss anyone I luv u all. 

@explorvtor @javegar @dosashaan@inalaara @apexcommander @guidedbyheart  @galaxiiie @bioticommando @hopeshielded @individualitylost @shvdowdrake @tireure @acetosix @viktus @moreruff @niennaful @alienatomy @hustlerr @renedarav @gcrdener @theconviict @exaltawakened 

anonymous asked:

This isn't exactly a confession, but I honestly recommend that roleplayers who are here for many hours daily go on here less and find more hobbies. I don't mean that in a rude way, and I don't mean stop going here entirely; I did it myself, and it really got my mind off the anxiety I had about RP drama like having an aesthetic blog and getting followed back by mutuals-only blogs.

i totally get what you’re saying. for me, personally, when rp drama gets too much for me, i just bounce over to my personal blog and make graphics or gifsets or i just go and play video games. sometimes people need to take a step back, and i wish more would realize this because the people who push through sometimes hurt themselves more in the process?? if that makes sense.

but i understand what you’re getting at. it’s best to keep other hobbies that can keep your mind busy aside from rp in case drama sneaks up on you.

- mod liv

So I’m at 500 followers and for the occasion I wanna talk about something I like, or well, people I like. There are so many great people on tumblr who make my life brighter and I want to talk about that. So this is gonna get long. Also, before I get on with it, if you have any suggestions to what I should do to really celebrate this milestone please let me know <3 

@revolutionaryborn is someone I met in a group rp years ago when I was getting back into group roleplays and I’m so glad I did. Her blogs are serious quality stuff and I wasn’t sure which of them I should mention. But this one has the muses she played in my favorite groups and who bring me so much pain. Y’all should also check out her blog @crimiinalchemiist though. 

@onlytillnexttuesday is only one of this precious person’s blogs, she’s got quite a few of them and is easily one of my favorite people to rp with. She also makes me smile and she is overall so amazing and I love her so much. We like breaking each other’s hearts with angsty plots and let me tell you this girl can come up with downright heartbreaking stuff. 

@friendtoallpeople is another friend from the Gilmore Girl’s rp community. An A+ roleplayer and just all over precious, but full of angsty plots. Will break your heart.

@dear-indies is such an amazing blog and when they started following me I was sure they’d made some mistake because I just sit here reblogging weird stuff and sometimes rant about things. But every now and then they reblog things from me and that makes me smile. 

@kinkyfuckeryoftas Where do I even begin? This precious, strange, loveable person is an amazing writer and just like, how did you get your rping skills? WHO DID YOU SELL YOUR SOUL TO?

@aliceslooking-glass would be on here even if she wasn’t my sister. Her blog is amazing and she is also a great sister. She likes to tell people that our two other siblings are changelings, and more than one person has believed that my siblings are actually trolls because she told them. 

@twinston is so precious. Like this guy is just so so precious. Some of you might remember my description of the oksepus a little while back? Yeah that’s him. He’s so sweet and gives amazing hugs and one time I was upset and he just sat down on my bed and let me cry with my head in his lap and another time I didn’t want to walk to the dining hall so he carried me. A+ friend. So nice. Also great with puns. It should also be mentioned that he is the weirdest person/creature to ever exist. 

@underestimatedfailure is the light of my life, fire of my loins and I have a shrine for her in my room. I’m just kidding, or I wish I was, there may or may not be an accidental shrine there. She is hilarious and very kind. She has tolerated so much crap from me and (almost) never complains about me tagging her in 5+ facebook memes every day. She deserves all the awards and bacon cheese fries for putting up with me. ALL the awards. We’re also writing the best book together. 

@sparklingtourist is my best friend and I love him so so so so much. Right now he goes to school really far away, but he’s still the best friend I could possibly ask for and years from now when we’re both bitter old people I am certain we’ll be bitter old people together. 

@outlawerofbeets isn’t someone I really know that well personally, but their Tommen is so precious and they made me ship Tommen and Arya, which in itself would be enough to land them a spot on this list (and for the same reason @worshipsonlydeath and her amazing portrayal of Arya should also be mentioned). 

A few other marvelous beings from the ASOIAF rp community also deserves to be mentioned. @edmuretullyofriverrun, @ofrosesandash, @ycngrose, @yngwolfrobb and @ycngwxlf are just some of the amazing people I have had the pleasure of interacting with, even if it’s just crack with some of them. 

After I stumbled into the rp community I feel like @siiriusblxck who has an amazing grasp on his character and @princelydoe who’s awesome allthough  I haven’t had the pleasure of interacting with them yet also should be mentioned.And @dragonologistic of course, who’s a great uncle to my Victoire and who my Oliver will probably forever crush on. 

@wabbitwanderer95 is one of those mutuals I don’t really talk with, but we reblog and like things from each other and that makes me happy. 

And at last just a few blogs I appreciate seeing on my dash. @shadowhuntingstarkids, @jaxgardnr, @succeeding, @hand and @dennys

I could probably go on forever, but I think I’ll end it here <3 Thank you for being amazing everyone <3 

I am running into a few technical difficulties re: permissions on the blog to edit the current masterlist, but for now I have copied over, checked all currently listed blogs, and added more to this spreadsheet here. I can guarantee I missed a few, especially as I only went back so far as when I started following (so like, 200 days?), and skimmed for reblogs/likes that looked like they were from RP blogs. Even with just that, nearly 30 names have been added. I’ve also included a full AU section and switched up a few categories. This is hopefully temporary until I can access the blog’s pages.

So if you should be on this list but don’t see your name (or do see your name and would like to be removed, or need to be moved to a different category), please drop me a line. I will also be contacting RP blogs I follow that weren’t on the original post, so expect more updates in the near future. Also, reblogs are greatly appreciated to get the word out!

New names include: @ask-ma-wander, @folklorewanders, @woyfurnicleau@cw-au-ask-the-wanderers, @wandererofyonder, @goforhater, @volcaneur, @shorteyeballcommander, @jinxthestarnomad, @sally-the-zbornak-and-friends, @ask-rara-the-zbornak, @nebulabeings, @ask-the-intergalactic-heroes, @ask-gayle-the-greatest, @eren-answers, @ask-caroline-the-watchdog, @askthewatchdog-zephyr, @ask-the-sailor-boy, @simon-the-anti-watchdog, @sargentnicole, @mynameisbroom, @ask-laust-thomsen, @jeffrey-watchdog, @ask-waluigi-the-watchdog, @watch-jacob-dog, @askaverythewatchdog, @soupflavoredblog, @ask-donnie-watchdog

- Wandy Fresh

RP Blog Roll!

Hello ya all who happened to follow my main blog!
As some of you know (or not!) I also RP on tumblr when my schedule allows!

As Stormblood approaches, I figured it will be nice to edi my WoL’s blog and give him a proper revamp. FF14 Mihn was based on an OC of mine which I did my best to adapt to the FF14 world but at the time I was told there is no eastern country. As a result I based him more on the western idea of a bard… which now is changing and he is back to his roots! Hopefully I will get to RP him more now! ^_^

Current RP Blogs

http://raging-strikes.tumblr.com - (Former url name little-lost-nightingale ), RP blog for Mihn a wandering bard who came from the now lost city of Nym. Now with his memories back, he is looking forward to venturing into Doma and liberating the place … … … and Ala Mhigo on the way. Currently in an awakening stage!

http://high-stakes-gambler.tumblr.com - NPC RP blog for Teledji Adeledji, canon divergent. Survived with the help of some Sil’dihn magic and gradually rebuilding his wealth and life away from Thanalan, while occasionally getting into various shenanigans! Currently most active.

http://asktheascian.tumblr.com - NPC RP blog for Lahabrea, canon divergent. Stuck as mortal, among mortals and learning of these confusing mortal things such as idealism and grocery shopping. Currently less active/semi hiatus but asks will be answered!

Don’t feel pressured to follow any of these! I’m simply giving heads up! :D
Thank you for your time! 
I need to prep more art livestreams.

PSA (sorta)

(At tutor so no icons)

Feelsbadman I’m mainly shitposting on this blog at this point bc I may or may not have lost my threads, so when I follow new rp blogs to maybe have a chance to interact with them, most of them don’t take interest and follow back bc my blog’s a mess rn and plus the theme is screwed up so I just look really unprofessional at this point.

And not only that I’m struggling through my classes so I barely had time to keep up with this blog, hence why I’ve migrated somewhat to @yorhanovemixs for a while since it’s more quieter and has less activity so I’m able to keep up with it no trouble.

Guh - I’m really sorry guys for not being active. I still answer asks SOBS but as for threads I want to put dedication and thought into my replies, so I have less motivation to do them for fear of me seemingly bs-ing replies and I don’t want to do that bc my rp partners deserves better /LAYS DOWN

I’m so sorry AAAA but I’ll definitely remember to release the new edit for May’s chapter of OnS - and boy are we in for ONE HECK OF A RIDE! Get ready guys! :DDDD

Also, I’m heading to Titan Con this Saturday!!! Who’s going?? Look out for a Poharan from BnS bc that’s me! I can’t go as Lest bc my cosplay for him is still in need of repairs and improvements lolol and I won’t finish it in time by Titan Con so RIP 

Other than that, guess that’s all I want to say lolol thanks for reading! <3

I only checked back here to reply to someone, but wow, was there a mass exodus since I went on hiatus??? My dash is an empty wasteland.

I’ll have to go hunting for new blogs to follow when I come back, won’t I?


Okay so here’s the thing. I DON’T enjoy being here as much as I used too and I don’t know why. So, I’m taking a hiatus. Now, I don’t know when I’ll be back but I just need to not worry about this blog for a while. I will, eventually, come back. I understand if you no longer want to write with me or follow me.

I’m sorry to have to do this but I just can’t be here when tumblr rp is supposed to be fun.

In the meantime you can find me on @motherfndeadpool, @motherfnstarlord, & @purosdecorazon

anonymous asked:

Let me know what you think, I might've done the right thing. I've been following this person for a month & a half & I've sent them memes, liked their starters to let them know I am interested but they never sent me back anything which is fine. Then every starter call they seem to delete and I would re-like it but never get a starter. Finally, enough was enough when they had a new blog & I thought maybe we could rp there but the thing is they've ignored me on there too, I ended blocking them.

oh, i wasn’t expecting to receive an advice ask but i’m happy to help if i can? though all i can say is in this situation, if you’ve attempted to reach out to them and they haven’t shown interest then it’s your right to soft block or unfollow. but i would have suggested messaging them first? mayhaps they haven’t gotten to all of their starter calls etc. it happens … sometimes people miss them. i think always privately communicating is the best route but if you’ve already blocked them then what’s done is done. but don’t feel bad really. there’s tons of people to write with here, and as much as it can dishearten people when not everyone shows the same interest in writing with them as they do, they have the right to refuse as much as anyone else i suppose. i would just carry on and look for more people to write with. my only advice here would be to not spread any negativity about them just because they may have ignored you or missed your intentions to write with them. i’m sorry if you felt upset about not receiving the same interest but just know there’s lots of us out there that will write with you !! you just sometimes need to reach out in messages to clear up any confusion or misunderstandings. 

// alright here’s a general psa post that I feel the need to make, as an extension to my rules: as a part of my rules I typically require any blogs I follow to contain a rules and about page, as well as have substantial writing on their blog so I can judge whether or not I would like to rp with them/if I can see our writing styles meshing. there are occasions when I’ll follow if you don’t have a rules or about, it’s rare, but it happens– it only happens if you have the latter (substantial writing) available, and if I know your character. while these factor into me potentially following anyone back, they are not the only ones and also NOT DEFINING FACTORS. just because you have a rules and about page for your character DOES NOT MEAN I WILL AUTOMATICALLY FOLLOW YOU BACK. if you have no writing, for starters, I definitely won’t follow because I have nothing to go off of. but even if you do have writings available on your blog don’t take this as a definite for me following back because I WILL FOLLOW WHO I WANT TO FOLLOW BECAUSE IT IS MY BLOG. I understand if you want to rp with me, but I’m mutuals only. I understand if you really like my blog/character(s), I am flattered by that, but that doesn’t mean I have to follow you back.

the only exception to this are CLOSE FRIENDS WHOM I AM COMFORTABLE WITH AND KNOW THEIR WRITING. those I always follow immediately, no matter the blog they make, because I’ve rp’d and chatted with them EXCESSIVELY.

please do not take offense if I do not follow you back, and do not try and guilt me into following you back because in the end I will block you. a new rule that was added recently also requests you do not spam follow me in order to try and get me to follow you back, because I will block you for that too.

I know this is kinda long, but I appreciate those that read it. thanks.