when rappers could rap

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I'm back . I didnt mean it in way ooh, all idols rappers suck at this. But 90% are just this, idols rappers. Put them to do a freestyle, change a little bit the flow and put them to do something diffrent and lets see how much of them can do it. I'm sorry but how can you call yourself a rapper if you do write your lyrics? You take rap lessons, a teacher is modeling your flow (or is trying to) to feet some kind of standards made by the company.

No, I get what you’re saying. In my opinion, Khh rappers and kpop rappers have different vibes, but some of them can rap just as well, like Mark from NCT, when he went on school rapper he showed everyone how well he could rap! it honestly just depends on the person! 

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I gens think I’m just repeating myself now….