when rain clouds gather

But he was the eldest in the family, and according to custom he had to be addressed as ‘Buti’, which means 'Elder Brother’, and treated with exaggerated respect. As soon as his father died he made many changes in the home, foremost of which was that his sisters should address him by his first name and associate with him as equals and friends. When his mother protested he had merely said, 'Why should men be brought up with a false sense of superiority over women? People can respect me if they wish, but only if I earn it.’
—  Bessie Head, When Rain Clouds Gather

Clarke hadn’t thought that the walk to get home wouldn’t be a big deal. The walk back from Raven’s was one that she had done before, plenty of times. It wasn’t that long and the neighborhood was fine so Clarke had never thought much about it. And tonight had been a nice night when she started out, though a few rain clouds had started to gather in the sky. So when the man in the mask had pulled her into the alley and demanded her purse, Clarke had had no idea what to do. She just gave it to him without hesitation and thankfully after that he had run off, not doing anymore harm to her. She knew she was lucky because of that but it had still terrified her. Her hands were shaking, her heart was racing in her chest, her breathing shaky and ragged. Clarke stood frozen in the alley, even as the rain started to come down. After a while she remembered that she needed to get out of there so then she took off running. Clarke didn’t know where her feet were leading her until they stopped her at an apartment door. Raising a wet, shaky hand Clarke knocked as best as she could.