when people talks with their hands

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is it true that Kookie looks more handsome is real life? a lot of people who have seen him said the same thing.

I think he looks the same. He definitely has that great stage aura. I think he looks cuter irl…like when you can see his energy and happiness first hand he is so incredibly cute. A baby ❤. You can tell he’s the youngest. He was very happy throughout and very bouncy. He also was very cute when the hyungs talked. After Jhope said the thing about the rainbow ocean he looked down and covered his mouth and was smiling real big. It was so precious. He’s also really attentive when they talk. When he performed Begin his shirt was see through 👌

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Ugh I hate how in class we can watch Romeo and Juliet have pretty explicit sex and no one cares but then when my friend holds hands with her girlfriend people stare or ignore them and are super uncomfortable difknxuzusvsbdjxhhdjdjcosjdiicu ixkabsbjd

People are just ugh. Heteronormativity sucks so much. I was just thinking today, that it looks like I won’t be able to see any lgbt couple on our soap operas in my lifetime. I don’t watch soaps anyway. It is intolerable. Tiring parade of straight couples doing tiring things. Nothing is interesting. It’s just sad.I feel sorry for your friend and her girlfriend. :(

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Would you mind doing some protective!Yurio over our innocent little Katsudon when Victor isn't there?

Yurio grumbled something angrily in Russian. He was eyeing a group of his fellow Russian skaters that the rink that seemed to be gossiping among themselves. 

Normally Yurio didn’t give a shit about that crap, but when he noticed they were looking at Katsudon, pointing and laughing, that’s when Yurio took his stand. Thankfully Katsudon always had his ear buds on during practice so he doesn’t usually hear people talking about him.

“OI KATSUDON!” Yurio yelled across the rink getting everyone’s attention including Yuuri’s, who stopped and blinked at him confused. Yurio angrily skated right through the group that was gossiping towards the Japanese skater.

Yurio shot them a glare as they dispersed and resumed practice. He turned back to Yuuri. “I’m hungry, let’s go grab some lunch together, and I won’t take no as an answer.” 

Yurio grabbed his hand before Yuuri could protest and took him off the ice. He even paid for lunch too.

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1. Lauren never insulted anyone. She stated that the constant aggression of the CS was invasive and disrespectful, which is valid, because it IS. It's her life, and people are warping it into some fictional story for their own purposes, and then have the audacity to be put off when she doesn't fit the expectations they've concocted. She has every cause to be upset. Sure, not every CS has been problematic, but if someone wasn't part of the aggression, then she clearly wasn't talking about them.

2. She HAS tried being polite about it. Yeah, she played along in the beginning when it was innocent enough, but it’s gotten progressively out of hand. She’s said various times, on social media and in interviews, that it’s not a thing and that it makes her uncomfortable. But folks just ignored her and did whatever they wanted. It’s been five years. She’s tried being nice- it didn’t work. I don’t know how else folks need her to say it for it to get through. CS honestly brought it on themselves.


Yes. A person is bound to snap eventually.

But, I also get what others were trying to say. Camila has stayed mum about it, Lauren should follow suit. If they were never real, then Lauren should just ignore it, as what Camila has been doing. What the others are saying is, the more Lauren lashes out on people, the more she stokes the fire. There are too many trolls in social media, they feed on reactions. The more you react, the more they get revitalized.

Btw, I’m not siding with anybody, I’m just sharing what the other anons meant. And I agree with what you say as well. Both have good points (except the delusional CS lol)

And if you scroll below, I’ve tried to address all points of view.

People who expect me to know who they’re talking about when they use a real person name to refer to an internet person are kidding themselves

I only know the real names of my closest friends and a small handful of other acquaintances, and a few people on the shitty-people list. Just say a Tumblr URL pls…

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what is something that makes you really happy? make the post as long as you want to, i love listening to people ramble

oh so many things um

I love when people talk about something they really really care about. it’s fun to read online and all but in person, i love it. i love how their eyes light up, their back straightens, their hands start to move. they dont realize they are smiling a special smile, its not the smile they use in photos or in response to jokes but a smile that is so…..good. and genuine. and coming from a place inside them full of sparks and glowing and ready to burn so bright that they’d give their life to make it theirs in someway. i love them trying to catch up with their own words and stumbling because they want to make sure they say everything. and they care so so much that if a certain reason comes up that they feel pressure in their head because “it matters” and they cant explain why but its important and it matters and no one can ever feel the way they feel about it.

its the sparks behind their eyes and the fire in their words and the complete lack of restraint that shows when someone cares about any issue at all. its the thing that makes them stand up to talk and makes them short of breath and glowing.

i love that. i live for that.

i was shamed for that and abused for it and all i want to see is someone be passionate. i love people being passionate. 

honestly please like, infodump and be passionate and send huge happy submissions to @unapologeticallyhopeful it FUELS ME

Genderbends are nice bc they allow you to think about the gender binary in detail, as well as learn more about the characters. Like if these male characters were female and grew up as girls, they’d probably act differently!! They might be shier, more reserved, or on the other hand, they might be even more eccentric in hopes of asserting themselves!!

I’m not talking abt the str8 dudes who draw pin up with balloon boobs, and I’m not talking abt headcanoning characters as trans, because that’s a totally Different matter.

Just. I’ve seen so many people slandering the concept of genderbending, when they don’t really know the history?? Like, just saying, but it was girls who started doing that, to explore the gender binary and fill the void of badly written/lacking female characters

Idk my dudes, just let people enjoy themselves without calling them transphobic??

concept: casual lgbt+ representation

a man taking off his shirt to reveal a binder underneath. he settles down, has a beer, watches tv. no tragic backstory about his transition, no negativity. just a trans dude being a trans dude. 

a businesswoman talking on her cellphone while she stops by the pharmacy to pick up her estrogen.

people asking for pronouns without a second thought, using they/them even when the person isn’t in the room.

a woman getting hit on at a club, getting respectful responses when she says she’s ace. 

two men holding hands, three women in a healthy polyamorous relationship. a pan man living with his nonbinary datefriend. 

romcoms, sitcoms, slice-of-life stories.

not everyone is cishet; media should represent that. 

when people try to talk about how honey is supposedly unethical because we’re stealing the bees’ food I’m just like, genuinely curious if you’re aware that the honey we eat is the result of beekeepers raising colonies and harvesting the excess honey while making sure the bees are all good and fine, and that the honey you buy at the store is from a farm and not just like going into the woods and sticking your hand in a beehive like a bear in a cartoon and stealing the wild bees’ honey

Okay, so here’s the story about the pumpkins:

My friend got married yesterday and we missed the wedding because of work but we made it to the reception. Because its mid-September and the reception was in a nature center (awesome!) there was a little bit of a fall theme. Not overbearingly, but the tables all had these tiny pumpkins. 

So they’re cleaning up at the end of it and we’re still hanging out because we haven’t seen these people in forever and we can talk until three in the morning when we get together. All of a sudden, the Maid of Honor hands us a tiny pumpkin. 

“Take one.”

“Um… okay?”

“Take another.”


“It is my duty as Maid of Honor to make sure that the guests leave with an uncomfortable number of tiny pumpkins.”

So it turns out that she’d gotten a bunch of them for a Halloween party last year and after the party was over her mom threw them into the compost heap thinking that would be the end of it. But what she didn’t seem to realize was that if you put pumpkins in a compost heap- it grows more pumpkins. It grows pumpkins exponentially. Serious mathematical anomaly pumpkins. 

So this year she has even more tiny pumpkins and she figured it would be a good idea to have them as decor for the reception. BUT- she would still have to throw them out at the end of the day and no matter where you throw them you are doomed to have a ridiculous amount of tiny pumpkins growing SOMEWHERE at your fault. 

So everyone left with at least two tiny pumpkins and that’s how we made friends with the Maid of Honor. 

ok but can we talk about the fact that penelope alvarez wasn’t okay when her daughter first came out, just for the fact that her daughter being gay wasn’t something that she expected, but she never let elena know that. she went out there and did research on lesbian culture, went to a gay club and talked to people about her feelings and was even more affectionate toward her daughter than she usually is just so elena wouldn’t notice her struggle and feel bad about it. she wanted her daughter to know that she’s loved and accepted so penelope went through the entire adjustment period without ever letting elena feel anything but supported. she struggled to accept that change but was still supportive of her daughter from the very first moment and anyway my point is that penelope alvarez is the best kind of parent and i love her


Someone told me that Leliana can’t declare the next age as the Nug Age. Well you all forgot that we are talking about Leliana aka the former Left Hand of the Divine, Spymaster, Nightingale of the Imperial Court, Seneschal of the Inquisition and Princess Stabbity Stab Kill Kill!

the year of letting go, of understanding loss. grace. of the word ‘no’ and also being able to say ‘you are not kind’. the year of humanity/humility. when the whole world couldn’t get out of bed. everyone i’ve met this year, says the same thing ‘you are so easy to be around, how do you do that?’. the year i broke open and dug out all the rot with own hands. the year i learnt small talk. and how to smile at strangers. the year i understood that i am my best when i reach out and ask ‘do you want to be my friend?’. the year of sugar, everywhere. softness. sweetness. honey honey. the year of being alone, and learning how much i like it. the year of hugging people i don’t know, because i want to know them. the year i made peace and love, right here.
—  Warsan Shire
Things the signs remind me of

Aries: sloppy first kisses, bruised knees, moshpits, adrenaline rushes, dirty converse, staring at each other from across the room, midnight adventures, sex in a car, talking about heartbreak

Taurus: holding hands when it’s cold, music festivals, drinking herbal tea surrounded by scented candles, picking grass out of the ground, black coffee, museum dates, 50′s diners, new and soft bedsheets, flower crowns, falling in love with small towns

Gemini: mischievous eyes, parties in the basement, confused feelings, knee socks, excitement growing in the pit of your stomach, breaking into old buildings, skinning your knees, numb fingers, endless conversations, kissing someone in front of your ex

Cancer: rain on windows,wanting something more, midnight visits to the beach, feeling alone in a room full of people, old rock n roll, writing on the walls of school bathroom stalls, denying compliments, freckled cheeks, kissing someone first, finding a love letter/poem that was written to you

Leo: calling someone beautiful and actually meaning it, the courage of getting over your first heartbreak, sun kissed skin, getting your way, soft promises whispered in your ear, drunken laughter, looking in the mirror, falling in love with strangers, neon signs, feeling butterflies in your stomach

Virgo: winged eyeliner, helping someone in need, taking deep breaths of cold air, stacks of books, drunken kisses, strange addictions, being able to not wear makeup and actually feel good about yourself, dinner dates, retro theme, finding secret hideouts 

Libra: letting all of your opinions be known, old record players, bloody knuckles, doing illegal things with your friends, crushes that don’t really mean anything, crashing at motels with your lover, champagne, smiling into kisses, the feeling of smoke filling your lungs, heart shaped lollipops 

Scorpio: sexual jokes, staring at someone you love and they stare back, feeling of skin on skin, chapped lips in the winter, playing murderer in the dark, the feeling of regret, leather anything, playing with Ouija boards, screaming until your lungs are about to burst, chipped nail polish 

Sagittarius: flirty conversations, running on a cold night, making decisions on instinct, breaking the rules, stilettos, laughing uncontrollably, falling in love with cities, the light in someone’s eyes, chokers, big brown eyes

Capricorn: rosy cheeks and nose on a cold winter day, fishnet stockings, looking out the window of a moving train, sharing your deepest secrets at 3am, pale veiny eyelids, wanting to run away with someone, needing alone time to energize, taking the back roads home, journals filled with writing 

Aquarius: skies full of stars, exotic eyes, leather jackets, tarot readers, finding something mysterious and not being able to stop thinking about it, kissing at red lights, being stuck in small towns, area 51, black and blued eyes, long nights spent playing video games

Pisces: cigarette smoke, feeling someone’s sadness, fingers tracing the inside of your thigh, Salem witches, saddened eyes, forbidden love, abandoned haunted houses, throwing knives, the feeling of knowing something no one else knows, other worldly looks

Tsukishima Appreciation Post

Okay so before the new episode airs I want to talk about how important Tsukki’s character development in this last episode really is.

First of all, we know Tsukki doesn’t really get excited about anything, but we do see Tsukki either caring about stuff, or getting excited/smiling at things when he’s younger:

  • He steps in and laughs at Yama’s bullies, calling them lame. 
  • He’s happy talking to Akiteru/playing volleyball with him.
  • He’s excited about Akiteru playing.

When he finds out Akiteru lied about his true status on the team, it doesn’t turn him off of volleyball, it just makes him stop caring about stuff altogether:

  • He doesn’t smile anymore unless he’s making fun of someone, because caring about stuff is lame.
  • He specifically makes fun of people like Tanaka, Noya, Hinata, and Kageyama the most because they care so much, and caring is lame.

Ultimately, he’s seen first hand that caring about anything too much is pointless, and will only leave you heartbroken.

As viewers, we can see that he actually does still care about stuff, even if he doesn’t show it. Mostly, we see this through Yamaguchi. 

  • He walks home with Yama, and clearly listens to what he has to say (even if he does tell him to shut up afterwards.) A great example of this is when Hinata and Kageyama ask him to help them study.
  •  His immediate reaction is “Why on earth would I do that?” but as soon as Tadashi encourages Kei to help, he reluctantly agrees. He cares, at the very least, about what Tadashi thinks of him. 
  • He still plays volleyball. He still actively tries, when he could have quit a long time ago. 
  • We see him get pissed off when stuff doesn’t go his way, and we see him thinking/analyzing/coming up with a solution to the problem, even before the Shiratorizawa match.
  • When he starts to lose steam, Yama kicks his but into gear with the whole ‘Pride’ speech.

Most of this character development is from Season 2, so this is all stuff we already know, but stay with me for a moment so I can talk a little more about things from Akiteru’s perspective. 

Think about how hard this must be for Akiteru.

Yeah, initially he must have lied at least partially for his own sake, to protect his pride. 

Ultimately though, he wanted his brother to be proud of him, and when he saw his brother’s excitement for volleyball and didn’t want to ruin that by telling him that no matter how hard he worked it ended up being pointless.

That’s the exact opposite of what Akiteru wanted: for his brother to stop caring, stop trying, because it doesn’t matter anyway. And yet, that’s exactly what ended up happening.

Flash forward to the match with Shiratorizawa:

Akiteru sees Kei thinking, trying, actually caring.

And when Kei succeeds at what everyone assumes is impossible, he sees Kei actually, outwardly care about the result.

As an older sibling myself, this moment gets to me because what Akiteru must be feeling is more than pride.

It’s more than ‘My little brother did something and I’m really proud of him, I always believed in him, etc. etc.’

It’s the feeling of ‘Even though I fucked up, I didn’t ruin everything. He turned out okay. He did what even I couldn’t do.’

And god if that isn’t what he wanted all along, just to do right by him, just for Kei to be excited about something, regardless of whether or not he succeeds.

Because it’s not about the success, it’s not about the fact that he did it. It’s the fact that he cares about succeeding, that he actually tried, that he’s hooked on volleyball, that he’s got something to be passionate about.

This moment is really, really important, because it’s not the moment Kei begins to care about something, it’s the moment he actually shows it. 

the year of letting go, of understanding loss. grace. of the word ‘no’ and also being able to say ‘you are not kind.’ the year of humanity/humility. when the whole world couldn’t get out of bed. everyone I’ve met this year, says the same thing ‘you are so easy to be around, how do you do that?’. the year I broke open and dug out all the rot with own hands. the year I learnt small talk. and how to smile at strangers. the year I understood that I am my best when I reach out and ask ‘do you want to be my friend?’. the year of sugar, everywhere. softness. sweetness. honey honey. the year of being alone, and learning how much I like it. the year of hugging people I don’t know, because I want to know them. the year I made peace and love, right here.
—  Warsan Shire | on: exiting 2016 and entering 2017
Friendly reminder that Matthew Daddario...
  • Thinks cows deserve showers
  • Likes to press buttons
  • Would like to hike with a bike
  • Checks if his eyes colour matches his jumpers
  • Has fun with fish eye effect messing his head proportions
  • Explains that comments going so fast on life isn’t his doing
  • Would like to have a mediocre fantastic pho stand 
  • Assures us Dominic Sherwood is from Texas Kentucky
  • And the same for Will Tudor
  • Has a super secret messenger with “Shadowhunters Kids”
  • Thought people were making fun of him by complementing his moustache 
  • Talks with his hands
  • Ruined the scene where Magnus says “Think of me when you shoot your arrows” because he kept bursting in laughter
  • Is great with kids
  • Doesn’t want us to call ourselves trash cause we are lovely
  • Googles things a lot
  • Names the cow at NY zoo
  • Can sing
  • Cannot live without his phone and finds it sad
  • Is the sassiest guy on Twitter
  • Sometimes turns off and turns back on a few minutes later
  • Always does a dramatic pause before saying Malec
  • Overuses the word smooch
  • Likes science fiction books
  • Can play the piano
  • Is an awesome photographer
  • Couldn’t breathe because he was laughing too hard after pranking his girlfriend
  • Is a reallife Snowwhite
  • Knows history and everything but is clueless at life


Dear depression,

at least that’s what I think I should call you. You’re my invisible feeling sitting inside of this chest. Is it loneliness that causes your heart to feel stress? I feel your thoughts struggling to make sense of everything. I’d like to think that you’ve made my hands a little stronger because on the days that letting go sounds easy, I cling on a little harder like I’m afraid of falling into something I can’t stand up from. I haven’t had a bruised knee since first grade, I’d trade your sadness for a scrape or two. Wouldn’t you? I know that I talk to myself sometimes. Does that mean I’m crazy? They say that highly intelligent people talk to themselves, are they crazy too? I don’t know when, I don’t know where you came from. I just know that you’re here. Inside a hollow tree I’ve heard your cries for help. Poured into an empty glass that remains clear. There’s no liquor quite as strong as your worries. I worry a lot now. I guess I got that from my ex. She said I didn’t worry enough, so she left some inside of my back pocket. I read those little notes from time to time, it reminds us to be who we are when the time comes. Sometimes you’re not so invisible, sometimes I can see your smile on my lips. Sometimes you’re very physical, I still taste your tears closing in on my lips. Sometimes you’re in my head and I can’t get you out, does it worry you at all? Because if I’m not here, you wouldn’t exist. Maybe happy people all have a way to deal with their sadness, maybe the sadness makes us want happiness. That must it. I know you’re here when I’d much rather turn my favorite songs off. I know you’re close by when my words don’t sound right. I know you’re lonely because you’d rather hold someone that doesn’t love you than hold no one at all. I guess we’re all a bit deprived of who we are in that sense. I still try to listen to my favorite songs, just in case you’ll decide to change your mind later during the 8 hour shift. I still try to write where I may be experiencing a scrambling of memories. I still draw a smile on my face, just in case you might believe me. I don’t want to be crazy, I want to feel normal. What is normal though? Is it waking up with a smile on your face? Something genuine as a goodbye letter? I think normal means dealing with what’s in front of your face, you’re in my reflection, you’re on my mind, you’re in my chest, you’re my current feelings of gloom and if I somehow never get a chance to bloom, would I still call you my depression? I guess I’d call you something better. Something with a ring. Something we all want, but know we’ll never get. I’ll romanticize you for a bit even if for a second, maybe I’ll feel okay just for this moment. I think I’ll call you–
—  My second chance.
Types In The Classroom


- competition with others on how fast they can take notes

- 8 pages of notes summarized into 2 pages

- talking to people around them silently; doesn’t get caught


- notes organized so neatly that people around them thought it was a textbook

- always raising their hand either to ask questions, or prove the teacher wrong

- “what is the long term purpose of this?”


- playing video games on computer secretly

- whispers answers to people next to them, too afraid to raise their hand

- has a lot of doubts but refuses to raise their hand and ask them


- already knows everything the teacher is talking about

- on their computer, learning ahead of the class

- rolls eyes when someone asks a stupid question/comment


- class clown

- that one kid the teacher always hates but the kids love

- asks a lot of stupid questions


- “shut up I’m trying to listen”

- diligently writing their notes

- teachers love them; often left in charge when teacher leaves room


- thinks that the class is dumb

- points out logical flaws

- ends up playing video games with INTP


- neatly taking notes

- gets annoyed when someone raises their hand

- never talks during class at all


- laughs a lot to ESTP’s jokes

- easily distracted 

- talks to others a lot


- tries to help people who don’t understand the material

- takes notes correctly

- answers questions about why they would need the info in real life


- really quiet during class, unless sitting with friends

- laughs at everyone’s jokes and makes up their own, but doesn’t say them out loud

- notes are semi-finished


- talking to people next to them

- glances around room to see if they could spot crush

- lets people copy off of their notes


- also making jokes out loud

- teacher gets mildly annoyed at them

- doodling a little


- perfect teacher impression

- secretly talks to other people

- sometimes on their phone, texting friends to find out about what they feel about the lesson


- doodling

- notes are written in the form of doodles

- laughs internally at people’s humor


- quietly taking notes

- gets confused about subject but can’t raise their hand and ask for help

- asks friends for help after classes