when people say 'what the actual f*ck'

Sometimes when I scroll through #malec and #shadowhunters I actually sit back and say What the actual f’ck. Can’t people understand that 

a) you can ship both book and tv malec (yes, there are differences but it’s good, you can ship both.)

 b) you don’t have to insult other bloggers because they ship more a gay couple than a straight one. (about the malec - clace ongoing war) 

and c)  I know that Clace and Clary should be the main plots in both books and tv show, but showrunners are giving us a look into possibilities of developing other ships like malec and maybe one day sizzy, hell even jaia/mace (whatever you call Maia and Jace). We didn’t get many sides plots of those ships in books (not that much as clace) and we can have that in the show. So really appreciate that, even if some of them are not okay with you. 

nijichakoshiki  asked:

What if the Diaboys found out they are just Otome/anime characters when they go to an anime convention and see people cosplaying as them and there's merchandise like bodypillows, figurines and etc You can just do this reaction with Sakamaki and Mukami but if it's too much then just Sakamaki ^_^

Oh my goodness that would be hilarious! Thanks for the ask

Scenario/Reaction: Sakamaki & Mukami React to Discovering They are an Otome Game

Your friends have been talking about this big anime convention for months now, and after all that wait it was scheduled for this weekend. Being your usual otaku self you bribe the brothers to take you to this con, but what they see when they get there gives them a little bit of a shock…

Shu: *staring at girls in cosplay* I could get used to this… (Shu doesn’t care at all about the fact that he is from a game)

Reiji: I don’t understand why people would enjoy such a gathering. Why are our faces plastered all over the place? *spots tea cup with his face on it* hmm… if you need me I will be over here..
(Reiji was content with obtaining a new tea cup, and therefore did not care about discovering his origin)


Kanato: Shut up!! Ayato you are being too loud!!Teddy doesn’t like it here, there are too many people. Take me home this instant. (Poor little bean doesn’t understand the fact that he is part of a game)

Laito: (he was gone the second he saw all the attractive girls, and spent all his time flirting with random people) fufu~ look at all the pretty bitch-chans I just can’t seem to choose which one I want *licks lips* why not all of them? (Laito uses his fantastic ‘cosplay’ to his advantage, because nobody knows it’s actually him)

Subaru: Why is that guy dressed as me?!? What the HELL is this PLACE?!?! (You try and explain Diabolik Lovers thing to him) WHAT THE F*Ck!! YOUR TELLING ME WE ARE FROM A GAME?!? (Subaru was even more feed up when a stranger called him an angry car)

Ruki: Well this is peculiar. It appears that we have our own franchise. Well, If you need me I will be over here with the books. Livestock stay close to me. (Needless to say Ruki spent the entire time there books shopping)

Kou: Everyone’s favorite idol is here! Would
neko-chan like an autograph? (People just think he is acting out his character and don’t realize that it’s actually Kou)

Yuma: Sow, what is this place? Why are people trying to touch me? Are we famous or something?
(Ruki: we have our own franchise apparently)
Well I don’t like em trying to touch me! Let’s leave! (Yuma was even more freaked out after this whole event)

Azusa: (he got ambushed by a bunch of girls who started to compliment his ‘cosplay’)
Eve-san.. what do they… mean by… cosplay?? I am myself… and no one.. else. Please… make them.. leave me alone… (Azusa was not very comfortable with all these girls swarming him so he hid for the rest of the day)

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140817 Taemin - 'ACE' Mini Fanmeeting

Jjong cried watching Taemin’s mv & taem cried after getting a kkt from him. he said they’re a huge strength to each other.

Source: SJH900408
Translated by: sullaem

The story abt jonghyun making Taemin cry: after Jjong made those drunk tweets jongtae kkt’d each other & cried.

While shaking fans hands, Taemin seemed overwhelmed by all the positive comments they were making. They had to stop for five minutes while Taemin turned around and sobbed.

After stopping for five minutes because Tawmin was crying, the first person up was me. I told him I love the gunshot choreo and to please do it for me, but Taemin looked up at me with tears still in his eyes and said ‘sorry’. I lost my mind and was like 'oppa, I really like your gun T–T oppa..’ So he did the finger gun for me with teary eyes. I died from the cute T–T

One fan told Taemin that his hair looks like a prince’s, so Taemin got embarrassed and said “this person’s never seen a real prince before!! kkeke”. So when fans all pointed at him saying 'you you you’, he was like “then all of you are my princesses!” T—T

The sequence of Taemin’s crying: At first he was like 'hold on, hold on’ and turned around, then his shoulders sagged and he crouched on the ground and started sobbing TT__TT In the end they had to stop for a few minutes and Taemin went over to a railing behind him and bawled his eyes out.

Taemin’s hair.. He knew they were planning a solo but they hadn’t decided on a clear concept yet, so he just kept growing his hair out kekekekeke They shot the video with his black hair for one day, then he bleached it. He said his scalp never hurt so badly in his life kekekekeke.

A fan asked when he started working out/ building his muscles and he said he started rushing to do it 3 weeks ago. He’d really underestimated it before but it was a really difficult and took constant effort.

The fans asked Taemin if he heard them cheering at SMTOWN, and he said it’s hard to hear when they have their in-ears in… He was bummed out about that. And he ripped his shirt to show off his manly side, but he said he feels like he overdid it and got embarrassed kekekekkeke.

At the start of the question and answer, the fans were like 'are you a fairy? or an angel??’ and he said he isn’t wither, and if he washes his hair and takes off his makeup, he is just an ordinary 22 years old guy ^^;;; kekekekekkeke
I don’t think there’s a single person there who believes that.

Taemin’s favourite danger outfit is the white suit with the fishnet tank.

Taemin sang a line from all 6 songs. his favourite non-title track on the album is sonata (play me).

So fans were chanting ‘do a headline concert!’ and he said ‘i’ll do one in the faraway future~^^;;’.

Source: Givvo123
Translated by: sullaem

Taemin said shawols were ‘too much’ at smtown, like ‘how could you be so touching that way?’

Source: 9romee
Translated by: sullaem

There were more than 500 fans there and Taemin shook each and every one of their hands. I approached him while crying so he looked flustered and kept smiling. I wanted to tell him he is both my pride and self esteem but I couldn’t get the words out properly, so I said sorry at the end.

Fans were shouting for cry for me, & Taemin was like ‘cry for me.. uh.. (awkward silence) that’s so embarrassing..’

Source: SHINee_ATM
Translated by: sullaem

Taemin has Jonghyun’s name saved on his phone as 'Jongmannie hyung’

Taemin said Jonghyun sent his drunk tweet as a message to him on kkt firs before tweeting it. According to Taemin, when he read his kkt, he thought 'he must be drunk’. Jonghyun gets emotional when he drunk.

Source: Hwaya9048
Translated by: sullaem

He said he built his muscles in 3 weeks. Fans were all shocked and were like 'show us!!!’ and he said 'later, when I’m older and all of you get older’. When fans were like 'awwwww’ he was like 'why are you all so dirty?!^^;;’.

When asked when SHINee will have their next comeback, he said after their touring ends, and since Jinki is still healing, he thinks they’ll do it after he’s well. He said they’ll come back soon. When fans said 'rest well TT_TT come back later TT__TT’ he said 'because you said that, we are gonna comeback sooner ^^;;!!!’

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Translated by: sullaem

When the fans at the back said they couldn’t hear well, taemin dragged the speakers in front of them himself.

Source: Planetarium0525
Translated by: sullaem

Taemin said he doesnt wanna be blond 4 long bc it stands out too much. he doesnt like it bc dispatch finds him too easily.

Source: mintruse_
Translated by: sullaem

There are plans for a fansign. Taemin said he’s not talkative and is introverted, but he is going to communicate a lot with fans. That he will talk lots and lots. He is even going to go out to the other districts keke He says he will drive himself since he has driver’s license ekekekekke cutie TT_TTTTT

Taemin talked about dispatch when talking about bleaching hair, 'since I’m an introvert, I need to go around in hiding like this~ but I can’t anymore because my hair’s too bright’ keke And that he is gonna get caught by dispatch taking walks at the Hangang with kai again keekekkekeke

'Experience’ was originally an acoustic song. he’ll perform it if he gets the chance, & 'cry for me.’

Source: _taem0718
Translated by: sullaem

At the end of the fanmeet was imprompt to handshake event. Everyone got to go up and shake Taemin’s hand and everyone ended up in tears.

Even Taemin broke down in tears quickly with all the support. Manager had to run and get him a tissue and see if he was okay.

He mentioned being happy that the other members came to visit him at Inkigayo today.

Fans asked Taemin about SHINee’s comeback but he wouldn’t really say anything concrete about it.

He spoke a little about each song and even sang a bit from each. Except 'Pretty Boy’….

A dog kept barking at Taemin and what was going on so he laughed and said sorry!

The manager brought out a cake for congradulations for Tarmin then sprayed him with snow confetti. Even messed up Taemin’s hair after.

Fans were asking him to take off his shirt/show his abs but he peaked under and said no. He was really shy about it too.

He was doing the gun shot move of the dance again as fans really like that part.

I told Taemin congradulations in Korean. K-Fans helped make sure I could say it right. He told me in English 'Thank youx3’ and 'I love you’

When Taemin first came down into the park everyone was chanting his name so he raised his hands up and was dancing all excited.

Taemin broke down, like we had to stop for 5min. He tired to hold it in but just couldn’t and had to take a break. He never ever cries.

No one expected the handshaking. When it was announced girls started wiping out mirrors and makeup. Hand wipes to clean their hands too.

One girl had to be helped up by two people and when she got there she collapsed again and couldn’t do it. Taemin was so shocked.

We ended with a group picture. Taemin asked we make the triangle with our lightsticks so fans borrowed or teamed up to do it.

Source: MissEzry

The fanmeeting is at a park so we have curious random bystanders watching and trying to figure what this is XD


This brat actually opened the thing by saying today you are all my girlfriends ㅠ ㅠ

My legendary first and last meeting with taemin was me shaking before, bursting into tears during and forming the very meaningful “Hi”

I forgot to hold his hands, couldn’t look him in the eye and I just froze and cried and he took my hands instead. I… I just stood there. Looking down. Crying.
I don’t do FEED ME STEAK OMNOMNOM like that, not even in my wildest dreams did I ever think I’d do that but I just couldn’t do anything else

He looked shocked cuz I probbably looked so scared. I mean there’s an idiot at a handshaking event who isn’t even touching him… But he just smiled and took both my hands and said Hi and then I said Hi and then I started sobbing so I had to leave.I had this whole thing planned, I was gonna tell him just how proud I am to be his fan and thank him but nope. Hi. F*cking Hi. With tears.

Didn’t help that as soon as the handshaking part started after a few people Taemin himself burst into tears. He, this beautiful person inside and out got too emotional and had to go away and he just sobbed for a while. Everyone was crying by then. I mean there you are shaking cause you’re about to hold his hand, instead he is the one who gets overwhelmed by all the love he’s getting.

We were talking about his hair. The colouring process and it was painful getting that shade etc does it suit him etc etc and someone in the audience shouted “you look like a prince” and then Taemin was like “aren’t you being too much?” Everyone lols. But then he took it further by saying “If I’m the prince then all of you are princesses” at which point everyone was like Taemin please, no.

Fans asked about Cry for Me and he was like ehm… well… that song… and then he said he was shy and someone asked if he could sing a little and he did. But then in the 2nd verse he burst into laughter XD

Because we were at a park there were ppl with dogs and the dogs would bark at the worst moments lmao. Over and over again. After a particularly sudden bark Taem apologised to the dog for bothering him XD

Taemin said that after the MV came out he received a drunk kakao text from jonghyun. He actually said you know kakao right? I got one from Jonghyun hyung and I knew he was drunk and he was crying and was talking about how proud he was of him and Taemin stopped for a sec and he said after getting the text he also started crying. Him and Jjong just cried like that for a while. Said he saved Jonghyuns number on his phone as jjongmanie? Hyung I’m not sure how to write it actually but he mentioned how jjong is saved on his phone.

Fans asked about an encore concert&he kinda talked around the subject at first but mentioned they have to consider their physical conditions

During the Q&A section a fan asked if he had seen the shawol section on the 3rd floor at SMTOWN and Taemin said aren’t you being too much? How can I not? Of course. He said the fans were too supportive and he felt very emotional and he said they took pics and he was just very happy from the amount of support he and the group got.

He was very talkative,open,witty.When that fan got cheesy&called him a prince he was like this gurl has never seen a prince in her life XD

During cry for me and experience he burst into laughter. I burst into tears.

Taemin couldn’t help but laugh when singing. Crying came after.

He sang I think 3 songs.Play me-his favourite, experience and fan request-cry for me. Burst into laughter during both cry for me&experience.

He talked about the recording process of ACE a lot. I honestly didn’t get all of it because the sound system sucked and it was a little complicated for me. What I got was that it was difficult because he had problems hitting the notes, made for a different type of vocal and there was a lot of technique involved so it was very difficult - technique was in english XD.

They told us it would be a handshake event in the end AFTER we got there. It was a mess after that. I received hand sanitizers and wet wipes from Korean girls all over me and I passed around some hand cream so our hands weren’t too rough and the Korean girl was so surprised I gave her something in return she told her friends lmao. Everyone brought out their cellphones to use the front cam as a mirror. It was like the nerves before going on a date ._.

Its been raining on and off the whole day basically and during the handshake event a few drops of rain fell and everyone panicked and chanted for the staff to find an umbrella for our Taeminnie. Taemin heard it and put his hand over his head to check but it was literally just a few drops, so he kept going on shaking hads but fans were insistent and after a while one of the staff came with a giant black umbrella and stood next to Taemin holding the umbrella for him while he shook hands.

He talked about his SMTOWN stages, thanked for the incredible support he received. Fans asked about his body and he talked about ripping his top off.. He said he’d it was difficult because he’d hated working out before and he said he worked out for 3 weeks. And the SMTOWN stage was very burdensome ♡

There was a long haired older girl right before our line. When she tried to get up she just collapsed. Her legs would not work and they kept giving out under her. Her friends were trying to hold her up but her legs looked like jelly. She kept going down. SM supporters called the security guys and they tried to hold her up. Tried talking to her. Once she’d calmed down they took her to her place in the line but she never got better even when she made it to Taemin =(

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Shawols have been here from 4am this morning until 7pm at night so far. Danger & Ace pre-recording, Danger post-recording for next week and now fanmeet.

Taemin-ah…thank you, thank you, thank you. 영원히 고마워요. 영원히 응원할께요. 영원히 사랑할께요. ♡

Shawols collapsed in a public park and clutching at each other in tears after Taemin left. I hugged and comforted people I’ve never met.

Every Shawol began passing around wet tissues to wipe their hands before approaching Taemin. Sharing wet tissues so everyone had clean hands.

Taemin has been holding back tears all weekend. Whenever we chanted his name you could see it but he was strong until he offered us his hand.

We never expected to be allowed to greet Taemin personally. It was such an unexpected gift. So thankful to Taemin and the staff and SHINee.

The fanstaff were helping crying Shawols back to their seats, handing out tissues and getting emotional themselves.

The managers crowded Taemin when he was crying, rubbing his back and smiling like proud dads. Thank you so much for caring for him managers!

We took a huge group photo at the end and Taemin was directing people and making sure everyone moved into the shot safely.

We used SHINee lightsticks to make the Ace triangle and two Korean girls behind me encouraged me to join them and make the triangle together.

I sometimes feel really alone in fandom caught up in arguing and K vs I BS but days like this it all boils down to: We’re SHAWols. All of us.

There were fans who were gripping Taemin’s hands like a lifeline but I could only thread fingers gently ㅠ.ㅠ How to grip his hand like that??

I’m not saying this just because I’m drunk ㅠ.ㅍTaeminnie ㅠ.ㅠ you’re so perfect ㅠ.ㅠ how? how? how? ㅠ.ㅠ

Seriously though Taemin so unfair. We were fine ㅠ.ㅠ We wouldnt have cried if he hadn’t ㅠ.ㅠ

Manager brought out a cake for Taemin and the candle kept going out cause Taemin has magic hands. Manager was spraying fake snow on him while we sang 'Congratulations’ and he was coated in it. It was all stuck in his hair. Manager tried to swipe all the white stuff out of Taeminnies hair but it was too sticky.

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