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bichie hcs???

yesss (they’re in high school for this)

- arcade boyfriends !

- richie used to beg bill to go to the arcade with him but bill thought it was kinda dumb and that they were way too old for it 

- when he eventually caved tho they literally spent hours there, they were basically glued to the street fighter machine because they’re both so competitive and will Not let the other get away with a higher score

- bill had the higher score at the end of the day (richie is such a sore loser he was p i s s e d) 

- bill kept kissing him all over his cheeks until he stopped pouting

- now like every second date is to the arcade (the staff all lowkey hate them because of all the swearing)

- since eighth grade-ish they’ve been the same height

- like, exactly the same height

- every now and then one of them would shoot up by half an inch and be so smug that they were taller, but then the other would grow the same amount

- seeing as EVERYTHING is a competition between them it became this whole thing- they would stand back to back and get the other losers to see who was taller this week

- eventually when their growth spurts kinda stopped and they hadn’t seen much change in a while, richie was taller by the tiniest amount

- they all made the verdict that richie was the tallest and he started calling bill ‘shortstack’

- bill full on ignored richie for two days afterwards

- richie is all for pda but bill’s not so big on it -he’s chill with hand holding and small kisses but he hates it when people are full on making out against the lockers- so it’s this constant battle of richie being all over bill at school and bill trying to shove him off

- ((he makes up for it later ifuknowwhatimean ;)))

- ((i mean they probably make out in the back seat of richie’s car))

- richie is ready to Step The Fuck Up whenever someone makes fun of bill’s stutter (he’s way more bark than bite though)

- the rest of the losers are their impulse control so when they’re alone to make they’re own decisions it can be dangerous

- “hey bill do you dare me to do a backflip off the roof?”

- “… i do”

- *stan yelling from two streets away* “NO HE DOES NOT”

- they borrow each other’s clothes without even asking, it gets to a point where half of richie’s clothes are at bill’s and half of bill’s clothes are at richie’s and everything’s just mixed up together

- that’s fine tho because richie’s at bill’s house a lot anyway 

- every time they try and sleep in the same bed one of them ends up on the floor because they both move around so much in their sleep 


- whenever bill’s parents are out for a night or a weekend, george demands that richie comes over (which he does without hesitation because he loves georgie as well) 

- richie is a bad influence and gets him hyped up on sugar and they roughhouse in the living room while bill is trying to cook dinner

- sometimes richie takes georgie on drives in his truck and they listen to his rock music and they get icecream or go play laser tag

- bill gets really confused when he walks in on georgie in the living room singing acdc and rocking an air guitar

- he tells richie off but he actually thinks it’s pretty great that his brother likes his boyfriend so much

- ONE TIME they’re watching a movie and georgie is cuddled up in between them and he tells richie that he wants him to marry bill and !! they both laugh and blush like crazy it’s so cute !!!

- they said ‘i love you’ to each other for the first time that night and !!

- bill was super nervous and was stuttering so bad he couldn’t get the words out and he looked like he was about to cry so richie just kissed him and said ‘i love you too’ and hsdfhja

- they just have so much fun!!! fun boyfriends !!!

I am 100% done with people thinking it’s okay to make fun of vegans or vegetarians. I get that you do not understand our lifestyle, but we have a limit to the number of jokes you can make. I’ve never been the type of person to shove my diet beliefs down anyones throat, so I expect the same type of respect. The “you can tell it’s vegan” jokes and the “meat is so good” comments, need to stop. I do not need someone smelling my food and telling me it smells like death, when I’m not the one putting a dead animal into my body. I am just so tired of people being assholes.

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hc that Steve is like a fucking space heater, always running hot, and his girl is like a little icicle with cold hands and everything and sometimes when they cuddle she'll put her cold feet on his legs and he'll scREam


so yes, I love this and let’s be real, when he screams, you low key make fun of him for it, so then he hides in the crook of your neck, red in the face from embarrassment, only to come out when you coax him with a soft voice and the promise of loving kisses

I both hate it and love it when a post blows up and people are like, “This is NOT how you educate someone uwu” Like maybe…. JUST HEAR ME OUT. MAYBE…… we aren’t trying to educate anyone? Maybe we be bored. I just like proving people wrong. My goal has never been to educate the masses. What kind of sock logic is that that my end goals HAS to be teaching people uwu-ly?

I love love LOVE the fact that [Gorgeous] is the pre-album song that had us all huddled together and going “WAIT, YOU TOO???” the moment it dropped. No one else in my music life has so precisely worded that feeling of intense bitterness against people who make you have FEELINGS. HOW DARE THEY ALL BE PRETTY AND OUT OF REACH, I’M GOING TO CLUTCH ONTO MY BITTERNESS IN THE CORNER AND MAKE FUN OF YOUR LAUGH SO YOU COULD NEVER SUSPECT HOW IT MAKES ME FEEL WHEN YOU SMILE.


And it even has that moment of drawing circles around the people you like so that they don’t have to be put through my fumbling and stuttering and tripping over things, and I don’t have to feel like the smallest bug in the garden and wanting the earth to swallow me up whole every time they do something lovable. It’s ridiculous, it’s messy, it’s overly intense, it’s everything what crushes are like. Both terrible and wonderful at the same time- they make you so happy that you get sad all over again! It’s the song that perfectly describes that carousel feeling of up and down, up and down, while all the while ridiculous upbeat fair music is playing in your head.

—  @madamescarlette ‘s drop-dead perfect review of Gorgeous from her whole-album review of ‘reputation’

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omg those photos of joe make me like him even more, he seems like one of those people who are shy at first but when you get to know them they really open up and are super comfortable and fun around you

Yes yes that’s what i got from the pix.

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i like how ackee was told what grayson did to you and instead of being a sensible person and apologizing and stopping spreading lies he continues to spread lies about you and make fun of you and ignore that you were assaulted?!

I don’t even know why it was brought up. I make funnie joaks but I hate the grayson drama and discussing it and I still don’t get why Ackee was trying to pull it back up and bring me into it when the last fucking posts on his blog are about what happened. How the fuck you didn’t know and why are you making up me writing a song about you to cover up the fact that you vagued me and had it obvious enough that your anons knew it was about me and painted me as a fake bitch that was Grayson’s right hand man and made fun of me for dumping him off. 

But if ackee wants to talk about grayson and wants me to make a song I do it, I always try to give the people what they want.

A Note for My Followers:

If I’ve done anything to hurt anyone, I sincerely apologize for what I have done. Knowing that I hurt someone due to my insensitive sense of humor absolutely devastates me, and I hope all of you understand I meant in no way to hurt you.

I’m use to dark humor. I’m use to making fun of someone (which includes some of my own irl friends). I’m use to being made fun of, (especially when I was younger) and it’s just something that doesn’t personally offend me. Due to this, I forget that people are more sensitive than me, and I fail to relize that I can really hurt someone without meaning to. Yes, I can be a horrible friend, I know. I’m trying my best to change this, and it’s a horrible habit I have.

I hope you know that I love and care about ALL of you. It’s just.. some of us are different. We have different pasts, different senses of humor, and different views on the world, and that’s perfectly fine. Sometimes our personalities don’t compliment each other, and we don’t all get along. I completely understand that, and I once again, apologize to anyone who’ve I hurt emotionally. I never meant to hurt you, and I do not hate you. I could never hate you.

Love you guys, good night~ <3

Heroes of Olympus as popular text posts
  • Percy: ''Fun drinking game: Take a shot of water every couple hours to make sure you’re healthy and hydrated.''
  • Annabeth: ''Do you ever have the urge to tell someone to shut the fuck up even when they aren’t talking?''
  • Jason: ''If you ever feel bad about yourself remember that one time i didn’t understand that my waiter was just trying to give me my change so i fist bumped him instead ''
  • Piper: ''People always shoot down my ideas and I’m sick of it. two sentences in and everyone’s already shouting “what the fuck that’s illegal” or “you can’t do that” let me talk dear god''
  • Leo: ''Back by unpopular demand: me''
  • Hazel: ''I watched my brother drop a remote on his foot and the only thing he said was “i am so sick of being alive”''
  • Frank: ''Listen, I’m a nice person so if I’m a bitch to you, you need to ask yourself why.''
  • Nico: ''Gayer than intended: an autobiography''
  • Reyna: ''Girls aren’t playing hard to get… They don’t want you.''

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Hi, 7goodangel. I am here to ask you about PaperJam as a shy, smol and innocent being (mainly thegreatrouge made him be). There has been some conflicts regarding his trait. Some said his canonical personality is a jerk, like what you wrote in his bio / info and some said that is severely wrong and being shy, (which made him shipped with Fresh), is his canonical personality. What are your thoughts about this? I mean, it is your character and people are taking control of it. Don't you disagree?

Well… I have talked to people and seen public conversations and this has happened several times to me over months. I guess I’ve gotten a little numb to it now… or maybe it’s due to school that I haven’t given it the attention that it deserves. Probably due to school. 

I just can’t update constantly like others - even though some others in school were and are able to update constantly. I can’t keep going around and holding up my bio of PJ and police people. It’s exhausting to me… it really takes up the small bit of free time I have. 

I think after I get a solid job that I’ll be able to go around better… but anyway - back to your question. 

While I love seeing interpretations and do not want people to be limited by something and have their imaginations go forth… it’s proving that a huge con comes with that mentality - which you have pointed out. A lot of people swear that PJ is the cute, innocent interpretation that really, did get PJ popular in the first place. While I did have him as a jerk from the beginning - I kinda kept that info to my RP blog - so you could say it is my fault this is all happening and I do think that. I could of done something to make it not as bad as it is now… 

It’s just like the NSFW stuff… people just assume the first thing and run with it. And it really does make me feel like I really am not needed for my own character at points. 

It’s a struggle - I don’t want to have people stop interpreting PJ within AUs… but I also don’t want people to just see him as an innocent child to ship with Fresh. 

And I’m still trying to find the best solution to it. 

But… I feel like the damage is already done. It’s too late for me to talk to all of these people going around swearing on their life that PJ is canoncally like Rouge’s interpretation/AUs. It feels like an hopeless battle to me. 

And I guess I needed someone to ask me this question so then I can fully say my thoughts on this. 

So in short, while I love creativity and don’t want to snuff it out (considering some people would probably think I’m doing that already with saying “No Sin”), I still don’t like it. It irritates me, irks me, frustrates me, and I feel like even as the person who thought of PJ in the first place, my voice isn’t enough. Communities seem like they don’t care about artists unless they reach a ‘certain goal of popularity’ or seem like they have a more professional style of art. I know I do not reach either of those titles. 

People misspell my username all the time - I actually claimed ‘7goodangle’ on tumblr for that reason.

People still say “I’m too lazy to find who made PJ” when they clearly mentioned they looked at the bio on the wiki. 

People still go around arguing others on the canon ship of OmniPJ and swearing that FreshPaper is the true canon ship, when all people are pointing out is that they need to keep the canon ship in mind when going around with information.

Even just basic personality traits… and these things are happening on sites that I do not nor want an account for. 

I still want others to have fun - to be happy; but I don’t know… I guess I’m cutting out my own happiness to get everyone else happy? I want to eventually write a version of PJ within his own universe and story… and he is more like the version I created within the UT verse. Not exact - but close. Though who knows… I might shove PJ to the side and replace his role with another character. I’m still weighing options.

Cause PJ was the first character I ever put this much time and thought into… my first character that was balanced, well rounded…

And what happens?


You said it Anon. 

They took it - changed it (initially as an AU but now people think it’s canon) - and I can’t do much about it. Due to school and not much free-time… due to how many don’t know the true creator… and just back talking anyone who is just mentioning it to people who swear by it. 

As an artist and a character designer…

It makes me not want to show designs, characters, and stories ever again online.

Considering if this is how I was treated on the first one… why even take a chance at a second one? If it has brought me so much stress, frustration, and time… why even try it again?

I said I was only going to do fanart so if anyone stole it, it didn’t really matter. 
I think I should have stuck with that thought process. 

In conclusion, there are some major things to take away here. First – that yes, I do not like how it has skewed this far to the point of arguing over a fandom version with the canon. Canon is canon and I get the different AUs – this is too far. Way too far. I am emotionally drained from this – from this whole mess that I have been defending throughout majority of PJ’s lifespan. I will state this – Paper Jam is my character. He is my original character that I created more than a year ago. And the UT AU fandom took my character and warped him to something he is not and all of his original meaning is lost. I do not like to hurt others or make other sad – but I must put my foot fully down. This miscommunication needs to stop. I am tired of repeating things over and over and I have past my breaking point time and time again. I just want people to see PJ how he really is… and I wish that people could be focusing more on the reality of him instead of the alternate that they all claim as truth.

Final words: I still like Undertale – I still like creating characters and having fun – but the Undertale AU fandom is ridiculous now. The Amino UT community is insanity in an app, and there is a lot of stuff that has made many artists and creators to their breaking point and leaving the fandom entirely. Everyone in this fandom needs to take ten steps back and look at what they are doing. Go back to the game. Play it again – watch your favorite let’s player’s videos of it again. 

And just… food for thought… please don’t jump the gun on someone else’s OC’s personality and actions. 

I do not want anyone to experience what I had.

Ok so

I doubt it’s just me but did it freak anyone else out in season 1 of stranger things when Mike jumped off that cliff without hesitation? When I watched the show for the first time that part really freaked me out because of the fact that Mike barely hesitated. I see posts of people kind of making fun of Mike saying oh well he jumped off a cliff to save his friends teeth. In my honest opinion no one, not even a 12 year old, would barely hesitate to jump off a cliff (even to save his friends teeth no matter how good of a friend he is) if they didn’t have something going on deeper inside them. Perhaps you could argue that Mike thought he would survive the fall? But in my opinion Mike is a smart child and he even he should know that he wouldn’t survive that fall. Even the bullies were freaked out when he jumped because they didn’t think he actually would. He had like no emotion on his face before he did anything and people who don’t want to die or get hurt would usually be crying or showing some kind of emotion imo. I mean Mike comes from a home where yeah perhaps they’re not struggling financially or anything like that but he does have an inattentive father and two parents who don’t love each other and from personal experience I can tell you that that messes with a child whether they realize it or not. Not to mention the fact that he is bullied and perhaps you could add some other things. I personally think Mike may have deeper issues and I also think that him barely hesitating to even jump off that cliff was a big red flag ok bye


this is tumblr’s dashboard update in real life, this sucks & discourages people to post what they love because the notes aren’t there anymore. so pretty PLEASE turn this off, you will miss important stuff when this is on. I’d love to all of my followers to be able to see my content because that’s why they’re following me, and it should be up to them to decide what they see, not to some “best stuff first” update

and for the love of tumblr, @staff fix this, this is a dumb update,it doesn’t help anyone, what it does is making fun of us little tumblrs who want to grow, but this makes it impossible. 

What I Say: I don’t handle confrontation well.

What I Mean: I immediately assume that just because someone disagrees with me, that they will hurt and/or abandon me. When someone is mad at me I assume they no longer like me and that I’m a worthless, evil person who would be better off dead. When people are upset with me my reaction is to kill myself because everyone hates me and I’m a waste of space.

Some NT: lmao yeah I don’t like getting yelled at either it makes me sad ;∀;

keith: hunk is right

hunk, immediately pulling keith down into a kiss: man i love hearing that

Bojack Horseman and Rick and Morty: The Hardest Nihilistic Show to watch and the easiest Nihilistic Show to watch

Bojack Horseman is such a weird show for me.

It’s like I need to set a time weeks, or years in advance to sit down and watch it. I’ve only watched the show once but it is so philosophical and life changing and depressing and deep, it’s like I have to set out emotional time out of my day to pick a moment to watch it.

I’ve only watched it once and once was enough to change my entire outlook on life and look at my life from a new angle. 

Where as Rick and Morty is a Nihilistic show too, there are way more laugh out loud moments and tends to make fun of Nihilism. The characters can be deep, while being shallow at the same time. They can be very aware they are in a show. Saying things like: “Was he doing a bit?” things I don’t hear in modern english unless I’m hanging with the theater kids.

A thing that Rick and Morty achieves perfectly with it’s humor is the art of Schadenfreude. Or “Taking pleasure/enjoyment/humor from the suffering of others.” Every single deep moment in Rick and Morty is usually accompanied with a sad or intense song, that you can take in as Horribly deep and depressing, while being hilarious at the exact same time. 

I will take an example from Season One. 

Kind of a spoiler, but this happens very early in season one. It’s like the halfway point of season one, just to establish this show doesn’t fuck around.

The jist of it, is that Rick and Morty ruined the world so badly, that they went to a different universe. A different reality where they died around this time. Accompanied by sad music is Morty coming to grips that everything around him isn’t real and it’s an entirely new reality. Leaving behind a damaged and broken world. And he has to bury his own corpse. So every event in the previous episodes are reconnected or might of not happened in this reality. 

What makes this a very emotional intense scene and an extremely funny one is how juxtaposed Morty is to this compared to everyone else around him. Morty is having an existential crisis about everyone he left behind, meanwhile Reality doesn’t care. Rick grabs a drink, Summer Texts on her phone, his mom and dad argue on the cusp of divorce. Nothing changed. Life goes on. 

I remember the first time I saw this scene when it aired on TV, it blew my mind, while also making me laugh at the same time.

That’s because the show makes it clear Reality doesn’t care about Morty’s extensional crisis. You can take pleasure in his suffering while making it tragic and realistic but funny at the same time. 

And a majority of every emotional scene in Rick and Morty is like this.

There is a moment in season 2 where one character attempts suicide, and while it’s framed in a serious manner, it is also hilarious. It’s not that the show makes fun of suicidal people. (like a tasteless joke in some other adult shows) The inner turmoil is shown and portrayed very seriously. What makes the scene funny, is while the character lies still and alone all night after his failed suicide attempt, the Pathetic Father character Jerry, comes into the foreground, with his weed wacker. A trivial thing he was complaining about the whole episode. Without noticing the character’s pain. “Life goes on. Nobody cares.” Which is seriously sad and funny at the same time.

As I said  Schadenfreude. “Nobody cares. Might as well laugh about it” 

Bojack Horseman has it’s share of funny moments too, it’s writing style in similar format to the Simpsons and typical satire. 

But the comedic moments are usually far away from it’s serious moments.

They have their moments of  Schadenfreude as well. Such as small #relatable moments that make me laughing my ass off due to the delivery. Cause I’m sure many can relate to procrastinating and being lazy as hell on a project or having friends kick your pathetic ass to actually do something.

But when the show wants to get deep, the humor stays far away from the realism. 

There are also suicide attempts in this show as well. And while Rick and Morty can take a look in the mirror and laugh at itself. Like “Nobody cares, might as well laugh about it” This show seems to say: “Life is horrible, we are horrible people, if we don’t take power within ourselves to change. nobody cares. Deal with it.”

Which it a heartbreaking but raw realistic message.

Which is why I only watched the show once and am postpoing watching the newest season as long as I can.

The show is raw, it doesn’t hold back and every deep emotional moment has no comic relief moment to recover.

It lets you breathe in the heavy atmosphere and deal with every screw up the main character commits. 

It’s like if an adult cartoon character had real world negative consequences for his horrible behavior. Friends abandon him, forgiveness is optional, and people die because of a direct result of the main character.

A lot of the problems with myself and with my generation as a whole is that we tend to dissolve blame for things that we are directly at fault for. I know we tend to point fingers at the Baby Boomer generation or society a lot, but pointing fingers doesn’t really help things get better. If you just want to whine and not inspire change. You have to look deep inside yourself and find the will to change.

Something that both shows preach.

“The thing about repairing, maintaining and cleaning is, it’s not an adventure. There’s no way to do it so wrong you might die. It’s just…. work. And the truth of the matter is that, some of us are okay with going to work, and well, some of us rather die. Each of us gets to choose.” 

I love Bojack Horseman and I love Rick and Morty. But one is way more easier to watch then the other. I know a lot of people on tumblr are comparing both shows, but to me, they are equal in greatness, just take a very different approach to the same subject mater. 

I will get to watching Season 4 of Bojack Horseman some day. But not where I’m at right now. 

I am glad I read a few therapy books before watching bojack horseman and rick and morty so I wasn’t too mindblown by the messages portrayed.

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How does G-Dragon still have fans when he’s rude, careless and has called his members ugly and treated them like shit back in pre-debut days and early debut days. He hated SeungRi and got on him all of the time. He treated DaeSung like shit in the past and called him ugly. All he cares about is himself and his self image , looks and money. How can one still have a decent amount of fans?

That’s called growing up, maturing to be a better person as a leader. I’m pretty sure they fixed whatever bad blood they had back in the days brought about the inconsistency of YG’s promise to debut GDYB as a duo. THEY ARE YOUNG. And it’s not even a big deal, not even the kind of feud you are thinking. Also what’s the big deal joking about their looks? Even Jiyong makes fun of himself, Dae too. It’s an inside joke of BB if u ask me.

The group wouldn’t last a decade if Jiyong treats his members, no, brothers “like shit”. You cannot fake the bond. If he cares about fame and money he could’ve gone solo too, but he didn’t.

When was he ever ‘rude’? When he declines people’s request to take a photo with him? When he covers his face with a mask when people swarm over him to take videos? When was he ‘careless’? When he tried protecting a lost child on a concert to avoid getting squished by the crowd? When he pretends to play so fans who follow him would also walk slow to avoid beating the red light?

He has many fans because for obvious reasons he isn’t what you think he is. From a perspective of a fan i’d say he is doing a good job. How can you say that to a man who bows more than 90degrees to every artist regardless of seniority? If you don’t believe a bias person like me let the celebrities speak as they admire how humble and respectful he is.


“I’ve had those experiences when people are so surprised when they meet me and they start shaking and saying stuff like, “You saved me.” Also, people who are really deep and serious and are like, “Man, I came out of the closet because of Isak.” That’s big. I think it defends the work of making TV and doing acting. It can change people, and it’s such fun work. When I’m acting I’m thinking like, “Oh my god, I get paid to do this.” But when you see it could change the world like that I think, “Okay, I deserve my paycheck.”

                                                                                                         -Tarjei Sandvik Moe