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Hey There, Delilah | 9


a/n: dfgkjnaflgkjasnlgkj i don’t know this is kind of a filler or a resolution but not really a resolution idk man oh well asdkgjsdlgkjansdglkjsadg 

The medicine finally kicks in for Delilah and she falls asleep in her car seat on the way home. There’s a soft hum of ‘Dreaming with a Broken Heart’ playing in the background that Shawn put on to help Delilah fall asleep, but other than that the car is silent.

You look up in the rear view mirror at Shawn. He’s got a hand on Delilah, rubbing her tiny hand softly with his thumb, and he’s looking aimlessly out the window as the lights go by. You wonder what he is thinking—about tonight, about your friendship, about the kiss—but still you remain silent and turn your eyes back to the road.

“Thank you,” Shawn speaks up softly, and you turn your glance back to your rear mirror to find that he’s already looking at you.

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How would Steve and Bucky react to Tony having to socialize at a party or ball and an alpha getting all over Tony but tony being oblivious? Or tony becoming friends with an alpha that quite obviously wants him but also being completely unaware and continuing to be sweet and helpful?

Remember how I said there wasn’t gonna be Sunset Bain? Yeah I lied just because of this ask.

Because Sunset Bain is super fucking charming, but rarely shows up to Rogers functions because she hates them as much as they hate her, Steve, Bucky, and Sarah don’t even think to tell Tony that she’s fucking evil incarnate on par with Obadiah. And Sunset knows this as soon as they see her before their eyes all dart to Tony, trying to figure out who will get to him faster.

It’s Sunset.

“I’ve heard a lot about you,” Tony lies because oh God how could his husbands not tell him about Sunset Bain, she’s talking like someone of very high standing. Sunset’s red lips twist into a smirk because she knows it’s a lie. If Tony had heard a lot about her, he wouldn’t be smiling so guilelessly. “And I have heard so much about you,” she replies, which isn’t a lie at all. She’s only sorry she didn’t have a chance to sink her claws into Tony before he was married. She glances down at Tony’s dress. It’s very finely made. She would have liked to rip it to shreds. She can’t imagine anything she’d have enjoyed more than to steal this little idiot from the Rogers.

Surprisingly, she enjoys the conversation she has with Tony, talking about clothes and fabrics and–a woman named Serena who makes delicate underclothes, how interesting. Sunset’s eyes drift over Tony’s body again, imagining what he’s wearing beneath his dress. Truly a shame that she hadn’t caught Tony first; he’d look so pretty writhing on her knot.

Steve gets his arm around Tony’s waist and glares at her, pulling Tony up against his side. “Sunset.” “Prince Steven,” Sunset replies, syrupy sweet, and Steve’s lip curls up in disgust. “Steven!” Tony says, patting his chest excitedly. “We were talking about Wakandan silk! Sunset says she knows how I can get some!” Steve swallows down a growl, but the smile on his face is ugly. “Well that’s just lovely, Anthony.” Sunset smirks, reaches out to touch Tony’s shoulder and watch as Steve struggles not to snarl at her. “I’ll be in touch, darling. We’ll get you some silk.” “Oh, that would be wonderful,” Tony sighs happily. Sunset gives Steve one last smirk before leaving.

(“You can’t be alone with her again,” Bucky insists angrily. Tony frowns, hurt and confused. “But… why–” “She’s a fucking snake, Tony,” Steve spits. “She was lying to your face the entire time!” “…You mean she doesn’t know where I can get some Wakandan silk?” Bucky lets out a growl that makes the hair on he back of his neck stand on end. “Tony. Forget about the silk. We’ll barter with T’Chaka. Just stay away from Sunset.” “She was perfectly pleasant with me!” Tony exclaims defensively. “You’re just jealous that another alpha was paying attention to me! I’m allowed to talk to other people! That’s what I was raised for!” Steve’s growl is more like a roar and it makes Tony stumble backward in terror. “DO NOT. SPEAK TO HER. AGAIN,” Steve orders, all bared teeth and angry eyes.

Bucky winces as he watches Tony’s bottom lip tremble before he turns and runs from the room. “…Nice, Steve.” Steve snarls again. Bucky has to let himself be thrown onto the bed, belly up and neck bared for him to calm down. When they go out to look for Tony, Rhodey meets them at the door and says, “Nice going idiots how did you ever manage to woo him.” That… hurts more than they’d like to admit.)

((Pepper intercepts Sunset on her way to approach Tony. “Marchioness Bain,” she says demurely. Sunset forces herself not to sneer at her. She doesn’t know how Pepper fits into the ranks here. “Yes?” Pepper leans in, friendly smile still in place. “If you have any designs on Prince Anthony I will follow you home and rip you limb from limb, ending with tearing your head from your neck, and then I will eat your fucking heart.” Sunset goes pale but doesn’t want to admit defeat yet. “And just who are you to–” “If you keep talking I will take the time to rip your nails out one by one before tearing your arms off,” Pepper continues quietly. “I will use your hair to weave a belt and wear it every day as a reminder that I killed you and I will wear it proudly. I will protect Tony at all costs and if that means murdering Prince Steven or James then so be it. You are not even on my radar of important people, Marchioness Bain. I would tear through an army to keep Prince Anthony safe.”

Sunset takes a step back, shivery with terror, and nearly trips over a wheelchair. “Oh!” “Hi,” Rhodey says pleasantly. “You’re going to tell me how to get Tony some Wakandan silk and then you’re going to leave.” Sunset nearly stutters. “I–I will do no such thing!” “Pepper, kill her,” Rhodey replies immediately. Sunset sputters when Pepper reaches toward her belt. “I mean–of course I’ll do such a thing!”

Once they’re sure she’s left, Rhodey rolls off to go write a letter to T’Chaka and T’Challa about the fact that someone is selling silk from their country illegally and Pepper makes her way back to Tony. Tony leans in toward her. “Is it taken care of?” “I really wish you wouldn’t make me threaten people,” Pepper sighs. “But you’re right. She gives me the creeps.” “I’m pretty sure my uterus shriveled up and died the first time she looked me up and down,” Tony admits quietly. “If I can’t have children I’m blaming it on her and having her executed.” Pepper can’t help the bark of laughter that bursts from her.))

(((“You knew the entire time?!” Steve sputters angrily. Tony draws himself up straight. “Of course I did! I’m not an idiot, Steve! I know the way alphas leer when they want something and don’t care what they have to do to get it!” All the fight leaves Steve immediately, and he trudges over to draw Tony into his arms. Tony reluctantly allows it, but only because Steve’s hands are shaking. “You have to understand,” Bucky insists helplessly. “Sunset Bain is the worst and we didn’t have time to warn you, could only watch as she approached you. She could have twisted your words and made you look like a fool. She’s been doing that to us for years, even during the war, until Duchess Margaret cowed her. Even Sarah couldn’t control her. We were just so scared for you.” Tony frowns, reluctantly lifting his hands to hug Steve back. He’d sensed that Sunset was awful, but he’d never thought about how much she had hurt his husbands in the past. Maybe he’d find out what she’d done to them.

When he feels Steve trembling, though, he wonders if he really wants to.)))

see what i hate about alex’s writing is that rick just cavalierly touches on stuff that’s really delicate subject matter….he does it with racism too like yeah people internalize racism to a degree but you can’t just insert yourself into that discussion as a white man and write about people of color (men of color specifically: julius, frank, and tristan) who disdain themselves/their cultures…you can’t do that well or accurately if you aren’t a man of color or weren’t raised by a man of color (in the case of carter and piper)…

and with alex it’s like. alex literally IS a guy sometimes, i don’t think teenage boys are the transphobic scum of the earth for having a split second of hesitation of “does this make me gay” when they’re kissing a genderfluid girl who is indeed sometimes a guy and wants to be recognized as a guy. not to mention like…….. biological sex is an inherently transphobic concept but it’s still very real in the sense that the world revolves around it and we all think in terms of binaries whether we can admit it or not. there are things about me that i very much associate with being feminine and just because i have body dysphoria and a very complicated relationship with looking so feminine doesn’t mean i’m going to call people transphobic who see me with my long hair and boobs and assume that i’m a girl.

trans people aren’t stupid like trans girls like alex who keep their hair in a pixie cut and wear vests and button down shirts and trousers are aware that most people are going to think they’re boys, i think alex is quite similar to me in the sense that like yes i have dysphoria yes i know i’m being misgendered on a nearly constant basis but i like my hair the way it is and there are some days when i’m quite happy with my body and other days when i’m not, and I KNOW that i can’t expect people not to misgender me when i don’t make any effort not to look feminine.

the POINT IS because i know this is getting lost in translation: trans people shouldn’t HAVE to transition to the other binary sex in order to be seen as the gender that they are, but we’re also not idiots, and if you are deeply disturbed by people assuming that you’re male or female then you make an effort to look more masculine or look more feminine. we’re a long ways off from being free from binary gender and everything we do and the way the world functions is coded by binarism, and genderfluid people like alex don’t like…have two different personalities, like she’s aware that she was a guy like last week and may be a guy some point next week i really don’t think she would be the slightest bit surprised that magnus was like “it feels like i’m kissing a dude” because……alex is a dude, sometimes. that’s very much part of her.

but you know the point is i just wrote like over a page worth of a post just about this one sentence alone and i doubt rick even bothered to read this much before deciding it was a good idea to write “kinda feels like i’m kissing a guy…but it’s just alex!” with no further discussion, awareness, or context at all.

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Hannibal hunting down Molly to get Will's dogs back (doesnt kill Molly but gives her a scare? do with as u will)

So I’ve been having some trouble with writing lately, and I thought that maybe a good way to get back into the swing of it would be to try filling some of the prompts that have been in my inbox for, uh, literally years.

PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME MORE PROMPTS. Not that I’ll delete them on sight, but what I learned a few years ago is that I’m honestly just shitty at filling prompts. Many of them don’t interest or inspire me, and then they sit there for years and I feel guilty about it. XD;; I’m trying to take this opportunity to clean out my inbox. If/when I feel up to taking more prompts, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, here’s what I’m able to come up with.

She was walking the dogs along the beach, as she often did; and the dogs were running to and fro and investigating other people’s dogs and other people, as they often did. She thought nothing of it when she came across Winston getting his ears scratched by a stranger sitting on a large piece of driftwood. Then she looked again, harder; this was no stranger.

She was a stranger to him, maybe; they had never met in person, and he had probably never seen her face. His hair was longer than in the photographs, and he had a beard. He smiled down at Winston as he tousled the dog’s fur. He was wearing a salmon polo shirt and loose linen trousers. He looked more like someone’s grandfather than anything else, not the serial killer that she knew him to be.

Maybe he doesn’t know who I am, she thought, but that was dispelled when the man said, without looking up, “Hello, Molly. You look well. Florida suits you.”

“Thank you,” she said, proud of the way her voice didn’t tremble. She had moved to Sugarloaf Key because it was the opposite of Moosehead Lake in many ways, especially in the winter. She’d cut her hair, gotten a tan and a new job as a park ranger. 

She was glad Walter was still at school.

Hannibal looked up at her now. There was no malice in his eyes, but she knew that didn’t mean anything. Hannibal Lecter didn’t need hatred or malice to do what he did.

“How’s Will?” she asked, hoping it was a neutral question.

Hannibal tilted his head. “He’s been better,” he said, and Molly blinked furiously at that. “He misses the dogs,” Hannibal went on.


Hannibal looked back down at Winston. “He doesn’t say so,” he said. “We have a few of our own, now. But I think he misses the past.”

Molly swallowed. “We gave a lot of them away,” she said. “It was hard, keeping up with so many dogs. With Will. Gone.”

Hannibal nodded as if this made sense to him. She hoped it did. “How many are left?”

“Just three.” Walter had brought home a puppy the other day, but Molly didn’t mention that. The puppy wasn’t with her at the beach.

Winston looked up at Hannibal with large, solemn eyes. He had a lot of white around his muzzle these days. The vet had guessed that Winston was close to ten years old. He was good, well-behaved, no reactivity, just a little bit of separation anxiety. Molly should have given him away. But she hadn’t. Maybe she’d been saving him for this moment and hadn’t known.

Hannibal tightened his hand in Winston’s ruff. “I’ll take this one.”

“Okay,” Molly said.

Hannibal stood up. He walked away. Winston followed him without looking back. Molly didn’t watch them go; she turned and walked the other way.

Concerning Perceptor:

Okay, I’m just throwing this out here because Percy is only mentioned once in the whole issue and I want to put a crazy thought out there.

Despite his mention here, Perceptor is noticeably absent from any scene in this issue. The wording concerns me, as well. I know they’re just telling the story they were told by Getaway to tell, but he doesn’t look like he’s making this part up. I think he meant it.

Perceptor didn’t know about them kicking Rodimus and the others off before this. I don’t think everyone in the crew was told when it was going to happen because it was such short notice. Remember, Getaway had admitted that it was just really convenient timing that all the people they needed to get rid of just happened to be leaving during Dying of the Light. Those who were privy to what was happening in the crew took the opportunity, at least. Remember, Getaway was locked up until they freed him after Rodimus and the others left.

So I think they told Percy what happened after the fact. And I don’t think he was ready for it. Whether he wanted to admit it or not, he grew to CARE about Brainstorm over the time they spent on the Lost Light. Not just him, but for he rest of the crew. I think he, and some of the others, were having second guesses about leaving Rodimus and the crew behind. We already know Thunderclash did, and look what happened to him. Maybe he wasn’t the only one who spoke up. Maybe the others who did were dealt with, too.

I’m just a little concerned that we may HAVE seen Perceptor this issue. Right here:

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Do you have any tips for coping with how all my favourite famous lesbians keep talking about gender stuff? First it was Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher, now Tegan and Sara. I've struggled so much to be okay to be in my skin as a woman and a lesbian, I can't handle people whose work got me through some awful things telling me that everything is fluid and instead of women and girlfriend I should just say folks and "babefriend"...

Ooooooooooooooooof. I feel this so hard. Its rough to see the people you look up to as successful lesbians trying to escape from being like you in some way. Related… I know for me it took me a long time to really know in my bones that I could grow old without having to change and fix myself, that lesbians can be lesbians forever, so it fucks with me in a really particular way when older lesbians who I think have “made it”… well, you get the idea. I think the thing that helps me the most is staying as connected as I possibly can to my lesbian friends, especially the older dykes. If you don’t know any old lesbians you should do anything you can to seek them out and connect and hear their stories. And in the meantime, maybe try looking into comedians + artists who are really grounded in lesbian culture. Off the top of my head, try Julie Goldman, a butch dyke comic. Try listening to Gossip - the singer, Beth Ditto is strong in her lesbianism, and I think there is a big overlap in fans from both groups so you might like them. One thing that’s great about lesbian culture is that its extremely CREATIVE, we’re constantly building culture and making art, so there are always a lot of lesbians to find the works of. In the meantime, stay grounded - you know what you are, you know the meaning of your experiences. 

Things I, an INTJ, say on a regular basis

“What am I doing with my life?”

“Ugh can you not?”

“What the fuck is wrong with people?!”

“I should stop procrastinating now…on second thoughts, lemme do *an activity I have never done and know nothing about and had no prior interest in*”

“why can’t people shut the door when they leave?”

Someone says something. Me internally: “Wrong.”

“Why is this place so crowded? Haven’t people heard of birth control?”

“Wow…this is fascinating.”

“I can’t wait to get home”

“What is the purpose of this futile existence? What is the meaning of life? Why do we exist only to struggle endlessly?”

“I feel so inspired. I’m going to start working on my goals right now.” *Doesn’t stop scrolling through memes*

“But why?”

“I should read something.”

“…I should probably respond to all those texts and emails now. Ugh maybe later.”

“But how?”

“I wish I had more people to talk to…”

*considers crying and despairing for 0.25 seconds* “lol nah, that’d be so lame.”

I don’t take many photos of myself, I don’t have the best relationship with my self image and I get genuinely confused when I receive compliments on my appearance and assume that there’s some bias or it’s just to make me feel better. I know a lot of people feel like this though and I’m trying to feel more comfortable in what I look like and maybe even eventually like myself enough not to cringe and attempt to incinerate any photos of me.

Anyway here’s me after eating a ¼ of a small tub of icecream at 3am clearly tired enough to take a picture of myself topless without thinking of the repercussions.

Porn bots don’t interact.

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Why do you keep rebooting yourself... taylor knows you...help other people

Because I can do both….. I’ve gotten plenty of my mutuals likes/follows from Taylor and I still try. I reblog other people ALL OF THE TIME. I don’t know why when you meet Taylor it means you can’t ever talk to her again or it means you suddenly just have to dissapear from Taylor’s life… she’s an actual human being haha. She forms relationships with fans and wants to MEET EVERYONE!!!!!! So I’ll continue doing what I’m doing and if you or anyone else needs me to help them get noticed by Taylor you can come off anon and send me which posts you need help with. THANKS FOR MAKING MY BAD DAY EVEN WORSE THOUGH. GIRL/BOY BYEE 🖐🖐

so idk if many of you know but in canada they’re working to raise the minimum wage up to 15$/h by i think 2019? anyway when i told my brother that he got so stupidly angry and im still pissed about his reasoning. according to him, if people with minimum wage jobs have their salary raised, he should have his raised too because they work a “lesser” job. he is a greeter at costco. 

but apparently im the stupid one and i dont understand what he’s getting at………. you know, nevermind him not getting that the point isn’t that EVERYONE’S salary should rise. it’s that people who work minimum wage jobs need to get paid better because they are underpaid. gtfo telling me you need to work more then 25$/h for being a greeter at costco. >.>

When people throw things for me to catch but don’t pre-warn me I just let the thing hit me (if it’s not gonna hurt or be hella messy) and then go “I’m half blind and have no depth perception so I can’t catch” in the most deadpan voice ever and watch as they apologise profusely. If they’re a friend and have good aim they normally know to warn me and then throw it into my waiting hands. If they forget, I again let it hit me, and then I just stare at them like… “fuckin really?” until they feel ashamed.

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any advice for people with huge crushes on their best friends? like dude i have no idea what to do anymore.

you could always tell them, get the weirdness out of the way. or you could keep it to yourself and hope it’ll pass. but, for me, honesty and openness is always the best policy. if they shut you down or behave negatively toward you because of it, take some time apart. it can be hard to be around the person that you love the most when they don’t love you back. or who knows! maybe they’re crushing on you back!

Mun: This is random but whenever someone says they love my art and/or compliment it I just get so confused like don’t get me wrong I’m thankful but I feel my art is so ugly n gross (just like me AYYY) so when people react to my art in a positive manor I just wonder why they love it so much and I’m sitting here almost not wanted to post every piece I make in worries that everyone will hate it just like I do- even if I make a pice and am proud of it I still find parts of it I completely hate and then I regret posting it and wanna take it down but I know it’ll make people sad so I keep my shit art up and I know hating my own artwork will make me never improve much but still my self-esteem is so low that I can’t possibly come to make myself enjoy my art 100% and that’s why I just ponder why others love it so much?

I’ll stop rambling now-


This is just what happens when I have too much time on my hands. I suppose drawing people is my way of getting to know them… I’m forced to notice things I normally wouldn’t, like patterns and posture. So I decided to draw a few of the boys to help me get to know them. I’ll probably draw everyone else in the near future!

((Ahhhhh. I’ve been working on these for a while. And heeeere they are. I have a list of all the Newsies, so I’m just going down the list. I’m putting every 8 or 9 on a new file, so it doesn’t get to massive. My favorites here are probably Race and Albert. I just love how they turned out!
Also, sorry for my horrid handwriting.


Note- this is the Newsies Live cast

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I'm write this while standing on a street corner, in tears, because your piece about making art after your confusion resonated so personally with me. I felt like I was reading my own story, only with art instead of words (I'm poet). Thank you so much for this piece. It made me feel like I wasn't alone. I'm almost three years post my concussion this November and I wanted to let you know, it does it get better. But it gets better slowly. I wish you the best of luck. May you thrive.

Thank you so much for this message anon, it means a lot to me to hear that the symptoms eventually got better for you. I’ve been emotionally struggling lately because the school year starting again has really shown me the extent of my injury and when I tried reaching out to some support groups for help and reassurance instead I learned that there are a lot of people who never significantly recover after concussions and it broke my heart and scared me. It’s so devastatingly lonely to feel like you’re trapped with a mind that just won’t work the way it used to and that no one around you understands what’s happening to you, if you can even begin to communicate the experience. 

So thank you so much for giving me some glimmer of hope for recovery and creatives-with-mTBIs comradeship, from the bottom of my heart. I wish you and your poetry the best.

So there is a 30+old woman living with my aunt and uncle and has been for the last six years. Why? Because she was in a relationship with my cousin who is younger. Well, when they broke up she just didn’t leave. It’s awkward and pathetic.

Well she just posted the following:

“I’ve been asked already what I want for Christmas… Wanna know what I would love? People to stop asking lol but I know that won’t happen. lush gift cards are a thing lol I would be happy with those cause I like pampering myself lol otherwise I don’t care what is bought for me, I like most things so long as they’re thoughtfully chosen o.o;

That said, lemme get through Halloween before being asked what I want. I USUALLY DON’T KNOW.”

I called her out that it wasnt a real problem to have and that she sounds like an entitled brat. Now, am I wrong?

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even when pedos THINK they're being innocuous, they're not. i've met a couple pedos in my childhood, and while i didn't know at the time, i did know that something felt WRONG about them, in the kind of unnatural and deadly way that sets off a thousand alarms in ur lizard brain. they acted nice to me, but i avoided them. it confused me at the time bc i didnt SEE any reason to be scared, but everything in my body and mind screamed to get away. it was years later when i learned they were pedos :/

Yeah see. Children know when people act off. It’s like a sixth sense. You cant be a pedo and act normally around children, it just doesn’t work that way.

Things I hate:

  1. Cooked vegetables ( !Especially mushrooms! )
  2. Rice that I haven’t seen being cooked
  3. Sweater teeth / fuzzy jumper teeth ( when your teeth get all fuzzy when you don’t brush them )
  4. Squeaky round noises that are repetitive but not metronomic
  5. Trying to untangle rubber earbuds (and they squick and there is a lot of friction and then it knots and I want to scREAM)
  6. People with prickly personalities
  7. People with pentagon personalities
  8. Static brain ( When I get all numb and fuzzy around the edges )
  9. When people correct me on a fact I know is correct about my special interest
  10. People who are too much like me
  11. People who are to different from me
  12. People who have weird touch? ( I’m strangely drawn to certain people? Like, some people I know I will want to hug but others I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole. You feel?)

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And I don't know Kyla but I relate to her so much because I have had people always focus on weight telling me I can't do this or that like people treat with with a little meat on their bones or overweight like they aren't human and when I saw his video I was pissed. Anyways I'm sorry.


but honestly, i don’t know why he even spoke like he needs to focus on blending his foundation down to his long ass neck. he’s problematic and it’s sad that we have to talk about this again because babygirl (and others) has been getting dragged ever since they (pristin) debuted… let’s just hope that this’ll get better as the time passes. (kyla is so beautiful, stan pristin)

Replies and Alt Muses

Ok, everyone.

As I’m sure you’re aware, Sam’s being very fickle right now. I don’t know why he wants to only RP with a few people. So, I’m sorry about his attitude problems.

As a means to hopefully get around this, I’m inviting people to please come play with my two hidden Muses. We don’t have to be mutuals. 

Hopefully it’ll jumpstart my RPing ability. Just send an ask for one of them or mention them when you tag me for a starter.

Now unfortunately, because of how sluggish I’m feeling because of homework, I have two rules for coming to play with these two.

1. I’m only opening these two up to canon characters (and OCs I’m already established with). It doesn’t matter what canon, as long as your muse is from an established fandon you can ask to play.

2. Proper paragraph writing only. I’m sorry, but it actually takes me more effort to RP with people who use (*).

Sorry about that. 

Muses below:

Fandom: Supernatural
Muse Type: OC
Name: Irsha’Ruka (goes by Irsha for short)
Age: 34
Gender: Female
Orientation: Heterosexual
Species: (Original Species) Vu’Cet
Occupation: Herbalist and Potion Master

Fandom: Jericho
Muse Type: (Show) Canon
Name: Bill Koehler
Age: Early 30s
Gender: Male
Orientation: Bi
Occupation: Deputy and Jericho Ranger