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Why Voltron Season 4 Is NOT Terrible

Okay, so I’ve been seeing a lot of hate for Season 4, and I’m afraid I just can’t quite understand it. 

“There’s no character development!” fans say. “They made Lance into an idiot and Hunk into a fat joke again!” And there’s a the whole deal with people being upset that it undid all of season 3, or how we don’t see BoM Keith, or how Lotor’s gang rose and fell in one swoop. (We won’t touch on the shipping issues. I won’t; I refuse.)

I beg to differ.

First, the issue of the seasons. While yes, seasons 3 and 4 do form together to make the standard 13-episode season, and the producers did say as much, I bring up one crucial thing: the time skip. There is a significant time skip—thus resulting in the change of tone—between the seasons. Keith had been working Blade of Marmora missions for a while now. That was neither his first or his second mission. We get from the first episode that Keith had been doing missions with them on an increasing frequency, and it was starting to grate on the team’s nerves. Their leader was going AWOL on them. And this honestly deserves a separate post entirely, as to why Keith did this; point is, though, this has been a build up. And I understand that all the Keith-sans would have loved to see this build up, but pacing-wise, it doesn’t make sense. There’s not enough to accompany Keith’s rise to BoM status, and if that was solely given attention to, VLD truly would be Keith-centric. In short, it would have ruined the mood and the pacing.

Because that’s just it: season 4 was a transitional season. As a writer, I recognize it for what it is. Please note, my lovelies, that out of the 78 ordered episodes of Voltron, we’re only half-way through—that endgame has yet to truly begin yet. There are more plots and problems the writers obviously want to get to, but if they jump straight to them, it would be too fast. They needed this season to ease us into whatever they are planning. Now, they obviously did rush some things—Zarkon was just kinda there—but these little bits are important: we just don’t know how yet. 

But let’s surmise here. What might they be planning? Well, let’s look at the transition. Seasons 1-3 were very much about the paladins. Their training, their budding friendships and team dynamics, their character growth. Season 3, of course, being the beginning of the end, where everything they thought they knew—their place as paladins of their respective lions—was jeopardized in the great lion switch. Season 3, we truly got to see them broken, panicked, upset—it was solely about the paladins, and we as viewers got to see their insecurities.

And then Season 4 happens, and you know what season 4 is about? That’s right: the Voltron coalition. Or, in other terms, their relationship with the universe. And here’s the kicker—Coran literally said as much, too: the people of the universe don’t want to see their struggles, their pain. They don’t want squishy, volatile humans; they want a legend. A flat, easy to understand, set of heroes that exists solely to help them. And this is exactly what they give them. They suck up their insecurities, and put on a show. The only episode where we don’t really see this is the second one, and you know why? Because Pidge was alone. She didn’t need to pretend. 

So no, we don’t see a lot of overt character development, but that’s the point. The point is, they’re trying to suck it up and be the heroes they think the universe needs them to be. You want character development? Look closer. Animation is beautiful for a reason, because everything is purposeful, controlled. They look miserable and tired and uncertain, but they quickly put on a smile—but their eyes don’t sparkle: they don’t mean it. Even Lance, when trying to lighten the mood for the sake others, isn’t entirely convincing. In that one moment when the team couldn’t even pretend to buy Coran’s idea, and Lance reacts in an overdramatic way—you know the one, it was in the trailer—he’s flushing. It’s not natural. 

Oh, and on an added note, all those people upset about ‘Lotor’s redemption arc starting in the same season he was introduced?’ One: the time skip—the seasons are still kinda separated. Two: that’s ain’t no redemption arc! Can no see the look in his eyes, that devious smirk? This twit is getting exactly what he wants. He’s not sincere, he’s playing them for fools! Because that ain’t how you draw someone who is honestly trying to get better. We all know that Lotor is conniving. This is simple a piece of Lotor’s endgame, and the worst part of it is, we don’t quite know what it’s going to be.

So no, season 4 wasn’t action-packed or emotionally squishy, but we better enjoy it for what it is. Because it’s the calm, and the storm is coming, folks. And knowing Lauren and Joaquim, things are going to spiral into hell sooner or later, and they thought they might as well give us a few more laughs before crushing our souls. 

And there’s Matt. Matt makes everything better. 

I Miss You

Hi hello it’s been a while.Few important PSA’s-
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Magnus walks out of the hall along with the other Downworlders.

He can hear sounds of people chatting and laughing in the crowd that’s now filtered into the main street,branching off into groups.

A few ask him to join them for a drink or to stay a while to talk,but he politely declines the offer.

He has only one thing on his mind and that’s sleep.

It’s been a long 24 hours,filled with debates and negotiations and compromises and Magnus feels more or less dead on his feet.

He knows it’s only the second day of the conference between the Shadowhunters and the Downworlders, but he’s exhausted from all the discussions.

Who knew revising the Accords would be such a pain?

(Magnus did, actually.He knew exactly what he was signing up for when he accepted the invitation, but he came anyway,because he knew it had to be done.)

As he walks towards his lodging on the rapidly darkening path,he notices the sights and sounds of Idris in her last hours.

There are boisterous cries from taverns and giggling teenagers on the streets. A brown tabby darts into a dark alley.Despite the lateness of the hour,boys and girls are still playing on the street.He sees couples walking back from dinner outside, cuddled up to eachother against the cold dusk wind.As he nears his cottage,he hears birds chirping as they fly to their nests to turn in for the night.

He feels a pang of sadness when he sees a weapons shop that specialises in archery tools and remembers his boyfriend,far away in New York.

Time-zones are a bitch and Magnus and Alec just haven’t been able to negotiate proper calling hours.

He enters his cottage and after removing his makeup,changing and shooting off a quick text to Alec saying he’s done for the day, he’s out like a lamp.




“It’s a Lightwood versus Lightwood battle.Who will emerge victorious? As the two siblings face-off in a stubborn war of wills,who will crumble?Will it be the hot archer or the badass whip-wielder?Who will face the ultimate punishment of failure?What will be the outcome of this intense mental tussle?Who wi-“

“Jace,shut up.”

It’s an exasperated Jace that rolls his eyes and throws his hands in the air.

“Oh for fuck’s sake, can’t you guys keep this for later so we can go back to sparring?Just say yes,Alec.God knows I can do with a drink too.”

Alec looks like he’ll just reply in the negative again but before he can,Izzy says,”Just one.Or actually you don’t even have to drink.Just come with us.You’ve been all mopey since Magnus left.Getting out of the Institute will do you good.”

Alec indignantly replies,”I have not been mopey.”

He receives the same scarily identical Are you shitting me? expression from his siblings.

Jace says,”I’m not even going to dignify that with a response.The time has come to take strong measures. Either you come with us tonight to the club or we call Magnus and tell him what you did when you were 6.”

Alec weighs the possibilities.He doesn’t like people and the ones in clubs are possibly the worst.But he knows Jace will stick to his word. And Alec doesn’t know if he’s ready for Magnus to find out 15 year old embarrassing memories just yet.

So it’s with a defeated sigh and alarm bells ringing in his brain that he says,”Izzy,yes.”

“The battle of the century has concluded and what a fight it has been.The dangerous female warrior has emerged victorious, while her disgraced stoic opponent languishes in his failure.Ladies and gentlemen, what we have witnessed tod-“

Jace admits that he possibly deserved the punch(es).


Alec doesn’t know how much he’s had to drink,but he knows it’s enough for him to not give a fuck about it.

He vaguely remembers the fact that he didn’t want to come for a drink but honestly, he can’t seem to recollect why.

Everything is pleasantly fuzzy and his mind isn’t exactly crystal clear but you know what?

He couldn’t care less if he tried.

It’s probably a testament to how drunk he is that when he sees Izzy walking towards him,he actually smiles and waves her over,effectively drawing the attention of a bunch of people nearby.

(He flashes them a smile too.)

There’s a part of his brain going What the fuck am I doing? but he silences it.

He notices that Izzy has a cautious look on her face and as soon as she’s close enough to be heard,she asks, ”Alec,how much have you had to drink?”

He knows that he should know the answer but he doesn’t so he settles for,”I’d tell you if I knew.But I don’t. So I can’t.So I won’t.So you don’t. So I don’t.Wait,I already said tha-HI JACE!”

Alec thinks Jace has never looked prettier than when he’s looking at him now.


Izzy looks at Jace and says,”I know.”

Jace is fiddling with his phone and in moments,Alec has it in front of his face.

“What are you doing?I don’t like it.Your phone case is nice though. Blue is a pretty colour.”

Jace looks like he’s keeping his balance with difficulty with all the laughing he’s doing.

“Magnus-going to-love this,”he manages to wheeze out.

To Alec,this statement has only one significant word.


Izzy’s face is quickly taking on the look of someone who realises they’ve just done something very stupid.

“Oh god,” she says.

Alec,however,has no time for God.


Izzy decides that it’s time to take some action.By take some action,she means get the fuck out of there.

It’s through a few tactfully phrased We’re going to see Magnus’s and Your boyfriend’s at the Institute, Alec’s that Izzy manages to get Alec in the car and they’re on their way.

(She settles for a less diplomatic approach with Jace and just kicks his shin to make him stop laughing and get in the car.)

They’re almost at the Institute and Izzy is trying to figure out what to tell Alec about his boyfriend supposedly at the Institute (or lack thereof) when there’s a soft voice from the back.

“He isn’t really at the Institute,is he?”

It sounds so sad and absolutely crushed and only now does Izzy realise how much Alec really misses Magnus.

“No,”she sighs, ”no he isn’t.”

Jace is now hacking up a lung in the passenger seat about how Alec’s a clingy drunk and how his mental age reduces by 10 after having a few drinks and Izzy’s about one minute away from stopping the car on the side of the road and refusing to go on until Jace gets out.

She catches sight of Alec’s face in the mirror and she doesn’t know whether it’s because he looks so depressed and she doesn’t even bother to think of the consequences before she says,”You can call him, maybe?”

On second thoughts,she probably should’ve been expecting the sudden, wild “IZZY,YES.I CAN TALK TO MAGNUS ON THE PHONE.”

(She nearly drives the car into a ditch.)

Alec’s got Magnus on speed dial (obviously), so it’s only a matter of seconds before there’s a faint ringing in the car.


Magnus is brought awake by the sound of his phone ringing.

His first thought is that something’s gone horribly wrong and the Shadowhunters or Downworlders have done something stupid and now, they’re calling to tell him that the meetings are all off because there will never be peace.

But then he sees the caller ID.


The few seconds it takes for him to accept the call are filled with speculation.It’s not like Alec doesn’t know that he’ll be asleep. They’ve spent countless hours dissing time zones and texting I miss you’s and I miss your voice’s and I miss your bo-never mind.


If he was groggy before,he definitely isn’t anymore.

“Alexander?Is everything alright?”

He has to move his phone away from his ear to prevent his ear drums from bursting.


Magnus feels like he’s having an out-of-body experience.

“Alexander,” he starts tentatively, “are you…are you drunk?

(He can’t stop himself from adding an “I miss you,too.” in a softer voice because they are Saps ™ and he does miss his boyfriend,so much.)

He could probably hear Alexander’s reply from the other side of Idris.


Now,Magnus can hear a muffled indignant Hey! in the background from Jace and what sounds suspiciously like a kick followed by a whined, “Oh my god, Izzy for fuck’s sake.”

But Magnus has other things to think about.

“Alexander,how much have you had to drink exactly?”


At that,Magnus just looses it.

There’s this intense longing-no,craving -for his boyfriend he hasn’t allowed himself to feel since he left New York,and it’s so strong.

In a significantly softer voice,he says, “Three more days,darling.Three more days.I miss you too.So much.”


As Magnus says, ”Good night,Alexander,” and thinks about how he quite likes this side of his boyfriend, he’s certain he can hear someone(probably Jace) choking on the other end of the line.

He hangs up and goes back to bed, feeling infinitely better than before, eager for this conference to end and his return to his boyfriend in New York.

Building your own Canon of Proportion

It’s very common to draw a figure, and know that something looks… wrong, but not be able to tell *what*. Having a juicy set of “ideal” proportions can help you course-correct when your instincts lead you astray. Beginners can use ready-made sets of rules, but as you become more attuned to exactly how you want your figures to look, it can be helpful to generate your own. 

Step 1: Learn a few existing canons of proportion. Try using them to measure real people, to measure art you like, and to measure your own art. See what happens if you take one of your own drawings, and adjust it to match the system you’re studying. See what rules make sense, and are easy to use, and which rules are confusing, or hard to see.

Proko has a couple great videos on different systems of proportion; here’s one system I think is particularly effective (but lots and lots of people use Loomis’ system and other skull-to-chin systems to great effect):

Step 2: Gather a number of references of figures whose proportions you like. If you want realism, you should use photos. If you want to make superhero comics, find panels that especially speak to you, instead. Ditto anime, Egyptian sculpture, whatever. If you’d like to draw people who are fat, or exceptionally tall, or very muscular, be sure to add them to the mix. We’re trying to capture your artistic ideals, not anyone else’s. You’re looking for two kids of figures: first, neutral figures, standing up straight, facing forward or directly to the side, with arms out of the way. These figures make it easy to see the proportions. Second, you’re looking for dynamic poses. These figures will help you test if your canon is useful.

Step 3: Start looking for shapes and distances that are easy to identify. Classic examples are the distance from top of the head to the chin, from the base of the hand to the elbow, the width of the hips. However, it can be extremely helpful to take a page from Robert Beverly Hale’s book, and use volumes instead of lines when you measure. Use the cube that contains various parts of the body – like Hale uses the cranial mass. You could also use a clenched fist, or the volume of the hips.

Step 4: Start looking for relationships. Move your chosen measures around each of your neutral reference figures, looking for structural points in the figure that are simple, whole-number ratios of your measurement. When you think you’ve found a good match (“the width of the rib cage is the length of the forearm”), start testing it out on the dynamic poses. Still seems reasonable? Great! Be sure to make note of when the measurement is a little too big, or a little too small, and see what effect that has on the way the figure looks.

A canon is just a big collection of these rules. So make it as simple or as complex as you feel comfortable with! Feel free to get creative with your comparisons, too. IIRC, Polyklietos mentions that if you draw a square with each side being the length of the hand, the diagonal of that square is the length of the forearm (from pit of elbow to base of palm). Any relationship that’s easy to see and to measure is fair game – find what works for you. Mine existing canons for good rules, but test them. Don’t blindly believe anything – there are plenty that won’t quite suit your tastes. Pay specific. attention to areas you struggle with the most! I tend to draw people’s hands much too small – so I keep a number of rules around that I can use to verify when I’ve done it right.

Step 5: Draw it out. This is the fun part, because you get to play at being Da Vinci. Draw a good, clean, neutral figure, and note out all the relationships you discovered. If you can, find geometric, visual ways to show the relationship off (like the stacked squares in the video above, or like the Vitruvian Man’s circle-in-a-square). That will make it easier to remember.

It will probably take you several tries to draw out a figure that *you* think looks right *and* that has measurements that are easy to remember – so don’t fall too much in love with your first attempt. In the worst case, you’ll spend a few hours studying the figure, improving your instincts. In the best case, artists of the future will busy themselves trying to learn the secrets of YOUR system of proportion.

If you do this exercise, post your results! Knowledge shared is knowledge multiplied!

I uploaded a scenery drawing a few days ago and since people seemed to like it a lot,I decided to do some new ones since that one was quite old.

I decided to portray three of my favourite acnl towns like I said here!

The first town is Mayorbrewster’s Moss

I’ve always loved how peaceful this town was so I definetely had to draw it. When I asked you guys what kind of scenery you wanted to see…mayorbrewster suggested a forest with a pond so I knew exactly which screenshot I wanted to take inspiration from.

astorytellertellingstories  asked:

Do you know that soulmate au where whatever you draw on your skin will show up on your soulmate's skin? People normally think of stuff like writing or drawing on your arm so your soulmate will see it to but here's a thought: Makeup also shows up on your soulmate's face so when you see two people on the street walking together with exactly the makeup, you know they're soulmates. (I just thought this was a cute idea but I wanted to know what you thought of it. Sorry its so long)

Now, THAT is a funny prompt!

Imagine this: B is a teacher and while he’s talking to his students, all of a sudden some of them gasp and when B looks at them, he sees them with wide eyes, staring at him.
“Uhm, mister….y-you-”
and one of the girl, in awe, “wow, that’s the best sunset makeup I’ve ever seen in my life)
A is a YouTuber. A Beauty guru

anonymous asked:

How do you get to the point where you're okay with what you write? I can barely stand to read my fics once I'm done with them because all I seem to see are ways I could do better.

Confidence in your own ability is something you kinda have to practice and something that comes with time/experience. When you start out there’s going to be a gap between your level of skill and the kinds of art you want to create. Artists can’t draw exactly what they want the first time they pick up a pencil just as writers aren’t going to be able to put out a masterpiece they’re 100% satisfied with the first time they create a story. 

Also, because you spend more time with your work than anyone else will, the flaws and imperfections in your story will always be more readily apparent to you than they will be to other people. You’re always going to see the ways you could have improved on your work, but the next step to take is that you need to apply that to your next piece. Over time, you’ll get better and eventually get to the point when you can go back and read your older stories and enjoy them. 

It’s also important to respect your own work. Challenge the internet’s culture of self-deprecation and be proud of the things you put time and energy into. Artistic mastery is a journey, not a destination, and as long as you keep striving towards your writing goals, you’re going to reach a point where you can admit you could have done better yet still be proud of the effort you put out. 

i-am-avacado  asked:

How do you go about drawing fat characters? Also, whenever you draw, do you start with the head or the body?

okay prepare for rambling because body types can be Hard especially if you’re a beginner so I will answer the second question first: I always start with the head, personally. bodies always come out wonky for me if I don’t do the head first because I base the body off the neck and work top down. but this is just personal preference, I know people do it both ways.

onto the body type thing! you’re gonna hear me say this a lot when you ask for advice quite honestly but Draw From Reference!!! Google is your best best BEST friend with things like this because it can show you exactly what you want to see! (typing in what you want and adding “reference” to the end will usually get you more basic things people have drawn like muscular studies and bases, but beware the artist may have already exaggerated them to an extent.) Here’s the image results for “fat body reference” to get you started! (warning for nudity btw)

but if you’re asking about me specifically, I have three different body types that I consider Fat that I’ll try to explain as best I can. There’s the Chubby Type (Venus and Adara), the Fat Type (Snail, Cleona, Bailey), and the Round Type (Cookie).

The Chubby Type isn’t as exaggerated as the other two, so it’s a little bit easier to get, I think. But it’s also not entirely different from the Fat Type so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. It’s very much more about the hips than anything else. They’re a little wider and the stomach is wider to meet that. There’s also a noticeable separation between stomach and hip. The stomach rolls over the hip just a bit (as fat is wont to do).

The Fat Type is literally just a more exaggerated version of the Chubby Type. Just make the stomach come out farther and let it roll over the hips more. This is the point where I’d be most likely to change the way I draw the belly button (more of an acute angle shape than just a little circle) because of the way fat pulls down because of gravity.

And The Round Type is very specific to Cookie because when I was designing him, I wanted him to be very simple. His stomach and his hips kind of connect, creating very thick thighs on his design and very large hips. He looks less “fat” I guess and more curvy? But either way, he’s definitely a soft and chubby boy so I count him as fat, y’know?

And honestly? Start with shapes!!! Drawing is kind of like building a snowman. You put circles and squares and triangles on top of each other until you get the body type you want and then you round them out with the outline. On characters with breasts, I’ll usually use two circles mushed together kind of like a venn diagram and then smooth out where they connect so that you can’t tell they’re two separate circles, if that makes sense. You can really do this with any shapes you want, just play around and see what you like and what body types you can make. It’s kinda fun. It’s usually easiest for me to start really simple and then build out from there otherwise I’ll get too carried away. So that’s my main advice, I guess haha.

Hopefully this helps a bit, but I’m definitely not an expert or any kind of authority on this subject so???

anonymous asked:

you are UNBELIEVABLY talented and definitely inspire me to finally start drawing, i've wanted to for years. do you have any technique tips/how to get started?

Ooooh thank you! And that’s amazing! <3

A great exercise for getting start is drawing from observation.

Draw an object in front of you. Anything. But don’t look at the paper! Look at the object and just try to draw the shapes of it. It will look terrible :D But it’s a fun exercise because it’s not supposed to be pretty. It’s an exercise to improve your eyes for actual observation. You won’t look directly at the paper when you draw what’s in front of you, right? So it’s time to let go of this need of seeing how you’re line is doing on that paper!

Another cool exercise is drawing upside down. Yeah, scary, but accurate. When we were kids we used to draw everything symbolized. like this

But trees are not like that, right? and even in The Sims you won’t build a house like that. And what about the classic stick man? 

The thing is… if we stop drawing when we are 5, for instance, and decide to draw again after ten years of break, we will draw exactly like the last time, that is when we were kids. That’s why we struggle so much if we decide to “get realistic” when we are older. Some people say “I only know how to draw stick man” and that’s totally reasonable because he/she hasn’t been practicing during this ten years break. Unfortunately there isn’t a potion to instantly know how to draw. Muscles don’t grow on you out of nowhere. You need to practice.

So drawing upside down will help you with this. You will forget that you are drawing a tree, let’s just say. You will only draw what you are seeing (the shape of the tree). When the photography is upside down is really scary because we are like “wtf what is this”. Sometimes when we don’t know exactly what we are drawing… our eyes capture more details because we are observing with more attention. (I guess that’s why is a struggle to draw faces and portrait. Since we are constantly looking at people, our eyes got so used to faces that when we want to draw it, we miss the details.)

I’ve learnt this in a book called “Drawing on the right side of the brain”, written by Betty Edwards. I’ve read it four years ago and is still one of my favorite art-excercises book I have ever read. Just a recomendation!

So… go for it! Don’t think too much, just start drawing now and don’t forget what is important: have fun :D

Killer | Part. 2

Originally posted by tbhobi

Summary: “When two people from two different worlds get stuck with each other. To trust someone is overrated. To like someone is platonic. In the end, we are just two people.”

Genre: Angst, Mafia au, Romance.

Pairing: Jungkook x OC

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 (The End) |

Chapter 2: Reason

Aurora has been asleep for two whole hours. She was tired and she didn’t hear the door open and someone walking in, despite her in the same room. She was lying on the couch with the television still on with the news about a massacre that happened in a club nearby Busan. Nobody knew what exactly caused the massacre. Was it murder? Was it a impulsive  vengeful act? Or just a fight between two gangs, since that place was nortorious as a meeting point for maffia.

The person that had walked in, hooked his gun behind his belt on his back. His eyes met the small figure of Aurora on the couch and he couldn’t help but trace his eyes up from her bared legs to her face.

According to him, Aurora was beautiful. He hadn’t seen someone like her before in his life. Most of the girls he hooked up with were barbie dolls. The blond haired ones that are only in for a night stand and the next morning complain about their messed hair and make-up. And it was the first time, Aurora attracted him on a whole different level since their meeting at the bridge. She was brave and down-to-earth. Humble and shy at times, and crazy and funny when it comes to cooking dinner.

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nr-kid  asked:

People are going to steal and claim art that isn't theirs! It happens to everybody! Even your non-FNAF artwork is being repetitively traced and stuff! Giving up on something over meaningless haters, stealers, etc is not the way to go! I miss seeing your adorable perfect FNaF characters! It brightened up my day EVERYDAY! I know being an artist is hard but you need to push through and draw what you want when you want to whether it's for you or your fans! I believe in you, OrlandoFox! :)

Then I suppose it’s good I don’t exactly ‘want’ to draw FNAF art practically all the time anymore. :)

I really do apologize you miss seeing that stuff from me, but it seriously got way out of hand with my FNAF work. I know that this stuff can happen to any piece an artist may submit online, unfortunately enough. As it has/still happens on occasion. But FNAF… I’d get messages of theft at LEAST once every few days, if not just everyday, from somewhere informing me of theft, claims, tracing, etc.

I’d really much rather not go through it all again, or at the very least anytime soon, thank you. :)

Lida’s Harry/Marcel Imagine Request *AU



Harry was your first love. You had known him since you started school when you were three, and the second you figured out what liking a boy meant, you liked him. There was one problem, he was a heartbreaker. He chewed girls up and spit them out, and even though you knew that, you chased after him like all the other girls you knew. You were a senior now, and hadn’t even had a real relationship because of all of the time you spent on focussing on Harry. He had been through plenty of relationships, though, and you were determined to be one of those girls. Even if it meant being with him for only one day. You had lived across the street from the Styles family since birth, but you had never stepped foot into their house. You didn’t know much about his family, only that he had a mom and a stepdad, along with an older sister and a twin brother. You didn’t know any of their names except for Marcel. Marcel looked exactly like Harry, but they couldn’t have been more different. And although they had the same face, they didn’t wear their hair, clothes, or even their smiles the same way. You had never seen Marcel without glasses, either. No matter how similar they were when it came to looks and not style, you could always tell them apart.
You were sitting on the steps of your front porch, drawing on a small sheet of paper in your journal, keeping an eye on the setting sun. You couldn’t go without watching it lower every night. You thought it was the most beautiful thing.
“Gorgeous night, isn’t it?” you heard someone say, and you could have sworn it was Harry, but when you looked up, you found Marcel standing in front of you. He had this weird colored sweater vest on that kind of made you wanna laugh, but it also sort of made you wanna hug him. It looked fuzzy and comfortable and you really couldn’t blame him for wearing it, no matter how awkward the shade of yellow was.
“Yeah,” you agreed, looking back down at your miniature notebook.
“Mind if I sit?” he asked, and you shook your head before he sat down next to you, resting his elbows on his knees. “That’s really good,” he told you, and you looked over at him to see that he was looking at your drawing.
“You think so?”
“Absolutely. I’ve never seen anything as detailed. I mean, usually when people attempt to draw sunsets, the picture ends up looking cartoonish, you know?”
“Exactly! I thought no one else noticed that.” He smiled and nodded, the sky loosing brightness by the minute. You looked back down at your paper and continued to sketch, and it was silent for awhile, until he brought up the thing that you wanted to avoid talking to him about.
“I know you like my brother,” he mentioned, and you paused, keeping your head down so that he wouldn’t see you blush. “He’s not all that great, to be honest.”
“What do you mean?”
“I see it in your eyes. Every time he just… passes by you. He doesn’t give you a second glance.”
“That’s not true.”
“It is, and you know it. I’m not trying to hurt you, I’m trying to save you from getting hurt more. Harry… he doesn’t care. He doesn’t care about anyone, really. He will break your heart eventually.”
“You don’t think he already has?” you asked him, turning to face him, your eyes damp. “I don’t know why I admire him so much, Marcel. I just do. And I have wasted all of these years on him, yet I don’t stop liking him. Why? Because I can’t.”
“I can help you,” he said, going to touch your arm, but you stood up and walked down the steps, watching him from the grassy area in front of your house.
“What is it? What’s wrong?” That’s when you saw Harry in him. But not the real Harry. The Harry that you had made up in your head. The kind, loving, gentle Harry.
“You’re too similar,” you whispered, keeping your distance.
“I’m nothing like my brother,” he told you, standing up.
“Are you kidding? You walk like him, you talk like him, you look like him… you even kinda smell like him.”
“Well, we do share a room so I don’t really have a choice but to smell like that overbearing cologne he covers himself head to toe with.” You giggled, but your smile disappeared quickly. “No, I mean, the only thing we don’t share, is our personalities.” He walked over to you, and although you were hesitant, you stayed put.
“I feel like such an idiot.”
“You’re not an idiot, I saw your test scores.”
“Stop trying to make me laugh!” you scolded him, your mouth breaking out into a smirk.
“Let me help you,” he spoke softly, watching your profile as you turned to watch the sun fully disappear. When it finally did, you looked over at him and hugged him tight, his fuzzy, yellow sweater soft on your cheek. He rubbed your back and tried his best to comfort you, and when you pulled away, his glasses fell off. It was the first time you had seen him without the monstrous spectacles on, and it astonished you that you hadn’t noticed before. Their was a difference between Harry and his brother. Marcel had blue eyes.

Hope you like it Lida! xx

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Preference #77: He sees your scars
  • A/N: I was listening to Good Enough by Little Mix while writing this and it made me kind of cry ah okay enjoy.
  • Michael: The second he sees them he looks into your eyes and gently takes your arm in his hands as he stars at the scars on your wrists. His eyes flicker up to yours and you can see tears starting to form in them. He reaches out for your face and shakes his head. "Please don't do this. You're so beautiful, (Y/N). I know things can get hard, but it hurts me knowing you're hurt..." He gently grabbed your face and kisses you, his lips lingering on yours for a few moments before he pulled away and looked at you straight in the eyes. "I'm not going to ask you to stop, but at least try... I get it how hard it can get sometimes, but I'm here to help you get through this, okay?" You nodded your head and cuddled with him the rest of the night, thanking that you had him around.
  • Ashton: He stood in front of you with a horrified look on his face when he saw the scars on your thighs. He now understood why you always told him you hated wearing shorts or even a bathing suit. He took a step towards you and grabbed onto your hands, rubbing the back of them with his thumb. "This scares me a lot because I used to be in your position and I really just want you to know that I am here to help you get through the struggles in your life. I love you, okay? Every little part of you, even those scars." You stared up into his eyes and wrapped your arms around his neck, tearing up.
  • Calum: His hands wandered around your body and landed on your stomach. He lifted up your shirt slightly and his fingers landed on your scars on your stomach. He stopped and looked up at you, you froze choking back tears. You were afraid he was going to freak out, but instead he surprised you by lifting your shirt up a little more and kissing each one of the scars which made you break down and cry. He didn't even have to say anything to you because his gesture meant the world to you. "You are beautiful." He whispered in your ear before kissing you on the cheek and holding you in his arms, making you feel loved.
  • Luke: His eyes shifted and locked on your arms, noticing the old and fresh cuts on your arm. He stopped what he was doing and dropped his phone, rushing over to you and engulfing you in his arms. "I'm sorry." You pushed him back slightly and looked at him with a confused look. "For what?" "I feel like I've failed you... I just want you to know that you are loved and such an amazing girl. I wish I could have been there to help you when you were having those thoughts and doing this to yourself... Promise me that whenever you are thinking of doing it draw a line with a marker and come see me or call or whatever I will always reply and be there for you. You've helped me with so much now it's my time to help you when you need me the most." You ignored the lump that was in the back of your throat and hugged him tight, smiling into his chest.
  • A/N: So, I thought to write this because, well, I know a lot of people go through things like this. I can't exactly relate to what some people go through or what goes through their minds, but I honestly want you all to know if you EVER are feeling down you can send me an ask, we can talk there or if you have imessage we can talk there. I just want you guys to know that I am here for you for anything you need to talk about because this topic is a very sensitive thing for me knowing that people I care about - even people I barely know - hurt themselves. You're honestly all beautiful and please never listen to when others disagree. Words do hurt, I know just how much they can, but when you feel the need try to draw a line with a marker on wherever you were planning on hurting yourself, or even come talk to me. I can't promise you I will always make everythin better, but I will try my hardest to make you at least smile. I don't know I'm basically rambling now but I just get sad when I hear about this topic. And remember the boys love you all so much and appreciate everything we do for them and yep okay I guess I'm done with this. I love you all okay?

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Hey! I'm currently trying to find an art style that's best for me as I am unhappy with my art style now. While I want to try different styles and coloring techniques I'm afraid people will think I'm trying to copy someone else and all I want is to improve my artworks :'(

Hey anon! Alright, so I’m pretty sure everyone takes influence from other artists when developing their style. It’s impossible not to, it’s how the brain works. We consciously and unconsciously include things we like and exclude things we don’t like. I certainly take influence from other artists, but I think it all comes down to the way you take influence. It’s easy to look at a beautiful piece of art and think wistfully how you’d love to draw exactly like that. Well, that’s the thing, you don’t want to draw exactly like that, right? You want to develop your own style, right? (Unless you’re doing something professional like tweening/animation with a bunch of other people, then of course you have to draw exactly like everyone else, but I digress.)

This got really long so I’ll keep it under the cut :)

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