when pants got you down

My school was built in the 1950s. That being said, the bathrooms haven’t changed since my parents attended the school.

- There were ten bathrooms in the entire building. 5 girls, 5 guys. However, two of those were left locked for school functions. These bathrooms were the best.

- Excluding the nice bathrooms, about 1/3 of the bathroom stall doors in the entire school actually had locks on them. For the most part, you had to stick the door shut and pray nobody opened it when you had your pants down. One time I almost got stuck in a lockless stall.

- The boy’s bathroom in the science wing had no bathroom stall doors until last year.

- The sinks were always clogged. Like, you had to turn both knobs to get even a trickle of water.

- There were no paper towels. Only the nice bathrooms had those. The hand dryers were so terrible/broken. Most people wiped their hands on their pants.

- Most bathrooms didn’t have soap.

- I went into the nice boy’s bathroom and the floor was soooo sticky. It was concerning.

This year, after my senior year of high school, they finally repaired the sinks. They haven’t repaired anything else though.