when our lips collide

We’re caught within this loop of ‘forever’s and ‘never’s
alternating between the soft touch of fingertips and the beating of fists
We’re summer and winter
a riot against ourselves
I taste magic like poison on your lips when our teeth collide
and reality like the antidote when we melt into each other.
We’re the sand and the snow
We freeze and we thaw.
We’re so caught within this loop of paradoxes that we shouldn’t be within that we don’t realise when we turn into ice so rapidly
every inch of me that you touch, cracks.
And I spill over you like blood on snow
like fresh bruises on supple skin.
and you scatter every piece of me in your arms
like I’m the sun drowning in your horizon.
—  Tamarind Fall; Paradox.
NaPoWriMo day 25.
Moving Forward Chapter 14

Prompt: Reader gets pregnant by the sourwolf but he leaves before she could tell him, time skip the kid is 3 and the pack is the readers main support.

Pairing: Derek Hale x Reader, Pack x Reader

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Why I didn’t believe you when you said you loved me?


If you truly love someone, their arms around you feels like home and not a cage. Their presence alone, soothes your soul and tamed your mind from uncertain thoughts. When you tell someone you love them, you must prove it by your actions, cause one of your top priorities–to see that person happy. And when you touched and kissed them, your completely surrender your being for that moment, your mind goes completely fuzzy and you forget your name. You love someone when being with them, effortlessly completes your day. You can tell, that you love someone, for just hearing their voice makes you shiver, and when you looked into their eyes, you’ll see how perfectly-imperfect they are, and you still love them. Seeing them crying, even it’s your fault or because of someone else, will rip your heart hundred times than the person you love. You love someone if you make time for them, rather than throwing some nonsense excuses. In all kind of relationships time is the most precious gift you can give to someone, it can’t be withhold neither returned, that one fated day will just be forever cherished. Saying you love me, doesn’t mean you truly love me, maybe… you just need me. I’m the one who loves you more than what you deserved and what you asked for, yet you make me feel, it would never enough- I’ll never be enough. So don’t justify your feelings by just saying you love me, cause your actions contradict your own words.

I didn’t believe you when you said you loved me because when I looked into your eyes– your eyes hesitated a bit to stare a little longer. When the night you told me that you love me your eyes were contradicting your words, how can I believe that? I tried to believe though because when you embrace me and didn’t hear your heartbeats screaming my name, I just took it as if I didn’t get hurt because maybe, just maybe, it’s just hard for you to express but then until I hear your silent sigh you thought I didn’t hear. How can I believe you that you loved me when our lips collide, in the midst of our hungry lips, you will suddenly stop and tell me that you are not feeling well– when our souls collide, the love wasn’t there because the moment you touch me, I never saw you staring into my eyes and tell me that I look beautiful in my birthday suit. Tell me, tell me how am I supposed to believe in your words?– words that never shown in actions.

—  A collaboration with @lunaloveswolf
Adorable (Harry x Reader)

Character: Harry Potter

Fandom: Harry Potter (Goblet of Fire)

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader, Fluff

Title: Adorable

Requested by anon:

helloh! i was watching the goblet of fire and could you do a harry potter one where the reader is harrys friend(they like each other) but he doesn’t ask her to the yule ball and she’s jealous. In the end they get together. Angsty but end fluffy. Thx!


That was the word that immediately popped into my head when I saw Harry Potter. He was just so loveable, so endearing.

When he noticed me there he cutely waved at me, so I quickly and vehemently waved back.

Then he kept on walking, tripping on his way out as he looked over his shoulder to me. It made me chuckle.

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The sound of her voice
was more of
a soothing breeze

but when our lips collided
it felt like the hurricane
had found its way to my soul.

—  Lukas W. // The hurricane
In Lieu // A Snowbaz Story (Part I)

I’m here, they’re queer, and both so dear. It’s time for a Christmas fanfic featuring angsty boys and cute presents.

Enjoy! :)

 ► (Part II), (Part III), (Part IV), (Part V), (Part VI), (Part VII)

Chapter 1: SIMON


A pause.

“Wake up, love.”

I roll my head to rest on my other shoulder, frowning at the familiar voice.

“Aliester Crowley, Snow.” A hand touches my cheek. Lukewarm. “You’re not going to be able to sleep tonight.”


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In an everlasting ocean
Of space filled with particles
That burst into energy,
Massive and remarkable,
Once a weightless passing through
Expecting none to make it stay,
This matter slows itself down
Encountering that which decays. 
How do I know that I am?
We touched and the universe grew—
My heart acquired the mass it has
When interacting within you. 
More than a fleeting electron,
I live when our lips collide. 
Keep holding me and never stop. 
Here is the place these arms reside. 

This is just to say thank you for every single thing you have done for me, and that includes little things like holding the door open and telling funny stories to make me laugh and letting me borrow your sweatshirt, but also things more meaningful and significant like holding me when I feel like I do not exist, and reminding me to breathe, and sharing poetry with me, and listening to my rambles when I cannot seem to calm down, and making sure I am healthy, and sharing your beautiful existence with me. I appreciate everything you do for me. Thank you. I love you.
—  Also thank you for sharing your fire with me when our lips collide // a love letter (via lion–hearted)
Why Didn’t you Tell me?

Request: “Can you do an imagine where y/n is Felicity’s younger (by a few years) and she’s dating Barry Allen but she has no idea he’s the flash until one day he goes into their shared apartment and walks in still wearing the flash outfit and she gets upset that he didn’t tell her, she starts to walk away. You decide the rest, whatever feels best. Thank you so much love!” 

Ship: Reader x Barry Allen

Warnings: swearing, angst, fighting, fluff, etc. 

Originally posted by eclectic777

Your P.O.V

Flash Back *WHOOSH*

My older sister Felicity tugs my arm along. Her laugh echoing throughout the streets. I try to keep up with her as much as possible. I laugh and run along with her. No matter how old we are, the giddiness and child behavior never left us. And I’m proud of that. No matter what issue we’ve been in, we’ve had each others backs. 

Recently, I’ve decided to move to Central City. They had an amazing psychology and tech job opening, that was too perfect to pass up. I was second best to Felicity when it came to computers, but my heart truly lied with psychology. She’s told me that she has friends in central city that she could hook me up with. 

We enter an adorable cafe. I glance at the sign: Jitters. Then take a seat across from Felicity. She doesn’t stop smiling. I ask, curious. “Why are you so giddy?” She shakes off her happy attitude. “No reason.” My eye brows shoot up. “Bullshit, Felicity. Your my sister. I can read you like an open book. Why are you so giddy?” Before she could answer a low voice spoke from behind me. “Felicity? Hey!” A handsome man came up and hugged her. “What are you doing in Central City?” She grins wickedly. “My sister is moving here, and I just wanted to show her around.” She points to me. When I finally see his face, my jaw drops. 

He is extremely hot. How does my sister always find the hottest guys? I extend my shaking hand. His warm features make my heart skip. When I speak, my voice is unsure, and somewhat flustered. “Hi.. I’m (Y/n). Felicity’s sister.-” I roll my eyes. “But you already new that. Hah.” He laughs along with me. “I’m Barry. Barry Allen. Maybe later I can show you around?” I nod my head. “I would love that.” He grins like a kid on Christmas. “Awesome! Okay! I’ll see you later. Felicity can give you my number. I’ll see you later.” He says goodbye to Felicity and leaves, hitting the door on the way out. I can’t help but giggle at how dorky he is. 

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I whip my head and look at Felicity dumbstruck. “How do you know so many attractive people?!” She laughs, linking arms with me. 


I kiss Barry goodbye and leave for work. We’ve been dating for about a year an a half now. And it as honesty been the best year and a half of my whole life. Because of him, I’ve made so many friends. Iris, Caitlyn and I always go shopping together. Especially when Felicity visits. Cisco, Barry and I always go see the latest movies. And Iris’s boyfriend, Eddie has often asked me to help with a few cases. I’ve never been more happy. But recently, I’ve notice that Barry isn’t acting like himself. He seems to be paranoid and always busy. 

Whenever we plan on a date, he isn’t able to show up or is extremely late. On my way to work I called Iris. “Hey, (Y/n)! Everything okay?” I huff. “I’m not sure. I have a question for you. Is everything okay with Barry? He just seems distant. Whenever I try to hang out with him, it goes to shit and he won’t really talk to me about it. I’m not sure if I’ve done something bad or if he’s got a lot of stress.” She try’s to assure me. “I think he’s just overwhelmed with work. He’s still trying to find out info on his mom’s killer, plus the amount of shit he gets from work. I’m sure everything is fine.” I reply in a sad tone. “I hope so.. Thanks. I’ll see you later.” I hang up and start my day. 

A week later.. 

I texted Barry asking when he would return home so I’d know if I should order in. He said he’d be back soon, so I flipped on the TV. Latest new of the Flash boomed. Right now he’s downtown fighting some creature. A few minutes later, the monster is taken away. All of a sudden a loud whoosh enters the apartment. I turn around to see Barry dressed.. in the flash suit. I gasp. He looks at me confused and then down to his suit. “Oh.. shit.” 

“Oh my god..” I step away, running my hand through my hair. “So that’s why you been so distant? Why didn’t you tell me? Do you not trust me?!” I turn my head and start towards the door. A gust of wind flashes by me. Barry stands in front of me. I demand. “Barry mov-” Before I could finish, our lips collide. We move in sink. When he lets go his voice is rough, tears threatening at his eyes. 

“I didn’t tell you because ever person I’ve ever cared about was ripped away. I thought I was protecting you. I’ve already lost a lot of people and I can’t bare to lose you. You mean the world to me. Without you, I wouldn’t be able to fight, to live. You have always helped me to become a better person. And I can’t apologize enough for not telling you. I trust you more than anyone in the world. But I knew if I told you, you would want to help. And I can’t lose you (Y/n).. I can’t..” He starts to cry, voice choking. 

I hug him tight, brushing his hair with my fingers. “I’m so sorry. I love you so much.” He continues to cry. Clutching me like his life depended upon it. I try to cheer him up. “Your a hero Barry. I am so proud of you. Your my hero.” I kiss him passionately. He smiles and cuddles up to me on the couch. A few minutes later, I ask him. “Barry?” He hums. “Hmm?” I smile to myself. “You look really hot in that suit by the way.” I look down to see his face turn crimson red. Maybe things won’t be so bad. 

I hope you liked it!!! <3 

Does it hurt? Request Nate {slight smut}

I’m sorry does it hurt?!

Nate was sweaty as fuck, when he came back from working out in the gym, he was running his hands through his hair, making it slicked back as he looked at me sitting on the couch watching tv. I ate another chip before raising an eyebrow at him.

“Seriously? You know I’m trying to get fit for this upcoming tour and your snacking?”

“Hey, snacking is my work out, besides your the one who wants to be fit, not me” I laugh taking a large handful of extra cheddar goldfish and stuffing it in my mouth before winking at him as he rolls his eyes walking off to shower.

As soon as he’s out of eye sight I fan myself, he looked so sexy all sweaty, his skin glistening and this ripped muscles. Plus those tattoos just took it to another level. I bite my lip, deciding I should take a cold shower. On my way up the stairs I can tell that Nate’s just gotten out of the shower and decide to tease him a bit more.

“Yo Nate let’s have in n out for dinner tonight? You know since all the boys are busy?” I ask smiling.

He loves in and out. And always seemed to order too much, so we always had left overs.
I smile as I make my way into my room, sliding off my shirt when I can feel myself being pushed up against my wall. Standing over me is Nate, dropping wet with only a white towel wrapped around his waist. I bite my lip as he looks really pissed.

“Who knew eating healthy could make someone so grumpy.” I laugh.

Hoping to distract him from my fast beating heart.

“Shut up, y/n you know I love in n out but can’t eat it right now”

“And why’s that Natey-Poo?” I ask giggling.

He growls.

Straight up growls, before pulling my hands above my head, holding both of my hands up, his fingers locking with mine. I become quite breathless as he presses himself into me, one of his legs is between mine pressed right up against the lower part of me.

“You piss me the fuck off” he grumbles biting down on my neck.

I let out a soft whimper, though tilting my head so that he can get closer. He does, nibbling up from side of my neck, to my jaw, before he pulls my earlobe in-between his teeth. Which has my breathing harder.

“What no comeback for that y/n?” He asks chuckling.

He licks just under my ear, before kissing my neck. I try to move my arms but he keeps them above my head, as he nibbles on my chin.

“Nate?” I ask a little breathless.

He doesn’t seem to hear me as he keeps mingling on my chin, before brushing his lips against my own, yet not directly kissing me. I huff pushing forward so that I might get to push my lips into his. But he pulls away slowly smirking.

“Think twice before you tease” he says laughing.

Before walking towards my door.

And maybe it’s because his back looks fucking sexy, or what just happened between us, or the fact that I was secretly in love with him but I can’t let him leave. So I yell out his name. He stops, turning he looks at me wth a raised eyebrow, and I run to tackle him. But he just lifts me up, though he leans back against my now shut door.

“Nate what the fuck” I growl.

“What is it y/n?”

“You can’t fucking do that to me. Kiss me foreal”

Before he can answer I grab his face and bring my lips down to his, kissing him hard. He doesn’t respond at first, and I feel rejected so I start pulling away, really embarrassed.

“No don’t pull away” he whispers.

Bringing his lips up to mine and kissing me harder. I smile a little, before he bites on my bottom lip, making me mom and allowing him to slip his tongue in. We both moan, as our tongues dance together. And then he’s moving us backwards until he sets me down on my bed, I scoot back and he follows. He smiles at me just looking down at me, before he starts leaving a trail of kisses down my neck, before stopping in between my breast. Not feeling the whole bra in the way I sit up, kissing his nose, before moving to undo it.

“No stop, let me undress you” he whispers.

I nod as he pulls me up on his lap and he’s kissing me again, while I run my hands through his hair, tugging at the ends which causes Nate to moan. I start to slowly swivel my hips as I’m straddling causing him to groan and squeeze my butt pulling it up a bit causing a hot flush to make its way to my dampening panties.

His other hand slides up and down my spine, slowly getting closer to my bra, before he’s snapping it off, and pulling back a little to look up at me, and then his hands are rubbing up and down my arms, pulling down the straps. I bite my lip as e throws the bra somewhere behind him, so now I’m topless, in just leggings. He kisses me softly before allowing his eyes to take me in.

I move to cross my arms but he holds them down shaking his head, as he looks back up into my eyes.

“You’re fucking perfect y/n” he murmurs.

Making me smile, and lean down again to kiss him. He lays me back downs gain at the covers, while I wrap my arms around his neck. His hands slide up and down my sides, before his thumbs graze under my breasts, creating another moan from me. He bites his lip, moving back to kissing my neck, and biting on it. His hands continue moving up ad down and around my now hardening nipples.

“Nate” I whimper again.

Rolling my hips and moaning loud when I feel his hardening member brush up against me. He groans pushing my hips down, and kissing his way down between my breasts and slipping a nipple into his hot mouth, while I clutch his hair moaning his name some more.

“Fuck y/n” he whispers, flicking his tongue against the erect nipple.

I move to speak but he rolls his hips, pushing himself against me again.

My hips push up and this time I roll so that I’m straddling him while looking down at him. He smiles, rubbing his thumbs against my hips. I lean down, my hair cascading around his face like a curtain while I give him three chaste kisses, before nibbling on his neck.
He pulls my hair back as I start kissing down his chest while looking up at him. He bites his lip, and I can’t but go back and take that lip form between his teeth inbetween by own.

He runs his hands up and down my back as the kiss is starting to get even more heated, his hips rock with mine, but I need more friction, however before I do this I need to tell him.

“Nate” I whisper as he rolls us once again.

“Yes y/n” he replies looking at me.

“I’ve never done this before”

His eyes grow big and he pulls back. But I wrap my legs around him and my arms around his neck keeping him close to me.

“I want you, though” I whisper hiding my face in his neck.

“I want you too.”

He says moving to kiss my lips, when our faces collide and I cry out in pain.

“I’m sorry does it hurt?!” He asks holding my face, while I scrunch up my nose running my forehead.

“Gosh you clutz.” I groan.

He just laughs kissing my forehead quickly before getting up.

“Lemme go put some clothes on, and we can cuddle, maybe we’ll finish what we started a little later?” He says winking at me.

I blush but nod. Oh yes we would, even if I had to seduce the shit out of him.

Hope you liked 💕

Dear Mother,
I met her on a day the sound of
rain echoed through hospital wards,
sapphire eyes
honey-suckled lips,
death threatened to take away.

Dear Mother,
I met her at a time when we were
too busy pressing metal to our wrists
thinking art was
pain, when the only necklaces we
wore were ropes that hugged
our vocal cords so tight we forgot how
to scream.

Dear Mother,
I kissed her on a morning, the gentle
hues of the sunrise dip-dyed
the ends of our hairs, she
laughed when our lips collided,
a supernova, her head
thrown back, i found a home between
the creases of her eyes.

Dear Mother,
I fell in love with her that winter, when
nothing grew on trees,
frost creeping up our bleached
nightgowns, tickling the insides of
our thighs as we pranced across the
marbled tiles of the sanitarium,
the first time i could match a face
to the word love.

Dear Mother,
You met her in a teahouse down
the street after you decided your two
little girls
needed some fresh air,
we all wear masks, you: pretending
not to flinch, when my hands
locked with hers and she: pretending
not to notice, tea was bitter and
we were quiet.

Dear Mother,
She was fragile as the china doll
set on the mantlepiece of our living
room. Here lie your daughter’s sins,
her and a pile of broken limbs.

Dear Mother,
Sometimes i like to think that it should
have been me instead of her. Instead
of her and those ocean blue
eyes that gaped open like a set of
half moons. Instead of her and stiff body,
stone cold body, ashen grey body.

Dear Mother,
I could have stopped her. I COULD



Nine O’Clock

Request: hi :) I love your writings omg. my request is a tad similar to something you’ve wrote before, but a different storyline. can you write about the reader being Derek’s little sister and the reader and issac like each other but Derek doesn’t approve? then at one point Derek catches the reader and Isaac making out on the couch and gets upset or something? thank you :)

Warning: the reader has a mini make-out session with Isaac

“Okay, you’ve never had the best choice in guys, but… Isaac? Really?” Stiles gave me a confused look as he unwrapped his sandwich. “I mean, I’m not saying that I have anything against the guy, really, aside from the fact that he’s a werewolf, but…”

           “I’m a werewolf too, Stiles.” I reminded him as I bit into my apple.

           Stiles nodded, pursing his lips. “Believe me, I know. And you’re a Hale. If those two things don’t guarantee that you can take care of yourself, I don’t know what would.”

           Laughing, I unscrewed my water bottle cap. “So what are you so worried about then? It’s a movie date at Scott’s house. What could possibly go wrong?”

           From the look Stiles gave me, it was apparent that he didn’t want to discuss the possibilities. “Look, all I’m saying is that I want you to be careful.” His dark eyes stared into mine with a kind of seriousness I had never seen Stiles portray. “You’re really important to me, and I don’t want anything to happen to you.”

           “That’s nice Stiles.” I smiled at him. “But nothing is going to happen to me.”

           “You’re right.” He nodded, taking another bite of his sandwich. “It’s not you getting hurt that I have to worry about. It’s how bad Derek is going to beat up Isaac that I need to worry about.”

           I raised an eyebrow. “I thought you were just telling me that you didn’t care about him?”

           Stiles scoffed. “Alright, I never said that. Sometimes I don’t like him because he’s tall and he has an easy time with the ladies, from what I’ve seen. And he loves to milk the whole ‘I was abused’ routine. But I don’t wish the wrath of your big brother on anyone.”


“Derek?” I called, shrugging into my jacket. “I’m going to Scott’s house. Don’t wait up for me.”

           “What’s that supposed to mean?” I sighed, turning to see him on the stairs with his arms crossed. The scowl was etched deep on his dark face; I knew cracking a joke wouldn’t do me any good. Derek’s blue eyes watched me carefully as I twirled my keys.

           “That means that I’m going to come home late.”

           “Or are you even planning to come home at all tonight?”

           Smirking, I held my hands up. “Depends on how far he lets me go.” I giggled at the snarl Derek unleashed, moving to stand toe to toe with me in the course of about two seconds. “You don’t scare me, big brother.” I patted his chest and reached around him for my purse.

           “I know that.” Derek grumbled. Then he snatched the keys out of my hand. “I’m driving you. And I’m going to pick you up at nine.”

           My mouth dropped open. “It’s already seven o’clock!”

           “Then I guess you better stop arguing with me.” His jaw was clenched as he raised his eyebrows. “Let’s go.”

           Angrily, I crossed my arms. “You’re not my father, Derek.”

           “I’m well aware.” He snapped. “But I am your legal guardian at the moment, and when I tell you that I’m going to pick you up at nine because I don’t want you sleeping with a boy, you better listen to me.”

           I laughed in his face. “I never said anything about sleeping with Isaac.”

           “You implied it.”

           “You assumed it.”

           We glared at each other in the darkening loft for several minutes. Finally, he said, “You’re my little sister. You’re not even out of high school yet. I’m just looking out for you.”

           “You mean you’re being over-protective and ridiculous.”

           Derek rolled his eyes. “It’s now seven fifteen. If you still want to go, let’s go.”


“I thought he would never leave.” I groaned as I flopped back onto the couch.

           Isaac chuckled before sitting next to me, moving my legs to stretch across his lap. “What was his deal anyway? I thought your brother liked me.”

           Lazily, I nodded. “Yeah, Derek likes you… he just doesn’t like us dating.”

           “Oh, well, that’s slightly disheartening.” He mused. “Not gonna stop me though.”

           I bit my lip as I smiled. “Hey, Isaac?” When he looked over at me, I lunged at him. Our lips collided in a mess of teeth and tongue, moving at a furious pace. I straddled his lap, shivering when his hands slid up the length of my bare thighs.

           Isaac pulled away to breathe, resting his head against the back of the couch as he panted. Not being able to control myself, I started to place kisses all along his throat. “This… is probably why… he doesn’t like me…” I giggled softly, a bit winded.

           “Stop thinking about my brother.” I murmured in his ear, pecking his earlobe. “Focus on me.”

           “That won’t be a problem.” Isaac stuttered as I tossed my coat to the floor. “God, you’re so beautiful. That dress looks so damn good on you.”

           My hands buried themselves in his hair, fingers tangling as we kissed. Isaac’s hands rubbed my sides. “What time is he coming again?”

           “Isaac, do you want to know a secret?” I gave him a grin as I said, “I’m not wearing any-”

           “Are you kidding me, Y/N?” I jumped slightly, craning my neck to see Derek standing in the doorway.

           Defiantly, I spun around in Isaac’s lap and crossed my arms. “It’s not nine o’clock yet. What are you doing here?”

           Derek was fuming. “You left your phone in the car. I thought you might need it, but apparently I was wrong. You two didn’t really need any interruptions, did you?”

           “Nope. Thank you. Leave the phone in the kitchen and be along your merry little way please.” I gave him a tight smile. I could literally smell Isaac’s uneasiness.

           “Actually, Y/N, Isaac and I need to have a talk. Get outside now. And grab your stuff. We’re going home. You’ll see each other at school tomorrow. There’s plenty of janitor closets you can finish this in.”

           My mouth dropped open. “Derek, no!”

           “Yes!” He roared. “I’m not going to tell you again.”

           “God!” I shrieked, getting up and seizing my jacket off the floor. Then, after giving Derek a sharp look, I leaned down and placed a passionate kiss on Isaac’s lips. “See you tomorrow.” I whispered, smiling softly when he muttered, “Hopefully.”

           On my way out, I stopped to stand at Derek’s shoulder and looked him dead in the eye. “If you lay a finger on him, there will be hell to pay.”

What’s it like to kiss her?

Burning at the lining on my cheeks and mauling at my gums, a metallic scent of either her blood or mine. Her essence would course over my tastebuds, which would fall to their knees in surrender. Her kiss brought about a winter that couldnt have been prepared for, my teeth chattered in their marshy sockets and cracked open into gorges. Trace amounts of nicotine laced her kiss in a menthol disguise, and when she honoured me with her kiss, dark ecstasy seasoned the atmosphere, leaving bones so weak i couldn’t walk away from the temptation. Before she kisses me, her eyes scour my skin raw, and then float up into mine. The way she looks at me before the kiss could stop a heart dead in its tracks. And when she does kiss me, her hands meander up my stomach, arousing cardiac arrest, splintering remnants of collateral damage powders my lungs and settles like a snowglobe. A minefield peppers my abdomen. Frantic jolts surge through. When she kisses me, her tongue wanders barefeet into territory behind enemy lines, but the deepest alcoves of my mouth reach for her because she tastes of amyl nitrate. An intoxicated brain can’t control my movements when we kiss, our lips collide, consciousness laps in and out like a cold harsh tide, my body failing in its attempts at fighting. I succumb to a hallucinogenic comatose. When she kisses me, my body is as though doused in lighter fluid, burning alive, crisp hands clasping to a wooden stake. Kissing her is as powerful as a scream, soft as a whisper, and cryptic as a mumble.

I want you to know something. I don’t exactly know how you feel about me and how you will feel about me later on in life but I’ll let you in on a secret: I have never in my life met a girl as beautiful as you, but that’s nothing compared to my feelings for you. You make my body feel like jello and you take the breath from my lips when you kiss me. I can’t help all these emotions that run through my body when I set my eyes on you let alone think about you and don’t even get my started on when our lips collide. No girl has or will ever make me feel like you have and do. I used to laugh at the cheesiness of love songs and these poems I would see on my dash. Now I relate to them in ways I i didn’t think I ever could. You have been the person who didn’t save me but helped me save myself and I’m so thankful for that. You have showed me what it feels like to truly care for someone, to be weak for someone, to be fully in love with someone, to truly NEED someone and it has changed my life in the most positive way. If the world decides to be cruel and we are not together in the future I will still be in love with you, you will still have me. I love everything about you. Your hair, your eyes, how you look at me, your soul, your heart, how you roll your eyes when I say something annoying, the things you tell me while looking me in the eyes, your laugh, your scent, your voice and how it’s music to my ears, the way you say I love you in more languages than one, your favorite songs, the way you think, and most importantly the way you make me feel. Thank you for everything. I love you and I will never love anyone like i love you.
—  From me to you

Ive been in love with someone for several years, and I’ve just now come to a realization. Recent events really help me to put a very simple truth into place. You can like someone and still not be interested in them. I’m saying that from the short end of the stick. The one who is very much liked, but has not been able to generate interest.

She’s beautiful. After I met her, all others were compared to her. This was especially true after we dated in high school. Years and years later, all I’ve wanted her to say is that she doesn’t want to be with me and after that I’d leave her be. But, she’s never been able to say it. So, I took this to mean that she does want to be with me but is just scared, and it’s my job to help dwindle that fear. But this fear, I will never defeat. This fear is not that I will break her heart, it’s the fear that she will decimate mine. Why is that fear relevant? Because she likes me but isn’t interested enough in me to not eventually break my heart.

At some point the texts will slow down and the phones calls will stop. At some point my effort will no longer matter to her enough to honor it in some way. At some point it won’t matter that I’m in town and it won’t matter that I’ve expressed how I miss her. Her career will become the sole focus, though i’ve never encouraged her to shift her focus away from work and completely to me. When I drop a new song or a song reminds her of me, when I post a snap that she thinks is cute, when I’m face to face with her and I’m holding her close, when our lips gracefully collide, then she’ll feel it. Because, she likes me. But I don’t cross her mind unwarranted, she can go days without my voice or personality playing a part in any of those passed days or even wondering how any of those days went for me, because I am of no interest to her.

So now the noticeable lack of effort, the days she said she couldn’t spend with you but still spent it with her friends, and your negative gut feeling all start to make sense. She will never tell you that she doesn’t want to be with you, because she does, but can’t figure out why she won’t. You make her feel amazing, you support her work and dreams, you pray for her, and she’s never felt so loved by someone. Everything says that she should be with you, but she won’t.

She really does like you, Xavier, but she’s not interested. And you’re too interesting to wait for someone who has no interest in you.