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Sorry if you anticipated but I didn’t draw anything for Namjoon’s birthday. A lot of ppl loved my Jk comic and I felt a lot of pressure, I didn’t have any ideas and I was scared to disappoint someone.

But its mainly because I’m a bit done with the competitiveness in the fandom. I feel like this days it’s more about who will draw faster and who will get more attention. And this affects me a lot because I’m really not a competitive person, I hate the competition. I don’t want to draw something because I want my drawings to be the best or idk. I just want to draw because it makes people happy, myself included. I don’t care if I’m popular or not, I just want to make things that I like whenever I want.

Maybe I’m the only one who feel this way but I just wanted to talk about this stuff. Now that I figured out I’m feeling way better! Thank you for being so kind to me💘💘


FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVEN’T SEEN THE BEAUTY THAT IS THE BOOTLEG, HERE ARE SOME CUTE MOMENTS also I don’t mention every song because some of them are still amazing songs but not any different on stage

Anybody Have a Map?: Evan tells this whole story before the song starts about how he had the perfect chance to talk to Zoe but he was worried his hands were sweaty so he tried to dry them under a bathroom hand dryer and now they were warm AND sweaty and it’s really funny and cute. Also, when you meet Connor and his dad and Zoe go “He’s probably high / he’s definatley high” Connor yells “FUCK YOU” and lays his head on the table and his mom says “Oh he isn’t high” and he just slowly looks up and theres a really awkward silence before she yells “I DON’T WANT YOU GOING TO SCHOOL HIGH, CONNOR”

Waving Through A Window: Before this song Connor shoves Evan down because Jared called Connor a freak and Evan laughed about it. That’s about it for this song, the rest was just as it was on the soundtrack. There is a part, though, when Connor signs his cast, where he asks how Evan broke his arm and when Evan tells him he fell out of a tree Connor laughs and says “Well that’s just about the saddest fucking thing I’ve ever heard.”

For Forever: When he says “There’s nowhere else I’d rather be, and I say, me too!” He points at nobody like he’s talking to Connor

Sincerely Me: When Connor says “I rub my nipples and start moaning in delight” he starts VICIOUSLY rubbing the front of his jacket and he throws his head back and keeps his mouth open the whole time Jared and Evan talk. And then before Evans part he’s freaking out and Jared is trying to calm him down and Evan goes “I’M NOT HYPERVENTALATINGDear Connor Murphy, yes I also miss our talks” and then later when Connor sings “Dear Evan Hansen, thanks for every note you send!” He’s play punching Evan and then Evan sings “Dear Connor Murphy, I’m just glad to be your friend!” But he’s anxiously trying not to touch Connor and is just squatting and looking so anxious

If I Could Tell Her: Evan doesn’t know what to do with his hands and he keeps trying to rub the sweat off on his pants and I relate

Sincerely Me, Reprise: THIS A SONG NOT ON THE SOUNDTRACK SO I’LL EXPLAIN it’s a song where Jared is trying to write more emails and he tries to make it look like he was also friends with Connor but Evan interrupts him like “Um, no no no” and is really rude to him about it but there’s lines like “You know that guy at school, Jared Kleinman? THAT TOTALLY COOL JARED KLEINMAN”

To Break In a Glove: Connors dad says “You’re dad must be proud of you” and Evan says “Yeah, he is” before saying “I don’t know why I said that, my dad left when I was seven, I’m not his priority.” And Connors dad looks so heartbroken for him

The other songs are really good and they do so well on stage (it’s broadway so duh) but they’re more intense than cute and they don’t have moments not in the soundtrack that much. Hey, message me for the link so you can see the moments I didn’t mention

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Hey!!! Ilysm!!! Can I have orphan Mc? Like all her life she's been bouncing between families but never really got adopted? THANK YOUUU

Thank you! I love you guys too! Sorry I don’t respond much outside of the prompts! It usually just slips my mind, but I love you all so much! Please enjoy!


  • He… he can’t even imagine
  • God, being passed around all the time, not having a family….
  • What pisses him off, though, is the idea that nobody wanted MC
  • Seriously, when they talk about it, and MC says, “I guess nobody wanted me,” he’s shocked at the mere thought
  • He immediately starts going on about how great she is and is completely unable to understand why she wouldn’t be wanted
  • When he sees her surprised face, he blushes super hard, but stands by what he said
  • He gets cuddles after that, making him melt
  • Yoosung promises to make her feel wanted everyday for the rest of their lives


  • She understands
  • Oh, when MC opened up to her about it, Jaehee pulled her into a hug and just held her for a few minutes
  • When the two of them have been feeling nostalgic, they talk about the good things they miss from when their parents were alive
  • Usually over a couple fresh cups of coffee and a piece of cake split between them after closing when the cafe is still, just holding hands on top of the table


  • Zen wanted to meet her family, but MC had to tell him she didn’t have one anymore
  • He feels like a jerk, but he makes it a motivation to reconnect with his own family
  • Then, she can have a complete family, as the RFA are already kind of a second family
  • He also hopes to *ahem* expand the family, if you know what I mean ;)
  • And yes, he is upfront about it, declaring it boldly while also silently cursing for potentially going too fast too soon
  • But she smiles when at his declaration mostly because of the adorable blush on his face


  • They were doing wedding planning, talking about who to invite and such
  • When he suggested that her parents sit with his father, MC cringed and told him about losing her parents young
  • He offers his condolences and apologizes, then thinks on it and suggests maybe her foster parents? Aunt, uncle, cousin, sibling?
  • MC says no to all of them, explains how she was never adopted or taken in by any family, and only has friends and… well, now Jumin
  • And they can talk about it later, but maybe they can even make their own little family?
  • He’s flattered, pulls her into an embrace and promises her that they will have as big of a family as she desires
  • Jumin’s also probably low key ready to go buy her a ton of stuff to make up for whatever she missed out on growing up


  • Honestly, MC didn’t mean to snap
  • Saeran was just bitching about having Saeyoung for a brother and their highly dysfunctional family
  • It was the hundredth time he’d done this, but this time, it pushed MC over the edge
  • “AT LEAST YOU HAVE A FAMILY TO BITCH ABOUT!! You ever think about how lucky you are to even HAVE a brother that would go through hell and back for you?! You should be grateful!! Not everyone is so lucky!”
  • Saeyoung had seen her records, but to see her react like this… well, he followed MC as she stormed out of the room while Saeran was still shell shocked
  • “Are you okay? Do you want to talk about it?”
  • MC explains that she bounced around a lot as a kid, one distant relative to another
  • Every single one of them considered her a burden, so she worked hard, smiled often, gave and gave, and tried everything she could to be wanted
  • Instead, all she got was handed off again
  • The moment she was out of high school, she was kicked out, and everyone refused to help her
  • So the fact that Saeran has Saeyoung, a brother that loves him so much, and he’s so ungrateful… it just makes her angry
  • it’s not that she doesn’t understand why, she just doesn’t like that he can’t see past the bad to see this miraculous piece of good that he has
  • Saeyoung holds her and she lets him know that, if he ever has questions about her time bouncing around, he can ask
  • Saeyoung gathers the names of all the people who actually did her physical harm in those days and blackmails apologies out of all of them

Theory: everyone’s a crow. well @drurad ofcourse


this is lahk my gr'ffeetee room.. ah jst decided that ah wahn'ed t’ .. lahk .. sprey pain’ th walls? s'cool , mahn, cuz lahk .. nob'dy cahn tell me ah cahn’t? lahk, cn y'magine if a wahn'ed t'do this at ma haus at hohm? m’ moom wuhd b lahk.. “no weh y'noh sprey pain'in on ma walls, i don’ fink so”… go’ m'ohn ahs .. so m lahk …cohs ahm gonna sprey pain’ on th wall
—  my child zanyé who doesnt move his lips when he talks nd nobody ever knows wat he’s saying

Trans males always seem to have a very strange idea of what girlhood is. They always mourn that they were never able to partake in beauty rituals with their girl friends or wear dresses in public.

You wanna know what girlhood was like for me? I’ll tell you:

Girlhood was deciding at 6 years old that I didn’t want to wear dresses or skirts anymore, and even though my mom was fine with it, it was terribly lonely to be the only girl at Catholic school who never wore plaid skirts and had to wear ugly khaki pants instead because it was my only alternative.

Girlhood was listening to the prettiest girl at school talk about how men are just physically stronger than women and that’s a fact of nature.

Girlhood was my mom insisting on covering my zits and scabs with makeup even though I didn’t care and didn’t want to.

Girlhood was my dad telling me how pretty i would look if I just wore dresses or acted more feminine.

Girlhood was my brother screaming at me when he was depressed, while my mom told me I had a bad attitude when I was irritable from depression.

Girlhood was listening to a classmate who was much, much thinner than me talk about how fat she was.

Girlhood was being emotionally manipulated into sex.

Girlhood was never wearing any kind of revealing top because my back is covered in acne scars and I couldn’t bear the thought of anyone seeing them. I see sexy women with smooth, scarless back in public, in magazines, on TV, and I feel like a monster.

Girlhood was being bombarded with femininity from the time I was born and not feeling any positive relationship to any of it. Girlhood was having femininity forced onto me and then being told that it’s a natural, normal thing and that men should be allowed to have it, too.

Girlhood was feeling like the only girl in the world who didn’t wear makeup or care about fashion, because I never saw other women like me in the media or even on the street.

Girlhood was getting called a bitch by people I’d never even talked to. In fact, bitch seemed to be my buzzword; whenever people didn’t like me, that’s what they called me.

Girlhood was puberty sucking away my self esteem until I felt like a hollow shell.

Girlhood for me was trying to put in tampons because it seemed more grown up, but not doing it correctly and injuring myself instead.

Girlhood was feeling like I didn’t even deserve to be alive because men weren’t sexually attracted to me. I spent my entire adolescence feeling worthless because I dress androgynously and men didn’t want to fuck me. When I finally did lose my virginity, I was amazed at how disappointing it was. In fact, I’m still amazed by how mediocre sex with men is; it usually involves painful penetration and feeling like an object. I looked into vaginal dilators to make penetration easier. I’d let myself be in pain because I wanted the intimacy of penetration, but bled afterwards. One guy scratched my vulva with his fingernail on accident, and I got a yeast infection afterwards. I still have a scar down there.

Girlhood was realizing that boys were allowed to treat me like shit and nobody cares enough to stop them.

Girlhood was letting every man talk down to me like I’m a dumb piece of shit until I eventually believed that I wasn’t smart.

Girlhood was realizing that men have never and will never give a shit about my feelings.

Girlhood was isolation. I never felt any need to succumb to peer pressure by being feminine or liking what’s popular, so I never had many friends and is constantly see messages about how girls like me are “special snowflakes” who think we’re better than other women and have internalized misogyny. Interesting how I never assumed I was better than anyone else, in fact I hated myself with such vitriol that I thought I deserved to die, but people thought I spent all my time by myself out of choice when really it was because nobody wanted to talk to me.

Girlhood was wondering why I didn’t get catcalled and assuming that I wasn’t pretty enough. When I finally did get yelled at from some guy in a car, I thought, “OOOH, I get it now.” Because I didn’t feel sexy, I just felt gross.

Girlhood was switching medications because my sex drive was low and my boyfriend didn’t like it, so I stopped using what was otherwise a totally functional medication so I could try out one with less sexual side effects that ended up making me irritable and angry and yell at my family. I finally dumped him and switched back to my old meds.

My girlhood did not involved beauty rituals of any kind. My girlhood did not involved feeling pretty. My girlhood did not involve feeling beautiful. And to be honest, I don’t sympathize with anyone who mourns a lost girlhood filled with makeup and prom dresses and feeling oh so pretty, because if that’s what girlhood is to you, you can go fuck yourself.


Max is much more eloquent and bold when speaking a language that was already dying before the world died. Furiosa doesn’t understand a word, and Max won’t explain. But whatever he says is said only to her, and with such reverence that she understands it’s enough to earn him a kiss.

@emby-m and @freshprinceofdenmarkx requested Max saying something stupidly sweet to Furiosa in Latin (cuz he speaks it sometimes in the films apparently) and also provided the phrases:

“Stella mea tu es” - You are my star

“Solacium mihi das” - You give me strength/comfort. 

Corrections thanks to @penfairy

Also I couldn’t resist this line from Catallus 5 suggested by @v8roadworrier

“da mi basia mille, deinde centum” - Give me a thousand kisses, then a hundred.

Thanks for all the Latin guys! I actually got a lot of great suggestions and I wanted to use them all eventually. Maybe I will periodically come back and draw more of Max flirting/waxing poetic for Furiosa in Latin. 

I also wanna toy around with the thought that maybe one of the Vuvalini happens to know exactly what Max is saying when he is caught doing this and teases him mercilessly about it.

One of my favourite things about Falsettos getting a revival is how different it is from the original production. I mean, fundamentally the plot is the same, but there are little differences that I think improve upon the show as a whole. 

Example: Marvin and Whizzer’s relationship in 1992 was very subdued. They talked about their passionate love affair, and you had no doubt they were together but it just didn’t seem like they had the spark they claimed to have. There were a few moments (the racquetball games, What More Can I Say?, the baseball game) where I could believe it but for the most part I didn’t pick up on it. But in the revival (which I haven’t even seen, by the way, just GIFs and a few clips) Christian Borle and Andrew Rannells are all over each other. They’re just…touching all the time, in the over-stated, passionate way I’d expect from any love affair that Whizzer Brown has. And the same can be said for Charlotte and Cordelia, to a lesser extent. I had no trouble seeing that Charlotte and Cordelia were in love, but it’s more present, more visible in the revival. And other little things too (like Stephanie J. Block saying the word dicks)

My point is that there are differences between the revival and the original production that I think boil down to when they were made. We’re more relaxed with what we allow in our media these days. We no longer balk at the image of two men nearly making out on stage, we don’t titter at the same words we used to (i.e. the word dicks) and we don’t have the same opinions we used to have about…everything. So it gives us a little more freedom, a little more room to push the envelope a little and I think that’s lovely. 

Whenever people talk about how Rose was framed, the Diamonds did it or whatever conspiracy theory they might be talking about, they all seem to ignore one detail. 

The Crystal Gems. 

If Rose didn’t commit this vile act, why did they say she did? Why didn’t Garnet mention that the situation was “complicated” or something like it when talking to Steven? 

Steven: “How come nobody told me about Pink Diamond?”
Garnet: “We all did what we had to during the war. Everything’s different now.”
Steven: “But did mom really do it? Did she really shatter her?”
Garnet: “She had to. The Earth belonged to Pink Diamond. Destroying her was the only way to save the planet. For Amethyst to be herself, for Pearl to be free, for me to be together. For you to exist.”
Steven: “But I thought… At least she’d never…”
Garnet: “She didn’t always do what was best for her. But she always did what was best for Earth.”
Steven: “Even if it meant shattering someone…”
Garnet: “Yes.”

The Crystal Gems obviously think Rose did it, even Amethyst. 

Considering how much they put Rose up on a piedestal, they would JUMP at the chance to argue that she was framed. Because Rose being innocent and framed would only help their distorted image of her as a purely good and loving individual. 

Just look at the Bismuth situation. This was someone who wanted to do something horrible. She wanted to shatter anyone who stood in her way. I don’t disagree with Rose stopping her. This was something that could divide the Crystal Gems. Because many Gems would agree with Bismuth, they would join her side. And that’s something that could’ve ruined the rebellion entirely.

But I do disagree with what Rose did afterwards. 

She bubbled Bismuth, hid her away and then made up an elaborate lie about how she lost track of Bismuth at the battle for the Ziggurat and she was worried sick. A lie that painted Rose in the best possible light: she had nothing to do with Bismuth’s disappearance and she is oh so worried. 

A lie she then let the others believe for thousands of years. 

You don’t think someone like that would argue that she is innocent when accused of shattering a Diamond? 

No, its clear that whatever happened to/with Pink Diamond, Rose WAS involved. There’s no way around that. 

y'all should know that one of the reasons why seats are empty at sens games is because ottawa is a government town and the phoenix pay system implemented by the government of canada fucked up to the point where some employees haven’t been payed in 18 months and most of us still aren’t entirely sure when/if our next pay check will come in so spending hundreds of dollars on tickets to a hockey game (no matter how much most people love the team) just isn’t a good idea right now


If you think I’ve been squinting at this for ages trying to figure out what goes on in Liam’s mind while he watches his ex-best mate singing his heart out…

… then you’re very, very right.

leaving, maybe

I just feel so left out, like I never feel like I’m a part of this community. I never get asks, I’m really too awkward,I overall suck a posting, Nobody ever has the time to talk to me when I’m really lonely, ugh. I’m sorry for dropping this on you, but I’m probably going to leave, I don’t belong here, I never did, and that’s how I feel. Please don’t take it personally, it has nothing to do with you, but I’m probably going to leave. I don’t know yet, but the thought has crossed my mind

You’re Mine | Kyungsoo

Summary: He loves that you get along with his members, they’re like his second family but when you give them your attention and time, Kyungsoo couldn’t help but feel envious. 

Pairing: Kyungsoo x Reader

Rated: Fluff/ Slight Angst

A/N: This is for you anon ! it’s terrible so request another if you don’t like it Happy reading 

  You were with all of Exo having a movie night at your apartment. Your home has been like a designated hang out spot since your boyfriend brought his group mates over. Kyungsoo was your man and you couldn’t be happier. You both have been dating for about ten months so it’s pretty serious, but the man has made you feel loved like no one else has but lately he has been distant towards you. You’d ask him if anything is wrong but he’ll always push you away, you never elaborated on it because you’s assume he is just tired from working hard. Recently, you’ve became close with Kai and Chanyeol you see them as your brothers and best friends. When your boyfriend would act moody you would call them and go eat food or go and shop. It was like the modern three musketeers. Since all nine of them members are scattered across your living room you were on the couch sandwiched between your boyfriend and Kai. You were cuddled into Kyungsoo’s side which seemed like a miracle because it’s been a while since you have been in his embrace. That was until Kai put his legs over the couch and his head on your lap, your boyfriend eyed the younger boy with anger in his eyes. How does Kai have the audacity to put his head on his girlfriends lap. What made Kyungsoo even more angry was when you started to run your fingers through Kai’s hair, such a meaningless action brought him a wave of jealousy that was unbearable. You’re suppose to run your fingers through his hair, not Kai, His head should be on your lap, not Kai’s. Kyungsoo let it go with a loud sigh and proceeded to watch the movie. He went to go get something the drink so he left his spot next to you empty, your boyfriend wasn’t liking the fact that his group member was close to you or especially the fact that you let him.

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