when nerds collide

“Now I’m 17, I ship JimmyxTimmy thanks to my pervy mind and Jimmy Timmy Power Hour”

Having fun isn’t hard when you have a Library Card!

Doctor Strange calling Hawkeye a Muggle may be the greatest thing I never knew I needed in my life. 

From “Thunderbolts” (2012-2014) #32.

wbaw replied to your post: probably not going to be able to give it a shot until sometime in october, since I don’t really have to ability to have a home gym. But thanks for the link! Oh, and since you’re a total nerd (like myself) the Xmen Arcade game from the 90s just hit the app store for iOS and android phones! What what!

and if you’re trying to buy it right now, it’s “currently being modified” :(( bummer

Bahaha figures.  And it looks like we’ll be doing the mass-gaining version at around the same time anyway.  Things work out in their own ways.

What’s your opinion on “First Class”?  I was skeptical at first but looks decent.

If you tell me that your goal is systemic change toward radical acceptance, and I see that you treat those you perceive as lesser-than with the same kind of scorn and derision that pushed me toward this insular little subculture where I feel comfortable — and I do see this, every day, to the point where I’ve had to cull people I genuinely like from my social media feeds because it was that or get mentally knocked back every few minutes into the headspace I spent my K-12 years in and was only too happy to leave —then you’ve successfully convinced me that your acceptance is not radical and the change you want not systemic.
—  Meredith L. Patterson, When Nerds Collide