when natures call

Persephone was born with eyes wide as saucers,
a string of flowers for an umbilical cord. Her fist
smaller than a pomegranate, that unshakable
faith. She dances around, only love taking up
the space of her tiny mouth. New, shiny, pink.
Vulnerable. Screaming like a warrior. Grows up
teething on sunflower stems. Pricks her finger on
rose thorns. Goes back for more. Dreams in shades
of wildflower. Angers the Gods when she prays to
willow trees, when she calls nature Mother and
bends down on her knees.

Grabbed from behind, brought to a place where
the flowers couldn’t withstand the heat. She
wilted. Older, dimmer, face red from the flames.
Angry. Screaming like a warrior. Uses her softness
as vengeance. Grows cactus, desert lilies, and alfalfa.
Says, I will make this whole place beautiful because
it’s all I know. I will be Spring. I will be an act of
rebellion against your desert. I will utilize this green
thumb and Mother will be proud. I will pray to what
taught me to see beauty, spread Her knowledge around.
I am the strongest flower and your heat will not kill me.

i can never be convinced that Peepers didn’t totally admire Stella Starbella when he was a child. Where do you think that love for gogo boots came from??

Lazy Writing Prompt #73

You’re hiking in the woods with your girlfriend, and you have a pain in your leg that has been getting worse all day. You are relieved for the break when nature calls and your girl heads off behind a bush. While she’s gone, the backpack she left behind slumps over and a rag doll dressed like you falls out. It has a pin stuck in its leg.

Sick Days

Pairing - Scott x Reader

Word count - 846

Request - Can I have a teen wolf Scott one-shot where he gets sick and I take care of him and just a lot of fluff.

Now, as a werewolf, Scott hardly ever got sick, he was always the one looking after you when you were under the weather because his immune system was stronger than the average persons, being a werewolf and all.

So naturally when he called you and told you he wouldn’t be in school because he was sick, you decided to skip a day full of learning stuff you already, to go and take care of you sick boyfriend.

“Scotty” you called when you entered his house, setting the bag of things you had bought to make him feel better.

“Up here” he called out, his voice hoarse. You plodded up the stairs and creaked open his bedroom door, swing he was lying in bed reading a book. “Shouldn’t you be in school” he croaked, sitting the novel down on his nightstand.

You smiled and sat down on the door of his bed. “I decided, since you always look after me, I’d come nurse you back to health babe” you said, hoping his nose.

“Now, other than your painful throat, what else hurts” you asked as you cleaned up his room slightly, moving dirty clothes into the laundry basket and clean ones into his closet.

“Well, my nose is blocked, it’s weird not being able to smell anything compared to being able to smell everything. My heads pounding and I’ve threw up a few times but that was yesterday, I don’t feel like I’m gonna to throw up anymore” he replied honestly. You grabbed the thermometer from his desk. “And your burning up. Poor baby, tell you what. I’ll run you a bath, make you some hot soup, I got you soft tissues so you don’t have to use toilet roll and brought your favourite movies” you said, going into his bathroom and turning on the hot tap and adding some bubbles.

“You rest and I’ll be back up in five minutes to check your bath” you told him, leaving his door open slightly.

You continued on downstairs and began making the soup, adding all the ingredients and leaving it to boil before going to check on his bath. It was half ready and you added some cold in so it wouldn’t be too warm.

Then you went back downstairs and continued on making the soup. You finished that and put it in a bowl, taking it up to Scott and propping up his pillows so he could lean back and let the soup make him feel better.

You went and turned off his bath, him having his soup would give it time to cool the the right temperature.

“What did I do to deserve you” he asked, holding your hand as you help him out of bed in his shaky legs. You only giggled as you led him into his bathroom and went to walk out when he was situated in the tub.

He grabbed your hand before you could leave. “Stay” he mumbled, before continuing. “I know you’re just gonna go tidy my room and I also know I’d feel a lot better if you joined me” he said with a lazy smile, his eyes brightening when you let go of his hand to strip off your clothes and join him.

You sat between his legs with your head resting on his chest while him looked down at you, admiring your beauty. He might have been sick but it didn’t change the fact this was the best day he’d had in weeks.

You two stayed in that bath so long your skin was wrinkled and the water was freezing.

You wrapped a towel around you and then got one for Scott. You were surprised you had managed to keep your hair dry as Scott kept splashing water on you. You were looking in the mirror when you felt his arms around your waist, and felt his chin rest on your shoulder. You giggled when he peppered a light flurry of kisses on your neck and shoulder, leaving a few love bites alone your shoulder.

“Hey! Your sick Scotty” you giggled, spinning around and standing nose to nose with him. You squeaked when you felt him throw you over his shoulder, he threw you on his bed and gave you a t-shirt and a pair of his boxers to wear, he loved you in his clothes.

You lay tangled up in his bed, your eyes fluttering tiredly. You were sure you would end up sick but you didn’t care. Your head was on his chest, your fingers drawing patters softly and absentmindedly.

Scott placed a kiss on your head and watched as you fell asleep, he reached over and turned out the light. He knew he hasn’t had much luck when it came to past relationships, you weren’t a hunter or a kitsune or any other form of supernatural being, so he promised himself he would always protect you, he couldn’t loose you, he wanted to spend the rest of his life with you and you being killed by something he brought you into wasn’t an option.


     It started on an average day. Dave was bored as hell and just watching the seconds tick by in class. He had long lost interest in the mathematic figures scrawled across the board and the doodles on his paper. The teacher gave him a look as his hand raised. 

      “Again, Strider?” Dave nodded and squirmed in his chair a little to make it seem more realistic that he was about to piss himself. 

       "Sorry teach, when nature calls, it calls" The teacher waved him off with a disgusted look and Dave gladly left the classroom to roam the halls idly. Well, it was his plan, until the school called for a lockdown.

Nial Horan -- Wizzing In One Direction (PHOTOS)
Nial Horan just proved the saying to be true ... when you gotta go, you gotta go. The One Direction singer was out with a group of friends in West…

Nial Horan just proved the saying to be true … when you gotta go, you gotta go.

The One Direction singer was out with a group of friends in West Hollywood Friday night when nature called. That’s when Horan made a quick jog to an empty parking lot to drain the main vein.

Lucky for Nial … no cops caught him … public urination usually carries a punishment of a small fine and community service in California.

Giving a whole new meaning to “Midnight Memories.”

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aka the line that had my dad come in from the other room and ask if i was ok bc i screamed so loud


Twenty One Pilots talk Donkey Kong, Rituals and When Nature Calls…