when nature calles

Persephone was born with eyes wide as saucers,
a string of flowers for an umbilical cord. Her fist
smaller than a pomegranate, that unshakable
faith. She dances around, only love taking up
the space of her tiny mouth. New, shiny, pink.
Vulnerable. Screaming like a warrior. Grows up
teething on sunflower stems. Pricks her finger on
rose thorns. Goes back for more. Dreams in shades
of wildflower. Angers the Gods when she prays to
willow trees, when she calls nature Mother and
bends down on her knees.

Grabbed from behind, brought to a place where
the flowers couldn’t withstand the heat. She
wilted. Older, dimmer, face red from the flames.
Angry. Screaming like a warrior. Uses her softness
as vengeance. Grows cactus, desert lilies, and alfalfa.
Says, I will make this whole place beautiful because
it’s all I know. I will be Spring. I will be an act of
rebellion against your desert. I will utilize this green
thumb and Mother will be proud. I will pray to what
taught me to see beauty, spread Her knowledge around.
I am the strongest flower and your heat will not kill me.
My Teddy Bear

word count: 3.3k

genre: smut (this is really dirty and self-indulgent im so sorry)

reader/changkyun (I.M)


You’re best friends & roommates with Changkyun; as close as two people could be without being married or related. But one night, you overhear something that changes your relationship with him forever. Question is: Is it for the better?

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I know this is supposed to be extremely disorienting for the player when the amount of Bendy cutouts increase whenever you walk into the recording studio where all the instruments are in the room but all it makes me think the Bendy’s will perform a classic doo-whop in group for Henry AND I SO WANT TO DRAW THIS 

movies that the signs need to see sometime in their life.

of course everyone has different tastes, but this is my personal opinion (basically, a guessing game) involving a mix of genres on what you could possibly like. being a film student, I vaguely know what I’m talking about.

AIR SIGNS (GEMINI, LIBRA, AQUARIUS: The Butterfly Effect; Begin Again; Almost Famous; Scott Pilgrim vs. The World; Thanks For Sharing; Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls; Stardust; Beetlejuice; Charlie Bartlett; Sin City; Along Came Polly; Practical Magic; Pulp Fiction; Big Fish; Donnie Darko; Avatar; The Emperor’s New Groove; Napoleon Dynamite; Zathura; Pan’s Labyrinth; Home Alone; How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days; School of Rock; Psycho; Howl’s Moving Castle; Little Miss Sunshine; About Time; Bridesmaids; The Lord of The Rings & The Hobbit movies; Love & Other Drugs; Wayne’s World; The Little Mermaid; Cry-Baby; Monsters, Inc.; Blue Is The Warmest Color; Walk The Line; The Blind Side; E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial; Pretty Woman; The Shawshank Redemption; The Wedding Singer; The Goonies, (500) Days of Summer

EARTH SIGNS (TAURUS, VIRGO, CAPRICORN): The Art Of Getting By; It’s Kind of a Funny Story; The Godfather triology; Jobs; Fight Club; Amelie; Back to The Future series; The Wolf of Wall Street; Beastly; Philomena; 10 Things I Hate About You; Juno; Populaire; The Lion King; Grease; The Heat; Edward Scissorhands; Pet Sematary; The Amazing Spider-Man; Sleeping Beauty; Titanic; Crazy, Stupid, Love; 50/50; The Covenant; Love, Actually; Beastly; My Neighbor Totoro; The Outsiders; The Perks of Being a Wallflower; The Lost Boys; A Clockwork Orange; Fired Up!; Beauty and The Beast; Gandhi; Pleasantville; The Princess Diaries; Slumdog Millionaire; X-Men film series; The Vow; Jurassic Park; The Princess and The Frog; Into The Wild; Savages; American Gangster; The Sixth Sense; 27 Dresses; Ratatouille; The Truman Show; Blue Valentine; Submarine

WATER SIGNS (CANCER, PISCES, SCORPIO): The Way, Way Back; Heathers; 50 First Dates; Clueless; Stuck In Love; Girl Most Likely; The Pursuit of Happiness; Memoirs of a Geisha; 12 Years a Slave; The Breakfast Club; Suckerpunch; In Between The Pines; WALL-E; Finding Neverland; Ponyo; Gimme Shelter; Bridge to Tarabithia; Her; Scarface; Forrest Gump; Rosemary’s Baby; American Beauty; LOL; Life Is Beautiful; Sleepy Hollow; Aladdin; Step Brothers; Vertigo; What’s Eating Gilbert Grape; The King’s Speech; Sixteen Candles; The Devil Wears Prada; The LEGO Movie; Mary and Max; American Werewolf In London; The Giver; Poltergeist; Bruce Almighty; Anchorman; Dallas Buyers Club; Alice in Wonderland; Inception; 13 Going On 30; Finding Nemo; Say Anything…; The Great Gatsby; Life of Pi

FIRE SIGNS (ARIES, LEO, SAGITTARIUS): We Are The Best!; Horns; Silver Linings Playbook; The Kids Are All Right; The Spectacular Now; Mr. and Mrs. Smith; Mulan; The Blair Witch Project; Hercules; American Hustle; Jaws; The Princess Bride; Spirited Away, Kill Bill; Ferris Bueller’s Day Off; Drive; Pochahontas; Friends With Benefits; Charlie’s Angels; The Hunger Games; Girl, Interrupted; The Shining; Adventureland; The Dark Knight trilogy; The Last Song; Casablanca; Harry Potter series; The Proposal; Maleficent; The Ring; Brave; The Avengers; Breakfast At Tiffany’s; Whip It; Precious; Divergent; There’s Something About Mary; Scream; Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind; Carrie; The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo; Romeo + Juliet

anonymous asked:

I know it happened a while ago but what was the drama with you and the other mick?

Uh…wow that was a while ago.

Well, basically, they accused me of stealing their hairstyle they “invented”, just being a clone of a much more popular artist, and they posted screenshots of my blog/art calling me out on this complete bs (sorry for being blunt but their claims were just really wild.)

And, when they were called out they kinda got really pissy w/ everyone.

i can never be convinced that Peepers didn’t totally admire Stella Starbella when he was a child. Where do you think that love for gogo boots came from??


Harry being away for a couple of weeks. On the day he gets back he sends you a dress and shoes to your shared home with a note saying you’re going on a date night together. He gets back as your finishing getting ready and he’s already in jeans, boots and a suit jacket (smart) You get into a blacked out car. Turn up at a private airport. Fly to Venice (from London) have a fancy meal and then you go on a walk and he proposes infront of a fountain at night!   

Here it is! Thanks for being patient while I attempted not to cough up a lung.


You wanted to text him and ask what the hell he was planning but you knew he was already on a plane and wouldn’t get the message till he landed.

Still, you stood there in the hallway holding the box that had just shown up at your door with a massively confused look on your face as you reread the note over and over again.

Date night, tonight. Wear these please, love. I’ll be home by 6. Love you. xx.- H

The box contained a very nice, new dress and a pair of shoes that made your jaw drop when you had opened it up. Harry was never one to skimp on spoiling you when the occasion called for it, but this time there was no occasion. It wasn’t your birthday or an anniversary or a holiday of any sort. It was just a Friday and Harry was on his way home from being in Los Angeles for a week. Why he was being all sneaky and secretive now, you had no idea.

Still, you were curious and excited. You knew that Harry would never make you do anything that would make you uncomfortable, and his date nights never disappointed. He had clearly spent some time (and money) picking out the dress and the shoes and had purposely sent them so they would arrive before he did. Whatever he was planning was probably going to be very good.

You got yourself into the dress and shoes just before 6 and then waited, rather impatiently, for Harry to arrive. His flight had landed on time according to the info on your phone and the airport was only about a half hour drive from your place.

You heard the door click open at about three minutes after 6, and you stood up quickly, smoothing down the dress and walking to the front room.

Harry was just putting his bag down when you rounded the corner and he looked up and smiled.

“You look gorgeous,” he commented, making his way over and giving you a kiss, “Missed you.”

“I missed you, too. What’s with all the secrecy?”

He gave you a wink and knowing smile. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, love.”

“Harry, you sent me this dress and shoes and told me we were going on a date tonight but you didn’t tell me any other details about it. You never plan this far ahead – or so meticulously – for dates. Something’s up.”

Harry wrapped his arms around your waist and kissed your forehead.

“The only thing that’s up is that I’ve missed my girl so terribly much and I’d like to take her out on the town for a nice evening with me.”

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Shot at in the Appalachians

This is a creepy encounter by reddit/Bowfin_99

Using a throwaway for anonymity.

I’m a biologist and frequently am by myself in remote locations. This occurred when I was 26 and somewhere between green and seasoned. I was surveying wetlands in a remote area of the Appalachians in an area dominated by thick pine forests.

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Lazy Writing Prompt #73

You’re hiking in the woods with your girlfriend, and you have a pain in your leg that has been getting worse all day. You are relieved for the break when nature calls and your girl heads off behind a bush. While she’s gone, the backpack she left behind slumps over and a rag doll dressed like you falls out. It has a pin stuck in its leg.

Sick Days

Pairing - Scott x Reader

Word count - 846

Request - Can I have a teen wolf Scott one-shot where he gets sick and I take care of him and just a lot of fluff.

Now, as a werewolf, Scott hardly ever got sick, he was always the one looking after you when you were under the weather because his immune system was stronger than the average persons, being a werewolf and all.

So naturally when he called you and told you he wouldn’t be in school because he was sick, you decided to skip a day full of learning stuff you already, to go and take care of you sick boyfriend.

“Scotty” you called when you entered his house, setting the bag of things you had bought to make him feel better.

“Up here” he called out, his voice hoarse. You plodded up the stairs and creaked open his bedroom door, swing he was lying in bed reading a book. “Shouldn’t you be in school” he croaked, sitting the novel down on his nightstand.

You smiled and sat down on the door of his bed. “I decided, since you always look after me, I’d come nurse you back to health babe” you said, hoping his nose.

“Now, other than your painful throat, what else hurts” you asked as you cleaned up his room slightly, moving dirty clothes into the laundry basket and clean ones into his closet.

“Well, my nose is blocked, it’s weird not being able to smell anything compared to being able to smell everything. My heads pounding and I’ve threw up a few times but that was yesterday, I don’t feel like I’m gonna to throw up anymore” he replied honestly. You grabbed the thermometer from his desk. “And your burning up. Poor baby, tell you what. I’ll run you a bath, make you some hot soup, I got you soft tissues so you don’t have to use toilet roll and brought your favourite movies” you said, going into his bathroom and turning on the hot tap and adding some bubbles.

“You rest and I’ll be back up in five minutes to check your bath” you told him, leaving his door open slightly.

You continued on downstairs and began making the soup, adding all the ingredients and leaving it to boil before going to check on his bath. It was half ready and you added some cold in so it wouldn’t be too warm.

Then you went back downstairs and continued on making the soup. You finished that and put it in a bowl, taking it up to Scott and propping up his pillows so he could lean back and let the soup make him feel better.

You went and turned off his bath, him having his soup would give it time to cool the the right temperature.

“What did I do to deserve you” he asked, holding your hand as you help him out of bed in his shaky legs. You only giggled as you led him into his bathroom and went to walk out when he was situated in the tub.

He grabbed your hand before you could leave. “Stay” he mumbled, before continuing. “I know you’re just gonna go tidy my room and I also know I’d feel a lot better if you joined me” he said with a lazy smile, his eyes brightening when you let go of his hand to strip off your clothes and join him.

You sat between his legs with your head resting on his chest while him looked down at you, admiring your beauty. He might have been sick but it didn’t change the fact this was the best day he’d had in weeks.

You two stayed in that bath so long your skin was wrinkled and the water was freezing.

You wrapped a towel around you and then got one for Scott. You were surprised you had managed to keep your hair dry as Scott kept splashing water on you. You were looking in the mirror when you felt his arms around your waist, and felt his chin rest on your shoulder. You giggled when he peppered a light flurry of kisses on your neck and shoulder, leaving a few love bites alone your shoulder.

“Hey! Your sick Scotty” you giggled, spinning around and standing nose to nose with him. You squeaked when you felt him throw you over his shoulder, he threw you on his bed and gave you a t-shirt and a pair of his boxers to wear, he loved you in his clothes.

You lay tangled up in his bed, your eyes fluttering tiredly. You were sure you would end up sick but you didn’t care. Your head was on his chest, your fingers drawing patters softly and absentmindedly.

Scott placed a kiss on your head and watched as you fell asleep, he reached over and turned out the light. He knew he hasn’t had much luck when it came to past relationships, you weren’t a hunter or a kitsune or any other form of supernatural being, so he promised himself he would always protect you, he couldn’t loose you, he wanted to spend the rest of his life with you and you being killed by something he brought you into wasn’t an option.

'Things said at the conference' meme.
  • 1: "I have a condition."
  • 2: "Is this what it's like to be blind?"
  • 3: "My butt is damp."
  • 4: "Does anyone have some glue?"
  • 5: "Don't look at my boobs."
  • 6: "Does anyone have white duct tape?"
  • 7: "Oh my god, dogs."
  • 8: "They don't have a window."
  • 9: "Her legs are gonna lose circulation."
  • 10: "That'll be long, like my dick."
  • 11: "I thought you just petted me."
  • 12: "HoLY SHIT."
  • 13: "Let's get rekt."
  • 14: "There's a Starbucks around the corner, I dunno which corner though."
  • 15: "Why does everyone want to have sex with me?!"
  • 16: "I was beautiful once, I was beautiful!"
  • 17: "I thought he said 'fill me up'."
  • 18: "Ah, FUCK!"
  • 19: "I don't have diseases, how dare you!"
  • 20: "Oh fuck off!"
  • 21: "What am I suppose to be doing anyways?"
  • 22: "That is one hell of a nose."
  • 23: "I'm getting food, and then I'm getting food for later, and then I'm getting food for later later."
  • 24: "Where is your project? Where is MY project?"
  • 25: "Caution: may get wet."
  • 26: "Hello! Fuck off."
  • 27: "We're broke, we're like homeless."
  • 28: "I just want my noodles!"
  • 29: "That me."
  • 30: "Kill him."
  • 31: "Just get the fucking food, damn it!"
  • 32: "I can't do maaath."
  • 33: "Let's get it."
  • 34: "I love these pants."
  • 35: "My eyebrows have bad dandruff."
  • 36: "I got your dollar sweetheart."
  • 37: "Get the Bible out, ask Jesus."
  • 38: "Get in my pants!"
  • 39: "White boys make me nervous."
  • 40: "I am going to fight him."
  • 41: "I'm going to fight her."
  • 42: "I'm going to fight everyone."
  • 43: "What did you do?"
  • 44: "No seriously- what'd you do?"
  • 45: "Who's this chick?"
  • 46: "I don't like her hair."
  • 47: "POOL SEX!"
  • 48: "I'm just gonna be over here."
  • 49: "When nature calls, you don't leave a voicemail."
  • 50: "I thought you were about to say 'take your clothes off.'"
  • 51: "Oh, wait, no- that sounds really bad."
  • 52: "You can hang off the pole like a bat."
  • 53: "We all need pillows!"
  • 54: "My eyebrows are uneven."
  • 55: "This is fancy."
  • 56: "Who wants to see my underwear?"
  • 57: "You, my friend, are an author."
  • 58: "You, my friend, are a weird dude."
  • 59: "I thought that maybe one day I could grow up to be Indiana Jones."
  • 60: "Vagabond Traveler/Scuba Guy."
  • 61: "You ready to go look for crocodiles?"
  • 62: "If you itch your butt wrong you fall in the water."
  • 63: "And then the guy says "KILL IT! KILL IT!" and I was awake."
  • 64: "So its just me and certain death."
  • 65: "So my brother ended up getting malaria and his girlfriend dumped him."
  • 66: "I came to Honduras because my shirt was made here."
  • 67: "I gave the guy who made my shirt my shirt."
  • 68: "I'm a really horrible farmer."
  • 69: "Did I just see Larry the Cable Guy?"
  • 70: "Cancel her muffin basket!"
  • 71: "This guy won't let me flirt with him."
  • 72: "I made a mistake."
  • 73: "Kinky."
  • 74: "You guys are gonna have to fight me- I just took my bra off."
  • 75: "I'm weak."
  • 76: "Shut up! I have a plan."
  • 77: "I punched myself in the face."
  • 78: "Its fine. This is fine. Everything is fine. Everything is on fire. This is fine."
  • 79: "She's kinda wet."
  • 80: "Now try to get out."
  • 81: "I can fit."
  • 82: "She's my mommy. Get the fuck over it."
  • 83: "They went Super Saiyan!"
  • 84: "It sounded like he said 'Porn Shop.'"
  • 85: "Clean that white shit up."
  • 86: "Shut the huckle up."
  • 87: "I'm just a pile of meat."
  • 88: "Buy a fucking watch."
  • 89: "I do good."
  • 90: "Oh great, now they're talking about masturbating."
  • 91: "You're gonna tear my nose off!"
  • 92: "Don't you hate when you get something stuck in your mouth?"
  • 93: "A-cheese-ment."
  • 94: "Crap! Where are we?"
  • 95: "Don't touch the bread!"
  • 96: "I have to pee."
  • 97: "Why is she laughing in the bathroom?"
  • 98: "Somebody just died."
  • 99: "Pee time!"
  • 100: "It's really hard to suck out."
  • 101: "I'm taking my bra off."