when my otp was born


…Does mom know?”
“Felicia doesn’t even know my real hair color…”

I have a fucked up headcanon that Lazlow uses magic to hide his hair color and he has a great relationship with Soleil so he tells her everything about Ylisse and Gerome but he never told his wife Felicia because she would start crying but she would also be understanding which is worse

tldr; jeroazu is my otp even when Soleil is born


Tasertricks AU: Ethan Lewis had the life every little boy dreamed of; he lived in a big home, went to a posh school and knew all of the Avengers personally but there was just one problem. He hardly saw his mother who would spend her days locked up in her room or moping around the house. Some days, she didn’t even look at him and his father, well, he didn’t have a father. Yet every year on his birthday, he would wish that he did. On his twelfth birthday, Ethan takes it upon himself to find out about this mysterious man who devastated his mother’s life and comes to startling conclusion. Determined to find out the truth, Ethan embarks on a dangerous journey to Asgard to demand answers from his father, Loki Laufeyson.