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Hi dad. I'm Blake. I just want to say thanks for being here. In my personal life, I'm being raised by a single mother, and I just want to say thank you. You are of the closest thing I have to a real dad, next to my uncle. So thanks dad

Hey Blake!
I am so glad I can be a fatherly figure for you. I know somewhat what it’s like being raised by a single mom. My parents divorced when I was a young teen, and I grew to adulthood solely with my mother.
You are wonderful, and I am so proud of you!

funny story

so when my brother was pretty young, like 3 or 4, my mom was teaching him about body parts, and it was Christmas break. my step-dad’s super conservative parents were over, since it was only a few days until Christmas. I remember my dad had been doing the “got your nose” trick to my brother, him thinking that it was obviously fucking hilarious. so when we were all gathered in the living room, probably watching tv or something, my brother runs in and yells “GOT YOUR PENISSSSS” while furiously grabbing at my grandpa’s crotch. they left before Christmas.

blue night radio ♡ 161123
translation: thatcoolcatmeow

jonghyun: i thought that i would get married in my early twenties. it’s because my mom married when she was young. so, while growing up, i thought i would marry early, thinking of the age that my mom did. i thought i would have children before thirty too. my mom was born in 1967 so she got married at a really young age. so …, when i was young, i just thought vaguely that i would definitely be married when i was in my mid-twenties and (probably) have a child too. but, right now, i’m still a child.

If you ever feel like making a decision when in high emotion, wait 24 hours before committing to the action

My mom taught me this rule when I young, and I have lived by it ever since.  Everyone has been in a situation where their emotions are high, and immediately create an idea of action in order to solve the issue.   For example, your boyfriend pisses you off, and you decide that the best idea is to call him to bag him out.  Or you’re excited about a new car test drive, or seeing a new gadget (take my money) amazon purchase etc., and you immediately decide to purchase it.  

It’s amazing to see how your brain can process your choice of action over the 24 hours.  When the emotions settle, you think more cognitively and can decide responsibly without the influence of your strong emotions from the initial creation of your idea.  

I’ve personally noticed I’ve saved money, dignity, and relationships from just waiting 24 hours before committing to a high emotion decision.  It’s something I wanted to share, and hopefully this advice can help someone who is in a similar situation.

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(also, while reminiscing about it being this time three years ago that Chalo arrived in the U.S., my dad reminded me: “When you left for Malawi I asked only two things of you: 1) don’t go in the lake (because all the advice told you not to), and 2) don’t get a dog (and if you do, do not bring it back with you). You did both.”)


ready to go // panic! at the disco


Narnia AU // Dark Wizard!Percival & Savior!Credence //

Percival used his powers for plunge Narnia in an endless winter, until the day Credence come to Narnia by a magical wardrobe and brings back the seasons - and Percival fall in love with his enemy, the savior of Narnia.

(I watched the first Narnia ten years ago when I was young. I watched it again with my mom, and I can’t stop thinking about this :x (sorry if I made some mistakes in my english :3)) 

moms guilty pleasure

When i was a teenager, back in the 80’s, my moms room was right next to mine.  Mom was single and according to all of my friends, HOT!  The Walls were paper thin so i knew if I was going to Masturbate or have a girl over, i needed to be quiet.  However, from as early as I can remember i could hear my mom in her room moaning.  Although when I was young, i thought she was just in pain.  As I got older though, i could hear moaning, heavy breathing and some some mumbling.  One night I could hear her so i got as close to the wall as i could.  She was mumbling something and i could hear her say “fuck me, please”.  Ok, so at this time, im 15, and it seems weird.  But the next time i heard her, it really was turning me on.  so i started to masturbate while she was doing whatever she was doing.  I was stoking my cock and i could hear my mom breathing harder.  I didnt realize it but she had moved to just out side my door.  i was breathing and moaning and finally just came all over myself.  As i lay there i heard a light knock at the door.  I asked, what.  she asked if i was ok.  i just replied that i was.  she then opened my door.  i frantically covered myself while the sheets, which had cum all over them.  she turned my light on and smiled.  she said she thought i was having a bad dream since she could hear me moaning and a wet suction coming from my room.  she saw the cum and said that i must have really been having a good dream.  she then went back to bed.  The next day, while she was at work, i went into her room and started looking through her drawers.  I found some nude polariods of her in a drawer and a “used” dildo.  Her body was awesome and i jerked off right in her bed.  the dildo had some white stickey stuff on it and smelled of sex.  I licked it all up.  Im sure my mom found out that i had seen the pics because the next time i went to check on them, they were on the top of the undies, not hidden.  every once in a while I could hear her moaning and i would just masturbate along with her.  those were some good days. 

Thanks for sharing your story!

“My mom said that I started singing when I was very young. They always had music going for me because I seemed to have such a love for it. Even as a baby in a crib, I wanted music. My Dad’s father was a country and western singer, so he brought music into my life as soon as I was able to understand music at all. I was singing duets with my grandfather when I was four. My grandfather rode the railway trains across the country and played in different places. He played harmonica, fiddle, and guitar. He wasn’t a great musician, but he was a really good songwriter. I’m kind of the same way. I consider myself a good songwriter, but I’m not a very good musician.”


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My dad is a successful television producer, director and writer and my mom’s a director, and writer. Even when I was young I wanted to be an actress. I knew the actors and the paparazzi. It was just kind of always in my landscape. It was never directed at me, but it was always somewhere so I could see how it operated and I could see it from afar and go ‘Wow, that’s not really glamorous, it’s kind of exhausting not having any privacy.’

there was some Illegal BS regarding my friend and human momma of my kitten- their home was broken into and a kitten was stolen- but now everything’s okay, all kittens have been reunited, the piece of shit kid was expelled from highschool (his senior year LMAO) and is serving a few months for breaking & entering and minor battery. so im gonna see my lil boy today!!


“I grew up watching movies and television, and one day when I was really young, I told my mom I wanted to be an actor, and she was really supportive and got me involved in local theater and commercials. From there, I moved up to auditioning for movies and television.”

Happy 23rd Birthday, Cameron Riley Monaghan (August 16th, 1993)

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Okay, so when I was ten, my mom bought three boxes of fruit loops. I was young and stupid, so I thought that if I ate them, I'd barf rainbows. So I shoved all three boxes worth of fruit loops in my mouth and then

You didn’t.


Oh mY GOD.

I often forget how much my family has suffered and lost