when my friend showed me him on facebook

Newsies of New York...do I have a story for you.

So my current job is as a waiter at a restaurant that happens to be right by a professional theatre. Sometimes we’ll get the people who do their shows in for lunch/dinner. I always love serving these people because when do I not love talking about theater?

One Wednesday I look in our reservation book and I see that we have a reservation for 4 pm for 4 people. Now 4 pm is a really weird time bc it’s too late for lunch and a little early for dinner, so that time was usually when I would take my food break. So I was already like “ok who’s making a reservation at 4 pm…”

So it’s 4 o clock and the reservation comes in. It’s a man with three elderly women, I assumed his mother and/or his aunts. I was the only waiter there, so I sat them, and as soon as I sat them down, I overhear them talking about the current show at the professional theatre (which was Clue) so I smile and as I go over ready to serve them I say “Are you going to see Clue?” And all the women point at the man excitedly and said “He’s in it!”

So I start talking to this man (who’s name is Kevin) and I find out that he’s playing Col Mustard, and I tell him that I love musicals and that’s why I’m waiting tables so I can move up to NY.

And then.


He asks me…

“Did you see Newsies?”

And I’m pretty sure I looked like I was about to burst into tears as I tell him “It’s my favorite musical!” And as he says that he was in it, I realized who he was.



So my little nerd heart couldn’t take it and thank god I didn’t have any more tables bc I was so engrossed in talking to him about when I saw Newsies and how much I loved it and how much he loved it. And all the while he’s looking at me with a look that clearly said that I reminded him of himself when he was my age.

Unfortunately our talk was cut short bc he had a show to get to and I had a shift to finish. So two amazing things happen:


2.) When he gets up to leave, I shake his hand. I shook the hand of the guy who played Teddy Roosevelt in the Newsies movie. And I fangirled over him. In that moment, I *WAS* Jack Kelly.

That is the end. I’m sorry I don’t know how to end stories I suck at endings but like this was definitely one of the best moments of my life and I love how much he appreciated it and wasn’t freaked out by my fangirling. Like honestly Newsies are the best.


Request : “Hi! Can you do 164 for Peter? thank you xx“ @chrislaufeyson

»  “I heard you singing Taylor Swift in the shower this morning, are you okay?”

Characters : Peter Parker x reader

Word count : ~1900

A/N : This isn’t that much long but it’s the longer imagine I’ve done yet lmao. I hope you like it, don’t hesitate to tell me what you thought of it under anon or even in private, I’d be happy to taaalk ! Don’t forget my requests are open, so… GO FOR IT BABES

Oh please, May ! It’d be the best present ever ! I’m a big guy now.”

Peter had been begging May for 2 weeks now, and the aunt was still reflecting either or not it was a good idea. For his 16th birthday, his nephew wanted his girlfriend to sleep with him, but May thought he was too young for that, she didn’t want to be a grand-mother right now, she was even quite young when she had to become Peter’s mother. All was going too fast, and she wished Ben was still there to say no. Ben would have said no. They both knew it, that’s why Pete would have asked May if his uncle was still alive. But she had to say no by herself now, take all the responsabilites.

Stop harrassing me, I can take you to some restaurants or cinema, but you’re too young to sleep with a girl.”

Peter crossed his arms on his chest and sighed. He hated when May treated him like a child, and she recurrently did. “C'mon, many boys sleep with their girlfriends at my age. I won’t do sh- stupid things. May, you know the feeling. You know what it’s like, wanting to wake up to the love of your life.”

It was May’s turn to sigh. Obviously, she knew, it was a feeling she was used to, a feeling she would never get rid of. Someone was missing in her bed just like someone was missing in Peter’s. If one human on Earth knew that you needed to enjoy someone’s presence before it was too late, it was her.

Door open, and if I hear something weird you a dead man, Peter Benjamin Parker.”

He instantly jumped, doing some dance of joy. His heart was beating faster as he ever did. This was it, it was happiness, true happiness. This news had him reaching the nirvana, this estate of maximal pleasure, the plenitude. He kissed his aunt’s cheek, thanking her a good million times. You soon was informed and you both fangirled. Your first night together. This was a brand new step, but everything with Peter seemed natural anyways. You could do everything.

I’m taking your present ! And a toothbrush of course, I can’t wait to sleep in your arms oh my god. I’m taking movies, can I borrow you a new shirt to sleep ? What should I take beside all of this.” Peter could tell over the phone how happy and stressed you were, you barely allowed yourself to breathe while talking. “Happy birthday, love.”

He smiled, the sound of your voice was a music to him, a melody he could never get bored of. “Come here quick to tell me in person.”

Peter !” May called him back to have a quick chat with him. There was no way he could sleep with you before she’d have gave him the talk. He soon hung up, excited as never.

Peter smiled as soon as he woke up, you were still in his arms, your head on his chest, sleeping like an angel. His heart started beating fast again. He had thought right, this was the best morning of his life, this was the way he wanted to wake up everyday, with his love right next to him, stuck to his body like the world out there was spinning and the only thing letting her be safe was his touch. He was his remedy to any problem. Both your bodies were hot, the night had been so soft.

Peter kissed your forehead, pulling you closer to him which woke you up. There was no way you’d feel happier any day, you put your head on his neck and kissed his perfect jawline. “Hello pretty boy.” You whispered in a rough matinal voice before kissing his jawline again. “I’ve never slept that good in my entire life before.”

“Me neither.” He whispered at his turn, and his rugged voice had you shook. You’ve never heard him talking with such a deep tone and it was exciting to discover new things about your dedicated one.

Minutes passed by without doing nothing, just hugging and kissing. You wanted to spend the entire day there, in this bed, wrapped around Peter’s warm arms. But May would have never let you, plus it seemed like the super-hero had a project for the day.

It was super late when you got up, 2pm actually. Peter tried to make you a breakfast as a lunch, but his pancakes were terrible and he had burnt the bacon. His secret talent was surely not cooking. You ended eating ice cream before he went take a shower. You came back in his room, watching the wall where he put some pictures. One particularly kept your attention. This picture was one Peter had taken of you two during your first date. It was all awkward and sweet, and you were glad he had taken pictures of it.

Is it weird if I take photos ? I know it’s the first time we… we… This is a date, right ?” Peter had is cheeks all red from asking this, and you found it super cute. You liked him since you started talking, he was the kindest boy you’ve ever met, way different than all of the others. The day you met was the day your ex dumped you because you didn’t want to have sex with him, but what the fuck you was having sex at 15 anyways ? So not you. Peter found you crying in the school’s hallways and tried to cheer you up, then he asked you everyday how you were feeling, and soon you became friends. But there always were that extra something, this little sprinkle in your eyes telling you he was a man who would change your life. And he really did change you, he made you a better person, he built you.

This first date had been really different than what you already had experienced with other boys. You knew you loved him, you knew he wasn’t some jerk trying to use you. “Of course this is a date.” You held his hand with a big smile on your face. “And take photos, I want to have souvenirs of this evening !”

It wasn’t some fancy going out in a restaurant or cinema, it was just a chill walk, all was about talking and being happy to be together, it was all fluff and natural, it was just all love. Peter took as many photos of you as he could, not afraid anymore to look like some kind of a creep. “I love taking photos, and you’re so beautiful, you… The camera loves you.”

A little smirk took place on your face as you turned to him. “Only the camera, not you ?” He instantly blushed, panicking. Was it a bad thing, were you making fun of him ? His hands started shaking and he shook his head, his mouth wide open just as his eyes. “You don’t need to respond.” You laughed. “I was kidding, this is too soon for all of this.” But deep inside, Peter knew he loved you.

“I shake it oooooff, I shake it oooooff !” Peter’s singing got you out of your memories and you gigled listening to this song. He might be… Really excited for today. “Haters gonna haaate, haaate, haaate !” Well, this was for sure the best shower he had taken in while.

He came back right after his song, his hair damp and curlier than you’d ever seen before. He was so handsome, you were so screwed.

“Look, this is the camera I told you about ! The one May offered me yesterday ! She did such a great job, I missed photography.” He said as he was taking his new camera out of his backpack. You soon took his treasure in your hands with a look of admiration. It was a vintage Leica, and you wished you knew more about photography to understand how awesome it was for Peter to have it. “It has a lil defect on its lens but you know how I love things when they have something unique.” You nodded, and gave the camera back to him. “Okay, now that I can take pictures again, go against this tree and be my model.”

Your nose creased. Be his model ? What ? “No, no Pete there’s nooooo way. I’m not.. I’m so ugly today, I hadn’t brought my makeup to your place, my skin is awfully oily.” You soon pouted, Peter’s eyes wide open.

“You kidding, right ?!” He literally seemed attacked. “You the most beautiful girl I’ll ever get to see, Y/N ! I just want memories, you’re a real muse for me. Please, as a birthday gift, love !”

“I love you, thank you, but it’s still a no.”

Peter rolled his eyes, he for sure needed you to be okay with his idea of taking pictures of you, because it made a long time since the last time he did. “I’ll buy you japanese food.”

And suddenly you chaned your mind, you looked excited and even jumped a little when you heard ‘japanese food’. “Ok, well, Why are we still here ?! C'mon Parker, let’s take photos !” He laughed, fuck he knew you so well, he was sure japanese food was a good compromise. It always had been. Photoshoot session started right away. “You know, I heard you singing Taylor Swift in the shower this morning, are you okay?

Peter rolled his eyes, happy Taylor Swift’s songs was his guilty pleasure and no one was supposed to know. He blushed a little. “Don’t be a jerk honey, be beautiful and pose for me, that’s all I’m asking !”

“This is some kind of song you should be singing to Flash.” You giggled. And Peter blushed even more. He always had that thought that Flash was better than him, he was popular even if he was an asshole. You saw Peter getting lost in his thoughts and grimaced. “Babe, focuse on me !” His eyes immediately met yours and he couldn’t help but laugh. You were ugly, but in a beautiful way, weird. I guess it was just love. He took a picture, and you frowned. “I don’t want this on facebook or I’ll kill you !”

“Love, you know I don’t have a facebook.” He creased his eyes. You harrassed him to do one, but he never understood the utility. He had no friends. “I’ll download them in my phone, so I can show people how pretty my girlfriend is !”

“I’m not, Peter !” You shouted, leaving the tree to get back to him.

“You’re not my girlfriend ?!”

“I’m not pretty you idiot !” You hit his shoulder.

“People don’t believe me when I say I have a girlfriend.” He shrugged while a sad smile took place on his face.

You pouted, a little embarrassed. Yeah, Peter wasn’t popular and all, people thought he was a fucking loser, but they were missing it. “We don’t need people, Peter Parker.”


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Told my mom...

that i’m converting aaaand she’d already figured it out. Actually, I called her to tell her I got a new job (B’H!!!) but she brought it up.

“So you’ve gone Jewish now? What, you think I didn’t notice that ALL of your new Facebook friends for MONTHS have been Jewish?”

This is good because I was actually kind of hoping she’d just put the pieces together and work it out on her own so it’d be less of a shock when I properly told her, lol. Anyway, she was actually fine with it, literally just said “There’s one G-d and that’s it, doesn’t matter how you worship Him just as long as you’re a godly person, and it sounds like you are so that’s fine.”

Showed her my kitchen and she just rolled her eyes and said “You’re telling me you care that much that you have separate sides for meat and dairy, but you’ve got - what is that?? Like, TEN used mugs lying around your living room!” … lol truth

I still live in fear of running into him someday

We dated for three months then got married. I was in a bad mental state when we had first started dating so with the help of therapy and medication I realized I didn’t want to be in a relationship with him at all, let alone married. (We were married less than a month.)

When I told him I wanted a divorce he was very upset, wanting to do whatever he could to make it work out. I refused saying that I didn’t feel the same way. He hacked my Facebook and found a message I had sent to a friend of mine, saying how I had a crush on another guy friend and that clearly this sign along with others showed that I wasn’t ready to be married nor should I be in a relationship with him. He completely flipped.

He threatened to take everything from me, my apartment, my pets. Everything. We were only together for four months so luckily we didn’t own anything together but he wanted to cause me any pain he could. We’re both military so he went through his command to try and get me in trouble. (Luckily it didn’t work) But for months I was terrified. It got so bad that his command actually made a restraining order against him FOR me. I found out he attempted suicide and had to be put into a mental ward. They called me to tell me he had threatened to kill me and my guy friend. He ended up getting kicked out of the military because of his mental issues. It was a scary time in my life.

Now over a year later the divorce is finally finished. He messaged me on Facebook to apologize we actually had a pleasant conversation and I was glad we were both moving on. 20 minutes later he messaged me again saying that even though he’s trying to be normal he still hates us and wants to fuck up my boyfriend. I blocked him. I still live in fear of running into him someday and what he might do since we both live in the same county.

Dear Friend,

April 30, 2017

I almost forgot what it was like to feel wanted. 
I almost forgot what it was like to feel important. 
I almost forgot what it was like to feel appreciated. 
I almost forgot what it was like to feel loved.

I had forgotten all these feelings because I started to believe that they didn’t exist for me anymore. 
It has been a while that I’ve felt any of these emotions. 
Ever since my ex-boyfriend and ex-best friend got together, I thought I was ruined. 

I thought I was never going to find anyone that could possibly like me, until I met someone new last week. 
He’s been a good distraction, but he’s not just that. 
He’s something more, and I really like him.
It’s calming to finally not have people who constantly hurt you on your mind. 
He’s been helping with that and I genuinely think he really cares for me.
He’s not like the other guys that I was talking to - the one’s that were just using me for their sexual desires.
No. He’s different. 

His name is Taylor. 
He has beautiful blue eyes, blonde hair, and a great smile.
He’s taller than me (of course because I’m a shorty) and dresses well.
He also grows a beard very nicely, but he doesn’t let it get too long - which I like. 

He and I have been talking for almost two weeks now. 
We met online via Instagram two Thursdays ago, and have been texting every day since then.
I’ve seen him around school throughout the semester, but to be honest, I never got a gay vibe from him until most recently.

Exactly one week before I followed him on Instagram, I saw him in the library at my university. 
That was also the same day that I had an appointment with the school’s therapist at 2:00pm.
I couldn’t stay in the library for long, since it was already 1:30 when I got there.

I walked up the stairs to the second floor and started looking for my friends. 
I noticed the cute white boy named Taylor with his two friends (which I found out later to be his twin brother and best friend) sitting at the table behind my friends.
I noticed him staring at me, so I made sure to stare back.
He needed to know I was interested somehow. 

I got closer to my friends’ table and pulled out a chair across from my friend Aaron and his girlfriend Paula.
They both greeted me with a “Hey Alex,” and Paula added, “You look so beautiful today!”
She always compliments me, so I naturally responded immediately with a “Thank you,” and a big smile. 

I finally sat down and tucked in my chair. 
Next to me was my friend Angel. 
When I was finally settled he finally turned to me, looked straight into my eyes with raised eyebrows.
“Are you done?” he asked.

“Yes, I’m done.” I rolled my eyes and refrained from laughing. 

“WHAAAAT’S UP MAYNE?” he yelled.

I couldn’t hold it in anymore.
I bursted out laughing. 
“You just saw me over an hour ago! What could have possibly happened between that time?”

He stayed quiet. 
Instead, he laughed and shook his head. 
“Come here, man.”
He opened up his arms so I could hug him. 

After the warm welcoming embrace from my friend Angel, I got comfortable in my seat and started listening into the conversation that was going on behind me. 
Taylor was talking about his homework to his friends. 
He sounded pretty feminine. 

I looked at my friends in front of me, pointed in Taylor’s direction with my thumb and said, “Wow! He’s cute and he’s gay? That’s really hard to find here at school.”

“How do you know he’s gay?” Aaron asked.

“He is.” Paula confirmed.

“He is right?!” I reacted quickly. “Wait, how do you know?”

“I have him for class. And I can just tell from his voice. He’s gay,” she said.

I was so overjoyed by this news. 
It made me want to go up to him and just give him my number. 
But I didn’t want to freak him out. 
Instead, I purposefully went to the men’s restroom just so I could get up and turn around to see if he would look at me again. 
I got up, turned my head, but not enough that my face was completely facing toward him. 
I looked at him through the corner of my eye. 
He watched me walk away. 

When I walked back from the restroom, the same thing happened as when I first saw him. 
His friends were gone this time. 
He was just on his computer pretending to work.
And just before I sat down we locked onto each other’s gaze. 
I thought it was cute. 

A few minutes pass and I leave again to go to my appointment with the therapist. 
I didn’t want to come across as too desperate, so this time when I got up, I didn’t look at him. 
This was the last time I saw him for about a week. 

The following Thursday, I was really sad that I didn’t see him in the library again. 
So I started complaining to my friends about him. 
“I’m so sad! My library boyfriend isn’t here. Where is he? I’m so sad!” I kept complaining. 

“Why don’t you just request him on Facebook?” Paula asked.

“I don’t have Facebook remember? Plus I don’t even know his name!”

“It’s Taylor! I’ll just send you his Facebook.”

“Oh my god. That’s literally all I needed to know.”

A few minutes later, Paula sent me his Facebook profile. 
Under his name, it showed his mutual friends with Paula.
Turned out that my other friend Sophia has him on Facebook too. 
I was actually a little mad that she never introduced me to him and she knows how lonely and single I’ve been lately.
I knew I had to have a talk with her about this boy when class started. 
She and I actually sit next to each other in our Corporate Tax course. 

Class was about to start, I walked in, and I see Soph sitting next to the empty chair that’s assigned to me. 
I walk up the steps and sit next to her. 
“So. Girl. Do you have any guys that you would like to hook me up with? Hmm?” I asked with a sarcastic tone.

“What? No. I don’t know any cute single gay guys. And the one’s that I remember aren’t that attractive. You wouldn’t like them.”

“Oh really. What about a white blonde one? Why haven’t you introduced me to that one?”

“A white blonde one? I don’t have any friends that are white, blonde, and gay.” 

“Oh yeah? Then who’s this?!” I slammed my phone in front of her with the picture of Taylor and her name under his profile picture. 

“Oh my god! I forgot about him! Yessss! He’s gay. And yes he’s single. And actually,” she pointed at the guy next to him in the photo, “that’s his twin brother. He’s gay too.” 

“What the fuck?” I was in shock. “Both of them are gay?”
I wonder if they are the same size down there, I immediately thought. 
I’m such a perv. 
“Do you have him on Instagram?”

“Yeah I do.”
She started looking for him on her profile. 
A minute later, she found him. 
I looked at his username and copied it onto my Instagram search bar. 
I found it. 
It wasn’t on private. 
I looked through almost all his photos like a stalker. 
I wanted to follow him, but I couldn’t come up with the courage to do so. 

I turned to Soph and said, “You do it. You follow him for me. Because I can’t do it.”

“Really?” she asked.


I couldn’t watch her do it. 
I would’ve changed my mind.

Click. She did it. 

I covered my mouth from wanting to scream.
My heart started racing and my palms started to sweat. 
I couldn’t believe I let her do that. 

We just laughed about it for the rest of the class period and made jokes about how he wasn’t going to follow me back on Instagram. 
It took him about forty-five minutes to follow back. 
I liked one photo - actually, Soph liked it - and left it alone. 
He didn’t like any of my photos. 

Later that day, I took a selfie so I could add on Insta later.
That night - after I uploaded the photo - not even two minutes later, he liked my photo and sent me a message immediately afterwards. 

“Hi :)” it read.

“Hello there,” I responded.

“How are you?” He asked. 

“I’m doing well. What about you?”

That’s great to hear! Same! I just wanted to drop in and say that I think you’re really cute,” he said. He even threw in the thumbs up emoji. 
Now I know he was really into me. 
No, not because of the emoji, but because he actually was making an effort to talk to me. 

Thank you!” I accepted his compliment. 

The messages were going on for hours. 
I was in complete shock of how fast things were going. 
He was so easy to get along with and we kept asking each other questions to get to know each other better. 
He liked me so much that he said we should meet in person one day. 
That’s when I realized that he hadn’t recognized me yet from the week before. 

Actually. I have already seen you in person! I’ve seen you in the library at school sometimes.” I confessed. 

“Oh no. That’s the worst place to see me! I look disgusting.”

What? How so? You should be happy that I haven’t seen you eating like a fatty at the Union.” I knew I could joke around with him. I could see that he had a great sense of humor by the way he talked. 

I meant at school in general. Wait. Have you seen me there too?”

Haha. No. Don’t worry. I haven’t. Just the library.”

Oh okay! Wait. Did I see you last Thursday in the library?”

No.” I lied.

You weren’t with three other friends?”

No.” I lied again.

Oh… okay.”

Okay. You caught me. Yes. That was me! Please don’t think I’m a stalker or anything! I just thought you were really cute and I just had to talk to you and I didn’t know how else I could do that.”

Lol! I knew it! No worries! It’s fine. Actually, I’m really glad I sent you a message. I really like talking to you.”

I really like talking to you too!” If he saw me send that message, he would’ve seen how idiotic I looked with a huge smile on my face. 
I bet I looked ridiculous. 

After a few hours of messaging, I was brave enough to ask him for his phone number. 
He gladly gave it to me.
I texted him, and we continued to talk passed midnight. 
We talked about so much for the rest of the night until we went to sleep.

Days passed and we started to get more comfortable with each other - especially in person when we officially met for the first time.
Over a week passed and we started to open up to each other - especially on subjects we didn’t really want to talk about, but we did it anyway. 
We trust each other. 

I’ve gotten to know him a lot better in this past week and a half.
We have a lot of things in common. 
We both play video games.
We both have the same sense of humor. 
We both like writing poetry.
He likes the same music I do. 
He enjoys late night drives with no set destination. 
There’s just so much,
and the list gets longer the more I get to know him.
It’s almost too good to be true.

The differences between us are just as exciting. 
He is very responsible.
He studies so much for school and seems really disciplined in my opinion. 
He comes across as financially stable and apparently likes to save money.
I admire him in many ways when it comes to those kinds of things. 
I’m definitely not a saver, and I always choose socializing over studying. 
I think I need someone like him to keep me in check. 

I honestly don’t know what he thinks about me. 
He says he likes me.
He compliments me and tells me I’m cute. 
He shows that he cares.
Like I said earlier - a part of me feels like he’s too good to be true. 
Another part of me thinks that it could work out, but then I start overthinking.
I start thinking that he’s too good for me.
Or maybe that I’m a bad influence on him and make him lose focus on school.
I don’t want to be that person for him. 
I want him to keep focusing on school and his good grades. 

I want to let myself fall for him. 
I want to let him break my walls down.
But that’s gonna be difficult. 
Because after what my ex-boyfriend and ex-friend did to me, I rebuilt my wall with iron so it wouldn’t be so easy to crumble. 
I don’t want to get hurt again. 
And I’m scared to be loved by someone again. 
Maybe he’s not the one, but maybe he could be.
I think it’s still too soon to tell.

I just know that I don’t want to be in a relationship right now. 
I still need to heal. 
I’m still broken.
Not entirely, but still broken.
In the meantime, maybe he can help me put some pieces of my heart back together.
The pieces that weren’t taken from me.
The pieces that need to be rebuilt, reformed, and shaped into a new heart. 
One that is touched by someone who deserves a piece of my heart. 
And if my heart is too small, maybe he can share a part of his with me. 

Until next time…

Love always,

anonymous asked:

Just out of curiosity,if you think S is such a disgusting person and you so obviously dislike him,why have you added him on Facebook and are still friends with him there? (No, I did not stalk you,you showed up in my suggestions with one common friend) Also,as he's not the only former ghoul who has made a public statement concerning the lawsuit,why do you put all the blame on him? It just seems pretty obvious you have a personal vendetta against him,for whatever reason.

That was a pretty slick attempt at pretending not to be facebook creeping 😂 not that it matters since you feel the need to be anonymous when challenging me 🙄
Whatever though. Probably similar reason you keep my blog around, to see what they say. At least I can admit that…when he’s using social media to further persuade fans in his corner rather than letting the court do the work…and then continuing to butter people up by thanking them…its like “stroke my ego and I’ll stroke yours” kind of deal.
He’s using Facebook, and lets face it probably the Priest twitter, to release personal dirty laundry in an attempt to lure people away from Ghost and slander the shit out of T based solely on accusations.
Which other ghoul has done this online? Link me? Screenshot? I do believe it’s been only him and his close and personal loved ones glaring a spotlight on things.
And personal vendetta? Really though? I will admit, only personally met the guy once, out of what is it 12-13 shows? He only came out one time and I couldn’t tell you about it because it was pretty quick and forgettable and I only really wanted to meet him because he and Air were the only 2 who didn’t sign my Elizabeth vinyl. It didn’t matter to me about meeting him too much because any time I would see him out and about before and after shows it seemed like he wasn’t interested in fans. Which I don’t hold it against him, and I’m sure there are other people who will argue that he does like to meet fans…but from my personal experience, that’s how he came off and i respected that.
Also, because it happened to a friend, and it’s personal, it’s not my place to tell…although I’d share it if I were her at this point…he was once incredibly out of line at an after party and motivated her to never want to see the band again because of him. So yeah, there was a little pre-lawsuit/media hostility but that doesn’t influence my opinion on that situation.

I still think IF the ghouls are owed money, they should get it. Along with whatever royalties they’re entitled to which is still by no means and equal share…but what is owed is owed. I do think any increase of income they were expecting from the growth of the band since the Grammys was invested on further touring though and isn’t hidden somewhere though.

I swear I’m a broken record with things now…it’s like it’s unjustifiable to think that Tobias shouldn’t be slandered based on accusations. He can’t speak out because the lawsuit is filed against him, he’s not allowed, even if he wanted to he can’t.

Sorry I’m not so easily convinced someone is a guilty piece of shit based on a single sided story. Doesn’t matter that there are 4 names on the opposing side…its still one side.

An Ex that Won't Quit or I was Very Nearly a Waifu
M- the weeb

S- my friend

B- another friend

And my mom

I had been seeing this guy for about seven months. My mom had introduced us and we had gotten along at first my messaging on facebook and texting. He considered me special because I liked Star Trek and Monty Python, and one he knew I was into anime I was some ‘special snowflake’ creature. I should of seen the signs, just like everyone here. But I had never dated seriously and I was excited.

As we’re dating he does some things I find annoying. He was hardcore into classic anime. 80’s style stuff all of which I blocked from my mind. He was also huge into Claymore at the time and my haircut then was very much like the main characters. I was playing with going with short hair at the time and was nervous, but he went on and on about how cute it was and how I looked so much like the character. It was kind of weird but I persisted with the relationship.

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MMFD fic: “Awake?” Part 3

Part 1 | Part 2

A/N: For something so silly and so short, this took me ages to get to. There’s one more part coming up, maybe, at some point, perhaps. There’s just no way of knowing. 

However, there’s no doubt about my gratitude to madfatty!

Awake?” - Part 3

“Oh, no no no.” Finn throws his body back on the bed, staring at the ceiling. The laptop holding all the evidence of the night before is still in his lap.

Oh no. What are you thinking, Finn? You can’t be havin’ thoughts like that. She’s a mate. You don’t think about your mates like that. It’d be like waking up one day suddenly realizing you fancied Archie. Ridiculous, really.

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My biogical father stayed with my mom through her whole pregnancy and then didn’t show up to the hospital. I met him once when I was 14 and we were friends on Facebook for a little bit. He changed his profile picture when he had his “first kid” and expected me to figure out that he had had a kid because of that. Recently, he and his wife had a daughter, who he attempted to tell me about, but again, I figured it out for myself. I wasn’t upset that he had other kids, I was upset that he expected me to find out because he changed his profile picture. He had been offering to let me come visit him amd his wife in another state, so I thought he had at least a little respect for me, but now I realize he was just trying to save face and make himself feel better. I never responded to this message because I realized that I don’t need him to know who I am. The man who raised me was more of a father to me than he will ever be to his kids.

Ok so I was studying abroad last week and the thirsty little sloot that I am was creeping tumblr the first week in the new country. I matched with this cute guy and we started talking and he asked for my number me being all yolo I’m not gonna have this foreign number in a few months I gave it to him cause why the fuck not I’m gonna piece out of there in 5 months. So on the first day of class I’m sitting there with my laptop creeping on a friend’s Facebook cause I miss them and all of a sudden I get a text from some foreign number (obviously I know it’s my tumblr hottie) and he said I’m prettier than that girl (the girl being my friend). At first it scared the fuck out of me but turns out he was in my class. We hooked up a few times and it was a ton of fun but I started to date some other guy there. When he found out e stopped showing up to class and if I saw him on campus he wouldn’t look me in the eye it was great.

Lana Parrilla: All the females come runnin'

So today when I was leaving the Magic Kingdom I saw the OUAT poster with the EQ/Apple on it and obviously trotted over to it as fast as possible and hugged it. But then while I was embracing this piece of art, a Disney cast member turns to me and goes “that poster… when they see it, ALL THE FEMALES COME RUNNING” and I lost my shit laughing so we made him explain and recorded it.

Also we’re now Facebook friends because I convinced him to watch the show and he has questions

This kid said he wanted to meet up and fight me and my friend over Facebook so I sent him this picture of me posted up where he wanted to meet when he didn’t show lmao

Alex Day.

So as of lately, there’s been a lot of controversy surrounding various YouTube personalities who have been outed as sexual predators/abusers/manipulators. 
I guess I’m semi here to add to that, in regards to Alex Day.
I met Alex when I was (just) 15 at a gathering (I’m almost 21 now.) and when he was 19. I’d watched his videos and you could say I had a ‘school girl crush’ on him. Initially I had no awareness of his age, all I knew was that he was a well known YouTuber and I enjoyed his videos.
At the gathering, Alex quickly took me under his wing, holding my hand every where we went, telling others that he wouldn’t get on the underground unless I was to come too and generally making sure I was with him at all times of the day. 
Yes given I had shown flirtatious behaviour towards him, however he was completely aware of my age. 
At the end of this day, as I was leaving the gathering by myself, Alex walked with me and tried to kiss me when I hugged him goodbye. I rejected the kiss, and to this Alex accepted and didn’t try to make a move again. In fact I have a clear memory of him saying “It’s your choice, don’t worry. You’ve made your decision." 
I’d like to really express here that in no way did he try anything again physically or show a disregard for my decision.
Soon after this the Facebook messages started. I was flattered by what had happened but at the time decided we would become friends, as I still did like his videos and looked up to him. Below I have attached just a selection of the (not very long) Facebook conversations we had over the course of a few months. I did say to him that I had a bit of a crush on him but also made it clear that nothing was to come of that, as at this point, I had a boyfriend. 
In no way what so ever in this post am I saying that Alex Day is or was a sexual abuser, however I’m pointing out here that he was aware of my age, which with UK laws is UNDERAGE. As mentioned before, he was over the age of 18, making this kind of interaction, in my opinion, morally inappropriate. Alex should’ve known better, whether I was being a slightly flirty 15 year old or not. 
Whether it’s wrong to say or not, but these allegations against Alex do not surprise me, not one bit. 
I have truly felt on the cusp of whether to post this or not, as I don’t associate myself with the YouTube Community anymore, and do not wish to be perceived as accusing Alex of sexual abuse, because I’m not. 
I’m posting this because I really want people to feel they can speak up if they have been made to feel uncomfortable, especially by someone with such influence over a large group of people. 
I don’t feel affected emotionally by these incidents now, as it was an awfully long time ago and it was strictly flirting and not physical. But I encourage those who are saying the more serious allegations about Alex aren’t true, to not be so sure. We don’t know what goes on behind closed doors, and I can assure you, you definitely do not know what goes on, when YouTubers aren’t on camera. 

So last night my friend sent me this picture of my son at age 2 and I posted it on Facebook because adorable.  And this morning I showed it to him, because adorable.  And we were talking about him being such a small and how very wonderful he was and how wonderful he currently is and aging in general.  

And I put my hand on his back, and it looked so small in comparison when it use to look so big, and said, “You’re growing so much these days.  Why must you grow?” And the boy looked me dead in the eyes and replied, “Because I must mate in a few years and produce the next generation.”

And I LAUGHED and told him I was going to put that on the internet because AMAZING.

Meeting Oli Sykes!

Okay, so I met Oli quite a while back now. It was about 2011 when I met him so I’m not sure if he’s more difficult to meet now to be honest but I’m just going to explain my experience with meeting him.
I went to a concert in Birmingham, UK where bring me the horizon was headlining and the venue was an O2 academy and wasn’t that big really. I loved the concert and wasn’t ready to go home, I decided I really wanted to meet oli. I saw quite a few fans going around the back of the venue so I thought somebody might be around there. I was right but it wasn’t oli, it was Winston McCall from parkway drive (: we stood and had a photo with him and spoke to him and then I said I was going to wait to see if oli came out.
We waited for quite a while and then Lee Malia from bmth came out. I was so stoked and had a photo and a little chat with him and we asked if oli was coming out. He said he was but it wouldn’t be for a while because he was having a shower and getting ready! I was so excited.
We waited a couple more hours (it took about 3 hours of waiting) and then he finally came out!! I nearly died. A lot of fans had gone home and there was a small group of fans still left. I was waiting in the queue and oli kept looking at me and smiling because I was in shorts and a t-shirt in April and it was freezing so I think he could tell!!! We finally got to the front of the queue and I couldn’t stop beaming! He was perfect. He said are you okay and we had a quick chat. He then put his arm around me and we had a photo and then I asked him to sign my hip so I could get it tattooed. He was pretty shocked but he did and I loved it. I told my friend to take a picture of him signing my hip but he sadly forgot ): oli was happy that I had asked about getting it tattooed but he kept asking me if I was sure. I was! And when I sadly had to leave he told me to make sure I sent him a picture on Facebook or somewhere but I don’t know how to send him one!!
I am determined that I will see him again and show him my tattoo and tell him properly how he’s helped change my life and how I’ve loved them from their very first album!
As for ‘how do I meet him?’ Or 'is it difficult to meet him?’ It’s kinda hard for me to say as I really don’t know anymore. I haven’t properly tried to meet him before or after that. Maybe you could try doing what I did. If it’s a smallish venue, then wait at the back where the tour buses are and see if you could see him. Be prepared to wait for hours though but trust me it’s worth it! He’s fantastic and if you get the chance you should really go for it! Good luck and let me know your stories of meeting him.


The story behind this photo is there was a guy I went to high school with who, years later, decided to add me on facebook. We had mutual friends, and while I didn’t really remember having conversations with him, I figured since he and I shared a similar group of friends, he’d be pretty harmless.

And he was, I guess. He was kinda creepy and would like every single selfie I posted (and eventually I found out he was doing that to other girls), but he never tried to approach me sexually like other former classmates have. He never tried to approach me at all, which worked even better.

Then Valentine’s Day arrived, and he was drunkenly whining about how single he was on facebook. I was working on a project, and posted two selfies. He wrote “sexy” on both, which would be the first two words he’s said to me in years. I was totally fine with the silence, but if you’re going to try to talk to me after years of nothing…don’t do that.

I set him straight on behalf of myself and the other girls he creeped on. He unfriended me without saying a word, which was magical. It felt good to yell at him.

I took screenshots back then to show friends who weren’t on facebook, and then forgot about the incident after a while. I was cleaning out my photos when I came across the screen shots again, and decided to share. Hopefully it’s okay to submit!

So my hands are shaking. I decided to finally talk to my mom about her ex boyfriend molesting me when I was little. She already knows about it but I’m more confronting her about the fact that I don’t think she believes me and how she will always bring him up and talk about him like he is a good guy. She’s even facebook friends with him. I’m gonna tell her when she brings up old “happy” memories of him, it hurts me. I’m also gonna tell her how I’ve been researching different polygraph companies to possibly take a test to show I’m not lying. Yes I know polygraphs aren’t admissible in court and no it’s not in an attempt to bring charges to him, it’s just something I can hold onto just to show her.

BRITT DANIEL: Well, Jonathan Fisk was a character in a song from [2002’s] Kill the Moonlight. And it was based on a guy who used to beat me up as I was walking home from middle school. And so when I’m writing this song — this new song, “They Want My Soul,” about, you could say soul-suckers in general — he was one of the people that came up. It’s a song about religious pretenders, manipulators, educated folksingers, people that bring me down. And Jonathan Fisk was one of them, for sure.

ROBIN HILTON: Have you looked for him on Facebook, Google to see what he’s up to now?

DANIEL: We actually became friends later.


BOB BOILEN: Oh, that’s beautiful.

DANIEL: Believe it or not. He became a big Spoon fan. He did. He came to a lot of shows. He really went through a change in high school. And then, by the time he was in college, all the people from my high school ended up knowing each other, ‘cause everybody just basically moved to Austin. And so I was around this dude for a good five, 10 years after.

Hear snippets of the new Spoon album, They Want My Soul, in an All Songs Considered interview

Photo: Tom Hines


So two pretty awesome things happened to me this week…

Firstly a photo of mine was featured on #Tumblr #Radar…the result being that I got about 5,000 notes on the post and about 500 new followers in one evening! 

Then, today, I posted this shot of my #vintage #Fender #Jaguar and #Musicmaster on Facebook, and it got “liked” by a gentleman named #Martin #Taylor! Martin is a heavy duty #jazz player from the UK. A few decades ago he played with a well known French jazz #violinist named #Stephanie #Grappelli. So what, you say? Well, do you know who was M. Grappelli’s guitar player before that? Only #DJANGO #REINHARDT!! Pretty big shoes (fingers??) to fill!

I saw Martin Taylor (who, incidentally, plays neither a Martin nor a Taylor guitar…he has his own signature #arch #top made by #Peerless #Guitars) play in #Toronto a couple of years ago for the first time and his playing just floored me! I have never seen such precision and skill before…his playing was absolutely flawless. Anyhoo I rushed home after the show to friend him on Facebook and about two years later he accepted me! But, if you have any famous FB friends with, like, 5000 friends, you’ll know that it’s next impossible to have any actual interaction with them. That’s why I was so gobsmacked when I saw him show up in my notifications. Truly an honour that a guitar player this great even LOOKED at my photo let alone took the time to hit the like button! :D