when musicals collide

 Bear McCreary’s unintentional crossover. 

Probably the only Black Sails/Outlander crossover we’re likely to get lol but loved getting to hear that wee piece of music, knowing it was written before it was intended/destined to be Outlander’s iconic theme.


When Art and Music Collide: 10 of the best album covers designed by famous artists

I recently met one of my favourite contemporary artists, the American painter Walton Ford, who was in London for the opening of the new Rolling Stones exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery. Despite being a huge fan of Ford’s work, I had no idea that he’d designed the cover of the band’s greatest hits album GRRR!. Putting together a post dedicated to album art has always been on my ArtMastered to-do list, and this discovery felt like the final push I needed. So here is a selection of ten iconic pieces of music artwork, dating from 1967 to 2013, that have been designed by major visual artists. Read on to find out more about these inspiring collaborative projects, and please do message me details of your own personal favourites.

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(LINK TO SONG - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYISGWs06eg)

(requested by jauz02)

Nick drummed his fingers on the table, the highlighter pen balancing in his mouth at an awkward angle. He was staying behind at school to get some peace and quiet to study, which wasn’t going too well for him. It was if the information was going in one ear and then out the other, no matter how long he read over the notes none of it made any sense. Frustrated he closed the textbook with a loud slam, letting the highlighter drop to the classroom table as he went for a walk. Maybe a change of scenery would help clear his head.

At first he had thought he was the only one left in the building – the hallways were eerily quiet, the only sounds his calm breathing and his trainers squeaking against the ground. But as he wandered around, trying to think of anything to do besides studying, he heard the strumming of a guitar. It seemed it was coming from one of the music rooms.

Stealthily he peeked through the open door, listening to the familiar song. The mysterious player was a girl in the year below him, her old guitar resting on her knees as she plucked the strings expertly.

“You say “I love you, boy”

I know you lie

I trust you all the same

I don’t know why”

He smiled, watching the girl who was too focused on the lyrics to notice him spying on her.

“'Cause when my back is turned

My bruises shine

Our broken fairytale

So hard to hide”

Her (Y/ec) were closed, head slowly bobbing to the beat of her strums.

“I still believe it’s you and me ‘til the end of time”

She licked her lips, face screwing up in concentration.

God’s she’s cute when she does that.

“When we collide we come together

If we don’t we’ll always be apart

I’ll take a bruise; I know you’re worth it

When you hit me hit me hard”

She smiled, her foot tapping to keep her in time, nimble fingers working the strings like the movements were a dance.

“Sitting in a wishing hole

Hoping it stays dry

Feet cast in solid stone

I’ve got Gilligan’s eyes”

Her voice soared over the higher notes like a bird finally set free from its cage.

“I still believe it’s you and me 'til the end of time”


That was the only word that came to mind. She was completely captivating. This seemed like her natural habitat, just her and the music.

“When we collide we come together

If we don’t we’ll always be apart

I’ll take a bruise; I know you’re worth it

When you hit me hit me hard”

Just as she was reaching her full power, Nick slipped banging messily against the door. She almost dropped her guitar in surprise, (Y/ec) wide in terror.

“Uh, hi” he chuckled gingerly, biting his lip as she folded her arms over her chest, eyebrow raised “I was just uh, passing by, and I heard someone singing and well…”

He trailed off, gulping at the cold glare she was giving him.

“You’re really good by the way” he added nervously, getting ready to sprint away if need be. She looked as fierce as a lioness, about to pounce at him.

After a few seconds of silence her glare faded away into an almost bashful expression.

“You really think so?” she grinned, tucking a strand of her (Y/hc) hair behind her ear.

“Yeah” he nodded, edging closer. Without that sharp glare on her face she was a lot less intimidating, much brighter and warmer.

“I’m Nick, by the way” he smiled, licking his lips as he held out his hand for her.

“(Y/n)” she replied, taking his hand gladly.


“You said love was letting us go against what

Our future is for…”

Nick grinned, he loved watching her in her element. Only recently had she been allowing the rest of the world to see her this way. She had been quite shy about her talents but he had convinced her otherwise.

“Many of horror

Our future’s for many of horror”

She used to shy away at the idea of singing in front of large crowds.

Well look at you know (Y/n)

“I still believe it’s you and me 'til the end of time”

The audience roared as she began the last chorus, many singing along.

“When we collide we come together

If we don’t we’ll always be apart

I’ll take a bruise; I know you’re worth it

When you hit me hit me hard”

She stood up, meeting the applause with a graceful bow before winking at her friends as she ran offstage.

He was the first to great her, giving her a large smile as she turned toward him. Her guitar swung over her back.

“You were amazing as always, Nightingale” he grinned.

He had given her the pet name weeks after meeting her and it had just always stuck.

“Well it felt amazing” she giggled, flicking her hair out of her eyes. She still hadn’t lost the adrenalin, her whole body buzzing with energy.

She began to turn away, spotting her other friends waving her over. But, still pumped with energy and courage she stopped herself, spinning back on her heel. Before he could even process what was happen she had her arms around him, nuzzling into his neck.

“Thanks Nick” she whispered, placing a kiss on his cheek before running off.

He shook his head in disbelief, sending her a cheeky smile when she glanced back at him.