when music was music


2D’s outfit in the new art matches his outfit in the sketch Jamie did not too long ago‼️‼️

I wonder if maybe they’re working on something special for Halloween!!!!!!!!‼️🖤👀

『e n c o r e』

Supposed to be for Tanki Shutsujin celebration art but late orzz
I want to see Sato Ryuji - Kiyomitsu too aaaa he’s just too gorgeous I always cry whenever I see his picture hnnghhh ;—;

A Moonbeam in Your Hand - Chapter 6 - turtlebook - The 100 (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Title: A Moonbeam in Your Hand

Pairing: Abby Griffin/Marcus Kane

Characters: Abby, Marcus, the delinquents

Rating: teen


The first morning after agreeing to spend the rest of their lives together, Captain von Kane stood at the bottom of the grand staircase, waiting for his fiancée.

He found himself waiting longer than he expected. Even she had never usually been so late to come down for breakfast. He was not particularly worried she might have vanished again in the night, as he had seen Clarke already this morning and Abby would never go anywhere without her daughter. Abby was still here, in his home, where she should be. She was merely late.

Read Chapter 6 here.

Well, here it is.

74,000 words later, we are almost at the end of this story. There is still an epilogue to come, but basically, this is it! In this chapter there’s a lot of adorable family feels, and there is a wedding, and then… sorry, no spoilers. Read to find out! But you guys know how the movie ends, right?


danger is our middle name!

(part two)