when mommy cries

Is She Mine?

Josh Dun x Fem!Reader | masterlist

AU: You and Josh split and he finds you a few years later.. Except, you have a little girl.

A/N: It’s been a LONG time. This is relatively shorter than my other fics. I got inspired though! Hope you enjoy!

You couldn’t believe it.
You were pregnant.
You were worried about how Josh would take it, after all, you two had never talked about starting a family. You planned on talking to him about it tonight though. You two had a date planned, and it was perfect.
He arrived to pick you up, and had a bouquet of roses.
“I missed you!” he exclaimed as he pulled you close and kissed you.
“Josh, it’s only been a few hours!”
“I know, but I miss you anytime I’m away from you.”

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Revenge - KBTBB/HLITF (.004)

Previous chapters can be found here xo

“Hikaru.. I – um, well.. fancy seeing you.”

My breathing hitches a notch uncomfortably and it is something that I try my very hardest to conceal, although giving away my obviousness nervousness is a dull paleness that I can feel paint across my face immediately. Following this; almost instantaneously is a thin, prickly sweat that etches across my entire body bringing with itself an undesirable itch. The front door is opened only a few inches ajar and between this gap, I half slip out to stand face to face with someone who I’d refer to as an old friend – although now Hikaru is more like a stranger than anything else – who years ago, through work I both met and lost contact with.

“You’re not going to invite me in Rei?” are the first words he asks with a taunting hiss and my back immediately straightens taut as a reaction so that I perceive as being a legitimate threat. Pursing my lips tightly in a pulled thin line and shaking my head slowly as a response I can’t quite put into coherent words, I push my hair together before twisting it all around my forefingers and let it hang heavy over one shoulder; tucking some behind my ear to buy myself with an awkward, forced silence a little time. This doesn’t do much at all yet it does break the conversation – momentarily.

“What brings you back to town?”, I force the conversation in a slightly different direction, yet I know exactly how it would pan out and what it would entail if I hadn’t – career, home, life, love, kids, Eisuke. From some variant of this combination the small talk I consistently find myself in with everyone and anyone never seems to stray of change. I choose my words carefully before furthering my response. “I don’t think, Hikaru – I’ve seen you in… well – years.”

“Work”, is the only word he responds with as he toys with the cuffs of his jacket. I remember wearing it years ago – out late one night; the dark leather that drapes over his shoulders and adorns his chest though looks as if it’s seen better days.

“I see.”

Just as I finish talking, my body from head to toe tenses as Hikaru steps in quicker than lightening toward me; his forearm resting beside my head against the hard wood door frame as he squares me in. My breathing hitches further and an uneasy burning at the back of my throat rises disturbingly as his lips close in the direction of my own. My personal space is completely invaded although he stops himself before our mouths come to meet.

“So you’re home alone? He asks with a dangerous smirk creeping across his features. “Interesting.”

I squeeze my eyes shut for half a second and breathe in deeply, a knot tightening in the pit of my stomach and a voice that’s not mine answers in response before I even get the chance or muster up the courage at all too.


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Careful (Ben Mason X Reader)

Fandom: Falling Skies
Pairing: Ben Mason X Reader
Word Count: 2,922
Author’s Note: This isn’t really an alternate universe, but this isn’t how some things happened in the show, some things I changed because I couldn’t remember what actually happened. Hopefully it’s okay!!!
Warning: Some language!!

You looked up when you heard the unmistakable sound of crying, and spotted a boy, you thought he was about your age, with light blonde hair and hazel eyes. There were tears streaming down his face and he was clinging tightly to a blonde woman’s legs.

“Mommy, I don’t wanna go!” He sobbed, little fingers scrabbling to hang on to her jeans. “Daddy, please don’t leave me!” He pleaded, releasing his mother and turning to face a tall dark haired man.

The man knelt down next to the boy, wrapping his arms around his shoulders. He released him a moment later but stayed crouched and started talking to the boy.

“Ben, I know it’s scary now, but I promise that you’ll make lots of friends.” The man said, ruffling the boy’s hair affectionately and taking off the boy’s little black glasses. He dried the boy’s tears and placed the glasses back on his nose, smiling kindly at him as he stood back up.

“We’ll be back in a few hours, sweetie, just try to have fun, okay? We’ll go get ice cream on our way home.” The boy’s mother said, leaning down and kissing his forehead.

The man and the woman inched toward the door, and after a few more minutes, during which the boy, Ben, started crying again, they finally made it out of the door.

Ben moved to the large window of the school, pressing his tiny hands to the window and watching as his parents walked down the sidewalk, climbed into their car, and drove away. Ben started crying even louder, and you finally stood up from the bright plastic chair you had been sitting on. You crossed the room and wrapped your arms around his waist, clutching him tightly even has he tried to get out of the embrace.

Ben jumped and wriggled out of your arms after a moment, turning around and looking at you in surprise.

“Who are you? Why did you do that?” He asked, pushing his glasses up nervously.

“My name’s __y/n__. That’s what my daddy does when my mommy cries, and I didn’t like seeing you cry.” You said with a shrug, fiddling with your __h/c__ pigtails shyly.

Ben blinked in surprise, before he slowly wrapped his arms around you.

“Do you wanna be friends?” Ben asked into your ear as you hugged him back.

“No.” You said very seriously, and Ben immediately removed his arms from you and tried to pull away. You kept your arms wrapped firmly around him, giggling into his shoulder. “I wanna be best friends.”


From that moment on, you and Ben were inseparable.

“Hey, Mr. Mason.” You called out as Tom entered the living room.

“Hello, __y/n__.” He said, leaning down and kissing your forehead before he ruffled Ben’s hair.

“Daaaaadddd…” Ben whined from his spot on the couch next to you, hands flying to his hair in an attempt to straighten it out.

You batted his hands away, smoothing your hands over his hair and fixing it for him.

“There.” You said as you removed your hands. “Now you look perfect again.”

Ben turned away from you to hide the blush staining his cheeks, pushing his glasses up nervously.

“Aw Benji don’t be embarrassed.” You teased. After being friends for almost ten years, you knew all his nervous habits.

“…Shut up.”

“Ben, be nice to your girlfriend.” Hal said, whacking him on the head as he passed through the living room. “She could do better and you know it.” Ben just glared at him until he left the room.

You leaned close to Ben, dropping your voice to a whisper.

“I know I’m not your girlfriend, but I definitely could not, don’t listen to Hal.”

Ben smiled at you, moving so that his head was seated comfortably in your lap while you two finished up an episode of Black Butler. Your hands were definitely stroking gently through his hair the whole time, and Ben definitely was leaning into the touch like a cat.


When Hal came down the next morning and saw that you were asleep on the couch, with Ben’s head nestled against your stomach, he was torn between letting you two sleep, because you really did look adorable, or running to get his camera so he could take a few pictures and blackmail Ben with them later.

Hal didn’t have to choose when you started stirring, chuckling softly as he walked into the kitchen.

You woke up slowly, wondering why there was something pressing down on your stomach, but smiling when you realized it was Ben. You ran your fingers gently through his hair, trying to wake him up.

“C’mon Ben. We’re gonna be late for school.” You tried again, laughing as he jolted awake.

“What? Was there a test today?” Ben started rambling as he sat straight up.

“Nope. I just wanted you to get up.” You said, sticking your tongue out at him playfully.

“…I hate you.”


That was pretty much how your relationship with Ben went, you would tease him, he’d get annoyed, then you’d end up watching Black Butler or Doctor Who together.

Until the aliens invaded.

You two were at your house, the one time you weren’t at the Mason’s house, when it happened. You were just watching Lord of the Rings, and then you heard it.

The stomping, mechanical footsteps. The barrage of bullets. The screams of terror.

You and Ben squished into your closet, you had no idea what was happening (you guessed zombies) but you knew that it was bad. So you stayed out of sight and you stayed quiet, silently sobbing into Ben’s shirt while he stroked your hair.

“__Y/n__.” Ben said quietly, when the noise outside had died down a bit.

“Yeah?” You whispered back, peering up at him.

“I-“ You didn’t get to hear what Ben was going to say, as the closet door was ripped open, and things started coming in. They were about the size of a small car, and they looked like spiders.

And they were fucking terrifying.

Ben reacted first, grabbing your hand and pulling you out of the closet and past the creatures.

He ran out of your house, down your street, and into a forest, all the while you ran too, your hand gripping his tightly.

Ben pulled you towards a tree, crouching down and adjusting his hands into a sort of step.

“Up you go.” Ben said as you cautiously stepped onto his hands. You scrambled up the tree and after you settled yourself onto a branch, you looked down, offering your hand out to Ben.

Just as a he grabbed it, one of the creatures burst out through the trees, heading straight towards Ben.

Ben squeezed you hand and flashed you a smile before he released your hand and sprinted in a different direction, leading the thing away from you.

The thing followed, and you were left in the tree, staring after them in shock.

Ben was gone.

And you might never see him again.

Your best friend, the person you’d had a crush on since that first day of kindergarten, could be dead in the next twenty four hours.

You broke down.

You held onto the branch as tightly as you could, tears pouring down your face.

And then you remembered, Ben was going to tell you something.

And now you might never know what it was.

You started crying harder, struggling to hang on to the fairly smooth branch.

You had no idea how much time had passed when you heard a voice coming towards you.

“Hello? Is anybody in here?”

It wasn’t, it couldn’t be-

“Hal!” You shouted (louder than was probably necessary), clambering out of the tree and almost falling.  

“__y/n__!” Hal called back, and you could hear the relief in his voice, and the guilt in your heart worsened tenfold.

Ben shouldn’t have helped you onto the fucking branch, you and him should’ve just kept running and then maybe you would have escaped the creatures, or you could’ve at least been captured together. You wanted to hope that Ben got away, but you knew he wouldn’t. He had worse asthma than you for fuck’s sake, there was no way he could’ve outran whatever the hell that creature was.

You couldn’t help it, as soon as Hal got to you, you collapsed in his arms and started crying.

“B-ben, he helped me into the tree and t-then he led the creature away.” You choked out in between your tears, body shivering as Hal stroked your back soothingly.

“Ben chose to do it, I’m sure he just wanted you to be safe. And you are now. Dad and Matt are at your house, they’ll be glad to see that you’re okay.”

“Where’s Rebecca?”

“She didn’t make it.” Hal said shortly.

“Hal, I am so sorry.” You said immediately, your heart breaking at the thought of sweet, kind Mrs. Mason being dead.

Hal said nothing, just helped you up off the ground and led you to his motorcycle. He started the engine, and in a few minutes you were at your house.

You hesitated before stepping through the door, knowing that Matt would be devastated when he found out that Ben was missing.

You took a deep breath, walking through the door. Immediately, Matt’s arms were wrapped around you and he was nestling his head against your abdomen.

Tom smiled at you from the hallway, but you just turned your head away, looking down at Matt and stroking his hair. You couldn’t stop several tears from slipping out; Matt just looked so much like Ben.

“Hal, where’s Ben?” Mr. Mason was trying to whisper, but you heard him anyway, and you couldn’t help but feel another surge of guilt. Ben wouldn’t have gotten captured if it wasn’t for you.

You led Matt to your couch, your knees feeling weak. You needed to sit down.

This was all your fault.


You and the Mason’s had been part of the Second Mass for several months when Hal spotted Ben.

Ever since Ben disappeared, you changed. You weren’t necessarily meaner, but you were a lot colder. And whenever people tried to get close to you (excluding the Mason’s) you pushed them away. They weren’t Ben.

So when you found out that Ben was alive, you knew you had to go on the mission to rescue him. Of course, when Weaver and Tom found out that you wanted to go too, they forbid you to do it. It was too dangerous, you didn’t have enough experience, they couldn’t risk losing you, all of which you thought was total bullshit.

You ended up agreeing to stay, only because someone needed to keep an eye on Matt. And then they didn’t end up bringing Ben back and you were devastated.

But then they tried again, and they did manage to bring Ben, and quite a few other harnessed kids, back. And you were relieved and ecstatic and just so happy that Ben was alive.


And then came the waiting. You didn’t have to wait for that long, but it felt like forever to you because Ben was right there but he wasn’t awake, and you didn’t know if he’d ever wake up.

You were on a run with Hal and Tom when he woke up.

Anne came running out to you the moment she heard that you were back, telling you that Ben was awake and he was okay and he’d be fine and you had never run harder in your life.

You lingered at the doorway to Ben’s room, just barely peeking in and watching the Mason family reunion. You didn’t want to intrude on their private moment, and were seriously considering walking back to your room, when Ben saw you.

 “Hey.” Ben said softly, hazel eyes (which were a lot more prominent now that his glasses were gone) locked on you. You entered the room cautiously, nervously tucking a strand of __h/c__ hair behind your ear. “Aw __y/n__, don’t be embarrassed.” Ben teased.

And then it was suddenly okay to run to him, and to throw your arms around him, because he was still Ben and he was still your annoying, adorable best friend.

“I missed you so much.” You sobbed into his shirt, hands in his hair and on his neck and on his chest, making sure that he was solid and real and that you weren’t just dreaming again.

“I missed you too.” Ben said as you pulled away, smiling at you as he wiped your tears away. And then you saw his lips and you were so tempted, more tempted than you’d ever been before, to just kiss him but you just got him back and what if this made him hate you?, so you didn’t, and instead you nuzzled your nose against his neck while he fiddled with your hair, because this was normal and this was okay and this was safe.


It was easy falling back into a routine with Ben.

You partnered with him on runs, you trained together, you ate meals together, you even got to room with him (that took a bit of doing, boys and girls generally weren’t allowed to room with each other unless they were married, but Tom convinced Weaver and the other higher ups that it’d be worse for everyone if you didn’t room together).

Rooming with Ben did have its downsides though.

You and Ben shared a room, meaning that when either of you had to change clothes, you would either make the other turn away or go to the shower area. But there were sometimes when both of you were too tired or too lazy to do either, and you would just change in front of each other.

Ben did this a lot more often than you.

Ben generally got up before you, he didn’t need as much sleep now that he had been harnessed, and fairly often he would just change right in the room, because he thought you were asleep.

But you were a fairly light sleeper, and as soon as you heard Ben moving around, you woke up. Which meant that you got a great view of Ben’s naked torso as he was pulling on his pants.

You swore that Ben did this just to taunt you and you were positive he even winked at you once.

You just grumbled and turned over, burying your head in your pillow to distract yourself from the sound of Ben’s clothes falling to the floor.

A few minutes later, you heard a soft chuckle and a mumbled “Morning, __y/n__.” before you heard the door shut with a quiet click.


“Ben, when are you going to just tell __y/n__ that you’re desperately in love with her?” Hal asked one morning while Ben and Hal were practicing shooting.

Ben pulled the trigger, completely missing the old soda can they were using as a target.

“I, um, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Ben stumbled over his words, scratching at his neck anxiously.

“Ben, you’re a terrible liar. And it’s so painfully obvious that she’s in love with you too.”

“I’m not ly-wait, what?” Ben looked up at Hal hopefully.

“You might not need your glasses anymore, but you’re still blind.” Hal started with a sigh. “Have you never seen the way she looks at you?” Ben shook his head. “She always looks so happy when she’s with you.”

“Did you know, that while you were gone, there were quite a few guys who tried to date her, but she always said no. Because they weren’t you. So will you please, get your head out of your ass and tell her already?”

Ben was speechless for a few minutes, just staring at Hal in surprise.

And then Ben was hastily putting his gun’s safety on and sticking it in his belt, before he was running towards the room you two shared.


Ben came barreling through the door just as you were pulling your shirt on, scaring the hell out of you.

“Where’s the fire?” You teased, straightening out your shirt. You looked over at Ben, surprised to see that he looked tense. “Are you okay?” You asked gently, stepping closer to Ben and poking at his nose curiously.

His nose wrinkled adorably in annoyance and he stuck his tongue out at you as you pulled your hand away.

“I’m fine, I just, I need to tell you something.” Ben said, and his hand moved instinctively to push up his glasses that weren’t there anymore.

“Okay, go for it Benji.”

“I-. It’s just, we could die any day and I think it’s important for you to know that I kind of, sort of, um, love you.”

You smiled at him, leaning in and finally, finally, kissing him. And his lips were warm and soft and perfect and your arms wound around his neck, tugging him closer because you had waited for this for so long and you were going to savor every moment.

You pulled away after a moment, nuzzling your nose against his cheek.

“I love you too.” You whispered in his ear, pressing a kiss to his jaw just because you could now.  

Ben just smiled shyly, placing his hands on your waist as he leaned down and kissed you again.

“Careful there, Benjamin.” You started as you broke apart. “I might just get used to this.”

“I am very okay with that.”

End.  <3

baby girl hood being the pride and honor of the family with all the attention on her so when her baby brother was born shes confused and a little jealous because “im supposed to be the star not him”. she would often pout and sulk in the corner when you and calum would show off your baby boy while calum would just pick her up and she would cuddle in her daddys arms because she doesnt want to see her little brother. you would often have to tell her that she should love her baby brother and that she should stop pushing him under the crib when he cries and mommy and daddy are busy but when you and calum woke up late one day you were surprised to see her with baby boy hood in the living room watching cartoons and when you asked her what was wrong she would reply “hes my brother. I have to take care of him too” and you would smile and calum would attempt to grab your baby boy to feed him when your little girl whined and complained that they haven’t finished playing yet and that “he doesn’t even like mommy’s chest pillow milk you should feed him mac n cheese”

I mean, imagine it… Little Baby Ben loves his mommy so much. Mommy is the best. Mommy is everything. Daddy plays with him and lets him do stuff Mommy would never let him by with. Uncle Chewie rocks him to sleep when he’s scared, ‘cause Uncle Chewie’s fur is super soft and soothing. Little Baby Ben cries when Mommy leaves for trips because not only is she physically not there, but Little Baby Ben can’t feel her Force signature when she’s not there and that makes him scared. LITTLE BABY BEN YOU GUYZ.