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They should be around during the next Steven birthday party.

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Harry trying to get you to cum without removing your panties 🤔

“C’mere, love. Sit here for a mo’.” He’d say, spreading his legs and patting his thigh and you just go over, straddling his hips and wrapping your arms around his neck.

The both of you are just lounging around the house, him in his boxers and you wearing only panties and a t-shirt, your hair still messy from sleeping.

“What is it?” You ask, rubbing your thumb against his bottom lip and watching his smile at you as his hands grip your hips and move you until you’re straddling right where he bulges underneath the black fabric of his underwear.

“Yeh look pretty, d’yeh know that?” He asks and your eyebrow quirks but you smile, shaking your head and pinching his nipple through his shirt.

“What do you want?” Your question makes him smirk and raise his eyebrows, fake innocence painting his features as he leans in and brushes his lips against yours.

“Me?” His nose is rubbing against yours and his lips are pressing barely there kisses and then his hand is cupping your center, rubbing against you through the fabric of your knickers, your breath getting caught in your throat as soon as you feel his fingers slide up and down before pressing against where your entrance would be. “Just wanna see yeh cum…”

“It’s t- too early for that, Harry.” You tell him but once he has you pressing down against his covered cock, a breathy sigh leaves your lips and you’re gripping to his shoulders, nails digging on his skin. 

“Never too early to see you wet your panties fo’ me, is it?” He teases, teeth nipping at your bottom lip while his hands guide your hips - rolling forward and rubbing tight against you, your clit getting enough pressure and friction from the fabric of your knickers and the hardness of his cock underneath you. 

“N-no, it’s not.” You can feel your walls getting wetter, your core clenching, missing the way Harry fills you up when he’s between your legs, but this… this feels too good. He’s hard and warm and rubbing against your slit, the head of his cock that’s straining against his boxers bumping your clit each time you roll forward and backwards and you know you won’t need much until you’re crumbling on top of him. “H-Harry, I- fuck, ungh, please!”

“Please what, love? What d’yeh want?” He’s teasing, hands sliding under your shirt and up your stomach to cup your naked breasts, his thumb and index pinching your nipple before he cups it completely and your back arches in response to his touch.

The rubbing and the rolling never stops and you know asking for what you want is not gonna get you anywhere because you’re too far gone to stop now - you want to cum and you will, but still, there’s something else you want more…

“Your cock, p-please, I- I want your cock.” You beg and he pulls you in and down on to him, rubbing harder and quicker, your clit pulsing with the pressure.

“First yeh cum like this… then yeh can have m’ cock. Can yeh do that fo’ me?” Harry asks and your walls clench in response to his words.

You nod almost feverishly, because… “Yes, yes, g-gonna” You gulp, your lungs burning as you hold your breath, your stomach clenching, the coil inside your tummy ready to snap. “Gonna cum, o-oh fuck!”

“That’s it, go on… look a’ that!” Harry exclaims proudly, his breath getting caught in your throat as he watches you shudder on top of him, the wet spot on your knickers getting a little bigger and so wet he can feel it through his boxers. “Look at that, love… did good fo’ me.”

And then he’s kissing you, all tongue and teeth and wandering hands, your own sneaking underneath his boxers to tug at his cock, making a breath get caught in his throat when your thumb swipes across the pre-cum on his sensitive tip. “Can I get your cock now?”

“Yeah, love. ‘Course yeh can.”

Bts reaction to you having a restless leg:

Anon requested: Bts reacting to you having restless leg? (Like you move your leg when your in bed together or cuddling and stuff? If that makes sense) love you ❤❤

A/N: I love you too


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For the most part Jin doesn’t care like everyone has their thing. But I kinda see him quietly sighing when all he wants is peaceful sleep.


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He won’t say anything at all. In fact, Yoongi will probably find it hella cute when you both are cuddling. It’s one of those things he misses when you’re not around.


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starts getting hyperactive himself, tangling both your legs in the sheets and getting all touchy. “Why don’t you put your legs to better use and come dance with me?”

Rap Monster:

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Namjoon will ask you why you do it, like are you uncomfortable? Hot? Energetic? At first he song enjoy it distracting him, but he’ll try teaching himself to adapt with your habit


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He’s Teasing you non stop, pretending he is irritated when in reality he just wants to see you struggling with controlling your legs. It won’t last long though and he would break into a feat of giggles.

V/ Taehyung:

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Tae tae is picking upon your habits quickly. Like one day he wasn’t even aware of it, but now you’re both being so energetic that the boys would find it nerve-wracking. 


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Cute but weirded out like “what are you doing? But I don’t want you to stop” type of conflict. However, days when jungkook wants to just lay peacefully in your lap he would appreciate it if you could control your legs a little.
Student Council Prez [10]

Episode 9 - Episode 10 - Episode 11
Words: 5.1k
Genre: Fluff, Slice of Life, High School!Au

Just ask him.

UGH! No! In what world do you think he’s going to say yes? He’ll probably laugh at you. You’ll be embarrassed for the rest of your life!

Since when have you ever had any shame Y/N?! Just ask! Jesus Christ! It’s not that difficult just do it!



“Are you alright?” Yoongi perks his head up from the couch, watching as you’re deliriously shaking your head at nothing. You sigh, one huge long breath that takes up twenty seconds before you slowly turn to him.

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Imagine that Hanzo doesn’t tell anyone that his legs are prosthetic, then , during a mission, he gets sniped through them. Mccree sees it all from the distance and naturally thinks the worst. Both end up pretty speechless at the sight of the other. Mccree when he sees Hanzo’s missing legs and Hanzo when he sees how distressed Jesse is when he believes that Hanzo is gravely wounded.

don’t push it cowboy (carl grimes x reader)

You have been on your own since the beginning, always keeping yourself away from people. So when a boy in a sheriff hat came fighting into your life you were more than surprised.

pairing: carl grimes x reader

warnings: violence, and swearing

a/n: takes place in the beginning of season 7. Unedited I hope you guys still like it :) might do a part 2!

Y/N= your name

  That morning had been like any other you woke up huddled on the branches of a tree with your backpack. You would climb trees to insure yourself safety as you slept, people rarely look up there and if they did they might just think you were a corpse (you had enough walker blood on your clothes from fighting to look like one) and the dead had no possible way of getting to you.

You got down the tree and started towards the gas station you saw last night. By the time you got to the gas station last night it was too dark to go check inside so you decided to wait until morning. You push threw the door and a small bell jingles causing you to grab your gun out of instinct, you hold up the gun as you make your way down the first isle. 

“Shit” you breathe, as you throw an empty can on the ground, nothing absolutely nothing. You walk down the final isle almost at the front when you hear that damn bell jingle as someone or something walks into the small gas stations store you put your back up against one of the shelves to try and not be seen before you have a plan. “I got this one dad.” is all you hear before the door shuts. 

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Show and Tell

Ok, so @alexispoo and I were having a convo and she came up with this amazingly hot idea for a fic. I am merely the writer. All credit for the idea goes to her.

Prompt: You and your man Colin Cassady are starting to get hot and heavy in the bedroom, when Enzo walks in. Big Cass tells him he can watch, but he can’t touch his princess. Some Daddy Kink.

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You used to speak to me in morse code.
You used to use your hands, coating my body
like bath water, recycling old wounds.
I would splash around in dead skin,
thinking you were making me better.
You looked at me like I was filthy.

I remember the first time we kissed.
Your tongue slid down my throat
on that park bench and the sun was setting
and I finally, finally felt worth it.

But things change.
Every day, I asked you why you loved me,
and every day, I felt you loving me less.
I stopped writing poems about your touch.
I stopped waiting for you at home and started
waiting at your doorstep. I’d look over
your shoulder when you were texting her
and cross my fingers that you wouldn’t lie
when I asked who you were talking to.
You always did.

I knew we were kidding ourselves,
but I still screamed when I found out
you had been cheating on me.

Please understand:
Being cheated on is reliving every mistake
I have ever made that could have possibly
made you want to hide condoms
in the glove compartment of your car
where we hooked up for the first time.
It’s shouting at the stars, asking them how
they could let this burn out when I
tried so goddamn hard to keep it.
Staring at the skyline and still feeling
more disbelief over your being than
the way this life stops and starts.

I told you I wasn’t depressed anymore,
but now, without you, the pills scratch
my throat on the way down. My therapist
tells me to forget you; you are gone;
I don’t know you anymore; but I still try
to convince myself that you are here,
not a shell of who I thought I knew.

I try to convince myself that this is not
my fault and some things are just
not meant to last. I try to convince
myself that somewhere in your lungs
is me, still showing you how to breathe.

But I feel around my room in the dark for you
and break down when I realize
it is still only me here.
I try to make you fit into poetry,
but you are not a poem anymore.
You are only the hurt that comes along with one.

For every person you dated,
you slept with two. Begged them
like your self worth depended on it.
When I met someone new and he didn’t
try to sleep with me, I thought
there was something wrong with me.
I sit in bed and count my value in body counts
and you lie about how many people
have seen you because you’re embarrassed
of how few of them understand you.

So here I am, years later,
wondering if I invested my life
in someone I never even knew.
I told my friends you must be a sociopath.
You couldn’t have loved me.
You can’t even look at me anymore.
It scares me to think that everything you
ever told me was a lie, but it scares me more
to think that everything you ever told me
was the truth. That I could have
prevented this, but it is already ruined now.

You have always been a flower that never bloomed.
I sit here making excuses for someone who
will never even admit to what he has done
and will only speak to me when this has
all blown over and he has had his fun.

And I want to say:
call me when her hair no longer smells like silk.
call me when you miss the scars running down my legs.
call me when you’re sorry
and you can’t afford anything better.
But instead, I tell you to add ‘Do not’
to the beginning of each sentence.

Because God, I believed in you,
but I don’t anymore. And God,
I forgive you, but you can’t be trusted
with anything, especially not something
as beaten up and bruised as my heart.

—  Please, please don’t cheat on your partner, then leave them stranded. Don’t make someone else feel like this. You can never take it back.
“She Wants to Sit on Your Face.” [Dylan O’brien]

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New writing style. From now on I will be writing in First point of view instead of third person unless I feel the need to write in third person. Hope this doesn’t change anything :). I will still continue “can you let your baby be my girl” in third person though but not new imagines like this one.

Warnings: a little bit of oral smut. Time-Jump.

y/bf/n: your best friend’s name.

y/n: your name

Song to play while reading. 

Another song to play while reading this.

I have been standing in line to meet the cast of teen wolf for about thirty minutes. The line had been long, my best friend and I were finally two people away from coming face to face with an adorable sex god, of course the rest of the cast was there and I have been really excited to meet them especially tyler as well, but Dylan. Oh he was another story, I was basically how Stiles was with Lydia in season one. 

I loved his acting, and when he’s not acting, his ability to be such a funny person without ever being rude. From what I’ve seen. Fame hasn’t changed how he portrays himself at all. I really wished I knew him personally, but the chances of that can make me laugh for hours. 

The person in front of us has finally got to the front. Since I was closer now, I could hear his voice, and it was angelic. After two-three minutes, He hugged the girl in front of us as she was starting to move to the rest of the cast. 

Everything started going in slow motion now or at least it felt like it. I couldn’t believe it, he was right in front of me. My best friend started approaching him as so did I only slower. She greeted him first as he smiled beautifully as he hugged her.

His eyes then narrowed to me and I felt a little anxious. His smile disappeared as his eyebrows raised a little. Instantly I felt subconscious. Did I have something on my face? Was my outfit not good? Did my hair look like a mess? 

“Hey, come here!” His smile returned, as he was now greeting me with open arms. Suddenly everything I planned to say to him vanished.

 I couldn’t remember what I wanted to say. Do you ever plan a conversation in your head in case a certain situation comes up, even though you know the conversation won’t turn out that way because people don’t follow your brain’s script? 

Yeah well my brain’s script was corrupted right now. I quickly hugged him hopefully he liked the scent of my perfume. Yes I know, pathetic but I couldn’t help it.

“Well aren’t you a shy one?” I started pulling away, I could still feel the vibrations of his voice. Amazing.

“Shy?” y/bf/n chuckled.

“This little shorty is far from shy.”  Oh please don’t do it y/bf/n. Please don’t bring up something embarrassing. 

“She once told me that she wants to sit on your face.”

“No I didn’t.” I denied like a logical person would.

“Oh really Then who is this? ‘Oh my god I want to strangle him with my legs!!’” She moaned a little mocking me.

Dylan was watching this whole exchange and I was embarrassed by every second of it.

“I do not talk like that!”

I was cursing so much in my head right now. I could feel my cheeks heat up as I was face-palming myself. Dylan literally heard all of that come out of her mouth! I didn’t know what to do, but I knew I had to look at him again some time.

“Why.” I glared at her, as I face-palmed myself for the second time but this time for a shorter amount of seconds. I decided to glance at him now, he was laughing shyly looking down. I’m sure he didn’t hear that from fans often. 

Of course in person I mean, online people even say they want him to stab their pussy along with calling him daddy or dad. 

“That’s very, descriptive.” He replied. 

Well this day turned out way different than I thought.


Dylan’s POV.

The day went well. I was getting ready for bed in my hotel room, brushing my teeth and face was the last task of the day.

As I finished, I laid on my bed. There was something I couldn’t get off my mind. It was that sweet fan and her best friend that confessed A LOT about her in a matter of seconds.

I remember her name very quickly. Y/N. She was so beautiful, I couldn’t help but stop my tracks when I first caught a look of her. Not to mention, she smelled heavenly. My thoughts soon started drifting to heroutfit though, and that skirt she wore.

The words, She wants to sit on your face and strangle him with my legs kept echoing through my head when I thought about her outfit. I started to imagine myself underneath her, eating her out, and It made me hard.

Did I stop these thoughts of mine? no. Did I feel guilty about thinking about a fan like that? yes. It felt unprofessional of me. 

But. I. Just. Couldn’t. Stop. So I just drifted to sleep as the imaginations became more vivid.

My dreams were very interesting that night.


(Time Jump)

Two years later, Y/N and I were now very close friends. It just happened, she started working on making films and tv shows, she was in charge of the editing and capturing the scenes together once they were filmed. This made it difficult to not bump into her.

She had worked with two movies I had done. Of course, when I saw her again last year she wasn’t the shy fan I had met.

She still was a fan last year but she had hid it well. Now, she sees me as an annoying dork who always texts and calls her about the most random things. 

Your POV.

My phone kept ringing making me lose focus every minute Dylan called. What did that annoying bastard want now? I was getting sick of it, so I gave up.

“What.” You sighed picking up the phone.

“It’s about time women.” He did a funny accent.

“Dylan I’m working.” I  laughed. I couldn’t stay annoyed with him for long.

“You’re still at work? It’s so late, I bet you’re just doing tomorrow’s work like you always do. I bet you’re even the last one there.”

I looked around, yep. No one else but me. How did he know this?

“Because I’m outside and no other car is parked here except yours.” I didn’t realize I had blurted out that question out loud until he responded to it.

 “Let me in”. his laugh was heard from the other line as soon as he knew he was right.

I quickly walked out of the editing office, as I passed the current movie set.  Unlocking the door, there he was in the flesh. Walking him to my dark office that only had a little lamp on, he set himself on the couch I sometimes slept on when I had to work a lot.

He was wearing light grey sweatpants and a black shirt. His hair was up in the usual way, and I could tell he recently shaved his facial hair. I see Dylan as a regular friend now but sometimes, I still want to jump on him like I wanted two years ago.

That feeling lasts one second before I stop myself though. 

“Are you hungry?” He spoke interrupting my illegal thoughts, that’s when I noticed the plastic plate with a wrapped foil around them as he was also carrying one soda with a straw. 

“Yes! I was craving tacos so much right now. Could you read thoughts?” I smirked, Dylan knew my appetite too well.

“I wish.”


I grabbed the food and sat next to him on the couch. He watched as I ate the first out of three tacos I had. Good thing I didn’t notice until now because I hated when people stared at me while I ate.

I always felt like I looked like a dumbass eating. Once I noticed his stare I turned to him as I finished eating the first taco. It made me wonder what he was thinking.

“Oh my god did you eat already? Sorry, here.” I offered him a taco, his face only refused. “I ate a while ago, thank you. I’m not hungry,” I nodded and kept eating. I was kind of glad, I was really hungry.

“-for that at least.” The last few words of his sentence caused me to turn around again, he was staring down at my bare legs. Shit did I miss a spot when I shaved my legs?

After five minutes, I finished eating. He kept giving me those stares again though. Annoying because I was now aware. What was happening with him today? He was more serious than usual. 

“Remember the first time I met you Y/N?” My eyes widened at the thought. The things that were said still haunt me.  

“When your y/bf/n said that you wanted-” This is the first time he had brought this up.

“DON’T you dare say it Dylan.”

“You really had a thing for me back then didn’t you.” He cracked up.

“Well I don’t. That was before I knew how you really were.” I felt a blush creep on my face.

“You wanted to sit on my-” That was it, I was getting fezzed up. I decided I was going to cover his mouth to prevent him from saying what he was going to keep mocking me about.

He unexpectedly moved back as I had to hover over his stomach to shut him up. I didn’t noticed the distance between our faces because my main task was to stop him. 

“Okay. I won’t say it.” My oblivious self believed it as I removed my hand and backed up a little. 

“Sit on my face.” Dammit. 

My eyes snapped back at him in annoyance, “You said you weren’t going to say it! Ugh!” Just as I was about to get off him he grabbed my wrist and pulled me as close as he could to him.

“No. Y/N. I mean, I want you to sit on my face.” His expression showed something I’ve never seen before. Lust. He didn’t seem to be joking. Where was he going at?

 His hands started roaming my hips, he kept them there for a little. His lips suddenly attacked mine. I was struck.

Of course kissing back wasn’t a problem for me. His lips felt so good. It made me crave more. I wanted them everywhere. I wanted his lips to kiss all over my body. 

His hands unzipped my skirt. “You were wearing this skirt when I met you. That’s why when I saw you today, it made me think of that day. Today I wanted nothing than to rip it off you.”

“That night I wanted so badly to pleasure you. To make you moan my name.”

He literally just said he was thinking about me sexually that night. Holy shit. What. the. Fuck. I turned him on. Damn.

He continued as my panties were taken off quickly.

“I want to taste you so bad.” His voice shivered through my ear. 

He wasted no time as he pulled my legs closer and wrapped them around his face. It was as if I was wrapping paper and he was the birthday present. The second his tongue touched me. I melted.

He was licking my clit so eagerly, it was as if it was his job. His hands tightened my legs and pushed them further into him. It was as if he didn’t want to miss a single place. “oH my god.”

“DON’T STOP.” His mouth kept going at it for many minutes, touching me more harsher the more I begged. 

I didn’t know I needed this so bad until it happened.

He felt so good, I gabbed the back of his head and pushed him more into me. He soon hit the right spot. Causing me to let out more various moans and cursing.



I finally cummed as I felt him smirk under me. “Let’s go to my house.” He seductively said referring to what we just did. “I want you to ride me on my bed.”

I repositioned myself next to him, as I put my clothes back on.

He looked at me and shrugged, “Guess I was hungry.”


HAHAHAHA. AHAHAHA. So I’m going to go take a cold shower now guys. Goodbye. I’m going to hell along with all of you sinners.

can’t endure, can’t inhale

A/N: Yesterday, @caprelloidea posted the most amazing, hilarious sex pollen fic that all of you should go read right now. This isn’t a 12k masterpiece or anything, but Liz? This porn’s for you.

~1700 words of absolute size-kink-y filth. Also on AO3. Title from Massive Attack.

Emma’s stunned the first time she strips him bare, fully expecting to love what he’s hiding under all those layers but not prepared for the reality of it. Flushed skin hot under her hands, lean muscle and dark hair stretched out beneath her, his eyes blown wide as his tongue darts over his lips, watching her take him in.

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ZoSan Headcanon #15

Mafia AU • Sanji is the next head of a mafia group (currently run by Papa Zeff) and is sent out to catch the police officer, Roronoa Zoro. He’s known for his ability to catch mafia members without them even noticing him or knowing what happened when their leg gets sliced or their hand goes missing.

They meet and Zoro is impressed with Sanji’s ability to fight but they’re evenly matched. They go their separate ways but keep an eye on each other for days.

One day Sanji is targeted by another mafia group and is hurt badly. Zoro, who was still keeping and eye on Sanji, hurried over and took care of the other mafia group who had been weakened due to Sanji fighting back prior to being beaten up.

Zoro took the unconscious Sanji home and treated his wounds. When Sanji woke up him and Zoro had a decent conversation and they decided to stay as friends but tell no one of their affiliation with each other.

Sanji told Zeff that Zoro could never be captured by the mafia and Zoro told the head of his police force - Smoker - that Sanji could never be captured by the police.


grey’s meme · characters [2/9] · arizona robbins
“I grew up gay. I know what it feels like when people are staring. You’re missing a leg, and they stare. And everyone knows you’re a cheater, and they stare. And they talk, and they judge, and they stare. - I know, I know how you must feel about me. And I know you try and hide it, but I can see it on your face.”