when man loves a woman

When a man says he loves a woman, he means it the same way he loves a fancy sportscar or enjoying a fine craft beer. He means he thinks you’re the best thing for him to enjoy of all the options he’s seen so far. He sees you as a top tier product for consumption, a trophy to display on his arm rather than a shelf.

He sees you and thinks you would make a good baby factory for him to use, and a good house servant to take care of him.

He views dating as a job interview for marriage because he sees you as working for him like an employee who exists to provide him with anything and everything he asks for, including your body and your soul.

He doesn’t love women the way we love men, or the way we love each other.

When a man loves a woman,she becomes his weakness,when a woman truly loves a man,he becomes her strength,this is called the exchange of Power.
When a man loves a woman, can’t keep his mind on nothing else, he’ll trade the world, for the good thing he’s found~
—  ~Percy Sledge
Wolfstar Raising Harry
  • Five y/o Harry: Where do kittens come from?
  • Sirius: *oh merlin* Well, Bambi, when a mummy cat loves a daddy cat very much, they hug for a long time so their love can come together and make a kitten—
  • Remus: They had sex, Harry.
  • Harry: Oh, okay!
  • Sirius: I? What? Remus! You can't tell him that!!!
  • Remus: At least I didn't lie to him.
X-Men Preference- What Happens When Your Kids Ask About The Birds and The Bees

Victor wouldn’t really know what to say and would try but then end up pinning it on you. 
“Dad, where do babies come from?” Victor hears his child say as he drives them home. 
Victor looks at the child a little annoyed and then looks away confused.
“Well um… me and your mother love each other… so.. when a man and a woman…. um…. you know what, ask your mother when you get home.” He says to his child with a smile.

Erik would kind of smile to himself when he hears this thinking it’s cute and would be a bit sassy with his answer, but definitely explain what happens in a way that isn’t too scarring.
There was silence in the lounge room with Erik reading and your child playing on the floor when all of a sudden they break the silence. 
“Daddy, where did I come from?” They ask with an innocent expression. 
“Well I’m from Germany and your mother is from y/h/c.” He tells them with a smirk.
“No I mean how are humans made.” They asks their father, and Erik begins to explain. 

Hank would be nervous telling them and when he did it would be a very scientific answer. 
“Dad, how did we come into the world.” Hanks children come up to him in his lab asking. 
Hank begins to stutter telling them and then begins to ramble and go into deeper explanation, until you walk in and save the day. 
“Okay that’s enough education for the day.” You say going down to their levels hugging them.
“Is it true mummy….” The youngest asks.
“Yes it is.” You tell them straight, as you wink at Hank and walk out the room. 

Negasonic would smirk about the question and then pass it to you to explain it to them. 
“Mummy how are babies made?” The small child asks Negasonic.
“Um… you can answer this one, babe.” She says looking to you with a smirk as she walks off to get a drink of water. 

When a Woman Loves a Man

When she says margarita she means daiquiri.

When she says quixotic she means mercurial.

And when she says, “I’ll never speak to you again,”

she means, “Put your arms around me from behind as I stand disconsolate at the window.”

He’s suppose to know that.

When a man loves a woman he is in New York and she is in Virginia

or he is in Boston, writing, and she is in New York, reading, or she is wearing a sweater and sunglasses in Balboa Park and he

is raking leaves in Ithaca

or he is driving to East Hampton and she is standing


at the window overlooking the bay

where a regatta of many-colored sails is going on

while he is stuck in traffic on Long Island Expressway.

When a woman loves a man it is one ten in the morning

she is asleep he is watching the ball scores and eating pretzels

drinking lemonade

and two hours later he wakes up and staggers into bed

where she remains asleep and very warm.

When she says tomorrow she means in three or four weeks.

When she says, “We’re talking about me now,”

he stops talking. Her best friend comes over and says,

“Did somebody die?”

When a woman loves a man, they have gone

to swim naked in the stream

on a glorious July day

with the sound of the waterfall like a chuckle

of water rushing over smooth rocks,

and there is nothing alien in the universe.

Ripe apples fall about them.

What else do they do but eat?

When he says, “Ours is a transitional era,”

“that’s very original of you,” she replies,

dry as the martini he is sipping.

They fight all the time

It’s fun

What do I owe you?

Let’s start with an apology

Ok, I’m sorry you dickhead.

A sign is held up saying “Laughter”

It’s a silent picture.

“I’ve been fucked without a kiss,” she says,

“and you can quote me on that,”

which sounds great in an English accent.

One year they broke up seven times and threatened to do it another nine times.

When a woman loves a man, she wants him to meet her at the airport in a foreign country with a jeep.

When a man loves a woman he’s there. He doesn’t complain that

she’s two hours late

and there’s nothing in the refrigerator.

When a woman loves a man, she wants to stay awake.

She’s like a child crying

at nightfall because she didn’t want the day to end.

When a man loves a woman, he watches her sleep, thinking:

as midnight to the moon is sleep to the beloved.

A thousand fireflies wink at him.

The frogs sound like the string section

of the orchestra warming up.

The stars dangle down like the earrings the shape of grapes.

David Lehman

men hate selfie culture because they can’t stand to see women loving ourselves. when a man sees a woman acting proud of herself, his immediate reaction is to try to put her down, to act superior to her, because he is trying to put her back in her “place”

so men invent this idea that women who take selfies are narcissistic in order to feel superior to those women–the point is, they think women are too proud of ourselves because they think women do not deserve to love ourselves

men want to make sure women have low self esteem so that way they can maintain their power over us in a relationship. as long as we are more insecure than they are, they can rely on the fact that we will value their presence in our lives more than they will value our presence in theirs. they can exploit the low self esteem of women to extract more emotional labor than they give in return.

women will put up with more shit from men if we hate ourselves because we will believe that man is the only one who will ever love us

we will be more forgiving of men if we have low self esteem and constantly seek his validation. 

men want to be the ones to assign women our value, they want to be in control of what makes a woman valuable. so it pisses men off when women decide on our own that we are valuable, it pisses men off when we don’t need them to feel good about ourselves. 

self love is a radical act. assign yourself a high value.

Whatever you do, don’t think about a bawson wedding.

Mike’s first wedding was right out of a magazine. Rachel’s dress cost more than their first house and she was demanding enough for him to almost call it off. The photos make him cringe because she had them retouched until they’re perfect.

Ginny’s never even thought about her wedding. Men have never been that permanent. But Mike tells her she can have anything her heart desires. To his surprise, she wants to be a princess just this once. She gets a dress with a poofy skirt (it’s blush and Evelyn cried when she pranced out in it) that hits just below her knees so she can dance and everyone can see her blue shoes (they’re Tiffany blue with bows on the back and Evelyn cries again at Ginny’s smile). She carries a bundle of red tulips tied with a blue ribbon and as she walks down the aisle, a saxophone plays “When A Man Loves A Woman,” Mike’s only request. Mike doesn’t wear a suit, just a white shirt and black pants, and a Padres tie. His boutonnière is a purple calla lily. It doesn’t match anything but it’s a memory of the first time they slow danced. Evelyn and Blip are the maid of honor and best man. The twins have to have separate pillows for the rings because there was a fistfight during the first rehearsal. Will shakes Mike’s hand as he gives Ginny away, tells him to make his sister happy. It’s moot advice. Ginny hasn’t stopped smiling since they decided to take the plunge.

After the “I do’s,” pandemonium erupts. Tommy and Livan slow dance, a surprisingly touching waltz to Lee Brice’s “I Don’t Dance”. Mike and Ginny’s first dance is to Michael Buble’s “Close Your Eyes,” and Mike surprises Ginny with his newly skilled moves (moves he took private lessons to learn). Al and Ginny do the father-daughter dance and to Ginny’s surprise, the skipper blubbers like a baby through “Stealing Cinderella”. Blip teaches the preacher to electric slide. They only get two staged photos, one of them and one of everyone. The rest are outtakes at best: smashing cake in each other’s faces, Ginny laughing at Mike dancing, Mike swinging Ginny around, Tommy asleep in a corner, Livan and Cara drawing on his face.

“I often see this quote floating around FB that says "Be The Woman A Man Needs, Not The Woman That Needs A Man”. It makes me giggle and my eyes squint when I see men posting it.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
When a man is very into a woman, very in love with her, needs her and feels she doesn’t need him, then his feelings will be very hurt. Be for real. lol. Men who are very into the woman always want to sense and know the woman needs him. It is a balance, when the man and woman are genuinely into each other, they don’t play psychological games on each other, they both need each other and they both feel safe to be open enough and connected enough to admit it. Within society most people get into relationships, while still being afraid to fully relate and communicate to each other. There should always be a mutual need to see into each others inner layers, feel each other’s energy, exchange high frequencies, bare your soul, let go of inhibitions and have unscripted conversations, support each others creativity and visions…Mutually be in balance!“

- Kali Jenkins

like “when a man loves a woman she becomes his weakness, when a woman loves a man he becomes her strength” like that’s not funny that is disturbing, that is literally portraying women as a ball and chain who are dependent on men for their life force…… it’s misogyny, plain and simple, and we should like be trying to help these women rather than just going “lol straight people”