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How about something about Gladio and Ignis or other Citadel-related people handling the fact that puberty turned Noctis from a cute kid into a really surprisingly attractive young man?

Author’s Notes: I’m… not sure if this is at all what you wanted? H-haha, sorry. orz Anyway, thank you for the prompt, and sorry this got so long and rambly. ^^




Puberty comes late to the crown prince of Lucis. At fifteen, he still looks like a child, with a certain softness to his face and a slenderness to his build.

He tries to beg his way out of school picture day, because he knows well enough that, when he stands beside his classmates, he’ll be shorter than all but a handful.

Then comes sixteen, and with it all the trappings of adulthood. Per the king’s instructions, Ignis begins briefing Noct in more expansive matters of state: in boundary disputes and diplomacy; in civic planning and rules of law.

It’s as though Noct’s body rushes to catch up with the responsibility.

He grows a foot in two months; his limbs take on the gangling, awkward look of adolescent puppies. He has to be measured for an entire new wardrobe, and then another, several months after that.

Ignis notes the razor that rests by the bathroom sink now, a point of pride, though he doubts that Noct has much call to use it. He notes the frequency with which the maids have to change His Highness’ sheets, and he sighs, reminds himself of the hormone-driven days he was more than happy to leave behind, and sits Noctis down for the most embarrassing conversation that he has ever had call to engage in with another human being.

It lasts for half an hour. It focuses primarily on responsibilities, and the importance of maintaining the royal lineage. It covers the unpleasant effects of certain sexually transmitted diseases, and what measures should be taken in order to avoid scandal. 

It ends with Noctis in possession of a box of condoms. 

It ends with the knowledge that Noct can turn that peculiar shade of dahlia pink, heretofore unseen.


The damn kid has a fan club. 

Gladio’s not sure when it happened, but hell if it isn’t the funniest thing he’s ever heard.

Iris comes home from school one day, all worked up about it, and Gladio knows by now exactly which way to prod to get his sister to talk about whatever she’s excited about. She’s bad at hiding it; that’s just the kind of person she is. If she’s into something, it comes bubbling up out of her.

So he prods, and she begs off answering, and then two hours later, she comes back around while Gladio’s reading in his father’s study. She sits herself down on the couch, and she says, “I wasn’t the one who started it,” and Gladio feels his eyebrow go up.

Iris launches into a tale of intrigue and betrayal, one that ends with two of the most popular girls at their school founding the Prince Noctis Fan Club.

And what else was she going to do? She has to keep an eye on them, to make sure they’re not doing anything that’ll be bad for Noct’s good name. So she joined, too. She might not be first in line to be Shield, but she can shield the prince from some things, at least.

Gladio tells her that she did the right thing.

He agrees that it’s best she keep tabs on membership, for Noct’s sake. 

He sees her to the door, and he closes it behind her, and he sits back down with his book.

Then he laughs so hard tears roll down his cheeks, and bites his thumb to keep from being loud about it.

And when Iris’ class comes to the Citadel on their field trip, he cajoles Noct into playing tour guide.


Noct’s new apartment looks like a space that can be lived in, finally.

The cardboard boxes scattered haphazardly across the floor have long been unpacked. Their contents fill the shelves. Ignis saw to most of it, fiddling with considerations such as convenience and aesthetics, while Noct played games on his sofa.

That’s months in the past, now. On the occasions when the space is clean, it actually looks quite nice.

The young man that stands in the center of it, in his trim black suit and sloppy tie, looks at home here. It’s done Noct a world of good, getting some space for himself outside the Citadel.

The new living arrangements come with several specific unfortunate downsides, however. Among them: the time between coaxing Noctis from bed and him walking through the door to the Council’s chamber has dramatically increased.

Ignis glances him over, with a critical eye.

He looks half awake, still. His hair has been gelled, but there’s a certain sloppiness to the way it’s been teased into its peaks and valleys. His face is washed, but the concealer and eyeliner the prince sometimes takes pains to apply is conspicuously absent, abandoned in favor of a few more minutes in bed. The tie knotted at his throat, a beautiful silken blue, looks as though it’s been arranged by a five year old.

“Honestly, Noct,” says Ignis, and steps forward to straighten it up.

His fingers slide against the silk; his touches are brisk and businesslike. But he’s aware of Noct’s eyes on him, that curious shade of night-sky blue. He’s aware of long lashes that truly don’t need the help of the eyeliner. He’s aware of the way Noct’s lips curve up at the corner into a smile, fond and familiar.

Suddenly, Ignis isn’t certain when the chubby toddler he played with as a child turned into this young man before him, who looks every inch the dashing prince from the pages of a fairy tale.

“You do it better, anyway,” says Noct.

Ignis steps back and admires his handwork; the tie is crisp and even, and Noctis looks very much the young gentleman.

“There,” he says. “That will serve.”

It will more than serve. 

His Highness has a photo shoot for a popular girl’s magazine next week. Ignis makes a mental note to ensure they fit this tie into the wardrobe.

It complements the blue of Noct’s eyes quite nicely, indeed.


They’re in the middle of training when Noct loses the shirt.

Gladio doesn’t blame him; it’s hot as hell, and they’ve been going at it for damn near an hour and a half. He stripped out of his own at the start of the session, and he’s still sweating buckets.

But Noct hardly ever ditches his.

If Gladio had to guess, he’d say it probably has something to do with the mess of a scar halfway down the kid’s back. It’s pretty badass, honestly, but he there’s no telling what’ll set someone off. 

Whatever the reason, Noct keeps the shirt on, most days. He hasn’t taken it off in training for – hell, probably almost four years now.

He was a scrawny scrap of a thing, last time Gladio saw him without it, but those days, it looks like, are long in the past.

He’s filled out, that’s for sure. The shoulders are broader, and the abdomen is all lean muscle. However much Gladio gets on him to lay off the pizza, he doesn’t need to. Sure, he’s not ripped. Gladio knows for damn sure he can bench press four times what Noct can pull off, easy.

But Noct’s trained in just about every weapon in the armory, and it shows. He’s built like a gymnast, all sleek power. 

It’s a good look on him. No wonder his fan club’s having its three year anniversary next week.

When Noct glances up and catches him looking, Gladio gives an unimpressed snort.

“Gonna have to step up arm day,” he says. “Can’t have the crown prince flexing with those noodle arms.”

“Noodle arms,” says Noct. “Right.” There’s a flash of blue, and the biggest great sword in the Armiger flickers to life in his hands. It’s as long as Noct is. When they started, he could barely lift it, but now he falls into his stance, massive blade out before him, head tipped up in challenge. “That sounds to me like an invite to knock you on your ass.”

Gladio feels himself grinning. He calls up his own sword in one hand – uses the other to crook his fingers, the world’s universal come-get-some gesture. “Bring it, princess. Let’s see what you’ve got.”


The Accordan ambassador is tall and amiable, and entirely too familiar with the prince.

At dinner, he’s seated to Noct’s left, and he spends the meal leaning in closer than is proper. After, he blames the drink; Lucian wine, he claims, is far more powerful than what he’s grown accustomed to.

Ignis, who counts himself something of an expert on vintages, knows very well that the alcohol content from most Accordan wines is much higher, but for propriety’s sake, he presses his lips together and says nothing.

After the meal, King Regis and his son retire to the lounge to entertain the visiting diplomat. There are certain concessions in the upcoming trade deal that His Majesty hopes to lay the groundwork for, off the books.

Ignis won’t be needed for the remainder of the evening. He’s free to retire to his own quarters, and nothing pressing requires his attention. It could be one of those rare few early nights, if he so chooses.

Instead, he lingers in the grand hall, seating himself where the tour groups pass to and fro, during daylight hours. Now, the there are no curious eyes about to see the sights. Now, the Citadel is nearly empty.

He’s not certain what he’s waiting for.

He idles there far longer than he can excuse as fancy, tapping notes to himself neatly into his phone for tomorrow’s meetings, for want of anything better to do.

That’s where Gladiolus finds him. The man’s in a suit, hair slicked back. He had a tie at one point, but it’s been removed from its spot around his neck, crammed into a pocket haphazardly.

“What,” says Gladio, slowing to a stop before him. “You don’t have anywhere else to be?”

“Not at the moment,” says Ignis, primly, and taps in the last of his notes before looking up.

Gladio sprawls onto the bench without waiting to be invited, legs spread casually in the manner of ill-behaved thirteen-year-old boys. Ignis spares him a lingering glance. 

“Never seen you not in a rush to do something or other,” says Gladio, bemused.

“There’s nothing wrong with keeping a tight schedule.” Ignis adjusts his glasses, though truth be told they don’t need it. “What of yourself? It isn’t like you to linger after hours.”

Gladio lifts one big shoulder and lets it fall. “What, can’t a guy feel like hanging around?”

It would be hypocritical for Ignis to argue the point, and so he doesn’t. He only opens up a new document for his three o'clock with the minister of finance and begins tapping in something new.

He’s written barely two words when his phone buzzes.

It’s a text from Noct, and it reads, “you still around?”

Ignis replies immediately: “I am.”

There is a moment’s pause, during which Ignis pretends to add to his notes but makes no alterations of any value. Then a new text arrives. “can you come here pls.”

He’s on his feet before he’s finished reading, turning toward the elevator that leads up to the higher-security levels of the Citadel.

Gladio says, “What’s the rush?”

And Ignis, thoughts on the Accordan ambassador blaming the wine, says, “Noct,” and his tone is a bit tighter than he intended.

Perhaps Gladio can read his inflection. Perhaps his posture, more closed off than usual, gives him away.

But Gladiolus is on his feet an instant later, falling into step beside Ignis as he makes for the elevator. “On my way,” Ignis taps into his phone, as the doors slide closed behind him.

They arrive at the king’s lounge barely five minutes later. Ignis knocks on the door, brisk and businesslike, and calls out, “Highness?” in a voice loud enough to be audible through the elaborate paneled wood.

There’s a pause, and then Noct opens the door.

He’s decidedly more disheveled than he was half an hour ago. His hair is askew, and the knot of his tie is sloppy. But more than that, his eyes are flat and guarded, in the way they get when he’s upset about something.

Ignis takes in the scene: a room empty of King Regis, empty of anyone else save the Accordan ambassador leaning casually back against the couch, a glass of half-drunk scotch in his hand. His face is redder than it was before, and he looks a touch disheveled, as well.

And Noct. Noct catches at Ignis’ cuff and stares up at him, and then toward Gladio, standing there in the hall. His grip is too tight, and his fingers are trembling.

That tells Ignis all he needs to know.

“Terribly sorry,” says Ignis. “I’m afraid the Council has announced an emergency meeting. His Highness is required elsewhere.”

Then he holds the door wide and says, “Gladiolus, if you’d be so kind as to see the ambassador out?”

He doesn’t think he imagines the way Gladio’s eyes linger on Noct. He doesn’t think he imagines the tightness in the man’s jaw. “With pleasure,” says Gladio, grimly.

“Highness,” says Ignis. “Shall we? The timeline is rather pressing, I’m afraid.”

Noct nods, and lets go of Ignis’ sleeve. He says, “Lead the way.”

He follows Ignis out into the hall, toward the Council chamber. They walk in silence until they reach the first turn in the hallway. Then Ignis changes his route, circling back around to veer toward the Citadel’s private suites.

It takes them just shy of five minutes to reach Noct’s old room. It’s maintained in his absence, for when an official function runs late and he wishes to stay over instead of returning to his apartment.

He stands there in the doorway, looking somewhat harrowed, until Ignis says, “If he tries to reschedule, I’ll shift his appointments around until his ship sails. After he’s safely off our shores, the authorities in Accordo will receive a request for a new representative.”

“Thanks,” says Noct. He swallows. “My dad had to beg off. His leg gets bad, you know? But I thought, it’s just groundwork, right? I’m okay at negotiating.”

Ignis waits for the rest. He hopes that Gladio was rather less gentle than usually warranted, in seeing the ambassador out.

When the silence stretches too long, Noct says, “He got kinda handsy. I would’ve punched him out, only I thought dad wouldn’t appreciate a diplomatic incident.”

Ignis feels a strange swell in his chest at the words. He says, “The right ties in the Accordan media make certain diplomatic incidents all but disappear, you’ll find. As it so happens, I have the right ties in the Accordan media.”

“So you’re saying I should have punched him out.”

“I’m saying,” says Ignis, tone more fierce than intended, “that it would have been no more than he deserved.”

Noct thaws a little, then. The guardedness slips from his eyes, and from his posture. He looks like he means to reply, but Ignis’ phone buzzes before he can. “Go on,” says Noct. “It’s probably Gladio.”

It is, in fact, Gladio.

“How is he?” the text reads. “Does this guy need to accidentally fall down the stairs before I cut him loose?”

Ignis stifles a smile. “Your Shield,” he says, “is considering something of a diplomatic incident of his own.”

Noct leans over to look, with a huff of something very nearly a laugh. “Call him off. And tell him I’m fine.”

Ignis taps his reply into the phone and then slides it into his pocket again. “Are you?” he says, when he looks up.

“I am,” says Noct. But the longer Ignis stares, frank and even, the less Noct seems able to meet the gaze. “I just didn’t expect it, you know?”

Ignis takes a breath in and lets it out slowly. It’s a rhetorical question, but he finds himself answering, anyway. “Nor should you have had to.”

They stand there for a moment, in silence. At last, Noct says, “Thanks, Specs.”

“I would say any time,” says Ignis, “but frankly, I’m hoping we’ve never cause for a repeat occurrence.”

Noct smiles, wry and crooked. “You and me both.” He turns from the door, toward the couch where he used to play video games at twelve years of age, and sits himself down on the indent that still indicates his favorite spot. “Hey,” he says, almost as though it’s an afterthought. “You mind giving me a ride home, when we get out of here?”

“Not at all,” says Ignis. “Although I suspect we’d best wait for Gladio. Unless I miss my guess, he’ll be along shortly.”

Gladio is along shortly, and he brings with him some choice words about the Accordan ambassador’s parentage. Ignis adds a few thoughts of his own, decidedly less crude but every bit as cutting.

By the time they see Noct from the building, through the meandering back hallways of the Citadel and into the private attached garage, that shaken, uncertain look has been chased from his face entirely.

Voltron headcanons because why not

-agender, asexual, aromantic, and amazing
-probably 14 or 15
-knows everything, and i mean everything. They know about people’s crushes before the people even figure it out for themselves
-also they know like a bunch of the crews secrets (and kinks, wait what)
-they love technology and use it as a coping mechanism they always have some device with them to fiddle with
-doesnt really get that much sleep because they stay up so late doing things, it’s not uncommon to find them passed out on a keyboard or something
-wore a binder while at the garrison and now kinda goes back and forth between wearing it
-loves to wear baggy clothes because they’re just so much more comfortable
-they might not be able to kick your ass through sheer force alone, but they can most definitely program everything around you to kick your ass in less than a minute
-the time they spent at the garrison confirmed that they werent a dude, and at one point while in space they kinda just said, gender is kinda pointless when you have a robotic magic space lion

-hella bi and knows it (I will fight you on this)
-probably like 18??
-flirts primarily with females when hes around people he hasn’t come out to yet because biphobic people can be dickwads
-always tests the waters to see if a person has a problem with bi people. If they do, he doesn’t come, if they don’t, then he comes out in the most ridiculous ways.
-like singing bye, bye, bye
-or just saying same whenever something is not straight
-or ripping off his jacket to reveal a shirt that says “it doesn’t take an intellectual to get that I’m bisexual”
-(okay, I’m getting a bit distracted, I just have a /lot/ of feelings about bi Lance)
-when he realizes he likes Keith he doesn’t have a “gay panic” he just has a “holy crap I like Keith? I have a crush?? On KeItH?!?!?” (Pidge is in the background nodding like “dude you only do the whole rival thing so you can get his attention”)
-hes Cuban and his first language is spanish and when hes comfortable/lazy (like say after sex, what) he slips into Spanish without even realizing it
-has a huge family
-like I’m talking the middle child of seven kids
-his house is always filled with people. And it’s not even that big of a house, but somehow there’s always like 20 people roaming around in there
-some of them aren’t even related, his family basically adopts everyone, they’ve already adopted hunk and will probably adopt the whole voltron crew
-hes great with kids, kinda has to be with all his siblings and niblings who love to cling onto him.
- because his house is always so full of life he can’t stand silence. One of the reasons he has a hard time in the castle is because it’s so quiet. It’s only when he has music that he’s able to fall asleep because he’s literally never slept in a place that was quiet.
-one of the reasons he talks to loudly and animatedly is because that’s the only way to get attention in a house as chaotic as his
-very tactile. Like he needs to constantly be touching people, if you have a conversation with him you are guaranteed to have him hanging onto you at one point.
-and god forbid if you are sitting down, it doesn’t matter if every other seat is open, he will come and lay all over you. Hunk doesn’t even react anymore when lance just flings himself onto him
-one of the reasons he sucks at flirting is because he just loves using dumb pick up lines on random people. He’s always surprised when it actually works
-hes “dated” like 3 people, he actually dated 2 girls, but only fooled around with a guy before he left for the garrison (it confirmed that he was attracted to both)
-also, lance can totally cook. His momma taught him well. But he only really enjoys cooking when it’s with/for other people

-hes gay, he’s known for a while but didn’t really do much about it. He’s kissed like 2 people in his life.
-probably 17ish. Hes a bit younger than lance, but not by that much
-his mom has been dead for a few years, he never knew his father, his mom was his best friend, when she died it broke him, it was only because of shiro that he got his life back together
-tbh his mom probably wouldn’t recognize him, he used to be such a joyful little boy (oh I made myself sad)
- his dad is galra, which, when he finds out, causes Keith a lot of problems
-like he hides himself in his room, its lance that finally manages to get him out.
-lance gently teases him about the kitty ears and that’s surprisingly makes Keith feel okay about it
-thats when he has the realization that he likes lance
-depending on the level of emotion, his galra features pop up. Like sometimes he just turns a bit purple, other times he sprouts ears and his eyes turn yellow before he even realizes.
-it takes a while, but he eventually gets a hang of it. But when he gets surprised, sometimes it pops out like if someone scares him (or lance looks really hot)
-all the time in the desert makes it so he feels really comfortable being by himself or sitting in silence.
-although he always has to be doing something, even if that something is just thinking about what’s ahead

-keith realizes he likes lance first. Pidge has to tell lance. After their realization they both have a lot of oh no he’s hot moments, like he’s hot, but annoying, but cute?
- they start training a lot together. Lance does it one because he thinks lance looks damn fine when hes all sweaty, but two because he wants to make sure Keith doesn’t over do it and three because he could use the training himself
-but this also is a double-edged sword because at one point one of them will always take off a piece of clothing because theyre so sweaty. The first time Keith takes his gloves off with his teeth lance literally sprints away, Keith is very confused. Another time lance decides to take his shirt off and Keith’s brain just short circuits and all of his galra features pop out because holy crap he didn’t realize just how muscular lance was. It’s at that moment that lance thinks Keith might like him back.
-the first time they kiss it’s because lance is waxing poetic about allura because she’s gorgeous and can kick his ass(yes he has a type) and Keith kinda loses it saying something along the lines of shut up and lance says make me and unf all of a sudden they’re making out against the wall.
-keith has to get used to how much of a cuddler lance is, like he thought it was bad before, but like they can’t be in the same room without lance touching him in some way (Keith really doesn’t mind)
-and yes, there was a betting pool about when they would get together (pidge won (they know all) hunk was only off by a week)
-their main foreplay is arguing, but other times when one of them isn’t feeling well it’s gentle teasing kisses pressed all over

-hes pansexual. And highly values his platonic relationships.
-he just has a lot of love to give
- The first time he left the islands was to go to the school before the garrison. This is where he met lance. And because Hawaii was so far away, he would usually stay with Lance’s family in Cuba.
-yeah they totally bonded over being island boys and missing the surf sun and sand
-hunk also has a pretty big family, but more on the cousins side than the siblings side.
-one of the reasons hunk loves cooking is because it combines science with art in such a beautiful way.
-hes the only person who has ever managed to get the secret family recipes from Lance’s mom.
-loves to walk around barefoot because who uses shoes in Hawaii??
-also, will sometimes slip up and use pidgin words. He gets pretty embarrassed about it because people tend to assume he’s stupid when he talks like that, lance is the first one off the island to not think that, but still
-until…. he’s talking with lance while fixing his lion and asks lance to give him da kine as allura and coran are passing by. Allura is like, what is da kine? Do you mean a thermal stabilizer? Because what he just passed you is called a thermal stabilizer. And while hunk is kinda blushing and explaining that it was a dialect from his island they both just burst.
-like they are so interested and insist on hunk telling them more. And after they learn that it came from hawaiians learning English but dropping the last consonant because Hawaiian always ended in a vowel both allura and coran are like teach us.
-after that hunk allows himself to speak more freely and not monitor himself (it also helps with the homesickness)
-also later they see allura and coran walking around barefoot trying to speak pidgin and hunk kinda just sighs contently because they sound so much like tourists and it warms his heart

-hes at least 25 (they wouldn’t have sent a teenager on an exploratory mission through space)
-also he’s totally the space dad
-everyone comes to him when they need a calming energy.
-it isn’t peculiar to walk into his room and see some of the paladins lounging around quietly doing work
-he helped get Keith into the garrison and mentored him. He was the closest thing to a father figure Keith has ever had.
-shiro loves makeup. Like it started out as something he would let the younger girls in the garrison do when they were feeling down, but eventually he started doing it on his own, going to them for tips.
-for him, perfect eyeliner means that he can survive the day. He lives by the motto “I might feel like crap, but my makeup looks good”
-most of the time he does a simple eyeliner, though if he’s feeling like he needs a boost he’ll add some light eyeshadow and blush.
-he very rarely does a full face of makeup, that’s only for really special occasions.
-when he goes on the kerberos mission he only takes a small tube of gel eyeliner. When hes having a bad day he puts a bit on.
-when he gets taken by the galra and wakes up in a cell he almost cries when he realizes he still has his eyeliner.
-it becomes his coping mechanism. On the days he feels like he’s going to be killed he puts a little bit on. Like the first time he has to go in the arena or the day he escapes
-after a few days in the castle he asks allura if she has any altean equivalent of eyeliner because his jumble of memories is getting worse and he needs something
-this is actually how they start bonding, by doing their makeup together while strategizing against zarkon
-the rest of the paladins keep trying to catch shiro without makeup because they KNOW he can’t have eyes like that, but there’s no evidence otherwise???
-shiro usually does his eyeliner before he leaves his room in the morning and laughs when he sees the paladins camped outside one morning (yeah I may have stolen that from a fanfic, but it’s really good and i like it)

-shes like 2000 years old (basically alteans have longer life cycles, take away the two zeros at the end and you have their “human"age)
-her father instilled a lot of virtues/morals in her, she still lives by these
-shes rather young to be a ruler, most don’t rule until age 3000, spending the previous time traveling to different planets to make connections and spread diplomacy
-her mother died in childbirth, something which was extremely rare, it resulted in king alfor never remarrying and dedicating all his free time to his daughter
-she started training to rule from a very very young age
-coran was her nanny/personal body guard/friend
-the way you can tell she’s stressed is because she becomes extremely forceful
-also she’s a horrible actor, like it’s very surprising she was able to fool the paladins into thinking she was angry (okay she was actually super angry whatever) this kinda results from being altean and from her dad telling her to never lie
-she tends to wear her emotions on her sleeve but because alteans express emotions differently, only coran really understands what she’s feeling.
-shes absolutely fascinated by all cultures, and with all the paladins being from such diverse places she loves talking with them about earth. Like if there wasn’t a war going on and she wasn’t a princess all she would do is go around and learn about different cultures
-you can almost always tell who she last spoke to about earth because she’s trying out some earth custom
-(okay they may have totally pranked her one time by telling her a ridiculous fake custom, when she found out her lecture about not fooling around had Keith almost peeing his pants)
-she can be very scary when she goes into ultimate mom mode and scolds the paladins, it’s worse when both shiro and her are scolding.
-she relaxes by pampering herself like baths, perfume, jewels in her hair, makeup, they remind her of a more carefree time

Shallura (my phone tried to autocorrect this to Shakira)

-they both deeply admire each other for their strength and leadership abilities, but it’s really during their makeup/strategizing sessions that they start to see other sides to each other
-they both slowly fall in love as they start to open up more to each other about their worries, their concerns, but also their hopes and dreams.
-once again, it’s pidge that finally sets their relationship on track to the more romantic side.
-pidge sees them sitting side by side more and more and notices the way they move in harmony. Finally they ask, wait are you two dating.
-shiro and allura kinda look at each other and after a nonverbal conversation both say yes at the same time

-hes like 4500 years old
-he willingly went into the cryo pod because he knew that someone had to be there for allura when she woke up, and although it broke his heart to have to leave king alfor and all of altea, he piloted the castle himself to arus and went into the cryo pod
-hes pretty passionate about hair care and actually manages to get shiro and keith to join him in his hair care routine
-he loves allura so much, she’s his daughter in everything but blood and allura agrees
-when she was young she used to say she had two fathers
-hes actually not that bad at cooking, he mainly makes bland to horrible meals so that way someone else will do the cooking because goddamnit he has a whole castle to run (when lance finds out he dramatically gasps and falls onto the nearest person (it’s Keith) talking about how /betrayed/ he feels)
-he doesn’t really know or understand how humans portray their emotions (or how to deal with them) but he tries in his own way to make people feel better. Like if you’re feeling sad you might find a thing of gloop shaped like a flower (??) outside your room.
Or when Keith and Lance finally get together coran gives them what looks like really long forks (?????) they’re grateful, but confused
-when shiro and allura get together shiro expected to have the talk from coran, but he never expected coran to handcuff him in an airlock. Shiro honestly never thought coran could look so threatening, especially with a bowl and spoon full of gloop that coran had lured him here with.

Wow that was really long. I just have a lot of feelings about these characters and if you want to come scream with me about voltron please feel free.

Draco X Reader: Bad Day

I sighed, slamming the door to my room closed behind me and letting my books fall to the floor. It had been a long day. I’d forgotten to do my Potions assignment, which resulted in a detention from Snape (he was in a particularly bad mood today), and McGonagall hadn’t been kind while giving us homework. I swear I’ll die before I’m finished it all. I hadn’t had enough time for a meal all day because I’d been studying at the library any moment I could, and to top it all off, I was on my period. I was exhausted.

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God like. You are way too pretty? Style? On point. Hair? On point? Make-up (ESPECIALLY eyebrows)? On point. Can you please?? Teach me how to be so pretty? What make-up products do you use? Your face is so flawlesssss

o////o oh my gosh, Nonny, PLS! I am but a small bean who has gotten sorta decent at painting my face. I thank you though for all your extremely kind compliments!

I could give you some tips if you’d like actually! If you have any specific questions, let me know and I’ll get to those first. As for what I use, I will actually link them below! You can get pretty much everyone on/from Sephora (: these are in no particular order!

 Liquid FoundationMAKE UP FOR EVERUltra HD Invisible Cover Foundation

This foundation is AMAZING! It’s got great coverage and best of all, it doesn’t feel heavy or cakey on my face which is really lovely. My freckles still show underneath it but it covers any blemishes or imperfections I want to cover. I use a beauty blender to apply.

Powder Foundation: bareMineralsBAREPRO Performance Wear Powder Foundation

I use this after liquid foundation, concealer and contour to seal the look! Really nice to use if I’m just doing a quick makeup look as well with no liquid foundation. It’s got build able coverage. I used this brush to apply it

Contour and HighlightertarteTarteist™ PRO Glow Highlight & Contour Palette

Okay, I was garbage at contouring before this palette. I’m not saying I’m the best, but I can at least get something started now! It has a cream based contour and also powder and both formulas are amazing! They blend well and to be honest, the whole palette smells delicious lol! There are four highlighters in there as well which lets you go from lightly dusted to a soaking wet look (my preferred method ;D) I use this brush to contour with and then blend the rest out with a beauty blender. I used a Smashbox Fan brush to apply the Highlighter.

EyelinerKat Von D Tattoo Liner

Listen to me right now. If you buy nothing else from this list, BUY THIS FUCKING EYELINER. IT CHANGED MY LIFE. I’m not even being dramatic. It’s the best liquid eyeliner I have ever used and I’m kicking myself because it took me so long to finally purchase it. My eyeliner game changed for the better once I started using this bad boy. T^T fuck, I love it so much. It does NOT. COME. OFF. (unless you’re really rubbing at it with a makeup wipe/soap and water) I’ve spent three hours at the gym sweating my ass off and that shit didn’t smudge even A LITTLE.

EyeshadowKat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette

I use this eyeshadow palette every single time I do my makeup. You couldn’t really see it in the last photo I posted because I was washed out (I did that on purpose, it’s called art people, GOD! XD) but you can create so many looks with this palette AND it’s super great if you’re a beginner with eyeshadows like I was when I first got it. I used a Bare Minerals blending brush for EVERYTHING on this palette because they’re so blendable :3. I use a bunch of others as well though so if you want more options, let me know!

Concealerbare Minerals Correcting Concealer Broad Spectrum SPF 20

I really love this concealer because it’s very creamy and blends very well! I also have and use the NARS concealer which does nOT FUCK AROUND, but if you’re on a budget, this one works great too!

PrimerbareMinerals Prime Time™ Foundation Primer

Primer is a really important step in your beauty routine if you plan on wearing your makeup for a long period of time. Bare Minerals has all kinds too, like ones that brighten up your skin and even help with oil control if you have oily skin! Feels nice and light on the face :3

EyebrowsAnastasia Beverly HillsDIPBROW™ Pomade

Really, this is what you guys wanted from me T^T this right here! GATHER AROUND KIDDOS, LET ME TELL YOU OF MY LORD AND SAVIOR, ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS! This brand has got to be the leading makeup company when it comes to Eyebrows. You can’t tell me any different. I’ve used them all too! I’ve found the Pomade works best for the look I like to achieve. However! It’s a very heavy product and it’ll take some practice if you’re not used to working with a Pomade. If you want to start with something less intimidating, I suggest the brow definer! If you want something a little softer, their brow powder may be a great place to start! Browse the products and see what speaks to you! They are all great and be sure to refer to the colour chart to see what colour you need (: it’s on ABH Sephora page! I also clean the edges of my brows with concealer afterwards which changed my whole eyebrow experience lol. I just used an angled eyeliner brush to clean up and then a small eyeshadow brush to blend out the concealer.

Eyeshadow PrimerSmashbox 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer

I used to think eyeshadow primer was a waste of time and money but fuck past me. She was dumb and had to learn the hard way. Eyeshadow primer makes a world of fucking different if you’re going for long wear or just don’t want that shit to move. I know me personally, my eyelids are hooded and so the eyeshadow would rub off in the crease and I would look like a hot mess. That doesn’t happen anymore with this stuff. Bless you Smashbox.

Setting SprayUrban Decay De-Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray

holy fuck, just buy this, okay? You’ll never be the same and also your makeup will never, ever budge. They have a bunch of different kinds but I use this one to eliminate that fucking shine. Get out of here. Unless you’re the highlighter I put on, I DON’T WANT THE SHINE lmfao

Lips: I…I can’t even link everything, okay? That would take forever. Look up Tarte Cosmetics, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kat Von D, Jeffree Star and Colourpop just TO GET YOU STARTED. All of those have amazing liquid lipsticks which is all I wear anymore, let’s be real. If you have questions about a specific brand, like how long it lasts and how it feels on the lips, things like that, let me know and I’ll give you my honest review :3 In that photo though, I was wearing tarte Tarteist™ Creamy Matte Lip Paint in the shade Birthday Suit.

GO FORTH MY MAKEUP BABY! This is what I used on my face today and that’s just some of the stuff I’ve used/own, so if you want more recommendations, I’ve got you! Any questions you may have, send them my way! Happy to help.


Wedding Dates and Sparkly Eyes

I’ve been working on this for months and I’m finally happy enough with it to post it!


Rating: PG

Pairing: JongKey

Warnings: Cursing, Slight Homophobia, Gross Amounts of Fluff

“Kibummie your best friend is here!” Jonghyun announced as he took his shoes off and made himself comfortable on the couch.

“One second!” Kibum yelled from his bedroom, turning on the hair dryer seeing as he had recently finished showering and his hair was still very wet.

He walked to the living room once he was finished and stood in front of his best friend, narrowing his eyes, “You know, the spare key is supposed to be used for emergencies only.”

Jonghyun pouted, “Hello it’s nice to see you too. Does your favorite person not get a proper greeting?”

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I finally read your lesbian!percabeth AU and HOLY SHIT IT WAS SO GOOD. Can you give me some lesbian!percy AU headcanons? They don't have to do with Annabeth, just lesbian!percy being fucking awesome!

oh anon, i’m so happy you asked, i always have time for my trans lesbian princess.

  • Up until her teenage years, most of her identity process has been concentrated on her gender. It’s a more controversial issue and more non-negotiable, and she spent so much time trying to explain and justify who she was that she didn’t spend much time thinking about who she was attracted to.
  • She’s busy fighting to sleep in girls’ dorms and trying to save enough money to afford blockers and hopefully hrt one day and researching what kinds of rights transgender kids have available to them
  • Of course she has some passing thoughts of crushes and such and she’s always known on some level that she likes girls but she viewed that as secondary to her gender
  • It’s really important to me that Camp Half Blood is super accommodating about getting kids whatever kind of healthcare they need and really don’t give a shit about the gender binary, so I think that really helps to get her some breathing room
  • Also once Gabe is out (it would have been so much worse than canon, but i feel sick thinking about it) Paul is in and they don’t have to worry so much about finances and insurance, she starts to think about her sexuality more
  • Mind you this is also around the time when Thalia comes back to life and Thalia is a raging butch lesbian (FIGHT ME) and Percy is like weeehheeeyyyy HELLO
  • They’re just friends it’s nothing romantic/sexual but lesbian connection is just so Pure and I bet they’ve both never met another lesbian so they are really, really good friends
  • They’re definitely the gayest girls ever to hit the eighth grade and they take immense pleasure in the label (how does annabeth miss this…. prob because she’s up to her eyeballs in compulsory heterosexuality and denial, my poor bi daughter)
  • Listen Thalia and Percy giving the Hunters lectures on how and why they need to be more inclusive and how virginity is bullshit and trans/nb girls need help too and clarifying this very important clarification of whether or not it’s no dating or no men BECAUSE THEY’RE VERY DIFFERENT and they need to know for….. reasons.
  • (The Hunters are like listen all our myths were written by stupid men, we got you, girls are great and trans kids are great and lesbians are great and sexual women are great too)
  • Zoe and Percy dynamic is very Important. Zoe and Thalia still have all their canonical beef and Bianca is young and inexperienced but Zoe needs a new lieutenant BUT THEN COMES PERCY JACKSON, IN ALL HER NATURAL LEADERSHIP GLORY,
  • Zoe is recruiting her, hard. And Percy is this close to accepting. As Thalia starts to work out stuff with Zoe they have many, many conversations about what to do. In the end she decides it’s not what she wants (it’s really not. immortality just isn’t her thing).
  • But like. Zoe and Percy. Zoe being the first woman to ever see worth in her (aside from her mother obvs) and to be recognized as who she truly is by someone like Zoe Nightshade is like….. wow. It changes her.
  • Mmkay. Anyway. When she’s fourteen/fifteen, she becomes hot as hell. Of course she’s her usual blushy-self-depreciating-bad-at-taking-compliments self BUT she’s so excited to be on hrt and so relieved to be passing so well that she’s basically shouting to the heavens about how hot she is all the time
  • (this is, of course, right smack dab in the middle of botl and annabeth is like whAT IS GOING ON hELP)
  • She’s way too absentminded to be fashionable, really, but she has lots of fun wearing cute things and hot things and fishnets and combat boots and heels and skirts and leather jackets and crop tops YES
  • She’s battle calm when she’s putting on eyeliner, literally. She has the same exact impression, Annabeth thinks it’s hilarious (and sexy but don’t tell anyone)
  • The Aphrodite Cabin loves her
  • She takes every opportunity to promote and encourage women
  • She has beautiful hair. Like thick, jet black, shiny hair with some bluish and some reddish undertones so it can look bluish/purplish/reddish depending on the light source and it’s mesmerizing everyone wants to touch it all the time, I think she dyes little streaks of it different colors a lot
  • Her and Rachel go to tons upon tons of pride rallies
  • She owns lots of rainbow stuff
  • She kisses lots of girls platonically, more as a statement and a celebration than anything else
  • Because she’s so beautiful (not to mention a transgender lesbian woman, she gets dehumanization from all sides) she definitely has a lot of creepy fetishizing comments directed at her. You wouldn’t know how much it bothers her from looking at her because her eyes flash dangerously and her face looks like it was carved from stone and she gets really quiet. Everyone else gets furious too (silena screaming and lecturing and clarisse wailing on them, annabeth pulling a combination of the two)
  • But she definitely struggles with insecurity and self hatred sometimes
  • There are definitely many, many girls who look up to her because she’s so inclusive and she’s so respectful and she understands and she’s so confident in herself and it honestly gives them hope
  • Especially when she really solidifies her place as camp leader. There’s a mass coming out.
  • Reyna……….. Reyna……. oh my god
  • (in the au where annabeth needs more time to figure out her sexuality so they don’t get together pre-son they definitely make out… at the bare minimum)
  • But they’d click so well so fast, there’s the immediate connection over being women leaders in a world that’s gone to shit and ALSO being lesbians and Reyna’s like…. yeah, what are boys
  • They have such a good relationship like soooo so good they stay friends for the rest of their lives
  • Hazel and Frank and Percy are basically like in canon except they worship the ground she walks on even more
  • She terrorizes Leo, he has no idea what to make of her and everyone thinks it’s hilarious
  • Piper thinks she’s awesome (also in the au where percabeth and jasper aren’t canon yet and piper’s like um maybe i’m bi and percy’s like, hey, we can figure it out right now and kisses her right in front of everyyyoneee. eeeeKKK)
  • Walking around in a sports bra on the Argo II and making everyone conspicuously hot all over HELLO YES
  • Braiding everyone’s hair………. doing everyone’s makeup……..
  • Her and Annabeth have lots of fun sleeping in each other’s rooms just because they can both on the Argo II and at camp, everyone knows they’re together but the world is just so heteronormative that adults don’t know how to draw boundaries for gay couples lol so they just do what they want
  • A sexually charged moment when she’s doing Annabeth’s eyeliner and she’s leaning down and their faces are really close and they lock eyes and Annabeth nervously bites her lip and then blushes and looks down….. aaYYEEEE

i could talk about her ALL DAY

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i saw one of your selfies, well two actually, and i couldn't help but feel the need to give you some advice. 1. thick eyebrows are so overwhelming on your face it makes all your other features large too. Thick eyebrows really aren't for everyone. 2. put pressed powder over your makeup god dammit, its so shiny i could see my reflection through my computer. and lastly, 3. applying far too much eyeliner will only make your eyes smaller in comparison to your eyebrows. thanks.

1) don’t tell me how to live my life

2) I don’t have to explain myself to you

3) who the fuck do you think you are

4) my eyebrows are naturally this thick and I had them thinner for years and everybody kept saying that they gave me a ‘resting bitch face’, so I went back to thick and I barely managed to save them, but I’m glad they’re back to what they were and I won’t change my natural God-given eyebrows for you just because you think you know better

5) I am extremely allergic to most makeup brands, face creams, deodorants etc. and I have a lot of trouble finding make up that I can wear. That being said, I’m also allergic to a lot of other things, like food and dust and it makes my life pretty hard, plus I have PCOS,  and even though I doubt you’re intelligent enough to know what it is, or what it does, among other things, it makes me break out in hives even more, and the acne I get because of it, and the clogged pores cannot be helped. The medication sometimes even makes it worse. I cannot wear pressed powder because it won’t stuck to my face, due to my pores being so bad, and I only end up looking like my skin is made of sponge. NOTHING STAYS ON MY SKIN FOR TOO LONG. No doctor, no dermatologist, no skin expert to this date has been able to help me much. I changed my whole diet and the way I live in order to get better, and just so you know, you making fun of me now, when my skin is so significantly better than it was before, makes me feel horrible, just horrible. I can’t change this. I can’t change the way my skin is. I spent years crying over all of my flaws and especially my skin, and I have no more tears to cry. It still really fucking hurts. It still stings. Even after I found so many solutions to cover it all up and make my skin almost decent, even now that most people wont notice the scarring on my face and the tiny little flaws that are still left, I still see it. And I have to live with myself the way I am every single day.

6) I don’t wear eyeliner unless I know I’m going to take a photo. It really irritates my eyes and my lids soon swell. But I like the way it looks, so if I want to take a selfie, I’m going to put it on. For me. And I didn’t have to explain that to you but I want you to realize that you’re an immature little asshole of a person who is probably really insecure about the way they look and feel threatened by the level of confidence I have achieved through years of therapy and working on myself to be better.

7) Who put you on your high horse? What could possibly compel you to send such an ignorant message to me, on anon? Did you think it would accomplish anything? By tomorrow, I’m going to forget you messaged me. I’m going to forget your words and I’m still going to be beautiful inside and out, and you’re still going to be a piece of manure on the bottom of somebody’s shoe. You’re shit.

8) If anyone wants to tell me this person was just trying to help, save it. I know very well how someone should approach people on certain topics, and the tone of this person’s message was very rude and condescending. No one deserves to be preached about what they do with their life or what they wear by an anon-hiding spermatozoon.

9) My eyes are big and green and very pretty. They’re my favorite part of me. They could never look small so…like, you were reaching. That was just reaching. You put me on a pedestal and you ripped me apart. I’m just a person. I deserve to be treated with respect. You wouldn’t like this if it was done to you. You wouldn’t like if somebody over-analyzed you, knowing you were content with yourself, just so they could bring you down. You would not like it at all.

10) And lastly, I attach this really nice photo of me so you can print it out and throw darts on it or something, cause you seem to be lacking a hobby or things to do in your life. XOXO

Strange Magic: Tongue-Tied

A Strange Magic Rock Star AU drabble. (Ao3 link)

“Love is deleterious to the vocal cords at the best of times.” PG Wodehouse

It was at a party that she met him again.

The Bog King, lead singer of Broken Carapace.

It had been a year since Marianne last saw him, his thin, sharp frame curved into a predatory stance, huge hands clenched into fists and his face contorted in an almost inhuman sneer beneath his sharply angled eyebrows. To be fair, she couldn’t have looked much more friendly, seeing as she was standing there with her knuckles bleeding after she had punched him right in the jaw. But, to be completely fair, he had just been screaming obscenities at her little sister while looming over her, looking like he was about to wring her neck.

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[伊周Femina magazine] Q&A with Z.Tao

p/s: there will be full trans of this article soon but i wanna put this section here because i really like what he said, but please still read the full article (๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)

Q: The Reluctantly MV describes the story of an artist, is the life in the MV the life style you want?

A: No, my dream life is to have people that love me around, i can spend time with my family. Driving to the beach to watch the stars, enjoy the beach atmosphere at night.

Q: There’s this scene in the MV where you wore Versus clothes and ran around in London, so netizens mocked you by saying you came to the show late bc of filming MV, you don’t want to talk about this anymore, do you?

A: Actually it’s the traffic reason, not because of filming MV, i think there’s this quote that is very true “you can’t find the truths just by searching on weibo”. First time attending fashion show, my team and i are very excited, we intended to go earlier. We feel very sorry about the bad traffic and we sincerely apologize for coming late.

Q: Seems like Korean artists have high standards for body shape. After receiving training in Korea, do you have strict control to your body shape too?

A: I think Chinese artists are amazing too, but i don’t want to work out too much, i have to dance, it’s hard to dance if i’m too muscular.

Q: What kind of exercise you do to keep fit?

A: Running and doing gym if i have time, or else i will just control my eating. Before sleeping, i will do some push-ups and some exercise when i wake up.

Q: So do you have 6-pack abs now?

A: 8-pack.

Q: What is your most satisfied feature?

A: Nose, because it’s high.

Q: Can you be considered as a narcissist?

A: I used to be, but not anymore. Artists need to care about their image anyway, you have to check if you look OK before filming. I don’t take selfie often anymore, maybe because i grew up….oh, i know, because it’s no use to post selfie, i’m not the type to use appearance to catch attention!

Q: Do you think you’re handsome?

A: Just…. not ugly!

Q: When the show “Charming Daddy” airs, netizens will start making meme pics of you, does it give you pressure on expressing in the future?

A: No way, everyone can be turned into meme, it’ll be so tired to care too much about this, i’m not with it.

Q: Was your confidence dropped because of those attacks?

A: How can it be? I said it, it’s just whatever.

Q: Did you see your meme pics on the internet? Do you secretly use them?

A: I saw when i searched pics, some are very useful, thank you all for caring about me a lot.

Q: Do you think your expression is really too over? Are you going to change it?

A: Actually there’re also people saying my expression is not over, everyone has their own point of view, i can’t satisfy them all, i can only be myself.

Q: A lot of people want to know the brand of your eyeliner?

A: I have no idea. I know some said i have nothing but eyeliner, but i do eyeliner because almost makeup artist told me they want to do makeup like this for my eyes. I respect their job, i won’t interfere their work. In private life i don’t really like makeup, boys looking simple is ok!

Q: But there’re pics of you with red lips at “I’m the Sovereign” press con?

A: I didn’t apply red lipstick at the press con, i heard about this through the staff, it’s just the photoshopped pics by the boring people and it became a misunderstanding.

Q: People say eyeliner is not masculine, what do you want to say?

A: Nothing to say, what does me doing eyeliner have anything to do with them?

Q: If you can change something about you, what is it?

A: I never thought of changing.

Q: Do you still contact with EXO members? There used to be a gif of you bullying Baekhyun.

A: I have been saying this a lot of times, but i still want to say it again, i’m sure we all have naughty and fun time with our friends, but they just uploaded half of the gif then twisted it. I don’t have any disagreement with EXO members.

Q: In overseas, a lot of bad boys can be popular too, do you admire it?

A: No.

Q: You want to be a good man?

A: Yes, a good man.

The Kings of Storybrooke

A/N: Happy Belated Birthday @laurielulou and Happy Birthday (tumblrless) Jamie! And, as always, I can’t thank my beta/graphic design goddess Bianca, aka @shipsxahoy. Not only does she beta for me, but she included this GORGEOUS manip for me as a belated Christmas gift. Try getting that out of your head, ladies. As always, I will be tagging at the end. This my longest one-shot to date; I’m so proud of it. But enough about me! Time to let the Kings of Storybrooke ring in your new year!

ff.net / AO3

It was no secret that Killian and Brennan’s relationship had been a tumultuous one. Killian’s mother passed when he was only seven years old, leaving just him, his older brother Liam and his father. His dad was not a very present man in his life; the Jones brothers mostly hung around at Granny’s dinner while their dad was at work. It wasn’t until Liam became ill that Brennan Jones was home more often than was normal. He would attend to Liam’s every wish, with the assistance of Killian. A year passed, and when Liam’s cancer finally took him, Brennan Jones went into a tailspin. The drugs and the alcohol were his only solace; not even his only son was able to get him the help he needed.

One day, when Killian was 13-years-old, Brennan just did not come home. Fearing the worst, Killian called up the sheriff’s department, and together they located him. He was passed out in the dressing room of the local exotic dance club: Wonderland. That was the day Killian realized his father was a male exotic dancer. That was also the day that Granny took Killian and gave him a room at the inn for as long as he needed it. He stepped into the house he grew up in the next day to pack up all of his belongings—which wasn’t much to begin with—and never stepped foot in that house ever again.

Killian wouldn’t actively seek out his father for many years after, until a 26-year-old Killian decided to go into Wonderland in the hopes of gaining employment. Like father, like son, so it would seem. But as he approached the door to the manager’s office to knock, it swung open, revealing his father behind it. Apparently after that night, Brennan had gone to rehab for 60 days to get clean, and he had been 13 years.

“You looking for work?” Brennan asked his son.

Nervously clutching his duffle bag, Killian replied, “I guess so; didn’t expect to see you here.”

“Likewise. Well, I guess I have to see what you can do. Tonight is amateur night. Let’s see if you got what it takes to become of a member of the Kings of Storybrooke.”

It was that cold, January evening in 2010 when his life changed.

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