when kitten makes edits

thecamcake  asked:

I'm not sure if your ok with this or gave this guy permission, but someone keeps reposting all the quotes on ifunny.

We didn’t give permission, but sadly there’s not much we can do about it (we’re a public blog, after all!). It’s certainly very rude of this person, as they don’t own the quotes we post - all quotes belong to their submitters. 

Guys, please be respectful and don’t steal other people’s quotes. When you steal, you make kittens sad!

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Edit: We were curious, so we dug around a little in iFunny and found the person who’s doing it. They’re keeping both our blog title and the submitter’s name in their posts, so they’re not stealing, just doing the equivalent of reblogging on another site - which is fine! :) 


[make me choose] kalelandmel asked: Wonderland Wardrobe or Frilly and Fancy?

↳ {Wonderland Wardrobe}