when katie makes the most sense

It makes perfect sense as to why each paladin as the position in Voltron that they do
  • Lance and Hunk: Support; able to hold those up when they're feeling down/worn out
  • Keith and Pidge: Action; make the biggest and most risky moves when it has to do with something they truly believe in
  • Shiro: Thoughtful; never takes in account only himself, always wanting the best for absolutely everyone involved

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I love Lena's first outfit and makeup too but don't you think that sometimes it makes her look older? And not just older than Lena but even older than Katie? Maybe that's just me because I prefer when she wears light makeup and lipstick, you know, a natural look? She looks so good like that, like she did in Medusa, especially the first scene, her hair down is the best. I think she looked the youngest when she was kidnapped and that's her most casual outift so far. We need more of that too.

Looking at the look from the premiere I would have to agree. The makeup does make her look a little older. Though I mean it makes Lena look older than 24. I don’t think it makes Katie look older, if that makes sense. Katie does have 10 years on Lena after all.

Her first look in Crossfire is a close, and I mean very close second. I could easily be swayed to make it my number one.

Her make up is a bit lighter here and I think that plus the wavy hair gives her a more… youthful look? I’ll go with that. And that pencil skirt? Ahem….

Had to give you all a look. You know, for science.

I will never get how Oliciters mindlessly hate Katie for the stupidest shit.

I spoke to an Oliciter once who said they had no respect for Katie because when they met her at a con Katie “seemed like she didn’t wanna be there and showed up late so why did she bother going, and Katie has previously cancelled apperances claiming “work obligations” but then was spotted at a beach.“

Okay…..let’s fucking think about this as logical fucking people for a second:

1) a lot of celebrities are contractually obligated to attend x amount of cons annually. Katie already does more than most, which suggests that she chooses to do extra on top of her contracted number (if she even has a contracted number because not everyone does and i have no way of knowing). So, Katie goes out of her way to attend events and interact with fans far more so than many others. If Katie does in fact have a contractual obligation, she may HAVE to go to cons even if she isn’t feeling up to it on that given day.

2) Katie has previously spoken out about the vast amount of hate she receives on Twitter, and how she is reluctant to check her social media comments. She’s now a spokesperson for an anti bullying charity as a result. There are even screenshots of oliciters @‘ing her with hate on Twitter only to immediately follow up those tweets with “this bitch blocked me”. Oliciters on twitter gathered together and laughed about how they lined up at cons to ask Katie about the “new” canary just to try and “drag her”. You have no idea what was said/done to her at that con, when she’s surrounded by people who hate her unjustly.

3) Katie is not just an actress. Her work obligations could be related to her tomboykc fashion blog/company or her charity work with animal adoption or cyber bullying. Since cons require out of state travel, a work obligation could be something as small as a quick interview/audition, which might only take a few hours of her day. If she has an interview/audition before lunch, that leaves her afternoon free. Whereas cons are weekend long, plus travel time. Just because she is seen having down time instead of being at a con, that doesn’t mean no work was done that day.

4) Katie has previously attended a con the day after being hospitalized and stayed hours afterwards signing free autographs to make up to fans for the day she missed.

And most importantly 5) Katie is a human being. She has a right to feel however she feels and doesnt owe anybody shit. She’s entitled to make mistakes and be in a bad mood and not feel well and sleep late or what the fuck ever. And these oliciters judge her based on her mood/actions for 30 seconds as if they’ve never been grumpy or gone to work when they didnt want to, or taken a day for themselves or what the fuck ever. Celebrities aren’t display pieces that exist just to act how you want them to and pose for your photos. Jfc.

And I just think it’s so fucking hypocritical that these Oliciters tried to actively “prove” Katie was lying about her injury when she missed one day of a con, but they all just take it on blind faith about Emily’s “anxiety”. I have an anxiety disorder. I know it’s difficult. I sympathize with Emily. Yes, I find it suspect that the few cons she does attend include SDCC which is the largest and therefore theoretically the MOST anxiety inducing, but I don’t know how her contract works and it also makes sense that she would be obligated to attend the largest cons at least, so I can believe that.

But it really drives me up a wall that these Oliciters hate and pick apart everything that Katie does, but we all know that if Emily did loads of cons and then skipped out on one or was in a bad mood, they would bend over backwards to defend her. And it’s like????? You can’t have one rule for one and another rule for another???? That’s not how it works???? Y'all aint slick.

Rider Challenge #4: Make A Friend

[ @starsfelllikerain and I are collaborating and have chosen to set our stories in the 90′s. Most entries just share events but this one we co-wrote. You can find her version here[i’ll insert a link when she posts it lol]. Also, I’ve decided to do mine in the style of the Katie and the Mustang series, with having a bit from my capall’s perspective at the beginning of each chapter. He’ll be talking about the chapter before, so they won’t make much sense out of order] @thescorpioracesfestival

It is much too early in the morning when the King comes to wake me. Except that I’m already awake. There’s been a high wind all night, and it keeps banging every loose bit of the barn that there is. I’m feeling out of sorts and tired, and we don’t have a very good run, but he doesn’t complain. He doesn’t want to be out here either. I don’t see him the rest of the day, until he comes to feed me that night. He’s more loaded down with charms than usual. It means he’s going out catching.This is the thing I like least about this King of mine. He pulls my brothers and sisters from the sea and ties them down, but he’s not the king of them. He gives them away to others. And that does not feel right in my bones.

Catching the cat isn’t the hard part. She’s in pain and it’s her shoulder that’s hurt so she runs rather lopsided, and pretty halfheartedly. She looks very thin and screams at us when we wrap her up in an old towel, more to tell us, I think, “This hurts a lot!” than to say, “Stop touching me!” Though I am not a cat whisperer so it might have been both.

Anyway, holding her down while Aggy cleans out the wound is the hard part, and it smells. You’d think I’d be used to gross things and their smells but the smell of puss always gets to me. By the time we are done with her, Aggy and I are both covered in puffy red scratches, and the cat is exhausted. Aggy gives her some water, makes a towel nest for her by the wood stove, and then pours peroxide over both our arms and it stings like anything. Then we make some tea and sip it on the front stoop, because with the afternoon sun shining, it’s actually almost warm out here, which is incredible for October.

After awhile I ask Aggy, “So, would you want to go to school?”

She shrugs. “Probably not honestly. I’d get bored.”

I’m not one-hundred percent sure she’s giving me an honest answer though, so I sip my tea for a moment and then say, “Pop question. What would you do if you won the races?”

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A rant about the Twilight Sparkle Micro Comic

(Special thanks to Kyleboy21 for coloring the pages)

Now I’m usually not one to toot my horn and I’m definitely the first to say I’m no Andy Price, but I can tell that I put a lot more effort and attention into my drawings than Thomas Zahler did (luckily it doesn’t look like he’ll be working on any pony comics any time soon).

Click the read more button for me pointing out the problems with each panel in detail and how I fixed them.

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Trying to make sense of nonsense

So it’s been over a week since Arrow killed off Laurel Lance, the Black Canary, and despite reblogging a lot of posts and voicing my annoyance, it has been difficult for me to actually write a coherent piece trying to make sense out of this nonsense.

 It’s hard for me to decide what annoys me the most about the whole Laurel death. Is it the fact that she was not given a hero’s death despite Guggenheim talking about it being earned?, or the fact that on her death bed she is shipping 0l1c1+y?, or maybe it is the fact that Katie only finds out about her character getting killed off when they are shooting episode 16?, or Marc’s attempts to reduce our outrage to Lauriver shipping and asserting that her story reached a creative plateau?, or how about the fact that her only storyline this year was resurrecting Sara, which almost undid her character growth?. 

Actually, I think my anger stems from the fact that these writers have consistently treated the actress and character with disrespect from the very beginning, so it is not surprising that her death reflected that. Someone wrote a post on the many deaths of Laurel criticizing the writer’s spin on the GA/BC romance. While I do not appreciate the bashing of Arrow’s Black Canary, I have to admit that turning the second most iconic female Justice Leaguer into the civilian love interest was one of the biggest injustices done to the character, especially when they decided to add sister swapping into the mix. Then the audience said there was no chemistry so her character got penalized by becoming an alcoholic and drug addict while Oliver’s mistake got excused and justified by the writers. Suddenly, she was blamed for Oliver cheating on her with Sara because Laurel called the cops on Sara, who was framed as his female counterpart in every way. 

By the time the show got around to making her Black Canary, Marc is liking comments calling Felicity the female lead (she will never be in my eyes), 0l1c1+y is the primary focus of the show, she is  being given the Canary Cry on The Flash but it is never explained on Arrow, and pivotal scenes that would have shown her growth in Team Arrow end up on the cutting room floor. I hoped her exclusion would end after season 3 but I was wrong. 

 TPTB had promised Laurel fans that they will be happy in season 3 so at least we were not duped in Season 4 but the disrespect given to her this year started before that stupid grave scene. There was the controversial board  that had every cast member but Katie’s, the constant shilling of OTA and 0l1c1+y, and the writers reblogging fan art excluding her. So with the lack of a storyline for her except Sara’s resurrection,  five minutes of screen time, her glaring absence in the Flash crossover, not getting a mention in Mericle’s interviews. I started being afraid that she could be in the grave. Still I hoped they wouldn’t be so stupid.

As much as I hate the paps who leaked it, I am glad they revealed the death ahead of time so I stopped watching the show. I probably would have been angrier than I am right now. Did the Black Canary really have to die as a punishment for her father betraying Damien Dhark, instead of dying protecting someone?. Was it necessary to have her last words be about her being a defeated or failed love interest, instead of her growth as a character?. What is Guggenheim even talking about when he says her story had plateaued and that they had to pay off the grave scene in the first episode?. This is a character with years of history in the comic books. Even though it was obvious that she was no longer going to be the love interest, there were many directions her character could go. She was yet to have a personal villain so giving her one would have been a good way to show her character growth and add more “pop” than death. They could have explored the contradictions of working inside and outside the law. With a villain as a mayor, we could have seen her rethink her career path, and whether she preferred vigilante justice even if it meant her leaving her friends and family behind. I mean, we saw her connect with Nyssa and will see her with Vixen, so why not have her leave town and work with them. Hell, an organic canary cry might have created story lines for her since she would have had to learn to control her powers and exercise restraint. Come to think of it, her tech Canary Cry could have had her dealing with the control of her “powers”, and when to use restraint. The excuse that they have reached a creative plateau just does not make sense at all.

Why the show needed a death to revitalize interest in the show is beyond me. They said they were going for a lighter season so why kill someone off. This problem is not just limited to Arrow but seems to be an irritating trend in television these days. I don’t know if it is because of Game of Thrones or Walking Dead but apparently the death of a character has become an alternative to character development. I believe an article cited five character deaths in the same week, all of them women, including Abbie Mills, the lead character of Sleepy Hollow (there is no way the show is escaping cancellation). Character deaths may seem edgy and bring the sense of stakes but when done as a gimmick or handled poorly, you get absurdities like the death of Laurel Lance. Guggenheim’s interviews have shown that it was done for shock value, and probably because he assumed she was the least popular so there will be minimal backlash. He didn’t count on the fact that viewers were warming up to her, or that we will see through him. If there is anything I have liked about the death is the backlash the show is receiving for this stunt. The episode got low ratings, a lot of viewers were pissed off and are contemplating dropping the show. Critics panned the death scene, even those who seemed to be anti-Laurel. Given how TPTB sabotaged the character from the start, I am not surprised her death was also handled with minimal care for the character, the actress and her fans. I am just happy that people are finally realizing what has always been a writing problem.

A lot of fans blamed Katie for Laurel’s lack of popularity, calling her a bad actress or a bad person that is difficult to work with. While there might be truth to Katie not being the writer’s choice, everything I see from her tells me she is a professional and classy person who does well with what she has been given, and tries to exude positivity even though it must be demoralizing to sign up to be lead actress, only to have everything taken from her. On the other hand, Guggenheim and the other writers have shown little professionalism and class. Ask a question about Laurel on Tumblr, and he either turns it into a shipping question or makes a comment that can potentially instigate fandom wars. Then he uses Katie’s classy tweet to wag his fingers at her fans. He claims to never take story ideas from the internet but 0verw@tch, the Fern video, and the Quentin and Donna relationship easily refute his claims. Writers calling people bozos for not liking 0l1c1+y, and making Laurel’s death about Felicity, despite the two spending little time together tell me that they are unprofessional and tone deaf so it is not surprising it shows in the writing. Despite viewers citing season 3 as the beginning of the decline in quality, Slade’s motivation and Moira’s mayoral candidacy are but two examples of the decline beginning in season 2. It is no wonder poor writing has become the norm in season 4.

Some people have tried to oppose Laurel fans for voicing our displeasure, with Stephen telling us we are making a mistake for quitting the show but truth be told, we Laurel fans have been suffering since the show started, and despite being excited when she became Black Canary, “disappointed but not surprised” soon became a common sentiment in our side of the fandom. There really is not much to keep us as viewers. The  writing has declined, Marc’s attitude is off-putting, they could barely respect the Black Canary when alive or on her death bed, so why should anyone expect her to be treated with respect when she is in the grave, and the people who screamed OTA also called for her death so seeing OTA will always leave a bad taste in my mouth. I guess I should be happy Black Siren is on the table but I need to see how she is handled on The Flash first. Last year, she was handled so well that a reviewer was forced to rethink their opinion on Katie’s acting. The way she is handled there will inform my watching of her subsequent appearances in the Legends of Flarrowverse. That said, I can’t see myself watching Arrow whether they bring Laurel back or not. I hope the people who declared they were done actually put their money where their mouth is. Maybe the show’s loss of viewers and ratings will make TPTB rethink the way they treat an actress, her characters and her fans.

Vanity Fair: Our 49 Favorite Things About Taylor Swift’s 1989

Taylor Swift’s fifth album—which, as has been (very) widely reported and commented upon, marks her first full-fledged “pop album”—is now upon us. And now that we’ve listened to 1989 in its entirety (three bonus tracks and three voice memos, included) many, many times, we have compiled the following list of our favorite moments, themes, lyrics, and other related material from this latest chapter of The Taylor Swift Story. 

— The pen-clicking sound at the end of the chorus of “Blank Space.”

— None of the songs, seemingly, are about John Mayer, meaning we don’t have to again contemplate the Mayer-Swift “relationship.”

— The chorus of “How You Get the Girl” is going to sound really good scoring some inescapable makeup commercial this winter.

— “Wildest Dreams” sounds like the song version of a Lana Del Rey spec script, but, somehow, this is more endearing than anything else, coming from Swift (in the way most artists attempt, at one time or another, to mimic/emulate their slightly older idols/contemporaries).

— Despite initial skepticism, “Welcome to New York” has grown on us significantly. (Full disclosure: we were out of the state for the past 10 days, and found ourselves responding much more favorably to the song’s weirdly sanitized, easy-breezy depiction of the city when we were not within it ourselves. By the time we got off our flight late Sunday night, bleary-eyed, greeted with some large red-block “WELCOME TO NEW YORK” signage at J.F.K., it took pretty much all our remaining strength to not Instagram a picture of it captioned, “It’s been waiting for me,” with an un-ironic smiley-face emoji.)

— “ARE WE IN THE CLEAR YET GOOD” (from the end of the chorus of “Out of the Woods”).

— We can report from personal experience that “Shake It Off” is an almost criminally good wedding party song.

— “Bad Blood” makes us want to run through the streets knocking over trash cans (in a (very) good way).

— The repeated, yelped “stay” in “All You Had to Do Was Stay.”

— The way she pronounces “white T-shirt” and “tight little skirt” in the chorus of “Style.”

— The way she pronounces “tall” and “hell” in “Wildest Dreams.”

— The album is extremely cohesive: all the songs are clearly of a piece. It’s almost like she wrote a thesis statement on a whiteboard (you know she has a whiteboard) two years ago (“I moved to New York and I’m single and I like to work out and crop tops are cool!”) and derived all of the songs from there.

— That we are pretty sure she started consistently wearing a red lip this summer only so the “red lip” lyric in “Style” would track.

— The way she dressed the entire summer, and during the promotion of this album, was also extremely consistent and appealing—it always looked like she had put some thought into what she was wearing, but less in a “try hard” way, and more in the manner of the coolest senior girl, when you were a freshman in high school, who always appeared immaculately put-together.

— The lyric “the monsters turned out to be just trees,” from “Out of the Woods” (which, we would feel confident betting, at least 50 people have already gotten tattooed on their bodies).

— That we now have Gchat fodder for the next three weeks, at a minimum

— That we imagine Lorde emailed Taylor something like, “Hey tay, do you think I could get I Know Places for the hunger games soundtrack I’m putting together???,” and Taylor wrote back a super-thoughtful e-mail, declining, which Lorde never responded to, but which she couldn’t even be mad about because Taylor’s e-mail was really on point and courteous and prompt.

— The use of the unusual “ex-man” and “ex-lover” in “Shake It Off” and “Blank Space,” respectively, which makes us never want to use the word “ex-boyfriend” again.

— The spoken-word “hella good hair” from “Shake It Off” (we can’t help it, it charms us).

— That everyone we have spoken with thought she was singing “Starbucks lovers” in the chorus of “Blank Space,” before realizing it’s “long list of ex-lovers.”

— That everyone we’ve spoken with seems to have a different list of “fave songs.”

— The self-awareness/wit of “Blank Space” (a lot of these are about “Blank Space,” huh? Well, it’s really good!).

— That Harry Styles (the ostensible subject of a lot of these songs) seems like the kind of dude who probably doesn’t even realize this album has been released.

— That one of the bonus tracks is titled “Wonderland,” which means that—let this sink in—there has never, in fact, been a Taylor Swift song called “Wonderland” before this point, which is very hard to believe and reminds us all to never make assumptions about anything.

— That this promo cycle has led Swift to create, and consistently update, her (truly amusing) Tumblr.

— That she decided to share three voice memos from the recording process of the album.

— That the memos indicate that, when she initially floated the ideas for these songs to producers, they were very (to a semi-shocking extent) close to what would end up being their final forms.

— The Nelly joke she makes on the “Blank Space” voice memo.

— That—whereas most people spend the weeks after a breakup turning off their phones and mainlining television shows they don’t even like—Swift spent the immediate aftermath of the Styles breakup writing and recording the winning “All You Had to Do Was Stay.”

— This Kelly Clarkson cover of “Shake It Off.” 

— That you can tell she actually had fun filming the “Shake It Off” music video(this can not be said about a lot of recent pop-music videos).

— The way she touches her head while singing “I remember” at the 3:14 minute mark of this performance.

— The way she peers out at her fans from inside her shower at the 1:46 minute mark of this video.

— That “New Romantics” would be track No. 4, rather than a bonus track, on pretty much any other 2014 pop star’s album.

— The lyric “Boys and boys and girls and girls” from “Welcome to New York.”

— The lyric “Cause you know I love the players / and you love the game” from “Blank Space.”

— That there is at least someone out there who thinks she is talking about James Deen, the porn star, not James Dean, in the chorus of “Style.”

— That we are incapable of not singing along to the beginning of the chorus of “This Love” (“This love is good / this love is bad”) and its nursery rhyme-ocity makes us smirk every time.

— That the “move the furniture so we could dance” line from “Out of the Woods” reminds us of the transcendent “we’re dancing around the kitchen in the refrigerator light” section of Red’s “All Too Well.”

— That the “foxes” reference in “I Know Places” makes us think of the fox sweater she wore when she was dating Styles, hands down the best thing to come out of that relationship.

— That the album isn’t on Spotify (yes, this is definitely frustrating, in a logistical sense, but isn’t the fact that Beyoncé and Swift are powerful enough to shun Spotify sort of über-glamorous?).

— That, somehow, “Bad Blood,” which is (almost definitely) about a very unrelatable, specific situation related to Katy Perry (Perry stole her dancers for her arena tour!) is perhaps the most wholly relatable track here.

— That Katy Perry is almost definitely going to tweet an awkward response to “Bad Blood” within the next week.

— That, for a fun game, you can imagine that any (or all) of the songs on this album are about Karlie Kloss.

— That the (non-deluxe) album ends with a song called “Clean,” which just seems so Swift it hurts.

— That we feel very confident Imogen Heap and Swift had a seven- to nine-minute discussion about scented candles during the recording of “Clean.”

— That, for the rest of our lives, no one will have to use their phones to look up how old Taylor Swift is, when someone asks at a dinner party.

— That the foreward in the liner notes ends with the phrasing, “From the girl who said she would never cut her hair or move to New York or find happiness in a world where she is not in love … ,” which makes us want to start over Sex and the City from the beginning.

— That it would no doubt annoy Swift that this list includes 49 items, instead of 13 or 89, and that we, somehow, never having, you know, actually met her in person, feel we “know her” well enough to know this.


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Pearl is so ridiculous though (and I say that in the most lovable way because she's my baby) but her scene in we need to talk is so funny to me. When she's messing with greg and she's kind of posing and dancing? It reminded me of secret team when she dances while she's leaving. One of the things that makes me love her I guess.

ah, this is true. She has a tendency to do a lot of seemingly unnecessary flourishes and movements, generally either when she’s upset or happy. Just a burst of emotion translated as a movement or something. Like a focusing action. Or just a Peal thing to do, it just… makes sense for her. Its just like “yea, of course she’d do that”

I think this and “Secret Team” are the episodes where the habit is most used (like, specifically, both are during arguments) and they’re boarded by the same team (Hilary & Katie) so that seems to be something they like to utilize 

in anycase, its great and I love it.

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Lmao people are trying sooo hard to make what Lucas says to Katy about Maya a R*cus thing. What Lucas said to Katy had absolutely NOTHING to do with Riley. It was all about Maya and how she gets her best parts from her mother. How does Lucas being sweet to Katy mean he's buttering her up bc he's about to reject her daughter? That makes literally no sense. Whether they want to believe or accept it or not is irrelevant, that moment with Katy was 200000% a Lucaya moment. There's no way around it.

Well, and to me: the MOST notable thing about it is that he’s basically saying “oh hey, when Maya cared so much about me not getting hurt in Texas that even Riley was able to spot how she really felt? She learned that from you, her mother.” aka not Riley. Those feelings Maya showed in Texas? All her own, and she learned them from her mom. Nothing to do with Riley. Because if they HAD come from Riley, then the girls’ behavior in Texas 1 wouldn’t have been so very, very different.

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Favorite food?
Baka: Mayonnaise.
SM: Chicken Rice

Most unforgettable anime?
Baka: Gintama
SM: One Piece

Do you like Yaoi?
Baka: YES I DO. :‘D 
SM: HELL YEAH I DO OF COURSE, I am a proud Fujoshi!

Are you a fan of KNB? if you are which one do you ship the most Kagakuro or Akakuro)
Both: Nope we are not fans of KNB.

Favorite manga?
Baka: Koukou Debut
SM: Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle

Least favorite anime?
Baka: Trinity Blood. (Oh god why.jpg did I even watch)

Shark or whale?
SM: Whale cause it won’t try to eat me.

Favorite band?
Baka: the GazettE
SM: 東方神起/TVXQ, when it is the five of them, but i still support them even though it is 3 & 2 now. :’)

Favorite song?
Baka: Roar by Katy Perry but it is GLEE version
SM: Now is it Hikari e by miwa

What do you hate the most?
Baka: People whom are always late.
SM: Arrogant, disgusting, smelly, irritating, judging & no common sense people.

What makes you happy?
Baka: Sleeping.
SM: When i get to do AAMQ quotes with Admin Baka. HAHAHA. (>3<)