when josh smiles i smile


People were really happy to see Ted happy after all this time. He’s probably suffered the most of all the characters on the show. He’s been punched around literally and figuratively, and I think there was some relief seeing him happy and with a person who loves his jokes and got his weird things because she has her own weird things. It’s just the happiness of someone you care about. I think that speaks to something really nice. That people care about him, they care about the show and want him to be okay.
- Josh Radnor


I’ve never seen a band that put on shows like these guys do. The amount of energy and love in the room is phenomenal, and it never changes with each different venue they play in. I could never get sick of going to their shows.

Twenty One Pilots | Glasgow 02 | 4/11/15 | show #5.


Ted x The Mother: Not-on-the-lips kisses

Lost Love//Tyler Joseph

Tragic college Ty/lost love kinda thing excites me tbh

It excites my tear ducts


4 Years Earlier

               “What if you forget about me? I don’t want to lose my bestest lady friend.” Tyler pouted, pushing his bottom lip out to extraordinary lengths. He had no intention of holding Y/N back from college, even if it was abroad studying. Like who wouldn’t want to study in another country? That would be cool.

               “I won’t! This is just one of my many adventures throughout this world. You sir, are going to be visiting me at some point during my education—I will be counting down the days until you’re there with me.” She smiled, god was she beautiful. Tyler couldn’t help but feel a warmth in his chest. The way her eyes reflected the sun in such a way that they glowed, her adorable clumsy habits, and how her heart reached out to mend Tyler’s fragile one. God he was going to miss her. “Jeez Ty, boo. You’re going to make me cry and I’m not leaving for another week.” Her voice choked up as she held her arms out. Tears slowly making their way down her cheeks. Tyler, shaking like a leaf reached out and held her tightly. Refusing to cry with her—whether it be some “I need to be strong for her” cliché, or refusing to let tears make the situation real, Tyler didn’t shed a tear.

               “I love you Y/N.” Tyler whispered, pressing his face into her hair. God he wish he heard it back.


               3 Years Earlier

               “Hey Boo!” Y/N laughed into the camera, causing Tyler to laugh softly to himself at the weird nickname. “So I heard the stuff you sent me. You are a poet with an angels voice, you know that?” When Tyler shook his head, cheeks burning Y/N continued. “Don’t play the “oh I suck. My voice sounds pre-puberty. Ew. I can’t write. No. You Tyler Joseph are a gift to this world!” She giggled, brushing her hair behind her ear. “So enough of your number one fan over here. How’s everything else been?”

               “Uh, the same really.” Tyler smirked. “Unlike you, I am not studying abroad. I am stuck in good ol’ Columbus until I save up enough to come see my best friend.” Truth is, Tyler lost his job last week. The company, being a local business and was losing money and had to cut some people. “I’ve been picking up extra shifts. Should have enough soon.” The smile his words caused her made Tyler’s heart ache. Wishing he would actually be on track to see her.


               2 and a Half Years Earlier

               “I hate it! I hate this fucking place, these stupid people. I want to come home.” Y/N whimpered that night on Skype. Tyler merely sat and listened, wiping the tears off his cheeks as they fell. “I can’t believe people would say that about someone. Everyone on campus things I’m some stupid American whore. I have no friends, school is hard. I barely know way around, I am still trying to figure out the currency. Bring me home.”

               “You know I wish I could. But you’re strong Y/N, you can do this. Only a little bit longer.” Tyler felt fear when she looked up, anger boiling deep in her eyes.

               “Only a little longer until you have the money to see me? Come visit like you promised. I was holding out waiting for you to say that you booked a flight. You were the one thing that could fix this and you still don’t have enough! You’re a liar Tyler, go away.” Though Tyler knew she didn’t mean those last words, they still hurt pretty damn badly.


               1 Year Earlier

               “Go home man, you’ve been up and working on this non-stop for what? 3 days!” Josh urged, trying to pry his friend’s fingers off the keyboard. Tyler’s eyes were well past bloodshot from the lack of sleep and staring at a screen for hours on end. “Tyler.” Josh groaned, continuing to fight the lanky boy.

               “No. I need this to be perfect. She has to know that I worked to see her. I need the money.” Tyler whimpered, fingers still working, despite Josh’s attempts to get him to stop. “I miss her.” Tyler whimpered, his fingers finally stopping. “I miss her so much.” Tyler sobbed, biting his lip to keep anymore from coming out.

               “I have no idea what’s going on, but I’m here man.” Josh whispered before wrapping his arms tightly around his friend, ignoring the heart wrenching sobs from Tyler. Knowing that if he tried speaking now, things would just get worse.


               Present Time

               “Josh, you’re late!” Tyler called from one side of the bus, eyes never leaving his phone. Josh said he’d be back 20 minutes ago. “What took you so long dude?” Tyler looked up, breath hitching in his throat when his eyes met a pair of familiar ones.

               “You said it yourself Boo. I’m pretty hard to find in a crowd.” She smiled, god that smile. Tyler’s chest went warm, arms went weak. Cliché Tyler thought: This is what true love felt like.

               “We were stomping her grounds so I thought I’d give it a shot. You weren’t kidding when you said the girl lived for Café’s.” Josh laughed, hoisting himself into his bunk to “give you two some privacy”.

               “Why didn’t you tell me? Back then. I would’ve understood Tyler.” She sat down on the couch, facing Tyler. Grabbing at his hands with her own. “I missed you so much since that night. Every time I went on Skype to call you I realized just how badly I messed up.” Y/N took a deep breathe. “I know things won’t be perfect between us. I just want to retry our friendship. I miss my boo.” She gnawed at her lip, waiting for Tyler’s response.

               “So, whats the best café in town?” Tyler laughed, standing from the couch and holding his hand out to Y/N. Smile going from ear to ear—“Remind me to thank Josh when I get back.” Tyler smiled, looking over at the beautiful smiling face he missed so much.


“scott, it’s me.”

Lane Boy? I think you meant smiley bean puts on the floral thing