when jack will grow up he will be just as handsome as his father

FP x Reader: Lonesome Bodies

Warnings: none
Requested: yes, this is a continuation to “Indecent
A/N: so I received a lot of prompts surrounding the idea that was brought up in “Indecent”, however I didn’t want to do 100 different versions so instead of picking just one, I just did my own original prompt.

Read the prequel, Indecent, here.

*your POV*

It’s been three months to the day since I was brought home by FP. To his home, now our home. The smell of cigarette smoke and alcohol was burned into the walls and now my nostrils as well. FP himself smelled of musk, an overwhelming sign of power in his eyes. It was a “manly scent” he claimed, and the more his colleagues and enemies could pick up his masculinity, the better off as a leader he thought he was.

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Fic: “I Choose Us...” (1/1)

A Chris Evans x OFC Fanfic

Summary: Chris and Natalia go on their first date night following the events of Fix You
language, slight angst, sexual content
: Thanks for reading! xx


Chris let out a nervous breath, a cloud releasing from his mouth from the cold January air. Picking up his wife of twenty years for dinner shouldn’t have been as nerve wracking as it was, but this was their first night out together in what felt like forever, something that their marriage counselor had suggested to reconnect.

Over the years, date night had been a constant in their relationship; something that kept the magic alive. But, like every couple could relate to at one time or another, a growing family meant additional responsibilities, and taking time for themselves had somehow become scarce.

In an attempt to shake off the nerves, Chris puffed out another breath and rolled his shoulders back. Another ten whole seconds ticked by before he mustered up the courage and ascended the porch steps, one at a time. Once he got to the door that needed a new paint job, he respectively rang the bell rather than using his keys, clutching the bouquet of flowers in his tight grip.

Immediately, without fail, he heard the dog barking, followed by the sound of nails scratching across the floorboards. The door swung open seconds later and Chris prepared himself for the unavoidable attack.

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As a (cautious) romantic and being very familiar with Genndy Tartakovsky’s works, I gotta say this: this is probably THE best love story he has ever written so far. Maybe in entirety. Because I think back to the relationships he’s done from his past works and there are somewhere I would tolerate it, and there are somewhere I would be all like, “WTF?!”
Dexter’s Lab: Mandark/Dee Dee was okay, they had some pretty cute moments, but the most screwed up relationship of all was Monkey/Honeydew because it was straight up bestiality. On freaking, kids show no less. I thought it was pretty okay when I was a kid, but looking back now… *shudder* What, no human man (or woman) would satisfy an attractive secret agent?! So she had to become a furry?! At least I find Monkey/female Quackor to be much better because they were both animals (even though Genndy apparently wasn’t involved for that episode). Oh, and did you know that a full-grown female teacher had the hots for Dexter at one point? Pedophilia mixed in with bestiality. Nice.  
Sym-Bionic Titan: Octus/Kimmy was okay, but I found it problematic due to the fact that 1) he was a robot from a different planet and she was just a regular human, and 2) she might get in the way of him fighting off monsters - or even have those monsters use her against him. She’s going to find out about his secret someday, and I doubt the end result is going to be pretty. On the same note, I’m glad, so glad Genndy never went to the romance route with Lance and Ilana and wanted them to stay as friends. (Though that can be contributed to me finding Lance attractive at the time…) I felt like Lance and Ilana were too different to be romantically compatible, and the princess-bickering-with-her-knight-dynamic never really appealed to me. At the same time though, I wasn’t too keen on them getting Earthling love interests (for similar reasons such as Octus/Kimmy) - plus, I find the goth girl to be too similar with Lance right down to being black-haired, emo, and almost as tall as him. (But what the hell, I’d imagine him being with a girl who was at least his own race and is kinda in the middle in terms of looks & personality, whereas Ilana and the goth girl would be polar opposite ends. But that’s another topic I’m not going to babble about.)  
Hotel Transylvania: Ohhhh boo yay…. where to begin with this god-awful movie? ZINGZINGZINGZINGYOUONLYZINGONCEANDITSFOREVER- BLEGH! Stupid love-at-first-sight trope. That’s what it is. You tell me Jack/Ashi was rushed with severe age gap and I’m gonna give you Mavis/Johnny. She’s 118, he’s in his 20s; she could chronologically pass off as his great-great-grandmother. They literally saw each other once and immediately fell in love. That’s it. That’s really it. No getting to know each other, just one look and BAM. It’s enough for Frozen’s Elsa to be concerned about it if she were in that movie. Hell, Mavis’ dad also met a vampire and immediately fell in love right away! And personally, Johnny was a shitty character; he was stupid, obnoxious, overly hyperactive, and he wasn’t handsome. He’s the complete opposite of Jack and Lance and not in a good way. Mavis could’ve done so much better, too bad she had to stay with the dumbass and grow a family.  
But with Samurai Jack… I could literally tell that Genndy put in far more effort with this than what he did with Hotel Transylvania. Not just about everything he’s done in the season so far, but the way he has developed the Jack/Ashi relationship. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a couple in his works that started out as bitter enemies only to turn into allies and eventually lovers later on. I had some reservations during the first 5 episodes, but that was mainly because the fandom couldn’t decide whether it was to be a platonic/father-daughter relationship or romantic one. But after watching Episode 6, I was fully convinced they were going to the romantic route. I’d imagine Jack, who suffered 50 years worth of depression, hallucinations, and suicidal thoughts would have a strong emotional response to Ashi saving his life. Genndy was definitely giving us hints as way back as Episode 3 (deer scene), and I’m glad he didn’t go to the “ZINGZINGLET'FALLINLOVEATFIRSTSIGHT” bullshit like he did with HT. So props to him for giving development, in spite of all the constricted amount of episodes he was given.

The Six Swans fairytale au featuring shardo. long post undercut

  • so lardo has six brothers and they’re all children of a far away and small kingdom. unfortunately their stepmother framed them so that they were exiled and cursed them so that the brothers were turned into swans who can only turn back into humans for one day in a year. 
  • in fairytales if you curse someone you gotta have a way to break the curse and you gotta tell that to someone. it’s a Folklore Thing. so the evil queen tells lardo that she has to make six shirts out of nettles within seven years, and also she can’t make a single sound within those seven years
  • the thing is that nettles are awful. they’re literal stinging plants. but carrie, you might ask, there are varieties of nettles that don’t sting, maybe lardo used those kind? nah child it’s a fairytale you gotta feel pain when breaking curses. the nettle that lardo uses are the common type that has hollow stinging hairs, and she has to harvest them barehanded.
  • but lardo is nothing if not determined, so first she sets out to learn how to make nettle yarn. she learns to card, to spin, to knit. then comes the tough part. she has to harvest the nettles with her bare hands. it stings and its painful, but she clenches her jaw and refuses to let a sound of pain out from her mouth
  • it’s not just her hands that are raw, her entire arms are raw and stinging and bleeding. she’s a princess, she’s not used to this kind of rough work, and her soft skin quickly turned tough with scars and callouses
  • lardo has a schedule, she harvests nettles, dries them, cards them and twists them into thread. and when she’s waiting for the nettles to grow she’s accumulated a whole bunch of thread and she starts knitting the shirts. that’s her favorite time of the year because it meant she didn’t have to plunge her hand into stinging nettles
  • during her fifth year, the prince of a neighboring kingdom travels through the place of her exile. he’s immediately drawn to the silent princess who spends her days knitting and painting. he knows that she’s princess larissa of his neighboring kingdom. she doesnt speak to anyone, not even prince Shitty, but he falls in love with her immediately.
  • he starts visiting her often in order to see her, and talks to her and tries to make her laugh. sometimes he manages to make her shake in silent laughter and her lips stretch in a wide smile. 
  • they learn to communicate with glances, and shitty’s own loquaciousness made up for larissa’s silence. he learns her expressions when she’s upset, when she wants him to speak, when she’s angry. slowly, lardo falls in love with shitty too, and when he proposes to her she nods and lets him kiss her and take her back to his kingdom.
  • lardo’s miserable. 

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Writing Prompts #28 & #46: Chivalry

Hey peeps! I decided to not only combine these two prompts, but also make this a continuation of Prompt #30: Outburst. This could be read as a stand-alone piece, but it might make more sense if you do follow the order :)

Anyway, the prompts were requested by these two Anons: #28 “Well, this is awkward” & #46 “Can I kiss you?”. I hope you both enjoy the story! ^^

It was a year and a half since you were lucky enough to join the BAU, and Garcia wanted to celebrate it with everyone. It was a happy coincidence that it was also the weekend before Halloween, and she insisted that the entire team and their loved ones went to the party in full costume.

Your sister and husband were in town along with your niece and nephew, so you decided to ask them to join you for the celebration. Space wasn’t an issue because you were going to have the party at Rossi’s; the more, the merrier, he had told you when you asked him if you could, in fact, invite them.

The minute you arrived, you were engulfed by two tiny pairs of arms. You had babysat Henry for JJ and Will a few times, either alone or along with Reid and Garcia, and you adored him. And then, there was Jack. Technically, you hadn’t babysat for Hotch, but he had asked you to come around his house a couple of times for… friendly dinners. You and Jack had spent quite a few Sundays on the Hotchner’s couch binge watching whatever it was that he was into at the time.

‘Auntie (Y/n)!’ Henry screamed as he charged towards you.

‘(Y/n)!’ Jack said a little quieter than his friend.

You got on your knees, not caring about your jeans one bit, and hugged them with all your strength.

‘How are you, boys? Seriously, you both need to stop growing! Look at you!’ you stood and put a hand on each of their heads to emphasise your point.

‘You’re short, auntie!’ Henry said laughing.

‘I’m not!’ you retorted as you tickled him.

You then introduced your family to everyone and chatted with the team as the kids played around in Rossi’s backyard. As the adults were taking turns to keep an eye on them, you went outside after a while, not realising that Aaron was already there.

‘Hey, there,’ you greeted him again with a bigger smile this time, happy to be able to spend some time alone with him.

‘(Y/n),’ he smiled back.

‘I didn’t know you were out here. You were hiding in the shadows there, mister,’ you bumped your shoulder with his as you stood next to him, each of you with a glass of wine in hand.

‘I wanted some peace and quiet,’ he said, and you agreed with a nod. As much as you loved the people inside, they could sure get loud when tipsy. ‘You were right: you and your sister look nothing like each other.’

‘Told you,’ you replied, before taking a sip of your glass. ‘I look just like my father, while she takes after our mother. She got the better deal, if you ask me.’

‘What?’ he turned to look at you, a confused expression adorning his handsome features. He was really close to your face.

‘Well, I mean, look at her. Her face is practically perfect, whereas I got this,’ you pointed at your face with your free hand. ‘I try to cover them with make-up but, I do have quite a few scars, you know.’

‘It may not be my place to say this, but those scars only go to show how much you’ve endured. You survived everything that was thrown your way. I personally think that’s beautiful,’ he said his little speech with a bit too much intensity for his liking. He needed to be more careful in the future.


‘Hey, Jack,’ Henry’s voice interrupted your little moment. ‘Why do you call auntie (Y/n) only by her name?’

‘Because when I started doing it, both my dad and (Y/n) told me that it felt weird, so I stopped,’ the child shrugged, and they all continued playing as if nothing had happened.

You looked at each other, not knowing what to say… You had told Jack in private one afternoon when Aaron had gone out to buy groceries but, you were unaware that Aaron had done the same thing.

‘Well…,’ he started saying.

‘This is awkward,’ you finished for him.

You both started laughing nervously, unable to control it.

‘Can we talk about this… later?’ he asked you, a glimmer of hope in his eyes.

‘Absolutely. Later,’ you promised him and went inside, in need of a distraction.

Dinner was really fun, aside from the occasional eye contact between Aaron and you. Either the team knew that your friendship had somehow turned into something else these past few months, or you two were good at hiding the current tension. Knowing them… it was probably the former.

After you dropped your family off at their hotel, you turned your car around as you felt your heart start fluttering inside your chest. This is just like every other time I stayed at his house, you said inside your head to try and calm yourself. It didn’t work. You were painfully aware that this was different. This was either going to take your relationship to a whole new level, or it was going to leave you heartbroken and struggling to breathe. Perfect.

You texted Aaron to let him know that you were downstairs, so as not to wake Jack up, and he buzzed you in. You tried to even your breathing out as you made your way up in the lift, and were somewhat composed when you pushed his apartment door –he always left it open for you. You walked in and found him sitting at the kitchen table, two cups of coffee in the middle of it.

‘Hi,’ you said as you sat down and took a sip from your mug. Strong with two spoonfuls of sugar, just the way you liked it. ‘Thank you.’

‘No problem,’ he smiled and copied your initiative.

‘Is Jack already in bed?’

‘Yes, I just tucked him in. He told me to wish you a good night,’ the sentiment melted your heart; you truly had grown to love that little guy.

‘He’s such a sweetheart,’ you smiled and looked down at your hands as you held the mug a little too tightly.

‘Actually, you are,’ he declared in a whisper, as he moved from the chair in front of you to the one next to you. He took your right hand in his left one, and used the other one to lift your chin since you were still focused on the mug. ‘(Y/n), I’m sorry if what Jack said earlier made you uncomfortable in any way, I just-’

‘Aaron, please, if anything, I should be the one apologising. I was probably way out of line when I told your son not to call me “auntie”. I mean, who am I to-’

You couldn’t finish your thought because a pair of lips suddenly landed on yours, and your brain pretty much short-circuited. You lost yourself in the kiss and, soon enough, you opened your mouth to deepen it. He broke the kiss due to lack of air, and you instinctively followed his lips, prompting a smirk to appear on his face.

‘Sorry,’ he said breathily, his forehead resting on yours.

‘What for?’

‘For not asking for your permission to do that,’ you smiled at his thoughtfulness.

‘So, ask me then.’

‘Isn’t it a little too late now?’ he laughed.

‘Do you want to be chivalrous or not?’ you challenged him.

‘Fine! Fine! (Y/n), can I kiss you?’ his smile may have been small, but his eyes held so much emotion.

‘I don’t know, can you?’

You laughed at your childish joke, until he silenced you again. You could sure get used to that.

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Surrealism Pt.2 // Spencer Reid

Part 1/ Part 3/Part 4/Part 5/Part 6/Part 7/Part 8

“Hello Dr. Reid.“ 

Spencer froze as he looked at the woman who sat in front of him. She was not what he expected when he pictured an assassin. She was petite. Her short stature was given away by the sway of her feet beneath her chair as they never fully touched the floor. The chains around her ankles dragged against the ground and filled the room with an unpleasant sound. 

Her small figure was accentuated in a blush pink dress she wore, her dark hair in loose waves with flowers woven through. Her face was striking as her cheekbones appeared prominent and the light reflected off of them. She was pixie-like in all forms, appearing almost surreal to him. 

This was a woman who Spencer would have found himself admiring from far away if he had seen her at a coffee shop or bookstore. She was the type who would take his breath away as he imagined himself walking up to her and somehow charming her into a date. 

But that was not the situation he found himself in. 

Spencer cleared his throat as he sat down and placed her file in front of him. She watched him with great curiosity as he flipped through the pages.

"Lexi Kingston. Born and raised in Brooklyn. Mind telling me what your childhood was like?” Spencer asked as he finally looked up at her. Her face held a small smile as she looked at him. 

“I would rather hear it from you.”

Spencer stared at her amused look for a moment.

“I think that you were a lonely child. I think that you felt alone without your parents and your aunt and uncle took advantage of you once they realized how smart you were. So they sold you. They sent you away to be trained until you finally found your way back home. I think you killed your aunt and uncle because you resented them for turning you into what you were, but it was too late. The deed was done and you couldn’t turn back from the life you held." 

Spencer did his best to remain stoic as he watched her smile never once waver during his speech. Instead she sat back in her chair, playing with the handcuffs she found yourself in. She remained quiet for a few minutes, successfully unnerving him. 

"I think you’re absolutely right, Doctor. But you’re missing some parts,” she replied as she sat up straighter and leaned forward. 

“I killed my aunt and uncle because they were horrible people,” she said with a sigh. “Family isn’t really all that great sometimes. But you would know that, wouldn’t you?" 

Spencer frowned at her words as his mind immediately thought of his father and how little he wanted anything to do with him. 

"Hmm, Agent Hotchner had that same look when I asked how Jack was doing. It seems like you all have family issues,” she said with a small smirk. 

“You asked for me. Why?” Spencer questioned directly. 

“I wanted to meet you,” she replied simply. 

“You wanted to meet me?” Spencer repeated with a raise of his eyebrow. 

“Yes. I’ve heard quite a lot about you. I wanted to see you in action. Handsome Dr. Reid, saving people with that intellect of yours. I’ve read your books. I even attended one of your lectures just the other week,” she said with a smile. “I couldn’t help myself. I had to know if the rumors about your attractiveness were true." 

"I highly doubt that,” Spencer replied in disbelief as she smiled as if they were on a date and he had just said something that swept her off her feet. She was good at hiding her emotions, that much Spencer managed to figure out. What he couldn’t figure out was if her smile was genuine or all just a mask. 

Either way he decided he didn’t believe her. He would have noticed someone like her in the audience. His lectures never really attracted many women, much less anyone who looked like her. 

“I am only seen when I want to be seen,” she replied with a tilt of her head as she examined the man’s growing agitation with her simple explanation. 

“So that’s it? You allowed yourself to fall into prison to meet me?” Spencer asked incredulously. He couldn’t help but feel slightly flattered that she would go to such lengths but there had to be some logic behind what she had done. 

“What better way to get to you than to make you come to me?” She replied with a charming smile. Spencer felt his heart quicken at the sight as she continued to speak. This was someone he was meant to be repulsed by. Instead all he felt was curiosity.

“Besides, I’m not actually being held here,” she said with a small smirk as her handcuffs fell off of her wrists. She grinned triumphantly as Spencer immediately stood, unsure of what to expect from the woman now that her hands were no longer bound. 

“Oh sit down,” she said with a giggle, “I’m not here to hurt you." 

Spencer frowned, looking toward the two-way glass knowing well that the rest of the team was watching. After a moment passed and no one had entered, he took it as a signal to continue. He took a seat but kept his distance. 

"If I’m going to be honest, and I should be given the fact that I have you here, I’ll admit that I feel a connection to you. You were a genius child who endured relentless bullying, only to go on to Ivy League schools and end up with a job most people would kill for.”

She spoke with lightness, almost as if recounting a story she had heard long ago. As if Spencer himself had told her about his past. He frowned when she brought up the bullying. 

“Now, I’ve never been stripped naked and tied to a goal post but I’m sure that’s quite scarring,” she added with a shake of her head as she thought of the cruelty of high school. 

“How do you know that?” Spencer demanded to know. He had only ever shared that story with a select few as it wasn’t one of his finest moments. The only people who knew were standing outside of that room. 

“You have your intel, and I have mine." 

"You were trained by Russians.” Lexi nodded, not once denying what Spencer accused her of as he abruptly changed subjects. They had focused on him long enough. 

“Trained, tortured, whatever you want to call it,” she replied with a shrug. “I did it for survival. I have to admit I had the chance to start over. I went to Brown when I returned. Got a PhD in Forensic Psychology and one in Linguistics.”

“There’s none of that on file,” Spencer replied as he looked through the papers. There was nothing after the age of 15 besides her list of victims.

“That’s because I did that under a different name. Alexia O'Brien. Look it up,” she replied with a small wink. Spencer stored the name away in his memory to ask Garcia about it later. 

“You had the chance to get out and you didn’t. Why?" 

She shrugged as she slumped back into her chair. Spencer watched as she pulled her hair to one side, revealing her collarbone and smooth neck. He gulped as he finally looked up at her face. She stared back at him with a small smile and a gleam of excitement in her eyes as she noticed the young man’s wandering gaze. 

"My job is to be the bad guy. Your job is to catch them.”

The two remained silent as they observed one another. Spencer found that the woman intrigued him more than she should. Hotch was waiting for him to report back any second and yet he stayed seated, unable to tear his gaze away from her.

Lexi’s eyes held a sense of wonder as she looked at the man in front of her. He was even more good looking up close, and she could tell by his pupil dilation that there had been an instant attraction. He was nervous around her but didn’t appear scared. That was something that pleased her immesnsely.

It was a shame that the two were from such different worlds. In another universe they would have been described as soulmates. 

“Thank you for speaking with me,” Spencer finally said as he stood and grabbed his files. She smiled brightly as she clasped on the handcuffs once more. 

“It was nice to meet you Dr. Reid,” she replied with a small smirk. He nodded as he turned to leave, hesitating for a second as she spoke once more. 

“Do tell Agent Morgan to be careful. I’ve heard his name circling around,” she added with a small sigh.

“Is there a hit out for him?” Spencer demanded as he turned back to her. Her eyes widened slightly when his hands slammed down onto the table. She quickly regained her composure but Spencer had seen the small twitch. She shrugged as she returned to her cool exterior. 

“I’m not completely sure. Not just anyone will take that sort of job. There’s a probability that there’s really nothing to it,” she replied simply. Spencer frowned at the thought of his friend being a target. She recognized the look in his eyes, a look that said he needed more information. More than she could provide.

“That’s all I know,” she said sincerely before Spencer could question her further. 

“Why would you warn us?” “

“No person is all evil or all good. You’ll find I have my redeeming days,” she said with a small smirk. 

He stared at her, completely thrown off by what seemed to be genuine confidence instead of the heated ego he was accustomed to seeing from criminals who had been caught. He nodded and turned to leave, her voice ringing out one last time as he opened the door. 

 "See you soon, Spencer.“

Royalty: Chapter I

Summary: ~Prince!Dan, Soulmate AU~ Dan only has a year to get married, and his parents have arrange several balls to give him a chance to meet eligible women. The only problem is, during the first night, he meets his soulmate. And his soulmate is a boy.

A/N: I’ve been working on this for months now, and I am beyond excited to finally be showing this to you all. This phanfic will have 17 chapters in total, and I’ll be posting through the next few weeks. This is by far the longest thing I have ever written. I hope you love reading this story as much as I loved writing it! 

Word Count: 1,742

TW: None


“Father, do I really have to do this?” I whined. “I’m only twenty do I really need to find a wife? I can be king without one” my father shot my a look that told me I should really shut my mouth. I ignored it. “And what about my soulmate?” I asked. “What are the chances that I meet her tonight?”

“Daniel” he said sternly. “You know soulmates are rare. Hardly anyone finds theirs. And you only have a year until you become king, and you know that every prince must be married before he can take the throne” I pulled at the itchy fabric around my arm to look at the half sun tattoo inked on my left wrist. The tailor slapped my hands away and went back to fixing my outfit. Every person was born with an incomplete tattoo somewhere on their body, usually on the wrist, and when the two people met, their tattoos would  be completed. Very few people actually found their soulmate, some people spent their whole lives looking for them. “You can love someone who’s not your soulmate” my father continued. I obviously knew that, I was just trying to find a way to get out of this.

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Request: Start To Finish

“What does it say?” Mark asked, walking into the bathroom and standing behind his lover, kissing the side of his neck in a reassuring manner when he felt how tense the other man was.

“I-it.. It says positive..”

The air of the room became thick and Mark found it difficult to breathe, his heart beginning to pound in his chest and backing away from Jack, trying to comprehend the news he’d just heard. “S-so this means..”

Jack turned around and couldn’t help the large grin that was plastered on his face, his cheeks flushing a light red as he stared down at the test in his hands. “Yeah, heh.. I’m pregnant” The Irishman laughed gently and grinned wider.

“I’m gonna be a dad!” The older man shrieked, running toward Jack and pulling him into a tight hug, pulling him off the ground and spinning him around in an exaggerated fashion which caused Jack to laugh harder.

When he was put down, he kissed Mark hard on the lips and felt joy rise up inside him, happy to see his lover so excited to be a father. “We’re both gonna be dads..”

A month passed and Jack cursed aloud when he felt another bout of vomit escape his throat, resting his head against the toilet bowl while Mark rubbed his lower back, soothing him through his nausea.

“Mornin’ sickness fuckin’ sucks..” The younger man grumbled, pinching his brow as a wave of dizziness passed and he felt himself throw up again. Mark just sighed, kissing the back of his neck and hoping that it would pass.

His whole body was shaking and he couldn’t keep his eyes open, whenever he did, the sting of the bathroom light caused him to get dizzy and as a result, throw up again. He enjoyed being soothed by Mark though, his touch relaxing him.

He felt the American’s hands slide up his shirt and stroke at the pale skin of his waist, sliding around to rest on the small mound that he couldn’t even call a bump yet. The fingers dipped into the tender flesh and rubbed gently, causing Jack to sigh at the satisfaction it brought.

“Ya always know how t’ make me feel better..”

The older man chuckled softly and kissed his hair, guessing that his sickness must have been passing. “I think of it as my job to make you feel good, baby” Jack chuckled, leaning against Mark and allowing his hands to join Mark’s. “Yer so fuckin’ cheesy..”

Two months went by and Mark felt himself confused, currently he was meant to be greeted with the sight of Jack in bed beside him but the Irishman was nowhere to be seen. “Jack?..” He queried, sitting up and the climbing out, pulling a shirt over his head before he made his way downstairs.

The smell of food hit his nostrils and he immediately felt his stomach growl, biting down on his lip as he could only guess that his boyfriend was making breakfast.

Mark wandered into the kitchen and smiled when he realised his guess was right, coming up behind the younger man and nuzzling his nose into the softness of his hair. “What ya making?..”

Leaning back into the American’s touch, Jack looked down at the frying pan and smirked. “What do you think?” Mark glanced down and then couldn’t help but grin since he was happening to be making his favourite.

“You spoil me, McLoughlin”

The Irishman laughed and nudged him in the chest with his elbow. “Go make yerself comfy in the living room, I’ll plate our food up”

Doing as he was told, the older man walked into the room in question and collapsed on the sofa, watching as Jack entered a couple minutes later, the shirt he was wearing baggy but just enough to see the distinct outline of his stomach. Mark couldn’t deny he was getting bigger now.

He sat down beside him and handed his lover his food, Mark thanking him graciously before he started eating, only to stop when he realised what was on the Irishman’s plate. “Um babe, what the fuck are you eating?”

Stopping in his tracks, a strong blush appeared on Jack’s cheeks and he felt himself embarrassed. “Uh.. Pizza and pancakes.. With syrup” The older man snorted and rose his eyebrows in surprise.

“I know you’d get cravings but that’s just weird… And gross”

Jack laughed heartily and shrugged his shoulders. “Meh, if it tastes good t’ me. Then I’ll eat it”

They sat in silence for a couple minutes, just eating their food before Mark brought up something that had been on his mind ever since he’d found out that Jack was pregnant.

“So.. Will we ever tell them about the baby?” The Irishman froze in place and he stared at the older man as if he’d just stabbed him, putting his fork down slowly on his plate and then exhaling heavily through his nose.

“I was afraid ya were gonna ask me that..”

Mark sighed too and rubbed the back of his neck, feeling bad for mentioning it but knowing that they were eventually going to need to discuss it.

“I mean.. Yeah.. Eventually I guess. I jus’.. I don’t know Mark. It’s such a sensitive subject and I jus’ don’t know if we’d get a good reaction..” Nodding his head, the American did agree with him but knew for a fact that they couldn’t leave this too late.

He shifted closer to him on the sofa and put an arm around him, the other resting on the constantly growing bulge that was Jack’s bump. “They need to know soon, babe. Before we get exposed and don’t have a chance to say it ourselves”

Jack closed his eyes and hung his head, nodding slowly even though he didn’t really want to think about confessing right now. Not when things were going so well for them.

“C-can we wait until next month? Jus’.. I need t’ think about this..”

The month came much faster than Jack had anticipated and he found himself sat in front of a camera, Mark beside him as they readied themselves to make a vlog. He didn’t want to do this at all but he knew that Mark was right, they needed to say this themselves before someone else did.

“Top of the mornin’ t’ya laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye and today, I’m joined by the fabulous and most handsome man in the world, Markiplier!”

Mark laughed and rolled his eyes at him, greeting the camera and then turning back to Jack since he was expecting him to keep speaking but the Irishman felt himself lost for words, he just couldn’t do this.

“T-today.. We need to talk about something that me and Mark have been keepin’ a secret from ya guys fer quite a while..” He swallowed thickly, feeling a cold sweat beginning which had shivers travelling down his spine.

“We thought that we might as well address this before it becomes exposed, though I’m assuming some of you guys already know or have guessed”

The older man added, biting down on his lip as he twiddled his thumbs and waited for Jack once again. “Yeah.. The thing is that..” Jack was quick to stand, turning himself to the side in order to reveal the large mound that had now built itself to his body.

“..I’m pregnant”

Another notification cropped up on Jack’s phone and he groaned in frustration, only to hear Mark laugh as he unlocked it and opened it. “Seems like people just can’t stop congratulating you, Jack”

The spillage of his pregnancy last week had caused a phenomenon of constant messages and fanmail celebrating the reveal and Jack honestly couldn’t be happier with the response created. Though in a way, he still regretted uploading that vlog.

The last month proved to be the toughest for the Irishman. He’d never imagined that stairs would one day, become his worst enemy or that a lack of sex was actually relieving. His whole body was full of baby and ached constantly.

Back pain was a bitch, his ankles swelled uncomfortably and his ribs were pummeled by the kicks from the infant inside him. Jack found that the only times he actually found himself comfortable was when he was sat on the sofa, receiving backrubs or footrubs from Mark.

Currently, the American was kneading his thumbs into his lower back, Jack appreciating it greatly as he inhaled deeply and let out a small whine of appreciation. The older man chuckling behind him and increasing the intensity at which he kneaded at his taut muscles.

“Ya have the angels of a fuckin’ angel, Mark..” The man in question laughed and kissed his shoulder, amused by his boyfriend’s compliments. “You say that every single time I give you a backrub now”

Turning to look at him, there was a genuine grin on Jack’s face.

“Well it’s true!”

Jolted from sleep that night, Jack looked down at his stomach and cursed softly when he felt it become tight, pain striking through his abdomen and causing him to fall forward.

“Mark! Wake up!”

Jumping when he heard the Irishman yelling at him, Mark was quick sit up and his eyes bulged when he saw the state Jack was in. “Shit. Is it time?”

The younger man nodded his head and moaned loudly when the pain became much more intense, throwing his head back and feeling pressure build up uncomfortably as he knew for a fact he was going into labour.

But just as he was about to say something, he felt the rush of waters leave him and he stared down at the now soaked sheets. His water had broke.

There was no time to even get out of bed before the sensations telling him to push kicked in. “Oh fuck.. I don’t think we’re gonna get t’ the hospital.. They’re comin’ now” Mark felt panic rise up in his throat and he ran his hands through his hair repeatedly.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” The Irishman glared at him and was quick to pull off his pajama pants, pulling his legs apart and doing as his body commanded, not even caring that he was practically giving birth on their bed.

“Jus’ come help me fer fuck’s sake..”

Crawling into Jack’s side of the bed, the older man maneuvered between his legs and gasped when he realised that the baby was already crowning. “Holy shit, they don’t wanna wait do they?”

Jack shook his head and threw his head back again, groaning when the pain became worse after another push. “So much for goin’ t’ the hospital.. Little shit didn’t have the patience..” Mark nodded and his hands reluctantly took hold of the head, helping urge the child out of his boyfriend.

“This is so weird..” The American said, his voice shaky since he was starting to realise what was happening. He was about to have a baby in only a couple minutes.

Ignoring what his lover had to say, the younger man just concentrated on birthing their kid until he felt a release of pressure, gasping harshly as finally managed to release the child that had been gestating inside him for a good nine months.

Mark caught them in his arms and he was quick to clear their mouth, grinning as he heard them begin to cry. Tears filling his own eyes and handing the child to his lover who held them against his chest, both men unable to comprehend what has just happened.

Kindergarten Teacher AU

So one of my favorite tropes is the single dad/teacher AU, but honestly its too obvious to make Jack the clueless single dad, so may I present Bitty as the new father to a 5 year old boy named Preston and Jack as the very attractive kindergarten teacher. (Also this post is for @annundriel and @marswithghosts because they both are angels and are too pure for this world)

-Bitty was the godfather of young Preston, the son of his best friend growing up back in Georgia

-Preston’s mother died almost a year ago and Bitty has finally finished the adoption paper work and he now lives up in Rhode Island with his new son.

-Preston had met Bitty and knew him well enough to not feel uncomfortable living with him, but having just lost his mother, his only family, less than a year ago is still fresh in the poor baby’s heart.

-After things get settled of moving Preston to RI and letting him adjust to his new living arrangements, Bitty enrolls him into Providence Elementary School

-Its a little late into the school year, just about a month and a half after the semester started, and Bitty brings Preston in for his first day

-The boy spends the whole walk to his classroom clung to Bitty’s leg, begging him to let him go home, but Bitty trudges on, heart breaking from not sweeping him up immediately and taking him home

-As the principal brings them into the class, Bitty’s heart nearly drops out of his chest as he sees the most handsome man squatting next to a tiny girl in a pink tutu, wiping away her tears as he quietly speaks to her

-Mr. Zimmermann, or Mr. Z as the kids call him, has the bluest eyes Bitty has ever seen, and the softest smile as he kneels down to speak to Preston, who is still clung to Bitty’s leg, as asks him if he’d like to join the kids in the game they’re about to play

-Whatever charm he worked made Preston tentatively let go of Bitty’s pant leg and accept Mr. Z’s outstretched hand as he led the boy to join the other kids, offering Bitty a small smile

(The rest is under the cut because this is gonna be long)

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Sweet and Sour


Pairing: Luke/ Y/n

Author note: So I’ve decided to challenge myself. I’ve done this once before where I get my English class vocabulary words and make a short story with them, but because my sophomore teacher really sucked, she only did one week of vocab words and gave up. However, I am now a junior and in a more advanced class. So far, I have 12 weeks of vocab words and more later in the year. As a New Years resolution, I would like to come up with a long story and each week (consist of 10 vocab words) will be a chapter. The first day I got the words, I thought of a story, and I’m really excited to do this. I really hope you enjoy this because this is the biggest thing I’m doing. Also, the story is based on 2014 Luke, so he’s 17 going to be 18. I WILL LIKE TO CONFIRM THIS NOW, IM NOT THE SMARTEST WHEN IT COMES TO ROYALTY ANS STUFF BUT IM DOING THIS BASED ON MY IMAGINATION SO IM MAKING MY OWN RULES! If I get any comments about how it’s suppose to be, I will link you to this.

S&S Masterlist // Masterlist

“Momma! Can I go play with my friends?” The young boy pointed to a group of other young boys with raggedy clothes. “Go ahead, be careful,” the mother yelled out as she hanged the wet laundry on the line.

He watched the boy run to his friends with the biggest smile on his face. He watched as they all ran together to who-knows-where. Even if they were low on money, had horrible clothes, and a bad home, young Luke was jealous at the sight of the boy having more freedom than him.

The view from his window showed the whole village, like the bakery that was owned a lovely old couple. He remembers one time a servant was talking about how they had such amazing desserts, and that they were to die for. Luke asked the servant one time if she could bring him one, but was led to an automatic no from his mother.

To his left, he can see the nuns walking to the church from the abbey ,sticking in the same order as the do everyday. His most favorite view of all was the next door kingdom’s castle, home to the the king and queen of Estella and the young princess that was about a few years younger than him , Princess Y/n.

Young Luke got most of his outside information from the servants as he liked to hide and listen to their conversations, but he heard from one that Princess Y/n was absolutely beautiful and is already having many princes asking her hand in marriage.

“Marriage?” Luke began to think of the thing. “To… a girl… IM NEVER GETTING MARRIED!”

~10 years later~

“It’s time to get up, Prince”.

I groan loudly at the sound of my servant as she opens up the blinds wide open, letting the sun shines directly at my face. “Please Angelica,” I cried out.

She laughs at me and grabs my stuff from my dresser, “oh I’m sorry, your majesty, but if -”

“I want to be a good king, I have to wake up early and attend classes. I know! But can’t I just get a few more minutes…” I turn my body away from her, closing my eyes tighter, and pulling the covers closer to me.

“Nope” , she pops the p in the word and rips the covers off my body. “Now get dress, or else I will do it.” I can sense her abrasive tone that I’ve never liked.

Angelica is a young maid, about mid twenties, who’s been working here since I was 8. She’s a nice lady and I can see why mom hired her. She was 18 when she began working here. I remember when she was assigned to be my personal servant, and how she came in very nervous on her first day. Now that I’m 17, she’s gotten used to my laziness and attitude, but what I like most, she doesn’t treat me like a prince.

I forced myself off the bed and to my nicely folded clothes. I buttoned the white collared long sleeve and slipped into the black trousers. I dragged myself out of my room and down the long hall to my first class.

“Good morning, your majesty, are you ready for today’s lesson?”

I shut the door and once again, dragged myself from the room and onto the next. 3 hours of sitting down the correct way, picking up a cup, taking a sip from the cup, and gently placing the cup down.

Next was my 2nd most hated class: fencing. It wasn’t because I was out of shape, I was actually very good at it, best in my kingdom in fact. The reason why I hated it so much was because I understood nothing what the instructor spoke. Like sometimes he would yell out duck, and I wouldn’t understand and I would barely avoid getting hit in the head. After 2 hours of that I was finally able to go to my favorite class, music.

I walked in, to my surprise it was empty. I walked to the corner where I left my guitar then taking a seat in the middle of the class. The acoustics in the large music room sounded amazing as I strummed my guitar to the beat that I wanted. I love to close my eyes and just relax, letting my fingers go to the different strings. This is how I would like my life to be, calming, peaceful and -“

“Your majesty, the queen is calling for you.”

After setting my guitar down on my chair, I head to the throne room.

“Good morning, Luke.”

“Good morning mom,” I smiled widely at my mom as she gave me a big squeeze.

My mom wasn’t like the typical queen that was stern every second of her life, she was caring, but very cautious of what I do. She dressed in a simple dress and had her crown on her head.

“Soon you will be 18 and,” my mother began, which I knew where this was leading to. “It’s time for you to find yourself the next queen, which is why we’re going to the neighboring kingdom tomorrow.”

“Mom,” I whined as she squeezed onto me tighter. “My youngest baby is growing up, and now she’s going to get himself a wife. .”

She let go of me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I rubbed my cheek and blushed as the servants snickered. “Wait, then why are we going to the Estella? Doesn’t that princess have proposals?”

My mom grabbed my arms and led me down the halls, “yes she does, but the king and queen decided to gather all the princes that are interested.”

“But mom,” I stopped, “Princess Y/n choosing me is absolutely absurd, she wouldn’t choose scrawny me. And besides,” I lowered my head and mumbled, “I’m pretty sure Prince Daniel will be there.”

Prince Daniel is the ideal Prince that all the girls look for. We are the same age, but he wasn’t a boy, nope, he was considered a man. It was like he skipped puberty and went straight to being the handsome man that everyone wants. He was the complete opposite of me, broad, green eyes, perfect brown hair, clear skin, and a terrible attitude.

“Lukey,” she gently raised my head with her hand and brought me out of my thoughts, “ Princess Y/n would be stupid to choose that abhorrent thing.” She continued to walk until we sat on the nearby bench, which I kept my head down and twirled my fingers, “you are such a talented boy with such great manners. You don’t know how many proposals you’ve gotten.”

“What.” I quickly turned my head and watched her shrug,“ I hid them from you because they were snobs,” her voice suddenly changed and filled with acrimony. I chuckled and thanked my mom for for being so good. “Just smile, Lukey. Don’t forget, once you find a girl, me and dad will abdicate our throne to you and her. So choose someone good.” I watched my mom get up and walk away, but suddenly stop. “Also, Jack told a few accusations about you to his servants.”

My head sprung him and eyes widen, “what did he say?”

“Well, he said that you are a nice prince, but said that you’re a brat and picky.”


“He also sent a letter this morning, he seeks absolution, he didn’t think his servants would tell the servants to Estella.”

I rested my head in my hands and sighed. Well there goes my chance.

A couple of months ago, Jack got married to a princess and became king of the kingdom. And Jack, being my older brother, loved to mess around with me, even if he was more than 100 miles away.

I headed back to the music room and held the guitar back into my arms. The movement in my fingers went by themselves, and suddenly I was playing a whole new tune and my mind was clear from all the problems that I always try to abstain from.

~In Estella~

“Y/n, tomorrow is going to be a very important day, so please, be prepared.” Sitting at the throne looked a very tired man with a crown sitting on top of his head. Next to him was the queen in a throne not so big as his.

The young girl looked at her father with a smirk, “Isn’t everyday an important day?”

The king sighed, absolutely done with his daughter’s attitude, “yes, but this is going to be your future.”

The girl frowned, knowing exactly what tomorrow will be like. “But, I don’t want to be married. Dad, they’re all the same, bratty little jerks.”

She tried to leave but the king stood up. “There will be dozens of Princes tomorrow and that will be final. You will choose a prince. If you don’t, I will.” The king ordered the Princess back to her room. She obliged and got up and walked down the dark hall and into her room.

She shut the door and turned the lights off, but her smirk was visible. She grabbed her velvet red cloak and climbed out of her window for her daily night adventure.

A/n Well there’s part one to this many chapter story. Sorry this absolutely sucked, but I hope you guys stick around. :))

Can you make an imagine were jack g finds out your pregnant and have it skip to a few years when the baby is born???

“Ethan! Get over here now!” You yelled as your 3 year old son tried to run out into the parking lot of the play ground you were at. You were visiting your parents who lived in Omaha, where you once lived until you split your relationship up with the father of Ethan. You could still remember the day clearly. *almost four years ago* “Oh my god” you whispered quietly as a single tear fell. You stared in silence at the pregnancy test that showed two pink lines, indicating that you were in fact, pregnant with Jack Gilinsky’s baby. After a good twenty minutes of crying you picked up your phone and called Jack. After four rings you got his voicemail, making you cry even harder. You and jack had only been together for ten months. A baby would ruin everything. His career, your chance of college, and even your relationship with Jack, his family, and your friends. You decided to call Jack Johnson, praying he’d be with Gilinsky. To your surprise, your boyfriend answered instead. “Hello?” He asked into the phone. You suddenly froze. Why couldn’t you tell him? No words came out as you stared wide eyed at the wall in front of you as you held in your breath. “Hello?” He asked again with more annoyed tone. “Jack..” You whispered in the phone. “Y/n? ” he questioned with confusion as to why you were calling jack Johnson. “Y/n are you okay?” He asked with a worried tone considering you weren’t speaking. “I’m… ” you stuttered before freezing again, suddenly becoming anxious. “Y/n what’s wrong? No I’m coming over I’ll see you on a few” he said before he hung up. “No no no! ” you panicked as you stood from your bed, a huge knot growing in your stomach. ‘How am I going to tell him!?’ You thought to yourself as you paced the room. Quicker than you hoped, both Jack’s showed up to your house, Gilinsky letting himself in. “Y/n ? ” Gilinsky yelled as he ran up the stairs to your room. You jumped slightly as your bedroom door slung open, a breathless Jack running in, Johnson not far behind. “Y/n ! Oh my god you had me worried sick” he exclaimed as he put you in a tight squeeze. “Why’d you call like that? I thought you were hurt! I didn’t - have you been crying?” He questioned as he stared at your red puffy eyes. “Jack I’m pregnant” you cried out. Now it was Jack’s turn to be frozen and at a lost of words. He stumbled back as he let go of you, his hand slowly finding its way to his mouth. “No… No its not possible…” He said more to himself, but he knew it was true. You guys were inseparable, he was your first. He knew it was his child. “Jack what am I going to do!? I’m scared” you cried out stepping towards him but he took another step back. “You’re scared? If the public find out, my career is ruined!” He yelled. “Jack calm down ” Johnson said placing a hand on Gilinsky’s shoulder but Gilinsky just shoved him off. “What am I suppose to do Jack? She’s having MY child. Everything we’ve worked so hard for is going to be ruined. It will have been for nothing!” Gilinsky argued. You sobbed loudly, knowing where he was going with this. Johnson shook his head as he looks at your boyfriend with disbelief. “Jack we have true friends who will stick by our side no matter what, you can’t leave her! You helped make that child!” He tried to reason but it obviously wasn’t working. “I’m not ready to be a father!!” He yelled loudly. Shutting both you and Johnson up. Gilinsky then turned around looking at you. “I’m sorry Y/N… But I can’t be a father just yet.” And with that he let himself out of your room, down the stairs and out of your house. *present time* You hadn’t spoken to Jack since that day. They rest of the guys checked up on you here and there but by the time the baby was born they had forgotten about you. Fans eventually moved on, not knowing you were pregnant. No one knew except for the guys and your parents. You weren’t even sure if Jacks parents knew. But you had moved on, somewhat. Ethan had a lot of resemblance of Jack. He had the dark brown ryes and the crazy eyebrows, he even had that goofy yet lovable personality. Ethan asked about his father a lot lately. You didn’t blame him, all he’s ever known was your parents and a couple of friends. You raised him by yourself with the little bit of help from your parents. Jack was your last boyfriend as well so he never got to have that fatherly figure. You had worked your ass off to make him a good child, and your proud of it because ethan came to be a very handsome smart boy. “How many times have I told you to stay off of roads!” You said to the pouting boy as you brushed the dirt off of his pants. “But mommy I’m bored!” He whined. You sighed heavily. You had been so out of it considering you hadn’t been in Omaha since Ethan was born, memories had flooded back since then. “I know I know. How about we go to burger king and then we’ll go see Nana and Paps?” You suggest as you picked him up, placing him on your hips. “Do I get the crown?” He asked as you walked towards the car. You just nodded before placing him in the back seat. “Only if you’re good ” you replied back as you buckled him up. You played some music on your way to burger king while Ethan played with his toy dinosaurs. “We here?” He asked with his baby voice. “Yeah baby we are” you replied as you parked the car. As you struggled to get Ethan out of the car seat, you heard familiar voices near the building. You quickly glanced behind you to see the one and only Jack Gilinsky. His arm was around a girl and jack Johnson, Sammy and his girlfriend, and Nate were following behind. You felt your heart ripping into shreds as you watched him flirting with the girl. Your eyes widened as Jack Johnson looked your way but before he could get a good glance at you, you looked back at Ethan before pulling him out of the car seat. You started to walk quickly, looking down hoping your hair would hide your face. You were almost inside until Ethan started screaming. “Mommy my dinosaur!!” He screamed loudly, pitching a fit. You mentally cursed as you turned around, hoping Ethan didn’t make to much if a scene and grab Jack’s attention. “Dammit Ethan” you said quietly as you picked up the toy. You glanced up to see Jack Johnson and Gilinsky looking your way this time. Your eyes widened before you almost ran into the building with Ethan’s arms and legs wrapped tightly around you. You sighed heavily with relief, a good feeling that they didn’t notice you ran through you. ” go play” you said as you sat Ethan down in the play pin part of burger Kind as you made your orders. After a good thrifty minutes of arguing with Ethan as he pitched a fit, not wanting to leave the slides, you finally made it to your parents house to see your parents cars and an unfamiliar black SUV in the driveway. “Grab your bag Ethan ” you said considering you were staying the weekend there. Ethan did as told before he ran up to you, grabbing your hand. You knocked on the door before letting yourself in. “Mom, Dad! We’re here” you yelled loudly as you set you bags down by the front door. You grinned slightly as you saw Ethan chewing on his French fries. “In the living room” your mom called. “You would not believe who I saw today mom” you exclaimed as you walked towards the living room. “I swear I saw-” you froze as you saw the person you were dreading to, sitting on the couch, looking at you. “Jack..” You whispered under your breath. “Hey Y/N” he said unsurely standing up. You looked around the room to see Sammy, Nate, Johnson, and the two girls staring at you. “What are you doing here” you spat. He ran his fingers through his hair nervously before licking his lips. “I… Well jack thought he saw you at burger king earlier so we decided to stop by and see how you were doing. ” he said, his voice shaking slightly. “You came to see how I was doing? Did it ever occur to you to stop by 3 years ago when I was carrying your child? Hell even Cameron and Nash came but you never came Jack. Ever. You left me to care for your child! You had all the money in the world but you didn’t send a dime! I had to work two jobs a night to help pay for a place, a car, and Ethan. So don’t expect me to be okay with you just ‘stopping by’. ” you yelled out, your anger finally getting out. By now your mom was shoving everyone out of the room to leave you two some privacy. “Look Y/N I know your mad, I don’t blame you. I hate myself for leaving you like that, and leaving our child to be without a father. It wasn’t fair on you or the baby. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t try to reach out to you. Around the time you had the baby, your mom called me but I was across the world and management wouldn’t let me come visit. When I did come, friends of yours told me you had moved and they had lost touch with you. Your parents said they’d have to make sure it was okay with you before they told me anything as well. But I was stupid and gave up. I should have kept pushing to see you. I should have kept pushing my managers to let me come when the baby was born. I have no excuse for what I did. But I best myself up everyday. I… I still love you Y/N… And I want to be a part of yours, and our child’s life.. If you’d let me.” He said, tears now falling from both of your eyes. You looked down at your feet. Yes Jack had done wrong for leaving. But he was back, and you secretly had wanted him back. Not just for you, but for Ethan. Ethan needed his father. And you didn’t want to be the reason he couldn’t see his father. “Jack, maybe its too early for me and you. It’ll take me time. But you can be in Ethan’s life. He is your child. He deserves his father. And i-” before you could finish your sentence, Jack’s strong arms were wrapped tightly around you. “Thank you… Thank you so much.” He said into the crook of your neck. “Wait, but what about your girlfriend?” You asked, pulling away. Jacks eyebrows furrowed together with confusion. “What girlfriend?” He asked. “Y/n, I haven’t had a girlfriend since I left you. Yeah I flirted but.. I never really wanted anyone else she’s just a friend.” he said, his arms wrapping around your waist. You couldn’t help but to blush before placing your head against his chest. “ I’d be lying if I said I had a boyfriend since you’ve left. ” you replied, making him squeeze you even tighter. “Can I see him?” He asked. You nodded before grabbing his hand, leading him to the play room where your mom had led everyone. You grinned as you saw Ethan giggling while Johnson ran his fingers up and down Ethan’s sides. “Wow, he looks so much like me” jack said softly. “Yeah he acts just like you too. He’s a pain in my ass. ” you said making Gilinsky laugh. “Ethan I want you to meet somebody” you said walking over, picking ethan up from Johnson’s lap. “Ethan, this is daddy” you said pointing him towards Gilinsky. You almost cried as you watched Ethan’s little face brighten with joy as he gasped at the news. “Daddy!?” He yelled reaching out. “Hey buddy!” Jack said grabbing ahold of Ethan. You giggled to yourself as you watched Jack hug Ethan tightly. “I’m so sorry I’ve been gone for so long but I promise I’m never going to leave again” Jack said as he held on tightly to Ethan. “Its okay daddy I just missed you!” Ethan said with such joy and delight. Maybe this would work. You officially had your own family with Jack.
“Try Some Tenderness”

Still, his life didn’t seem to want to let up, even with his newfound success. Rhys had begged Yvette and Vaughn to babysit Cyrus for the meeting, but they were both locked into important arrangements of their own, and despite himself Rhys just didn’t trust any of the babysitting agencies he had looked up. Cyrus was all that he had, and the offspring of un-bonded omegas were always in danger of being harmed by competing alphas wanting to bury their own seed, even in the modern Hyperion environment. So, despite his growing nerves, Rhys had made the decision to simply bring the child with him, after he had made Cyrus swear that he would be on his absolute best behavior, something that the child cheerfully agreed to, not quite understanding the situation.

And that was how Rhys ended up in such a high-powered business meeting—filled with other notables from the programming division, with Handsome Jack himself at the head of the table—with his five year old squirming on his legs.

Single dad omega Rhys AU, because yes. 

Jack is probably too nice in this one, but it’s tooth-rotting fluff, so I’m not going to beat myself up about it too bad. 

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anonymous asked:

if you are still doing drabbles i would like to make a request if its not to much of a bother. jack is a clown at a circus that hiccup takes his little brother toothless to and starts to gain a crush on jack.

I went overboard with this. I’m sorry.

Crowds of people were hoarding around and Hiccup could barely see where he was going. Attached to his hand was his little adopted brother, Toothless, who was in awe at everything. There was a circus in town and everyone was chattering about. Hiccup’s family scoffed at it, saying there was no need for such a dirty business to come into their town. Stoick was the mayor of Berk and only allowed the Burgess Circus to stay for a week.

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Chris Pratt’s rise to fame is so improbable he sees it as divinely ordained: the friend who sent him a ticket to Hawaii, the stranger who led him to a church, the actress he waited on at Bubba Gump Shrimp. Recalling the leaps of faith that turned him from a door-to-door salesman into a box-office king, Pratt considers what he has to prove now.

Chris Pratt wanted to cook me lunch—you can tell a lot about a person by the way they cook. And not just any lunch—a lunch made from an animal that Pratt himself had killed, in Texas, where the mesquite blooms and the buzzards turn and the wild boar does not care nor even know that the handsome man sighting the scope of a .25-caliber Winchester is one of the biggest movie stars in the world, best of this new batch—it’s never who you expect—with hits behind (Guardians of the Galaxy, Jurassic World) and hits ahead (Passengers, Guardians Vol. 2). And Pratt did kill that animal. And dressed it and shipped it back to this beautiful house in the Hollywood Hills, where he lives with his wife, actress Anna Faris, and their four-year-old son, Jack. But something went punk at the butcher, and the meat was going to take a lot longer to prepare than Pratt had expected—“Most of it’s being turned into jerky anyway”—so the steak Pratt was basting on the counter in his modern kitchen had in fact been purchased at Whole Foods. “I could tell you this is the boar I shot, and who would know, but, dude, I’m not gonna lie. This is not that boar, but this boar stands for that boar.”

Do you consider yourself a good cook?, I asked.

Pratt laughed. He was wearing a flannel shirt and jeans and had let his beard grow to stubble. No shoes, just socks. He’s a big guy, six feet three in boots, 220 pounds, in shape, and has the knock-around ease of a regular guy drinking campfire tequila on the set of a John Ford movie.

“I can make three things,” he told me. “Meat. Omelets. Fajitas. This here I’m making is a wild-boar taco. I got the recipe from my brother-in-law, because that guy knows everything.”

It was a Sunday. Pratt seemed relaxed, probably because he’d decided to take a hiatus. For a decade, he’s done nothing but work, stumbling from film to film after making his name on television. He played Andy Dwyer, the friendly chubby boyfriend on Parks and Recreation, before executing a miraculous switch to action hero, in 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy. It’d be like George Costanza turning into Harrison Ford. And Pratt is compared to Harrison Ford. Though Pratt is funnier. Looking for the proper mix, I’d say Bruce Willis with a dash of Seth Rogen. He can play deadpan wiseass better than just about anyone. He followed Guardians, which grossed nearly $775 million worldwide, with Jurassic World, which grossed $1.67 billion worldwide. He’s on the short list of actors who can do pretty much whatever they want.

Pratt’s decision to take a break results partly from some advice given to him by a childhood hero, Jim Carrey. “There’s very few people in the world who I can expect to understand exactly what I’m going through,” Pratt said. “Jim Carrey is one of them.” Pratt took Carrey aside at a party last year and basically asked, What do I do now? Carrey said, “There’s going to be a point in life where you’re going to have to prove that your family is more important to you than show business.” It’s put the actor in a mood to ruminate, recollect, make connections. At 37 years old, Chris Pratt can finally see his life as a story.


I asked Pratt about his father. In articles, he comes across as a kind of Paul Bunyan character.

“Was he really a goldminer?”

Pratt was chopping parsley. I suddenly understood why he’d chosen to cook during our interview. It gave him something to do with his hands while his mind wandered.

“He was a taconite miner in Minnesota,” Pratt told me. “He worked in iron ore; that’s a big industry. We moved to Alaska so he could work in gold mines. That’s how we operated as a family—we’d just make a decision, pick up, and move.”


After a few peripatetic years, when Pratt was six or seven, the family settled in Lake Stevens, Washington, the Seattle exurb that became Pratt’s beloved hometown. It was nuts for wrestling. Like football in Texas, every kid sized up from eight or nine by the high-school coach. Pratt would captain his high-school team. At one point, he was a top wrestler in the state. When I asked if he’d ever had his ass kicked—because having your ass kicked is character-building—he nodded sadly. “I’d be devastated,” he said. “Because I put everything into it, and if a kid beat me … but it’s good. It’s a great sport because you have to stand there and shake a guy’s hand. You look him in the eye, then his arm gets raised. No excuses. You get beat and think, Fuck!!! Then come back and wrestle him again. I wrestled the same kids for 10 years.”

I asked Pratt if he played high-school football. He has the aura of big-time, small-town. He told me that his father had been a star player in his own day. “He was bigger than me, much bigger, and he’d light up the stadium when he carried the ball. He wore number 76, and for years I thought the gas station was named for him. So of course I played.

“I was a great football player,” he said, then stopped and looked at my recorder. “Don’t say I said that. But, dude, I was a great football player. I was a fullback and an inside linebacker. I never had the speed to play college. But I loved it. I don’t think anything will ever take its place. The competition, the team. You get a little bit of that in acting. You get it with action films. You have to train, be in shape. I think I learned more about how to handle myself as an actor playing sports than I ever did in theater.”

Theater? How did that start?

Pratt’s brother. And he’s important. He’s got a sister who still lives in Lake Stevens, but Pratt’s brother, three years ahead in school, is the key figure in his life. If you were to look at a picture of the Pratts in the early years, you’d see Dan junior, known as Cully, doing something heroic—he’s now a cop—with Chris in the distance, wide-eyed. “He was hands down the best big brother anyone could ask for, super-supportive and always helped me, and loved me, and took care of me,” said Pratt. “We spent our entire childhood, eight hours a day, wrestling. One Christmas, he was in a play, a musical, and sang, and it knocked everyone’s socks off. My mom was crying. And I was like, ‘That’s what I want to do.’ ”

By senior year, Pratt was wrestling, playing football, starring in plays, and writing and acting in every kind of assembly. “We did Grease and we did Michael Jackson’s Thriller and ripped off S.N.L. sketches,” he told me. In other words, Pratt was that rarest of figures. The high-school Renaissance man. Friend of the outcast, confidant of the powerful. Neither bullied nor bullying. An exchange between Pratt and his wrestling coach has been repeated until it’s become legend. According to Entertainment Weekly, the coach asked Pratt what he planned to do with his life: “I was like, ‘I don’t know, but I know I’ll be famous and I know I’ll make a shit ton of money.’ ”

When I tried to drill down on this—I wanted Pratt to lay out his plans in detail; I suppose I was behaving like the coach—he talked more about his father. He’d been a high-school star and lived off that for the rest of his life. “I guess that’s what I planned to do,” said Pratt.

During Pratt’s senior year, his father was diagnosed with M.S., which runs in the family. “He was beyond wanting to accept help,” said Pratt. “If left untreated, it can be devastating, and he left it untreated. For a couple of years he had symptoms, I think, but didn’t say anything. Every once in a while he’d wear an eye patch and say he got something in his eye at work, but it was because he had double vision,” a symptom of M.S.

Dan Pratt Sr. died in 2014. When I asked Pratt if his father got to enjoy his son’s success, he said, “Some of it. He watched a lot of TV in his final years. That’s pretty much all he did, just sat in front of a TV. So, yeah, I think it made him proud, and it was cool that I got to find some way to connect with him, because he was a hard man to connect with.”

Pratt’s mother worked in the Safeway—there was not a lot of money. The Pratts lost their house while Chris was in high school. They rented a place until he graduated, then moved into a trailer. They offered Chris a sleeping loft in a shed out back, but he became roommates with a friend instead. He was thinking of joining the military, but, again, his brother: “He ended up going into the army and told me not to. I think he saw something in me. I was a peculiar kid. I was very much an individual and happy to be an individual. I dressed funny and was comfortable in my own skin. I don’t know. I never did ask him why.”

Pratt waited tables and took classes at a local community college, including a theater course. “I did a scene—something I wrote—and the teacher took me aside and said, ‘You should think about doing this professionally.’ He saw something.”

Pratt didn’t finish a full year of C.C. “It felt exactly like high school except I had to pay for it,” he explained, “and, for a kid living hand to mouth, that didn’t make sense. So I got a job as a salesman going door-to-door.”

Wait. What?

“Yeah, I saw an ad in the newspaper.”

The ad went something like: Do you dig rock ‘n’ roll and making money?

Of course, the answer to both questions was yes.


Pratt was arranging wild boar on a tray and sliding it into the oven as he talked. “Hey, dude, does 300 degrees sound right to you?”

I told him it sounded low. Everything in my house goes in at least 350. He called his brother-in-law, the one who knows everything, to check. “You know what would make a great end to this story?” said Pratt, laughing. “If we ended up in the hospital with food poisoning.”

I asked about that sales job.

“I was selling coupons for things like oil changes or trips to a spa,” said Pratt, who told me it didn’t really matter what he was selling because a salesman only has one product: himself. “I was great at that,” he said. He got absorbed in this new gig, walking through town, making the same pitch again and again. It turned out to be perfect training for a future life of audition and rejection. “That’s why I believe in God and the divine,” he told me. “I feel like it was perfectly planned. People talk about rejection in Hollywood. I’m like, ‘You’re outta your fuckin’ mind. Did you ever have someone sic their dog on you at an audition?” ’

If you sold enough coupons, you got to run an office somewhere in the country—you’d become a manager, in other words, moving pieces around the board. That was the carrot Pratt was chasing. It took 15 months, but he finally got it. Given charge of an office outside Denver, he left Lake Stevens in the way of a kid leaving home to meet his destiny. What a strange interlude for a leading man: this drab complex outside this strange city, salesmen fighting over the Glengarry leads. “We rented an apartment,” Pratt told me. “I slept on the balcony. And partied. I wasn’t even 21.” The novelty wore off as the truth became plain. He’d been caught in someone else’s moneymaking scheme. As the old wisdom advises, when you sit at the poker table, look for the sucker. If you can’t identify him, leave—it’s you. Pratt called his boss one morning. “ ‘This is too much for me,’ “ he said. “ ‘I’m more in debt every month. I’m so depressed. I can’t do it.’ And she said, ‘I just want you to know, Chris, that there is nothing else out there.’ “


Pratt’s mother sent him a ticket. Two years had gone by, and he was back in Lake Stevens, exactly where he’d started. Left on his own, he might have followed the classic trajectory—hero at 18, relic by 45.

So what happened?

I was rescued, he told me.

As he said this, he stuck a fork in the oven and came at me with a piece of meat.

“Try this and tell me the truth. We can always drive down to Soho House and eat there.”

I chewed slowly.

He said it again. “Tell me the truth.”

I did not want to tell him the truth—because I liked him and did not want to go to Soho House. If I did tell the truth, I’d have said, “It tastes like burning.” Instead I said, “Good!”

He closed the oven, went on. “One of my best friends heard I’d been floundering. I had everyone convinced I’d been off doing this great sales job and making money, and I wasn’t. I had no prospects, no job, was still sort of riding the glory of high school. He saw that and bought me a ticket to Hawaii, where he’d been living.”

Pratt remembers what it was like when he first got to the island, the green hills and blue sea, how all that beauty contrasted with his mood. “My friends picked me up in a van. They had a cooler of beer. But I was not in a great place.”

Pratt got a job at Bubba Gump Shrimp, a chain of restaurants that grew out of Forrest Gump. For Pratt, it was like door-to-door, a kind of acting; he threw himself into entertaining tables of kids and conventioneers.

Were you good at that job?

“I was Gumper of the year,” he told me. “They gave me the award. I got my name on a plaque. It was the kind of place that … Did you ever see the movie Waiting … ? Anna’s in that movie, and she’s great. Or Office Space? Did you ever see that? You know how [Jennifer Aniston] can’t handle the fuckin’ flair? Well, I was a monster with the flair.”

Pratt was living on the beach. There was a van with a couch, a tent with a blanket. On its face, it was an idyll, five or six friends, none older than 20, never out of earshot of the breakers, yet Pratt was lost, the perfection of the locale making his estrangement only more keen. Like neon in the daytime, or a blue note on a bright day.

“I was sitting outside a grocery store—we’d convinced someone to go in and buy us beer. This is Maui. And a guy named Henry came up and recognized something in me that needed to be saved. He asked what I was doing that night, and I was honest. I said, ‘My friend’s inside buying me alcohol.’ ‘You going to go party?’ he asked. ‘Yeah.’ ‘Drink and do drugs? Meet girls, fornication?’ I was like, ‘I hope so.’ I was charmed by this guy, don’t know why. He was an Asian dude, maybe Hawaiian, in his 40s. It should’ve made me nervous but didn’t. I said, ‘Why are you asking?’ He said, ‘Jesus told me to talk to you …’ At that moment I was like, I think I have to go with this guy. He took me to church. Over the next few days I surprised my friends by declaring that I was going to change my life.”

O.K. Let’s stop for a moment. Because this is strange and so distant from what we expect of a movie star, especially of the clever, slapdash, wise-guy variety. But everyone needs a story to make sense of their life. Even the most successful. The extreme demands explanation. For Pratt, success, so extreme it scared him, is explained by metaphysical intervention. Which caused him to take control. In that moment, he yielded. His path has been clear ever since.


One day, and this was the key development, Rae Dawn Chong, an actress and the daughter of the great stoner Tommy Chong—she’d reached a professional peak in 1985 when she starred opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger in Commando—walked into Bubba Gump Shrimp. “She was with her producing partner,” said Pratt. “I think they were on vacation in Kihei. I wasn’t even supposed to take a shift that day. I was always giving away my shifts because I didn’t have much overhead. I lived in a van. But it was like I had a premonition. I always wanted to go to Hollywood. I just didn’t know I was going to get there.”

Pratt approached Chong with full, flare-filled, Gumper-of-the-year charm.

He says, “I’m your server.”

She says, “I’m Rae Dawn Chong.”

He says, “You’re a movie star.”

She says, “You’re cute. Do you act?”

He says, “Fuck, yeah, I act. Put me in a movie.”

She asks for his phone number. He does not have a phone—he lives in a van—so gives her the number of his friend Michael Jackson (not that Michael Jackson). She leaves a message the next day, but Michael Jackson forgets about it. Then Michael Jackson remembers. He tells Pratt, “Dawn or some Chinese chick or something … you got a message.”

Pratt picked up the script from Chong. It was a comedy called Cursed Part 3. There were no Parts 1 and 2. It was a film about a film crew being haunted while making a film about a haunting.

Chong stopped Pratt halfway through his audition.

She said, “We’re going to use you.”

“Did you get a big part?,” I asked.

“Yeah,” he said, “I was the lead.”

When Pratt learned the movie would be shot in L.A., he told Chong he’d have to bow out. He couldn’t afford a plane ticket. “I had 60 bucks,” he told me. “And she was like, ‘Sweetie, we’ll fly you there.’ ”

The movie took 10 days to shoot and was never released. When I asked Pratt to describe it, he hemmed and hawed, searching for the words, washing his hands in the sink as he did so, then, in the way of a person who’s decided, Fuck it, I’ll just tell the truth, said, “It was the worst movie I’d ever seen.”

So what was its historical function?

It got Pratt a screen credit and a manager and a reel. It got him into the game. “The whole reason that movie came along was just so I could be brought to Hollywood.”

What did you look like back then?

Because Pratt became known as a lovable chub in the office down the hall, I was curious about how he was first presented. “I looked exactly like Heath Ledger,” he said. “I had long blond hair, still bleached out, Hawaiian … That’s what people were always saying: Man, you look just like Heath Ledger. Then I saw Heath Ledger on the cover of Vanity Fair, and I thought, Hey, I do look just like that guy.”

I asked Pratt what life was like in Los Angeles in those first years. He talked about living cheaply, waiting tables, taking small roles in big movies and big roles in small movies. (He met his wife while playing her love interest in Take Me Home Tonight, circa 2007.) “I was an outsider, no connections, no nepotism, nothing, a complete foreigner to Hollywood.”

The breakthrough came with Everwood, in 2002, which Pratt describes as “a single-camera, dramatic show for the WB. It went four seasons and was absolutely life-changing. That’s when I became an actor, and that was the first time I’d ever got into money, real money.”


Most people probably got to know Pratt as Andy Dwyer on Parks and Recreation, which ran from 2009 to 2015. It was supposed to be a one-episode deal, a guest spot, but the character took off. Pratt gained weight while shooting the first season—partly because he thought it worked for the character, partly because he’d just been married and people tend to fatten up in those first, blissful years. It’s a Darwinian thing: the hunt is over; it’s time to laze in the sun. He did not consider the downside—other than lethargy and trouble breathing—until he auditioned to play Oakland A’s first-baseman and catcher Scott Hatteberg in 2011’s Moneyball. “That was the first time I heard someone say, ‘We’re not gonna cast you—you’re too fat.’ So I decided to drop the weight, like in wrestling. I couldn’t afford a trainer, so it was all running and crash-dieting and cutting alcohol.”

Pratt had always wanted to play an action hero but did not think he could pull it off.

What changed your mind?

“Zero Dark Thirty,” he said. “That’s the first time I bulked up, got into great shape because I was playing a navy SEAL.”

Nervous when he sat down to watch the film, he came away with a new view of himself. “I was like, My God, I buy that guy,” he said. “I’m SEAL Team Six in that movie, and I felt like it was real. I can do this. I can play those roles.

“Guardians had come around, and I passed,” Pratt said. “James Gunn [the director] passed on me, too. When they announced it, I looked it up and saw a list of the top 20 dudes in Hollywood who might play Peter Quill. I was not on that list. I did not want to go in and embarrass myself. My agent said, ‘Guardians is everything you’ve been saying you want to do.’ I said, ‘Fuck, you’re right.’ But I’m going to go in there and do exactly what I mean by action comedy. My brand of stuff. Brash. Honest. I played the room. Jim Gunn, the way he tells it is like this: ‘Who do we have next? Chris Pratt? What the fuck? I said we weren’t going to audition the chubby guy from Parks and Rec.’ ‘Well, he’s already here.’ They’d tested probably 10 people, spent a lot of money, and James wasn’t convinced on anyone yet. When I finished [my scene], he said, ‘Do you have any questions?’ I was like, ‘Are you fuckin’ crazy? Tell me everything.’ I gave him my Peter Quill version of an answer. Once you get smart about auditioning, you learn to audition before they say ‘Action.’ You walk into the room as the character. You let them think the person you are is close to the character they want. You make them think you already are that guy. Gunn was like, ‘Damn, this is it.’ ”

Pratt was alone when he saw the movie the first time, in a theater rented for that purpose. “When it started, I was like, This is fuckin’ awesome! Then I saw the first scene of myself dancing and kicking rats, and I was like, Oh, my God, disaster. This movie is gonna suck. I was just so hypercritical of myself. Then the next scene comes on and you see Rocket and Groot, and I was like, Wait a minute—this movie might be really fuckin’ good.”

That movie, which opened in the summer of 2014, changed everything for Pratt. In a moment, he went from that to this. “I made a genre jump,” he said, “a category jump, some kind of jump.”

He cemented this image in 2015’s Jurassic World, in which he not only played the Harrison Ford-type role but played it in a Steven Spielberg property. From here, expect his roles to be of the major-star action-adventure or Oscar-bait variety. Passengers, in which Pratt stars opposite Jennifer Lawrence as a traveler who, put into hypersleep for an interstellar voyage, wakes 90 years too early, is in theaters now. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will be released in May. When I asked Pratt why he did Passengers, he said, “It’s the best script I’ve ever read.”

“Oh, really?,” I said. “I read a quote in which you said Cursed Part 3 was the best script you’d ever read.”

“At that point it was,” he said, laughing. “It was also the only script I’d ever read.”


Pratt set the table as he talked. Tacos, rice, peppers. He called his son and the nanny in to eat—Faris was out of town—then grabbed a remote control, turned on the TV, and began flipping. Donald Trump came on. We talked about Trump’s gross Access Hollywood video, the one that collateral-damaged the career of egg-’em-on Billy Bush. “ ‘When you’re a star, you could do anything’—the offensive thing to me about that was Trump calling himself a star,” said Pratt. “It’s like ‘Come on, dude.’ It’s not because I consider myself a star, but if I ever heard someone say that, one of my peers, I’d instantly lose respect for them.”

Pratt turned the TV to the World Series—he did this for me. I live and die with the Chicago Cubs. Just before we sat to eat, he got on his knees and had the rest of us get on our knees, and we held hands, and he thanked God for the food and the life, and he even put in a word for the Cubs. At the end of the meal, he poured shots of tequila. Casa Dragones. He’d been given a case after Jurassic World. I noticed a guitar on the wall. When I asked about it, Pratt said, “Let me show you the good guitars.” He went upstairs and came back with two acoustics—a Taylor and a beautiful Gibson, which he’d played while guest-hosting Saturday Night Live, in 2014. He picked it up and began to sing “Lady,” a Kenny Rogers hit just as cheesy as AM radio. Then we played together—“Up on Cripple Creek” and the Hank Williams Jr. tune “A Country Boy Can Survive.” He strummed a few chords, then talked about a guest appearance he’d recently made on his wife’s CBS sitcom, Mom. He’d learned the Kenny Rogers tune so he could sing it on that show. “I played it, then we kissed,” he told me. “Normally, when you do a kissing scene, it’s awkward, and when it’s done you say, ‘Are you O.K.?’ But this was different. After they yelled ‘Cut,’ we laughed and just kept on kissing.”


Photographs by MARK SELIGER


anonymous asked:

Since you are such a big Jarida shipper i was wondering what is your opinion on why they work?

I’ve made a askbox post about this before. But i guess I can try to answer more details on why ;w;….since people keep asking me in my inbox like it’s a secret only I know. 

Let’s start shall we? We have a lot to explore over. Yes, this is going to be a long answer anon, so bare with me xD. Especially for those who’ve been wondering the same.

People make this fake accusation that Jack and Merida are too similar to be together, which is not true at all. Yes, they’re both free-spirited and stubborn idiots, but that’s what makes them such an amusing couple. Jack and Merida can be in a relationship in a way that can allow them to be THEMSELVES. Which is something every relationship should have. It’s a comfort zone that is hard to achieve, because it makes them have no secrets against each other, or their feelings; besides maybe being in love until the last minute. They’re not overly sweet or romantic people. They can flirt in a way that gives them permission to tease and poke fun at the other. True, there may be times of tension, but that’s what makes them such a refreshing duo. Jack is very patient and clumsy in a way that he makes trouble wherever he goes. Merida is stubborn, and selfish at times, that makes her hard TO control. 

Let’s think about it this way also. These two aren’t the type of people who would JUMP into a relationship. They’re the type to test the waters first and pretend they have no effect in being in love. Jack is very playful, while Merida, she just wants someone who can be her friend first, not think of her as a wife or even a lover yet. Jack could literally wait for a girl like Merida to be ready for something like that. The guy waited for 300 years to be seen and be believed in, while Merida, all she wants is someone to wait and be patient with her. People think Jack won’t be able to handle a girl like her, or find her a pain, but that’s quite the opposite. Honestly, every couple have their shares of thinking the other is a pain in the ass. It’s what being in a relationship is ABOUT. Someone who can make you feel weak, but strong at the same time. Who can expose you and make you change. Who you don’t have to be afraid in allowing yourself be who you are with. 

These two have such a strong chemistry and chance in showing that. Even if modern times, or they knew each other since they were children. Jack and Merida would challenge each other, and try to win over the other in proving to be the best, until one of them might lose the other that they realize it’s not worth it. As kids, Jack and Merida would even be the sweetest childhood/best friends ever before growing older and having something complicated grow between them. 

One thing I notice with Jack, he always gets shipped with attractive female characters, not saying Merida isn’t attractive, because she’s BEAUTIFUL. However, because of her tomboyish exterior and lack of ladylike appearance, people might think she’s not good enough for a handsome stud like Jack. For, Jack is the pretty boy type that all the girls fawn over, i mean, we can’t blame Tooth for crushing over the guy. But that’s also what makes this pair so unique, especially on Merida’s part. She wouldn’t be the one willing to admit for falling for a guy like him, given his reputation. She would deny it as MUCH as she could, feeling she’s too good to lower herself. Even so, this is something that will probably draw Jack to her, because of her stubborn character and the fun and challenges she brings into his life. 

Moving on to other reasons.

Jack has a lonely past, and had a family long time ago, something which is longs for again. Merida, on the other hand, grew up with a big family, nearly tearing them apart and losing them because of her selfishness. I think Jack needs a family like Merida’s. A father who can treat him like a son, in a way North does, and a caring mother like Elinor, who can advise him in his wrong doings. And how can you forget the triplets? They would have such a blast together, playing pranks and everything, it be hard for them not to get along. Jack would adore them to bits for that reason as well. It’s sweet and ironic too that Elinor tells Merida to believe in such magic, and spirits, something Jack Frost is, a legend. And then you have Fergus who doesn’t believe in such things, so I can also see Jack playing pranks on Merida’s father for that reason until he does xD. It’s what makes them a perfect family and him being a part of her life.

Plus, let’s think about it. Merida would probably be the closest people to believe in Jack for the fact how her mother told her stories about such things like magic and fate. She wouldn’t easily forget him, or turn a blind eye over his existence. 

These two are so similar and such polar opposites at the same time. Merida literally strives for the life Jack carries himself in having, which is freedom, no responsibility, or rules. She was actually willing to cause a war and change her own mother to have it, something I see Jack not liking; the fact being she has what he longs for. It’s what makes their relationship so complex, and yet perfect. They can learn and grow with each other, appreciating new things from the other’s perspective. 

They can literally be amusing, sexy, tragic, and everything else mixed together into one. And the best part is, they wouldn’t have to be OOC about it. They can literally be the same person we saw them when we first watched their films, to a couple with many possibilities and challenges. They’re going to have their share of bumps, and happiness. And I think that’s what makes them REAL to me compared to other ships with them. You just got to take in all the facts that are there. It’s something that isn’t obvious but is there, which is what makes them special. Safe to say, they do have a possibility in becoming a love/hate relationship, but not necessarily. They’ll have their tension and disagreements, but that’s what makes them grow stronger i believe. I mean, look at Jack and Bunny for example. Or even OTHER love/hate relationships. Plus, how cute will it be if Merida was mad at Jack, that she call him a “Jackass”. And Jack, would have the most amusing nicknames for his girlfriend, that’s for sure. Lol, not I’m getting in touch to their cute side :3. 

Plus, with all these AU I make, it explains so more on why I ship them so hard together. They are literally the tension of best friends who can lead in becoming lovers. And that’s the thing I love about Jack and Merida, they have so many possibilities either becoming more, or not. It’s what makes them painful. It’s why you don’t see much friendship of them with other ships, because it seems like all they have is romance. Which isn’t what love is all about. It’s about someone you can treat as your family, your best friend. Someone who won’t bullshit you and will be honest with you despite the fights that may follow. It changes your perspective with each other that you never expected before. 

Their love wouldn’t be a epic one out of some romance fantasy or delusional background, it would be epic because of who they are. 

I feel like there’s more for me to say, but I’ll end it here. 

Seventeen Members as Demigods

Disclaimer: this is based on my personal knowledge of Greek gods and is very heavily influenced by the Percy Jackson series. also there is a greater focus on the personality aspect rather than the deity’s actual powers. lastly this is ridiculously detailed and I am terribly sorry about that (insp)

Seungcheol [S.Coups] - Son of Poseidon, God of the Seas and Earthquakes. As leader, Seungcheol displays many traits of the Earthshaker. Level-headed and serious at times, he takes charge well without letting the responsibility get to his head. He is able to change moods to fit the situation well, just like how the ocean has many faces. He is also a more laid-back leader, differentiating him from Zeus’s children who tend to be more headstrong and earnest.

Jeonghan - Son of Aphrodite, Goddess of Beauty and Love. With his flowing locks and chiseled features, Jeonghan is the perfect child of this goddess. His beauty attracts many first time fans of Seventeen, and one shy smile from this boy causes all the fans to swoon. He was able to gain the attention of the entire fandom just by dying his hair blond, showcasing the popularity typically characteristic of Aphrodite’s children. 

Jisoo [Joshua] - Son of Hestia, Goddess of the Hearth. Jisoo is quiet and speaks little, but when he does speak he has important words to say. Like his mother, Jisoo is down-to-earth and a good listener, knowing when to yield and when to push for his ideas. Just like the hearth that is the signature of his godly parent, Jisoo exudes warmth and care for the other members. 

Junhui [Jun] - Son of Eros, God of Attraction. Junhui’s beauty is exalted repeatedly by not only his fans, but also those who do not even know Seventeen’s name. Often clinging to his fellow group members, Junhui not only attracts people to him, but is strongly attracted to the companionship of others. In the footsteps of his godly father, one glance from Junhui is like an arrow of love that captures your heart. 

Soonyoung [Hoshi] - Son of Athena, Goddess of Wisdom and Battle. Soonyoung always knows what he needs to do, and he accomplishes it with speed and efficiency. As choreographer of Seventeen, he repeatedly displays his creativity and wit with his unique performances and dance numbers. Aside from being wise like his mother, Soonyoung also knows precisely when a joke is needed to lighten the atmosphere, strategically playing the mood to the advantage of the entire group.

Wonwoo - Son of Hades, God of the Underworld and Wealth. At first glance, Wonwoo is cold and unemotional, his unforgiving expressions handsome but unapproachable. However, he has a soft side for the person he cares about and he reveals his nonchalant and almost happy facet to the people closest to him. 

Jihoon [Woozi] - Son of Nemesis, Goddess of Revenge. Jihoon always keeps track of those who have wronged him, and exacts his vengeance accordingly. He calls out those who offend him, and praises those who please him, setting up a neat equilibrium. His pink hair and height give him a deceptively cute appearance that balances out his fierce and aggressive personality. 

Seokmin [DK] - Son of Demeter, Goddess of Agriculture. Seokmin’s smile is so bright, it can make grass grow. His friendly personality and affectionate manner are perfect for encouraging young shoots to break the surface of the Earth, making him Seventeen’s best nurturer. Like his mother, he cares very much for those that are important to him, and will go to the ends of the Earth to help his loved ones. 

Mingyu - Son of Zephyrus, the God of the West Wind. Gentle and beneficial, Zephyrus is the most beloved of the four Cardinal winds, and he passes on his kind disposition to his son, Mingyu, who is always cheerful and warmhearted. Commonly compared to a puppy, he is always eager to please. He is also very likeable due to his modest personality and carefree attitude.

Minghao [The8] - Son of Ares, God of War. Minghao can blow the audience away with his bboy-ing skills, and his knowledge of martial arts is a remnant of his father’s legacy. Although he may seem like a pushover, he is not afraid to tell someone to shut up, even if they are a few years older. Similarly to his father, Minghao is a sucker for those he cares about, and he won’t hesitate to take care of them. 

Seungkwan - Son of Dionysus, God of Wine and Partying. Seungkwan is almost always enthusiastic and lively, and the go-to MC for Seventeen’s videos. One could even call him the ‘life of the party.’ However, he has his emotional and serious side, and knows when to tone it down. Tactful and self-conscious, Seungkwan takes well after his godly father.

Hansol [Vernon] - Son of Apollo, God of Lyricists and Music. With his powerful rapping and clever lyrics, Hansol dutifully follows his father’s chosen path. Like Apollo, he has a well-known interest in singing and a natural feel for rhythm. He has an obvious talent in music and he proves time and again that he can do well in the entertainment industry. 

Chan [Dino] - Son of Hermes, God of Tricksters and Travelers. Being the youngest member of the group, Chan has a lot of undiscovered potential and does a bit of everything in the group, just like his jack-of-all-trades father. Chan is also quite mature and is intelligent for his age, but his positive aspects are belied by his youthful appearance, causing others to underestimate his skill. This may lead to people being unexpectedly impressed by his wide arsenal of abilities. 

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au where roy and felicity are siblings? or step siblings? pleeeeeeease

“Where’s my brother?” Felicity demanded. “You have no reason to keep him detained like this.”

“Ma’am, I’ve already told you… Your brother was arrested for robbery and attempted assault—”

“That’s complete crap! Roy wouldn’t hurt anybody! I’m telling you, he might’ve stolen that purse, emphasis on ‘might’ but he wouldn’t hurt anybody. I mean, one time he punched Larry Davidson in the nose, but that kid was asking for it. You don’t just walk up to a stranger and plant one on them! You think I wanted my first kiss to be with that creepy little boy? Because I didn’t. And Roy made sure he knew that. I talked to him about it after and he’s never done anything violent since. I’d also like to point out that he was seven at the time, if you’re thinking about charging him with that, too.”

The front desk worker looked unimpressed, to say the least.

“I’m sorry, did you say Roy Harper was your brother?” a curious voice piped up. 

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Enemy or Lover? ~ Part 1/2

Originally posted by badasswomenhappened

Warnings: conflict, language, drama

Pairings: Steve X Reader X Bucky

Word Count: 4318

((A/N: The idea from this came from THIS POST about your soul mate being on one wrist while your worst enemy is on your other. you don’t know which is which, which makes it very entertaining for me as a writer. My friend @waywardwinterfics and i decided to write our own versions of this prompt and link them to each other. I have already read hers and it is absolutely amazing. mine is 26 pages long and 7969 words long so i decided to make it a two parter. i hope you enjoy it and please go and read hers, you will not regret it one little bit. also hers is called ‘Live by the Sword, Die by the sword.’))


From the moment you are born they say that one day you will inevitably have two names appear on each of your wrists. One was said to be your soul mate and the other was said to be your worst enemy, a person you would inevitably end up meeting and on some occasions you would even kill them. 

I had never given much thought to when or whose names would appear if they ever really did at all. That was until one fateful day when I was have dinner with my family and my fiancé when suddenly my wrists started to sting. I looked down to see that on my right wrist the name ‘Steven Grant Rogers’ appeared and then on the left wrist the name ‘James Buchanan Barnes’.

That was three years ago.

“It’s time to wake up miss,” I hear my family butler, Martin, say from the other side of my bedroom door and I groan something of a reply before I force myself up and into my adjoining bathroom. The night before had been the same as every other night for the past three years. Eyeballs deep in research. 

As soon as the names had appeared on my wrists my father had called my wedding off and since in our family we were only allowed to marry one of the people who appear on our wrists, I had spent all my time researching who these men were with little to no luck. Of course traces of the famous Captain America from the past and his best pal Bucky Barnes always showed up, but it was impossible for them to be who my wrists meant. After all James Barnes should be dead, that’s what all the research was telling me. 

Captain Steve Rogers, however, was alive and well working with the infamous Tony Stark and a small group of Heroes who called themselves the Avengers. My father, the son of a previous senator and a very wealthy businessman, was actually friends with Tony Stark and since he was always at my father’s upper class parties I got to know him at a very young age. He had always been somewhat of hero of mine. Always doing what he wanted when he wanted too. Something I had never had the freedom to do. Being the only daughter of an upper class family was practically hell to live in. Everything was always expected of you, your thoughts and opinions didn’t matter.

I sigh as I think about how much easier it would be just to forget everything and run away from this place. I look at my wrists and then quickly just like I had everyday since I lost my fiancé and my chance at freedom. I cover the names. Makeup used to work wonders but now I just wrapped my wrists in ace bandages and went about my day. I was determined to do whatever it took to never meet either of the men on my wrists. I didn’t need any men in my life and I wasn’t about to fall prey to the centuries old superstition about soul mates and worst enemies.

Sighing I quickly get dressed and heading back into my room to grab my back pack. Right as I reach for my doorknob I hear another knock, this one light and I groan as I realize who it is. gritting my teeth, I open my door to see my mother standing there with an expectant look in her black eyes. “Good morning Darling,” She says and I force a smile and say, “Good morning mother.”

“How’s your research coming along? Any closer to finding your future husband?”

Dear God save me from this woman.

“Unfortunately not, the only ones that show up are the men who lived almost seventy years ago. And as I am not about to marry a man who is so much older than myself I think I’ll be going.” I reply as I give her a forced smile and then quickly walk away. I practically run through the overly large mansion as I try to get out of here as soon as possible. BAM!!

Shit… Apparently I would not be getting out of here that easy.

I look up and meet the golden eyes of my older brother Malcom and let out a sigh of relief. “Thank god it’s only you.” I say as I scratch the back of my neck.

“Thank you? I think…” He replies smirking. His long black hair was pulled back into a neat ponytail and he was dressed in his usual black pin stripped suit and red tie.  My brother, being the oldest child in our family, was supposed to follow our father and grandfather’s examples and go into politics, but after the names on his wrists turned out to be both male names our father had felt betrayed and tried his hardest to disown my brother; but thanks to our mother, he didn’t. Now he was the founder of his own Security industries. His company was most famous for its bodyguards. “You off to work, or?” He asks eyeing my pack.

“OR,” I reply giving him a wink. “Are you gonna come by later with Jack?”

“I think we can make it.” He looks down at his watch and then his eyes widen. “That is if I don’t miss this very important meeting with Stark.”

“You’re meeting with Tony?”

“Well more like my meeting is going to be with Pepper. He’s just there for as the deciding factor.” He replies as he pats my shoulder before quickly making his way past me toward the front doors where his escort was most likely waiting for him.

“See ya later!” I yell out as I make my way to the garage. I bypass my father’s collection of sports cars before I find my flat black 69 Chevy Nova SS parked under a tarp in the very back. Pulling the tarp off I smile as I run my hands down the smooth steel frame as I make my way from the front to the driver side door. Bertha, as I called her, was my guilty pleasure. I had rebuilt her from the ground up with the money I made from my secret late night job. Only my brother knew about it, in fact that’s where he had met his boyfriend.

Climbing inside I place the keys into the ignition and smile as she roars to life. Pressing the garage door opener, I quickly put the car in drive and speed off down the driveway. Pulling onto the blacktop I quickly make my way to my happy place.


I smile as I look around at all the muscle cars purring at the starting line. This was my guilty pleasure; one I would never give up. No matter what I ended up having to do for the family, I would always sneak away and come here.

“Hey you made it!” I hear Jack call out and smile as he bounds over to me his green eyes filled with happiness. Jack Miller, Adonis incarnate with shaggy golden hair and a statuesque physique, has been my best friend ever since elementary school and as you guessed it he is my brother’s lover.

“That I did,” I say as I wrap my arms around his muscular torso and hug him tight.

“What’s wrong? You look like you did after Ada-” I instantly cover his mouth my eyes narrowed angrily at him.

“I thought we agreed never to talk about it again.” I say as I cock an eyebrow and he rolls his eyes as he pushes my hand away from his mouth.

“Yeah well it’s been three years since then. We have to talk about him sometime.”

“Not if I can help it.” I reply scratching the back of my neck.

“Okay then subject change,” He says wrapping his arm around my shoulders. “I see you’re still wrapping your wrists.”

“Please can we talk about cars or hell I’ll even listen to you talk about your relationship with Mally,”

“Yeah that’s not gonna happen.” He says furrowing his brow. “So any luck with finding them like the parent’s want?”

“No,” I say quickly growing annoyed at the mention of my wrists.

“Look Speedy,” He says and I smile softly at the nickname. “I know you’re scared okay, who wouldn’t be after what happened three years ago; but you need to get over it and move on. Hell you never know, you could actually be happy.” He smirks at his final words and I roll my eyes.

“I’m happy now,” I lie leaning into his chest. “And no man is ever gonna change that.”

“Okay, whatever you say.” He says ruffling my hair earning him another glare.

“Okay Adonis, how about we ride?” I ask as I quickly fix my hair.

“After you do a double check on Bertha.” He says as he glares at someone behind me. Tilting my head, I turn and following his eyes I see Abe Carmichael hovering my baby and I grit my teeth. Abe was notorious for rigging his races, either by paying off the racers or by sabotaging their rides. I had also gone to high school with him but I never would call us friends. I start to walk over to him when I bump into someone tall and built like a brick wall.

“Ah sorry, I didn’t mean too.” I hear a male voice say and I look up to see the deepest blue eyes I have ever seen in my life accompanied by the best looking face I had ever seen. I couldn’t tell how long his chocolaty brown hair was as it was pulled back into a man-bun.  

“No, it’s my fault. I should’ve been watching where I was going.” I say as I feel my face start to flush.

“Buck over here!” I hear another man yell out and I turn to see yet another handsome man with cropped sandy blonde hair and a muscular build. I see two other people with him, one was a woman with red hair who looked semi familiar and the other had his back to me but he was shorter than both the woman and Blondie.

“I have to go.” He says reluctantly and I nod.

“Yeah, I have to go too. Sorry again for bumping into you.” I say as I quickly push past him and head back to where Abe was still hovering over Bertha. “Hey! What the hell are you doing?” I inquire as I near him. He smirks dangerously revealing a very toothy smile as he says, “Just admiring,” I grimace as his eyes look me up and down.

“Yeah well you can admire from somewhere else, get away from Bertha.”

“You know; your right hand man isn’t that much of a racer. Especially not since he’s been sharing your brother’s bed.” My eyes see red and I instantly pull my fist back and punch him in the face.

“I don’t care who the fuck you are; you will not talk about him like that.” I state anger radiating throughout me. Abe smirks as he licks the cut on his lip.

“You know, if you ever want someone to tame that wild side of you, you know my number.” He says winking before he turns and heads away followed by his lackeys. I glare after him as I try to calm my nerves.

“You okay?” I hear Jack ask and I nod.

“Yeah, just dealing with a pest situation.”

“Good to know,” He says patting me on the head.

“God dammit Jack, I swear to God if you don’t quit treating me like a child I will falcon punch you in the nuts.” I reprimand him making him chuckle.

“Yeah, but if you hurt my boys you have to deal with Mally.”

“Damn, my one weakness.” I reply smiling up at him.

“Alright ladies it time, can we get our drivers to the starting line?” The coordinator calls out and I take a deep breath.

“You ready?” Jack asks and I nod.

“I live for this shit.” I reply as I walk over and quickly climb into my car and start her up. As she roars to life I can tell that something’s different.  Furrowing my brow, I close my eyes as I try to single out the problem.

Where are you? Come on baby tell me what it is.

Suddenly I hear someone tap my hood and I look up to see Tony Stark himself staring through the windshield and my face pales. “Pop the hood Speedy,” He says as he once again taps the hood. Shaking the surprise from my body I quickly pop the hood and climbing out of the car head toward him. “What are you doing here?” I ask glancing around to see if anyone had noticed him.

“Um saving your ass, what does it look like?”

“You know what’s wrong with her?” I ask a feeling of relief filling my body.

“Uh huh,” He says as he dives head first into the motor immediately finding the problem and fixing it. As he closes the hood he turns to me and says, “How many times I gotta tell ya, don’t let people touch your stuff.” He glances toward Abe who was staring angrily toward us and I grit my teeth.

“I’ll remember that,”

“Good, now get out there and show the boys how it’s done.” He says smacking me on the back before turning and making his way over to where Jack was standing. Letting out a heavy sigh I climb back inside my car and driving toward the starting line wait for the girl to drop her hand.


I smile as Abe hands over his money. I loved winning. I especially loved winning over a cheater like Abe. “Better luck next time,” I say sarcastically as I hand the money over to Jack. Abe mumbles something inaudible before disappearing in his supped up 90s Camaro. I turn toJack and am about to say something when someone lifts me up off the ground in a giant hug causing me to let out an involuntary squeal.

“Oh my did she finally sound like a girl?” I hear my brothers familiar voice say and I roll my eyes.

“You asshole, when did you get here?” I ask as I turn and hug him.

“Right as you left the starting line. Congrats by the way.”

“Thanks Mally,” I reply pulling away from him so he could greet his lover. I cringe a little at their embrace, not that I didn’t approve of them because I did, it was just that it was my brother and his lover being lovey dovey, not something I want to see. I quickly remember that Tony had been there and find myself looking through the crowd to find him. I freeze when I see him standing with the two hunks from before and the redhead who I swore I knew. “Hey I’m gonna go see Tony.” I say as I walk away from them.

Before I reach him Tony spots me and gives me a bright smile. “Congrats Speedy.”

“Thanks Tony,” I say as I smile brightly at him.

“Oh you remember Natasha right? She was my assistant for a few weeks the first time you met her.” He says motioning to the red head and I have an epiphany.

“Natasha right, I knew I had seen you before. How are you?”

“I can’t complain,” She says smiling at me. “Oh and these two are our colleagues Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes.” She motions to the hunky men beside her and my heart drops.

Oh no!

“Uh nice to meet you both.” I reply trying to keep my composure as the names on my wrist started to burn with their closeness. “I’m (Name) but everyone calls me Speedy.” At the mention of my name Bucky loses his composure as his eyes fill with fire.


“Nice to meet you Speedy, Stark’s told us a lot about you.” Steve says and I nod.

“Well he does like to talk.” I reply trying my hardest not to freak out. How was this possible? Both men belonging to the names on my wrists were standing here in front of me and I would be enemies with one and soul mates with the other. 

As I look back and forth at them I couldn’t tell which was which. Who was my soul mate? Who would become my enemy? Feeling suddenly overwhelmed I let out a sigh of relief when Jack and Mally walk up to join us. I sit back and silently watch as Tony introduces them to everyone and at the mentions of Steve and Bucky’s names I see Jack and Mally both visually tense.

“I’m gonna borrow Speedy for a moment.” Jack says as he grabs my hand and pulls me away. When we are far enough away from them he turns to me and says, “You okay?”

“I just met the men on my wrists Jack, how do you think I feel?”


“No Jack, I can’t do this. They’re friends, and from what I’ve researched they’re best friends.” I pause as tears start to sting my eyes. “And I’m supposed to come between them.” Jack instantly reaches forward and wraps his arms around me.

“I’m sorry Speedy.”

“I wish the names never appeared.”

“I don’t know what to tell you. I don’t know what to say to make you feel better, and that kills me. You’re my best friend and I don’t like seeing you in pain.”

“I love you too Jack, you’re lucky you know. You have Mally and the other person on your wrist is your own father. It was easy for you to figure out who was who. Hell even Mally is the same way, your name and our father’s on his wrists. Why does my life have to be so god dammed complicated?”

“Shit happens Speedy.”

“You’re not helping!” I cry out as I bury my face in his chest.

“Yeah well I’m sorry, this is a first for me.”

“I know,” I am about to say something else when Mally taps my shoulder and says, “Stark want’s to buy you a drink. I explained things to him and he wants to talk to you.”

“Okay,” I say knowing that even though I didn’t want to talk to them it was inevitable when ‘Uncle Tony’ came out. “Where at? The tower?” I ask and he nods. “Are you and Jack headed home?”

“Yeah, I have a meeting bright and early tomorrow.” Mally says and I nod.  

“Okay, I’ll be home later.” I say as fight with the urge to run. Mally gives me a knowing stare before he wraps his arm around Jack’s shoulders and the two of them leave. I watch after them for a moment before I shake my head and turn back to Tony and his friends. Taking a deep breath, I clench my fists and head back over to them.


“So how long have you known Tony?” The man known as Bucky asks as we sit around a coffee table at Avengers tower. We had been drinking and getting to know each other for a few hours now and it was making my life even harder.

“All my life,” I say forcing a smile as I scratch at his name through the ace bandage. “He and my father went to school together. So he kind of became uncle Tony.” I smile softly at the acknowledgement.

“Uncle Tony huh?” Steve says eyeing the genius out of the corner of his eye making Tony narrow his.

“Her and Mally are the only ones allowed to call me that. So can it Rogers.”

“But it’s such a cute nickname.” Natasha replies and I bite my lip to keep from laughing.

“Oh you think this is funny (name)?”

“No, of course not,” I say as I quickly bring my drink to my lips.

“Because we could always talk about the reason you wrap your wrists.” Tony says giving me a knowing glance before glancing at the men on either side of me.

Of course dad told you.

“How about we don’t and just say we did?” I reply my smile instantly fading.

“Fine,” He says quickly and I eye him curiously. “So since everyone knows that I have Pepper’s name and the other wrist is blank let’s ask the super soldiers who are on their wrists.” He says causing me to choke on my drink. Earning me a pat on the back from Steve.

“You okay?” He asks as he stares at me worriedly.

“Yeah, I’m good.” I say as I try to catch my breath.

“Come on Stevie show us those wrists.” Tony says with a smirk and I glare out of the corner of my eyes at him. Steve lets out a heavy sigh as he pulls his jacket off to reveal two names on his wrists. I stare in shock as my name is present on his right wrist; the other wrist was Margaret Carter. I feel a knot well up in my stomach as my mind starts to race.

“So, who’s (First, middle, last)?” Natasha asks as she slowly glances over at me.

She knows its me.

“I don’t know; I’ve never met her.” He says looking a little melancholy.

“Really? You’re not even curious to know who she is?” Natasha asks her eyes moving back to me.

Come on, if you keep that up he’s going to notice.

“I’m not gonna lie and say I’m not, but if I search and look up every little detail about her, isn’t that just forming an opinion based on others?”

Well that’s what I did.

“Steve’s right,” Bucky says making me slowly turn toward him right as he pulls his jacket off revealing a shiny metal left arm. I stare wide eyed at it completely oblivious to the fact the he didn’t have any names on his wrists until I pull my eyes from his metal arm to look down at his left one. My wrists start to burn and I have the sudden urge to leave. Downing the rest of my drink I glare at Tony.

“They’ve shown you theirs, why not show them yours?” Tony says and I fight the urge to throw something at him. My phone rings and I feel a wave of relief wash over me. I look down to see my father’s number and I groan, “Well as much as I would love too, I have to get home.” I place my cell phone back into my pocket and as I go to stand up my head starts to spin.

Okay maybe I had too much to drink.

“I’ll walk you home,” Steve says and I go to turn him down but he quickly interrupts me as he says, “You’re not gonna drive drunk are you?”

“No, of course not.” I reply as I chastise myself.

“Good,” He says as he pulls his coat back on and climbs to his feet. “Shall we?” He asks as he holds his hand out motioning me to walk ahead of him.

“Thanks Tony, I’ll see you around; nice to see you again Natasha. Oh and it was nice to meet you Bucky,” I say as I look from each of them until finally landing on Bucky. Giving him a quick smile I turn and follow Steve to the elevator.


As we walk through the streets of Manhattan toward the upper east side Steve and I talk about pretty much everything. He was a sweetheart, and also the perfect gentleman. He was really starting to win me over with his words and actions. Maybe having him on my wrist was a good thing. Could he be my soul mate? He smiles at me and I feel my heart thump in my chest. Feeling my face flush I quickly look away form him and suddenly remember that I had this feeling before. With Adam. The thought of my ex-fiancé makes my heart clench tightly.

“You okay?” Steve asks and I quickly force the memories away as I nod.

“Yeah, just thought about something painful. I’ll be okay though.” I say forcing a smile.

“So, is there a reason in particular you don’t like talking about the names on your wrists?” He asks catching me off guard making me stop in my tracks.

“There is a perfectly good reason,” I say not offering any more explanation. I start to walk past him when he instantly grabs my right arm causing the ace bandage to slip down just enough to reveal Steve’s name making his eyes widen.

“You? You’re the (Name)?” He asks and I grit my teeth as I furrow my brow.

“I am,” I reply pulling my wrist form his grasp.

“Why didn’t you say anything?” He asks and my heart clenches as I think about the other name on my wrist.

“I have my reasons,” I say gripping tight to my left wrist. I didn’t want him to know who was on it. Hell I wish I didn’t know who was on it, or more rather I wished that there wasn’t another name.

“As much as I want to know those reasons, I won’t push you.” He says and I stare at him in surprise. Right as I am about to say something a bunch of black SUV’s surround us. Steve quickly places me behind him as he looks for a way out. Before we have time to think I feel something poke me in the neck and I reach up pulling out what turned out to be a tranquilizer dart. “S-Steve…” I say groggily making him turn toward me with wide eyes as my name leaves his lips. Then everything goes dark.

Will Continue ~ 

FBI Agents Are Always Right Polar Bears Not So Much

((This is the first drabble sent to me by irishavengersassemble Thank you for your help! And to the anon who wanted this request, here you go!))

Author: irishavengersassemble

   You let out a sigh as you glanced over at JJ, who was hard at work at her desk. “ Anything you want to talk about ( y/n)?”  The woman asks glancing over at the form of her little sister fidgeting nervously in her seat. “ I’m fine.” You mutter letting a strand of fall behind your ear a nervous habit you had adapted as a child. “ I’ve known you your entire life (y/n). I can tell when something’s bugging you besides as your older sister it’s my job to make sure you’re alright.” The blonde retorts setting down a stack of papers she was working on and walking over to your desk. “ Come on lets go for a walk.”
    “ JJ… I told you its nothing.” You squeak before your sister roughly grabs you by the wrist dragging you outside the BAU building. “ Okay… what’s going on? “ Did something happen with Hotch.” She states placing a comforting hand on your shoulder. As much you loved being able to work with your older sister of three years, sometimes you felt as though she was a bit too over-protective of you. Being the newest member of the team didn’t always have the best perks.  Morgan always kept an eye on you during cases and once JJ found out that you had shown interest in your boss Aaron Hotchner older sister mode seemed to kick in ten times stronger. Luckily that had toned down some after Hotch personally consulted her on dating you first before attempting anything with you. JJ had agreed of course other wise you wouldn’t obviously be in the situation you were now.
  Hotch had been dating you for about eight months and things were going fantastic. Aaron was your guardian angel in your book; the Calvin Klein of an FBI agent had come into your life at a good time. Your boyfriend Gavin of four years had been killed in action over-seas and you had taken it really hard. For the first few months after his death you barely left your apartment even with the loving persistence of JJ and Garcia.  It took some time before you got back into a basic routine again, Hotch was always there when you wanted to talk, and he had gone through many of the same things with Haley’s death. He was always gentle and understanding and had been there when you needed a shoulder to cry on. It had taken about a year and a half, until Hotch realized he had feelings for you
   . He eventually got the courage to ask you out and the rest is history.  You thought it was amazing how two broken people could become something pure and beautiful.  Aaron had decided that things were going so well, that he wanted to finally introduce you to Jack over dinner at his house later on that night. A squeak escaped your mouth as the blonde woman in front of you brought you out of your racing thoughts. “ Earth to (y/n)… Hello is anyone there?” JJ states waving a hand in front of your face,” I’m sorry.” “ You asked how things are going with Hotch and I.”
  They’re going perfectly but I’m meeting Jack tonight and being nervous is an understatement… What if he doesn’t like me J what if I screw this up.” You groan running your hands down your face in frustration. “ It’s going to be fine… Deep breaths.” JJ murmurs kneading your shoulders in a calming manner. “ Aaron loves you and Jack is a sweetheart… he’ll love you trust me.” “ Besides you sent him that Hobbit Lego set for Christmas the one he’d been wanting for months and he loved it he told Aaron that he wanted to meet you right… what’s there to worry about.” Your sister replies with a loving smile. “ Thanks JJ you’re the best sister ever.” You whisper pulling her into a tight embrace.
        “ Ready?” Aaron mutters motioning towards his house. A chuckle escapes his throat as he takes in how tightly you’re gripping the sides of the passenger seat of his car. His expression goes from happy to concerned in seconds,”(y/n) Are you alright? Babe?” he mutters placing a hand on your shoulder.”  What if he doesn’t like me Aaron?” You glance up at him letting out a sigh. “ What’s not to love you’re loving and kind, you put others before yourself and always see the best in others, that can be a hard thing to do in our kind of work. You’re strong… you’ve proven that again and again. I love you so much and I want Jack to love you too.” Hotch mutters sending you a warm smile. “ Thank you Aaron that means a lot.” You state placing a quick kiss on his cheek. He gets out of the car before getting your door for you” Want to meet Jack now.” He holds his hand out to you after taking his hand; he leads you up the steps to his house.
    After holding the door open for you he walks in after you. Your (e/c) eyes take in the classy yet modern living room. A black leather couch sat in the middle of the room adding the perfect touch to the tan walls. A baby grand piano sat in the corner, followed by a TV, a coffee table and various paintings by unknown artists. You turned to Aaron your face holding a grin almost as big as your excitement. “ Its beautiful… I love it.” “ Thank you,” the dark haired man murmurs his face growing red with embarrassment.  This was the first time you’d actually been inside his house. With the craziness of work and Jack being home with his baby-sitter you had both agreed that waiting to come to his house until you met Jack was best. “ Lila? Jack?” Aaron mutters leading you into the kitchen.
    Your eyes land on a pretty redheaded young woman and a blonde boy that you had seen countless photos of standing by the counter over a fresh batch of homemade cookies. “ Hello Mr. Hotchner its good to see you.” the woman said with a warm smile. “ Good to see you as well Lila… so what did you do today?” Aaron asked kneeling in front the little boy. “ I finished my homework and then we played with my legos and baked cookies.” Jack said with a grin. “ I can tell, you`ve got flour on your nose.” The dark haired man replies wiping the remaining flour away with his thumb. “ Well Mr. Hotchner I should be going.” “ Bye Jack I’ll see you next week ok.” She mutters placing a quick kiss on the boy’s head and sending a small wave in your direction before heading out the door.
“ Jack do you remember what I told you before you left for school today?” “ You told me that I would finally get to meet (y/n) right?” the boy asked glancing up at his father for an answer. “ Yes …” Aaron holds out a hand motioning for you to come over towards him and Jack.  You walk over to the pair “ Hi Jack I’m (y/n) its nice to meet you.” “ Your right daddy she is pretty.” The boy exclaims causing you too raise an eyebrow, in your boyfriends direction. “ Thank you Jack I appreciate it. Your daddy’s right you are even more handsome than your school pictures.” You say gently. “ Do you like sugar cookies?” he asks curiously. “ As a matter of fact… They’re my favorite. Why do you ask?”
    “ Well daddy said you really like them so I had Lila help me make them for you.” Jack replies shyly. “ You did that was so thoughtful.” You murmur your heart already filling up with fondness for the adorable mini me of your fantastic boyfriend. He takes your hand leading you over to where the cookies are sitting on a cooling wrack. “ Would you like one?” he asks his eyes hopeful. “ I do but don’t you think we should wait until after dinner?” “ Please just a small one? Daddy can she?” the blonde boy states pulling off puppy dog eyes he had to have learned from Morgan. “ One small cookie, I’m going to order dinner.” Aaron replies as he heads to the other room. You reach onto the wrack talking two small cookies, one for yourself and the other for Jack. After handing one over to your newfound partner in crime, (and I use that term loosely.) you took a bite of the delicious smelling cookie. It only takes a few more bites and your already finished. “ That was very good… Did you like yours?” You ask finding the boy licking the excess remains of cookie off his fingers.
    “ I did I’m glad you like them (y/n)! He retorts hugging your waist quickly before heading to the living room to find Aaron. “ Daddy she liked them.” You heard him say excitedly. A chuckle escaped your lips as you walked into the room finding your boyfriend curled up on the couch with an assembly of takeout menus for various restaurants scattered all over the coffee table. “ Is there anything in particular that you would like?” he asks his brown eyes scanning over about five menus at once. “ How about Peking Way?” you mutter letting out a laugh as the dark haired mans eyes light up at the mention of your favorite Chinese restaurant.
    “ Hello May yes this is Aaron, I’d like the usual.” Aaron had introduced you to Peking Way about a year ago and it had quickly become a tradition to get Chinese every Friday that you weren’t on a case.   He was good friends with the owner, May an older woman who left China in the early fifties. May had opened up Peking Way with her sister in nineteen- sixty. She had taken him under her wing about five years ago after he had helped her during a case. The older woman was like another mother to him and  had taken it upon herself to stay in  contact with him, when you first went to the restaraunt May had welcomed you with open arms. She had become very fond of you saying that her Aron needed a nice girl in his life. You loved May having grown very close to her over the short time you had known her.
“ It should be done in about a half an hour.” The dark haired man states setting the phone done on the coffee table. “ Okay go change into something comfy,” You murmur sending Aaron a warm smile as he heads to his room to get changed. “ (y/n) do you mind if I pick out the movie?” Jack asks glancing over at you from his spot on the floor surrounded by a pile of legos. “ I don’t mind at all what would you like to watch?” You walk over to him sitting down beside him. “ Could we watch Back to the Future please?” “ I don’t mind that sounds good too me.” “ What sounds good?” Aaron’s warm voice murmurs softly. Glancing over you find him wearing a pair of jeans with a gray t-shirt and a black Nike hoodie. “ Daddy can we watch Back to the Future.” Jack asks softly. “ (y/n) said she doesn’t care.” “ That sounds fine, I’ll be back I’m going to pick up dinner.” Your boyfriend says placing a quick kiss on your head and Jacks before heading out the door. “ Do you want to play legos with me?” the boy asks holding out some of the plastic pieces to you with a hopeful expression.
  The credits of  Back to the Future II fell across the screen a few hours later, giving the living room a soft glow. You glanced over at Aaron who gave you a loving smile. “ He’s out.” He comments motioning towards Jack who was curled up in your lap asleep. You were wrapped up in a large fluffy white blanket, giving you and the sleeping boy both the appearance of a polar bear and her cub. That’s what your loving boyfriend had said when he saw the two of you curled up like that.
  “ Daddy can (y/n) stay forever?” Jacks soft voice mutters. “ You want me to stay forever?” “ Yes I do.” He replies letting out a yawn. “ Goodnight Jack.” You whisper placing a kiss on the boy’s head.  “ Goodnight.” He whispers falling back asleep. “ I’m really glad this went so well.” You mutter glancing over at Aaron. “ I knew it would.” He states scooting closer to you and pulling you against his chest. “ Why are you always right?” You grumble placing your face in his shoulder. “ Because I’m smarter than a polar bear.” He replies with a smirk.
 “ Shut up…” you, mutter glancing up at him. “ Love you.” he places his lips to yours before throwing his arms around you and Jack in a protective embrace. “ Love you too both of you.” “ I don’t know what I was so worried about… he’s a great kid and I’m so thankful I get too be a part of your lives.” You murmur as your eyelids start to droop. “ We couldn’t have it any other way.” He states setting his head on top of your head, as you both fall into a deep sleep surrounded by love and content with what the future held for all three of you.