when it's time to hire a baby sitter


Great day for a five mile run.  I rode the scooter to the lake and did two laps.  My pace was really consistent.  The quickest and slowest miles were just ten seconds apart. 

The lake paths were pretty busy because of the holiday.  Many clueless people out today.

Example 1.  Two high-strung parents are pushing their jog stroller down the very crowded walking path.  Dad keeps yelling out “On your left!"  Oh please!  You say that to cyclists riding two abreast when you need to pass but you don’t do that to pedestrians.  Walk or jog around the slower people. 

I hated that couple.  Then the mom hit a pothole with the front wheel of stroller and came to an abrupt halt. (I’m sure they’re sue the city on Tuesday morning).  Mom screamed out.  The precious infant, so tender and mild, was startled and started shrieking.  I tried to see if the dad paused his Garmin then chuckled at them and kept running.

Example 2.  This was even better.  Note: If your four-year-old is too inexperienced to ride a training-wheel bike on a busy urban bike path guess what - having him ride on crowded pedestrian path is no better an idea.  The little boy was being egged on by dumb-ass jogger-dad to go a little faster.  Enter a little girl on roller blades who also shouldn’t have been on the pedestrian path.  Add someone’s black lab on too long of a leash. 

Hilarity ensues.

The boy doesn’t know how to use the brakes, swerves to miss the dog leash and bumps into the girl.  As I ran past I hear a soft crash and then that moment of dead silence that every parent knows is soon followed by ear-piercing crying.