when it's just written all over her face how helpless she feels

Just another day in Bellamy doing husband things for Clarke: A meta

Just want to take advantage of @wellamyblake‘s awesome tag meta here: 


To wax lyrical about the beauty that is the bellarke partnership. 

And first of all I’d like to say that I really appreciate how calm Bellamy Blake can be, especially at times when she is at her lowest.  As many pointed out correctly, the moment he gallivanted off to get the hydrogenerator the pressure came crashing down on her. It doesn’t mean she didn’t eventually keep it together. It just that the pressure is so much heavier without his support. And I’m glad it is now being spelt out more clearly by the show, because though it has been shown throughout the past seasons, somehow, people seem to miss it (or want to ignore it, I mean, lbr about fandom here). 

Bellamy seems to always have this quiet resolve when it comes to Clarke. This scene actually reminded me a lot of two scenes in season 2. Once in the tunnels when she sees him and asks him to please tell her that he has the plan (because she doesn’t), and he matter-of-factly tells her that he doesn’t. YET, it manages to calm Clarke down so much and spur her on to find Dante. Then in the control room when Clarke knows she has to pull the lever but in that moment she’s just so scared and helpless - That is the scene I was heavily reminded of in this episode (4x03), because she just looks up at Bellamy, she wants her name to be on the list - but she just can’t do it. 

In 2x16, Bellamy doesn’t skip a beat and puts his hand over hers, telling her they’d do it together. In 4x03, he just tells her quite plainly that if she wouldn’t put her name down, he’d do it. She’s so vulnerable in that moment (Eliza played it so well, bless her), so unconvinced that she should be on that list. But it’s not even a question for him that she should be - So this is how he saves her. 

You know what I think? I think he knew the moment he woke up and saw her crying that his name would be on the list without hers on it. Because while Bellamy Blake may not know she’s in love with him - he sure knows Clarke well enough to know that she would do something like that. And Clarke knows Bellamy knows because she turns her eyes away from him. 

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Mirror and stone

Sameen’s voice in Farsi is liquid and gentle. At least, it seems that way to you now, hearing her speak for the first time, your head in her lap and your eyes closed. One hand weaves through your hair; the other holds her father’s battered copy of Rumi’s love poetry.

It’s late, but neither of you can sleep. The spring night is unseasonably warm, so you’ve folded back the sheets and are currently sweating in a tank top and a pair of boxers from Sameen’s drawer. Seemed fair to steal, since you’re the one who dropped off and picked up her laundry at the wash-and-fold around the corner. The shirt you’re wearing is old enough that, even freshly laundered, it smells like her.

You don’t know what the words mean; you simply let them wash over you and through you. Sameen reads limpidly, fluently, in musical phrases. She smooths hair over your temple, cards through the strands, winds a curl around her finger.

The heat is making your shoulder ache; the painkillers you reluctantly took have only just started to work through your body and soften your thoughts. None of that matters much now, with your cheek resting on Sameen’s inner thigh and her voice pouring over and into every part of you.

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hallways in the pink album

So I had to drive for 8 hours the other day and basically listened to Harry’s album on repeat, alone with my thoughts…so the result is either gonna be awesome or totally weird, right? Anyway, I’ve seen some amazing interpretations (@seasurfacefullofclouds, @harryflyles and @iftheresnolove have all said brilliant things, and totally informed my understanding of the album/individual songs. Also, hi! Sorry if it’s weird to tag you!).

But as I drove through Ohio (how fun.), the motif of the “hallway” started to become key to my understanding of the album. It recurs multiple times (in MMitH, but also Only Angel and kinda the hotel room in FtDT), so it seems important! At first, it might not feel related to some of the other big themes in Harry’s album (like miscommunication and silence, which you can definitely tie to Harry’s personal relationships, and like…what the songs might be about on an individual level). But here’s my argument: I think the figure of the “hallway” is the album’s way of discussing how your environment can constrain your ability to communicate. Which maybe puts a more structural spin on the idea of “miscommunication.”

Basically I just think it’s interesting that an album Harry has consistently described as all about Freedom™ is so focused thematically on being trapped and not-in-control. (I mean, I personally think it’s 100% a way to work through the experience of being a closeted celebrity in a boy band, but you don’t have to agree!)

ANYWAY. Let’s start with what the image of a “hallway” evokes:

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anonymous asked:

I was wondering if you could do another one similar to 'Letters to Verona' but this time jughead catches her and sees her crying and to find out it was over the letters. :)

Thanks for the prompt nonnie!! I hope I was able to give you the ending you were hoping for. I present to you: Letters from Verona: An Alternate Ending!

Reminder that  this fic takes place right before Jughead walks Betty home in Chapter 7: The Lonely Place


It had been a long week for Betty Cooper. Polly’s disappearance had placed an unbearable weight on her heart and mind, and her mother’s media storm had done nothing to help her heightened state. Out of options and helpless to improve the situation, Betty had chosen to focus on the tasks that needed finishing. Tonight, that meant editing and revising the newest edition of the Blue & Gold. She dove into her articles until late in the night, until the vast majority of the building had emptied out and the sun had long disappeared.

“Juggie? Hey Jug? You awake?” Betty peered over at the boy, trying to determine just how soundly he was sleeping. He had dozed off on the couch while waiting for Betty to finish her work. She urged him to go home hours ago, but he refused to leave until she did, insisting that it was his duty to walk her home.

He looked so handsome laying there, curled up with an old copy of “1984″ lying open on his chest, crown beanie slightly askew. Betty couldn’t help but smile at the stillness of his body, feeling herself calm as she watched his chest rise and fall. When he was sleeping, the troubles that haunted him in his waking hours were imperceptible. He seemed so peaceful, so unhindered by all the worries of the world.

Deciding that he wasn’t going to stir anytime soon, she crossed the room and ever so delicately plucked his laptop from his desk, being careful not to make too much noise.

She pried open the laptop, its screen illuminating the darkened room. Typing in the password she had managed to decipher weeks ago, Betty searched for the familiar Word document labeled “No Title”.

“You can’t name a novel before it’s finished,” Jughead had told her weeks ago, “The story has to be completed before it can speak to you.”

Betty smiled at the memory, recalling the conviction with which he had spoken. She loved the way he spoke about his novel, how his brow would furl when he was fighting writer’s block, or the light that sparked in his eye when he thought of the perfect turn of phrase. But he never let her read his work, so she had taken to reading it in secret, bit by bit, whenever she could.

Browsing the list of documents, something caught Betty’s eye. A folder entitled, “Letters from Verona” had appeared under the list of recent files, one Betty had never noticed before. Curiosity got the best of her, and she opened it, selecting the most recent document.

Dear Juliet,

I am captivated by your eyes. I always have been. Those bewitching green eyes have always seen the world with such wonder, have always contained such beauty. They have always shined, a beacon of light in the darkest of times.

I cannot help but recall that moment, right before I kissed you, when I looked in your eyes. It was in your eyes that I found the courage to move forward, to bring my lips up against yours, to open myself up and let years of bottled affection pour out.

From that moment on, your eyes have been different. For years, I have looked into those eyes, and for years they have looked back. But only now do those alluring eyes begin to see. Only now does a part of you, however small, begin to feel the things I have been feeling for so long.

Now your eyes see me with wonder. They regard me with a tender affection, every glance full of care and devotion. To be the recipient of such a look is all I have desired for so long, and yet I am fearful. Fearful that, every time you peer into my eyes, you will see my soul. Fearful that you will know my truths. Fearful that such raw exposure will cause the warmth of those dazzling eyes to irreversibly cool.

This is my confession to you, tucked away in a file that I do not yet have the courage to share. A small piece of my heart that is reserved for another time. One day, I will find the strength to say these words to you out loud, to look you in those entrancing eyes and make a true proclamation. For now, I will simply continue to gaze into your eyes, hoping with each passing glance to convey all I am incapable of saying.

xx Romeo

Betty stared at the letter, reading and rereading each sentence, in awe of the confession. Unable to stop herself, she opened another document, and then another, and another. Letters of longing, confessions of unrequited pining, it all unfolded in before her, giving way to an overwhelming, unabashed affection.

She didn’t even notice she was crying until the letters on the screen began to swim. Her heart ached, the excess of emotion threatening to burst from her chest. It wasn’t that Jughead hadn’t expressed his feelings before - the passion with which he had kissed her in her bedroom was unquestionable - but these words were filled with a care and tenderness that was overwhelming.

He had written about her. He had written to her. All of her doubts about his intentions, all of her insecurities about their relationship, they had all disappeared under the persuasion of his confessions.

She was so lost in the words before her that she didn’t even notice him begin to stir.

“Betty?” He asked, his voice layered in a haze of sleepiness, “What are you doing?”

“Jughead!” Betty jumped, practically dropping the computer in surprise.

“Is that… is that my laptop?” He asked, rubbing his eyes to clear them of grogginess.

“No!” She said a bit too forcefully, her face burning crimson with guilt. “…Yes.” She admitted, eyes darting downward.

“Why are you - wait, are you okay?” Jughead’s eyes shifted from confusion to concern as he came to and registered her tear-stained cheeks. “Betty…” he began, quickly crossing over to where she sat, and reaching out to gently wipe a stray tear from her cheek. “What happened?” He looked down at the computer screen to see what had caused her such grief, and his concern was quickly overtaken with surprise. “Oh.” He faltered, neck flushing with embarrassment, “You weren’t supposed to -”

He was cut off by her lips crashing onto his, the salt of her tears mixing with her cherry lip balm and overpowering all of his senses.

“Shut up.” She begged when their lips parted, “Just shut up.” She let out a small laugh, fresh tears springing from her eyes as she kissed him once more, both hands clutching the sides of his face, the pressure with which she held increasing with each second.

She finally let go, breaking away but staying close, bringing her forehead to rest against his. Embarrassed, and quite frankly still a bit fuzzy from the kiss, Jughead opted to fiddle with her fingers instead of looking her in the eye.

“So…” He started, “How much did you read?”

“Enough.” She whispered.

“Enough?” He repeated, nervously prodding for more of a reaction.

“Enough.” Her voice was stronger now, filled with a confidence and certainty. She squeezed his hands, prompting him to raise his eyes and look at her. “Enough to know that this is real. That this is big. That you and I…” She smiled, intertwining their fingers and pressing them against his heart, “that we’re going to be okay.”

Jughead didn’t respond, but Betty could see everything she needed to in his eyes. There was something there. A flicker of hope, of light, of trust.

“Come on,” Betty said, standing and pulling him up with her, “Let’s go home.”

keltic-moon  asked:

Since Inquisition didn't really give us one, how about the companions and love interests reacting to Lavellan's clan being massacred.

Cassandra: She’s not sure what to say to them. Losing Anthony was hard for her, and not something she ever truly recovered from. Her parents died when she was young enough to barely remember them, and she left her uncle behind when she left Nevarra. But the Inquisitor has lost their entire family, their whole world, and in the face of that she does not know what to do for them but to keep others away until they are ready to face the world. Romanced: She holds him. Its all she can do, especially if he is distraught. His grief is overwhelming and it leaves her feeling helpless and shaken, but she holds him and carries the burden of the Inquisition as long as he needs. This is the man she loves, and she will never leave him to shoulder this alone.

Solas: For all the issues he has with the Dalish the mage never wanted this. Words and condolences are awkward, and so he does the next best thing and spends night after night ushering spirits of compassion and joy to give them some comfort in their dreams. It is all he can do, but he will do it diligently. Romanced: He barricades them in the Inquisition quarters, letting her sob or scream or throw things until she is exhausted. Then and only then does he guide her into the Fade and help to be a bulwark against the grief and anger. The spirits he calls to their side help, but more than anything he makes sure she never feels alone either waking or sleeping.

Sera: For all her opinions on elfy elves and the Dalish Sera is above all a stalwart friend. If pranking or drinking aren’t what the Inquisitor needs then she will simply stay with them. If they want to make a memorial she is right there, if they want to cry she is there, if they want to sit and do nothing for hours she is right frigging there. And the Red Jenny in the town where it all happened- or was directed from- has very specific and very firm orders on the level of hell they are supposed to rain down on the populace there. Romanced: The cooks and assistants and anyone else in Skyhold’s kitchens are flung from their posts, and for hours the night after the news comes in Sera bakes. The cookies are not the best and some of them are burnt or misshapen or salty from tears, but the Red Jenny doesn’t stop until she has baskets and baskets of cookies for her Honeytongue. She has never loved a woman like the Inquisitor, and never loved someone who faced such a loss, but she has one tried and true coping mechanism and she is rolling with it.

Varric: It is the Tethras curse, it seems, that he has gotten good at comforting friends who lose family. Anything they need he does his best to get, and eventually just moves his whole area- desk, table and all- in front of the door of their quarters to ensure they have privacy. Any pull he has with the merchant guilds to beggar the nobles who caused the problem he uses, and he and Sera put their heads together to make sure it hurts. Depending on how the Inquisitor wants their family remembered he may write them into a novel, but his next book will have a deeply touching memorial to them written into the back.

Vivienne: The Grand Enchanter is many things, but cruel is rarely one of them. If the Inquisitor needs time to deal with this tragedy she will give it to them, and woe upon any in the Orlesian court who do not abide by her mandates—she is the Iron Lady for a very good reason. If it is after the loss of Bastien and the Inquisitor aided them she is even more sympathetic, and her bower becomes a safe place to grieve if they do not wish to be alone.

Blackwall: Maker, will he neer see the end of senseless death? He can only imagine the pain the Inquisitor is in, and so he does what he can to protect them. He takes them to the stables to be with the mounts, show them the new kittens in the hayloft, and generally tries to give them a safe place to grieve if they need it or privacy if they want it. Romanced: There is no power in Thedas that can keep him from his love’s side if she wants him there. He barricades them in the barn and holds her to him, just holds and lets her grief or scream or simply be limp. When the storm has passed and they eventually sleep he asks for the list of names from Clan Lavellan from Lelianna and sets about making a memorial for them—it’s the least he can do for her.

Dorian: The Inquisitor is the greatest friend he has ever had, and in truth Dorian is lost in the face of their grief. There is protocol in Tevinter for condolences and grief- most with merely the mask of sympathy and civility glazed on top- but this is deeper. Eventually he gets the courage up to ask them what they need, and then does everything he can to make sure they get it. Romance: Anyone who wants to bother the Inquisitor before they are ready to come out must go through a very scary Tevinter necromancer first. If Lavellan lets him Dorian locks them into the inquisitorial chambers for as long as they need, and holds him. And the Altus stays sober the entire time, despite the almost desperate need for a drink, until the man he loves finally drifts off to sleep—if his amatus needs him Dorian will have a clear head, and that is the greatest tool he has.

Iron Bull: The Chargers are ready to rain down fire and death on the people who murdered clan Lavellan, and if the Inquisitor is in a good place then Bull will relay that offer. Otherwise he goes with his gut and either keeps them drunk or keeps them isolated until the worst of the pain and shock bleeds off. Romanced: Skyhold has not seen angrily protective until thy have seen the Iron Bull watching over his Kadan. Politician or pilgrim, it doesn’t matter—so long as his love needs whatever had can do, he doesn’t leave their side.

Cole: “Burning, gasping, too much too much I’ve lost to much, how can I be Lavellan if there are no more Lavellan? Gone, gone, all gone and it’s all my fault. But it’s not. They loved you and they were proud of you. You did what you could, everything you could.” It’s a temptation to make the Inquisitor forget, but Cole knows them well enough to know that they will want the memories. Instead he stands silent vigil outside their door, and anyone with a desire to interrupt their grief suddeny can’t remember why thyey were in the main hall…

Cullen (Romanced): What is there to say? He failed her, like he has failed so much in his life. Being around her is hard, though he will stay if she needs him to stay. Otherwise he throws himself into work, and making sure she has the time and space to grieve.

Josephine: At first she is drowning in guilt. It’s her fault, all her fault that the love of her life has lost their entire family, and in truth she doesn’t want to see them. Like Cullen she buries herself in her work, in using diplomacy even though it has failed her in this darkest hour. But eventually she cannot stand the thought of her love suffering alone, and so she goes and holds them if they let her, and weeps with them.

–Mod Fereldone

It’s Impawsible

Imagine Percival Graves was turned into a cat before the events of Fantastic Beasts. Grindelwald wants him to stay at MACUSA because he knows Percival hates being helpless, and what’s more helpless than him being a cat and not able to tell everyone the truth, even though he sees them every day? Also, it can explain how Newt knew Grindelwald was impersonating Percival. Not that that happened in the movie. I think. Anyway, I must give a shoutout to @funkzpiel for inspiring this, because some of their headcannons and writings made me think about writing something this ridiculous lol. Also shoutout to @questionartbox because she’s an amazing artist and her art inspired me to write something that would be fun to draw. I have zero regrets about turning Percival into a cat. Enjoy!

The cat appears the same time Percival Graves returns from Europe.

That’s the first thing Tina notices. The second thing she notices is that the jet black cat with elegant white markings around its paws and furry chest very much dislikes the Director, but the strange thing is that Mr Graves seems terribly amused by this, and allows the cat to remain in the MACUSA building. Tina thinks it’s odd how the cat will hiss and scratch at Mr Graves but all the man does is nudge the cat away with his polished shoes; she doesn’t recall him having a particular fondness for felines, or just animals for the matter.

The other Aurors aren’t as perturbed by the cat’s appearance as they are by how aggressive it is. The first few days are an absolute horror; the cat alternates between destroying individual desks and upending paperwork, and running around their feet in circles. Complaints to Mr Graves about how the cat is affecting their productivity fall on deaf ears; their boss is insistent that the cat will remain at MACUSA and all the Aurors can do is grumble about it under their breaths and continue to try to shake the cat off.

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anonymous asked:

Can you possibly write a scenario where Lance's s/o is comforting Lance about his insecurities and reassures him that everyone, including them, need him and love him? Lance deserves more love ❤

“Babe? What’re you still doing out here.” Lance’d left the bed to get a drink about 20 minutes ago. not only that he was out for a long time, he left the room instead of going to the en-suit bathroom. So after waiting, you slumped out of bed, pulling the blanket around you like a cloak, you went to find him. 

And here he was, leaning over the kitchen sink, the tap dripping, but his eyes were closed, his hands gripping to tightly onto the counter top. When you spoke out to him, his head twitched in your direction, but his eyes stayed closed, and his lip curled up in either a smirk, or a cringe, you couldnt be sure. 

Concerned, you glided closer to him, but seeing him step away from you, just barely, stopped you from touching him reassuringly like you wanted to. 

“Lance… Whats on your mind?” 

“Did… You heard Allura today, right? She treated me like an after thought. Again.” his voice was rough, a sign of sadness, if that wasn’t already obvious. Getting a better look at his face, you could see red tear streaks down his cheeks. Something told you that Allura’s behavior wasnt the only thing bothering him. 

It’d been something you and him had discussed before, so you weren’t clueless what to say. As time went on, you began to notice it more and more; his under appreciation. It wasnt anything specifically, but something kept striking Lance, right where he was most emotional sensitive: How he was regarded. 

It was evident that he wanted his space, but from past experience, you didnt feel comfortable leaving him alone like this. 

“Do you want me to talk to h-”

“No! Please dont tell her! It’ll only make it worse.” He was breaking, it hurt to see. He turned to face you suddenly, eyes open and bloodshot as he stumbled back a step, hitting the island. He griped onto it, watching your face before falling down to his knees, curling into himself, hugging around his torso. You gasped, and knelt down in front of him, heart breaking at the sound of his chocked sobs. he wouldnt lookup at you know, as he radiated sadness. you could feel the hurt he felt in your own lungs, as you watched him crumble, feeling helpless. 

“I dont-dont know what i keep doing w-wrong!” He called out, out of breath from crying. He finally looked up to you, conveying his desperation with his eyes. His expression was one of tragedy and vulnerability, something that took you months and months of friendship for him to reveal to you. 

It was better for you to let him vent, let him cry, let him feel this hurting. being a a safety net when he fell to deep. He needed you keep him above water, you got his silent message. you touched his forearms, and he limply let you hold his hands. Taking this an an allowance to come closer to him, you did, leaning forward, urging him to do so. He followed, and with fingers laces together, foreheads touched gently, you listened to what he had to say. 

you werent sure how long it was, but it felt longer, surely. maybe about half an hour of sitting together like that, and your knees began to cramp, but you didnt dare move. you could take the dull pain as it was nothing his heart was dealing with. but after a time, he calmed down, out of tears to shed. Once things got quiet, you notices he was trying to match his breathing with yours. 

“Want some water?” You asked in a hushed tone, pulling back from him, using the blanket you still have over your shoulders to clear his cheeks. He nodded, letting you stand and you wrapped the blanket around him and he hummed fondly at the warmth of it, using the edge to wipe his running nose. 

“We should head back to bed, the floor can’t be too comfortable.” You offered him your free hand, the other holding his cup of water. He nodded and stumbled up with your help, adjusting the blanket around him. You smiled as sweetly as you could at him, and led him back to the bedroom you two shared. 

Back in a more comfortable space, he huffed in bed and sipped his water as you sat beside him. Taking a bit of the blanket to cover yourself, but leaving enough for him, you began to speak. 

“I dont care what others say, I love you, Lance, you can always count on that. Ask me again and again but my answer wont change.” He looked your way, and you promised him this, happy to see a smile tease its way to his face. 

“You know, just the other day, Hunk and i were talking about you,” You began, noticing the somber look on his face. “He was telling me stories about your time back in the garrison. How you’d always joke to cheer him and Pidge up. he made it very clear to me how thankful he was that you are the blue paladin. Youre the one who keep everyone together. your friendliness is so important to the team, Lance. it may not always be clear, or recognized, but you’re important. They need you here, just as much as you need them. I promise you.” 

Your eyes never left him as he let your words soak in, nodded gently as he pressed the lip of the cup to his teeth, taking small sips now and then. you would wait for his response, not wanting to overwhelm him with your passionate affection and support. it’s been a highly emotional night for him, after all, he deserved a break. 

He never did respond, instead just turning to you, pulling you down to lay with him. He looked so exhausted as he kissed your forehead before closing his eyes. it was likely that he wouldnt bring this up tomorrow, or ever, and that didnt bother you. 

To your surprise, you woke to him already out of bed, but with a sticky note on the bathroom mirror, written in his familiarly sweet handwriting: a heart beside a smiley face with a simple “thank you”. 

Safe Place (Anthony Ramos/Bullied!Short!Reader)

a request from @dianaftop !!!

They requested three fics: this is one of them!

dianaftop: on the Anthony Ramos x reader, the reader (me lol) meets Anthony in school while she was being bullied, because of the readers height. 

so here it is !!!!

hope you enjoy !!!

pssst I had to look up what a school day in America is like because I live in little old Wales ^^

also I used the name Annalise for a bully because I know a really horrible girl with that name so if that’s your name just replace it okay? :)

Safe Place (Anthony Ramos/Short!Bullied!Reader)

The school bell rings at 8:30, announcing yet another 7 hours of torture from your peers. You ttake a deep breath, steeling yourself up, and open the door. You groan as you see the crowd filling the hallway, all much taller than you. People are barging into you left, right and center, when all you wanted was to get to your locker!

Finally, you arrive at your locker - locker number 46 - and you freeze up as you notice something.

Scrawled across the metal door was a variety of insults.



Nobody likes you!

Just go die already, midget!



You look down at the floor, not wanting to let any of your abusers see how they had affected you. The corridor slowly empties as everyone leaves to homeroom, leaving you alone to cry silently. 

Quiet footsteps begin tapping down the hall and you involuntarily flinch, even though you know that your bullies would normally have shouted out to you by now.

The footsteps come to a halt beside you, and you turn away from the person, snivelling.

“Hey,” A hand rests on your shoulder. “Are you…okay? Is this your locker?”

The voice, a guy, was nice. Soothing. You unconsciously lean towards him, towards his hand.

“Yeah. This is my locker.” You whisper hoarsely.

“Look at me.” The guy says gently. You reluctantly tear your eyes away from the floor and-

Oh. He’s attractive, You think, and silently curse yourself in your head for noticing that when you’re upset. 

It was true though. A puff of curly brown hair, tied back in a low ponytail, sat atop a smiling, freckled face in a way that could only be described as cute. Cute in both a hot and an adorable way. He wore a deep blue polo-neck and tan trousers, and you stifled a smile when you saw a woven leather bracelet with a -was that a turtle?- charm around his wrist.

“My name is Anthony. Anthony Ramos. I’m new here.” He introduces himself, keeping one hand on your shoulder but offering his other hand to you.

“…(Name) (Last Name).” You mumble, shaking his hand. He surprises you by raising your hand to his lips to kiss. You flush bright red. Who even does that any more? You think, but you can’t say you didn’t like it.

“Now, why would anyone bully such a cute girl?” Anthony asks, cocking his head in puzzlement. You blush even brighter. Surely he was messing with you?

“…I don’t know. I guess I’m an easy target because I’m short and un-intimidating.” Your voice trembles on this. You let out a noise of shock when Anthony pulls you into a tight hug, resting his chin on your head.

“…You can cry if you want. I don’t judge.” He murmurs. The waterworks start and you bury your face into his chest as the tears start flowing freely. Anthony holds you and rocks you as you continue crying quietly. When you’re finished, he fishes a small pack of tissues out of his pocket and hands you one. You sniffle lightly.

“Why did you comfort me? I’m just a stranger.” You ask shakily. To your surprise, Anthony blushes and struggles to find the words.

“I…I don’t like seeing other people upset…but I thought you were really pretty so I really wanted to wipe away your sadness.” He stutters. He takes a deep breath and smiles at you. “Hey - I think we’ve pretty much missed Homeroom, so we may as well get to first lesson. What d'you have?”

“Um.” You pull your planner from your bag and squint at it. “Intermediate Theatre Arts with Mrs Miller.”

“Eyo! Same here!” He grins, a dimple in his cheek popping. “You’ll have to show me the ropes.”

You find it in yourself to smile at him. “I’d love to.”

Over time, Anthony became close friends with a group of people in your theatre class, Lin, Leslie, Renee, Jasmine, Phillipa, Daveed and Oak. However, you stayed his best friend all throughout the year. You were inseparable. He was always helping you, with your bullies, with your friendships, and even when you got into a fight with your mother halfway through the year, he let you stay with him and his family until you made up. He even took you to prom when nobody else would, despite Jasmine’s blatant crush on him and her hinting that she wanted to go with him. There was only one thing you didn’t confide in him with.


You know how cliche it is, but over the year, you managed to fall in love with Anthony. He was so sensitive, smart and kind that how could you not love him?

Now, on the final stretch of your final year, graduation is looming, and you still haven’t told hI’m.

Wednesday, last period. Music.

“Yo!” Your lanky, over-the-top best-friend-turned-crush sidles up behind you with his guitar on his back and wraps his arms around your neck in an affectionate, backwards hug. You smile and pat his hand.

“Hey, Ant. My freckled babe.” You tease. This was a joke between you two, in which you would call each other babe because you were so close and people thought you were dating.

“Hiya, babes.” He boops your nose. “What’s my favourite girl working on now?” He asks, reaching out to grab your music. You quickly snatch it out of his grasp.

“Uh-uh. I don’t think so.” You wiggle a finger at him. “It’s a surprise.“ 

“Aw.” Anthony pouts. “Can’t I see it? I’m your best friend.” He whines. You giggle.

“Like I said, it's a surprise, silly!" 

"Awww…okay.” He scrunches his nose up and shakes his head to get his curls out of his vision. “I’ll see you later.” He kisses your cheek, causing you to splutter unintelligibly.

He takes his guitar over to the far corner where nobody else is and begins strumming, focusing completely on the guitar. You watch him for a while. Every now and then he’ll look up, make a disgruntled expression and shake his head, muttering under his breath.

“Hey, Shortbus.” You hear, before a hand tugs on your hair and pulls your head back.

“Ah-ow!” You wince and look up. One of the school bullies, Annalise, is smirking down at you with a smug expression. 

“Aw, has the little midget got a cruuuush? Sorry, sweetie, but he’s way out of your league.” She cooes in a horrible tone. 

“Leave me alone, Annalise.” You mutter, but she scowls and yanks your hair again.

“I don’t think so. Now.” She glances at your music sheets. “What are these? Are you writing a song for lover boy?” Her eyes glitter as she swipes up your sheets and reads them. You gasp and reach out to grab them back, protesting. She glares at you, a cruel smile curling her lip. “Are you kidding? These songs are so cringy, Shortbus. Helpless?  The hell kind of song name is that?” She giggles.

“Annalise…” You beg. “Please, leave me alone.”

Annalise laughs. “Hell no. I’m going to go and show these to Anthony.”

“No-no no, please!” You plead, staring up at her. “Please!”

She smirks and sashays over to Anthony, saying something to him in a low voice and showing him your sheet music, the piece of your heart that you had poured into this song.

Anthony grabs the sheet off of her, eyes scanning every line. Annalise smiles triumphantly in your direction.

You expect an upset expression to cross Anthony’s face, for him to look disturbed, disgusted.

You do not expect his face to form into the widest smile you have ever seen. You do not expect for him to look this happy.

He looks up at you, halfway across the room, eyes alight and hopeful.

The bell rings, and you stand up quickly, trying to exit the room before anyone else. However - just your luck, some of the class gets out before you and you feel a hand grasp your wrist, keeping you behind.

Everyone leaves the room, including the teacher, and you’re stuck standing with Anthony holding onto your wrist. You sigh and turn to him.

“Anthony…” You begin.

“I love you!” He blurts out, and you freeze.

“I…what?” You look up at him in astonishment, and hope.

“I love you, so much. Please…was that song that Annalise showed me written for me?” He asks, eyes pleading. A slow, steady smile crosses your face.

“Yes.” You whisper, and Anthony lets out a loud whoop of laughter and pulls you close. “Anthony-”

“I love you, I love you, I love you!” He giggles into your hair, and you let out a short burst of laughter.

“I love you too!” You thread your fingers through his hair and laugh, burying your face into his shoulder. "I can’t believe that Annalise…was trying to bring a rift between us…but she failed and just brought us closer together!“ You say breathlessly.

Anthony pulls back from the hug and looks down at you, studying your expression. He seems to be deliberating something before he mumbles "To hell with it,” and crashes his lips onto yours. You gasp into the kiss and pull yourself closer to him, thumb caressing his cheek.

The kiss is short and sweet, and he pulls back with a laugh. “I’m your safe place.” He says.

Zen x MC: Learn to Trust

This is a request from a cutie anon:
“ Hello, sweetie. Can’t you write a fanfic about Jumin/Zen have a big fight with MC?? I need more angst in my life omg ;;A;; because I live angst so so much and I love your fiction too omg they are so great that I wanna cry.. “

I chose Zen because I haven’t written anything for him yet~

✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉

‘There she goes…again’. I mumbled in my mind when I saw MC picked up her phone again as if she was desperately waiting for someone’s call. She had been like this for a couple days now, which made me feel kind of worried. I loved her with all my heart and she had always been so supportive to me. However, that was also the reason why I was so scared. Scared of losing her. Scared of her falling out of love with me. I had never seen her on the phone as much before until a few days ago. I couldn’t help but let the seed of doubt inside me grow slowly. I couldn’t confront her… I didn’t know why but I just didn’t. The next day, and the next of next day, she still acted strangely. Always on the phone messaging someone, taking calls while I wasn’t presented, going out secretly. This couldn’t be it right? I mean…she would never cheat on me right?

That was…until one morning. I couldn’t take it anymore and my last straw broke. At first, we were only talking face to face, both were calm but at some point, MC’s stubbornness got the better of me and I raised my voice at her. I couldn’t even remember what was going on my mind. Words just kept spilling out of my mouth.

“If you’re not seeing someone behind my back, then why are you acting so strange and distant lately!? Huh? Because I was right!! And you know it!”
“Stop it Zen! I told you it was nothing like that! And I told you that you will understand everything tonight!”
“Are you gonna leave? Are you gonna introduce whoever it is to me?”
“Zen! You’re not even calm to listen to me. How am I gonna make you understand!!? More than that…how could you even doubt me?”

There was sadness in her eyes, but I was too blinded by anger to realize. Before I knew it, I was already at the peak of anger and I snapped.

“You don’t need to say anything more, MC.”

Then I took my jacket and went to work, leaving MC behind with tears on the verge of falling. The door shut close with a loud bang. That whole day, my mind was else where and I couldn’t focus on acting at all. I was scolded by the director so many times and there was scenes that had to be retaken not just once. I felt so mad and helpless. However, as time pass, night came and stars appeared in the sky, I suddenly remember the sky I saw with MC for the first time ever when she came to visit me after I got injured. Then, one by one, memories started flooding back. It made me feel love swelling up in my chest all over again, just like when I started falling for MC and wanted to protect her like a hero in shining armors. Though the anger was still lingering, I went back home to smooth things out with MC. The moment I turned on the light in the living room, the first thing I saw was the colorful decorations everywhere. Then I saw food and drinks on the table, there was also a cake in the middle with chocolate writing: “Happy Birthday my Zen the Knight <3″. Instantly, a smile found its way on my lips. However, there was something missing. I looked around and saw all the RFA members around with a super concerned look on their faces.

“H-hey guys. What’s happened?”
“U-um… We planned this surprise birthday party for you with MC and we came early as promise, but it’s been a couple hours and she was nowhere. We tried calling and message her…”

MC planned this party with everyone as a surprise…for me? Was it why she had been acting strange and secretly? No. No no no! I shouldn’t have doubted her and snapped at her this morning. My face turned pale and I felt numb for a long moment. She was telling me the truth this whole time but I just chose to doubt her instead of listening patiently. What had I done!? I ran out of the house just as fast as how I left this morning why calling MC. I called so many times that I lost count and I started losing hope. But I decided to call one last time anyway. I stopped at an alley to catch my breath and calm myself down. I didn’t expect MC to pick up because she was rejecting every single phonecall from me. But…my heart almost stopped when I heard a beep, and her voice followed after.

“Z-Zen? *sobs*”

She was crying…because of my stupid jealousy.

“M-MC! Where are you right now? E-Everyone told me and I understand what you meant now. So please tell me where you are. I’m so sorry for getting mad at you. And I’m sorry for doubting you, even just one second…But I don’t want to lose you! Never! So ple-”
“I’m at the cafe where you took me to on our first date.”
“A-alright! Wait for me there, my love.”

I was already running when she told me the location. Now, I just hoped I could make this up to her. She was obviously crying and probably calmer than she was this morning. This whole mess happened because of me so I had to fix this. The cafe came into sight as I took a turn, that was also when MC exited the cafe and stood in front to wait for me. God, I really do love her so much. Just seeing her from afar was enough to get me crazy.


I yelled her name and pulled her into my strong embrace. I apologized again and again. I kissed her hair and her forehead again and again, not minding the people who were around.

“Z-Zen. That’s enough.”
“Are you getting shy? So adorable! I’ll keep doing it until you forgive me, my baby lamb.”

This time, I gave her a sudden kiss on the lips. Oh no, the beast…

“Geez~ Zen! Alright, I forgive you. But you still have to make it up to me. I’m still mad that you doubted me!”

Ohmygod that pout and puppy face! So cute!!

“I know I know. I will definitely make it up to you, okay? Now, let’s go home. Everyone is worried and probably starving by now.”

I took her small cute hand in mine and entwined our fingers. I gave it a tight squeeze as if I was scared if I let it go, she’d disappear. Today, I learned a lesson the hard way of how to trust your loved one. I should be straightforward and tell her whatever was bothering me so we could work things out instead of bottling it up and letting it spilled at one point. It would destroy our relationship if either of us wasn’t be honest. If one person loved another person, they would accept everything about them, no matter it’s theirs flaws or weakness. And I knew, that my only love was MC. I made a promise to myself that this big mistake would be the last one because I was going to trust her and love her even more strongly from now on. I gave her a gentle smile when I turned to look at her and she smiled cutely back at me and it was all it took to (almost) unleash the beast inside me.


“I can’t help it! You’re too cute!”

✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉

And there ya go~ I hope you enjoyed it. Though I think there wasn’t enough angst in this right?

Moana Fanfic - You’re Welcome

Author’s Note: So, I haven’t written fanfiction in forever. I am incredibly rusty. Please forgive me. BUT, I was so inspired by @youkaiyume and her amazing Moana fanart, that I just had to write this for her. I hope others can read it and enjoy it too. I’m sorry if it’s badly written and/or falls into terrible tropes. Please don’t hurt me D:


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2:31 AM

Ship: Nalu

Story Type: Oneshot, angsty and fluffy!

Characters: Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia, Levy McGarden

Summary: “Well, what else am I supposed to think!” I yell. “You barely talk to me anymore, you have secret phone calls, you sneak out at night, and you come back smelling like perfume!”

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Name: Gentleman

Author: Aya-Fay

Fandom: Fantastic Beasts and where to find them

Pairing: Percival Graves x Reader

Theme: Percival x Reader where she has like Credence role and she is in love with Graves. He knows this and uses it to his advantage. But one day she gets hurt and he realizes he feels the same.

No smut in here as it seemed not fitting for me.


By my adorable @umbrellas-and-tallymarks

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New story should be up sometime tomorrow.

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Unexpected Surprises

Summary: Chris Evans x Reader where Chris and the reader are expecting their first child and she goes into labor during the Civil War premiere (as requested by @macca-mcsexy)
A/N: I realized that this fic could be read as a prequel to Fatherly Love ! :3
You were due in two weeks. You looked ready to burst - but still, Chris insisted he take you to the premiere - “I want to show the world my beautiful wife and my baby. You can’t say no to that.” The premiere was in less than a week. He smiled as he sat down next to you and put his arm around you. You were sat in the comfy spot of the couch - where you could stretch your legs as much as you liked; you were currently residing in that place. It was the most comfortable place to sit so you’d claimed it as your own and told Chris to go get another spot - since that place on the couch originally belonged to him.

Technically, it’s still a fetus. It’s only called a baby once it’s out of the womb.” You stated, quoting the book you were reading - it was about pregnancy and labor (you were currently up to the labor part).

Sorry, Mrs Scientific.”

“Who can blame me? I’ve been sat on my ass for a solid four months. Obviously I was gonna go do some research. What would you have done? Do you even know how exhausting it is to have to do everything for two people? I should’ve been used to it, since you’re here, but-”

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Over a month ago I asked for some folks to send me some sort of fanfic drabble prompt, and I did one of them from by pal Healthbloge, and now here’s the other. It took waaaay longer even though much less happens in this “story” but hey, I had a life-changing exam to deal with at the time. Whatevs.

@supernovakirby, here’s your vaguely KakaSaku piece! The one I told you is mostly about Sakura going fishing, but then I extended it because I could, and here we are. KakaSaku and a slight undercurrent of a fear of the deep sea and stuff like that. 

Writing something almost canon-like is dark territory…


They sent her to the Land of Waves, to a far-off and wet corner where there was no economy and the longest and most curious finger of the reigning government could barely even sense that a human civilization patch existed in that thick fog. She was here to go fishing.

And fish she did. Sakura was equipped with an old, forcibly-aged piece of crap fishing rod and forcibly-aged piece-of-crap clothes. She had scraped up a handful of outfit with input from Ino. Her last conversation before leaving home in February had been a back-and-forth dialogue about clothes and ugly shoes, mostly Ino’s ugly shoes. They laughed and laughed before Sakura left, with a bag of ugly clothes. The most pleasant goodbye she’d had in years. Thinking about it made her feel warm.

February was eight months gone, and Sakura was somewhere near a fishing village with no name. She was alone and lived in a shack the size of three small closets that she built herself by the nameless lake. She built it after she passed through the voiceless town and made peace with its thirty-one illiterate locals. Though they had spears pointed at her at first and made many a threat about seductive witches and her strange “blood”-colored hair, their suspicions could not hold after she cleared cataracts from the elderly and burned the symptoms of pneumonia off of their sick children.

Now, they let her be, and now Sayuri the strange southern medicine woman got occasional visits by appointment. The visits this whole month had been few, and thank goodness for it. Eight months was the timetable she had been given before leaving home. Was it nearly time? How close was the estimate? Sakura thought about it all the time, and stayed out most of the day fishing, as usual.

She watched the lake, and listened to the creatures around it. It was the method of the mission, anyhow. “Sayuri” would “meditate” by sitting and fishing, but underneath this façade, Sakura Haruno waited and watched. In accordance with the objective, most of her days were made up of sitting against a large rock, a nearly concave rock, clearly a seat of many fishers before her, and listening to the water while holding a fishing pole in her hands.

She heard small animals moving and breathed softly, listening for the soft, soft footsteps of a human who intended to be hidden. She listened, for months, but never heard any such thing. The villagers’ tromping down her road was easily distinguishable, and they had yet to be an enemy in disguise. But she’d be a fool not to prepare for it daily.

For that reason, she only rarely allowed her mind to wander. In between her long stares over the water and many soft breaths into the mist, in between mental judgments of fish-sound or rabbit-sound or owl-sound, she did, occasionally, drift. And among the hours and hours of quiet and water lapping and nothing changing at all, she would think about something else 

Sometimes she recalled passages from books, or conversations with her friends, or tried to recite songs backwards. She was alone, sometimes bored, currently jittery. It was near.

The pole hadn’t shook or vibrated for near two hours. And tomorrow was a Monday. Her mind was the only calendar; she’d judged any written records to be a bad idea. On this Sunday evening, she fished the lake, for hours, as usual. Watching the water, and feeling its vibrations. She thought about learning to paint, and perhaps painting fish whenever she got home. She didn’t even really like fish. At all. So maybe the long reeds instead. No matter what subject she thought of painting, nothing felt suitable. Or comfortable, all of a sudden.

Around this lake that felt as though it had become hers, reeds grew without direction, silver crickets made pleasant noise in defiance of any season, and some pale and sleepy pink blossoms constantly drew her eye and made her think of Ino. The lake’s wide expanse wasn’t entirely visible thanks to the mist and this quality alternately made Sakura feel protected and not. Today, she felt…tense.

It was something like six in the evening, she deduced. And so warm, for November. The crickets were a bit louder than usual. At one point a fish actually slipped its head above the surface to bat its lips at a fly on the surface and Sakura started so hard her fist put a hole in the rock ground next to her. her. All the cricket noises stopped. Sakura growled and pretended she wasn’t embarrassed.

The crickets started up their careless noise again, but her shoulders remained taut. She inched her legs out from where they were curled up against rump until they eventually stretched down along the rocky ground and onto the lower bank where some dirt was scattered. Another foot or two further, the lakewater lapped forward and back and again. A breeze pushed it a bit further up. She shivered.

Eight months, it had been. Doing this. Day after day. Was Ino’s hair longer, or cut shorter by now? Sai could have sold a hundred paintings, or moved to his new place at last. She thought about Naruto, too, maybe he would have laughed when she punched at the ground just now. She stopped short when the fishing pole bobbed.

Her hands squeezed the pole. A bite! Finally, something! It was pulling down, almost straight down.  She reeled in the line, quietly, just in case. The fish pulled back, again, further, and Sakura yanked the pole back.

Once it came up over the surface and splashed sideways back into the water like a helpless drunk. An idiot’s smile had fully bloomed on her face, and she almost laughed.

Quite suddenly, the fight stopped. The line went slack and whisked back towards her. Sakura could nearly see the shadow of the fish floating near the surface, like a slack and weak fishing line itself.

Sakura instantly stood up and observed the rest of the lake, or what she could see of it smothered in mist. Multiple shadows had appeared on the lake surface, a dozen, twenty, more. They came side-up or belly-up, instantly dead. Their mouths hung open in something like shock, or displeasure.

Sakura threw her worthless fishing pole onto the ground, and began walking up the shore. Around the shore. Around the whole lake, if she had to.

Eight months? Almost exactly eight months. This had to be it. Oh, god, truly, it was time.

Surely it was, for if it wasn’t, there was another unseen force killing the marine life, and something unexpected had come to this place without her notice.

‘Are you here? Please!’ she thought, or perhaps said aloud. The shoes Ino had helped her work into a state of purposeful, convincing wornness were soaking up lake water. Again and again she spotted dead fish or dead frogs on the surface, but nothing more. No change, no people, no attackers? What was this? What else would there be?

Her hands didn’t shake, but her heartbeat was so strong she felt it in her throat. Dead, dead, oneo of them missing an eye and blood dribbling out of the mouth. So many. She spotted a blue-striped reed bass that had given her the slip three weeks before. Ha, the damned thing died and good riddance. The thought wasn’t welcome.

Just as it slipped out of her peripheral vision, she saw, and stopped. Her body was shaking, hands and shoulders and feet and everywhere else. It was true. It had worked.

Some thirty feet out into the lake was the shape of a man, wading forward. His torso was slathered with underwater weeds the color of a corpse’s skin. His clothes were unrecognizable, and dark. Underneath the sounds of the water being pushed, she heard his breaths. The only sounds left in this place, she thought. His face was unmasked and gasping.

Sakura went immediately forward and smiled. “Kakashi!” she said. She waded forward, but only a few steps. He was walking forward at an even pace. Unchanging. “It’s Sakura. I’m here to retrieve you. Do you understand? Are you all right?”

One of the reeds clinging to his shirt slipped away. It was small, but weighted with water and it plopped as it sank into the water. It was small, but it bothered her that he did not react at all. In small steps he came towards her. She stopped moving. The water was up to her knees.

“Speak to me. Prove to me that you’re Kakashi Hatake.” she told him, louder than before. “Do you understand?”

One arm, and the opposite arm and shoulder suffered some sort of strong twitch. They tried to rise up or reach, but couldn’t. The head lifted slightly. It was no walking gait for a human, unless something was gravely wrong. But she wasn’t swayed either way. Sakura remained in her spot, and repeated herself. She also added, “What did you say to Tsunade when you left, Kakashi? Tell me now.”

Another step forward and another, smaller piece of underwater plant slid off his shirt and reached for the water. And this time, the head raised up again and stayed up.

He spoke, thank God. “Prommissse ttooo…” Sakura reached forward slightly. Her eyes had widened at his guttural, weak voice.

Kakashi’s legs began to shake, and his steps were suddenly small and fast. Desperate. He could reach her in second. She prompted him again with, “Tell me your promise or you’ll never leave this lake.”

“Wrrrite newsscrolll!” he gasped. Sakura closed the final few steps of the gap and held him up before he could fall face-first into the shallow water. His body was soaked through and it immediately spread onto her own clothes. She could hardly care about that, or that he smelled like a fish barrel. His muscles were twitching and even his chin bobbed slightly against the back of her shoulder. 

With one arm over his shoulder and the other around his hip, she walked backward, carrying him out. His feet and legs dragged on the lake bottom. He put forward no effort to helping himself through this last stretch, and did not object when Sakura turned him and lowered his body till he sat down. There was no convenient rock here for him to lean against, so she lowered him again till he lay in the dirt. And within seconds that was soaked, too. All throughout, he breathed heavily through a gaping mouth.

Sakura felt at his neck for a pulse. She expected and received a count easily in the 180s, like the man had been sprinting with wolves at his heels before he came up through the water. She tore away the remaining reeds, and moss bits, and pieces of broken shells—and teeth? Small, needle-like fish teeth—till only his odd clothes remained. A plain, perfect black tunic that she imagined slaves wore to work in fields long before the founders who built Konoha had lived. Pants of the same make, but the ends were shredded in ribbons so thin and fine it seemed even the motion of his walking could have shaken them off. Sakura lifted some of them with two fingers, and saw Kakashi’s bare ankles.

It wasn’t present on his feet, but from the ankles upward, her old sensei’s leg was smothered in thousands of red punctures, each one miniscule as a fish’s single tooth. Dozens. Hundreds. Were they fish teeth? Fish bites? Even Tsunade’s long-ago examples hadn’t been so small. She wasn’t familiar with what creature had done this.

She grazed one finger across his calf. Fifteen or twenty bites fit under her index finger alone. At the drag of her finger, Kakashi’s leg spasmed weakly and his toes attempted to curl in.

“Do they hurt, sensei? Itch? Burn? Tell me what happened.” Sensei, like old times. An accident, but she only cared about it a little. She looked up from his spotted calf. “Can you even speak?” She went up and over his legs and pelvis and hovered over his face. Oh, she hadn’t seen this face in a year. His mismatched eyes found her with a great effort.

“Blink twice if you can’t speak. If your voice is strained.”

“I’ffnn.” Perhaps he tried to nod, or perhaps his head and shoulders had twitched.

“What does that mean? ‘I’m fine?’ You’re not. Stay still, I’ll soothe your throat.” Her right hand hovered over his throat. The neckline of the tunic was soaked and old and ruined enough that it sank down and left parts of his pectoral muscles exposed to air. They weren’t solid and lovely muscles anymore, not wholly anyway. He’d lost weight and muscle mass everywhere. His collarbone, shoulder, even his nipples had been bitten through. Some had bled, she could see, and scabbed and been torn open or had the bloodflow run off by water.

While she observed, she gathered a smoother, warmer bundle of chakra between the spaces of her fingers, and moved small, soft threads into his throat. There were fewer bites there, but his throat was indeed swollen. He would need to cough up some bits of moss, too.

He was trying to nod again, it looked like. The fool. Maybe he was hallucinating as well. That would put these bites into another class of wound entirely. She pressed down on his left shoulder right her right hand and said, “Stop moving,” offhandedly.

But he tried again, stronger. This time she looked and frowned at him. “What is it? What are you doing?”

She saw the attempt immediately after. It seemed pathetic. He jerked his shoulder only to try to jerk the arm up in turn, to reach up at her. Sakura saw what he was wanting, and helped him put his arm around the back of her neck. And—with no discernible wounds on his torso, in the stomach—she reached her own under his left shoulder and pulled him up until he was in a sitting position, embracing her. He felt warmer than he had moments before. 

His right arm came up of its own strength and slapped down across her back as well. His face pressed into her shoulder and the touch of his face and mouth felt so strange after such a long time, but worst of all was that he shook. Oh, he shook and shook and held so tight that she was scared.

“Actually…hhherre. You’re here?” he was trying to say.

“I am.” He sighed into her shoulder. His hands were weakening already. They kept a soft grip on the fabric of her shirt. It had been months. “I’ve been here since February, waiting for you to show up.”

“I missed you. Missed you.” He leaned forward into her, pressing his face to her shoulder, her neck. His hands made one final stand at grasping the fabric of her shirt, and fell simultaneously. Sakura shivered for a moment. His own tremors had stopped.

“I worried that you were dead, wherever you were. She didn’t tell me where you went.”

“Sakura, what’sss…th’month?” She told him it was November, though the weather might not make it seem so. “Oh. Oh, it’s…been longer th’n I thought.”

Sakura fought down a second bout of shivering when she realized that his clothes were still dripping, still soaking her own. She gently pushed his head up and out of the crook of her neck, and laid his whole body down again, slightly aside from the puddle that marked where he’d just laid. “Where were you? It wasn’t in my own mission objectives to know where Tsunade-sama sent you. But that’s over with now. Please tell me. If you want to. How did you get to, to the bottom of this lake?”

“One of the…the…a fish, that I followed. It knew this way. I followed.”

His weak body and hazy eyes left her guessing as to whether his mind was still clouded by fatigue or wounds. And he wasn’t giving anything else. Sakura considered stripping the tunic off of him entirely. Somehow it was still waterlogged.

“What does that mean? You were swimming in this lake, with the fish? For a year? It’s barely a mile across.”

“I don’t know. It w’s underwater. Caves. The fish from in there wouldn’t fit in this lake. An’ I couldn’t find him. So I’m, mmm—” Her old sensei’s eyes began to roll back in his head. Sakura grabbed for his head immediately, but they were already coming back down. The eyelids followed. “Sakura. Less’go. Please.”

The mission was nearly over with. The only piece left now was a long walk home. She touched his throat again and cooled its swelling with her own chakra, and did the same over his left shoulder and pectorals. That alone would take her close to an hour to do thoroughly. The bed in her “shed” might not fit him. The fisherfolk might think she summoned a spirit to live with her.

Kakashi’s own chakra was just as depleted as his physical state suggested, and he even fell asleep before five minutes had passed. Sakura smoothed over every spray of bites that she could find. She removed the strange tunic in the end and threw it into the lake, where it promptly sank. The dead fish remained on the surface, but a few birds did come by to peck at them.

“I can’t wait to go home,” she told him, as though he could hear. For now, she finally heard the sound of her own chakra swirling in a patient. She heard the familiar water lapping and thought of a thousand things to do once she finally returned home.


Meh, I’m satisfied with the “story” just fine. I’m also super-satisfied that I got some practice with remembering what my own writing “style” looks like. It’s hard coming back to writing things after a long period of nothing and seeing that all the words you put forth look like bland cardboard. 

The main idea I attempted to put forth here was that Kakashi was on a mission to pursue either a large, powerful fish who could hopefully be contracted into being a summoning animal. Unfortunately, he found that this fish lives in a strange, supernatural waterworld where fish the size of whales roam around, and the fish in question, Kakashi found, was already eaten by another fish twice that size, and really, humans should just stay the hell away from this place. The one door to teleport him out of there wouldn’t open up for months either way. So he floated in there like a li’l fish, stealthily hiding from big fish till he could swim home.  Oh yes, and Sakura was meant to assist/carry him on his journey home, so she was dispatched to nonchalantly wait by the “exit” and see him home safely. And Kakashi is extremely happy to see a familiar face and get the fuck out of Dodge at last. 

Now, Kirby just asked for a KakaSaku story, and for the longest time this thing sat with just that long description of Sakura going fishing every day. This story’s about 3,000 words and I wrote 2,300 of them in one sitting of about 3 hours. Aughh, feels good. What a great Friday. 

Little Lafayette (Lafayette x Reader)

348. “You can’t leave me in the dark. You have to tell me these things.”
359. “You got her pregnant?! What were you thinking?”
A/N: I’m sorry I haven’t gotten an imagine up in a few days! I’m trying to be more consistent but I’m going to be leaving for a week next week. :(

You sighed and stared at the grandfather clock in the corner of the room as you fiddled with the lace on your dress. You sat in the wooden rocking chair in the living room of your now empty feeling house. It had been 3 months since Lafayette had left for the war but hours were feeling like days especially with your mind racing with memories of the two of you.

*Flashback to 3 months earlier*

You felt the bed gently shift as you squirmed around under the covers, relishing the feeling of the warm silk sheets against your skin. You opened your eyes and grimaced as you adjusted your sight to the blinding sunlight that was making its way inside through the window. You look over to Lafayette, who was already out of bed and pulling on his clothes. You watched silently and admired his amazing body. “Y/N?” He asked, amused. That was enough to snap you out of your little trance. He smiled over at you and crawled back on the bed, “Did you enjoy last night, mon cher?” He asked with his rough French accent. “Mhmm,” you hummed in response, stretching out your arms and preparing yourself to get out of the comfortable bed. As soon as you stood up, you whimpered and realized the pain in your thighs and hips. “Oh shit, sorry Y/N.” Lafayette cursed, rushing to your side. “I guess I should’ve gone easier on you…” He joked. “Ha ha, very funny.” You said sarcastically, you could easily walk on your own but that didn’t mean you still weren’t sore.

You both pulled on some clothes and soon came to the realization that he had to be at the docks soon. You sighed sadly as you were both about to walk out of the house and into the city. You didn’t live far from the docks so you figured you two would just walk, before you could open the door you felt a hand grab a hold onto yours. You smiled up at Lafayette and opened the front door to begin the sad walk to the docks. The streets were packed, crying wives and children everywhere. Many young soldiers saying goodbye to their parents and lovers, tearful goodbyes. As soon as you’d reached the front of the crowd, you both stopped and faced each other. “I guess this is goodbye.” You said, your voice weak. You couldn’t look him in the eyes, your gaze fixed on the cobblestone beneath you two. “Amour,” Lafayette started, grabbing your chin and lifting it up so your eyes would meet his. As soon as you looked into his eyes, your heart shattered. His deep brown eyes always had the power to completely suck you in, your emotions all deemed helpless.

“I will never forget you. Not a day will go by in this Revolution that I will not think of you. You are my one and only, my angel.” He said lowly, making it so that only you could hear. You refused to cry in front of him, you refused to let him see you break down. It would only make the situation worse. Without another word, you gently kissed his lips and gave him a tight hug, and silently turned around. You started making your way back home, sobs taking over your body as you let the tears fall freely from your eyes. As soon as you got home you slammed the front door and flopped on the couch, burying your face in your arms and sobbing.

*End of flashback*

As you still say in the old rocking chair, you glance over to the couch and cringed at the memory of your pain the last time you were on it. You’d never cried that much in your entire life. You could physically feel your heart clench in your chest as your mind filled with even more thoughts of Lafayette, you weren’t worried that he’d get hurt out there, he was a smart man. You were more worried that he wouldn’t be home in time for the baby. You had received news maybe a month or so ago from your doctor that you were expecting, and it’s not that you weren’t excited, you and Lafayette had talked about having kids many times, just not when he was in the middle of the war.

You two had been exchanging letters frequently but you’d never brought up your pregnancy to him, it takes a long time for both of you to receive your letters in the first place. You felt as if a piece of your heart was missing when you were without him, you re read his last letter in your head;
My dearest Y/N,
Mon amour! son si difficile d'être sans toi, tu me manques énormément. (My love! its so hard being without you, I miss you dearly.) How are things back home? I wish I could see you again mon ange, but unfortunately I have another 6 months to serve as an aid to General Washington. Not a day has gone by that you have not taken over my thoughts completely. You are the light in my life mon cher, Je l'espère de vous entendre à nouveau bientôt. Je t'aime, Y/N. (I hope to hear from you again soon. I love you, Y/N.)
Yours, Lafayette.

*2 months later*
You still hadn’t told Gilbert that you were expecting, it’s just so hard to do in the form of a letter. You sighed and after a long time of thinking, you knew what you had to do. You sat down at your writing desk with a quill and parchment and quickly scribbled out a letter to General Washington. You were sure he gets these types of letters all the time, poor wives left at home longing to have their husbands return. You made the letter brief, only explaining your situation and that you wanted the General to inform Gilbert as soon as possible. You hurriedly mailed it and now it was back to waiting.

*Lafayette’s POV*
God, this war was messy. So many things happening at one time, it’s all so overwhelming! Y/N consumes my thoughts every waking day and every night, her beauty swirls around in my mind, not letting me sleep without picturing her gorgeous face. I sat under an apple tree at our camp, there hasn’t been a battle in days so everyone had just decided to settle down a bit. Although there hasn’t been any action lately, that doesn’t mean we can let our guard down. I’m always ready to fight no matter what, I guess that’s just the way I am. My thoughts were rudely interrupted by mon ami, Alexander’s loud voice. “Lafayette, the General said to meet him in his tent immediately.” I groaned and lifted myself off the ground. What could it be? I hadn’t done anything wrong, had I?

I cautiously open the flap to his tent to see the General with his head in his hands, he looks extremely stressed out. The General and I have always been close, more like a father son relationship. “Sir?” I questioned quietly. “Sit down.” He muttered sternly, motioning to one of the chairs in front of his desk. “I-Is there anything you need from me sir?” I ask carefully. “Yes in fact, I received a very interesting letter earlier today.” George started, getting up from his seat and picking up a piece of parchment from his desk. I looked up at him confused, but kept listening. “It was from your wife,” my eyes widened. Did something happen? Is something wrong? Is she okay? So many thoughts raced through my aching head. Before he could continue what he had to say, he handed me the letter. Nothing could prepare me for what would happen next. As I scanned my eyes over the words written in her gorgeous hand writing, I felt my heart drop and my stomach clench up.

I bury my face in my hands when I finish the letter. I was beet red and almost close to tears. How could I do this to her? This is all my fault! “Marquis.” George’s loud voice rang, making me look up. He never called me by my ranking unless I was in trouble. “You got her pregnant?! What were you thinking?” I hung my head down in shame at his words. “Son, we are in the middle of a revolution here. You can’t leave your wife and child alone at home wondering if you’ll even come back.” I felt my eyes get wetter, I quickly wipe the tears away as if to pretend they weren’t ever there. I hear the General sigh, before he begins to talk again. “I want to let you go home, I really do. Your wife needs you home, tell me Lafayette, does she have any servants that can take care of her?” “N-No.” Another sigh escapes his lips, “I can’t have you stay here. I know how important the war is for you but I refuse to stand by and miss a huge part in your life that you would be taking for granted if you stayed here.” The General’s words sunk deep within me, his words always had a profound effect on me, and he was right. I can not leave Y/N and our baby alone, especially with no one to care for them.

I couldn’t help but feel remorse as I left Washington’s tent. He was unable to have children and him and his wife always longed to have them, so that his amazing legacy would live on. I know how important the matter is to him and I can not disappoint the closest figure I have to a father in my life.

*Narrator’s POV*
It had been about 4 days after you’d sent the letter that you had gotten a response. You carefully unfolded the letter that was sent from George Washington and read over it, the sum of letter was that he had informed Lafayette of your predicament and had sent him home. Your heart felt like it was beating out of your chest as you read those words. Your love, your Lafayette was coming home. George specified that he didn’t know exactly when he was to return, but the camp that they stayed at was not far. So now all there’s left to do is wait. It was hard to keep yourself calm when your mind was just racing, what if he was mad? You wouldn’t be surprised if he was, this is all so difficult. You sighed and walked over to the full length mirror you had in your shared bedroom, admiring your figure. As your hands traveled down your waist, you felt a small bump starting to form and when you turned to the side, you noticed it even more.

As you stood in front of the mirror rubbing your now round-ish tummy, you jumped as you heard the sound of the front door unlock. You could’ve sworn your heart stopped right then and there and before you knew it you were making your way down the grand staircase to see none other than Gilbert. His eyes widened at the sight of you, his face visibly lighting up as he took in all of your features, looking you up and down and stopping at your stomach. He took a few careful steps towards you and grabbed both of your hands in his, running his thumb over your knuckles.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He asked quietly, searching for an answer by staring into your E/C eyes. You had never cried in front of Lafayette before, it’s not something you like to do in front of anyone. You don’t want to seem weak. He could easily see that you were holding back your tears. “Let it out, darling.” He whispered, pulling you closer to him and wrapping his arms around you. That’s all you needed to hear as you rested your head on Lafayette’s chest, listening to his heartbeat and taking in his scent of gunpowder and cologne. You cried into his chest as he rubbed your back, reminding you that he loves you. You quickly pulled away however, “I-I’m so sorry! This is my fault. You shouldn’t be here, you should be out fighting in the revolution that you care about so much.” You whimpered. “Y/N, I will put you before anything else every time, you are more to me than any revolution. But you can’t leave me in the dark. You have to tell me these things.” You were silent, you didn’t know what to say and right now you were just relishing in the moments you had with him. He once again moved closer to you and placed a gentle hand on your round stomach, “I love you and this baby more than anything in this life. I’m so happy to have a little Lafayette running around here in a few months.” He laughed, kissing your forehead.

The Sea Monster (Bucky Barnes imagine)
  • Request by anon: First off love your blog. Second I have a request for Bucky Barnes and a female reader au where she is a mermaid and is being kept by HYDRA. You can do with that as you please 😊
  • A/N: This took me two days to be written. I had so many ideas for this request I literally didn’t know how to write it. I’m kinda skeptical concerning the result so feedback would be much appreciated to tell me if I didn’t screw this up too much :P
    Anyway, thanks again for all the requests and enjoy !

« What’s in there ? »

« Nothing that concern you, Soldat »

The Winter Soldier turned his head to the large red door. In black letters were unscripted a phrase: ‘морское чудовище’. The first time he saw it, he restrained himself from asking its meaning. Later on, after Hydra took care of rebooting his brain, he easily understood the Russian words as ‘Sea Monster’.
He often walked down that same corridor. It was always dark, empty and cold.
One day, though, as he passed the mystery room, he heard screams of pain. As Hydra most skilled soldier, those sounds shouldn’t have affected him, emotions should have been out of his reach. But, for a reason he ignored, he felt drawn to it.

The next day, at dawn, he made sure nobody was watching him as he strode to the red door. As silently as he could, he forced the lock with his metal arm and rushed inside. Out of everything he was expecting, what he saw was something that had never occurred to him. As he stepped into the circular room, an enormous pool came into view. It was almost as large as the place and there was barely enough space to stand on the solid ground. He was surprised by how far the ceiling was and even more impressed by the pool depth.
Curiosity got the best of him and, taking a few step toward the tank, not knowing exactly what he was looking for, he starred at the water. He unconsciously cringed when he saw the shackles, just under the surface. They were made of metal, tightly hooked to the wall and seemed indestructible. For a microsecond, he almost felt compassion for whatever creature was living in the depth of this water when he noticed the chains were electrified.

As he turned his head to look at a screen on the wall, he could swore he saw something under the water. In a movement that was instinctive, he raised his metal arm and grabbed the gun attached to his thigh with his other hand.
What he discovered was even more unbelievable than what he could have possibly imagine. He first caught the sight of a tail, gliding with elegance and gleaming through the clear water. The undulation reminded him of a dance, following the rhythmic rise and fall of a heart beating. He was hypnotized by the scene. When he saw the creature heading toward him, he took a step back, apprehensive of the unknown.
A loud gasp escaped him as he saw a woman emerged from the water. He starred at her with wide eyes as she looked back at him, surprised.
She was magnificent, there was a shocking purity in her gaze and her eyes were colored in a breathtaking dazzling hue of dark emerald. He couldn’t help but glance at the long brown hair, falling like a waterfall along her back.

« Who are you ? » He mumbled.

She watched him closely, trying to evaluate the danger she was in.

« They call me Sea monster » She answered cautiously.

« But that’s not your name »

« No »

She tilted her head and he could see she was studying his arm with both fear and empathy. Her eyes narrowed, as if she was doing her best to focus on something.

« I don’t know my name » He suddenly admitted to her.

He honestly couldn’t understand why he would tell her that.

« Y/N » She confessed. « I’m Y/N »

« I … » He seemed to remember he was in Hydra secret base, in what was most likely her cell. Surely, the place was surrounded with microphones and cameras. « I shouldn’t be here »

« They can’t see or hear anything» She said as he was walking toward the door.

He turned back, confusion written all over his face.

« I’m not just here for the pleasure of their eyes » She explained.

« Can you … Do you have powers ? »

She chuckled.

« Have you ever had your head under water ? » She asked in a mischievous smile.

When she saw him flinch, she felt guilty, understanding he was reminded of the torture sessions Hydra was so talented to make in order to break their prisoners.

« That’s what’s happening to their cameras. It’s like … interferences » She quickly added to deviate the conversation.

He took a step closer, his eyes drifting once again on her tail.

« I’m a mermaid » She clarified for him.

« A mermaid ? » He repeated, hesitating on the word.

« You’ve never seen one before, I’m guessing »

« No »

She smiled at him. He didn’t know if it was wonder or astonishment that made him stay with her.

« You’re the Soldat » She said after a minute. « They call you the Winter Soldier»

« How do you know ? » He suspiciously questioned her.

« I hear them talking when I’m in the water »

« What did you hear ? »

« Enough to know you’re a murderer » She stopped talking when she saw a faint glow in his eyes. Again, she had that same expression of intense concentration on her face, as if she was trying to read him. « And a victim »

« What ? »

« They did something to you, to your mind. I … » She seemed annoyed by something. Her eyebrows furrowed in frustration as he saw one of her hand pointing in his direction, moving slowly. « I can’t read you »

« Read me ? » He repeated, shocked.

« The memories » She tried to clear up for him. « I see them, in everyone. But yours … it’s like … like they’ve been wiped. There is nothing but torture, blood and violence in your head »

She never knew if it was because of anything she said, but, as soon as she had talked, he had ran away.
That same week, he came back every day, always at dawn. He didn’t know what exactly drew him to the mermaid, but he felt this impossible need to make sure she was okay. Almost each afternoon, as he walked by the door, he could hear the screams. He oddly felt this helplessness running through him each time but couldn’t do anything. If Hydra kept them apart, there was a reason.

Two months after their meeting, she had told him she could hypnotized people by the sound of her voice. At first, it had frightened him. He was sure everything he was feeling was his imagination, that she had toyed with his mind and made him go crazy. That is, until she admitted the hypnosis couldn’t work on him after everything Hydra had done to erase the memories.
Later, when he asked her why she hadn’t escape simply by compelling the agents to let her go, she explained that the water, because it didn’t come from the sea, weakened her. The reason they were keeping the chains, beside the torture, was because they didn’t want her to get out of the pool. Once she’d be outside, her body would take its human form. If she had powers and legs to run, then Hydra wouldn’t stand a chance.

Over the course of their conversations, they had both started to developed feelings toward one another. When they met, it was only wonder, but it grew to an indescribable attraction and the Winter Soldier found himself compelled to protect her.
One day, after Hydra had asked him to go after Captain America, and before they could work their wonder on his brain, he had sneaked out to see her. As usual, she was underwater, listening to everything happening on the base. As soon as he came in, she swam to the edge of the pool.

« Is everything alright ? » She worriedly asked.

« Bucky … he said … he said my name was Bucky »

Her eyes widened as she motioned for him to sit next to her.

« Who told you that ? » She questioned.

« The Captain »

« The … Captain America ? Does he know you ? »

« I … I don’t … The memories … they’re … I have flashbacks »

« Do you want me to look ? »

He vigorously nodded, agreeing to let her use her powers on him. He had absolute trust in the woman.
Before he could change his mind, she clasped her hands on each side of his face.

« It might hurts » She warned him.

When she saw the determination in his eyes, she knew she wouldn’t need an answer.
She felt exactly the same sensation the first time she tried to get inside his memories, like there was a lock, like something was keeping her out.
This time, though, she pushed through, focused on what she was looking for. Knowing there was a connection between the Soldat and Captain America helped her; all she needed was to find the right face.
She could feel his anger, his pain and his devotion through everything she was seeing. There were bribes of the surgery Hydra had performed on him, fragments of the initial tortures destroying his conscience. All the killings, all the people he had put down, they were all there, engraved for the rest of his life in his head. She almost let go when she felt the force of his guilt, buried deep inside a soul that hadn’t been his for a long time.
Finally, she saw the Captain. She almost didn’t recognize him, all skinny and frail. She went through their life as they grew up together.
The last memory she was able to make out was the Soldier falling from a train. When she saw the damage on his arm, she pulled back instantly, not wanting to relive his suffering.

« What did you see ? » He panted, out of breath after the intense cerebral effort.

« James Buchanan Barnes » She whispered to him, stroking his cheeks. « This is your name »

He brushed the tears she didn’t know had fallen on her face.

« You have to find him again »

« Who ? »

« Steve Rogers »

He shook his head, rubbing furiously his eyes as if trying to make up from a nightmare.

« I think I remember him » He admitted.

« He is Captain America and he knows you »

« He tried to kill me »

« He was defending himself, James »

He cringed at the name. It seemed all too unfamiliar to him.

« You have to find him » She repeated. « He can help you »

« How ? As soon as I get out of here, they’ll wipe out everything »

« I can protect you »

« No »

He looked intensely at her, his eyes boring into hers. He couldn’t risk her safety.

« Y/N, I’m warning you, don’t do anything that could give them a reason to kill you »

She softly smiled at him, taking his metal hand in hers.

« They won’t keep me alive for long, James »

« I’ll keep you safe »

« You won’t be able to » She muttered.

He bend down to kiss her forehead.

« Once I’m done, you’ll be out of their reach » She explained. « Your mind will be protected »

« Won’t they notice ? »

« Not if you run »

His eyes widened and his hand tightened around hers.

« I won’t leave you behind »

« You don’t have a choice »

« You can walk ! You said it yourself ! »

« And how do you plan on getting me out of the chains ? If you try, they’ll know. You won’t have enough time to run and all of this will be for nothing »

« I can’t leave you behind, Y/N » He brokenly confessed.

« You’re not. You’re going to find the Captain and fight for the both of us. I’ll be here to make you stronger »

When he didn’t answer, she grabbed his chin, forcing him to look back.

« I know you’re afraid of them … »

« I’m not » He cut her, making her chuckle.

« I forgot, the Winter Soldier doesn’t have any fear, does he ? » She sweetly joked.

When he took a step back to get up, she thought she had somehow offended him and was almost expecting him to get out of the room but instead, he knelt down in front of her and pulled her body so their faces would be on the same level.
She closed her eyes when she felt his hands stroking her cheeks, quietly enjoying their short intimate moment before he’d have to go.

« I’m in love with you, that … that scares me to death » He admitted in a breath.

He wiped the single tear rolling down her cheek before leaning his forehead against hers. They were painfully aware this was the closest they would ever get, and, in the comfortable silence surrounding the room, both their heart were breaking.
They knew there was no future for them, no world where they could be free. She was the Sea Monster and he, the Winter Soldier.

« I love you too » She whispered.

He slowly bent over, as if afraid to frighten her. Her eyes locked on his, she shivered at the agony she saw reflecting in his stare. When she felt his hand on the back of her neck, she leaned closer. Softly, exactly like a feather brushing her skin, his lips pressed against hers. For a moment, he didn’t move, waiting for a reaction. He was about to pull back when she grabbed the metal arm, forcing him to keep their intimate proximity. Softly, she deepened the kiss. Forgetting the world around them, they allowed themselves to drown into what had been their first and last embrace.

« Go, James » She breathlessly murmured.

He nodded, still not moving. He was trying to memorize every inch of her face, as if starring at her a little bit longer would protect their time together from Hydra. In a minute, he would go and they would once again play with his mind.

« You won’t forget » She reassured him when she saw the sad expression on his features.

« How can you be so sure ? This could be the last time I remember you »

« It won’t. I told you, I’ll protect you »

« How ? »

« We don’t have time for this, you need to leave, James. Now. »

« I’ll come back for you, Y/N »

« I know you will » She sadly responded, doing her best not to break in front of him.

He kissed her forehead before rushing outside the room, not knowing this would be the last time he would see her alive.

Here he was, months later, in that same place. Only, this time, it was abandoned.
He had done what she had told him, even after Hydra had used their machine on him. He had found the Captain and fought his way back to being the man he once was, Bucky Barnes.
Being accepted on the Avengers hadn’t been an easy task, but all he needed to do to keep going was the memory of her face.
He had come back for her, just like he promised, but it had been too late. She had died protecting him, and with her, she had taken his heart.

« Hey, Buck’ ! Where are you going ? » He heard Steve say behind him.

He didn’t acknowledge his old friend as he ran through the corridor he knew would led him to the red door.
He had come back with Steve and Sam Wilson to find the remaining informations the Avengers needed to take down Hydra once and for all. After showing them the archives room, where everything Hydra had ever done was recorded, he felt this impossible need to go back to the only place where he was able to be at peace during his stay there.
The moment he stepped in front of the pool, the tears he had tried so hard to hide freely flowed down his face.
The mermaid was long gone. The room felt empty and cold without her. He could still picture the tail moving with grace under the water and the beautiful sound of her voice filling the space with hope. He felt his chest tightening at the sight of the dried blood on the ground and the chains he had broken when he tried to save her.

« What the hell is this place ? » The Falcon asked as he and Steve arrived soon after the Winter Soldier.

« Buck ? » Steve carefully called.

He turned to them, completely shaken. Both Sam and Steve winced when they saw the pain on his face. They knew instantly that, whatever had happened in this room, it couldn’t have been good.

« What does that mean ? » The Falcon inquired, pointing at the Russian words on the door.

« Sea Monster » Bucky muttered. « It means Sea Monster »

Steve raised his eyebrows, looking warily inside the pool, expecting to find something dangerous.

« What kind of god awful creature did they keep in this ? » Sam questioned.

« The most beautiful kind » Bucky answered, a soft smile appearing on his face.

The Captain took a step closer to him, putting a comforting hand on his shoulder.

« Who was it ? » He spoke.

« Her name was Y/N »

« They kept a human being in this ? Man, that’s sick, even for Hydra » Sam exclaimed.

« She wasn’t exactly human » Bucky admitted. « She was a mermaid »

Both his friends looked at him as if he had grown three heads.

« A … you mean, like, a woman with … a tail, and all ? » Sam said.

« Yes. She was my … » He paused, thinking about the last time he saw her. « My friend »

« Okay, this world of superheroes just keeps getting weirder and weirder » The Falcon freaked out. « Like, to the point I wouldn’t even be surprise if Frozen was a real story »

Steve and Bucky looked at him curiously, not understanding the reference.

« Never mind » Sam muttered under his breath.

« What did they do to her ? » Steve asked, turning back to his friend.

« They … » He couldn’t find the force to say it out loud. The pain in his chest was still so vibrant, exactly as if he had lost her a minute ago.

Instead of answering, he went to the screen on the wall, looking for the camera footages. He hadn’t looked at any of those videos before, fearing it might be too much for him.

« What are you looking for ? » Steve inquired.

Still without saying any word, he kept searching. Once he found the right date, he took a deep breath. Finally, he was ready to see her last moments.
He clicked on the screen, smiling when he saw the images of her, swimming peacefully in the pool.
Ignoring the surprised gasp of his fellow companions, he rewinded the video to the exact time he was looking for.

« What do you want ? » He heard her yell at the soldiers responsible of her tortures.

« You are going to tell us what you did to the Soldat » The man answered, clasping the chains around her wrists and tail

Boldly, the woman started to smirk at them. For whatever reason, she seemed pleased.

« Did he finally run ? » She asked them, knowing very well none of them would say a thing.

« What did you do ? » A man in a lab coat harshly questioned.

« I gave him back his identity » She answered, the smile not living her face.

« How ? Your powers should not have worked on him »

« I saw them, all the memories, pieces by pieces » She explained, happy to tell them how they had lost. « All it took was a familiar face »

« The Captain » He guessed.

« The moment James saw him, his mind opened up to me. I saw everything you did to him, from the tortures you inflicted to the murders you pushed him to commit » She talked with venom in her voice, angry and hurt for her lover.

The lab coat walked to her, a gun in his hand.

« The machine should have worked on him » He told her. « Tell me why it didn’t! »

« Every time he came to see me, I went a little deeper in his head » She smirked. « I built barriers your machine couldn’t take down. I made him out of your reach »

When she saw his angry expression, she happily laughed.

« You will never have James again » She confessed. « I gave him his life back »

« Why ?! » He shouted back.

« Because I love him » She admitted

The Doctor sneered.

« He was a failure, then. The Soldat should not have allowed love to weaken him »

« That’s where you’re wrong » She said. « He wasn’t weak. I made him stronger than he ever was. He resisted you because of me, he fought back because he became a soldier you could never have created. You lost him, doctor … He has everything now »

« Everything, except one thing » He answered, raising the weapon to her chest.

« You can shoot me » She granted in a small smile. « James is safe and you will know it was I who beat you. The moment you kill me, the Winter Soldier will die with me »

Out of patience and furious, he fired.
Bucky felt his hatred invading every cell of his body as he punched the screen with his metal arm, shattering the device instantly.

« I never knew » He brokenly whispered toward his friends. « She said she would protect me but I never understood how »

« That’s one brave woman you had there. She saved your life » Sam told him in an attempt to ease his pain.

« What did they do with her body ? » Steve asked.

« Nothing. I came soon after he shot her » He confessed. « She was already gone when I pulled her out of the water »

He turned once more to look at the large pool.

« I buried her the day after »

« Here ? » Sam inquired, surprised he would keep her in the base.

« No, nowhere near that place » He answered. « I took her where she belongs, next to the ocean »

« She seemed like a wonderful woman » Steve comforted him.

« She was. I owe her everything I am today »

« Did you love her back ? » The Captain sadly asked.

« You know, out of everything that happened in this place, I would do it all over again if I had the choice » He deviated the question. « I saw horrors and despair inside those walls, but I’ve also find peace. She gave me hope, she made me want to fight, she was … »

He violently brushed the tear on his cheek, shaking his head at Steve. He had won a life back, but lost his heart in the process.

« She was my middle, the woman between the past and the future. I think she knew she was going to die the day she told me she loved me. She was in both of those world and she chose for me, she decided I belonged to the future and stayed in the past. »

He knelt down, starring closely at the water as if he would see her, hidden deep inside.

« I would do it all over again, just for a the chance to fall for the Sea Monster »

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How do you think Gabe was to Sally? Like, behind closed doors? What was their first date like? When did Sally decide she just HAD to merry Gabe to protect Percy? Was there a build up? Just curious what your headcannon is.

Yo I’m just going to do their meeting and the beginning of the abuse because I had so many head canons it was getting too long

  • When Sally met Gabe, it was at the point she was growing desperate - Percy was growing older, his aura becoming more radiant, his smell stronger, and attracting enough danger that even he was starting to realize something was up.
  • Not to mention the fact that she was a single mother barely making enough to cover the rent, much less take care of a growing boy with anger issues and a tendency to get kicked out of every school he’s enrolled in.
  • They’re walking down the street when she sees the monster coming the other direction, sniffing wildly, eyes narrowing suspiciously on the two of them, and Sally takes Percy by the wrist and drags him into the nearest store - an electronics mega mart.
  • She’s panicking, dragging Percy down the aisles and praying the monster won’t walk in. And because the world has been anything but gracious to Sally Jackson, she sees the monster walk through the front doors, eyes searching.
  • That’s when the smell hits her - it’s pungent, disgusting, and is positively the worst thing she has ever smelled in her entire life.
  • The manager walks around the corner and as he nears the smell only grows worst. He’s a pudgy man, balding, and Sally reads the name Gabe before he talks to them
  • “Welcome to Electronics Mega Mart, how may I help you?”
  • And Percy, in all of his seven year old glory, replies “You smell like moldy garlic pizza. Wrapped in gym shorts.” 
  • Sally reprimands Percy, apologizing to the man, and is about to excuse them when she sees the monster at the end of the aisle.
  • Fear crosses over her face and as the monster stalks towards them something strange happens - as the monster grows near, his face falters, a look of pure disgust forming, and she can’t believe it when the monster turns on its heel and leaves.
  • And that’s when the idea sparks. She glances at the putrid-smelling manager with a sense of appraisal.  It couldn’t be that simple could it?Then she puts the warmest smile she can on her face.
  • Sally Jackson knows she’s attractive. (She had Percy when she was only nineteen, and now at twenty-six she’s more than capable of utilizing her appearance to her advantage.)
  • Gabe’s helpless really.
  • They date for two months before she gets the ring on her finger.
  • And that’s when the switch goes off.
  • Gabe Ugliano had been a suitably nice man for the first two months she knew him. Someone who was disgusting - but someone she could tolerate and even like at times. 
  • She feels guilty at times for faking her half of the relationship - but when she sees monsters give them a broad berth on the street and purposefully move out of their path, she knows the relationship is going to be her savior… Percy’s savior.
  • But when they move into his apartment after their engagement, everything changes. 
  • Gabe’s always had a short temper but it now flairs at every single little thing that irritates him.
  • Percy and Gabe disagree over every little thing and just pick at one another, and Sally has to remind herself that this is all for Percy when her child comes crying to her, begging her to leave Gabe.
  • She notes how there are weird sections of discoloration on his wall - almost like holes had been punched in them and then haphazardly plastered over… she doesn’t realize how obvious the warning signs were until it’s to late.
  • The first time Gabe hits her it’s because she told him she wanted to keep her last name. It’s an argument that quickly grows heated, and she says that it’s the last connection to her family (not to mention she doesn’t want to take the name Ugliano but she doesn’t say that to him) and that’s when his hand meets her face.
  • She crumples to the floor, her mind trying to sort through the confusion and the reality of the events that just happened. And while he’s stands over her, heaving in anger and his hand still outstretched, a sick sense of dread begins to grow in her stomach because she realizes that it’s only the beginning. 
Valkyrie Part 3: Encountering

You find the basic idea to this series here

Part 1: x; Part 2: x

Summary of the plot: Scott and Isaac make a surprising discovery while watching Y/N and Y/N needs to give her new life in Beacon Hills some perspective,

Characters involved: Scott, Isaac, Lydia and reader (kinda Theo) 

Word Count: 1673

Originally posted by codychristian

Isaac is adjusting his position in the passenger’s seat for the millionth time now, pushing out an impatient groan and grabbing the bag of cold fries from the dashboard. He and Scott have been sitting in Scott’s car and staring into darkness for hours now without finding so much as a trace from Y/N. Her window is open and there’s light behind it but she hasn’t appeared herself. Scott’s eyes grow heavier with every second and he starts to regret that he already drank up all the coke.

“Remind me why I’m doing this again?”, Isaac grumbles, throwing one of the fries into his mouth. “This is even more boring than doing the night shift at the hospital.”

“You’re doing this because you owe me for the Jennifer Cole incident”, Scott retorts.

“Hey, we don’t talk about that! Ever!”, Isaac warns him infuriated, shooting him a deathly glare that doesn’t intimidate Scott the slightest bit. He just grins and turns his focus back on the apartment building.

“Don’t worry. I’ll use it against you when you least expect it.”

“Very funny”, Isaac growls while he rolls his eyes before he puts the bag of fries back and sinks into his seat. Eating doesn’t really make this any more exciting. Nothing makes this exciting. He lets his gaze wander over the interior of the car, eager to find something to distract himself, and they finally land on Y/N’s picture. He grabs it and examines it closely under Scott’s attentive observation.

“You know, she’s kinda hot”, he admits, somewhat impressed.

Scott’s amused grin grows wider.

“Don’t you say that to Stiles. He will hold you a lecture about how she’s a serious suspect in a crime.”

“She looks quite innocent to me”, Isaac judges with a frown while he turns the picture in every direction, looking at it from different angles. “But then, those are always the worst.”

Scott laughs, thinking to himself how right he is with that. Then he turns back towards the apartment and freezes all of a sudden.

“Isaac?”, he mumbles, drawing the beta’s attention towards the dark figure that appeared on the street while they joked around. They both watch curiously as, whoever that person is, starts to climb up to her window in a way that no human could ever climb. Isaac lets the picture sink and swallows hard as the intruder disappears into the apartment.

Isaac immediately heaves himself up. “We need to help her”, he says determined but Scott puts his hand on his breast and holds him back.

“No! If we go in there now, she’ll know exactly that we’re watching her! We’d give everything away.”

Isaac just blinks at him incredulously. “Are you crazy? What if he wants to harm her?”

Scott struggles with himself. Usually he’d totally be on Isaac’s side, eager to safe a helpless soul from an unknown threat. However, according to Stiles this girl is not helpless and he learned to trust his judgements the hard way. Therefore he stays tough, although it takes all his willpower.

“We’ll wait”, he decides, shooting Isaac a warning look. For a moment it seems like Isaac will disobey. He tenses and his arm hovers by the door in an insecure fashion. Then he sighs and leans back again, staring plainly at the apartment with concern written all over his face.

And like that they wait. And wait. The joking is over. Scott starts to doubt his decision more and more with every passing second. He tries to listen in with his supernatural hearing but it’s too far away, even for an alpha. A sensation of worry overcomes him and he starts to feel somewhat edgy. Isaac probably smells it.

As he’s already about to jump up to do something, the dark figure reappears in her window and quickly climbs back down. Scott squints his eyes, desperate to see more of that mysterious person. It turns around to scan its surroundings, almost relaxed. As it finally passes a lantern, Scott gets the first good look at him.

He feels like all the blood in his veins goes cold.

“That’s impossible”, he pushes out in utter shock while his brown eyes widen and his face turns an unhealthy shade of grey.

Isaac frowns. “What do you mean? Who is that?”

“Someone I thought I’d never see again”, Scott mumbles darkly. “Theo Raeken.”

You don’t hear from Theo again in the next few days. His warning still echoes in your head but you remind yourself that it doesn’t really matter. You are not planning to meet this sheriff again if it’s avoidable. But you definitely need a job. Nothing happened since Theo’s appearance, you didn’t have to accompany any dying supernatural soul into oblivion and you are thankful for that. But your life starts to become grey, to lose its importance. Oh, and you also need the money.

That’s why you make the decision to visit the local vet clinic with your papers in your hands. It’s the only place in this town where you have a minor chance to find labour due to your chaotic lifestyle since you have found out about your powers with fifteen. You’ve always loved animals and discovered that they’re a lot easier to have around than humans.

As you climb out of the bus and discover the small building you already begin to doubt. It’s just so improbable that they need further help here but you’re desperate. At least you have to try. Therefore you ignore the fact that the parking lot is empty except for a green motorbike and a shiny Toyota and walk towards the front door, straightening your shoulders.

A little bell rings as you enter the abandoned reception. You frown and wonder for a second if nobody is here but then you hear noises from the back of the building that nobody should be capable to hear from this distance. You don’t want to eavesdrop but this is not a thing that you can turn off so easily.

“Scott, he said that we are supposed to wait! And I don’t like to admit it, but I think he’s right”, the voice of a girl hisses urgently. Her words are followed by a deep sigh from another person that’s definitely masculine.

“If she knows something about him, we need to ask her! Otherwise the whole town could be endangered.”

You raise your eyebrows and take a step forward unconsciously. Now this is interesting. And it doesn’t sound like vet business at all. All of a sudden you’re eager to hear more about this danger.

An unknown third voice destroys that opportunity.

“Guys, somebody came in.”

What the hell? How can this guy know? This gets weirder and weirder.

You hurry to look casual and innocent as you hear their steps coming closer, although you almost burst with curiosity.

Three people walk through the door behind the counter and you scan them quickly. A tanned boy with dark hair and kind eyes, a beautiful redhead with red lips and another guy with blonde curls and a smirk that slowly drips from his face as his eyes land on you.

It’s quite the same with all three of them and their reaction startles you. They all stop in their track simultaneously and stare at you, almost in shock. Irritation bubbles up in your stomach while you shift on your feet uncomfortably. You’re pretty sure that you’ve never seen a single one of them. However, they stare at you like you’re a ghost. Great. Best start ever. You don’t know that to say anymore.

The girl is the first to regain her composure.

“Ehm…sorry…how can we help you?”

Right. The reason why you’re here. You step to the counter, try to ignore the inquiring gazes from the guys and put your papers on the desk with an insecure smile. God, why are your hands trembling? Ridiculous.

“I just wanted to ask if you need a help”, you state, determined to get it over with and flee from this awkward situation. “I have a lot of experience in vet clinics. Well…I don’t really have a degree or something but I’ve learned a lot in minor jobs.”

This sounds awfully weak. Your heart already sinks as she picks up the papers and starts to read them with a frown. Afterwards she shoots the tanned boy a look that’s a little bit too meaningful for your taste.

“I think that’s a good idea. She could help you while Deaton’s away. You should let her try, Scott.”

Scott turns to her, displaying a startled expression. “But…”

“Trust me”, she interrupts him with a hint of authority that’s hard to miss.

Their conversation confuses you even more. Everything is weird. Scott’s irritation, the girls’ words and the stern expression of the other guy. You feel like you’re under surveillance and very aware of yourself. You stay nevertheless. God, you really need the money.

Scott throws a look on the papers himself now. As he’s finished, he looks up at you and for the first time since you entered this building, he smiles. It’s not really convincing but strangely enough it calms your nerves immediately.

“Alright, let’s try. Tomorrow at nine.”

You need a moment to get what he said. Then a big grin brushes your lips.

“Seriously? Wow, that’s awesome! Thank you so much!”, you exclaim sincerely, although you can’t believe it. “I,,,I’ll be there! Thank you!”

Their eyes still rest on you as you leave the clinic, feeling absolutely ecstatic.

The first thing you do as you reach your apartment is to go into the kitchen to make yourself some coffee. That’s your routine. You’re quite addicted to this dark liquid. As you get a cup from the upper shelf, you throw a look at the coffee machine and stop midway. There’s a note attached to it that has not been there as you left the house.

The message is clear.

You’ve made a horrible mistake. Leave the city or deal with the consequences. T

–> Part 4


Stefan walked up the steps and onto the porch, greeted by the sound of sniffling and soft curses from the other side of the front door.   Confusion and panic set in and he immediately swung open the door, not bothering to knock.

“Caroline?!” he called out, searching through the dark house for her.  The smell of new furniture and soap filled the air.

“Down here!” she replied, her voice all tears and frustration.  

Stefan followed her voice to the basement, where he finally found her.   Sitting cross legged on the cold floor, surrounded by parts of her washing machine and soapy water.  Her face buried in her hands.

“Hey,” he breathed, relief flooding him at finding her safe, “What are you doing?”

She lifted her head from her hands and looked up at him with red rimmed eyes.

“Failing,” she answered, “Failing miserably.”

“Failing at….?” Stefan asked.

“Life?” she answered, placing her hand down on the wet floor to push herself up, only to slip back down and drench herself further.

Stefan reached down to pull her up.  Soapy water dripped from her clothes.  Tears streamed down her cheeks.

“Hey, hey,” Stefan said, gently, cradling the soaking girl to his chest, “Shhh, it’s okay, no big deal.”

“It is a big deal.  I’m useless.  And helpless.  And I can’t DO this.” she sobbed into his shirt.  

Stefan could feel the anguish pouring off of her.  His heart had jumped into his throat at her call, after weeks of not hearing from her.  He’d been quietly spiraling himself.  Memories of the things they’d done replaying constantly in his mind.  But mostly he was worried about her, and how she was reacting to the guilt.  And, seeing as how she wouldn’t answer his calls, he had no idea.  Until now.  And she was not handling it well, clearly.

“I thought I could just come here and buy new furniture and do this…be a person…be on my own,” she said, pulling back just enough to look him in the eyes.

“But I can’t even do a load of towels without something going wrong,” she said between stifled sobs.  

Stefan’s eyes raked over her face.  Her normally clear blue eyes red lined and glistening.  Big salty tears flowing down her soft pink cheeks.  And he thought, guiltily, that this was what he’d been missing all this time.   What he’d expected after her mother had died.  The honor of being the one to comfort her.

And now, after losing her, joining her in the maddening darkness, returning just to lose her again…it seemed like she was finally ready to let him be the one to comfort her.  He was surprised at how…whole that suddenly made him feel.

She was staring at him, waiting for him to respond.  He couldn’t help but smile at her, brushing his thumbs against her cheeks to clear away the tears. She sniffled and he kissed her scrunched nose without thinking.  

“I’m going to fix this,” he said, determined.

“I didn’t have anyone else to call,” she said, suddenly sorry.

“Caroline, I’ve been calling you for weeks,” he rebuked.

“And now I only called you because I need something,” she said, feeling guilty.  It was her default lately.  Guilty and useless.

“I’m glad you called, no matter what the reason,” he replied, honestly.

Caroline smiled then.  The first smiled he’d seen from in far too long.  Her hands reached up to rest on his wrists, his thumbs continued to gently sweep across her cheeks.

“I GOT this,” he said playfully, before placing a soft kiss to her salty cheek.

Caroline’s eyes fluttered closed at the sweet gesture.  It had been far too long. Of forcing themselves apart.  Of torturing themselves needlessly.

Stefan dropped his hands from her face and took her small wrists, placing a final kiss to the fingers of her loose fist before releasing her.

“Go,” he ordered.

“What?” she asked, confused.

“Go!” he repeated, “Take a bubble bath.  Have a glass of wine.  Watch a reality show.  When you come back, everything will be fixed.”

“Although, it looks like you already had your bubble bath,” he teased, tugging on a wet strand of hair.

Caroline giggled and reluctantly agreed to leave him to fix the washing machine.  She watched him pick pieces off the floor as she slowly made her way upstairs.  

“Stefan,” she said softly.

He lifted his eyes to her, his complete attention focused on her like it always was these days.

“Thank you for always being there to fix me,” Caroline said sincerely, her hands wringing nervously on the rails.

“I’ll spend the rest of eternity making up to you the times that I haven’t been,” he replied, with a weight that seemed to startle her.  Stefan watched as she sucked in a shaky breath.  It seemed that the time for pretenses was quickly passing them by.  Honesty was taking its place.   Raw and terrifying honesty.

Caroline smiled and nodded, swallowing the lump that had formed in her throat.  Stefan watched as she walked up the stairs, not taking his eyes off her until the last strand of blonde hair disappeared from view.

I dunno what this is.  Just something that wanted to be written.  You know how that goes.  I’m all about some happy endings lately. :P

Fix You: An Ichabbie Fix It Fic

(A/N: Fuck the season three finale. If you’re wondering why this is so late, it’s because it took me this long to calm down enough to write a fic. AU where Abbie and Joe lived. How I think the story should have ended.)

“Abbie, no!”

It’s all she hears as she walks towards the glowing box with her death written in its script. She makes it about three steps away before Crane’s condor arms envelop her waist and snatch her off her feet. She struggles against his lean frame, surprised to find that he’d tightened them around her like a boa constrictor’s coils.

“Crane, let me go!” she orders. “I have to! I don’t have a choice!”

“No, Leftenant,” Crane says, digging those long fingers in as if he intends to set down roots to keep her put. “It doesn’t have to end this way. Remember what you taught me? There is always another way.”

She squeezes her eyes shut as his words dig into the cold pit of her stomach and sting. “Not this time. We have to stop him. It’s me or the world, Crane.”

“No,” he murmurs, and then turns her around. He leans down to her height, clutching her arms, smiling sadly. “It’s us or the world.”

Her breath catches as she realize what he means. “Crane, please. I can’t let you do this.”

“Neither can I. And so we will do it together. We are the Witnesses. Quoth the lady, ‘What you do, I do.’ There is no world without you in it, Abbie. If we must face the Grim Reaper, we shall do it as God intended it.”

He slides his hand down her bicep, her elbow, to hers. His are cold and clammy and shaking the slightest bit, but his smile is steady. She swallows hard, tears burning in her eyes, then nods slowly.


They walk towards Pandora’s Box and set one hand upon the lid each. The light explodes and then they are gone. The last thing she feels is his fingers squeezing hers.

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