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🔼The Anfield tour was so good 🔼

Thank You Darren

You truly were born to play the role of Hedwig and before you finish the tour today, I just wanted to say thank you.  You truly shine like the brightest star on that stage and I feel priveledged to have experienced the gift of your Hedwig both in NYC and San Fran.   No matter what is happening behind the scenes, always remember you are uniquely talented.   There is no one else like you  and you have a bright, amazing future in front of you that will only shine even brighter when you find freedom.

I hope that now that this tour is over, you have some peace in your life for a short while. 

“Bed, Now...”

A/N: So like this was supposed to be a blurb but I’m horrible at writing those and it ended up becoming a small one shot?? Regardless I hope you enjoy as I think it’s really cute B-)

Pairing: Daddy!Luke

Rating: PG-All

Request: No

Words: 1.300+

Summary: Luke’s son does everything in his power to avoid going to bed because in the end he’s afraid that Luke won’t be there when the morning comes because of his constant touring

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I’m hearing now Halsey had a miscarriage when on tour and now people are making jokes about it?? Like no….stop…can’t y'all let her be for once? Like I know she ain’t perfect, and I know some of you don’t like her but you shouldn’t make jokes about that. This woman had a baby in her while she was touring all over the world and then had to learn something went and then her baby was gone. Like women deal with so much pain during pregnancy and you’re gonna just gonna laugh at that cause your don’t like the person? Like how petty can you all get?


Ross: Now when we have toured the house and rested a little what do you say at the idea that we explore this island a little ?

Brant: Well it’s not a bad idea,but i would rather be exploring the bed  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Ross: Already ? We just got here .

Brant: Don’t tell me you are still tired from the trip,well i guess that in your age it is pretty normal  😏

Ross: What do you mean in my age ? I’m only 28,i’m still young…

Brant: Whatever helps you to sleep better at night old men…

Ross: I’ll show you who is old right about now…

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As someone who never watched Star Wars and only was exposed to Carrie's amazingness last year during the SW Press Tour through Tumblr, it annoys me when people now say that people are jumping on the Carrie bandwagon now that she passed. So what if people just got aware of who she was beyond that one role? Good I say, buy her books, watch her interviews, spread the love and make her legacy live on! It makes my heart soar to see so many people wish they had been aware of her before it was too late

Yes!!! I agree! Honestly, I went to a book shop the other day and I asked for a book and I was looking around while the shop girl was searching for the book I wanted and I was checking The Princess Diarist when she got back and she was like ‘that’s our last copy so if you want that one you should take it because we only get more next week!’ and I’m like… a little book shop in Brazil has her book almost sold out :’) I’m here for people finding her appreciating her however and whenever for a long time.

Michael Clifford Imagine

*Imagine you just found out you were pregnant but too afraid to tell Michael because you figured it would only stress him out and he wouldn’t want to have a child.

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“Y/N?” Michael yawned, rubbing his eyes, “What’s wrong?” You frantically wiped away your tears and turned around to a tired and confused Michael. 

You couldn’t sleep after finding out you were pregnant the night before and were hesitant to tell Michael because you were afraid he wouldn’t want to have a child with you especially now when he was in the middle of a tour. 

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Rest in peace Stuart McLean.

Hospital - Absence of Lauren

I had to make a post about this. It’s so beautiful how Lauren and Camila care about each other . When one of the two is absent, the other shows sad, dejected. The great bond with each other.

Remember when Camila was in the hospital?

Lauren’s reaction was:

She looked sad…

Lauren almost broke when she was singing Camila’s part on stage.

She was very worried about Camila’s health.

Lauren didn’t stay until the end of the tour to say goodbye to the guys from The Vamps because apparently she went to the hospital where Camila was.

And now let’s talk about Camila when Lauren missed the tour because of the death of her grandmother. She also suffered and missed her a lot… so much that she kept talking about her in interviews every chance she had.


Camila was sad…

Camila really missed her…

And her voice also cracked when singing…

But it is not the first time that they care about each other when it comes to their health.

For example:

Make your own conclusions.

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Do you see the guys often? (Like every month, week, etc?)

It depends I see one more than other three and another one I also see regularly for now (note this wont be the same when they tour and such)