when it started for me


who is he tho…

I don’t know about you, but just like I’m gonna block all the anti-tony blogs, I’m also not going to be putting up with any kind of Steve-bashing. That includes angstmaster headcanons about poor Tony getting stepped on by Steve just like [insert Tony’s enemy from the past, possibly the worst one]. 

I’m invested in this ship and the idea that someone else is invested and yet that’s what they come up with in their spare time… does not compute.

@sententiousandbellicose replied to your post “nothing says ‘i’m kinky and ready to go anytime’ more than a fucking…”

can we talk about her keeping keys on a chain she wears to bed tho? I’m into it tbh.

she is SO EXTRA like ffs whom the fuck does that (i love her sm tho)

yesterday my first table at work was 4 complete shitholes who yelled at me twice before i even took their food order and almost made me cry. before they ate, they all bowed their heads to pray.

so on the top of their receipt i wrote “hebrews 13:2″ and they went WILD. they LOVED IT. they tipped me over 20% for my “education fund”.

hebrews 13:2 is “do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it”, and i really hope they got home and looked it up and realized that i am, in fact, a petty fucking bitch


consider, if you will: platonic rest-of-our-very-long-life partners magnus and lucretia

Aside from the sadness/disappointment/self-deprecation induced tears, from canon we know that Bakugou is an angry crier, Kirishima a sympathetic crier and Kaminari a stress crier, which, when you really think about it, means that once one of them starts crying the possibility of all three of them ending up in tears is pretty high

Here, have a thing


this love is o u r s