when it pains it roars

Mine / Chapter 8

You ran as fast as you could. Thoughts were flooding your head making it pound in pain but you couldn’t focus on that right now. Your chest was constricting as you breathed heavily, your legs burning as you rushed past the bushes and trees where sticks and branches managed to scratch your bare skin. You needed to keep running, praying time was on your side as you tried not to think about Baekhyun getting badly hurt.

You could see lights just up ahead, signaling the yell out your mouth as you called for someone to help. You could feel the tears threatening to spill from your eyes again, your voice wavering as you continued to call out.

Chanyeol was the first you saw, his head poking out the door before he called your name and hurried out to come to you. Your legs grew weak, stumbling forward before you caught yourself off the ground and strong pair of hands held onto your arms.

“What’s wrong?” Chanyeol’s alarmed voice rung through your ears, raising your head as you sucked in air.

“Baekhyun.” His name came out in a whimper, “Please, Baekhyun.”

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The Doctor: A Ballbusting Story

Once again, another story that I wrote so long ago.

Dan walked into the doctor’s office feeling tired as hell. It was eight in the morning, and partying until the early hours of the night before had not been a good idea, but whatever. He couldn’t care less, partly because he wasn’t worried about his health, and also because he was a little hungover. Dan walked over to the desk to check in for the appointment.

“Hi, I’m just checking in for my appointment today with Dr. Stone?” He asked the pretty nurse behind the counter.

“Aha, you must be Dan.” She replied. “I have to inform you because Dr. Stone is out today, but a substitute is willing to see you, provided you are ok with that?” She asked.

Dan hesitated. “Yeah, thats fine with me.” He said after thinking about it. He liked Dr. Stone, but he didn’t feel like coming back in another day after waking up so early.

“Ok, great!” The nurse said with a smile. “Just head on down to room number three and Dr. Anderson will join your shortly.” Dan walked down to room number three and saw that the door was closed. He knocked, wondering if anybody was in there, but he got no response. Dan opened the door and took a seat on the examination table. After a few minutes, the door opened again and Dr. Anderson walked in.

Dan had not been expecting his doctor to be a woman, but an attractive woman at that. She had dark hair up in a bun, and smooth, olive colored skin. She was tall, maybe five foot ten, and had nice, round breasts. She was wearing a white doctor’s coat with a light grey button down top underneath. She had on a navy skirt and brown flats.

“Hello, Dan. My name is Dr. Anderson and I will be filling in today.” She said with a smile. “But you can just call me Jamie.” She added, taking a seat on one of the chairs in the room.

“It’s nice to meet you, Jamie.” Dan said, trying to to put on his best smile. He had to admit, she was pretty cute. He guessed that she was maybe twenty-six or twenty-seven, but it was hard to tell.

“So, lets get down to business, shall we?” Jamie asked. Dan nodded indifferently and stood up. First she took his weight, then his height. Then she had him lie down on the table so she could listen to his heart. Dan laid back on the table, and Jamie walked over with her stethoscope and reached up his shirt, listening to his heart. She bent forwards over Dan because the stethoscope was short, and he got a good look at her soft, round cleavage.

“Ok, Dan, so everything looks good to me. You are seventy-four inches tall and weigh one hundred and eighty-three pounds. Your heart sounds fine as well.” Jamie sat back in her chair with her clipboard as she took notes. She crossed her left leg over her right and let her flat dangle in the air by her toes. She bobbed her foot back and forth, her flat rocking back and forth. “Now, tell me how you are feeling. Are you ok?” Jamie asked.

“Uh, I’m feeling good. Life’s good.” Dan mumbled. Jamie curled her toes and slid her heel in and out of her flat.

“Ok, and how are you doing under the hood?” She asked, taking notes.

Dan squirmed in his seat. “Uh, it’s all good.” He said.

“Ok,” Jamie replied, taking more notes. “Are you performing testicular checks about once a month?” She asked, looking up at him.

“Uh…No, uhh…I kind of forgot what that is.” Dan responded awkwardly. He felt embarrassed talking to a female doctor about this kind of thing.

“Ok, no problem. Basically, once a month, you want to take your testicle in your hand and slide it through your fist. If you feel any weird bumps, or something of the sort, just report it to your doctor.” She said. Dan Suddenly got an idea.

“Well, uhh…I still don’t really get it. I, uhh…I know this is kind of embarrassing, but could you maybe…Erm…Show me?” He asked, trying his best to look innocent. He wouldn’t mind Jamie feeling him around a little bit; she was pretty attractive.

“Well, I suppose I could if you really need it.” She replied as she set her clipboard down. “Stand up here for me, would you?” She asked. Dan slid off of the table and stood on the ground in front of her.

“Ok, now take off your pants and underwear.” Jamie said. Dan obliged, and he slid his pants and underwear down off of his legs and set them aside. Jamie walked towards him until they were almost touching, before she reached her hand down and took one of his balls in her hand.

“So, what you want to do first is get a good grip on it like this.” She said, before squeezing down violently on Dan’s nut with her fist. Dan was startled from the sudden pain as she pressed her thumb hard into his ball. Jamie pushed him back into the side of the exam table and stared him in the eyes as she tortured him. Dan’s eyes began to water from the pain.

“You know, I saw you looking down at my tits, and I knew you were lying when you asked me to show you how to do a testicular check! You just want me to feel you up, and now you can have what you want.” Jamie said angrily. She stepped her feet out of her flats and let go of Dan’s testicle. She then stepped back and gave him a mighty kick in the crotch with her foot, causing Dan to double over in pain. Jamie then reared her leg back once more and fired it into his balls, crushing them up against him with her toes. Dan lost all of the air in his lungs as he fell forwards onto the ground, Jamie’s bare feet only inches from his nose.

“How do you feel now?” Jamie asked, towering over him. “Do your balls still need inspection?” She bent down and dragged Dan over until he was kneeling in front of her chair, which she promptly sat down in. Her toes skimmed the ground lightly as her heels rested on the legs of the chair. “Now look at me!” She demanded. Dan wearily looked up at her, and as soon as he did, Jamie stuck her right foot into his groin with lightning speed, pressing the top of her foot against his testicles, flattening them.

She then took her left foot and stuck it in his face, smothering his face with the bare sole of her foot. She looked down at him over her toes while she jabbed at his balls once again with her toes, hitting them square on with her feet. Dan tried to cry out in pain, but Jamie’s sole was covering his mouth. Jamie pulled her foot back and jabbed her toes out again, striking his right nut with her big toe and ramming it into his pelvis. Dan recoiled from the blast of pain and fell onto his back.

Jamie stood up and pressed the sole of her foot into his balls, squishing them as she mashed her foot around, her sole cradling his balls against his pelvis. She kneeled down on her right knee, and she put her left foot onto Dan’s nuts, pressing down hard on them. She then reached out and took his cock in her hands and began to slide her hand up and down.

“Lets find out how quickly I can milk you if I put a little pressure on your testicles, shall we?” Jamie leaned forwards and put more of her body weight on his balls, which were trapped under her bare foot. Dan felt them flatten out against the hard tiled floor of the doctor’s office. He cried out in pain while she tortured his nuts, while at the same time moving her hands up and down his hard cock, milking him. She tightened her grip on his cock and pumped faster, while putting more weight on his testicles.

Finally he came, spilling semen all over Jamie’s hands. His orgasm didn’t even feel good, seeing as it was forced out of him by Jamie’s left instep. She didn’t even bother getting it all out, for she simply let go of his cock and dragged him to his feet. She pushed his back against the wall and slammed her knee into Dan’s crotch with all the strength she could muster. He groaned in pain and almost fell to the ground, but Jamie caught him.

She backed up slightly and curled her right leg into the air, stretching her foot up above her head and pressing it into Dan’s chin with her toes, tilting his head back. Her skirt stretch out, revealing the fact that Jamie was not wearing any panties. She slid herself towards Dan until her pussy was pressing up against him. They stood their for a few moments until Jamie slammed her fist into his balls, crushing them with her knuckles. Dan would have fallen to the ground as he shrieked in pain, but only Jamie’s foot caught him.

She backed up and stuck her right foot directly into his groin, mashing his testicles against the wall with the bottoms of her toes. Dan cried out in pain, and Jamie removed her foot from his balls. She immediately dragged him over to her chair and sat him down, then climbed on to his lap, straddling his legs with hers. Her hands gently found a grip on Dan’s eggs, squeezing them lightly.

Jamie leaned forwards and kissed Dan on the lips, sliding her tongue into his mouth, caressing his tongue with hers. Meanwhile, her grip on his jewels tightened like a vice, making him want to scream in pain, but he was unable to as Jamie pressed her mouth against his, kissing him furiously as he tried to scream. It was a moment later when she released him and stood up. Dan hardly had a moment to rest before she dragged him back up onto the exam table and laid him down on his back.

Jamie pulled her right leg high above her head, much like she had earlier, and held it there for a few moments in suspense. She gazed at Dan with merciless eyes as she brought her heel down from high above her and smashed it into his testicles with enormous force. Dan felt his left nut give instantly under the crushing force of her heel with a loud pop, and he screamed in pain before he blacked out.


When Dan awoke, he immediately felt the roaring pain that was coming from his crotch. With a start, he realized that she had popped one of his balls, and all of a sudden, the pain intensified. It took him a moment to realize that Jamie was sitting on a chair behind his head her feet hanging in the air above him.

“Good afternoon, sleepy head.” She said as she pressed her feet down and forced her toes into his mouth. Her heels hung in the air right above his eyes as she wiggled her toes around inside his mouth. “Do they taste good?” She asked, giggling like a little girl. Dan tried to protest, but his words were smothered by Jamie’s feet.

“Oh, do you want to say something?” She asked quizzically. “In that case, let me just finish something real quick, and then you can tell me what you have to say.” With that, Jamie pulled her feet out of Dan’s mouth and stood up. She walked down until she was in between his legs, and before he could say anything, she stomped her left foot squarely onto his nut, her foot flattening out against the hard tile floor and his one testicle flattening under her foot.

“I don’t think that your testicles will need any inspection after this.” Jamie said, with a devilish smile on her face, as she raised her right foot off of the ground, putting all of her weight on Dan’s one remaining ball. Dan felt his one remaining testicle rupture under Jamie’s sexy bare foot, and he didn’t have a chance to cry out in pain before the blackness swallowed him.

Turn loose the mermaids(Part 14)

Here we go! Oh boy, just how hard are you gonna kill me? Answer:very

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Chat was feeling more than oddly in the morning. Almost numbly, he went and changed the water in the bathtub for his mermaid, who was still sleeping peacefully on his bed. That morning he simply went through the motions, getting dressed, fetching the water and so on. He barely got any sleep and for the life of him, he still couldn’t figure out just what the hell happened with them both last night.

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How Can That Be (7/?) [Ft. Reader x Hulk]

Summary: Bruce finds himself drawn to the new avenger by an unknown force. What happens when this force causes Bruce to become the Hulk?

(Side Note: I’m aware that the GIF is of Edward Norton as the Hulk and not Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk BUT I liked the GIF for this part of the story)

Originally posted by do-androidsdreamof-electricsheep

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 8 / Part 9 / Part 10 / Part 11 / Part 12

Recon mission, a simple in and out. However during the mission you became separated from your team. One minute you were walking beside Bruce and then next the floor you were walking on broke off and shifted upwards. You screamed as you were catapulted into the air away from your friends.

Bruce watched helplessly as you ascended into the air. It happened so fast, in a blink of an eye you were gone. Bruce and the Hulk went into a frenzy and the Avengers didn’t know what to do as they watched Bruce transform. The Hulk’s eyes dashed around and upwards as he searched for you, when he didn’t see you he roared. It was a painful roar that shook everyone to their core, it was almost like he was howling in agony.

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Way of the World- part 10

Fandom: Supernatural

Word count: 2275

Characters: Dean x soulmate!reader, Sam, Cas, Crowley

Warnings: Angst. I’m sorry. Dean lying to other characters, slight injury to Sam.

Summary: Dean and the reader deal with the aftermath of Gadreel’s revelation.  Part 1 Part 2  Part 3 Part 4 Part 5  Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16

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Whilst you’d been living with the Winchesters, you’d seen Dean angry- at himself, at Gadreel, at every monster he fought. As he looked up at you, you braced yourself to see the same anger directed at you. You had lied to him, and you didn’t expect to be forgiven. Even if you were soulmates.

The depths of the delight in his expression stole away every excuse you might have blurted.

He strode towards you, completely ignoring Cas and Crowley, and pressed his lips to yours. You gasped at the heat that fired from every neuron in your body as you opened your mouth against his and his fingers tangled themselves in your hair.

“Let me see,” he murmured, pulling back and reaching for your left wrist. You shuddered as he pulled back your sleeve to expose his own name, and then brushed his fingers over the tattoo. His expression was filled with wonder.

“I- I thought you’d be angry,” you said uncertainly.

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Anger misdirection

When Kylo Ren murders Han Solo, Chewbacca lets out a pained roar and fires his bowcaster at his friend’s son. Kylo Ren crouches down in pain and when he raises his head, his lips part in surprise when he recognizes the figures from where the shot came from, which were Finn and Rey, since Chewbacca changed his position when he started firing at the stormtroopers.

 Kylo Ren presumes that Finn was the one that wounded him. The editing heavily implies it when the camera focuses only on Finn during the stare down.

Why didn’t Kylo Ren think it was Rey? Both were armed with blasters. 

I have noticed that Kylo’s never directs his anger towards Rey.

When Finn had Luke’s lightsaber, Kylo angrily told him that it belonged to him.

When Rey grabbed the same lightsaber, this was his reaction.

Not even after she defeated him was there an ounce of hatred or anger.

The man is simply infatuated with Rey and cannot get angry at her.

Okay, so I was just thinking about Civil War and…we don’t know how much time passed between Bucky leaving Siberia with Steve and them winding up in Wakanda to undergo the cryo process. 

There’s a whole, insurmountable gap of time, of events that we get to make up. And I’m just imagining, before T’Challa tracked them down and Bucky made the decision to go back under, the two of them holed up in some abandoned place. Huddled together every night to sleep, Steve tending to Bucky when he wakes up with roaring headaches from the pain of his arm being gone. Steve cradling him and humming softly until the pain goes away. 

and they don’t really know what to do next. Bucky casually brings up the idea of cryo, and Steve pushes it aside because he doesn’t think Bucky really means it. Until T’Challa finds them, and Bucky pushes past Steve to apologize to T’Challa for what happened to his father, still feeling responsible because Zemo wanted him, and T’Challa’s father was a casualty of that mission. T’Challa thanks him and offers an apology for being so fervent in his own mission of vengeance, and Bucky, before Steve can interject, asks to be put back under. 

They make arrangements to leave the next day for Wakanda, the three of them spending a last night in some nearby hotel. And Steve just spends the whole night quiet, refusing to let go of Bucky in their small, stiff bed. Bucky trying his best to comfort him, “I love you” repeated countless times in the dark room as he presses kisses along Steve’s shoulders and arms. Steve says it back every time, his face resting in the crook of Bucky’s neck, doing his best not to cry and failing. 

And when they leave for Wakanda the next day, he promises to be brave. As the few days required for preparation count down, Steve frowns a little less, gets better at handling his tears, and spends every moment he can with Bucky’s hand in his. The morning of Steve restricts himself to only one kiss, but lets Bucky pull him into a lingering hug. 

Steve can’t stop himself from asking, one more time before it happens, if Bucky is sure. And he is. So Steve continues to be strong, despite every part of him begging to be otherwise. 

Aren’t you my Friend?

Day Two, Prompt: Monsters/Demons

Gray’s eyes flickered to Natsu’s right arm, narrowing slightly as his thoughts wandered. He’d been wearing them constantly for the past several weeks, and frankly it was only adding to his suspicions.

He’d been noticing a slight change in his friend since they’d been reunited as well, casual little things most people would miss. Not him though. No, Gray had known him long enough to know something was different. He could tell Lucy sensed it too, he caught the worried glances and confusion in her eyes sometimes when she looked at him.

“So what happened to your arm?” He asked suddenly, catching the dragon slayer’s attention.

Natsu’s gaze immediately snapped toward him, his outward appearance was as casual and carefree as always but Gray could detect the inner defenses going up, those onyx eyes burning into his almost aggressively.

“Huh?” He asked, feigning ignorance.

“Your arm.” Gray repeated, motioning toward the bandages. “You’ve got it all wrapped up, have been since we met up again.”

Lucy glanced between the two of them, almost nervously saying. “Actually…I’ve been wondering that too.” She was thankful now that the others had gone on to the next town ahead of them.

Natsu looked between the two of them and shrugged casually. “Nothin’ really, just thought it looked cool.”

“That’s a load a crap.” Gray snapped, walking over and getting right in Natsu’s face as he said. “Now what’s really going on?”

Natsu didn’t budge, irritation flickering in his eyes. “I already told you, nothin’ is!”  He cried out in shock and surprise when Gray suddenly ripped the bandages from his arm, moving too fast for him to react.

He jerked back from him, holding his arm to his chest protectively, trying to hide it from view. But it was already too late, both Gray and Lucy both had seen the dark marks curled against his skin, inky black and a deep, blood red twisted together, forming symbols that were all too familiar.

Lucy thought she might throw up, her body rigid, mind numb with shock. She watched as his eyes flickered from Gray over to her, heart lurching when she saw an expression she never thought she’d see from Natsu in his eyes. Panic. He was terrified.

“Luce…” His voice was raspy, and it hitched slightly when he said her name.

“Natsu…wh-what…” Before she could think of what she was trying to say, Gray stepped forward, face twisted in fury.

“Demon.” He hissed.

Natsu turned his attention back on him, stepping back quickly, still clutching his arm to his chest tightly, as if the marks would disappear if he could only erase them from sight. “N-no…it’s not…I’m not…” He stammered.

Frost flickered around Gray’s body, his chest was heaving with rage, and the pure hatred on his face struck Natsu to the core. “Monster!” He roared, casting an ice geyser beneath him.

Natsu’s magic melted through the ice quickly. “I’m not!” He shouted back, angry now.

“You know, I had my suspicions, but I didn’t want to believe it. How could someone I’ve known since childhood be a demon? Not just any demon either, oh no, you had to be the biggest, baddest one of all, didn’t you Natsu? Or should I say…E.N.D?”

Lucy’s breath caught in her throat, and her hands flew to her mouth. “No…it can’t be…Natsu! Natsu, tell me it’s not true…” She pleaded, voice desperate as tears welled up in her eyes.

He couldn’t even look at her, but his expression told her all she needed to know. She fell to her knees and sobbed, hands covering her face as her entire world collapsed around her.

“Have you always been a monster? Did you spend all those years in Fairy Tail just to learn all about us so we’d be easier to destroy? Is this all just some sick game to you?” Gray roared, casting spell after spell at Natsu.

“No! Fairy Tail is my family!” Natsu shouted back defiantly, dodging and eliminating the attacks.

“Zeref is your family! Along with every other damned monster of his!” Gray shook with rage, pausing temporarily in his assault. “D-Deliora is your family…” He looked up, the anger flickering away for a moment to reveal the pain in his eyes. “I thought I was your friend!”

“You are!” Natsu cried desperately.

Lucy caught how it sounded more as if Natsu was trying to convince himself more than Gray. “Natsu…”

“I’m not a demon! I’m not one of Zeref’s puppets! I’m Natsu Dragneel! Son of Igneel! Member of Fairy Tail!” He roared, clutching at the scarf around his neck.

“You’re a monster, Natsu! How else do you explain the mark of Tartarus and Zeref on your arm? Along with those demon markings?” Gray spat back, pointing accusingly at his arm.

Natsu looked from him to his arm, then at Lucy again. “I…I’m going to fix it…I’ll…I’ll find a way to make it go away again…I just…I need more time…”

Lucy struggled to her feet and slowly walked toward him, straightening her head bravely. “Right, we’ll figure this out, I believe in you Na-” She let out a surprised cry when Gray suddenly grabbed her arm and pulled her back, standing slightly in front of her as he glared at Natsu.

“Careful, Lucy, we can’t trust him.”

“Gray! What are you doing? Let me go! We need to help!” Lucy tugged at Gray’s hand on her arm, trying to get him to release her.

Natsu’s eyes snapped to where Gray’s hand was on Lucy’s arm, his eyes flashing red as he let out a low snarl, his voice dangerous as he growled. “Don’t touch her.”

Gray pushed Lucy further behind him. “You see, Lucy? He’s a monster!”

Natsu let out a furious roar and sent a fireball directly at Gray’s head.

He dove to the side to avoid the blow, releasing Lucy in the process. She stumbled and fell to the ground, hissing when her knees came into contact with some rocks.

Natsu was at her side in an instantly, carefully helping her to sit down while looking at her wounds in concern. “Are you okay? I-I didn’t mean to get so close to you…I just wanted him to let go.”

Lucy nodded. “I’m fine. Natsu, we’ll get through this toge-”

He roared in pain when a dark arc of magic suddenly came out of nowhere and hit him directly in the chest, sending him flying backwards.

“Natsu!” Lucy screamed, scrambling to her feet to run to his side.

He was bleeding and gasping for air after having the breath knocked from his lungs. He’d hit his head hard on a stone, hot blood staining her fingers as she cradled his head in her lap.

“Natsu, lie still!” She scolded as he tried to sit up.

Gray appeared, stalking closer with vengeance in his eyes. “I promised my father I’d defeat E.N.D…no matter what.”

Lucy turned toward Gray and curled her lip back in a warning snarl. “Don’t you dare take one step closer!”

Surprisingly, he stopped.

“Look at what you’ve done! You’re going to try and destroy your best friend before even getting all the information? Natsu…may be E.N.D in some form but he’s clearly not a demon bent on evil intent!”

Gray hesitated for a moment. “Monsters need to be destroyed.” He said, voice flat.

She narrowed her eyes at him. “I only see one monster…and it isn’t Natsu.”

“L-Lucy…” Natsu said weakly, struggling to sit up.

She felt worry grow in her chest when she was able to keep him subdued with hardly any effort. What had Gray done to him? Natsu never went down this easily.

“That spell isn’t going to keep him weak forever, Demon slaying magic is tricky, you weaken your opponent before going in for the kill.” Gray said. “Now move out of the way, Lucy.”

She grabbed four keys from her pouch, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio and Taurus. Holding them between her knuckles, she glared at Gray. “If you want to get to Natsu, you’re going to have to get through me first.”

Dragon Scenario Asks #2

What would you do if:

1. Slumbering upon your beloved treasures you catch scent of a being scuttling in your lair. You recognize the scent as that of being another dragon. Opening an eye you see a young hatchling peering back at you. It’s likely that the hatchling no longer has a family.

2. A gypsy’s campfire is left unattended and abandoned, immediately causing an outbreak of a forest fire that surges across the land at a increasing speed. In that same forest a dragon slayer and his son are isolated with no way of escape.

3. A dragon of either gender or nor has been notably admiring you from afar. After several months they state their fondness of you, your actions, and your elegance, even having brought a token of their gratitude- a small, uncut sapphire gem. Although it contained little value it was the most important piece of their own hoard.

4. Travelers stumble across your lair with unknown intentions. You arrive shortly after from gem hunting, unexpectedly walking in upon them. They whip around and draw their weapons at a ready stance, not attacking you but daring not to take a chance. Fear is easily sensed in their blood.

5. An urge for a night’s flight sends you out of the safety of your abode. A heavy push of your legs and a flap of your wings propels you into the skies high above, but you suddenly roar in pain when an object penetrates your chest plates. A quick glance reveals that it is a well-crafted arrow containing a mixture of different, strong metals. It has split your chest plate in two and the damage in relation to its puncture is unreadable. Below you in the distance you see the slayer that has caused such damage.

6. Rumors of a reckless dragon has reached your interest. His deviant behavior has involved that of many, including plundering and razing villages, slaughter farmers livestock without reason, and stealing the works of the monks.

7. Winter finally begins to creep its way in. Every year the region is blanketed with thick layers of snow and ice. Hunting becomes more difficult and maintaining warmth is a complicated. (How do you prepare?)

8. A child has been sent into exile from their empire due to growing speculations that claim that they have been practicing in the arts of dark magic. Many believe that this child is the cause for the repetitive events of dying crops, plagues, and other atrocious occurrences that continue to happen without an exact cause. One day, as you routinely explored the empire’s land, you spot this child, who you assume is the one that was exiled, injured and staggering across rocky terrain. It is likely that this child will die, but you do have the choice of forming a bond with them to become your rider. The child being young of age, and not knowing if these speculations were true, there is a high possibility that you can direct them in your honorable ways.

Fic: Forbidden (7/?) (M)

Author’s note: This chapter comes with a couple of warnings. It might be the darkest thing I’ve ever written, but since extreme darkness squicks me out, I think this is reasonable considering the universe. So graphic violence and character death, FYI. I think it ends on a hopeful note though. Enjoy!

Summary: She is an Amazon. He is Greek. She is a princess. He is captured in battle. An ancient Amazonian tradition brings them together but their love is forbidden. This is their story.

Graphic Credit: @captainswan-with-love

Also posted: FF.net / AO3

Chapter 7

Killian grasped her elbow, gently pulling Emma into his arms. Dressed, cloaks tied at the neck, lightly armed, he needed to hold her one last time before they took this plunge. Needed to feel her softness, her love. Emma seemed to share his yearning, clinging to him tightly. The night was not as dark as they would have wished, the waxing moon dangerously close to being full. There was nothing for it; they needed to escape. Now.

“I love you,” he said hoarsely, his throat threatening to close up. The mere act of leaving put her and their child in danger and it was killing him. “No matter what happens, know that I will always love you, Emma.”

Tears stung her eyes, arms tightening around his neck. “Don’t,” she pleaded. “Don’t say goodbye.”

She was fighting so hard to be strong; he never loved her more than in that moment. Tenderly, he lifted her chin. “I made you a promise, Princess. I intend to keep it.”

“You better.”

He smiled. “I have no doubt you’ll march down to the Underworld and flog me if I do not.”

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anonymous asked:

Prompt: back when Felicity and Ray were together. Felicity ends up in the hospital (you can choose why). When she wakes up in the hospital Ray is there , but Felicity gets scared and panics and starts asking for Oliver. Happy Olicity ending

This truly got out of my hands….hope you will like it :)


John and Oliver were the only one in the cave.

Felicity asked for a weekend off because she and Ray were going to a romantic getaway.

Oliver felt the pang of jealousy in his chest but he would never admit that aloud or to anyone ever.

He told Felicity that he was happy for her, he promised her and he intended on keeping his word.

Roy was somewhere out with Thea.

It was a slow night.

“Are you going to suit up tonight?” Dig asked him while clicking few buttons on Felicity’s computer.

Oliver was sharpening his arrows.

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What was she like?” He hadn’t expected that question, he had left her behind long ago, he didn’t want to think about her, it hurt too much, but it was too late. A smile pulled softly across his face and the laughter in his eyes replaced with a pain that glowed like embers of a fire put out long ago.
“What was she like?” The sad smile twitched as he thought back. “She was amazing, like a raging fire, strong and beautiful. She was like the waves breaking on shore, soft and calming.” He faltered for a moment, the smile that had blossomed into a grin falling. “She was tragic. She was a baby bird fallen from its nest, weak and alone. She was a thunderstorm at night, loud and charged. No. She was the lightning, striking and destructive. And I loved her when she was magic and I loved her even more when she was tragic.”
“What happened?” The pain in his eyes, the embers, suddenly roared back to life, burning like she had, strong and bright, “I didn’t love her tragedy away, and it consumed her.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #7