when it happened

naruhina; the epilogue

rating: K+
prompt: inspired by the last chapter and final one of konoha hiden, you can read it here. it was so beautiful and nice that i had to write my own spin of it. enjoy!



They say if the sky looms over with the shades of the sea and no clouds were to be seen, a blessed day awaits them ahead.

Looking outside the window where he saw nothing but the vast blue canvas that spread across the horizon with the rays of the sun illuminating down upon the beautiful ceremony to be held, Naruto felt content.

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I always get really tired when I hear people say that the reason they dislike The Selection series is because of how frustrating America is. You’re allowed not to like the book and you’re allowed not to like America because yes she is totally frustrating but think about it. America is 17 in the series. 17! I’m almost 17 and the thought of having to make that big of a decision for myself now is freaking me out. So yeah America can be indecisive but it’s realistic that she is so indecisive 

Today has been a pretty nice day.

So usually I take my birthday off, but today I was at work because I love my job, and would rather save leave for longer trips to places far away.

I spent the majority of the day at the post office looking for illegal stuff by sorting through the mail… we even found some stuff including some illegal agriculture stuff (please stop sending seeds through international mail… its nearly always not legal and it puts our agriculture crops at risk of disease and pests). Though the highlight was probably the box that I was just convinced would have butterflies- it was the right shape, sounded right when rattled, had the right writing, and was from the right place…. did it have butterflies? no. It has two dissassembled foot-tall terminator action figures. The first thing I saw when I opened the box was a miniature Arnold Schwarzenegger face staring at me. The runner up box was another maybe-butterflies box that turned out to just have a single, very well wrapped 8 inch tall superman action figure in it.

PO is by far my favorite part of the job, so any day that I not only get to go to the PO but also get to dig through the mail for a few hours is an awesome day. I also found out that my photographic ID guides for reptile genera proved super useful last week while I was out of the office, and that we got the go-ahead to enforce a law that no one really knew much about until I started working.

But perhaps the best news… Chico State, nearly two months after graduation, FINALLY MAILED MY TRANSCRIPTS! Meaning two things- 1) I’ve officially graduated! (hooray!) and 2) That’s the last step required for me to get converted, so I should be converted to a career conditional permanent position in a month or so. :D

Did I over pay?

Honest to goodness when I went to Best Buy this afternoon, all I needed was a new charging cable for my iPhone and somehow ended up dropping seven grand on one of those new fangled curved HD ‘Smart TVs’.

I swear that salesperson that helped me has the gift! To be honest I’m still a bit unsure what the benefit is of having a curved TV…aside from it looking damn nice on my mantelpiece!

Now, any of y'all consider yourselves tech savvy and can help me set up this crazy huge TV?

GUYS I THINK THE STUFF THAT FELL IN THE SNAKE STUFF WAS RETROMUTAGEN! I mean we saw Snockman fooling with it in ‘Return to New York’, he could have made some but didn’t realize it! And if retromutagen got combined with DNA and mutagen, that explains why Karai’s mutation is unique, it mutated her but since the cure was mixed it in allowed her to keep her human form/slow the mutation down. And the retromutagen that they used in ‘The Pig and the Rhino’ likely didn’t work because since no one knows the effects of mixing mutagen, especially with the large amount used, and retromutagen, it likely created a unique chemical that using normal retromutagen alone can’t fix. This is my new theory and I am sticking to it!

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