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The 80s losers could watch their own movie.

  • You know the way Georgie says “That’s disgusting!” in the first scene? 
  • He learned that from Stan and even though Stan is aware of what is about to happen in the next minutes, he smiles watching that moment
  • Remembering that whenever Georgie wanted to scold Bill, the little boy would use anything he had previously heard Stan saying when annoyed
  • Bill watches the entire opening sequence squeezing Stan’s fingers, it hurts but Stan knows Bill is hurting more, so Stan holds his breath and forbids himself from moving
  • Mike values his grandfather’s advice a million times more now than the first time he heard those words that were almost a prophecy 
  • Beverly never told the boys about that incident at school in the girls’ bathroom, it just wasn’t worth it to bring it back 
  • But when Richie sees that he gets up in the darkness of the cinema and he is about to go find Gretta wherever she is in the world and break her nose or something, but Eddie pulls Richie down to his seat
  • Stenbrough and Reddie all cringe watching the moment when they threw the entire content of their backpacks in the trash 
  • Because not long after that, each one of them realized they lost at least one irreplaceable belonging when they gave in to that childish impulse
  • Richie keeps whispering “cute cute cute” every second Eddie is talking during that scene; because Eddie was smol and wearing pink

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First week of work so far has been good. But I am really feeling pent up and restless about art. I desperately need that cathartic time that I can’t get to because stuff is still in boxes and it’s dark when I get home. X.x

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When Wil gets cold, Dark wraps him up in many many many blankets and kisses him until he blushes and warms up. ~🍊


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Sometimes will will sit next to dark when another ego is presenting something at the head of the table. Sometimes will likes to touch darks thigh under the table. Sometimes the other egos get concerned when dark covers his face in the middle of a meeting.



One Batch, Two Batch… Penny and Dime. I read her that book every night before this shit. I read it every single night, but, see, that was over now because Daddy’s home now. She looked at me and she begged me, Red. She begged. She begged. I said, “No. Daddy’s too tired, see. But I’ll read to you tomorrow night. I’ll read to you tomorrow night, I promise.” Yeah. Never think that… for her there was not gonna be any tomorrow, see. The last time I’d see her, I’d be holding her lifeless body in my arms. Meat was spilling out of her, Red. The place where her face used to be.

I can’t see very well.
—  Ravenclaw, forgetting to wear their glasses, and flying through a rainstorm.
Ty was silent, and in that silence, Kit thought of Ty’s headphones, the music in his ears, the whispered words, the way he touched things with such total concentration: smooth stones, rough glass, silk and leather and textured linen. There were people in the world, he knew, who thought human beings like Ty did those things for no reason—because they were inexplicable. Broken.
Kit felt a wash of rage go through him. How could they not understand everything Ty did had a reason? If an ambulance siren blared in your ears, you covered them. If something hit you, you doubled up to protect yourself from hurt.
But not everyone felt and heard exactly the same way. Ty heard everything twice as loud and fast as everyone else. The headphones and the music, Kit sensed, were a buffer: They deadened not just other noises, but also feelings that would otherwise be too intense. They protected him from hurt.
He couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to live so intensely, to feel things so much, to have the world sway into and out of too-bright colors and too-bright noises. When every sound and feeling was jacked up to eleven, it only made sense to calm yourself by concentrating all your energy on something small that you could master—a mass of pipe cleaners to unravel, the pebbled surface of a glass between your fingers.
“I don’t want to tell you not to go to the Scholomance if it’s what you want,” said Kit. “But I would just say that it isn’t always about people trying to protect you, or knowing what’s best for you, or thinking they do. Sometimes they just know they’d miss you.”
“Livvy would miss me—”
“Your whole family would miss you,” said Kit, “and I would miss you.”
It was a bit like stepping off a cliff, far scarier than any con Kit had ever run for his dad, any Downworlder or demon he’d ever met. Ty looked up in surprise, forgetting the glass in his hands.
He was blushing. It was very visible against his pale skin. “You would?”
“Yeah,” said Kit, “but like I said, I don’t want to stop you from going if you want to—”
“I don’t,” Ty said. “I changed my mind.” He set the glass down. “Not because of you. Because the Scholomance appears to be full of assholes.”
Kit burst out laughing. Ty looked even more astonished than he had when Kit had said he’d miss him. But after a second, he started to laugh too. They were both laughing, Kit doubled up over the blankets, when Magnus came into the room.
—  so, let me know if there’s any heterosexual explanation for this por favor

the targaryen children and their coming of age | for @adolescenceoxygen


DARK MATTER | 1.12 | Three, Four & Five

I already have a student.


“What do you remember?”

“Hale. I’m sorry.”

Stealth mode activate? I mean it’s hard to stealth with those lights all over you but idk I wanted to try a new color for the armor so

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Daisy Johnson in Agents of SHIELD: ‘No Regrets’