when it finally happened

my book 3 edit notes finally just came through. i know they’re gonna make my book great and my editor is amazing but also. reading 7 pages of criticism about your book is. like. painful


In this place, in this universe, we are together for eternity


I knew something was wrong with him the first time I met him. I’m just foolish enough not to listen to myself right then. 

i just finished reading the latest translated chapter available of killing stalking and man, it’s already ruining my life! ;A; i wanted to practice drawing all of them and had intended to just post seungbabe but then this wip of the most terrible man on earth nagged at me so there have a contrast of good and evil


- Osamu Dazai, The Setting Sun

Happy 5 year anniversary, Tokyo Ghoul! I’ve never been invested in a manga as much as this one, and I thank Ishida-sensei’s brilliant writing, art, and his undeserved dedication to fans of his work. His remake of chapter one is the main inspiration behind this piece. I hope to evolve in my abilities as much as he has over the course of these few years!

johnny debuting is like Leonardo DiCaprio finally winning an oscar. what are we gonna make memes of now?

Here comes dat Spoi!!!!

o merde waddup

I’m just trying to recall the last time we actually saw Dean do anything sexual with anyone. Because in 12.11, we know he had the hots for Larry, and after going for his ride he “blew off steam” with the waitress. But what does that mean? And the fact that he was supposed to meet her after her shift but never showed… for what? Round two? To finish what they started? It is a mystery. I mean, she didn’t seem all that invested, just pissed that he blew her off when she finally did see him again.

And ALL of that technically happened BEFORE HE WAS HEXED!

So, sound mind, consenting adults, and all that. And when she realized that he couldn’t remember because he’d been “roofied,” she was immediately concerned that she may have taken advantage of him and apologized.

I mean, that’s fantastic.

When the heck has Dean ever gotten an apology like that?

This is pretty far removed from “mistakes were made.”

Before this, he had some sort of success in 11.13 before then striking out later in the episode.

And before that was 11.04, where those mistakes were made, whatever that means.

But even with his memories removed and therefore no burden of guilt, we didn’t actually see him hit on anyone the entire episode. He was polite and smiley with people, complimenting Rowena’s hair for being “bouncy” oh my god. Being friendly with the waitress, even smiling at Sam when he had no freaking clue who HE was, let alone who Sam was. Dean’s default without his memories seems to be cheerfully pleasant with a zest for life (and waffles) (and Larry).

So, not a womanizing jerk dudebro.

He thought his own damn life hunting monsters with their angel best friend sounded awesome. He noticed people, but he didn’t have that performing persona. And he unashamedly admitted to loving A DISNEY CARTOON FISH. I mean… 

This was all just so refreshing in a really twisted and terrifying sort of way…

“Sherlock’s in love, but who with?”
“Romantic entanglement”
“This is it”
“Love conquers all”
“Plain sight”
“Everyone gives up after three”
“This isn’t a trick it’s a plan”
“History Making”


We HAVE to point out everything that’s wrong about it. They WANT us to call them out, make the media aware of its issues, plot holes, because that’s EXACTLY what every other queerbaiting show does but is getting away with.
The Final Problem is bad FOR a REASON.
Sherlock has such a wide audience, if WE as a fandom speak up, it’ll reach everyone.
This way we’re actually calling out every other queerbaiting show that is chickening out facing these topics. Sherlock is giving us the oppurtunity and example to address the issues in television and movies today.
And BBC Sherlock isn’t backing away.
They have a fourth episode prepared.
They know what they’re doing.
Johnlock is happening guys. Have faith in the creators.
It’s our job atm to revolt and get the medias attention
Because TFP is the best example of everything a show shouldn’t do to its audience

The podium is ours
The attention is on us
If we can pull this off, we are making television history

Headcanon that James Potter DIDN'T ask Lily Evans out 50000000000000 times a day.

Because his parents raised him better than that. He may have been arrogant, but he wasn’t stupid.

His parents raised him to always treat ladies with respect. They taught him that no means no.

Headcanon that when James asked Lily out during Snape’s Worst Memory, that was the ONLY time he ever asked her out.

Headcanon that he only did it because Sirius made him.

Headcanon that after she said no, James backed off because if they were meant to be together, it would happen eventually.

Headcanon that when he and Lily finally started dating it was because LILY made the first move.

I am so sick and tired of this “James relentlessly pursued Lily for years” bullshit.

I mean, COME ON! Do you honestly think that Lily fucking Evans (who was most definitely a feminist) would’ve really agreed to go out with James if he had treated her that way (even if he did mature)

I’m not trying to say that James wasn’t an arrogant douche (because he definitely was), but stop making him out as some creepy stalker who treated Lily as some prize to be won rather than a human being.