when it ends i'm just going to dig a hole and cry in it

I read Bluestar’s Prophecy a couple of months ago, and while reading it I found myself confused as to why Bluefur fell in love with Oakheart, and not Crookedjaw who she had befriended or Thrushpelt who showed interest in her and was actually in her Clan. With these two obvious suitors her interest in Oakheart seemed to me to come out of nowhere, so I pondered it and ended up writing down my thoughts. And I decided to dig that up and post it online in case anyone else is interested.

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hey just another miraculous AU

I went all out I wrote like the entire plot of the movie
Has a tangled AU been done??? Probably ??? Who cares ???
Okay so
-“this is the story of how I died… OH DONT WORRY ITS A FUN STORY HAHA!! and it starts with a magic, golden flower”
-Queen Momma Agreste gets hella sick and she’s gotta have this baby right, so King Gabriel sends for the ‘mythical’ golden flower
-surprise surprise they find the flower, which completely enrages a forest wizard named Hawkmoth who has been using it for its intense power and the immortality it grants
-Queen Momma Agreste drinks the flower tea and boom we have a baby prince, Adrien, with a full head of blonde locks and he’s just cute and all is good
-of course Hawkmoth wants to join the fun so he kidnaps Adrien for the powers his hair possesses
-so Hawkmoth and Adrien are living up in this tower in the woods now and Adrien learns to recite this poem to use his power (the song basically but spoken)
-King Gabe and Queen Momma Agreste light off these little butterfly lanterns on his birthday and there’s just a swarm of glowing butterflies on his birthday and he knows its for him
-also important Adrien befriends a little chameleon that he names Plagg ;)
-So fast forward like nearly 17-ish years and cut to scene with Marinette, Chloé and Sabrina all pulling off a sick heist to steal the Crown of the Black Cat, which is basically Adrien’s crown he was supposed to get on his coronation day
-(So if you haven’t caught it yet, Adrien is Rapunzel and Marinette is Flynn Ryder)
-So basically Marinette’s nom de plume is Ladybug, its what she goes by on all her heists and what she’s wanted as
-So anyway Her and Chlo and Sab all break into the castle and snatch the crown, they get chased by the guards, including the best guard Alya, and the best horse Tikki
-Cue a joke by Mari with her wanted poster about how they “ just can’t get my ____ right” each time it’s a different thing
-after this, ur girl Ladybug totally is selfish at this point in the story and takes the crown and leaves Chloé and Sabrina for the guards
-Alya gets thrown off of Tikki but Tikki still chases after Marinette. Until Marinette finds a hidden lil cave, that’s more like a lil rock hallway that leads to a meadow with a fairly nice tower
-So what should Marinette do?? Climb the tower of course!
-Don’t worry Adrien doesn’t hit her with a frying pan, she literally eats shit when she walks in and knocks herself out. Clumsy Girl y’know.
-Adrien is just like ???? Wt F wHo thE heCk just smacked their face on my floo- ITS A FEMALE WHAT PLAGG HELP WHAT DO I DO IVE NEVER SEEN A REAL LIVE GIRL ONLY IN THOSE BOOKS
-Plagg is very obviously annoyed and is like “boi put her somewhere and show hawkmoth you can handle yourself (even though she knocked herself out)”
-Adrien kinda catches on so he literally just pulls her to a closet and puts her in
-her bag falls open as he’s moving her to an upright position and the black crystals of the crown catch his attention
-basically an “ooh shiny!” moment,,And he takes it and looks in the mirror and tries to figure out what it is
-he puts it on his arm and looks through it and then puts it on his head
-and he’s like “woah I look like those princes from my book” “haha as if”
-anyway so hawkmoth comes home from wherever the hell he went, town or whatever idk, and Adrien is like !! FATHER LOOK WHAT I DID!!
-Hawkmoth does not care literally at all he’s like “Adrien please recite your poem for me it calms me” and Adrien rushes through it and HM is just like ??? bOI
-Adrien tries to show him our girl Lady Luck
-Hawkmoth will have None of That
-“You can’t handle yourself, the world is dangerous”
-He literally doesn’t listen to Adrien’s pleas to leave the tower at all either
-“you are NOT like anyone else! You are my son!” (u thought)
-so what does Adrien do?? Plan an escape plan, and sends HM on a mission that will take like 3 days or smth
-Adrien has long hair btw I forgot to mention just not nearly as long as rapunzel’s was
-His is more like maybe brushing the floor
-and hawk moth climbs a rope ladder or smth to get in there’s plot holes leave me be
-ANYwaY after hawkmoth leaves, he tapes Mari to a chair or ties her or something
-and Plagg wakes her up by sticking Camembert in her mouth
-and she’s like !!! WHAt the HEck Ew
-after she wakes up Adrien is like “what you want why you here please don’t kill me”
-When he steps into the light and she sees him she’s literally rendered speechless like she can’t form words bc he is actually so beautiful
-“h-hi-I mean hello- I mean-uh-why are you in this-uh-tower, who are you???”
-Adrien doesn’t trust her at all bc the wanted poster in her bag and the crown literally screams criminal
-he’s desperate though so he’s like “alright listen up, whoever you are, something brought you to me. Call it fate, destiny-” “A horse” “Im not finished… you were brought to me today for a reason, and that’s to help me. You’re going to be my guide”
-Marinette is like “awh man I wish I could but see I have to get this cro-OH NO, WHERE IS MY BAG?”
-Adrien holds it up like ;) and she’s just so done
-“If you take me to see the lights tomorrow, I will return it to you, if you refuse, I’ll turn you in.”
-“wait the stupid butterfly lanterns they light off for the lost prince?”
-Adrien is totally in awe that they’re not some weird star thing, they’re butterflies
-she shakes her head and knows she can’t really refuse so she plans it out in her head on how she can cheat the system
-Adrien’s already covered that in his head though she can’t get away with anytHing
-(except maybe making him fall in love with her ;))))
-So she agrees and she’s like “The names Ladybug”
-he’s kinda like ¿ strange name but Okay!! “My name is Adrien!”
-ANYWAy they leave the tower and Adrien is like 👀👀 this is no bueno I should not be doing this but omg I’ve never felt so FREE!!!
-he has a blast omg that boy goes running through the woods and he’s laughing and he’s like “FATHER WOULD BE SO ANGRY BUT I DONT CARE”
-meanwhile hawkmoth sees Tikki in the woods and has an “oh SHIT Adrien” moment
-Runs back home, there’s nothing and no one there, aside from Mari’s wanted poster that fell out of the bag
-meanwhile with the Lovebirds™
-He and Mari end up at this pub with some Angry men, including the bar owner Nino, and Adrien ends up singing about his dreams and everyone has fun
-the scene that stemmed this idea happens with Mari singing about how her dream involves her being rich on an island
-and surprise surprise Hawkmoth finds them but so do the guards and they escape through a tunnel under the pub that Nino shows them, and it leads out into the dry side of a dam
-Intense Battle Scene™
-Mari is a badass but then Adrien totally comes out of nowhere like “I came here to attack and I’m honestly having a good time”
-They get trapped in a cave that’s filling with water post battle bc they broke shit
-they’re literally lowkey going to die and Adrien is like “I’m so sorry I got you into this mess. We’re going to die here and I’m so sorry Ladybug”
-and she just softly says “Marinette”
-Adrien is like “????? what”
-and Marinette starts crying and she’s like
-“my name isn’t Ladybug if you couldn’t tell. It’s Marinette. I called myself Ladybug because I always wanted to be like a superhero. I never was one though. All I am is an orphan with a permanent record.”
-and here we have Adrien “Actual Adoration” Agreste because if we wasn’t in love with her before, he is most certainly in love with her now
-and then he remembers!!
-so he’s like “marinette please go with the flow” and he recites the poem in his head and his hair just illuminates
-she’s like “WHAT THE FUCJTN”
-but she’s not ready for death so they dig rocks out and they end up dropping into a river
-they come up on the bank gasping like “oh fuck dude”
-“his hair glows? His hair glows! Plagg why does his hair glow???”
-“Marinette?” “this is surreal. I’m dead we died” “Marinette” “what the hell is going on” “MARINETTE!” “What!”
-he’s standing there dripping water and extending his hand to her
-and she’s like “oh no” because he looks so hot standing there dripping water and she maybe has the tiniest crush on him
-oh who am I kidding the sun rays behind him and his radiant smile sends her head over heels into complete love for this ray of light
-so he pulls Marinette out of the river and they go find a lil clearing and they make a campfire
-and Adrien looks at Marinette and frowns
-and she’s like “What what what’s wrong is something wrong with me??”
-and he just laughs a bit, “no no you just have a cut on your knee”
-she looks down at her knee and winces at the long, deep cut and just shrugs it off because it’ll heal eventually
-Adrien trusts Marinette to the point now that he can show her the reason he’s hidden away
-“don’t freak out okay”
-he holds a lock of hair in his hands and presses it to her cut and recites the poem
-and Marinette is like ¿ wth boI
-and once he’s done he just grins and he’s like “good as new”
-Mari is confused as hell and when he moves his hand away and the cuts not there she literally opens her mouth to shriek
-and Adrien is like “PLEASE DONT FREAK OUT IM SORRY”
-and she’s like “hahahaha why would I freak out I’m just curious whydoesyourhairglowandwhydoesithavemagicalhealingpowershowlonghasitdonethat?”
-and Adrien is sheepishly just like “forever I guess,,, that’s why I was hidden away, because people want my hair for its power.”
-He moves some hair to the side to show a pale blonde lock of hair cut off at the nape of his neck and explains that if it’s cut it turns pale and loses its power
-Marinette is like really shook but she pushes it down and suggests they sleep so they can be ready for the butterfly lights tomorrow
-cut to scene of Hawkmoth pissed as hell in the woods as he fades into the shadows
-he’s now talking to Chloé and Sabrina and making a Plan
-so next day Adrien wakes up to Marinette screaming and is very confused to see her literally trying to fight a horse
-like she literally almost has Tikki in a headlock and Tikki has a hoof pushing on her shoulder and shit
-Adrien has never been more confused but he goes and breaks it up and he’s like “hey there girly what’s your name” and he looks at her name thing and he’s like “Tikki!! That’s a nice name!”
-And Tikki whines or something and Mari chuckles or something and Tikki is back at it with trying to capture her
-But Adrien hits her with these kitten eyes and is like “I realllyyyyyyy need her to take me to the kingdom so I can see the butterflies, please let me have that, then you can fight her until you can’t stand!”
-Marinette is so very thankful for that one
-so they head to the Kingdom, now with Tikki coming along with them
-They’re having a blast and when they get to the kingdom they have all sorts of fun
-Adrien shows Marinette some of the books he has at home and she shows him the books that inspired Ladybug
-they get food from the market
-and Adrien keeps seeing images of this baby boy with bright green eyes and golden locks and theres something familiar about everything
-and then, oh boy and then, someone starts playing music and Adrien is like !! “mari come dance with me”
-and she’s like “nah I’m okay you go”
-and he starts dancing and soon a ton of people have joined in and Adrien comes around the circle and grabs Marinette
-and they dance around with people and they’re desperately hoping it works out so they can dance together
-surprise!!! They do but they join hands as the song ends and they’re like “awh damn”
-so after that ends Marinette and Adrien are both blushing and she points out that it’s almost sundown and they have somewhere to go
-they go out into the middle of the lake in a lil boat and Adrien is so so so excited and so is Mari bc Adrien is so happy
-the sun goes down and Adrien looks at Marinette completely giddy like !! :DD
-and she just smiles so wide back at him because holy fuck she’s never felt so in love in her whole life
-Adrien is flicking the surface of the water and watching the waves when he sees the first light
-suddenly literally thousands of butterfly lanterns are floating all around them and Adrien is just in complete awe
-Marinette clears her throat and he turns to look at her and she has two lanterns in her hand
-and Adrien smiles and turn behind him and grabs the bag with the crown and he’s like “I should’ve given this to you sooner, but I was scared… I’m not scared anymore. You know what I mean?”
-and she just pushes it down, “I’m starting to”
-And they’re literally a centimeter away from locking lips when Marinette can see Chloé on the beach
-and she decides right then to give Chloé the crown and go wherever with Adrien
-Adrien of course thinks at first that she’s betraying his trust but doesn’t believe that because he loves her okay?
-Cue Adrien getting worried and going to look for her
-Hawkmoth fighting Chloé or something and she passes out and he sees Adrien
-and he’s like “I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD IM SO HAPPY YOU’RE OKAY” (he says as he takes handfuls of his hair)
-Adrien is like “yea okay but Marinette”
-And hawkmoth, fricken rat, points to the boat heading toward the kingdom
-and he’s like “I think she’s got something better to do”
-Adrien is broke af how could this happen how could they love each other so much and just have her break the trust so easily
-he’s just kinda done with it so he’s accepted it and goes back to the tower with HM
-Meanwhile Marinette wakes up from getting knocked tf out and Tikki is whining super loud bc Marinette is in danger and she can tell
-some guards are drawn bc of the whines and Mari has the crown tied to her hand and she’s like “shit”
-they throw her in jail and she’s gonna be hung then next morning
-Tikki is on a mission and she books it to Nino’s pub
-back in the tower Hawkmoth has finished lecturing Adrien and leave him to himself
-Adrien takes out the little kingdom flag he got and looks at it
-and suddenly he starts to see the symbol everywhere
-it’s hidden in all his paintings around his room
-and suddenly now he knows
-that baby boy is Him
-he leaves his room determined to get somewhere
-Hawkmoth is like ?? “What’s wrong Adrien?”
-“I’m the lost Prince”
-“I’m the lost Prince! Aren’t I father? Or should I even call you that?”
-oh hawkmoth is Pissed
-Adrien tries to leave to go find Marinette and Hawkmoth is like “she’s going to be dead when you get there, she’s due to hang for her crimes”
-and Adrien is screwed and he can’t do anything so he surrenders
-back at the castle
-Nino and his bar mates have arrived and they’re kicking ass for Marinette
-And she ends up on Tikki’s back and is like all sappy like “thank you for saving me it means a lot really”
-Tikki doesn’t care she just needs to get Mari to Adrien like now
-so sick montage of tikki running to the tower
-and Marinette scales the tower
-and she’s in! And there’s Adrien! Chained to the wall with tape on his mouth?
-and suddenly Marinette has a sharp pain in her side where Hawkmoth totally just stabbed her
-she slams into a mirror and breaks it and just kinda slumps against the wall with all the shards
-Adrien is flipping shit,,, he’s taking on the chains and screaming into the tape and he’s crying and she’s crying and hawkmoth is just standing over her like
-“poor little thief got what was coming to her”
-Hawmoth goes to grab Adrien and take him to a new area, where no one could find them
-but Adrien fights him so hard
-he’s yanking back and kicking
-and Hawkmoth yells “STOP FIGHTING”
-Adrien gets the tape off enough so he can speak
-he glances at Mari and she’s staring at him with tears in her eyes, clenching her side
-“unless…unless you let me heal her. If you just let me heal her I will go wherever with you, no fighting”
-Hawkmoth doesn’t want to deal with his crap so he’s like “whatever”
-he chains Marinette to the staircase banister, “in case you get any ideas” he says
-Adrien runs over to her and he’s brushing her hair back from her face and he’s crying and she’s crying
-and he presses some hair and his hands to her wound and he’s like “shhhh shhhh it’s okay you’ll be okay we’ll be okay”
-and she’s crying so much and she’s like “no you won’t be you can’t just go be a slave to him”
-and it’s in slow motion when she grabs his hair and swings a jagged piece of the mirror up and slices it at the base of his neck
-Hawkmoth is y e l l i n g because there goes all the power he was able to have
-Adrien is completely shocked, he doesn’t really understand what the hell just happened
-all he can see is Hawkmoth drastically aging into a very very old man and stumbling until Plagg trips him and sends him falling out of the window
-it takes him a whole second to realize Marinette is still in his arms, dying with no way for him to save her
-“no no no Marinette stay with me, please please you can’t go”
-she just weakly smiles at him and she’s like “I never got to tell you”
-and she winces and tries to sit up more to reach for him
-“you were my new dream”
-“you were mine”
-cue gross ugly sobs from me because Marinette slowly slips away
-Adrien cries out in complete anguish and just holds her limp body, crying because he loved her so much oh my god
-his tears fall on her face and he’s too broken to notice the golden rays coming off of her until they completely consume the room
-and Adrien is so confused,,, why are all these golden rays surrounding Marinette
-and she shifts in his arms and he’s like !!!!!!
-he looks down at her and her eyes open and she’s like
-“have I ever told you I’ve got a thing for green eyes”
-Adrien barely has time to laugh before they’re slamming their lips together, crying and just so so so happy that they’re okay
-they leave the tower and go back to the kingdom, because Adrien knows now that he is the lost Prince
-also Marinette sort of needs to make amends with the kingdom bc she’s in love with Adrien dammit and she’s not gonna lose him
-Adrien sees Momma Agreste and Gabriel
-and everyone is So Happy!!! And they’re hugging!!!
-And Marinette is just standing off to the side content that he’s with his family
-and then momma yanks her into the hug circle
-and then there’s a mini fast forward and Look at That!!! We’re at a celebration !!!
-and we have some Cute ass scenes of Prince Adrien talking to the citizens of the kingdom
-and Mari snatches his crown off his head
-and he just rolls his eyes and they kiss
-and the camera slowly pans up onto an announcement
-For a royal wedding


heatherlanntheclever  asked:

Is there any chance of a happy ending for the Lannisters? I know they are awful people but why develop their motivations and give each of them a genuine moment of compassion if they are just going to murder each other? Every other POV gets a moment of truth/redemption why not the children of Tywin/Patriarchy/Aerys and Disability? I'm a bad person myself so I need to believe the Lions can defy themselves and prophesy and overcome their nature or what's the point? Not all of us are born Starks.

Hey! So it’s gonna take me a few minutes to answer your question, but I promise I’m gonna get there.

In one of the other shows I watch, an actor commented on the banality of evil. He said that evil is something commonplace. Given the right circumstances, great acts of evil could be committed by your neighbors, or your friends, or you, or me. Because evil is so easy. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” You needn’t be a monster like Gregor to commit evil; you need only be human. 

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I got this idea from @howlingdawn’s amazing post about Peter or Tony dying in Infinity War. I haven’t read the comics, so I have no idea how all of this TECHNICALLY works, so I’m just going with the flow. Happy reading.

Title: “An Echo in the Silence”

Word Count: 1428

He felt uneasy.

To be fair, that was a relatively broad statement when one considered the fact that his stomach was doing somersaults and there was a likely possibility that his breakfast would come up sooner or later.

But, no. That wasn’t what he meant when he said that he felt uneasy.

His eyes followed the teenager swinging from building to building, occasionally catching a ride from someone else.

That kid should not be there.

And didn’t he have homework?

Even as he thought it, he realized that it meant nothing. Schools had shut down. New York City had practically been evacuated, and a state of emergency had been declared throughout the country.

He turned his attention back to the battle, still watching the teenager in his periphery.

He had a bad feeling about this.

Tony’s bad feelings were normally thought to be just that – feelings, a worry that wouldn’t come true.

But time and again, a choking apprehension would seize him and never let him go. And, time and again, his fear turned out to be correct. Call him clairvoyant.

Which was exactly why Tony kept his eye on Peter Parker as he swung through the air, ready to catch him if he fell.

He’d hear it from Steve later, but Tony really couldn’t care less. That is, Steve would tell him off if he survived.

“Nomad,” as he now preferred to be called, wore a cape.

Stupid, Tony thought.

Peter let himself free-fall for a moment, and Tony was pretty sure his heart briefly stopped. When he shot a web to catch a ride with Sam, Tony let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding.

Thanos was disgusting.

That was the truth of it all.

He was gigantic and purple and ugly and frankly, he looked like a mix between an eggplant and Barney.

But he was disgustingly sadistic.

Tony shook his head, watching as Sam dropped Peter off at a building, where he was told to evacuate civilians.

Peter saluted, charging into the building. “Yes, sir!”

Tony didn’t know whether to be relieved or terrified.

Because, after all, he knew something bad was going to happen eventually.

He marveled at how energetic Peter still was, even after several hours of fighting. They were pushing a full 24-hours of war, and Peter was still as animated as before, if not more so.

Tony fired up his blasters, aiming them at Thanos’s crotch. If there was any sort of weak spot (likely not, but he could hope), the crotch was it.

But as best he could figure, they couldn’t lay a fucking finger on him as long as he was wearing that gauntlet.

And, by the looks of it, Thanos knew it.

When Tony fired, Thanos didn’t even blink, hardly making the effort to turn and face him. Tony cocked his head to the side, daring the giant eggplant to kill him.

He was sick of life anyway.

Minus the Peter Parker and James Rhodes part.

Thanos smiled, raising his hand in imitation of Iron Man.

“Mr. Stark, watch out!”

Tony barely made out the words before he saw a blue flash of light, interrupted only by a flash of red.

Thanos chuckled, turning away from Tony.

He was still breathing.

How the fuck had that happened?

When he looked down, he saw Peter. He was a mess of tangled limbs and blood and strangled whimpers.

And Tony’s heart dropped into the pit of his stomach.

He stepped out of the suit, dropping to his knees beside Peter. Gently, he reached out and rolled Peter onto his back.

His eyes were glazed over, looking almost like glass. Those brown eyes that had always been so full of life were dead, and all trace of curiosity and wonder had disappeared the moment he’d taken the blast intended for Tony.

He couldn’t look at them.

Tony’s eyes wandered to where Peter was clutching his stomach. A strangled breath came out of Peter’s mouth, and Tony knew that Peter had mere minutes left to live.

“Okay, buddy, okay, we’re gonna get you patched up, you’re gonna be alright, just hang in there, okay?” Tony gently removed Peter’s hands from the wound, and as soon as he did, he wanted to cover it up again.

There was no way in hell that Peter could survive that.

Peter looked down, his eyes welling up with tears. Tony covered the wound with his hand, cradling Peter’s head with his other one.

Peter swallowed, and it sounded like he was choking. His mouth moved as if he were trying to form words, but his body wouldn’t allow that.

“You scared me, kid, you know that?” Tony knew he was crying, and he knew Peter could see the tears that were rapidly falling from his eyes, but he really couldn’t care less. “This suit isn’t perfect yet, bud. But we’ll get there.”

Peter gripped Tony’s hand, and his uneasiness returned, this time infinitely stronger than before.

Peter Parker was going to die.

Tony licked his lips. “I never was a dad, kid. Thought I would be a shit father. But I need you to know: I couldn’t have asked for a better son.”

Peter was struggling to breathe, and Tony could hear gurgling whenever Peter took a breath. But a tear fell down Peter’s cheek, and some of the life returned to his eyes.

It was too late, and both of them knew it.

Peter arched his back, blood spurting from his mouth. He tried to breathe, but the buildup of plasma in his throat choked him. His eyes rolled back, and Tony could see the whites of his eyes. A strangled cough came from Peter, and then his body went still.

There was a rumble of thunder. Flashes of red and gold. Portals opening and closing all around him. A shield bounced off a brick building nearby and boomeranged back to its owner.

But the world had stopped for him.

He moved his hand, pressing it to Peter’s neck, desperately feeling for a faint throbbing.


He took his hand away and tried again, pleading with God to let there be a piece of life still left in that boy.

Still nothing.

Out of desperation, Tony pressed his ear to Peter’s chest, listening for a heartbeat.

Only silence echoed back to him.

Peter was dead.

The words finally processed in his brain, and it felt like Grief had tied him to an anchor and dropped it in the ocean. His lungs begged for air, tears burned his eyes, and the pain in his chest was overwhelming.

His kid was dead.

He pulled Peter into his arms, cradling the lifeless body. He buried his face in Peter’s hair, sobbing uncontrollably.

And he screamed.

His screams were haunting.

So much so that the battle paused momentarily, even Thanos looking to see the destruction he’d caused.

Steve stood still, shield in hand, watching as Tony rocked back and forth, holding that kid in his arms. Bucky looked to him and reached out, wanting to offer his best friend comfort.

Clint’s eyes widened, realizing that there was a likely possibility he would be in that position, and he steadily started moving to Wanda. Scott visibly deflated, digging into his belt and pulling out a picture of his daughter.

Rhodey was the only one who began moving towards Tony.

Tony’s screams were hollow and raw, so full of pain and heartbreak.

Rhodey stepped out of the suit, turning his head from the scene unfolding before him. He gripped Tony’s wrists, trying to gently pry him from Peter’s body so Strange could evaluate the damage.

Another scream tore from Tony’s throat, and Rhodey stopped, his blood running cold.

Rhodey tried again, but when Tony refused to move from the teenager’s body, he grabbed Tony’s arms firmly and dragged him away.

Tony fought him at first, his cries turning into whimpers. When Strange knelt by the boy, passing his hand over the gaping hole in his abdomen, Tony turned in Rhodey’s arms and hugged him tightly.

The sobs wracked his body, the fight had drained from him, and wave after wave of grief kept slamming to the forefront of his mind.

Rhodey rubbed soothing circles on his back, looking to Strange and making eye contact. When he looked up from Peter’s body, Rhodes mouthed “you need to save that kid.”

Tony wouldn’t survive otherwise. He wouldn’t want to survive.

Rhodey shut his eyes tightly, and he could still hear Tony’s screams echoing in his mind.

They were haunting.

anonymous asked:

so you mentioned not liking coffee black in one of your tags, and it's always been one of those fics that i don't really love either... do you have any recommendations for fics you do like? i'm always trying to find more fenhawke stuff and i trust your tastes

Aw, thank you! I’m really honored to hear you trust my tastes. I am also always desperate for more Fenhawke stuff, and finding something that’s actually good is a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack, especially since the majority of fic out there is written with a Pro-Mage slant, very few of which is actually tolerable, and way way WAY too many fics prioritize Anders over Fenris, and I fucking hate that so much… But this isn’t a request for me to get on my soapbox and rant; it’s a request for recommendations. So let’s see…

My absolute favorite ongoing Fenhawke fic is Albatross by the amazing and stunningly talented @stitchcasual. I love love love stitch’s Hawke to pieces, nearly as much as my own Hawke. (I have a major weakness for Red!Hawke, and stitch writes the best Red!Hawke in the entire damn fandom.) Albatross is the best modern AU Fenhawke fic, and the chemistry between Hawke and Fenris is so goddamn electric and perfect, and I die from happiness every time I re-read it. I once wrote out a good description for their relationship in this, and I’m just going to quote it here:

They fall in love so naturally that all their jagged, broken edges begin to fit together. They’re not magically fixed, but they’re less broken together. Fenris brings light and joy and life into Hawke’s world, and Hawke is living for once and happy and so in love. stitch writes their dynamic and banter so perfectly, especially with how well they fill up each other’s lives and hearts but without being dependent on each other. Their back-and-forth in chapter seven is a work of art, and they are so goddamn beautiful together.

But Hawke is a mess, and once problems from the past to catch up to them, he starts digging his own grave deeper and deeper and refuses to take Fenris’s hand when Fenris is reaching to help pull him out.

It’s such a good fic and so intense, and stitch is such an amazing writer (and amazing friend; I love you, darling!) whom I adore very much. Plus it’s got the most perfectly written portrayals of Alistair and Cullen EVER!
So that would be my number one recommendation. I’ll also link you to some of stitch’s canonverse Fenhawke writing, which are also incredible:
- Die To Protect Me
- I Am As I Am
- Nothing Hidden
- What Once Was
- Viscount

I also absolutely must recommend the beautifully poetic writings of @theoxfordcommando, especially Electric Feel, which let me just say is one of two Fenhawke smut pieces I can read without becoming so nauseous I have to skip over the sex entirely, because the lovely theoxfordcommando writes the depth of emotions and passions between Fenris and Hawke  so incredibly well. (The other is by the same author, and it’s Feeling Good.)

Theoxfordcommando’s other Fenhawke works are very insightful and analytical, and her priority is always making sure Fenris is written with the respect he deserves, which is very important to me when reading and writing about Fenris as well. She also writes my favorite Mage!Hawke/Fenris portrayal (since there are very few of those I like, but she writes them the absolute best), so I’m going to recommend her other works here:
- Spiders.
- Magic Theory
- The Things You Said (especially chapter 3, GODDAMN AMAZING!)
- Of Desires

- On Desire (Demisexual!Fenris is love, demisexual!Fenris is life)

Other good fics include:

Breathe Sweetheart by @the-tevinter-biscuit. I definitely recommend their other works as well, but this one’s my favorite.

Pretty much any Fenhawke piece by @cumberbatchcritter , especially Bathed In Moonlight and Scars We Don’t See

Friendly Concern by @kaerwrites

If you haven’t read anything by Etamiss, In For The Kill and Ace In The Hole are really good.

Mint Condition. A really cute cafe AU.

Tripping The Light Fantastic. A rock star AU, and this one is the best portrayal I’ve read of the rivalmance.

The Hawke Stories Series by TheDeadTree

A Gift For Tongues. This fic hurts right in the feels.

Jazz Age. 1920’s AU.

Seventeen by Bullfinch. This one makes me cry every goddamn time.

The Sun Always Rises by Bullfinch, although the Fenhawke is only a bit at the end.

And those are the best that I can think of off the top of my head. They’re all m!Fenhawke, since I have a very serious preference for m!Fenhawke, so sorry if that’s not your thing. I hope you enjoy and like them. I’ve gone through the tag on AO3 so many times now, and it’s damn difficult to find things with good characterization. Thank you for the ask! I’m always happy to share the Fenhawke love!

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regarding graceland, i notice how much you hate pike (i do too) but you only ever point out how paige was abusive. what are your thoughts on what mike said to her about the fox? (how basically he was the fox and she was just the leg that he needed to chew off) personally, it made me lose a lot of respect for him and it really upset me.

i want to start out by saying that it’s very good that you want to hold people accountable for their actions, but i disagree with you about mike in this scene (his reaction being bad or wrong or upsetting or abusive), and here is why

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6 for something light hearted or smutty or 24 to continue the suffering from ch 80, please :)))

6. “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?” nsfw.

“Levi.” Erwin mumbled sleepily, his eyes barely even open after he’d been awakened by a noisy jostling and someone climbing into bed with him. It was Levi, of course, but even through the cloud of confusion and haze of unconsciousness lingering in his mind, Erwin was not out of it enough to fail to realize that Levi wasn’t wearing any clothing. He’d known from the moment that Levi had pressed right up against him under the covers, his warm, bare skin sliding against his own sensually as he threw an arm over his chest and tangled their legs together. “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”

“How many reasons could there be?” Levi answered, obvious impatience in his tone.

He pressed his face into Erwin’s neck and kissed him there, pushing his hips up against his thigh too so that Erwin could feel his very obvious, very hard erection. That made him lift his head and finally open his eyes fully, glancing over at the clock as Levi grabbed his hand and placed it over his ass himself. It was obvious what Levi had on his mind, and in this way, it wasn’t unusual. What was strange was the timing, which Erwin took a moment to confirm when he squinted through the darkness to read the hands on his bedside watch. 

“It’s 4 in the morning.” He said, turning back to look at Levi, who scoffed.

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