when it counts gifs

Oookay. So. I guess this is a Christmas/General holiday present for @thatsthat24 because I love him very much.
I worked a good 2 weeks on this because I’m busy and don’t have time to animate much. Not counting when I wasn’t working on it this still took a good 10 hours. I’m not proud of how choppy the animation is, but I hope, Thomas, that you can appreciate it? Plus I’m relatively proud of the art itself

Anyways, for @thatsthat24
I made this because you pulled me out of a terrible place. I’ve had crippling anxiety since losing my dad at the age of 6, and some form of depression with it since I was young, and I’ve been suicidal for many years. Pretty much for the past two years I’ve had nights at LEAST once a week usually more where all I wanted at all was to be dead and for the pain to be gone. And for many of those nights there were things and people who snapped me out of it for the time being. But the feeling came back every time, within a week. And those people have saved my self.

However, I’ve been watching your stuff since around when you started making Vines and you always cheered me up at least a little. But it wasn’t regularly. After a while I lost you for a few months until a month or so ago, when I rediscovered you and was instantly hooked, far more than before. I instantly started drawing things for you and sending them and you saw all of them and said such nice things and it just boosted my low confidence so much and made me so much happier. Your words make me smile and cry but in the end it all makes me feel better and not worse, no matter how strong my reaction. And not just your words to me, it’s your undying love for your fans, both as your fans and as individual people that keeps me going and feeling loved.
Since I got hooked with you and started actually interacting with you, I’ve definitely had some extreme lows. Many anxiety and panic attacks and more than a few mental breakdowns. But never since I first registered how much you meant to me and how much happier you make me have I wanted to kill myself or wished death upon myself. That’s progress for me.

This is getting long so I’m gonna try to wrap it up.
This animation/gif thing is pretty much to show how Thomas made my month a happy time with sad times in it not a sad time with happy days sprinkled through, and how he brought a lot more happiness into my every day life.

Tldr; Thomas Sanders is an angel who saved my life

defenders of the universe

Wendy upgraded her halloween skills by adding in her girlfriend this year. and yes, she’s probably standing on a box right now. 

illu’s lgbtq week day 1 - Chendy


It was New Year’s Eve and Lydia was throwing a giant party. Everyone was there, including you, even though you would rather be at home watching Netflix.

The night was drawing towards midnight, 15 minutes to go. You could see the couples getting closer to each other and singletons who were seeking out other singletons to kiss when the ball drop. You on the other were not bothered if you ended up kissing someone at midnight or not.

Whatever happens, happens.

You were trying to find your friends, not one of them were in sight.

“Hey! Y/n!” Called a familiar voice.

“Brett? Hi! Have you seen Lydia or anyone? ” you questioned

He replied “ She’s kinda occupied, if you know what I mean”

“Okay ew I don’t need to know any more”

You and Brett continued chatting, only realising how long your conversation had been when the count down started,


“This is it” you said smiling


“2017 here we come!” Brett cheered

8, 7, 6, 5,

Brett looked at you, “Can I try something?”


“Sure!” You replied


“Okay” he said

“2!, 1! HAPPY NEW YEAR!” You both screamed along with everyone else,

And with that said Brett took hold of your waist, pulled you closer and placed his lips upon yours.

tfw the bf won’t take a hint….

Did anybody else notice after this scene once Bellwether leaves, Nick Wilde says “do you think when she goes to sleep she counts herself?”.

Get it? When you cannot sleep you ‘count sheep’ and Bellwether is a sheep after all. xD! Another spotted reference for you all.