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Drawings by @jakei95
Burst!Luke (my new favorite persona version) design by @keru-the-green
BlackStar!Sans and Sharky Blaster by me

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I need tony and other characters with steve and bucky jealousy Like tell me how are they when jealous. Give me facepalming everyone and oblivious tony

Unfortunately most times when they’re jealous it’s people they cannot just threaten to beat up. They have to be diplomatic about it. Mostly they just turn bright red and look mulish. Honestly everyone’s more amused by it than scared.

There is, of course, Loki when he comes of age. He’s always been touchy-feely with Tony, since he was ten when they met and Tony didn’t think to set up boundaries as Loki got older (why would Loki be attracted to an old maid, Tony would be thirty with children by the time Loki came of age after all). So Loki continues to be touchy-feely, holding Tony’s hand, touching his arm, giving him little gifts from their homeland. Tony is super flattered by it all and thinks Loki is the most wonderful friend. It drives Steve and Bucky out of their minds with rage because Loki doesn’t even try to be sneaky about it; he does it in front of everyone: visiting dignitaries, other royalty, Queen Sarah. It’s embarrassing but they can’t really do anything about it because whenever they accuse him of anything Loki always looks at them with wide, innocent eyes and says, “But Tony is just my dear friend!” (They’re pretty sure he’s sincere about that though because Tony always looks surprised and pleased when Loki says that and Loki looks at him fondly.) ((“I swear on my son’s life if you ever try to sway Tony’s affections toward you,” Sarah hisses after she pulls Loki aside, and lets the threat hang there because she’s found it works better than actually saying what she’ll do. Loki is terrified because no one fucks with Queen Sarah and also his parents and Thor will be super upset if he starts a war with the Rogers. “Tony is just my friend!” Sarah continues to squint at him suspiciously. “I only do it because Steven and James’s faces turn red!” Sarah can accept that, she supposes.))

Then there’s always T’Challa, who has no designs on Tony at all but Steve and Bucky still kind of hover whenever they talk anyway, scowling petulantly. Tony always looks so enthused when they talk, usually about things that Steve and Bucky don’t understand even though Tony’s tried to explain it to them. Plus, Bucky and T’Challa have kind of a weird relationship where they hate each other but politically they agree with each other. It gets even worse when Shuri wanders over and joins the conversation because they’re both so smart and Steve and Bucky aren’t oh no oh no what does Tony even see in them???? (“Kindness?” Shuri says, raising her eyebrows. “Love and affection?” T’Challa adds, rolling his eyes. “Tenderness,” Shuri adds back, because even though she’s an alpha Tony still gossips with her like she’s an omega. “Gentleness,” T’Challa finishes, nodding. “Okay I get it shut up!” Bucky snarls, and then he and T’Challa glare at each other.) ((Tony wanders over from talking with Dame Margaret and smiles at them because they’re all getting along. “What are we talking about?” “You,” Shuri says before anyone else can. Tony blushes and covers his face. “Surely you can find something more interesting to talk about!” “That is absolutely one hundred percent not possible,” Steve insists, wrapping his arms around him, and Shuri and T’Challa roll their eyes.))

Sometimes they get jealous of Pepper, but Pepper has made it clear that Tony is, first and foremost, her leader, and second, her friend. Sometimes it’s just hard to remember that when Pepper reaches out to delicately fix Tony’s hair or the way his clothes are falling on him, especially when she leans in and kisses his forehead afterward. (“This is irrational, boys,” Pepper tells them. “We know,” they answer meekly. “I have never seen Tony in a romantic way.” “We know,” they repeat meekly. Pepper sighs loudly. “Would it make you feel better if we fought it out?” “…Yes,” they reply meekly.) ((“…What,” Tony says when Steve, Bucky, and Pepper limp into the castle, covered in dirt and grass stains and–is that blood?! “Alphas,” Sarah sneers, and then drags him away before he can ask more.))

They always get jealous of Rhodey. They’d challenge him to a fight but one time he heard Tiberius was nosing around again and before Steve and Bucky could do something about it, he wheeled himself out, knocked Tiberius down, and then crawled out of his chair so he could beat him with it. He broke his chair. Rhodey does not fuck around about Tony ever. (“He’s not my type,” Rhodey tells them when he notices them hovering. “Also if you ever even look at him wrong I’m going to heave myself out of this chair and strangle you.”) ((“Why are you so scared of Rhodey?” Tony asks guilelessly. “Rhodey wouldn’t hurt you. You’re my husbands.” “My precious sunflower,” Steve says, cupping Tony’s cheeks. Bucky shakes his head slowly, reaching out to wrap his arms around Tony’s waist. “That is precisely why he would murder us.”))

I wasn’t looking when I stumbled onto you

Rating : Teen and Up Audiences

Warnings : No Archive Warnings Apply

Wordcount : 16k

Summary :

In retrospect Louis could see how the pap got the idea. He admitted he saw Harry quite a lot, but he swears they never arranged it. He was only a med student and Harry was a movie star it was ridiculous to think they were dating. Right?

The Life I Choose



Anonymous asked:

hmm can u do a royal!au for bucky? like a royal/servant type of thing with a happy ending?

Characters: Bucky x reader

Summary: Royal!AU in which you are by far the fairest of all of the maidens that reside in the land, the beloved princess of your kingdom. Now at an age of marriage, but no Lord by your side, your parents have scoured bordering kingdoms for suitors, but after denying to marry any one of them in the conquest of true love, the king and queen force your hand. Fearing that the rest of your life will be consumed by a loveless marriage, you flee into the gardens and find James Barnes, the dashing young servant who knows the grounds of the palace better than anyone else and ask him to help you escape.

Warnings: implied smut, bad editing yikes

Words: 3696

A/N: This goes out to the adorable anon that sent me this request. I’m a SUCKER for royal!AUs so I jumped on this one! Thank you for the request anon, hopefully this was what you were looking for :)

Sitting in your chamber, with a brush in hand, painting a deep hue of scarlet onto a stark white canvas that lay in front of you on a easel. Painting was a major hobby and quaint distraction of yours. 

Your satin gown hugged you perhaps just a little too tight around the waist, the corset pulling you in and making you look slim, but always just a bit uncomfortable. You’d gotten accustomed to the feeling, much like you’d gotten accustomed to the lifestyle you lead.

The jewel of your Kingdom, Princess (Y/N). The beloved girl whom every man wanted to wed and whom every woman wanted to be. You were the golden girl, the most wanted woman in the entire land, but you couldn’t care less. 

More than anything, more than all of the expensive gowns in your wardrobe, more than any gold or silver jewelry, and even more than a fresh set of oil paints, you wanted true love. True love it seems, was not in the cards you held firmly in your hand. 

True love was not meant for royalty, it was meant for people who had nothing else to value other than love, not for a princess, but nothing would stop you from finding your other half, even if it meant drastic measures to ensure it.

You were known for being a bit on the daring side, pushing boundaries that were put in place by the kind and queen, but at the end of it all, you always obeyed your orders and fulfilled your duties… until today.

“M’lady, the king and queen have asked that I send for you.” The voice of a maiden spoke softly from your open door.

“Thank you, I’ll be there in a moment.” You nodded your head as she curtsied and scurried off.

You hoisted yourself from your chair, placing your paint set on the gold detailed table next to you and made your way down the long corridor to the living quarters.

You already knew why they’d sent for you, they’d already done this too many times to count over the last year. They were most likely going to force you to meet with their newest potential suitor which they claimed was good enough for you to marry. 

You hadn’t even liked any of them thus far, so much as seen yourself married to them. You were appalled at the thought of marrying a man you didn’t love, so you rejected each and every one of them.

When you opened the large doors, you were expecting to see another well dressed lord accompanying your mother and father, but you did not.

You greeted your parents formally, with a nod of your head and a curtsy. You gave them a quizzical look as the servants around them stood and waited for their next orders.

You made a point to know each of them by name, unwilling to be cold to any one of them as they did so much for you. Winifred had been your governess as a girl, she stood next to your mother and smiled at you with a hint of sadness in her eyes.

You knew something was very wrong from the moment you stepped into the room, but you couldn’t tell what it was.

Your eyes cast over to Winifred’s son, James, the young man who mainly worked in the garden tending to your mother’s roses. The two of you had played together as young children in between Winifred’s lessons. This was put to a stop by your mother one morning, telling you that you weren’t to play with the Barnes boy any longer. 

You parents were stuck up, they didn’t allow you to socialize with the servants, but of course you broke the rules regularly and made friends with almost all of them. James - who the other servants affectionately called Bucky - was an exception. It seemed that he wanted nothing to do with you.

“(Y/N).” Your father said, his tone cold.


“Do you know why you’re here?”

“I do not.”

“It’s come to our attention that you have yet to choose a husband.” He said.

“It’s come to my attention that you have yet to produce a half decent suitor.” You quipped, and watched the eyes of James Barnes widen slightly, a small smirk playing on his lips.

“None of your remarks.” You mother said, “You are going to marry and that is final.”

“I am not against marriage, mother, I am against marriage for land and power. When I marry, I will love the man who takes my hand in his, not just be dazzled by the ring he places on my finger.” You said firmly, unmoving from your spot in front of them.

“Enough.” Your father said, “We have chosen for you. You will wed the first suitor we chose for you this Sunday.”

Your mouth went dry, you couldn’t believe what they’d told you.

“I will do no such thing.” You said.

“It is not your choice anymore.” Your mother said, “I will fetch you to be fitted for your dress in an hour.”

Tears clouded your vision as you stormed out of the living quarters, slamming the doors behind you. When you made it back to your room, you collapsed into a fit of tears on your bed, viciously undoing the corset that held you firmly in place. You needed comfort.

Through your crying, you wiped your makeup off and threw on a casual servant dress instead, one that you had asked your seamstress to make for you when you’d gotten sick of the heavy gowns. 

You disassembled your done up hair, and brushed it out so that it fell naturally around your face. Wiping away the last of your tears, you packed a bag.

Your journal, paints and sketch book, some extra clothing and a sizable amount of money. That was all you needed. You slung to pack over your shoulder and exited the room as quietly as possible.

Tiptoeing down the hallways, your heart almost jumped into your throat when you saw Winifred.

“(Y/N).” She whispered, looking at your appearance, “What on earth are you doing?” 

“I am leaving.” You said, “I can’t do it.” You said trying to keep yourself composed.

“I know you can’t,” She said with sad eyes, “Take the back exit into the garden, no one will see you that way.”

“Thank you.” You replied, giving her a tight embrace, “For everything.”

You retreated down the back exit of the castle which was vacant of servants, and ran into the expansive garden that had been tended for so well. You darted across the field, but stopped dead in your tracks when you heard voices.

Hiding behind a rose bush, you listened in.

“The roses are just wonderful.” You mother said.

You shrunk down a tad farther upon hearing her voice, knowing she was accompanied by your father. If they caught you, they would confine you to your room until your very wedding.

“Thank you, your highness.” 

You recognized that voice to, it was Bucky.

“They’ll look lovely for the wedding.” You father remarked, and you had to hold your tongue.

“I’ll make certain of it.” Bucky’s voice was cold, almost as if he was saying it through gritted teeth.

You watched your mother and father make their way back to the castle is disgust, still unwilling to believe that they were actually trying to force you to marry.

“I doubt that small of a bag will hold you off for very long.”

Bucky’s voice made you snap out of it. You popped your head out from out of the bush in shock. You saw him, with shears in his hands, gently trimming the flora around him.

“How did you-”

“The king and queen aren’t quite as observant of their roses as I am.” He said simply, turning to you and offering you merely a shrug before tending to the flowers again. You watched as the strong muscles of his back worked against the cotton of his shirt, moving gracefully in his back. 

Bucky was a mystery to you. When you were children, you were the closest of friends, but when you were separated everything changed, he only ever spoke to you if he had to.

“Please don’t tell anyone you saw me here, I beg of you.” You pleaded from behind him.

“I don’t intend to,” He said softly with one sharp clip of the bushes before turning around again, “But you won’t survive outside of the palace with only that bag.” He nodded down at the leather parcel slung around your shoulder. 

Your eyes left his, breaking the intense eye contact for a moment.

“Your highness-”

“My name is (Y/N).” 

“You know I can’t call you that.” He said.

“If I can call you Bucky, you can call me (Y/N).”

His eyes were unsure of you, but he finally caved.

“(Y/N), you won’t be able to make it passed the gate, let alone live out there in peasantry.” He spoke to your softly.

“A life of peasantry is the life I want.” You said.

“Don’t say such things.” Bucky replied, gently taking you by the arm and hiding you both behind the bushes further out of the sight of the castle.

“A life in peasantry is a life with love.” You said, “I cannot marry a man I do not love.”

His eyes searched desperately for something to tell him that you weren’t going to make such a rash move, but he knew he couldn’t convince you otherwise.

James Barnes had been hopelessly in love with you since the age of 6 when he first laid eyes on you. The two of you were the best of friends for a few years, constantly sneaking into each other quarters to talk to one another, but when your mother had found out, she banned him from ever speaking to you unless it was an order.

It hurt him so badly to distance himself from you, from the woman he loved so much, but he couldn’t disobey his queen.

“Come with me.” He said, leading you down to the stone gate which scaled upwards.

He moved a few rocks to the side, revealing a large opening where you could crawl through. You looked up at him in disbelief, and wanted to thank him, but he stopped you.

“I won’t let you go alone.” He spoke.

“I can’t ask you to come with me.”

“You’re not asking.” 

When you’d both made it to the other side of the wall, Bucky lead you down several flights of cobble steps until you made it to the village.

People walked along with carts full of flour and bread, vendors selling everything from baked goods to trinkets on the street. You smiled happily and skipped along the road.

Bucky watched with a boyish grin on his face at your joy, he couldn’t believe how happy a princess could be in such a simple life.

“This is wonderful.” You said, a marvelous smile on your face.

Bucky smirked at you as you both passed by a flower vendor, he stopped while you went ahead and purchased a few stems of lilacs with the last coins he had in his pocket.

When he caught up to you, he tapped you on the shoulder and when you turned around, proudly presented the flowers to you.

“Bucky, you shouldn’t have.” You said, your eyes gleaming at the beautiful wild flowers he held out for you.

“I remember you loved these when we were young.”

“They’re still me favourite.” Your sheepish grin made you avoid eye contact, but didn’t make you bashful enough to shy away from pulling him down gently by the collar of the shirt and pressing a kiss to his cheek, “Thank you, this is one of the kindest things anyone has ever done for me.”

Bucky tried to ignore the blissful tingle that remained on his cheek as you pulled away from him.

He tucked a few fallen tendrils of hair back behind his ear as he nodded at you before leading you further into the village. 

You held the lilacs tightly in your hand, and watched Bucky from your place a few strides behind him. No man had ever given you flowers like he had before. Suitors had tried to woo you with massive bouquets of endless lilies and daisies and roses that meant nothing to them in terms of cost or sentiment. Bucky had purchased the flower that he remembered you loved with what little money he had. Your heart skipped at the thought.

When you reached a cozy looking home, Bucky opened the door for you and you stepped in. The entire thing was made from wood, a delicate fireplace on the side with a closed off bedroom and a tiny kitchen.

“You can stay here for as long as you need.” He said as he took his jacket off and hung it on the hook behind the door before closing it.

“I can’t possibly expect you to house me-”

“Nonsense.” He said with a small laugh.

“Thank you for your kindness.” You said, gently touching his arm.

“You’re welcome.” He said quietly, and you suddenly became aware of how close he was to you as his breath hit your face.

He was so close to you that he could feel every fiber in his body screaming at him to kiss you, but he knew he couldn’t.

“I should put these in water.” You said, nodding at the lilacs.

“There is a vase in the cabinet.” He said and you went to go fetch it.

You placed the clear glass vase down on the water, pouring the small pot of water that resided on the windowsill. He watched you every move, how gracefully you moved throughout his small home. 

More than anything, Bucky wanted to refute the voice in his head that told him this is what kind of a life they might have together. Living in a small home, tending to flowers, living a simple life. But more than anything, Bucky’s brain couldn’t shake the image.

“I’m going to cook us something to eat.” He said.

“I’ll help you.” You smiled, finished placing the lilacs neatly in water.

“You haven’t cooked a day in your life.” He laughed.

“Everyone must start somewhere.” You said.

So you helped him by cutting up the vegetables he grew in the garden out back while he prepared the small amount of chicken over the stove. Once your job was done, he threw your handiwork in the pot with the meat and seasoned it, making a soup.

“Bread.” You muttered.


“You said I’d never cooked, but I can make bread.”

“I doubt that highly.” He said.

“Perhaps I’ll have to show you.”

“I suppose you will.”

So, you set out to scour his kitchen for the ingredients you needed, placing them on the table and beginning your work. He sat back and watched you work with a determination he hadn’t seen with any member of a royal family.

You wiped your forehead as you kneaded the dough carefully then placed it in a small bowl to rise.

“Now we wait a few minutes, then put it on the fire.” You said proudly.

Bucky smiled at you and shook his head, marveling at the beauty of your face with the splotches of flour on it.

“You are absolutely stunning.” He said, long before his brain could prevent it.

You looked at him, a shocked smile on your face. He tried to stutter out an apology, but you replied first.

“You think I’m stunning?”

His gaze shifted to your eyes again, their beautiful colour making him weak in the knees. He was so in love with you, so hopelessly and forever enamored with everything that you were.

“I do.” He said, moving past you to tend to the soup.

Without another word, you put the breadpan in the stove and watched Bucky stir the soup gently. You looked at his face, the handsome face that you seen many times before, but you saw it differently this time. You saw the strong curve of his jaw, the arch of his brows, his plump lips, and all you wanted to do was kiss him.

But of course, you didn’t.

You took two bowls out of the cabinet and let Bucky pour the soup into them while you took the bread out and cut it into a few slices. You brought the meal out to the small table that served as a dining room and sat across from each other.

“This is perfect.” You said with happiness dripping from you voice as you stared at the dinner you’d helped make.

“I am surprised you think so.” He said.

“Are you really?” You asked as you dipped your spoon into the soup.

“No, not really.”

You looked up at him and smiled as you took a bite, acknowledging how amazing the soup was. You barely spoke during the course of your dinner, each of you enjoying it far too much. Bucky did compliment your bread, however.

You helped him to wash out the bowls and dry them, placing them back in the cabinet once you’d finished.

You ears perked up when you heard a local jupiter outside begin to play a tune with a few others, a slower song.

“They come around every few nights.” Bucky explained, “I typically leave the windows open to hear them.”

You took his hand and gently lead him into the clearest space of his home.

“Dance with me.” You said, and Bucky couldn’t refuse.

Taking your hand in his, he held you close to him as you moved to the beat of the song gently, holding eye contact with every passing second.

Bucky’s eyes trailed down to your lips but quickly shot back up again, refusing to allow himself the fantasy of kissing you, not when he knew it was a farce.

“Perhaps,” You said in a whisper, “I was meant to run into you today.”

“Why do you think that?” He whispered back.

“Because I’m beginning to believe that it was you I was meant to love.”

Bucky’s heart jumped to his throat at the words, he couldn’t understand how you could say such a thing. 


“You’re the only one who’s ever truly cared for me, Bucky.” You whispered to him, “I’d be a fool to ignore that.”

His eyes closed in a desperate need to comprehend the situation around him. Your breath hit his face as he continued to gently sway back and forth with you so close to his body.

“Kiss me.” You whispered to him and he didn’t waste any time at all pressing his lips to yours desperately.

You tasted just as sweet as he imagined you would, your soft lips as delicate as the roses he tended to. His strong arms wrapped around your waist and pulled you even closer to him. Your hand rested on his face, stroking along his cheek gently. This was what you’d dreamed of.

His tongue entered your mouth and your knees went weak. A kiss like this was meant for a fantasy, but here you were experiencing it in reality.

“Take me to bed.” You practically begged him.

He groaned at your words and picked you up, carrying you over to his bed and laying you there.

When he saw you looking up at him with the softest eyes he’d ever seen, he knew he would do anything to keep you with him forever, to hold you and love you and make you his wife. 

He made his work quick, receiving delicate sighs of approval, moans of his name, things he’d only dreamed of hearing falling from your lips.

And as you laid completely bare next to him, sleep and fading ecstasy clouding your vision, he kissed your lips and held you close to his body, pulling the blankets over you to keep you safer in his grasp.

“I have never had the pleasure of loving someone so much as I love you.” He whispered into your hair.

In reply, you nuzzled into him even further, his arms securing you in place.

“I’ll make it my life’s goal to ensure you never have to live without that pleasure.” You breathed out.

Bucky knew that you both couldn’t stay in his home like this, the search for the kingdom’s missing princess had probably already started. You and he would need to flee the village together and go to a neighboring land if you were to be free of your parents. You were aware of it too, but for now you didn’t care.

For now, you were tucked in the embrace of the one man who loved you more than anything in his life. For now, you didn’t need to worry about finding solace in another kingdom, because you found it in Bucky, and for now that was enough.

When you did manage to flee, you both found the refuge you needed in the village a kingdom over, where you built a home much like the one Bucky had left.

You spent your days painting many things and selling your artwork to make money, Bucky managed to get a job as the royal gardener for the kingdom’s king and queen there as well. 

Bucky had been working day in and day out and you couldn’t help but be worried for him, until he came to you with a ring and it all made sense. It seemed he’d been saving.

The wedding you had was nothing to be admired, just the closest of friend’s you’d made were invited and Winifred, who made the trip from your kingdom in secret. It was everything you’d hoped it would be.

The wedding that you’d ended up with was much more than just a marriage, it was an open profession of love for the man who had helped you escape your fate, and whom you’d fallen in love with along the way and that held beauty beyond words.

anonymous asked:

quidditch captain vex, and percy, who comes to every game, even though he's a nerd who doesn't get sports. she keeps trying to get him to try out for the team, since he watches so often, but he doesn't know anything about it. he's a fake quidditch fan.

percy: i love quidditch! i love when vex flies really fast and when she catches the snitch and when she’s really proud of herself and when she gets super focused and a little scary because she doesn’t want to let anything or anybody get in her way.

scanlan: that’s not even quidditch, you’re just listing off things about vex playing quidditch that you love

percy: i know what i said

Be More Chill The Background Characters AU

Dustin can’t explain it but ever since school started something had been…different…like one minute he’s just jamming on his guitar in band when all of a sudden he opens his eyes to find himself in the hallway following this kid in a blue cardigan around. He’s not the only one going through this when his friend Amanda who plays the sythnesizer finds herself constantly around the same kid. All of the kids in band come up with similar stories all looking back to the same group of kids when Emma comes up with something. They’re in a musical and the kid in the blue cardigan is the main character whom they all have either played instruments or sang for. Ethan who plays the flute freaks out when realizes this is why he’s been finding himself around Christine the time. During Halloween Dustin along with a few other kids are hired to play Jake’s Halloween party and are you the middle of playing a slow song when one the house started to down. Right after the Play it all suddenly stops and they figure that means the musical has ended. Unfortunately this starts happening again a few weeks later when the boy in the blue cardigan starts to stare at the kid with expensive headphones.

Kim Donghyun Harry Potter AU
  • you first met donghyun at diagon alley the summer before your first year of hogwarts
  • your parents were both wizards, so you were quite familiar with the wizarding world, but it was clear that this quiet boy who squeaked when mr. ollivander handed him his first wand to test was not
  • you introduced yourself to him, asking where he was from and just making small talk
  • donghyun was clearly glad that someone was talking to him, as his parents were no where to be found
  • “they weren’t too comfortable with coming,” he explained with a heavy sigh
  • your parents immediately felt pity and asked if he wanted to tag along to buy the rest of your school supplies, even buying him a scoop of ice cream from florean fortesque’s 
  • you sat together on the train with donghyun and another boy he met, im youngmin, talking about how excited you were for the new experiences you’d gained
  • of course, you were a bit upset when you three were sorted into different houses (you into ravenclaw, donghyun into hufflepuff and youngmin into gryffindor), but the three of you were still close friends
  • you were delighted to find out that some classes had multiple houses at once, and immediately partnered up with donghyun in ravenclaw/hufflepuff charms
  • the three of you became extremely close friends, confiding secrets and providing support for each other
  • you were known by the teachers for being a very close trio despite being in different houses
  • and you supported each other in the different classes that you were strong in, which absolutely delighted your teachers
  • your second year, youngmin decides to try out for the gryffindor team and makes it !!
  • of course, you and donghyun are super happy for him and you two go to all of his games, cheering him on loudly
  • during your second and third year, two kids are added to your friend group– park woojin, a shy fellow ravenclaw who tended to stay quiet, preferring to observe, and lee daehwi, aloud and outspoken hufflepuff who was also super adorable
  • you also became a bit of a tutor for the kids, helping them with their homework and particularly hard essays
  • sometimes donghyun would stay in the library when you worked late with the kids, just reading some book
  • he was so kind and empathetic, and you appreciated his constant comforting presence
  • while you had your large friend group, you, donghyun and youngmin still remained close, going to the room of requirement after dinner to talk about your days
  • your friends in ravenclaw of course always asked if you were ever going to date donghyun or youngmin, which you denied every single time
  • however, as you’d gotten older, you realized you had been seeing donghyun in a different light
  • there was something about the way the corners of his eyes crinkled when he smiled, or the way he’d pat your back when you did something particularly good like ace a history of magic essay, that just made your heart beat quicker
  • you’d confided this to youngmin, who’d just kind of snorted and patted you on the back, assuring you that things would work out
  • one day, you went to watch one of youngmin’s more important quidditch games with donghyun
  • the two of you sat with the other gryffindors, cheering your best friend on loudly
  • “hey, do you think there’s gonna be a party after this?” you asked, turning to donghyun
  • he was just about to answer when the girl sitting next to you screamed loudly
  • a poorly aimed bludger was hurtling towards you incredibly quickly, and ended up knocking you out
  • obviously donghyun was panicking, and he immediately picked you up and raced back to the castle, bringing you to the hospital wing
  • he kept replaying the moment in his mind, convincing himself that if he’d just moved a little faster, maybe you wouldn’t have gotten hit
  • as soon as madam pomfrey caught sight of you in donghyun’s arms, she ushered you to a bed, bustling around to collect the necessary medicine and potions
  • as she did so, donghyun paced back and forth in front of the small cot where your unconscious body laid, muttering to himself
  • ‘how is it possible that they got knocked unconcious without even sitting next to me for an hour?” he whispered furiously to himself, “i’m such a flop, i can’t even be around my crush for an hour?”
  • you blinked your eyes groggily, looking over at where he was pacing
  • “oh, so you like me?” you asked in a teasing voice, a smirk on your face
  • donghyun whirled around, cheeks bright red
  • “(y/n)!” he exclaimed, jumping into the air, “y-you heard that?”
  • “yeah, I heard that,” you shot back with a grin, “so, you wanna tell me something?”
  • donghyun sighed heavily, pushing a hand through his hair as he paced back and forth
  • “i do really like you,” he explained, waving his hands to punctuate his point, “and i’ve liked you for a while. i was just too worried to say anything. youngmin knew, so i figured that he’d tell you eventually.”
  • you frowned, thinking back to the time when you’d told youngmin about your own feelings
  • ‘everything will work out, (y/n),” he’d said earnestly, “trust me.”
  • you finally understood what his cryptic words had meant
  • “you know, i kind of figured that youngmin would tell you eventually,” you said casually, looking up at donghyun, who had finally stopped pacing
  • he froze, meeting your gaze with his lips slightly parted in surprise
  • “y-you like me?” he stammered out, running a hand through his hair again
  • you clicked your tongue and motioned for him to come over to the bed, carefully smoothing down the out-of-place hairs
  • “yes, donghyun, I like you,” you replied, feeling your heart flutter at the huge smile he sent you
  • “i’m all for young love, but (y/n) here needs to get some rest, Mr. Kim,” madam pomfrey said sternly
  • donghyun jumped, bright red again as he backed away quickly
  • you watched him exit the hospital wing fondly, glad that you had finally been able to tell the kind hufflepuff your true feelings

tbh i just want seo seunghyuk to debut bc tbH he’s like one of my top biases in all 101 trainees and i was so hurt when he got eliminated lmao fam make rainz happen pLS

also natty i love u total creds to @ukulelewrites for the bludger-to-the-head idea <3 <3

also one of the anons who commented abt ravenclaw not having like a ‘partner’ house so i’d like to propose these ideas: empathetic hufflepuff keeping slightly asshole ravenclaw in check;;; enemies-to-lovers ravenclaw and gryffindor who just don’t know when to quit;;; mutually evil ravenclaw and slytherin best friends to lovers– they’re the pettiest schemers who stay talking shit tbh


Snibs Appreciation Week will take place August 27th - September 2nd. There are two themes for each day because some are more suited for fics or art than gif sets and vide versa. Please tag everything with #snibsweek2017.

Day One - August 27th
Lisa, Len, and Mick/Fav Snibs Moment(s)
Mick meeting Lisa for the first time. Len and Mick raising Lisa. All of them robbing a bank. As long as Lisa, Len and Mick are there it does not matter.

Day Two - August 28th
Rogues/Fav Lisa Moment(s)
How did Various other characters join the Rogues? Is there an initiation? Do all the rogues hang out when they aren’t committing crime? Does Len threaten any of the Rogues who try to get with Lisa? Does Lisa do the same for him?

Day Three - August 29th
Queer/LGBT Snibs/Fav Len Moment(s)
Are one or both of the Snibs trans? Gay? Bi? Pan? Aro/Ace? Some other subset of queer? Do they go to Central City Pride together? Do they where their costumes? When did they come out to each other? Are any of the other Rogues queer? Is that a requirement for joining?

Day Four - August 30th
Free Day
Feel free to use any of the unused prompts (Hogwarts AU, Figure Skater Lisa, High School AU, etc.) or something else.

Day Five - August 31st
Multiverse/Fav Snibs Outfit(s)
We know one of the Snarts are mayor on E-2. Is it Len or Lisa? Is it both? What are they getting up to on other earths? Is Earth-38’s Captain Cold actually Lisa? Does Earth-19 have a Len and Lisa that weren’t raised by Lewis but instead by Joe West? Is there an Earth where Either Lisa or Len don’t exist? Is there an Earth where the Rogues are the heroes and Team Flash the villains?

Day Six - September 1st
Protectiveness/Fav Lisa Ship(s)
Len protecting Lisa from Lewis. Lisa protecting Len from asshole men. Snibs protecting each other from their enemies.

Day Seven - September 2nd
Supporting each other/Fav Len Ships
Len supporting Lisa after she comes out to him. Lisa supporting Len in his endeavours into the criminal world. Lisa supporting Len’s decision to join the crew on the Waverider. Len supporting Lisa’s decision to join Team Flash when she starts dating Cisco.

anonymous asked:

Could you write about a Mckirk + Spuhura camping trip?

  • It’s Uhura’s idea. Jim immediately agrees. Spock takes a little convincing, but the promise of having plenty of research samples in the woods is enough. That, and the way Uhura looks at him and talks about spending time with him socially definitely contributes to Spock’s agreeing to it. Bones, though, is a cold hard “no”. “Please,” Jim says, reaching out to hold both Bones’ hands, and he squeezes them lightly, “I’m asking nicely.” “Hmm,” Bones replies, “no.” “Why not?” Jim asks. “Camping. In the woods,” Bones says, “that’s why. It’s awful. There’s flies everywhere, no bathroom, no bedroom-” “It’s just for a weekend,” Jim says, “can you try to not be the grumpy old man? It’ll be good for you to get some fresh air. The fumes of med bay are wearing you down.” “Resorting to flattery, I hear,” Bones replies, “there’s not a thing in the world you can do to convince me to come.”
  • “So what did it take you to convince him?” Uhura asks Jim quietly. The two of them walk ahead of Spock and Bones, following the small mountain path that leads down to a lake clearing, where Uhura arranged everything to be, apparently. “Sex,” Jim admits sheepishly, and Uhura rolls her eyes. “Classy. I shouldn’t have expected anything else.” “Oh, like you were any different convincing Spock. Engaging ’socially’, you’re not fooling anyone,” Jim counters, nudging her arm and matching her grin with one of his own. 
  • Okay, Jim can tell Bones is trying. He’s trying not to curse so much when they struggle pitching their tent. He cusses under his breath a lot, and Jim’s pretty sure his name is muttered out multiple times in less than flattering manners, but Bones is trying. And Jim shows his appreciation of that by pressing him up against the closest tree, lips chasing his in a heated kiss - something that brightens Bones’ mood considerably, at least. 
  • Uhura isn’t an idiot. Their camp site isn’t entirely excluded. There are other campers not too far away. There’s even an outhouse with a functioning toilet and a shower a few hundred feet away, and a campsite shop with a very limited amount of food that looks locally caught, cooked, or brewed. They’re camping, but they’re not really as stuck in the wilderness as it looks. When she tells Bones about it, he lightens up to the point that he actually enjoys himself. 
  • He teaches Spock fishing at the lake - something that would’ve been relaxing had it not been for Jim cannonballing into the water right in front of them. “Fuck sake, Jim,” Bones curses at him when Jim climbs back out of the water. "You’re scaring all the fish away.“ “I think you and your grumpy face do that, too,” Jim counters, which is answered with Bones pushing him right off the pier and back into the water.
  • While Bones and Jim stay at the lake to swim, Spock and Uhura venture out on a hike. Besides the fresh air and a change of scenery from their usual recreational spaces in the Enterprise, it’s nice to spend some time solely in each other’s company. They can gossip about crew members shamelessly, while simultaneously enjoying the views of the lake and the lush green of the trees. They take a break at a river bed to watch the fish and other wildlife around them. 
  • The night is spent surrounding a camp fire, roasting food over the open fire and sharing ridiculous dating stories. It’s nice to gossip and share secrets. Jim and Bones sit next to each other, bickering over whether or not Jim did or did not get hurt on their last away mission. Spock and Uhura listen to them rather fondly, though they’re more fond of each other’s company - Uhura’s resting her head on his shoulder while Spock’s fingers run absentmindedly over her arm. “Hey,” Jim interrupts them, “I know what Vulcan kisses look like. Get a room.”
  • Spock gets hurt on a hike the next day. Rather, it’s an allergic reaction to a sting from a bug. Luckily, Bones is there with a med kid to stop the reaction from getting too bad. He advices Spock to take it slow, though, and so that’s a good excuse to spend the afternoon with Uhura lazing around in the hammock near their tent. Bones is reading a book on the pier, feet in the water, and Jim’s next to him playing a game on his PADD. And, probably, because he’s still a Captain, checking up on the Enterprise crew.
  • A night hike is made terrifying by Jim filming everything and telling fake horror stories about the woods until Uhura tells him to shut the hell up. Bones scoffs about Jim’s immaturity, but it’s definitely Bones who lies awake at night terrified of every unfamiliar sound around them. Which, in the woods, is every sound. He rolls over in their sleeping bag, shaking the other awake. “What?” “There’s someone outside,” Bones says, and Jim huffs, turning back around. “There’s other campers, Bones.” “No, Jim, seriously, you should check.” “You go check.” “Jim.” “I’m sleeping!” “Jim-!” “Fine,” Jim says, turning around to face Bones, and he hovers over him for a few seconds, “if this is nothing, I swear I’m going to make sure you’re not falling back asleep any time soon.”
  • He doesn’t catch a predator, or a wild animal. He catches Spock and Uhura making out - and he’s not sure which is worse. True to his word, though, Jim finds a distraction by keeping Bones awake now that he is, too.
  • All of them are tired, come morning, but pleasantly so. They have breakfast quietly, and then clean up their tents, making sure there’s no mess left behind that would disrupt the local wildlife more than them being there. “Did you enjoy it?” Uhura asks when they head for their shuttle back. “I always enjoy spending time with you,” Spock says. “It was great,” Jim says. “It was okay,” Bones replies, and Uhura smiles. “Same time next year?” She asks, and Bones smiles, too. “Wouldn’t miss it.”

anonymous asked:

Do you happen to know any jikook fic with dry humping? Thank you! Have a great day!

Anonymous said:
Any Jikook one shot w coming in pants & dry hump,,. Thank you baby 💓

Why of course ;) Here you go, and I hope you both have a great day as well ♡

Title: The Color of Your Walls
Author: jikookah
Rating: Mature
Length: 1–5k words
Genre: Fluff, Smut
Summary: The walls to Jeon Jeongguk’s bedroom were of a pale baby blue color when Park Jimin first realized what love was.

Title: Don’t Go (I’ve Found a Home in Your Heart)
Author: kamuu
Rating: Explicit
Length: 1–5k words
Genre: Slow Burn, Smut
Summary: Jungkook ends up housing a difficult, yet precious hybrid who somehow worms his way into Jungkook’s heart.

Title: F*ck Crushes
Author: wildandsexy
Rating: Explicit
Length: 10–15k words
Genre: Pining, Fluff, Angst, Smut
Summary: Jungkook knows crushes. They pass as quickly as they come and he knows no matter how much they hurt at the time they leave him ultimately scarless when they come to an end. How Jungkook feels about Jimin is no crush.

Title: The Grind Never Stops
Author: MarionetteFtHJM
Rating: Explicit
Length: 5–10k words
Genre: Mutual Pining, Smut
Summary: Jimin doesn’t believe his eyes - then again, he’s not wearing his glasses or contacts, but. But there it is - he’s close enough to see it. It being Jeon Jungkook - the school’s best basketball player, one of the best students by academic standards, the elusive heartthrob that leaves all the girls (and some of the boys) thirsty - wearing his basketball shorts and showing off his great calves. But no, that’s not what Jimin’s looking at. What Jimin is looking at is a thing of dreams - that are of the wet variety.

Title: I am a Good Good Boy
Author: narrowrule
Rating: Explicit
Length: 15–20k words
Genre: Smut
Summary: The ideal couple. Jimin was short and soft in all the ways Jeongguk was tall and hard. The stuff of highly rated KBS dramas, Taehyung supposed. Until recently.
Note: Threesome; Part 1 of the “ggb” series, find the rest here

Title: Move Your Body
Author: novilunar
Rating: Mature
Length: 1–5k words
Genre: Smut, Fluff
Summary: Jimin has nothing on his mind but practice, and Jungkook has ways of getting into places he shouldn’t be. The dance department of Jimin’s university is one of them.


Title: Arrangements
Author: avalonjoan
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: None Apply
Completed: Yes
Word count: 1163
Summary: Listen,,,,, zimbits flowershop AU where Jack goes buy flowers once every week even though he’s allergic pollen because he’s lowkey in love with the shop’s manager,,,,,, he’s always sneezing and when Bitty asks he always makes up a bs excuse like “oh yeah I have a cold haha”

Most memorable line: “So you’ve been coming here and suffering every Friday for a month–just to see me?”

anonymous asked:

Hi! Can you recommend me some fics about marcel and louis? Or anything with nerd Harry please😩

oooh anon I’ve got some goodies for you. These are my faves.

Marcel Fics

Perfect SkyDeep, deep down, Louis knows Niall hadn’t meant to do this. He knows that this really was a last minute conundrum Louis had found himself in. Louis could’ve muddled the dates just as easily as Niall could have misremembered them. This hurts for other, more difficult reasons.This hurts because it was supposed to be Louis’ honeymoon.Louis meets Marcel at the lowest point of his life. A few poorly timed jokes, and a cigarette (or twelve) later, Louis starts to think love’s not a sham after all.

I hear you calling in the dead of night -  No one really notices Marcel Styles. In fact, Marcel’s so invisible that if his teachers don’t call on him in lessons - and they rarely do - Marcel can go whole days without speaking to anyone other than his mum, his sister, Gemma, his cat, Dusty and the school librarian, Alma. And if he just so happens to have a tiny, miniscule crush on the footie captain, Louis Tomlinson, well, that’s no one’s business but his own. Until Louis notices him back…

But Why Wonder, Why Wonder? -  The one where Marcel Styles has improbably landed a job in the fashion industry, and Louis Tomlinson is the actor-turned-lingerie-designer he’s been infatuated with for years.

Kings - Marcel receives an invitation to his ten year high school reunion, which brings up some painful memories of his youth. His lifelong best friend and roommate, Louis, is as supportive and kind as ever, but Marcel still has hesitations. Louis was Prom King. Marcel…was not.Will Marcel make the reunion a night to remember with his former classmate, Zayn, who is newly wealthy, handsome, and reveals his childhood crush on Marcel? Or will Louis finally realize what everyone else has known all along?

Nerd Harry Fics

Want You More Than A -  Falling in love with your step-brother’s best friend is a disaster enough. When he happens to be the boy everyone loves and you’re a nerd who wears sweater vests and cries during rom-coms, it takes it to a whole new level.

Hate Me To The Moon - The last thing Harry wanted was to spend his entire summer stuck with his dad’s new fiancée and her kids. He wants no more when he learns she’s a very religious dictator, raising a sixteen year old nun and a clean cut potential priest ass kisser.Everything takes a slightly different turn, however, when Harry finds out his future step-brother is actually the rude stranger he caught sucking off a guy in a pub, far from the reserved Christian his mom thinks he is…AU where Harry is a sexy nerd, Louis is a great actor, and they both pretend to hate each other’s guts to convince themselves they’re not feeling things future step-brothers shouldn’t feel…

Also, I’m gonna take this time to say that you guys have got an AMAZING nerd Harry fic coming soon by a dear friend (dunno if she wants people to know yet) but omg it’s so freaking good!

And I’m also gonna take the time to plug in the @marcelficexchange that is coming up next month!

CHARCOAL (M) | kth

“The thing with Taehyung is that he use his hands a lot while drawing and get his fingers stained with charcoal, a lot. But when I come back home later, I love to see the same black prints all over my body.” 

+Pairing: Taehyung x femlale MC ft Seokjin
+Genre: College!AU, Artist!kth
+Warnings: sexual assault victim
+Note: GUYS! This is an adaptation of the book “Easy” by Tammara Webber. I decided to start like this because im not sure of my writing skill yet, so enjoy!

01 02 03 04


Y/N Son: ”I’ve attached an outline of my research paper. If you have a chance, could you make sure it’s not too broad, or too focused? I’m not sure how many economies outside the US to include. Also, the J-curve is a little confusing. I get that we can see it after the fact, but isn’t economics based on prediction, like the weather? I mean, who cares if we can only see what happened after the fact - if the weather guy can’t predict what’s going to happen tomorrow, he’s probably going to get fired, right?

I did the worksheets, too. Sorry I’m sending you so much at once, and on a Monday. I should have sent it earlier, but I went out with some friends Saturday and didn’t get it done.”

KIM T: “No problem. I’m either working, studying or in class practically every waking hour. I hardly notice what day it is. I hope you enjoyed your night out. 
I know I initially said I didn’t need details of your breakup (if that was rude, I didn’t mean it that way); it must have been bad to make you ditch class for two weeks. I can tell skipping is atypical for you.

I’ve attached a WSJ article that explains the J-curve better than the text. You’re exactly right, without the ability to predict, economics isn’t economics, it’s history. And while history has its place in the predictable probabilities of both economics and meteorology (clever analogy, btw), it’s hardly useful if you need to know whether or not to invest in foreign currency or bring your umbrella to school.”

I stared at the email, trying and failing to compare my tuto, Kim to Taehyung. They seemed as opposite as night and day, but I only knew half of each of them. I didn’t know much about Taehyung beyond his striking looks and his ability to beat the shit out of someone. During art history, I’d found myself wondering what would have happened in that interaction with Junmin, if Taehyung had been with me. I wondered if Junmin would have dared to look at me like that. To say what he’d said: Lookin’ good. The thought of Junmin’s cold eyes examining me made my stomach turn.

Feeling shallow for caring, I speculated again what Kim T might look like, and how much impact that might have on what I thought of him. His compliments made me stare at my laptop and smile. He’d said my ex was a moron, and now he seemed to be interested in our breakup. In me. That, or I was reading too much into it.

Y/N Son:  “Hey KimT (It seems like Im cxchanging emails with some secret agent)
We were together almost three years. I never saw it coming. I followed him here to school, instead of trying for a performing arts school. My orchestra teacher nearly had a stroke when I told him. 

He pleaded with me to audition at Oberlin or Julliard, but I didn’t. I can’t blame anyone but myself. I trusted my future to my boyfriend, like an idiot. Now I’m stuck somewhere I’m not supposed to be. I don’t know if I just believed that much in him, or that little in myself. Either way, pretty fucking stupid, huh? So there’s my weepy little story.Thank you for the article.”

Kim T: “Not stupid. Overly trusting, maybe, but that reflects on his lack of trustworthiness, not on your intelligence. As for being somewhere you’re not supposed to be – maybe you’re here for a reason, or there is no reason. As a scientist, I lean toward the latter. Either way, you’re off the hook. You made a decision; now you make the best of it. That’s all you can do, right? On that note, I’m off to study for a statistical mechanics quiz. Who knows, maybe I’ll be able to prove scientifically that your ex isn’t worthy of you, and you’re exactly where you should be.”

When Elee came through the door, I was half-asleep and surrounded by conjugated Spanish verbs printed on colored index cards. I scooped most of them up just before she bounced onto the edge of my bed.

“So? Did you call him or text him? Did you use the stuff we went over? What did he say?”

I sighed. “Neither.”

She lay back on the bed, flinging her arms wide dramatically as I snatched up cards before she creased them. “You chickened out.”

I stared at the cards in my hand. Yo habré, tú habrás, él habrá, nosotros habremos… “Yeah, maybe.”

“Hmm. You know, this is better. Don’t call. Make him chase you.” She laughed at my creased brow. 

I thought about Seokjin. About what kind of guy he was. He’d chased me in the beginning, but he didn’t have to try very hard to catch me. I was swept off my feet by him, swept along in his dreams and plans, because he’d made me part of them. Until a few weeks ago.

“Aw, shit, y/n. I know what you’re doing. Don’t think about him. I’m gonna make some cocoa. Get back to—” she sat up, picking up a card I’d not grabbed hastily enough, “—ugh, Spanish verbs.”

Wednesday, I got to the classroom before the 8:00 class let out. As soon as most of the students had filed out the door, I slipped in and took my seat, determined not to pay attention to Taehyung when he came in. To that end, I flipped through my index cards, though I was more than ready to ace the quiz in Spanish.

When Jungkook slid into his seat on my left, I didn’t pause in my review. I refused to be distracted from not paying attention to Taehyung’s seat, and whether or not he was in it.

“Hey, Y/N.” That wasn’t Jungkook’s voice.

The seats were bolted to the floor, with right-handed desktops. Taehyung leaned slightly over the side of Jungkook’s, pushing into the very margin of my space. My breath caught, and I focused on letting it out, appearing unaffected. “Oh, hi.”

He bit his lower lip once, briefly. “I guess you didn’t notice the note on your coffee cup.”

I glanced at my phone, sitting on the edge of my textbook. “I noticed.” I watched his reaction.

He smiled, his light eyes crinkling slightly at the corners, and I tried not to swoon visibly. “Mmm I see, so how ’bout you give me yours?”

I arched a brow at him. “Why? Do you need help in economics?”

He bit his lip in earnest that time, stifling a laugh. “Hardly. What makes you think that?”

I frowned. Could I be attracted to a guy who cared so little about doing well in class? “I guess it’s not my business.”

He leaned his chin into the palm of his hand. The tips of his fingers were tinged with gray, probably from drawing with that pencil sitting over his ear. “I appreciate your concern, but I want your number for reasons completely unrelated to economics.”

I picked up my phone and found his number, and sent him a text that said: Hi.

“Dude, you’re in my seat.” Jungkook’s tone was matter-of-fact, but unperturbed.

Taehyung’s phone vibrated in his hand, and he smiled as my text popped up, giving him my number. “Thanks.” He unfolded himself from the chair and addressed Jungkook. “Sorry, man.”

“No prob.” Jungkook was one of the most easygoing people I’d ever met. His attitude said slacker, but I’d gotten a look at the midterm crammed into his notebook—he’d made a high B, and for all his talk about skipping class and sleeping in, he’d yet to miss one. After Taehyung sauntered back to his seat, Jungkook leaned over the edge of his desktop, closer than Taehyung had. “So what was that about?” His eyebrows rocked up and down and I tried not to grin.

“I’m sure I don’t know what you mean,” I replied, fluttering my lashes in my best Southern belle impersonation.

“Careful, little lady,” he drawled. “That fella seems a bit dangerous.” He shook a too-long curl out of his eyes, smiling. “Not that there’s anything wrong with a bit of danger.”

I congratulated myself for taking a singular peek over my shoulder, halfway through the fifty-minute class. Taehyung wasn’t looking at me, so I couldn’t help staring. Pencil in hand, he was sketching intently, first shading and then carefully smearing with his thumb. His hair fell around his face as he concentrated on his work, the lecture and the classroom disregarded as though he was alone in his room. I imagined him sitting on his bed, knees up, pad balanced on his thighs. I wondered what he was sketching. Or who.

He glanced up and caught my gaze. Held it.

His mouth pulled into that ghost of a smile and he stretched his neck and rolled his shoulders, returning my stare. Glancing at the pad, he tapped the end of his pencil against it and sprawled back in his seat, lashes fanning down as he examined his work.

Dr. Park finished the chart he was free-handing onto the whiteboard, and the lecture resumed. Taehyung tucked the pencil over his ear and picked up a pen. Before shifting his attention to our professor, he smiled at me again, and a jolt of excitement shot through me.

At the end of class, a different girl than last week intercepted him on his way out the door, and I bolted without a backward look. My adrenaline kicked in, my body sensing my need to escape and giving wings to it.

I texted Elee that I’d be getting crap coffee in the cafeteria before my afternoon class instead of going by the Coffe. She texted back: GENIUS. I’ll meet you there. Sisters in solidarity and all that shit.

From the end of my bed, my laptop dinged an email alert, and an answering flutter came from my stomach. It was probably nothing—a notice about flu shots from the health center, or another note from one of my old high school friends, who were all “so devastated” that Seokjin and I were over (which they all figured out when he changed his Facebook relationship status—twenty minutes after he’d broken up with me).

I’d disabled my account immediately, and had yet to reinstate it. The thought of seeing his glib status updates and having photos of him pop up in my feed was demoralizing. Even if I hid him, we knew too many of the same people. There’d be no hiding his activities completely. I began getting sympathetic and condescending emails and texts the next day, so I was justifiably apprehensive whenever I checked my inbox.

Cringing, I pulled it up… and smiled.

Kim T: “Are you going to make it to the session tomorrow (Thursday)? In case you won’t, I’ve attached the worksheet I’m planning to go over. It’s new, separate stuff, and you needn’t be completely caught up to get it. (Speaking of, you should be all caught up within a week or so.)

PS – I’ve been thinking about that proof I spoke of last time – that you’re where you’re supposed to be. And it occurred to me, can you prove you’d be better off somewhere else? If you’d have left the state, your relationship would have ended still. Maybe you’d have even blamed yourself, not knowing that it was doomed because of him, either way. Instead, you’re here. You got dumped, skipped class, and met the best econ tutor at the university! Who knows, maybe I’ll make you fall in love with economics. (What’s your major, btw?)”

Y/N Son: “I’m a music education major. I hate that saying: “Those who can, do, those who can’t, teach.” As a tutor, I know that’s BS. Still. I wanted to do. I imagined joining a symphony orchestra, or a progressive jazz band… And instead, I’m going to teach.

I won’t be at your session – I have lessons with my middle school boys tomorrow. (I think I’d be more impressive to them if I could fart the scales instead of plucking them on the bass.)

Sorry to inform you, but I plan to make it through this class and be done with econ. No reflection on your genius tutoring skills, I swear. Thank you for the worksheet. You’re too kind.”

Kim T:  “If you want to do, then do. What’s stopping you?

So I’m kind, huh? Never heard that before. People usually think I’m a pretentious a-hole. I must admit, I tend to encourage that estimation. So please promise to keep your opinion to yourself. Reputations can be ruined so easily, you know. ;)

PS – Do the worksheet. Before Friday. I’m giving you a very serious look through this screen. DO THE WORKSHEET. If you have problems with any of the material, let me know.”

Y/N Son:  “What’s stopping me? Well, I’ve blown the chance to go to a serious music school. And I’m stuck in a state that doesn’t always foster the arts (something I’ll probably spend my entire teaching career fighting). It seems impossible to go out now and “do.” I guess I should rethink that.

Your secret geniality is safe. My lips are sealed.

PS – I’m DOING the worksheet, but I’m giving you a very petulant look through my screen. Slave driver.”

I was grinning when I clicked send. Maybe I was playing an entirely different game of chase, and Taehyung and his infuriatingly enigmatic smile could take a flying leap. Elee and Mina could keep their make-him-chase-you advice and use it themselves, because I, apparently, sucked at it in real life. Through email, though… My happy expression slid away as I realized the stark truth—I was flirting with someone online. I had no idea what he looked like, or what type of person he was.

That wasn’t exactly true. I knew exactly what type of person he was, even though I’d never laid eyes on him. He was kind. And intelligent. And straightforward.

Of course, he hadn’t beaten a would-be rapist to a bloody pulp for me. Or made my insides melt when he put his hands on my waist. He probably didn’t have tattoos on his arms or deep brown eyes and a liquefying stare.

At 10:00 pm, my phone trilled a text alert.

Taehyung: Hi :)

Me: Hi :)

Taehyung: What’s up?

Me: Nothing. Homework.

Taehyung: I wanted to talk to you after class, but you disappeared.

Me: I have another class right after. One of those profs who stops talking, stares at you and waits until you get to your seat if you’re late.

Taehyung: I would probably just walk to my seat even slower. ;)

Taehyung: You should come by the Coffe Friday. It’s usually dead. Americano, on the house?

Me: Free coffee? I can’t pass that up. I’ll try to stop by. When do you work?

Taehyung: All afternoon. Til 5.

Me: K

Taehyung: See you Friday, Y/N.

Taehyung was fifteen minutes late to class on Friday, and we had a pop quiz first thing—which he missed. My first thought was how irresponsible it was to miss a quiz… and then I remembered that I missed the midterm. I couldn’t exactly point any fingers.

He slipped through the back door as Dr. Park walked up the center aisle, collecting quizzes. He took the stacks from the left row and then turned to the right, where Taehyung sat. “I need to see you after class,” he said, his voice low.

Inclining his head once, Taehyung pulled his text from his backpack and replied in the same subdued tone. “Yes, sir.”

I didn’t look back at him during the remainder of class, and when it was over, he packed up his backpack and walked down the outside aisle to the front. While waiting for Dr. Park to finish his conversation with another student, Taehyung’s eyes lifted and found me. His smile was as unreadable as always, scarcely there at all. But his gaze was focused, pegging me like a dart to a board.

Turning his attention to our professor, he broke the stare. I released the breath I’d not realized I was holding and escaped the classroom, undecided on whether or not to follow through with stopping by the Coffe that afternoon.

I considered the quiz I’d just aced, thanks to Kim’s insistence that I complete the worksheet he sent two nights ago. Doing that worksheet had been all sorts of help—on a quiz he must have known about. I didn’t think he’d crossed a line and told me something he shouldn’t have, but his toe was definitely on the line. For me. Swept along and invisible among thousands of other students on this enormous campus, I was struck by the fact that for some reason, he’d gone out of his way to help me. For some reason, I mattered to him.

Elee: Jongkyung and I are leaving soon. You gonna be ok this weekend? You’re going to the coffe this afternoon, RIGHT? If he asks you out, GO FOR IT HOE. Clear the palate! Don’t forget you’ll have the room to yourself all weekend. 

Me: You kids have fun. I’ll be fine! I’ll keep you posted.

Elee: You’d better! I’ll be back Sunday afternoon. Or evening, depending on the level of hangover Sunday morning. lmao. TEXT ME LATER.

I’d forgotten Elee’s road trip with Jongkyung was this weekend. His brother was in a band, and they were playing at a festival tomorrow near Busan, so they had reservations at a bed and breakfast for the weekend. Elee told Mina and me about it last month while we waited to look at Mercury and Venus through a telescope during an evening astronomy lab.

The coffee smell invaded my senses before the Coffe came into view. Rounding the corner, my eyes went to the counter, where two employees stood talking. When I didn’t see Taehyung, I wondered if he’d switched shifts and forgot to text me.

There were only a handful of customers—one of whom was Dr. Park, reading the paper in the corner. I had nothing against my professor, but I didn’t exactly want him witnessing my attempts to flirt with the guy who skipped the quiz and got called out for it just this morning. I stood just behind a display of coffee mugs and travel cups.

Just as he had Monday, Taehyung pushed through the door to the back as my eyes brushed over it. My fingers and toes tingled at the sight of him. Underneath the green apron, he wore an orange long-sleeved tshirt, not the university-branded sweatshirt he’d worn this morning in class. His shirtsleeves were pushed past his elbows again, leaving the tattoos visible. I moved to the counter, my eyes skimming from his forearms to his face. He hadn’t seen me yet.

One of the girls at the register straightened. “Can I help you?” Her voice held a bite of annoyance, as though she was snapping her fingers to get my attention.

“I’ve got it, Eun ” Taehyung said, and she shrugged and returned to her conversation with her coworker, but they both eyed me with even more hostility than a moment before. “Hey, y/n.”


He glanced toward the corner where Dr. Park sat. “What can I get for you?”

His tone wasn’t the tone of a guy who’d specifically asked me to come by. Maybe he was behaving circumspectly for his coworkers’ benefit.

“Um, a grande Americano, I guess.”

He grabbed the cup from the stack and made the drink. I tried to hand him my card, but he shook his head once. “That’s okay. I’ve got it.”

His coworkers exchanged a look I pretended not to see.

I thanked him and retreated to the opposite side of the shop from Dr. Park, setting up my laptop to work on my econ project. 

After an hour, I’d bookmarked a dozen sources on current international economic happenings, my coffee was gone, and Taehyung hadn’t come over once. I was expected at the high school for my weekly Friday afternoon bass lessons in half an hour. Shutting down my laptop, I turned to unplug the power cord from the wall.

“Ms. Son.” At Dr. Park’s unexpected greeting, I jumped, knocking over my thankfully-empty cup. “Oh! So sorry to have startled you!”

“Oh, that’s okay. I’m a little jumpy—from, uh, the coffee.” And from thinking for one split second that you were Taehyung.

“I just wanted to let you know that Mr. Kim tells me you’re almost caught up, and making headway on the project. I’m glad to hear it.” He lowered his voice and glanced around conspiratorially. “My colleagues and I don’t actually want to fail anyone, you know. Our goal is to frighten—I mean encourage—the less, er, serious students to produce. Not that I believe you’re one of those.”

I returned his smile. “I understand.”

He straightened and cleared his throat. “Good, good. Well, on that note—have a productive weekend.” He chuckled at his joke and I managed to avoid rolling my eyes.

“Thank you, Dr. Park.”

He walked to the counter and spoke to Taehyung as I wound the power cord and stowed the laptop in my backpack. The conversation between them was earnest, and I was concerned when Dr. Park seemed to gesture toward me at least once. I wondered if our professor believed that Taehyung was one of those less serious students he could intimidate into becoming more dedicated. If so, I didn’t want to be used as some sort of example.

As I walked out, I looked over my shoulder, but Taehyung didn’t shift his gaze my way at all, and his expression was tense. His coworker, wiping down a counter a few feet away, smirked at me.

When I left the high school two hours later, I switched on my phone, endeavoring to look forward to a weekend alone while it powered up. Clearly, the trip to Coffe was a bust. Taehyung had been, if possible, even more puzzling and cagey than he was before.

While working on the project, I’d emailed Kim to thank him for sending the worksheet Wednesday, and for insisting that I do it. I hadn’t heard from him since Wednesday, but maybe he would email this afternoon or tonight. Maybe he’d be free this weekend, and we could finally meet.

I had one text from Elee that she and Jongkyung had arrived in Busan—along with lots of insinuation about what I could do with a room to myself, and Mom had texted to ask about my Ch’usok days plans. Seokjin and I had alternated spending the day at his house or mine the past three years. Somehow, this translated into confusion about whether or not I was coming home this year. When I texted her back that yes, breaking up with a guy generally means no more shared holidays, I expected an apology to follow. I should have known better.

Mom: Don’t be snippy. Your dad and I planned and paid for a trip to Jeju that weekend, because we thought you could stay at the Kim’s. I guess we’ll have to cancel.

Me: Go ahead and go. I’ll go home with Elee or something.

Mom: Ok. If you’re sure.

Me: I’m sure.

I tossed my phone in an empty cup-holder and drove back to campus, prepared to watch reality TV and work on economics all weekend.

When I got to my room, I saw that Taehyung had texted while I was driving back.

Taehyung: Sorry I didn’t say goodbye
Me: It was awkward with Dr. Park there I guess.
Taehyung: Yeah.
Taehyung: So, I’d like to sketch you.
Me: Oh?
Taehyung: Yeah
Me: Okay. Not, like, sans clothes or anything right?
Taehyung: Haha no. Unless you’re up for that.
Taehyung: Jk. Is tonight ok? Or tomorrow night?
Me: Tonight is good.
Taehyung: Cool. I can be there in a couple of hours.
Me: Ok.
Taehyung: What’s your room number?
Me: 362. I’ll need to let you into the building.
Taehyung: I can probably get in. I’ll text you if I can’t.

Taste Test

When Dipper and Lucy Ann argue about which animal’s blood tastes the best. (Henry: What the fuCK)

Henry comes home once to the kitchen table covered in hundreds of small labeled vials and two blood smeared faces out of most people’s nightmares

On AO3 // On FF.net

Lucy Ann wasn’t used to spending most of her time in one place. 

Oh, sure, she would sometimes settle down for awhile, but before the Transcendence, a small child living on her own got attention sooner or later, and it was better to keep on the move than try and deal with well-intentioned people.

Oh, she’d played along a few times, but as health care improved it was harder and harder to fake her own death and therefore skip town before someone noticed she wasn’t getting any older, or try and blame her lack of growth on…well, just about anything.

Those were a mixed bag of memories Lucy Ann didn’t care to open very often.

Right now, with the burgeoning Dinner Crew, Lucy Ann figured she had spent more time in one city than she had in a good century, and found herself with itchy feet.

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This is my character for @thatoneamazingartist ‘s RPG AU

Yuu or Mi

When people see her they always think about her beautiful yet mysterious appearance, giving her the nickname Mi (Beautiful). She’s a mage and mostly keeps to herself. She has very bad trust issues.  She lost her yellow eye due to her magic flaring up. That’s why instead of magic coming from there, it comes out of her hands. When she does trust someone, she becomes very girly and cheerful. She would talk a lot more as well. Yuu is only 4′11 too.

Pearlapis bomb Day 3: AU/Parallel

I love @doodlingukuleles Suman AU, so I just had to draw this.

I apologize for the bike and side seat – I’m not the best when it comes to drawing any kind of vehicles lol.

bluecloudsandyellowvillains  asked:

What if space kid was mister B. Hear me out: he builds a space ship in the better camp and it works. He has a real spacesuit instead of what he has now. He floats a little when he walks. And in the scene where max is collecting the eyes he's like: "you're not the real space kid, just a copy he made" and then space kid replies "not even that" and then his suit bursts open and the squirrels come out and run of with an eye. I thought it would work because you can't see the squirrels in the suit


I just googled some winter outfits for references and inspo for another police au piece and It made me so funny 

I mean, all this outfits, thin coats over shirts and maybe with a tiny scarf?? at winter?? lmao here’s in Russia we can wear a clothes like that in a early spring/autumn, when it comes to winter we all look like a penguins in a five or four layers of clothing wtf is fashion it’s -35′C the only thing that matter is a fucking s u r v i v a l 

Character Guides: When Cheese Becomes a Plot

One of my favorite parts of fandom is how fans will latch onto the tiniest details of canonical information provided by the creator, especially in character guides, and then expound upon it so widely you end up with FANFICTION TOMES AND FANART MUSEUMS based on that single detail. Example.

Character Guide that comes out after epic multi-part dystopian series set in space that addresses the human condition: “CAPTAIN FLUXIS HUXUS ENJOYS CHEESE”

Several artists draw Fluxis Huxus with wheels of cheese. The posts in the Fluxis Huxus tag receive 30k+ notes each. These are the pioneers of Dairy Canon. Other artists follow suit, resulting in memes that no one gets unless they were there When The Dairy Expose Happened. Fanfiction writers start with humorous one shots. Fluxis Huxus is lactose intolerant and farts. Then, it’s taken up a notch, and some person writes a 200k AU where Fluxis Huxus is a down and out dairy farmer in the mid-century United States where business is failing. He meets the Other Gay Everyone Ships Him With who is a cow whisperer and unlocks the secrets of Fluxis Huxus’s rough and tumble heart while saving the farm. Probably some minor character dies who has a semi-popular following in the fandom and plays the role of Fluxis Huxus’s nephew who’s set to inherit the farm. The fic is tagged “when cheese made me cry.” It appears on all fic rec lists thereafter. Meta writers write 1k+ posts about where other dairy products may have appeared in the original canon and elaborate on what role the dairy industry may have in this dystopian world. People ship  Fluxis Huxus with cheese eventually. No one knows anymore what’s real and what’s fanon. No one knows why cheese. There is a backlash against The Cheese Trope. Fuck you for writing Fluxis Huxus and Cheese, except that one really good fic about dairy farming what was the title again?

All because some writer said that Fluxis Huxus likes cheese. 

I love you fandom. Stay cool.

skeletontemple  asked:

AU where Finwë doesn't remarry and Míriel comes back to life and then when Morgoth steals the Silmarils he kills BOTH of them

Again and again in Tolkien’s writings, most directly in the quote below, Miriel’s refusal of life is seen as ‘the first presage of the Shadow that was to fall on Valinor.’

[i]n the Elvish legends there is record of a strange case of an Elf (Míriel mother of Fëanor) that tried to die, which had disastrous results, leading to the ‘Fall’ of the High-elves. 

I think that’s pretty gross to blame Miriel when everyone made dumbshit choices but whatever. 

A Feanor without the defining trauma of being the only motherless child in Valinor, not to mention having no siblings to to rail against, probably grows up to be much more secure and much less….Feanor. I doubt he’s ever going to like the Valar and their rule but without the perception that they’re responsible for his mother’s absence and encouraging his half brother’s usurpation, there’s probably less resentment there initially and he may be more willing to listen to reason and not run off to war half cocked. With unquestioned authority as high king, none of the falling into squabbling factions that had preceded this in canon, and his established like +50 to diplomacy, he’d have the entirety of the Noldor willing to wage his war. I’d like to think this more stable Feanor manages a less acrimonious parting from Valinor - he’s not terrified of Fingolfin’s usurpation or rushing in hopes of keeping his people in thrall, and so they take the time to negotiate with the Teleri and/or build their own ships, and may even take the time to get the Valar onside and start the War of Wrath five centuries early. Let’s hope he does because even unDoomed, he and his sons can’t beat Morgoth. Beren and Luthien could still have their adventures, in a fashion, but it’s going to be wacky without Finrod (or even Tol Sirion) and there’s no Fingolfin and thus no Turgon, Idril or Earendil to fly to the rescue. 

Comedy option: in canon, Finwe’s death almost killed Feanor. If both his parents die at once, he ups and dies with them, leaving everyone to fumble around in the dark with their thumbs up their asses until the Valar invent the sun.