when it comes to amy he really hasn't changed much has he

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Hi! Love reading your insights. I'm at nola con this weekend and i put my name in the lotto for the j2 Q&A. I know the odds are slim to none but if by some miracle I get picked I want a really good question that hasn't been asked before. I see a lot of repeat questions in watching old cons on yt. Do you have any suggestions?

Ahh wow! That sounds awesome. Best of luck! I hope you make some great memories at the con and have a great time! Here are a few questions I’d be interested in hearing the actors’ opinions on…

Beware that these are going to get stranger as they go on. It is late and my brain is going in weird directions. Also they’re pretty much all Sam related.

  • In episode 3 of season 13, we saw Sam reading The Drama of the Gifted Child, a book about children of narcissistic parents and the struggles they face as adults. In season 12, episode 5, he referenced sublimation when talking to Dean. What do you think made Sam interested in reading books like this, and why do you think he does it?
  • If Sam had a chance to seek counseling, do you think he would?
  • How do you think Sam’s emotions about his own mother’s death and his own powers influence his perception and treatment of Jack?
  • As a “parent” to Jack, do you think Dean has strong echoes of John? Does he recognize it? What would he think about it if he did?
  • In the early seasons, Sam didn’t hesitate to speak up if he felt he had been wronged. As the seasons have progressed, he has only spoken up for other characters who have been wronged, and never for himself. What do you think drives that?
  • Sam often reassures other characters that “it’s not what they are, it’s what they do that matters” and “being a monster is a choice,” but he doesn’t seem to be able to believe those things in relation to himself. What do you think causes that disconnect?
  • Dean has said that being a monster doesn’t make someone evil and has spoken out for free will. When it comes to characters like Amy Pond the Kitsune and Jack, however, he says things like, “No matter how hard you try, you are what you are. You will kill again.” What do you make of that dissonance between his words and his actions?
  • In recent seasons, many of the plot developments have been closely related to traumatic events in Sam’s past or present (like Lucifer’s return, his mother’s return, and his torture by the British Men of Letters), but the focus has been on him supporting other characters rather than him responding. What do you make of Sam’s coping methods?
  • (Jared,) you have said in the past that Sam feels compelled to forgive others because he feels he is in need of forgiveness, and he’s been consistently forgiving no matter what happens to him personally. Do you think he is capable of anger on his own behalf at this point?
  • How do you think being left alone so often as a child and not being told about the circumstances of Mary’s death (in season one, we learn he knew almost nothing of the circumstances) affected Sam’s personality and his perception of his place in the family unit?
  • Sam mentions in 8.21, “The Escapist,” that even as a very young child he felt unclean. Why do you think he felt that way all his life, even though he never knew about the demon blood until he was in his mid-twenties?
  • Do you think Sully will ever come back?
  • If all monsters go to purgatory, what do you make of the fact that characters like Sully will go to Purgatory when they die?
  • Because the soulless in the show have no souls to be taken to heaven or hell, death is the end for them. Do you think that fact influenced Soulless!Sam’s desperation to live?
  • As a thinking, reasoning being with a fear of death, Soulless!Sam had the right to make choices about his own body, but Sam (soul-Sam) also had that right. If he had been asked before being returned to his body, what do you think Soul!Sam would have wanted?
  • Are there any things you think Sam would have explored in childhood if not for the demands of his family?
  • We know Sam is a theater kid. What do you think influenced his love of theater?
  • If Sam saw John again, what do you think he would say?
  • Sam believes Mary is alive in s13. As someone who has spent time with Lucifer, which do you think worries him more: the possibility that she is dead and in heaven, or the possibility that she’s alive and with Lucifer?
  • In season 4, Dean broke the first seal without knowing and Sam broke the last without knowing. The other 64 were broken by angels and demons. Why do you think Sam assumes the blame for starting the apocalypse in spite of that?
  • The show didn’t explore the way meeting Chuck influenced Sam’s faith in God. How do you think it affected him?Lucifer locked himself in Sam’s bedroom in season 12. Do you think Sam’s perception of the bunker changed after Lucifer spent time there? If so, how?

Okay wow this has gotten long. I hope some of these are okay. Thanks for the kind words and for taking the time to send this message!