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Tyler Seguin

Inspired by Tyler’s insta story yesterday, I got a request of “I need a tyler seguin imagine based on his insta story where he’s inured and its super cute and maybe he tries to have sex and his injury gets in the way pls and thx i love you”

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Warning: Explicit content and swearing

Word Count 2780


“Come love me!”               

  I glance up from my book, shielding my eyes from the bright sun and spy Tyler sprawled out in the grass with Marshall and Cash.  Both dogs are heavily interested in their own toys and pay their dad no attention whatsoever.

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I’m crying because the one person Lena has left, the one person who told Lena “You’re not gonna lose me” (and who Lena really can’t afford to lose because the human heart can only take so much), the one person who has promised Lena “Always” over and over again

Is the same person who goes out and risks her life everyday to make the world better and as proud as Lena is of Kara, she can’t deny that it kills her when she sees Supergirl go down in a fight because there’s a voice in the back of her mind whispering that Kara’s not going to get up and Lena’s lost her too.

You didn’t really know what to expect when your friend took you to see a Harry Styles concert at a theater in Boston. You knew the theater decidedly better than the performer. You knew who he was, of course, the legendary boybander who’d ventured out on his own. You’d heard his songs but not enough to know the words and although you remembered that they were different, you weren’t sure if you’d recognise them if you heard them again.

That said, this was a night out with your best friend and you were going to enjoy it. And if not, then the wine, afterward. 

You weren’t expecting it, but once you were in your seat, somewhere to the left on the second row, and the lights had dimmed, there was this odd static in the air. This hum of anticipation. It made the hairs on your forearms stand on end and sent a tingle down your spine.

You fully expected screaming, your friend had warned you, after all, when Harry Styles and his band appeared as silhouettes against the pastel and dark backdrop. But instead he just commanded a silence that took your breath away.

When the lights overhead came on, there was the applause and the noise that made your head spin. But was it really the noise? Or was it him as he gazed down into the audience? At you? Was he really looking at you, or were you just imagining the lingering glance?

Whatever it was, you were ensnared by a spell that he had cast and was keeping in place with his voice and his music. And for all the times you’d laughed at your friend, you now formed an apology in your head. Because you got it now. Harry Styles was an enigma and demanded everyone’s attention.  You understood everything, from the music, the mystery and the charm. You got it now.

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(Part1/2) Ok. I'm back. Ready for sads. Blame the other anon. "Oh! It's the nice man, you know the one who shows up if I'm having a nightmare! And he brings that little fox thing with him! And if it's a really bad nightmare we go to a festival, what's it called again?And when we go there he'll give me balloons, and we go on gondola rides!And we play games and eat desserts!But that's only when the nightmares are so bad I wanna wake up and cry.He says it's the only thing he can do to help mama?-

(2/2) - If they aren’t that bad, sometimes we just are sitting in this huge building! And sometimes we go for car ride. Other times we are here! Down on the docks, he says he wants to fish but doesn’t know if he’ll catch anything. Sometimes he asks how mama is doing. And other times he asks how My Uncles and Aunt Iris are.And he asked one time if Uncle Ignis ever got his sight back? But I told him I didn’t know he could see before. And then we just talk about random- why are you crying?“

Bye I’m weeping

My thoughts on Armin's song

When I heard the preview for Armin’s song, I was screaming too much to properly hear and catch onto the beat of the instrumentals of the song. And since I was saving myself for the full song, thus didn’t hear it again until now, while I waited I came to think that the song would have too much going in in the background to compliment his voice. I’d still love anything by my son, but I was worried I’d be let down. I had insanely high hopes at any rate, so I was expecting to be at least a little underwhelmed… But when I hit play, hands shaking and heart racing, the instrumental opening instantly spoke to my soul. “Armin” it said. Yes, this is absolutely the sound of the dreamy, hopeful side of Armin’s soul. There’s more to him than this, but this is the precious core of our angelic boy. And the music perfectly painted that picture before me. When he started singing, I knew this was exactly how I’d hoped it would be. It must have been hard for Marina to maintain Armin’s slightly darker voice as she sang - go on, try for yourself to sing in a feigned voice and still do it believable AND pleasant sounding. So although it got a little lighter than I’d hoped, I still definitely feel like she incorporated Armin. After all, she said she imagined Armin thinking of Eren in his heart as he sang, so we know she was in character.

It’s hard to pick a favorite part of the song, it really is, but I’d like to point out that I particularly enjoyed the momentary halt in sound before the first explosion of “soredemo FAR AWAY”; I’m a sucker for that kind of trick. Hits me right in the feels.

I prayed for a song with healing powers, and I certainly got one. Now all I need is for a saint to translate the lyrics and I’ll be one happy dude up here on cloud nine (overseeing the ocean). Now excuse me while I go replay this track for a few hours…

I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to close the askbox again.

262. 262 unanswered asks in my inbox. Guys, I love you and I love that you like my writing, but this is all too much for one person to handle. My other headcanon blogs friends could understand this because every time I publish one, another takes its place, usually a follow up on the ask just published, or a random one that saw my post and thought of sending one in. Because of that, the numbers never go down and it’s an endless cycle. 

I’m not going to lie, I don’t know when I’m going to reopen the box, but it’s not until I answered ALL of them, so a while. You can still talk to me though, but please, no more requests for now. I’m also going to make some major changes to how I run this blog, but I’ll explain it when I open the askbox again. 

I’m sorry for this and thank you for understanding. 

My birds gave me an heart attack, please help😇

Hopefully somebody knows what is wrong with my little feathered babies!
Last night, at 3 am, I woke up to my birds terrified and flying around their cage, while it was pitch black dark. Crashing into everything of course, I had to take them out of the cage, or they wouldn’t calm down.
After that, when they seemed a bit more calm, I put them back, went to bed but left a little light on, thinking this might be a comfort to them. Within 5 minutes it happened again, and it seemed so sudden and I have no idea what scares them so much! Eventually it took me half an hour before I could calm them down and go back to sleep.
This has happened before, and no one in my area knows what happens and have never heard of this before.
So please, any ideas or tips would be great!

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Due to the growing amount of asks in our inbox, we’re going to have to take some time and focus on getting those answered. We’ll keep you updated as to how long we believe it’ll be closed, but for now it’s for sure going to be closed for the weekend (April 28, 2017- April 31, 2017). We will do our best to make it go as quickly as possible, but we can’t make any promises. If you have any questions for us I suggest you write them down so you don’t forget and you can ask it when the ask is open again:)

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there is a girl in my academic support class that has autism, and some of her social deficits capture the attention of other students. usually the kids are rightfully accepting but i guess today my mentor caught another kid video taping her under the guise of some bullshit excuse. my mentor in that class is kind, thoughtful…but he is also scary as hell and does not accept even the slightest bit of disrespect or bullying.  he happened to have witnessed this going down, and i am so grateful for that, because he struck the fear of god into the guilty kid, and it absolutely will not be happening again.  anyways, it’s an important lesson in speaking up and intervening when you see something wrong. in both advocating for students but also calling them out on their cruel bullshit and ensuring it doesn’t happen again. 

It doesn’t sit right with me when people complain about Young and Menace sounding different and not like the typical Fall Out Boy song they love. I understand being disappointed after all the hype because it’s just not your particular jam. But music is such a changing thing, and when it comes down to it, Fall Out Boy is always going to make what they wanna make. It’s like following an artist who goes through different phases, like drawing different things or using different colors or a particular style. Not everything is going to be your favorite. You may like some phases more overall, or some just aren’t your thing. But if they’re a favorite artist, chances are there are always going to be bits you like about their work, and who’s telling when they’ll make something you love again in the future?

Star Crash

I’m doing this out of order and although I fully intend to go back and blog about some of the other episodes I’ve seen, I feel the need, nay the compulsion to talk about the wonder and glory that is StarCrash

This is a bad movie whose badness keeps mounting. It started out bad, got worse and THEN, when it reached a plateau of badness, they doubled down on the SHAMELESS ripping off of Star Wars, and the mounting badness started over again.

The sheer size of the stones of whoever dreamed this up! I would have loved to be a fly on the wall of this meeting

“People like StarWars. We’ll make the same movie but we’ll switch enough to not get sued. First, we’ll switch some genders. Our Han will be a hot criminal babe and Leia will be a lost prince. And our Luke will have a fro.”

“What about Yoda?”

“They can’t trademark the color green”

“What about the lightsabers though?”

“If we make them change colors and not be able to cut through metal, I think that would be different enough.”

“Could we get Alec Guinness to hologram for us?”

“Naw, but Chris Plummer owes me a favor.”

Poor Christopher Plummer. I think this will rival Gregory Peck in Space Travelers for the most paycheck-driven performance by a major star. Plummer either looked embarrassed or possible drugged through the whole film. But, on the other hand, credit where credit is due: Baby Hoff was not bad. I won’t say Hasselhoff is the best actor ever, but he certainly wasn’t the worst on this set.

My favorite characters were the non-human(oid) ones. I liked the huge stop-motion lady robot. I should have found Elle the ersatz C3PO robot super annoying, but something about his earnestness endeared him to me. In interesting creative choice was his accent. Why did they sub out Threepio’s British Accent for a Southern accent, out of any other accent possible? 

Why? would a space robot? have a Southern accent??? 

But, paraphrasing The Doctor, lots of planets have a South…so I really just relaxed.

For this viewing, Sabre, my 15 year old viewing companion was out, but Raven (13 yo) watched it with me. She enjoyed it in general, especially when the guys ripped into our “hero,” calling him a human-loofah hybrid. Out of the whole filled with weird and nonsensical crap, she couldn’t get over Stella wearing a clear plastic suit over her bondage bikini. Personally, I could have used less Andrew Dice Clay impressions–in this episode and just in general. A little of that goes a long way. But this is a minor quibble.

tl;dr This episode was a great synthesis of the right kind of bad movie and solid riffing. So far, this is my favorite episode of the season.

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@Squad, how awkward we're each of your experience when your parents explained the birds and the bees to you?

Nova; *pale face*

Jack: *looks very sick*

Roman: *shrugs*

Missy; *rubs her head*

Viktor; *looks like he’s going to barf*

Sol: what’s that?

Nova; no! NOT AGAIN! NOT SO SOON! YOU WAIT SOL! and you four eyes?

Connor: well yeah, how else did they make me?

Everyone else: WHAT THE

Connor: Oh grow up.

Nova; no, you grow down!

Connor: literally impossible and no *nova raising her wand* don’t even think about it

Nova; *Pouts*

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Tell a scary story?

Okay so my entire life is a horror story tbh but here are a few highlights tw for TMI and bugs

1. Was going to the bathroom after waking up, noticed a bigass spider on my thigh right under the leg sleeve of my boxers

2. Was going to the bathroom again and didn’t notice before I sat down but there was a spider in the toilet bowl and I was just sitting there for abt 10 min bc I was looking at memes but saw it when i got up and I’m still shook over this tbh

3. This morning I opened up my phone and it was on the camera roll and there was a pic taken in extremely low lighting of this person standing in my hallway and I flipped a shit before turning up the brightness and realising it was me in the pic and I forgot I took it

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Random fact: I perform benefit concerts for local charities with my jazz instructor in the summers.

That’s cool!!

Hmm a random fact about me…OK STORY TIME!

Once when I was five, I went to Hawaii with my dad. While there, we went on a submarine and the submarine went 100 ft down into the ocean. 

At some point while we were cruising on the submarine, which again was 100 ft under the surface of the ocean, I had to use the bathroom, really badly. Of course there wasn’t really a bathroom sign anywhere on the submarine and the submarine was cramped so my dad was just like “just pee on my leg DeJa.” I obviously didn’t want to do that and was surprised my dad said that. My dad was brave to say that lol! He was willing to take one for the team and let me just go on his leg?? What even Dad????  Lol desperate times calls for desperate measures I guess!

Anyways, so we were at the very front of the submarine so my dad asked the host guy if there was a bathroom on the submarine and the guy said “I think we have a bucket at the back.” Then yall, get this, the guy decided to go on the intercom where over a hundred people could hear him and he said something like “ there is a girl up here that needs to use the bathroom, do we have a bucket back there that she could use?” Now, I honestly can’t really remember exactly what he said but what he said would have embarrassed me now. Then, I didn’t care because ya girl had to GOOOO! 

The peeps in the back said yes there was a bucket. So to give you some background on this submarine, there were like 50 people sitting on each side of the submarine on these long benches. There was literally only a few inches of leg room between the side of the submarine and where the peoples legs were. DID I CARE ABOUT THAT? NOPE! My 5 year old self climbed over like 50 peoples legs on one side of the cramped submarine to get to the back so I could use the bathroom!   It’s cool that people were nice and assisted me…..lol.

Luckily there was a back room so everyone couldn’t see me peeing lol… There was a lady back there assisting me and ya girl didn’t even care that she was watching because I had to go so bad. 

After I did my business, I then walked out the bathroom and climbed back over some people and sat with my friend that was my dad’s coworkers daughter, who i’d met previously.

That’s my story hahahah! How many people can say that they peed in a bucket 100 ft under the surface of the ocean at 5 years old!?!? NOT MANY MAN.

Sorry this is soooo long but I think this is a pretty funny story lol. 

THE dialogue of tonight
  • Castiel in Dean's room.
  • Dean: Cas, you can´t… With everything that´s going on you
  • can't just go dark like that. We didn't know what happen to you. We were worried that’s not ok.
  • Cas: I didn’t mean to add to your distress… I...
  • Dean I just keep failing. Again and again when you were taken I search for months and I couldn’t found you and then Kelly escaped on my watch and I couldn’t find her and I just wanted… I needed to come back here for a win for you... For myself.
Lartis Playlist. Part 2 :3

Welcome to the second part of my Lartis playlist bitcheeesss :3

P.S: I hope you enjoyed the first part but now we will continue with 3 more songs. Ready your ears, some may be to heavy for your tastes… IDK xD

But let’s get it started, are you ready? :3 @positivelyamazonian @anentireamazon @luluvonv @kimpoedel (Again sorry If I didn’t tag you, my memory is disgusting)

4) Killing Me- State of Mine

Why this song? Well, I’ve discovered this band recentely and… DAMN They are Hella good! Actually, “Killing me” is a personal favorite of mine from this band and… Fuck, the lyrics are so Lartis! Lara is the “queen of hearts” I imagine while Kurtis is the poor victim of her, succumbed by lust and love.. Just perfect <3

When the lights go down she comes alive 

the dirty games she’s playing with me 

she sets me on fire 

it’s the hell that I live 

it’s sapping 

oh please I give my life to her 

but she’s slowly killing me “

5) I Love The Way You Hate Me - Like a Storm

Why this song? Like a Storm always makes nice songs, even if for my tastes they are not as heavy as I’d love xD But they aren’t Disturbed c’mon xD Anyway… “I Love The Way You Hate Me” brings me back to the Louvre Chase and to the Airlock, before the Sanitarium. Because I think that Lara hates Kurtis in those moments, even thourgh I think she’s struggling with her feelings in that moment… And Kurtis simply loves the way she hates him…

I think I could make a short tribute to them with this song, It’s so Lartis in my opinion :3

“You say I’m insane
I say you’re afraid
I get stronger from the pain
I love the way you hate me”

6) Fallen Angel - Three Days Grace

Why this song? Okay, maybe it’s a little too fluffy this song but It’s perfect for them :D Call me crazy but for me is perfect,  It’s kinda of a fluffy song but It’s still heavy and wonderfull.

I can see it from Kurtis’s point of view… How he could “save” Lara? That to his eyes she’s a fallen angel? Try to listen to it, trying to listen to it from Kurtis’s eyes… I think it’s puuuurrrrfect

How can I save

A fallen angel, in the dark
Never thought you’d fall so far
Fallen angel, close your eyes
I won’t let you fall tonight
Fallen angel “

and that’s all! Let me know if you want the third part of my Lartis playlist, there’s some saucy stuff and I think you might like it :3 I have a total of 6 parts of my Lartis playlist if I’m not wrong.

I hope you enjoyed it and see you. Kisseeeessss :* 

Confession time

I work with a girl who’s a bit older than me. Now I’m not going to diagnose her but I think she’s an alcoholic. Obviously, I’d never say that to her face.

She drinks 4/5 times a week and when we have a drink together she downs a pint in 10-15 minutes and has to always have two at a time. She invites me out all the time and I do with her too. We go out like twice a month.

So last week we went out and where so pissed drunk ! She had a male ring on her hand and I asked if it was her brothers and she said yes and I said aw thats lovely. Her brother committed suicide 3 years ago and the next day she sends me a message not to mention him again.

Today.. I was working on in theatre and she left the room. I left too and was about to go into a room when I overheard her laughing at ME ! Saying that I follow her around etc. And a girl in work who’s on her last chance not to get sacked was agreeing that Im like a dog ??? Anyway. Obviously mortified and upset and she can feic off but my Mum doesn’t want me to go to HR, obviously. Especially cause I’m moving soon too.

But what do I do ? Just do I just ignore and carry on ?


there’s a reason this pup has her own fans